My wonderful Olympian friend, Sonia Radicheva, has truly inspired me to go forth with strength to attack all the Goliath’s in my path.  Sonia has achieved great success in her life and dedicated her being to helping others.  In the face of diversity she has always persevered. She is an Olympian and a trainer of Olympic Medal Winners.  I have learned from her the style and heart of Trump.  You see, they are two of the same in heart, in God’s calling and in patience, as well as attack.


It is amazing to me what a Champion thinks, does, and how they pursue the ones who attack them.  For every champion just as every successful person has a long line of jealous enemies.  This is what it is.  What I admire about the likes of an Olympian are the same nature as I find in President Trump. First of all, they pity their Goliaths for they know the same breath of life they shout to snuff our their own will be the breath that takes them down.


You see, a Champion knows that doing what is right is far more victorious than in doing what is wrong.  They pity their enemies.  Why?  They know they can take them down in one blow for they are prepared.  They are disciplined.  They are conditioned, trained, and ready for the battle.  Most arrogant, narcissistic types are just blow hards with memorized words and rhetoric that don’t turn one hair white nor does one damned thing!

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Champions hold strong.  They hold back.  They are disciplined for the fight.  They pity the fools and forgive a lot.  Yet, when all sides come at them, or when their personal ethics are challenged they stand and they stand tall!  In spite of all the false accusations a Champion knows the truth and they stand tall and strong….they come forth with great vigor for the challenge and always stay well in tact for the fight.  You never see them losing their cool.  Never. President Trump has an Olympian heart like my friend Sonia. He waits for the games to begin, he never throws a cheap shot.


In life, humanity as a whole, has been dealt a lot of low blows, cheap shots and punches to the side and back of the head.  All while they were not looking.  This is the only way evil can win.  By throwing cheap shots and, of course, hitting below the belt.  Today, the world is becoming a better place thanks to the likes of President Trump and my Olympian friend Sonia.  Both who hold and respect the same honor of playing fairly yet relentless in the games.  The games that play out in the arena of world athletes and that of world politics.  Watch and see the honor that is kept in tact, while the winning of the Gold is taken by the true Champions!  No cheating, just dang hard, brutal honesty in performing what is needed to win!


Fear not my fellow Americans, for God has a smile on President Trump just as he does my Olympian Friend Sonia who by the Grace of God both are his Champions!



Oh foolish and vain generation of vipers….keep doing what you’ve always done and watch how your “Rules For Radicals” are torn from top to bottom.

For you knew the lessor things….not the greater wisdom from above.  You, who vainly believe you are smart, are nothing more than replaceable fools for evil masters.  Think not?  Look at the trail of dead bodies in high places.  A mere look at how all those whose uselessness is used up then found mysteriously dead is no coincidence.  Each victim found is pronounced dead with no autopsy, and each is given a ridiculous report of suicide – like all  those shot in the back of the head two times.


And then there are the good guys who are killed by the establishment pawns and the rooks over the pawns have them declared dead of natural causes….like Justice Scalia, found cold and pulseless in bed with a pillow “over his head,” he was declared dead of natural causes without an autopsy being performed. Ironically, but not surprising, a county justice of the peace agreed to issue the death certificate without visiting the death scene or seeing the body for herself.  And we the people are supposed to believe all we are told?  NOT!

The mistake the evil ones are making is that they think the people can’t see their evil pattern of murder and deceit.

The evil schemes are no match for truth and no match for righteous masterminding. In the end….the meek and righteous win!  It is written. The great merchants of the earth shall weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore!



For those who did not understand the art of the deal, nor the wiles of Trump….Trump never trusted Ryan…he called the slithering snake out with a smile and as the snaky Ryan hissed and smiled thinking he was the serpent in the garden and all set to successfully deceive, Trump let the serpent tease and torment, seducing no one but other snakes! 
Trump grabbed the slithering Ryan by the back of the neck. All that is left is a slimy snake hissing because its’ fangs are hung over a bucket to catch its’ venom. Ryan is headed to a Chinese market to be chopped up as someone’s lunch.
Wisconsin needs to recall and repel Ryan!  Congress needs to oust the jerk out of his position and they will!
Watch and see….watch and see.




No Putin did not fix the American Elections, and no he is not fixing the elections in France.  He merely admires strong leadership.  It is no secret that Putin has been fighting against the whims of the globalists for a very long time.  How refreshing for the leader of Mother Russia to see that Trump indeed won the presidency and Marine Le Pen is on the horizon to quite possibly lead the patriots of France!

It is as though Trump started a new thing….leading the way on how to rise to the top fighting the global elite single handed with bold, brash, in their face honesty and unfettered truth!  Calling a liar a liar, a crook a crook, and calling out all the evil that was done for what it is!  If it had no name, he named it!  Sooner rather than later, as the propaganda paid press lashed lies at him, Trump’s truth was validated tenfold!

zzrussiauntitledTrump – popular in Russia in spite of a maelstrom of propaganda and lies by organized Fake News!  It’s as though the left was so mad with nothing at all to sling…they decided to make a fake story and attack Russia for liking Trump!  i.e. They rigged the elections in the US?  Not at all.  Although they celebrated the people’s choice of sound, strong, sovereignty loving leadership!

[PDF] Delight at Donald Trump Watch Party in Moscow – ABC News

abcnews.go.com1600 × 669Search by image

PHOTO: Two women look at their cell phones in front of portraits of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, right,at the Union Jack pub in Moscow to watch a live telecast of the U.S. presidential election, Nov. 9, 2016.


Saying the things the people wished they could shout won Trump the people’s popularity! But doing what he said he would do, and already having a history of doing just that, is what won Trump the popular vote and his seat in the White House!  As he daily follows through on what he said he would do, his name is being hammered into the halls of the world’s history of heroic leaders!


Read more on Russia celebrating Trump here….

So how are the globalists taking this?  It is driving them crazy as they slice their rusty swords at him getting nothing more back than a swish of air!

Ah, but how are the patriots doing?  They are strengthened, emboldened, and every bit a threat to the globalists as much as Trump.



Fake news?  Why don’t we just call it what it really is?  It’s shadow government propaganda for the globalists!  Remember the line is drawn in the sand and that line is between the patriots of the world and the globalists who desire to control everything and every one.  Trump is being lashed at because he is a true patriot of the people and wants no part of the New World Order Agenda 21, nor any of the globalists’ lies and deceit!


The globalist time line to finish their evil plot as they have laboriously designed is running out- for their stages of altering patriotic perception has been exposed.  Watch, therefore, and behold their sloppy moves as they scramble.  The sloppy moves of an exposed global elite in a desperate attempt to put the people back in their deplorable baskets that will only ensnare themselves.

CIA Official, Clare Lopez, has come forth with a lot of truth to share to anyone who has ears to hear.  Trust me though, this is not for the tender ears of snowflakes.  It is for the ears of those who can appreciate the truth.  It is a must listen too.

It’s time to learn who is doing what.  This may take a while for some, and for others it will simply be a matter of adding a bit more to their treasures of hidden knowledge they had to search and dig for. The knowledge that was once called tin foil that today is in the headlines.

It’s been a web…a giant web world wide.  Brought to light by the same world wide web.  Something the evil spiders weaving had not anticipated.

The clock is ticking and for many who have just awakened there is little time to reread history, even the history of the last 10 years….even the last 6.  Just catch up by looking at the world nations and America….if it looks strange…it does so because it is not the same as it was.  If you are a patriot then trust your fellow patriots who have been in the trenches for a long while.  Stand up for truth and turn off the propaganda.