At a recent rally in Montana, what did President Trump mean by bringing up Herbert Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light?”  He said, “What the hell does that mean?” The media scurried around and quickly tried to find good world views to back Herbert Bush’s push for his thousand points of light. The big idea to take over the world and rule it all.  Also known as globalism.  Click here for Pres. Trump article.


I knew what President Trump meant…but needed a bit refreshed. My first response was New World Order/Globalist/Satanic Rituals…..then the curiosity kicked in as to how this was introduced to the public.  How at that time before computers and social media few would ever doubt the news wasn’t correct and the government wasn’t there to guide our every way and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.  It was a time of baby boomers finding themselves and world peace, after all Reagan had just torn down the wall a few years back. So flickering points of light were cozy like Christmas trees and no one understood anything secret about any of it.  That made it easy to point in your face in the light of day.

President Trump most always reveals his intentions.  People need to listen close.  What he doesn’t do is tell how he will do a thing.  He is full of surprises.  He never tells his battle strategies.  That is what makes following him so fascinating.

At the July rally in Montana, President Trump said, “We’re putting America first. And by the way, you know all the rhetoric you see, the Thousand Points of Light. What the hell was that by the way? Thousands Points of Light. What did that mean? Does anyone know?”

“I know one thing: Make America great again, we understand. Putting America first, we understand,” the crowd cheered and applauded.

Last week President Trump told the United Nations that “America is governed by Americans.  We reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”  President Trump’s UN Speech.

It appears there is a new idea, a patriotic America and the Bush’s New World Ship can sail on out to sea without America!  It’s time to STAND TOGETHER and EXPOSE THE EVIL PLANS OF EVIL DOERS!


Trump said on the day he announced he was running for office, “I know their agenda and it’s not mine.”  In his first address to the UN he let them know America was not about globalism, it was about internationalism.  Last week he made it perfectly clear that America was not a part of nor would be a part of their One World. The line has been drawn in the sand and now America what side of that line are you on?  I am on the side with President Trump and One God Fearing, Patriotic Nation called The United States of America! I welcome all who want to stand together!




Written by John Miranda



No one individual represents the depravity of our Congress more then Dirty Dianne Feinstein. She is literally guilty of multiple counts of corruption, espionage and treason. But it seems her orchestrated blatant smear campaign against Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be her ultimate undoing…

We know for a fact that she illegally leaked the letter to her office of Doctor Ford, whom we now know is not even a doctor. It seems she also coordinated the smear campaign with three Establishment newspapers (New York Times, Washington Post were two of them) and with one Cable News Station (CNN).

Her office was aware that ALL of the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh were false.
If the Anonymous source that posted some of this information is correct, the entire country will wake up to this news on Tuesday. (Time lines are fluid though, I suspect though this breaks by week’s end).

Trump Kavanaugh
This information did not come from Q though just to be clear. But Q has long pointed towards October being a game changer in the fight to restore our Republic and this information in my opinion rings completely true.

Dianne Feinstein
Personally I do believe that there is also a sealed indictment for Feinstein for the espionage she was involved in, but it seems that will be a bit down the road for the Old Witch. Her criminal actions against Judge Kavanaugh though will result in her immediate expulsion from the Senate.
John Miranda
Note: Large parts of this post are my opinions based upon information that was dropped anonymously. The New York Times & Washington Post commonly use anonymous sources. Occasionally I look to them as well.
Critical thinking and common sense screams that something monumental breaks prior to the Senate vote on Judge Kavanaugh, something that would make anyone voting against him look complicit in the smear campaign against him…
This fits.


kavanaugh l3l



Democrats knew they had nothing on the honorable Judge Kavanaugh so they devised a plot to take him down in July. Truth is, they have been planning their strategies for a lot longer than July, but for the record we know for certain THEY PLOTTED IN JULY. Click to read full report.  Ricki Seidman – a Democratic operative, former Clinton White House official and current advisor to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – laid out a strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in July.  Listen to the video below.

To the dems this is all out war.  To most Americans, this is a nomination process and they decide how they feel about it based on main stream media reporting, who spread misinformation and lies based on garbage spewed out by the dems.  Main stream media is the “Thor’s Hammer” for the left.

Rewind to the nineties and act like you are watching todays’ news for the first time. Jaws would be dropping to the floor!  There would be such an outcry of contempt for the despicable display of treasonous acts coming from elected officials.  Maxine Waters would be hauled off and tried for treason, along with Feinstein and her round table of radicals.

feinstein 00

The blatant lawlessness would stand out like an open oozing sore and not be viewed as normal behavior to be yawned at, as they continue to get away with down right treasonous acts boldly shouted from the congressional floors!

Bold speeches calling for the death of a seated president would swiftly be met with arrests and removal from office.  Calculated strikes riddled with lies would be met with ethics violations and firing of news casters.   But, in 2018 we have gone way below the bar into the swamp muck and mire of cyanobacteria, sulfuric acid, dioxin, and radioactive hazardous waste we call politics.

Today, we have an open forum of radicals hell bent on committing their tyranny and ready to kill, steal, and destroy by any means they can get away with. Openly sponsored by the likes of Soros and industry great merchants who own everything.

The same ones who are telling you to save the planet are the same ones destroying it!  They are the same ones funding the street fighters, the anti-American protesters, the green projects, the toxic hazardous waste industries, the GMO foods, the Chem Trails, Vaccines, taking your water from world aquifers for pennies and selling it back for billions!  Yes, your state water supplies are being given to the likes of Nestle and Pepsi for nothing and you are buying it back giving them billions of dollars of profit! In fact the number one selling beverage for Pepsi Cola is WATER!  Nestle’s CEO has stated water is not a right and each one should pay for every drop!  Meanwhile, Nestle takes it from all of you, industries pollute it, and municipalities make you conserve it!

The same ones telling you not to use plastic are the same ones manufacturing it and selling it to you!  The same ones telling you to conserve fossil fuels are the same ones selling it to you at high dollars!  The same ones telling you to conserve, conserve, conserve are the same ones selling you the items to consume, consume, consume!

The same ones shaming you for using straws and drinking the plastic bottled water they stole from your state aquifers are the same ones funding lobbyists to pressure elected officials to pass laws restricting YOUR WATER USE AND RIGHTS, and WHAT YOU WILL AND WILL NOT USE, EAT, BREATHE, SAY, DO, AND BE!

If true Americans stand by and do nothing but watch this public, political horror show, then you will eventually die with the blind who truly do the evil bidding for lack of knowledge.  Pull yourself away and expose the corruption.  Think about what is taking place, look around and see why it is so.  Right now we are in a war that is taking place whether we want to participate in it or not.  It is a war to destroy America from within and to enslave the population.

The writing is on the wall.  It is all very real.  The time to take a stand is now while we still have a constitution and people in high places who want to do the right thing.  If you think you will be able to live and let live, think again. That is the core of this battle! The enemy of freedom is fighting to take that away!  Depopulation is on their agenda.  They don’t care about you so you had better start caring!  The clock is ticking. Take a stand for what is law and order and decent while you still can make a difference.

The Kavanaugh hearing has been an eye opening display of evil lawlessness performed by lawless people like Feinstein who has made billions as a corrupt politician by passing government side deals to her husband.


Every one of the snakes who are slithering in the Kavanaugh hearing process for the Supreme Court nominee have MOUNTAINS OF CORRUPTION UNDER THEIR BELLYS!  If they want to stall that gives the people more time to uncover their dirty deeds.  Start uncovering it all!  Don’t stop uncovering it.  They are full of dirty deals.  It is time to bring their dirt out of the money laundry room and into the courts!

Go forth and expose!  Place suits, ethics charges and treason charges where they apply.  Expose it now and demand it be prosecuted!



drinking water EcolinkImage

Reality Check for Florida residents and the rest of the nation, awe heck, throw in the entire world because it is world wide!

They don’t tell you: the entire gulf shores and the Atlantic shores up to Main are toxic.

They tell you this: It’s Red Tide and under control. Happens all the time. Even in the days of the explorers the Spaniards reported Red Tide.

captain david 38686085_10160750639895494_6838359873999077376_n

They say: Don’t worry about the Algae they feed off nutrients. Algae is even used in municipal wastewater treatment systems for nutrient removal (removal of nitrogen and phosphorous).

They don’t tell you that: ALGAE NUTRIENTS ARE HAZARDOUS WASTE TO HUMANS. But fear not they say, the added benefit is the resulting biomass left over can be used as biofuel feedstock. (They don’t mention flesh eating bacteria).Flesh eating bacteria in the waters. Click to read.

flesh eating water 38996929_2166215450369527_7326025175344873472_n

They don’t tell Floridians that: In the case of Mosaic, the phosphate mining company, run off of phosphates, radioactive materials, sulfuric acid, and – so many poisons and contaminants I can’t name them all – so I’ll just call it toxic goo, are being dumped into the Florida waterways (and the waterways wherever else in the world they are mining). This feeds the algae and sucks all the oxygen out of the water killing sea life and morphs into toxic spores that contaminates the air and soil too. Yet, they say the hazardous waste is eaten by the algae. Don’t worry the green/climate change, agenda 21 SUSTAINABLE people are taking the algae and later using it for biofuel feedstock. Believe me there is nothing SMART about this GREEN unsustainable process. Wait there is – they are smart enough to fool the masses.

manatee 38177047_10101928217947916_454698352152412160_n
Photo taken by Alyssa Cook, a Cape Coral Resident and advocate for clean water.

They recently are forced to admit that: Monsanto’s Roundup fertilizer runs off into our water ways and contaminates our water sources. In a lawsuit, Monsanto was recently found guilty through a jury trial that Round up contained cancer causing toxins and has to pay out $289 million dollars to one man for causing his cancer. More suits are coming.

Meanwhile they also spray the air and continue their Monsanto bio warfare chemical fertilizer phosphate compound testing of agent orange on open fields in Florida. Eglin Airforce Base is one of several Florida test sites. Phosphate mining continually dumps their toxic goo water night and day into the waterways and no one says a word. They have been allowed to do this for years under the EPA – the same EPA they don’t want President Trump to dismantle.  Read about the corrupt EPA here.

mosaic AR-305179703

They don’t bring up the fact that: in 2015 Mosaic Phosphate Mining Plant had a 500 ft. tall radioactive hazardous waste gypsum stack fall into a sink hole in the aquifer that feeds drinking water to the entire state of Florida, and parts of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. This happened during the EPA’s safety guidelines under the Obama Administration. But, fear not, they promised to pay 1.89 billion in restitution which has not been seen yet. (Like that is going to help do what?) And this is only a part of the real problem. Read about Mosaic’s Radioactive Gypsum falling into a Sink hole here.

And they don’t tell you that: Nestle Water Company, Pepsi, and Coca Cola Water Companies have all purchased water rights in Florida (and world-wide) to pump the USA and world’s water aquifers for pennies and sell it back to you for dollars. They make billions selling you, your own water back! For example, Nestle pays Michigan $200 a year to pump out 200 millions of gallons of water daily. You are told to reserve water to save the planet and what you do get is not clean.  the news recently reported all of Michigan’s water supplies are toxic. How is that? The bottled water is your water and they don’t pay for it –but you have to if you want clean water because the tap water is polluted; but you still have to pay your water bill, imagine that one? Your purchased SMART bottles of reverse osmosis water also has legal amounts of contamination in it. All done by the progressive globalists sustainable guidelines and the easily bribed and awesomely crooked EPA’s standards. All which were in place long before President Trump was elected.

This includes fixing our broken water and sewage systems.



And the real problem that they certainly don’t tell you is this: United Nations New World Order Sustainable Development for the 21st Century Wildlands Project is designed to uproot the echo systems and drive people off their property into SMART living zones. The only way they can achieve this is to make your home and community unlivable.  Like what is taking place right now in Florida. It’s radioactive beaches, acid rain, toxic water killing birds, mammals, fish and humans.  It will all lead to a state emergency where evacuation is necessary for YOUR safety. No more beach front property, no more freedom to choose where you are going to live and say good bye to your homestead and family acres. While you are at it, say good bye to all the humans on the planet except around 550 million of ya. That’s what past President Clinton said, remember he’s the one that signed the USA up to the New World Order’s Sustainable Development package and turned us over to their global mandates in 1993. So, with that in perspective – how do you feel about sustainability now?

They don’t want you to know that: Just before Obama left office in December of 2016, he snuck in an executive order that allowed all industries, which include Mosaic, to decide their own safety rules with the corrupt EPA with only a few states allowed to help decide.  In fact, some states are not to be involved in these decisions that will affect their state at all.  Why? Because, they say, too many people make it hard to come to agreements.  In other words, they can’t lie as easily.  But, you can thank President Trump for removing us from their unsustainable U.N. Global mandates and their Climate Change (which had nothing to do with the climate, only sharing the wealth and making America poor.)  Meanwhile the globalist are shouting – Trump has torn apart their precious EPA.  This misinformation is fed to those who have no clue that Trump is their only hope for clean water.

The question is…..will they (the globalists oligarchs) be able to complete their evil act or will the sheep rise up and expose their evil? To those who are exposing already – will you be successful? According to my Bible the answer is – yes. We will eventually be successful, but the evil ones will weep and wail for no one buys their goods anymore. And the tares will be burnt in the fire. God’s wheat are gathered into his barn. Choose your side now.

And to think, I didn’t even get into all the other things they are doing. But this should be enough. After all – this alone is killing you and every living thing. It is a slow death of cancer and every autoimmune disorder. Without vaccines, big pharma, and Monsanto Franken foods even being mentioned here.

Dianne Marshall

We Aren’t Crazy – They Lie!


ARE YOU TIRED OF THE OLIGARCHS CONTROLLING THE WEATHER TO PUSH THEIR AGENDA?  Everything the swamp puppets have legislated for big industry over the past century is now forming a big arrow and it is aimed right at their United Nations driven – New World Order Sustainable Development for the 21st century agenda!  This is where the real “Climate Change” is and where the useless eaters meet their grim reaper!  The question is….will you continue to allow it or do you want to live?  It is now that simple.


For decades the oligarchs paid puppets to make bearers of the truth look crazy.  Conspiracy theorist with tin foil hats. While ever since they got their hands on Tesla’s patents they have been trying to develop the ultimate weather toys.  And today they have the literal death star that can send laser beams to disintegrate anything anywhere on the earth.Read the entire 784 page government weather modification program here.

agenda 1 dia-children-world-homepage

Those who questioned President Trump making the Space Program part of the military may never understand that by so doing, he is positioning his military to intercede in weather toys and other types of spaced based weaponry.  Will President Trump bring transparency to these programs and end the weather wars?  The culling of the world?  Will he be able to end the evil plans of the oligarchs?  Time is ticking away. It is all very, very real. Read about the DARPA Death Star Program


As long as you look the other way or allow fake news and swamp politicos to feed you lies designed to control you…. and kill you, they will continue to do it and to them, it is needed and you are collateral damage.  That is simply their plan.  Not President Trump’s.  He is out to stop this evil game.  The Death Star is too much power for any person in office, and upon the earth. Pray that President Trump can get it out of the evil   hands of the Oligarchs who have secretly developed it. May God be with us all.

weather 11-450x454

weather modification

weather 113-450x412

weather 215-450x129

Facts are funny things…they eventually always present themselves.  Sooner or later.

weather 417-450x226

weather 518

weather 620-450x434

weather 719-450x394

weather 801-450x318


weather 921-450x454

Important admissions- all can be found and more in the pdf link above.


Stand by Trump and be informed.  We aren’t crazy they are just good liars!



Bottled water comes from your own tap water sources…they just treat it differently then sell it back to you and make billions a year, while the EPA allows such low standards of quality that most people have no idea that they are drinking acidic water and in many cases water with contaminates in them beyond their own tap water.  Yes, the beautiful bottle water can be recalled.  And when the EPA has allowed the water companies to do their own testing….there has NOT BEEN GOOD OVERSIGHT!

But, don’t worry….most companies put disclaimers out for you to try and find…like Aquafina bottled by Pepsi co.  Here is their disclaimer.

CONTAMINANTS IN WATER: Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk. More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the United States Food and Drug Administration, Food and Cosmetic Hotline (1-888-723-3366). In order to ensure that bottled water is safe to drink, the United States Food and Drug Administration and the State Department of Public Health prescribe laws and regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by bottled water companies.

Some persons may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immuno-compromised persons, including, but not limited to, persons with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, persons with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly persons, and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. These persons should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by cryptosporidium and other microbial contaminants are available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline (1-800-426-4791). INFORMATION ON PRODUCT RECALLS: If you would like to know whether a particular bottled water product has been recalled or is being recalled, please visit the FDA’s website:

Does that make you feel safer?  How about this:

Aquafina is purified drinking water that meets and exceeds the requirements set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as local regulatory requirements.
Our Aquafina plants each conduct on average tests daily, 95 tests weekly, and − when we include off-site monitoring, 102,000 tests annually to assure the consistent quality of our Aquafina bottled water.

Note it states, IT EXCEEDS THE EPA REQUIREMENTS AND WHEN WE INCLUDE OFF’SITE MONITORING.  It should be every batch of that stuff should be monitored by outside reliable sources.Click here to read more.

I’m still wondering…why doesn’t Aquafina bottled water freeze? Does it depend on where the batch of water was pumped from?  And as some have said, is it radioactive?

Then there is Nestle bottled water company.  It has many brand names for your water.



They have taken it from your natural resources, purchased it for pennies and sold it back to you because you have to have water to live. Selling you back your own water is a billion dollar business and now that they have the contracts to do it.. they will suck it out of the water until it is gone.  Meanwhile you aren’t supposed to know it does not come from some spring in paradise. It is all dead water!  Dead, dead, dead!!

Our government has allowed this and we the people have bought into their scam. Other water companies have done the same, meanwhile industries have been allowed to dump toxic waste in the water and pollute wells, and all our water ways. Is anyone beginning to see the big picture here? The EPA HAS ALLOWED ALL OF THIS FOR GENERATIONS AND WE NEED IT ALL TO STOP!

In a Clark report they have tested all the bottled water and have this to say: Team Clark,  is adamant that they will never write content influenced by or paid for by an advertiser.

“I know there are scares from time to time with the safety of tap water. But I continue to believe tap water is safer than bottled water because it’s tested many times a day in most municipalities. Bottled water, on the other hand, is only tested several times a year in some facilities.” Clark. Read Clark Report here.

What ever you choose to buy and drink – at least be aware of how you ended up like this.  Having nothing safe to drink at home and thinking bottled water is the alternative.  People should be dang angry at the EPA and the past administrations, and all those in congressional halls who allowed it to grow into this monster!




US COURT DEMANDS PRESIDENT TRUMP ENFORCE THE CHEMICAL SAFETY RULE? JUST WHAT RULE IS THAT? The EPA is in bed with big fertilizer and has been at least since 1993 with Bill Clinton and his executive order that turned the USA over to the New World Order Sustainable Development for the 21st Century and in so doing, over rode the clean water act that was already in place and since then it has all but been ignored.  While mandates from the United Nations were implemented quickly under the Obama Administration.

toxic water

It is so strange to me that with all the laws on the books no one is enforcing them.  Instead they are rewriting the laws with new laws and orders that have made our bill of rights and constitution a joke.  President Trump is over riding these bad E.O.’s and replacing them with E.O.’s that restore the bill of rights and our constitutional law.

Which brings us to the 2016 CHEMICAL SAFETY WATER RULE  that Trump ended- in a nut shell, THE CORPORATIONS that pollute get to help write the rules, and many states are not allowed to write rules. There is little if any public transparency.  The 2016 clean water rule, is an amendment to the decades old clean water act and it asserts federal control over small waterways such as wetlands, streams, and rivers in order to balance pollutant levels.  President Trump blasted this rule as “HORRIBLE” saying it “has sort of a nice name, but everything else is bad.”

READ THE ENTIRE ACT HERE: —This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act’’. (


The official title of the Chemical Safety Rule explains a lot. It is officially titled, “The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act” and was signed on June 22, 2016.  This has sustainable development new world order United Nations Mandates dripping all over it. The chemical safety rule, in the legislation has significant provisions that the chemical industry asked for, such as restrictions on what states can do on their own safety rules, which the industry said is essential for certainty and to avoid a patchwork of rules.  (I’m sure that is another reason President Trump ended it.  It is a mandate with little transparency.  Behind closed doors and crooked deals with EPA allowing fake testing.  That is how Monsanto got away with pushing cancer causing carcinogens off to the public as safe, as the recent Jury Trial has shown.  Also shown in this Monsanto case is years of EPA being bought off to allow the corporate giant to do its own testing.  But…don’t let the states decide a thing, right? That is all wrong. The act is unconstitutional…but so are most all of Obama’s legacies.

See Chemical Risk Evaluation 2015

Lautenberg was also responsible for pushing legislation that denied gun ownership.

Remember people, the Obama’s “Chemical Safety Rule” was put in place after the West Fertilizer company in Texas exploded in 2013. (remember people saw what looked like a drone strike it? Several caught it on film!) This apparent convenient (false flag) toxic chemical release prompted the act. It left a wave of destruction injuring hundreds and killing first responders.  The ammonia fumes in the air forced evacuations and made people sick and many more died than was reported.

But Obama had a bill ready to stop things like this from happening again.  (How convenient?) One major flaw is there wasn’t any protection from future drones crashing into chemical plants and it really didn’t stop anything.  It just made it easier for the bio diversified genocide to continue on a silent level.  It contributed to more toxic air, soil, and water and shielded the EPA from being held accountable.

At that time the Obama Chemical safety board had a budget of 11 million dollars to oversee the entire country with 25 investigators.  That is not even enough for one in each state.  That paved the way to allow action on the new bill The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. It was passed in 2015.  It had just celebrated it’s one year anniversary  June 22, 2017.

The Act amended the nation’s primary chemicals management law known as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and provides significant new responsibilities and authorities to EPA to advance chemical safety.

EPA has completed the following implementation activities at this one-year anniversary:
Finalized a rule to establish EPA’s process and criteria for identifying high priority chemicals for risk evaluation and low priority chemicals for which risk evaluation is not needed. In response to public comments, this final rule affirms EPA’s commitment to following the best available science, engaging stakeholders in the prioritization process, and recognizing the value of designating chemicals as low priority when appropriate. Read more: EPA Risk Evaluation

President Trump had to over ride this act.  He is not leaving the people open for chaos, there is a law in place called the “Clean Water Act”.  This act does more to secure public safety and does not allow loop holes for lobbyists and it doesn’t allow bedfellows with corrupt departments.  A suit was filed stating that the Clean Water Act did not have safety standards in place to guard against another fire like the one at the West Fertilizer Plant…that blew up causing devastation.

My question is this…”How does one safeguard against a false flag drone attack that can only be perpetrated by someone inside the government infra structure?”  The EPA has what in place for this?


The chemical safety rule, in the legislation also has significant provisions that the chemical industry asked for, such as restrictions on what states can do on their own safety rules, which the industry said is essential for certainty and to avoid a patchwork of rules.  The official title of the Chemical Safety Rule explains a lot.

Environmental groups sued to stop the delay, arguing that it was illegal and dangerous
Friday’s decision was written by Judge Judith Rogers, nominated by President Clinton; and Judge Robert Wilkins, an Obama nominee. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a George W. Bush nominee, participated in the case and heard oral arguments, but did not participate in the decision or dissent from it. Trump nominated Kavanaugh last month for the Supreme Court, and his confirmation is pending in the Senate.

The question is…did President Trump see this coming and is using their own legislation to his advantage to address the issues now….as like in Michigan, Texas and Florida, there is no time to wait….but, on the other hand the act allows for years to decide on the matter, which is undoubtedly one of the horrible parts Trump did not like about the act.  Or is there a chess move Trump is making that will be followed by the words “check mate” at the end?

Clean up the water is all we want….and to stop the toxic dumping and the misuse of chemicals.  Will President Trump get that done fast?  I believe so.  If he doesn’t….we’re all collateral damage!