Thanks to all of “WE THE PEOPLE” who will NOT BE SILENCED, the message of truth is ringing out loud and clear. THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN and we WILL NOT SIT DOWN and remain SILENT! We will not relent to an overthrow of the highest office in the land and we will no longer tolerate election fraud!

Sidney Powell is revved up and pushing like a powerful Malestrom to invoke truth and justice for WE THE PEOPLE!

President Trump is still the legally elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to the Republic!!!

The First Amendment will not be banned!






Is there something God is calling you to do? Or is there something you are asking God to show you to do? Either way, you will know it and if you ignore it…God has a way of reminding you to do it now. He also has a way in directing you to see the special thing you can be doing. When we ask for something to do to serve his purpose, he will give you the right task first. He will fit the task to your unique talents, skills, personality, and life experiences. Sometimes he will just have you do what he asked all to do when he walked the earth, and that is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind; and love thy neighbour as thyself. (Mathew 22:37-39 Deuteronomy 6:1-19Mark 12:28-34).

Karen Wheat has a great message that shows how easy it is to put God’s purpose first every moment of your life, even if you are called to go to Walmart and get a few groceries. Now don’t laugh at how that may sound at first. The Lord did not complicate our instructions to serve God. He made them easy. It is man that has complicated the mission with all the demands and rules. It is a very easy thing to do to make every step of your daily life a step living for God’s purpose.

Be watching for who you are to meet and encourage in all that you do. What store is the Lord leading you to shop in? Is it a struggling small business? Where are you going to stop and get your gas today? Is there someone inside that needs a bit of praise and encouragement?

Will you be watching and listening to see where the Lord leads you? Sometimes, he will lead you to someone where you can make a big difference in their life.

Luke 10:2  Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

Remember, all we have to do is what the Lord asked us to do. We don’t have to be super heroes or perform great feats. The Lord made it simple to serve him. What a difference it would make if each of us made it our mission to serve the Lord by simply doing well meaning things for others as we go about our daily lives, even if it’s just a smile or a genuine compliment.

Mathew 25:31-40

31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 And he will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. 34 Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ 37 Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? 38 And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? 39 And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ 40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’

God bless each of you as we go out this day to do our daily tasks. Remember, a genuine smile or simply holding a door open for another costs no money, but it is priceless in the eyes of the Lord when it comes from a cheerful heart.




The Cabal and their swamp creatures totally underestimated President Trump. They tried to bring him down. They tried to ruin his brand, his name, his commitment, his resolve, his love for “We the People”, yet, they could not touch him.

Years ago Trump  did a test to see who was loyal to him and who was not. He was facing a tough time and fake news said he was now washed up, broke, and lost everything. During this time, he kept focused on his goals and as the entire world watched him, waiting to see him fail, he put on one heck of a come back show! In this process he found out who his real friends were and who were just there to ride the gravy train.  He discovered who was just on board for the prestige, endorsements, and donations he had to offer and who was loyal. He even wrote a best selling book, “The Art Of The Come Back”.

Trump: The Art of the Comeback: Donald J. Trump, Kate Bohner:  9780812929645: Books

When he had carried out his test of loyalty, he reemerged as the triumphant Trump Brand that sold billions and made billions more.  From his experiment he learned a lot about human character and ambition. He was able to discern the nature of his fellow man and he learned who had buttons that could be pushed and how they could be tweaked to be pushed to his liking or disliking. He learned how to say certain words to trigger immature responses from others and how to say things that projected the greatness within the common folk.

His side was on the worker for they don’t ask for much but the opportunity to work and be paid a decent wage for their time and skills. He learned how the back bone of America was motivated and already knew how the sharks are out for themselves and even chew on those at the top. To the sharks, the common worker and small entrepreneur are eaten up like tuna, but they will go after mackerel,  even stingrays, mammals and even humans. They have huge teeth to chomp and devour whatever they desire.

But where did he forge such a respect for the common worker? That’s not hard to critical think….his grand father was an immigrant and came to America. It was in the year 1885 that his grandfather, Friedrich Trump, a 16-year-old German barber, bought a one-way ticket for America, escaping three years of compulsory military service from Kallstadt, Palatinate, then part of the Kingdom of Bavaria. 

(Left) Friedrich and Elisabeth Trump, colorized by Marina Amaral. (Right) Fred and Mary Trump, parents of Donald Trump.

Do you think President Trump is NOT aware of tyrannical government and what horror that breeds? His family history is well documented on his Grandfather fleeing Bavaria from tyranny.

A letter from Mr. Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich, to the Prince Regent of Bavaria, pleading to be able to resettle in Germany. Credit…Speyer state archive

The entire Trump family, past and present, are  proud of the opportunities America offers entrepreneurs and  hard workers. He holds dearly the American Dream which is the opportunity to rise to whatever level in your endeavors that you put your efforts toward.

President Trump takes his family heritage serious and he is very proud of his roots. These are not the roots of any Cabal. They actually go much higher and those who know, know. That is why they need him gone!

Think about President Trump’s core values. He cherishes his family crest and geneology.  Which is a very interesting one at that. His grandfather arrived in New York at age 16, where he would eventually make a small fortune. More than a century later, his grandson, Donald Trump, would become the 45th president of  Friedrich Trump’s proud land of milk and honey. 

Do ya think Trump isn’t proud of his heritage? If you say he’s cabal…then you haven’t been watching Trump call out the cabal and central banksters all his adult life.


Take a close look at the faces of those who despise the Freedoms of the American people who love their constitution and Bill of Rights. You will see a group of greedy great merchants set out to own everything. These are the greedy of secret societies established long ago and who figured out how to control everything by sitting on boards of directors and buying up the majority shares of stock. Now that is total control and power without the head ache of running the business. This new devised form of corporate control gave the greedy souls the ability to replace CEO’s, even the founders of their own companies. The devil is in the details, and that wolf never sleeps. All because President Theodore Roosevelt ended their monopolies.

Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump  Cabal - Kindle edition by Bongino, Dan. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle  eBooks @

President Trump has observed, outsmarted, and out “Art of the Deal’ed” them all and he is just getting started! He still has a full hand and a big fat Trump Card to play!

Donald Trump Melania Trump Thor Sticker DC Comics Pro TRUMP 2020 MAGA | eBay

The final boss fight is about to rear it’s ugly Medusa head and President Trump has his shield raised waiting for the ugly swamp creature to take a good hard look at their own reflection – KA-BOOM TIME!

Remember… Trump said, “You have to shake things up pretty much in order to do something of consequence.”


And just a reminder for those who still think Trump just walked away and didn’t do anything. He didn’t even try to do anything to right the wrong of the stolen election.  He is famous for saying, “I LOVE TO GET EVEN!”  And he is VERY ANGRY  at how the Cabal have made the American people suffer and how they are destroying the America he loves!  He went into the presidency with the intent to drain the swamp and he did not walk away…he never walked away…he repositioned himself for the GRAND FINALE – AND THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT!


The final round with all the drama is being set to come to a head.  So level up!

Stay strong and press hard into the Kingdom – Remember God Wins!




Who will you choose, God or the godless?

Mankind who insists that there is no creator but only a “BIG BANG” and an evolution of processes that somehow created a “spore”, that somehow adapted into vegetation, sea and land life and whatever else we have, with some creatures able to fly and others such as bacteria in a damp cave not able to evolve beyond an invisible minute size….and the poor chimps who didn’t get the evolution gene kicking in…are doomed to return to dust forever.

What If Aliens Are Future Versions of Humans? | What If Show

So, to what length will lies keep churning…when they don’t make sense except when you apply pseudo science? There is a reason the Theory of Evolution is called a Theory. Because it is.

A Look Into Our Past “It has often and confidently been asserted, that  man's origin can never be known: but ignorance more frequently begets  confidence. - ppt download

Well, the same people who brought you the “Human Evolution” from the Chimp to the CYBOR MAN, are the same influencers. They are not of the flesh. They are of the principalities and powers of darkness and they still have those who worship and follow them. They have a host of flesh beings that do their bidding day and night.

For you see, the spirit world needs a host with a free will to choose who they shall serve. There is no neutral in this “free will” choice. You are either for one side or the other. All in indecision go by the wayside. There is only one narrow gate and one Shepherd who has laid down his life for his sheep at this passageway. That ONE SHEPHERD is JESUS THE SON OF THE ONE TRUE GOD!

Killer robots already exist, and they've been here a very long time

There is no changing into an incorruptible body with the dark side. There is transition into transhumanism. For the best evil can master is enslavement, death and destruction. They are forever seeking to master the mingling of seeds into monsters or developing cyberware to achieve a controlled robotic society. The end product being much worse than what we are seeing today. Much, much worse.

CDC zombie apocalypse 2021 warning: Is it real? Latest fact check |

The Lord is calling for all who have ears to hear to COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE….

Jeremiah 11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Transfigured | Gene Veith

There is only one way and one God, only one answer to this season of chaos and that is to grab hold of the Lord’s hand and press with him toward the Kingdom of God!




Police did not clear Lafayette Park area so Trump could hold ‘Bible’ photo op: Watchdog

PHOTO: President Donald Trump leaves the White House on foot to go to St John's Episcopal church across Lafayette Park for a photo-op, in Washington, D.C., June 1, 2020, after police cleared the area of demonstrators.

Today, after a year, ABC News reports that the U.S. Park Police did not clear Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020 so President Trump could stroll over to St. John’s Church and take a photo op holding his Bible up. Protestors that were NOT PEACEFUL…actually they were RIOTERS were already out in full display destroying anything they could and while Twitter and You Tube was showing minute by minute downloads of the real time event, fake news was busy with their alternative narrative shouting Trump was taking a photo op.

PHOTO: Protesters are tear gassed as police work to disperse them outside the White House, June 1, 2020, before President Trump walked over to St. John's Episcopal Church for a photo-opportunity.

Police did not clear Lafayette Park area so Trump could hold ‘Bible’ photo op: Watchdog

The inspector general’s findings shed new light on a major controversy.ByStephanie Ebbs andBenjamin SiegelJune 9, 2021, 1:43 PM• 12 min read

PHOTO: Police block 16th Street in Washington, D.C., near the White House, June 1, 2020.

Within minutes of the report’s release, President Trump issued a statement through his office, claiming vindication.

Thank you to the Department of the Interior Inspector General for Completely and Totally exonerating me in the clearing of Lafayette Park!”

“As we have said all along, and it was backed up in today’s highly detailed and professionally written report, our fine Park Police made the decision to clear the park to allow a contractor to safely install antiscale fencing to protect from Antifa rioters, radical BLM protestors, and other violent demonstrators who are causing chaos and death to our cities. In this instance, they tried burning down the church the day before the clearing. Fortunately, we were there to stop the fire from spreading beyond the basement – and it was our great honor and privilege to do so. Again, thank you to the Inspector General!” Trump’s statement said.

The Interior Department’s inspector general did not determine whether law enforcement acted inappropriately against demonstrators last year and did not focus on individual incidents of police use of force, but found that poor communication between agencies and ineffective dispersal warnings “may have contributed to confusion during the operation and the use of tactics that appeared inconsistent” with initial plans.

The inspector general’s findings shed new light on a major controversy. ByStephanie Ebbs andBenjamin Siegel June 9, 2021, 1:43 PM• 12 min read

Read the full story here: Police did not clear Lafayette Park area so Trump could hold ‘Bible’ photo op: Watchdog – ABC News (





The Marshall Report is in the process of building a new website.  For those who had problems getting on the Marshall Report, there was nothing wrong with your cell phones, tablets, and computers…it was a hosting issue and we are now able to accomodate the increase traffic that the other site did not allow.

Nik, is finishing up the website so please be patient as we are in the process of completing it.

We are working the bugs out of it and look forward to having extra features that our other blog did not have.

The new site is still called “The Marshall Report”, but we have a new web address which is:

The original Marshall Report will remain up, but most of the newer articles will be on the new site. Thank you all for your patience in this move that I had not anticipated but it is turning out to be a blessing!

 Nik  is the owner of Vontainment, a web design company that provides top notch Creative Services world wide, as well as server and network setup.  Nik  has agreed to hold a forum to answer your computer and cyber questions as soon as the platform is up and running smoothly. I will have an article answering the questions we received shortly. Thank you.

Port Charlotte Web Design, Social Media & Marketing (




These film footages were available at the time of the planned coup to overtake the Capitol and blame it on Trump Supporters. Remember Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the Capitol Police and McConnell co-shared that responsibility. Both Pelosi and McConnell ignored the Capitol Chief of Police requests for help. It was out of control while Trump supporters were still listening to President Trump’s speech.

Bus loads of paid thugs, loaded with weapens, and tear gas pushed pass the entry gates on the other side of the capitol, and there were even film footage of the police waving them in.

The lies, games, deceit and stolen election is EXPOSED, AND HAS BEEN EXPOSED ALL ALONG, REGARDLESS OF THE LIES TOLD over and over and over again, by fake news, political liars, and cabal puppets. This was treason against the people of the United States of America and to the Republic, and an overthrow of the government. They have NOT gotten away with anything. They have only dug a deeper hole and now…the shovel is in the hands of Justice and the dirt will soon cover the graves they made for themselves!

Lift your voices up to the Lord in prayer to expose all the evil deeds of the enemy and know this is spiritual warfare in high places from the entire PREPLANNED PANDEMIC, man made virus, the LOCKDOWNS, needless deaths, toxic jabs, control freak masks, 6 foot distancing, man made shortages and manipulated inflation!


FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED. THESE VIDEOs are not pleasant to see. It gives me no joy in posting them. They are posted as a warning that the summer is here and the RESET Global plans were to present CHAOS AND HELL ALL SUMMER. They are just getting started, so do not get out in the middle of it and stay clear of trouble. Protect your home and guard your children. Pray unceasing for the Lord to protect you and your family. We are dealing with raw evil with no conscience. Hell itself. Be safe, be well, and fear not…God is in you…and remember, GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU, THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!

Call them what they are Communist Revolutionaries…

While the evil ones who stole the election are trying to accuse innocent people for their own evil and treasonous acts… their minions in blue states allow chaos and mayhem to continue without any consequences for the rioters destroying property, threatening and attacking others. Their hour glass of time to run amuck has very little sand left…. the count down has begun!

Warning – Graphic Video….

This is what they have been doing and the NAZI NEWS has ignored it along with Blue State Mayors, Governors who by their inaction have allowed their citizens to be terrorized. These evil politicians have committed treason against the people.

Pray, and pray hard, lift up your voice to the Lord. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They have not stopped, they are paid and sponsored by left communist organizations and politicians are having police stand down so these evil ones can kill, steal, and destroy. There is no law in some states. It is lawlessness on steroids.



Americans across the nation are tired of watching the theives act like they won an election they stole in the light of day and they want the President they elected to take office and that President is Donald J. Trump!

War Room” cohost Raheem Kassam traveled to Arizona and reported back that there was an amazing grassroots phenomenon unfolding in the state. Kassam said what’s happening is big – and he can’t believe that conservative media isn’t reporting on it.

We The People are pushing hard against the thieves who stole the election and squatted in the White House. Everything points to an overthrow of the government like a third world country! The left wing puppets have awakened a giant and they are about to see what justice looks like in their fake globalist RESET, Lockstep democracy!

Read more here: [VIDEO] The War Room Went to AZ and Look What Happened… – (


Guantanamo detainees say historic interrogation was 'torture,' despite CIA  psychologist's denial - ABC News





President Trump is on the campaign trail and he is looking younger, stronger, and just as fired up and witty as always. He is the voice of the people and the cabal cannot stop what God has set in motion for HIS FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE!


Meanwhile, what is DAN SCAVINO trying to tell us with this GIF? It has to mean something… any ideas?






Donald Trump returns to stage with speech at North Carolina GOP convention  - ABC News

President Trump spoke at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday June 5, 2021. He looks and sounds better than ever! Poking at all the flaws of the left with the same bold directness that patriots have come to love! He is the voice of We The People and his message is right on target!

“We must never forget that Joe Biden and his family took millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, they bought him off, he flagrantly lied about it to the American voters. If you remember it was a big deal at the time and all of a sudden it was canceled. They didn’t want to talk about it. The big tech and the fake news media didn’t want to talk about it.”

My favorite line in Trump’s speech when he describes the left’s failed five year long witch hunt….”Ah sh>> we failed”, he mocks as the crowd applauds and cheers.

“Remember, I am not the one undermining American Democracy, I’m the one trying to save it!” stated Trump.

Trump speaks at North Carolina GOP convention

Trump rips the fake administration and calls them out for their stolen election and points out Biden’s horrible policies that destroy America!




President trump walked you all through it…did you take heed?

President Trump asked, “What’s the thousand points of light about….has anyone ever figured that one out?”


Four months after President Trump asks the question…there is a funeral for the Thousand Points of Light Beamer Bush …letters get passed out….

Six months later President Trump visits the Queen the second time.

Remember on his first visit a year earlier, he walked in front of the Queen.

Thousand Points of Light Conference….WHO was it for? Was it about secret plans for humanity? Plans we were gaslighted with and then…. fell asleep listening too as we marched into sustainable development for the 21st Century?

2018 Points of light held in November 2017. The same year President Trump made his world tour and visited the Vatican.

United Nations:  2020 UN International Day of Light: MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR-GENERAL

Light is life. Without light, life on our planet would not exist. In studying light through astrophysics, we delve into some of the deepest mysteries of the universe. In exploring optics and quantum optics, we plunge into the heart of matter itself.

It is therefore unsurprising that, across cultures, light is a universal symbol of life, inclusion, and renewal. Light is associated with illumination, or spiritual awakening. Light is seen in opposition to darkness, which represents ignorance and intolerance.

Although light symbolizes knowledge, we are still blind to many of its everyday applications. The high broadband speeds we use today could not have been achieved without fibre optics. DVDs and Blu-Ray discs could not be read without light. Solar energy is a source of heating. Light-based technologies are essential in healthcare, where optical instruments and tools are used for analysis and imaging, and ultraviolet light sources are used for sterilization. These technologies are also essential for sequencing genomes – like that of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, currently wreaking havoc around the world.

It is these exceptional properties that we celebrate every 16 May, on the International Day of Light. This year, as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that this event will also be an opportunity to shed light on unprecedented global challenges.

—  Shamila Nair-Bedouelle – Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, on the occasion of the International Day of Light 2020


The Memorial Day now… a three day weekend… pointing to the evil points of light the Cabal have pushed all along the way.

There is no room for Memorial Day in the Biden Stolen Election Thousand Points of Light Regime to RESET the Globe.


President Trump asked us to figure it out. How many did?  How many even thought about it?

The RESET is for the light of Lucifer it is not the light of God.

Today, more than half of humanity – 3.9 billion people – lives in cities. By 2050, cities will host 2.5 billion more urban dwellers, making the world almost 70% urban.
UNESCO is committed to enhancing the sustainability of cities through policy advice, technical assistance and capacity building, drawing on its longstanding normative and operational experience in the fields of education, sciences, culture, communication and development. Thanks to multi-disciplinary cooperation among all its sectors, as well as its broad network of experts across the globe, UNESCO has become a leading agency in the effective implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development(link is external).

 The UNESCO Cities Platform gathers eight UNESCO networks and programmes, and reflects the transversal approach the Organization’s work with cities towards implementing the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. It includes the following programmes:

The UN does not hide any of their light projects…. They only hide the real intent behind them.

UNESCO for Sustainable Cities

RESIST THE EVIL LIGHT OF LUCIFER AND PRESS FORWARD INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! We are at the fork in the road it is either GOD’S KINGDOM or enslavement. I read the BIBLE….GOD WINS!






As you know, The Marshall Report has been under a hack… I didn’t misspell it…that is my name for attack. A hack attack…and my great IT man Nik explained it…but I will spare the details. The good news is he has been putting a new domain together for the past two weeks… and God is watching over us for he started this in motion a week before we had any sign of attacks (except the occassional trolls).

The new site will be called “Dianne Marshall Report”. It will be when it is ready. I am told all of the subscribers will be transferred over and most everything will operate the same way, it will have a new look and a table of contents to access different reports. So that is something people were wanting and it will have that.

Sample page of articles to choose from.

I am learning a lot about cyber land and security and how things work/don’t work and Nik is going to do an interview where he will update us on what we need to be careful about with aps, hacks, and emails. If you have any questions you want answered about cyber safety and protection…hackers, and software…please write them in the comments. I will include your questions in the article and have him address those questions directly.

Healthy Computers: How To — Impact Association Management

I am learning some things are server issues, computer issues, and there are a list of types of what he called WAN, Land, computer and email issues and what to look for that is normal…meaning it’s your computer…and what to look for that could be a threat. He explained many things that happened with people working from home…and things we need to remember to stay protected. So, please ask your questions.

While the world is shaking and cyber attacks are hitting all the truth tellers, and critical thinking opinion holders, we are still pressing on exposing all the facts and clues available…praying for our nation and encouraging one another.

We are learning how to lift our voices in faith to the Lord with a shout! Like in the days of Joshua when the walls of Jericho tumbled down. In spite of all the propaganda, and all of the naysayers…we are winning! God is smiling and his Son Jesus is at the narrow Gate waving his hand for us to come through it! God’s Kingdom is coming and it is indeed within us!

Stay strong and keep things fun!



We said this from the first moment it happened. But, the evil fake news and liar Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell paid cabal puppets lied and bore false witness! We all knew the reason they went to the underground bunkers is because they had paid thugs to bomb the Capitol but those weapons of destruction had been intercepted – but the evil coup plotters did not know this. Their evil plans were foiled and laid bare for all to see who had eyes to see and ears to hear the truth that they saw with their own eyes on the day this transpired!

But it is well to hear that now FAKE NEWS CABAL can no longer lie against the truth!

The Question is…why did it take so long to look at the truth instead of the fake narrative? Especially when during the time of its’ importance there were hundreds, if not thousands, of eye witness videos and reports? Why were those voices squelched? Was it because the cabal was so powerful? Or was it part of a broader plan?

Eye Witness Account Of January 6th Riot Says Cops Fired On Crowd, Used Gas, And Tried To Bait Protesters, But They Stayed Peaceful

According to a new report from the Gateway Pundit, one of the publication’s readers has put together a video made from the images this person captured on the day of the siege along with his own personal observations.

Eye Witness Account Of January 6th Riot Says Cops Fired On Crowd, Used Gas, And Tried To Bait Protesters, But They Stayed Peaceful | Republican Insider

I suppose we should just be glad that at least now they are pointing out that the videos and testimonies of patriots are true.

Stage 1:

When I arrived at the building, I was approximately 30′ from the front edge of the crowd.

The police had an ideal defensive situation, as the Capitol building sits atop a 35’ vertical limestone wall.  To access the Capitol building from my location, you first needed to enter the courtyard 35’ above.

  • The only route to the courtyard was through a single narrow stairwell.
  • The cops needed only to defend the stairwell from above to contain the crowd.

Instead of staying on the high ground, the police defied all tactical logic by going to ground level and directly engaging the peaceful crowd.

  • Then, without warning, police began firing flash/bang grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray into the crowd.
  • Prior to this attack the police made no attempt to communicate with the crowd; they did not declare “an unlawful assembly” or ask the crowd to leave—they simply attacked a peaceful crowd.
  • A tear gas canister struck me in the head, knocking my eyeglasses to the ground.

The police continued to abuse the crowd for 30-45 minutes, allowing the media to get the pictures and video showing the police “repelling” the supposed attack.

It is worth noting, that the police appeared to be baiting the crowd to counterattack because the only visible police were 5-10 very skinny, very unintimidating officers, (definitely NOT the Alpha-male, linebacker types you expect to be riot troops) in front of a crowd of tens of thousands.  You will see a larger police presence at a local high school football game compared to what I saw on the West side of the Capitol building.

When the media had their images and it became clear that the crowd was not going to attack the police or the building police tactics changed.

  • The police behavior suddenly changed from “repelling the mob” to becoming tour-guides allowing the people to climb the stairs, enter the courtyard and even enter the building.
  • Obviously, had the protesters stayed on the ground below the courtyard stairwell the narrative of the storming, violent mob overrunning the police would have collapsed.

WITH GOD, TIMING IS EVERYTHING…So that being said, let us rejoice that the Gateway Pundit did this great freeing story and may we know that Justice is on the way!

Read full story here: Eye Witness Account on January 6th: Police Fired on Crowd, Gassed Crowd, Baited Crowd but Protesters Remained Peaceful (VIDEO) (





God’s ways are not man’s ways. God sent his son to die once and for all who have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.  He has laid out a plan of forgiveness that no one should perish but all might have everlasting life who believe on his son and receive him as their savior, and in so doing they all receive freely the gift of the Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide them in their every moment against the evils of the darkness that deceives them.

 Man keeps track of one’s sins and uses each one for condemnation and judgement.  Even from childhood as the world watched and witnessed in the case of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. When there are no obvious sins to present, hearsay is the weapon and an onslaught of bearing false witness.  Bending, twisting, and presenting fabricated motives within false scenarios to condemn while upholding evil as a banner in the name of manmade justice.

Did God Create Sin?

 The Lord forgives all who believe upon him – those past sins now have no justification, we receive a full pardon, yet, man guided by self -desire and evil whispers in the head go forth to kill, steal and destroy for they follow the path very wide that no shepherd has laid down their life to guard.

I am the Good Shepherd | Understanding the Gospel

The path enlarges, forever widening with every false whisper of fame, fortune and power. For these gods and goddesses offer illusion in order to find all who are willing to give up their soul for small promises, the devil only paying the minimum price the lost soul will take for his soul to be among the pack of wolves, bears, and hungry vultures.

These are just a few of the idols of the wide path that whispers to those without the good shepherd.

Spiritual Authority and Power – Bethesda Bedok Tampines Church

In God’s Kingdom there is righteousness, glory, peace, love and charity. There is a gathering of others watching out for the defenseless and ready to help their neighbor as they, themselves would want to be helped. There is a love of God Almighty the creator of all living that leads them to see the good in all through their gift of the Holy Spirit. This is not a weakness, it takes a great strength to keep and to hold onto it.  For evil forces send out battering rams against its’ walls daily, attempting to break down its’ resolve  to forgive and hold to a lasting love for others.

It takes more courage and strength for a lone sheep to stand up against evil knowing you will be tortured and killed for doing so than it does to be a bought cabal soldier paid to sleigh others with weapons of hate and war.

How 17 Saints Fought the Devil and Lived to Tell the Tale

Therefore, God has provided each the power to call upon the Lord and to shout for the sending out of his mighty angels to fight the battle we have before us.  Call out in faith, call loud and with deep conviction that God HAS HEARD YOUR  VOICE AND HAS YOU IN HIS MIGHTY HANDS! NO BATTLE CRY IN THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL GO UNHEARD!




We have all been listening to the great song by Billy Falcon titled, “Never Surrender” and many have said this should be played at every patriotic event! We love the words, the sound, the music, and how it gives our very soul much hope and it inspires the heart! So, I felt it would be good for people to also meet the man behind the song.

Billy isn’t a newcomer on the music scene, he has been around a long time and is a talented, and very humble American icon. He is a musician, composer and music producer. He released rock albums throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, as well as appearing on The Way International‘s “High Country Caravan”. He is currently active in the Nashville, Tennessee area with the band The Sowing Circle.

He signed his first record contract with a major label at age 18.  Falcon, a prolific writer, considers himself a “reporter” of his life experiences in lyrics and melodies.

Pretty Blue World, released in 1991, produced Falcon’s highest-charting single, “Power Windows“, which broke into the Top 40.  The same album contains “Heaven’s Highest Hill”, which articulates the pain of having to tell his three-year-old daughter that her mother had died, echoing the true-life event of the loss of his wife Myla to breast cancer.

He signed a deal with Mercury Records after Jon Bon Jovi contacted him about working together in the early 1990s.  Falcon has co-written over thirty songs on several Bon Jovi albums. “Give in to Me”, co-written with Falcon’s daughter Rose and Elisha Hoffman, is featured in the Sony Pictures film Country Strong and performed by Faith Hill on the film’s soundtrack. Other songs he has written have been covered by Stevie Nicks, Cher, Manfred Mann, Sherrie Austin, Meat Loaf and Trace Adkins.  Over his career, Falcon has released a dozen albums.

Falcon has lived in Nashville for the past 19 years. Over the past four years, he has performed with the band The Sowing Circle and continues to write, perform, record and produce albums for artists, including his daughter Rose Falcon.

Click to check out Billy’s Music Website: Billy Falcon | Biography & History | AllMusic

Power Windows - Billy Falcon - YouTube

Billy Falcon

The Marshall Report was EXTREMELY HONORED that Billy Falcon put our banner in his video “Never Surrender”, and extremely humbled that he thanked us in his video “Hold On” among the likes of Lin Wood and fellow patriotic Americans. He has inspired the readers and friends on The Marshall Report with his music and we are appreciative that he has allowed us to share it with the world. Thank you Billy Falcon – from all of us who have found a gathering place at the Marshall Report!



Lauren Daigle song “YOU SAY” REACHES 212,977,123 Views!!

Is anyone else noticing the off the charts rising in Godly inspired songs?

Lauren Daigle – Rescue (Official Music Video) 34,083,081 views

How Great Thou Art (feat. Lauren Daigle) 6,216,051 views 


Fauci’s book SCRUBBED from online stores! They are six foot distancing from it.

News from the darkside is FAUCI’ THE BIO RESEARCHER AND FAX JAB PUSHER is looking a bitter shade of pale after his emails were released with damning information. His new book an 80 pager Titled: Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons on Truth, Service, and the Way Forward was removed from online book sale stores. Although the book was removed immediately after the scathing emails went public… national Geographic said the release was prematurely released and therefore removed. However, when you see the writing on the wall for the globalist RESET munchkin named Fauci…it may have to have an entire rewrite.

The book, retailed at $18 for preorders and was set to release on Nov. 2. National Geographic Books, developed the book in connection with an upcoming National Geographic Documentary Film about Fauci. Wonder if the documentary will have a rewrite as well?

Especially since the description of the book read. “Those looking to live a more compassionate and purposeful life will find inspiration in his unique perspective on leadership, expecting the unexpected, and finding joy in difficult times.” Boy isn’t that off kilter?

Very few are buying the Fraudski totalitarian liar’s stance these days. The little weasel is bound to get a fancy ankle bracelet soon to match his bandit mask. If the Fraudski we are seeing now is even the same guy. His voice has changed and all of a sudden he doesn’t have the irritating graveled courseness in every word. But, then again, maybe that is just part of Expecting the Unexpected? Of which he is now beginning to experience.

Fauci headlines of being scrubbed from major online retailers made headlines earlier on Wednesday June 2, 2021.

Meanwhile you can still purchace these Fauci Titles….

Tony’s Virus: How Tony Fauci became the most powerful man in the world by exploiting a pandemic Paperback –

by Steven E. Greer MD (Author)

September 7, 2020

Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Paperback –

By Charles Ortleb

March 23, 2020

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) by [Robert F. Kennedy]

The Real Anthony Fauci:

Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) 

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Kindle Edition






In today’s trivia to keep our minds free from propaganda and to let out some hidden stress…I thought it would be nice to have some fun with some light thinking time. So here are some interesting photos…feel free to Caption it….

“Your days are numbered…..”

Trump said “Fauci has been in position for 500 years.” Was he being funny or did he know something we don’t know? Just wondering. (Trump Slams Fauci As A ‘Disaster’ Who ‘Has Been Here for 500 Years’ During Campaign Staff Call – Trump Slams Fauci As A ‘Disaster’ Who ‘Has Been Here for 500 Years’ During Campaign Staff Call · The Floridian (

When the double goes to wrong wardrobe room….
Nancy Pelosi | TheHill
I need some more……of the ….the stuff. The stuff ..I’m out of stuff!
That look when it’s not funny anymore…
When name calling is appropriate…
Trump Campaign Fundraising Off 'Pencil-Neck' Adam Schiff T-Shirts | Talking  Points Memo
Sun TZU Art of War…Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.
Wait upon the Lord…Timing is everything…
Planet of the …….??
Opinion: Trump Calls Out Swamp Turtle McConnell! – The Northwest Connection
When you are too far gone to be a RINO… you become a……
A double so bad, even the press is choking….
Sun Tzu…Be Where Your Enemy Is Not…..
Tha…tha….that’s…. all..all folks. Folks.




In a dramatic storm scene from the book, “The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins”, we have a scene where the followers of the way have fled Jerusalem which is in chaos. Romans are not happy with the fact they have escaped as they are quite a batch of priceless lineage in the boat. The Romans have orders to pursue and God has other plans. Please enjoy this scene that shows how God takes what the devil intends for evil and turns it into good.


After hours of riding the horses hard, Longinus slowed his horse and addressed the others, “We have made a good distance, let us stop and rest our horses here.”

     “You have served us like an angel of the Lord,” stated Joseph in a deep, sincere tone as he got down from his horse.

     “The Lord has truly sent him to us,” said Mary, the mother of Jesus.

     “Angel of the Lord or sent, I am impressed!” shouted Khalid.

     “You would make a great bounty hunter, but you would need to find a good dog like Vitali,” he said as he poured water in a cup for her.

     Longinus held the reins of his horse and stretched his legs. He looked back toward Jerusalem and studied the horizon.

     Mary went over to him and asked, “What is it that you see?”

     “I was thinking of my dream and wondering how long it will be until we see the distant dust from horses’ hooves.”

     Mary looked at the horizon for a moment. Then she turned and went over to Mary, Jesus’s mother, who motioned for her to come.

     She brought out a loaf of bread from her haversack and said, “Mary, go and give the others some bread. They need to be nourished.”

     Mary smiled and took the loaf. She pulled apart generous pieces and gave to them all.

     It seemed as though they had just stopped to rest, and it was time to mount up and travel some more. No one complained. They were all very thankful.

     They traveled until the night was beginning to set in. Longinus knew it was time to find a suitable place to make camp. Both the people and the horses needed to sleep.

     “There is a wooded area that I stayed when I came to Jerusalem, not far from here.  We should reach it soon. We can camp there.”

Now miles ahead of the Roman army, Longinus and the others had made a nice camp, and John had prepared some smoked fish and bread.

     Longinus looked at Mary and said, “This is very fresh smoked fish.”

     “And at a price cheaper than Gaza,” said Mary with a giggle.

     Longinus was slow in understanding, but as he thought, he broke out in laughter, remembering Josiah.

     “They are having fun,” John said to Khalid.

     “They laugh at things that make no sense. The fish is good. I’ll have another,” said Khalid.

     After a good serving of food, they all rested. They had plans to get up before dawn and make their way to Joppa. It wasn’t far. Longinus believed that they would be at the ports by the afternoon as long as they got an early start.

The Missing Mariner

Longinus and the others finally arrived at the ports in Joppa. Longinus led them all to the ship of the Mariner, but the ship was not there. At the dock, he asked a fisherman, “Where is the Mariner’s ship? The man from Aksum?”

     “Oh, they sailed out yesterday. Planned to bring in a big catch.”

     Longinus knew that when they planned for a big catch, it meant at least two weeks at sea. Now what do we do? he thought.

     Joseph and the others heard the report. They looked at one another. Mary spoke up, “The Lord has not led us here in vain. He will show us what to do.”

     Longinus was concerned and said, “We have no seaworthy ship. We must go from here.”

     Then Khalid spoke up, “We can get a boat. We have men enough who can row oars.”

Longinus thought and answered, “The old fisherman. He had many of such boats. Khalid, come with me. Mary, you and the others wait here. We will be back as fast as we can.”

     Mary nodded.  

     Khalid looked at Vitali and commanded, “You stay here and guard the women.” Vitali barked in agreement.

     Khalid added, “First, we find the fisherman, then we get the boat, then we sail.” Vitali barked again, and Khalid and Longinus galloped away to see the fisherman.

     When they came upon the bones, Khalid asked, “What does a fisherman do with so many old bones?”

     Longinus answered, “He sees in these the day that the dry bones will awake and become a great and powerful army for the kingdom of heaven.”

     Khalid shrugged his head and rolled his eyes and decided not to ask any more questions.

     As they neared the entrance of the cave, Khalid saw the bones on the outside of it formed the image of soldiers. He wondered at it. Then a voice was heard and they turned and saw the old fisherman coming, pulling a boat on a makeshift cart. It was tied very securely and did not move one little wobble.

     “I had expected your arrival a little later, but I see you made good time.”

     Longinus smiled as he saw the boat and said, “What do I owe you for this?”

     The old fisherman said, “There is no coinage due for obeying the word of the Lord. One simply does what they are told. Rewards come later. But for now, it is my pleasure to help in any way. Take the boat and the provisions in it. Go now, you must not tarry here.”   

     Longinus held up his spear and shouted, “Look upon the first of your Lord’s great and powerful army!” He then pointed the spear at Khalid and shouted, “And look upon the second!”

The old fisherman smiled and said, “Go now, for the Lord has shown me that the Romans come at you with great speed. They are no longer detained.”

     Longinus nodded, and Khalid grabbed the ropes of the cart that held the boat and shouted, “I will lead, you follow behind to make sure the cart does not lose the boat.” “Agreed!” shouted Longinus, and they rode off as fast as they could, being careful not to topple the boat from the cart.

     John and Joseph saw Longinus and Khalid coming with the boat tied to the cart and grabbed some knives to cut the ropes that bound the boat. As they cut away the ropes, Mary, the mother of Jesus, said, “The Lord has blessed us with this boat, may he keep us safe as we sail.”

     They freed the boat from the cart and together the men lifted it down and carried it out past the shallows of the water. The women waded after them, carrying all the haversacks except for one.  Vitali carried Khalid’s holding it tight between her teeth.

     Once past the shallows, the women, Joseph, and John climbed into the boat, while Longinus and Khalid held it steady. Then they lifted themselves up into it. They grabbed the oars and began to row. They made their way out to sea and the ports of Joppa began to look smaller from the distance.

     As they continued out to sea, Longinus tried hard to remember all he had learned in maintaining his direction with the sun. If only I had something to navigate with, he thought.

     As they got further out to sea, John decided to rummage through the provisions that were provided by the old fisherman. He came across a strange-looking object. Holding it up, he shouted to Longinus, “Do you know what this is?”

     Longinus looked as he oared, then shouted, “An astrolabe!”

     “Indeed it is!” exclaimed Joseph, “It’s God sent!”

     Longinus quit oaring and moved over to John and took it from him.

     “That old fisherman has blessed us with an astrolabe. With this, we shall be able to navigate our boat. We will not lose our way.”

     They continued to row as fast as they could until the only thing that was seen from every side of the boat was the horizon line.

     Joseph was skilled in the celestial patterns of the stars and would entertain himself using the astrolabe, both during the day with the sun and at night when the stars filled the sky. He shared his knowledge of the stars and their patterns, with the others, on how they traveled and never lost their course. All of them were now learning how to navigate in the waters through the direction of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Longinus learned so much from Joseph who was a great merchant and traveled the seas a lot. The two of them bonded instantly through their shared fascination with that astrolabe.

Tempest at Sea

After a couple days at sea, in the early dawn, Longinus awoke in the boat and spotted a fleet of ships on the horizon. They were Roman biremes.

     “Oar fast as you can!” he shouted to Khalid. Khalid grabbed the oars and began to row. He looked on the horizon and saw the Roman biremes.

     “May the Lord protect us,” shouted John as he looked and saw the Roman biremes on the horizon.

     “The Lord will make us a way,” comforted Mary to the others.  It seemed that no matter how fast the men rowed, the Roman biremes kept coming closer.

    “They are so fast,” shouted Longinus. “We must keep going.” He looked at Mary and the rest who had their heads bowed in prayer and said, “Pray as you have never prayed in your life for a miracle at sea.”

     Khalid shouted, “You too, Vitali!” and Vitali bowed her head.

     “Well, I’ll be,” said Khalid with surprise as he watched her pray. For those words he spoke out of nervousness and not with any real intent.

      As the Roman biremes continued to gain speed, coming closer and closer, suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky turned dark. A tempest was brewing and the waves began to slash against the small boat, rolling it up and down in the water. The sky grew black, and no one could see beyond the boat. The roar of rolling thunder drummed in their ears continuously, and every few minutes, a flash of lightning cracked in the sky, thrusting a quick burst of light.

     The little boat raised up and down, hitting against the pounding waves. Longinus feared the boat would turn over or, worse yet, split apart. After a long length of time, their little boat suddenly became very still. Yet the waves continued to slash out and crash downward all around them. They heard the desperate commands of Roman captains shouting to their sailors ordering them to tighten sails and throw down anchors.

     Longinus wondered at the strange calm and stillness of their boat when all around them the storm was raging and showing no mercy to the Roman biremes.

     In the darkness, none could see that there was an angel of the Lord, guarding over them. The angel had his legs straddled over the boat, and all the water around his legs was still. His head reached up above the darkened clouds. He was an awesome sight to behold. Yet they could not see him.

     Mary and the others continued to pray. Longinus saw the miracle in the stillness of their boat and bowed his head and began to pray.

     Khalid said, “I do not know this God of yours, but he has answered your petitions. I will petition to him as well.” He bowed his head and began to petition.

     The sounds of ships falling apart at sea, amidst the roaring thunders, were deafening to their ears. Through the bellowing storm, they heard the shouts of men drowning, and the fearful cries of Romans shouting to pagan gods for help that did not come.

     The darkness continued to loom, then all of a sudden, their boat began to sail with great speed. They all held on to the sides of the boat and continued to pray. The boat sailed and sailed. After a great length of time, the darkness lifted, and they all wondered at what had taken place. They could not see the angel of the Lord bending over and taking his mighty hand and pushing their little boat across the water.

     Then suddenly, Longinus looked out over the horizon and saw a faint outline of hills. “Land,” he shouted!

     Khalid reached for his oars, but they were gone. Longinus looked for his and they too had been torn away in the storm. He feared that they would drift back out to sea and ordered Khalid and the men to row the boat with their arms in the water. They all reached over into the water and used their arms to row the boat, and it eventually came to the shallows. Khalid jumped out and began to push the boat from behind through the shallows; Longinus jumped into the water and helped. Then John and Joseph did the same. They pushed it along through the shallows and onto the shore.

     “I do not know where we are,” said Longinus, “but it is where the Lord has led us.” John and Joseph helped the women out of the boat, and Vitali leaped out and ran to Khalid.

     Khalid shouted with joy as he took hold of Vitali’s mane and shook her head with his two giant hands. “We made it, girl!” Vitali barked and barked.

     “Look!” shouted John. “Crates are drifting ashore!” Longinus looked, then shouted, “They are supplies from the biremes, come, we must get them.” The men followed Longinus and began to pull many crates to shore.

     Khalid began to open them to see what was inside. To his surprise, the first one he opened was filled with spices. He opened another and it had a small chest inside. He pried open the chest, and it was filled with coins. “Look!” he shouted. “Great riches!”   

     Mary exclaimed, “The Lord has provided us means for our travel ahead.”

     Joseph still had the astrolabe and held it out to study the position of the sun. After a few minutes, he exclaimed, “I believe we have landed on the shores of Gaul!”

     At the same time the followers were rejoicing on the shore, the Old Man, known as the Apprentice, appeared walking on the waters of the sea, looking down at the floating bodies of dead Roman soldiers.

     He looked as debris from a sunken bireme hit against the lifeless body of his precious Gaius. “There goes that one,” he said as he placed his foot upon Gaius’s head and shoved it under the water. He watched small air bubbles float upward as the lungs of Gaius filled with water. It wasn’t long and his body floated downward into the depths of the sea.

     “That cursed Longinus has learned to wield the power of his spear. No one can stop him now. I will think of other ways to counter the goodness of his spear. Great persecution and death of little followers is where I shall start. I go to Rome.”




So many are referring to the storm that is upon us. We all react differently when going through such trials. I have thought a lot about different Storm stories in my book, “The Spear of Destiny – The Journey Begins”. I would like to share a chapter and hope you can see the meanings within it as well as the struggle. How the Lord always provides a way when nothing looks possible but doom. Please enjoy it.


On the ship bound for Greece, Mary and Longinus finally found some privacy away from Suzanna and Josiah. Longinus asked Mary, “What is for us in Greece?” Mary answered, “I do not know. But if that is where the Lord leads us, that is where we must go.”

     Longinus looked at Mary as she sadly looked back at the shoreline.

     Mary leaned forward over the bow, watching until the city had faded away in the distance and the last scent of olive trees had long passed. Her eyes had grown weary from gazing upon the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Longinus stood next to her and wondered at the things they had experienced and how the Lord had shown them their way. He wondered what the Lord would show them next.

     Longinus and Mary gazed out upon the waters as the moon cast a shine upon the waves causing them to shimmer as they rippled across the sea.  It was a beautiful night.

     They watched until their eyes were heavy, and they knew it was time to go to their assigned quarters and get some sleep. Morning would come all too soon.

     “We must tell Suzanna and Tobias good night. They have been so gracious to us,” said Mary, and Longinus nodded in agreement. They walked over to the other side of the ship and found their friends.

     Suzanna and Tobias were busy bickering about a many number of inconveniences one of them was sea travel and only stopped long enough to bid Mary and Longinus good night.

     “I can’t believe there is nothing to do but look out over this dreadful sea…oh, are you leaving?” asked Suzanna to Mary.

     “It has been a long day, we go now to get some sleep.”

     “Well, if you can…I hope you rest well. Tobias, tell me again why you thought travel by sea would be good, why I haven’t the slightest idea how you think such things?”

     “Suzanna, have some smoked fish…it was a good price,” he said as he tore a piece and put it in his mouth. “It is not fresh,” he grumbled.

     “The man told me it was fresh.”

     “Well, that is what you get from believing a merchant in the market.”

     Mary and Longinus looked at each other and shook their heads. As they walked away, the bickering faded into the distance.

     Longinus said, “They love being so.” Mary giggled.

     “How do you know them?” he asked.

     “Oh, I don’t really. I met Suzanna a few times in Jerusalem. Each time she talked and talked and told me what she thought of things. I only listened.”

     “But Josiah seemed to know you?”

     “I never met him before today. He was being cordial for Suzanna.”

      Longinus gave Mary a puzzled look and said, “All I can say is I’m glad he was cordial.”

      Mary and Longinus nestled into their meager quarters. There was not much room, but it was enough. They had to share the same sleeping space, and Longinus was careful not to touch Mary’s body.

Mary was pleased with his respect and thanked him. “Sleep well, and thank you for being so mindful.”

      “Ah…yes. Sleep well,” he said.

     The ship continued to sail, and the passengers were fast asleep. A warm, soothing breeze whispered through the air, over the calm waters. The night’s serenity was accompanied by the sound of gentle waves, rippling against the side of the ship. All was at peace in the Mediterranean Sea.

     Then, halfway through the night, the sky began to darken, and ominous black rolling clouds covered the moon and hid the beautiful constellation of the stars. The peaceful waters began to form slashing waves with foaming white caps.

     “There is a storm coming, slacken the sails!” shouted a sailor as he looked at the sky and watched the waves beating at the front of the stern.

     “Tighten the rudder rope!” yelled another. “It looks like a tempest. It came out of nowhere!” The sailors worked frantically to prepare the ship for the coming storm. They watched and wondered where this storm came from and how bad it would be. The boat began to rock and heave on the water. The passengers were all sound asleep. Then a bolt of lightning cracked in the sky and a thunderous roar followed in an instant. It is directly over our heads!” shouted the sailor.” I’ve never seen anything so fierce in these waters!”

    “Grab hold of the ropes and hold this lady in place!” shouted the ship’s captain.

      The heavy pounding waves fiercely knocked at the ship’s stern with great violence. The captain feared it would soon be broken up.

“Alert the passengers—awaken them!” he shouted. “It looks like it may be every man for himself!”

     Many of the people were already awake and coming out onto the deck. They slid as the boat heaved and rocked. Many were not able to get a sure footing for the deck was filling fast with water. Waves kept slashing over the sides and into the ship. Barrels and bins of merchant goods were sliding into the passengers as they waded through the water. They grabbed at anything that looked secure enough to hang on to.     Longinus and Mary awoke. They ran to the steps that led to the top of the deck and were met by a wave of water knocking them backward. They slid in the water.

Longinus shouted to Mary, “Grab my hand!” She took hold and he pulled her toward him and they made their way to the top. “Hang on to this!” he hollered at Mary as he threw her a rope bound to the side of the deck. “No matter what, do not let go!”

     “I won’t,” shouted Mary.

     Longinus joined the men who were fighting to hold the rudder in place with ropes. He fixed his strong hands around the rope and pulled with all his weight and might against it. He held it steadfast. The ship was making cracking sounds and the mast was weaving back and forth as though it might break into. “Steady her!” shouted

the captain through the sound of the roaring waves and the rolling thunder.

     “We have to turn her around!” shouted Longinus. “Toward the shore!” The captain looked over and shouted, “Get her turned around, loosen the rudder ropes, and hold her steady!”

     The men fought to get the ship turned; finally, they were able to do so. The captain then shouted, “Hoist the main sail—hoist it now!” They hoisted the sail and the blasting wind pushed into it with such force; the men feared the sail might tear apart. The ship shot toward the shore with lightning speed, without any oarsmen, without any help. Parts of the stern were being knocked apart from the great force of the violent waves hitting it.

     Mary was holding on to the rope with all her strength, then suddenly, it snapped. She went sliding backward to the back of the ship slushing through the water, slapping into the wall of the stern. She grabbed hold of a bar and hung on tight.

     The captain knew he had to slow the ship down, so he shouted, “Lower the anchors. All of them!”

     One of the passengers tried to escape by lowering a lifeboat; he no sooner lowered it down with the rope and the wind caught it, sending it upward, straight out in the air. The rope holding it snapped like a tender twig, sending the boat hurling across the water as though someone had shot it from a sling.

     The men fought to keep the ship steady in the storm for hours; somehow, the ship held together as it continued to drive itself with

lightning speed toward the shore. The men held on to the sides of the ship and braced themselves. That was all they could do as the ship seemed to have a mind of its own.

     The shore was in sight and the ship was getting closer and closer and not slowing down. The captain shouted, “You can’t jump, she goes too fast. Shield your heads and hang on for your life.”

     Longinus looked over at Mary who was clinging to a bar at the stern of the ship. He shouted, “Get down, shield yourself!”

     Mary could not hear him. He shouted again, “Get down! Shield yourself, when this hits, the stern will break apart!” Longinus tied a rope around the mast pole, left enough slack to reach the stern, and then took the end and tied it to his waist, leaving a good length. He coiled the extra length of rope around his arm and made his way toward Mary. It was hard to move forward against the force of the wind and the speed of the ship, but he inched his way there. He saw the stern was breaking up. There was but a little window of time to get Mary to the front of the ship.

     He threw her the rope and shouted, “Tie this around your waist and take my hand.”

     Mary struggled to hang on and tie the rope at the same time. She finally did it, then reached out her hand to Longinus. He grabbed it and Mary let go of the bar just as the stern ripped apart, sending the bar flying. Longinus pulled Mary to him.      “Hold on tight to me!” he shouted. Mary clung to him as they fought the strength of the wind and made their way to the mast in the middle. He shouted, “If she hits the shallows at this speed, she could shake apart!” But before he and Mary could do anything more, the ship hit the shallows. Mary clung to Longinus. The ship was vibrating and shaking as it skidded in the shallows. It continued to skid past the sands on the shore, skidding and burying the bow deep into the sand. Pieces of the ship were breaking apart and flying in the air. The ship was slowing, but it was still sliding and burying deeper into the sand.

    Longinus looked out and saw a wall of canyon rock just ahead and braced himself and Mary for what he thought was a direct hit. Suddenly, the ship stopped two inches before it hit the wall of rock. The bow was buried so deep in the sand one could just step off it onto the ground.

     They looked around; miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. Then, a familiar voice was heard, “I paid good coin for this smoked fish and now it’s full of nothing but saltwater. Wasted, it is nothing but wasted!” It was Josiah.

     “Oh, stop your squabbling, Josiah, and go see what the captain is going to do about getting us to Greece!”

     “Greece? Suzanna, I will see what he will do about returning our coins! We paid for safe passage! This is not safe passage!”

     Longinus and Mary looked at each other with surprise. They looked over at Suzanna and Josiah who were safe and well. They seemed very content to stand and bicker. They looked back at each other and laughed. Mary said, “In the middle of the most dangerous life-threatening time, God has given us joy through our friends.”



As the people got off the ship, the captain was trying hard to keep some type of order during the chaos. “We will assess where we are and let you know how we plan to make passage. For now, the ship is buried deep and in need of great repair. Two at a time can come aboard and gather whatever belongings the sea did not take.”

     Longinus anticipated getting his haversack and hoped it was intact. As he waited for his turn to board ship and seek it, he looked up at the sky and the direction of the sun. He looked at the horizons. Then he looked at Mary and said, “Do you have any idea what shore we are on?”

     Mary answered, “I do not know. I only know this is the Lord’s doing. He will show us what we need. For last night, an angel of the Lord, whom I serve, stood beside me and said, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary. The powers of darkness have sought to sift you as wheat, but God has sent me to intervene. Know that God has taken what the devil meant for evil and has turned it into good. He has called you to return to Jerusalem. Your ship will be struck by a storm at sea, but God has graciously given you safety, and the lives of all who sail with you.’”

     Longinus was very amazed. He marveled at this thing that Mary told. He thought about it and asked, “So is this how the Lord fights for us against the principalities and powers of evil?”

      “Yes,” answered Mary.



When all the cyber land goes down there will never be days of darkness for those who live in the light of the Lord. We have a direct communication from our thoughts to him. From our hearts to him. From our voice to him. From our inner being to him. We have a super power in the Holy Spirit and a supernatural connection directly to the Lord.

Karen Wheaton Ministries | In Passionate Pursuit of Jesus

When I heard this “Meet me for a boat ride” video of Karen Wheaton, her words prompted me to open up my eyes a bit wider and see a part of me I had not thought needed any polishing.

For you see, there are times when I have gotten into the habit of saying, God knows what I’m going through, God know’s what I need, God Knows what is bothering me…. and a host of God sees and knows phrases that somehow because I’ve known that he knows and sees all things …that was going to be enough. Well, that is not enough.  God wants you to speak to him in prayer. He wants you to spend time with him. Hear what he has to say to you. And hear what you have to say to him. Not just that you know he knows.

Karen Wheaton has a magnificent way of sharing simple truths so they click. I hope you enjoy this video of hers.

The Cry of Faith.

The sound of your voice crying out to the Lord is your sound of faith and the Lord responds to the sound of the faith in your voice!

Mark 6:34 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things.

Psalm 18:3-6

3 I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.

4 The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.

5 The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me.

6 In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

The works and the word of God – The King Jesus

Psalms 19:3  There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.

Psalm 20: 5-6  We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfil all thy petitions.

6 Now know I that the Lord saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand.

Quite simply, when you cry out to the Lord…cry out with conviction and faith! When you feel the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s presence, dwell in it. Listen and speak to him. When he is done and it is time to go…you will know it. When he makes a surprise appearance…don’t miss it.

Keep praying even in the darkest hour…through every storm.


Undercover Human Trafficking Operation Results In Six Arrests – Tennessee

Who’s party affiliation do these chums resemble? Not the type you see at a Trump Rally, that’s for sure!

In Sweetwater, Tennessee, undercover special agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Human Trafficking Unit led an undercover operation leading to the arrest of six men seeking illicit sex from minors.

Over a two-day period beginning May 26th, as part of an undercover investigation aimed at addressed human trafficking in the region, authorities placed several decoy advertisements known to be linked to prostitution and commercial sex cases. As a result of the operation, authorities arrested the following men and booked them into the Monroe County Jail.

  • Matthew Jason Cohen, DOB: 6-14-1978, Maryville: Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act
  • Steven Lawrence Kobylski, DOB: 09-07-1987, Decatur: Soliciting Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
  • James Stephen Stinnett, DOB: 03-27-1984, Madisonville: Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act
  • Anthony Cornelius Baylis, DOB: 11-23-1983, Harriman: Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act
  • Joshua James Thomas, DOB: 3-31-1989, Tellico Plains: Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act
  • Pedro Juan Berenguer Torres, DOB: 11-30-1970, Powell: Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act

Read full report here:


Human trafficking is a widespread issue: Here's how you stay safe - The  Daily Gamecock at University of South Carolina

BUYERS AND SELLERS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKED SEX SLAVES walk among us seeking who they can devour for their own pleasures. Every city and every town has a fair share of such while Biden’s open borders is wide open to welcome a fresh supply of trafficked parcels.

Want to save the children? How child sexual abuse and human trafficking  really work

A common misconception about human trafficking is that it does not happen in the United States. This is false, as the United States is ranked as one of the worst countries globally for human trafficking. It is estimated that 199,000 incidents occur within the United States every year.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline has one of the most extensive data sets on human trafficking in the United States collected through phone calls, texts, online chats, emails, and online tips received by the Hotline. While this information is some of the most comprehensive available, the data does not define the totality of human trafficking. The number of cases presented is only the cases that are reported.

Mom discovers missing daughter is alive after trafficker uploads images to  PornHub and Snapchat | The Bridgehead

The Human Trafficking Hotline serves victims and survivors of human trafficking across the United States. The Hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and in more than 200 languages. The confidential Hotline helps any person of any age, religion, race, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. To contact the Hotline to report a tip, seek services, or ask for help, dial 1-888-373-7888. Hearing and speech-impaired individuals should dial 711. You can also send an SMS text to 233-733 or start a live chat on their website.

In 2019, the United States had 11,500 human trafficking cases reported. The most common type of trafficking was sex trafficking (8,248 reports), with the most common venues being illicit massage/spa businesses and pornography.

2019 Rural Human Trafficking Summit | Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health

States with the Highest Human Trafficking Numbers

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of human trafficking:

  1. Nevada (7.50 per 100k)
  2. Mississippi (4.99 per 100k)
  3. Florida (4.08 per 100k)
  4. Georgia (3.85 per 100k)
  5. Ohio (3.84 per 100k)
  6. Delaware (3.84 per 100k)
  7. California (3.80 per 100k)
  8. Missouri (3.78 per 100k)
  9. Michigan (3.64 per 100k)
  10. Texas (3.63 per 100k)

REMEMBER THESE ARE ONLY THE REPORTED CASES. Human trafficking and exploitation happens every minute of the day. These plus the unreported numbers are the real viral epidemic…this VIRUS NEEDS EXTERMINATED and there needs to be an all out big JAB to take this out! Human Trafficking Statistics By State 2021 (



Fauci’s Number Is Up – Busted! Now What’s In Store For His Accomplices…

Isn't it just theater?': Rand Paul grills Anthony Fauci over continued mask  use among vaccinated | News 4 Buffalo

Rand Paul says he has exposed the truth about Dr. Fauci. First he funded the Wuhan lab that potentially created the COVID-18 virus. Then he lied to our faces, repeatedly, while he profited from the pandemic.

And this was met with retaliation. “They want me silenced FOR GOOD”, he says. “Just this week they sent an envelope with white powder to my house to terrorize my family. Reporters and celebrities are calling for violence against me. All for daring to question the status quo! This is beyond frightening, but I will not be intimidated.”

That is our message to stand and not be frightened or intimidated. As hard as that can be, we have the Lord within and the Holy Spirit guiding us…talk about SUPER POWERS!!!  Remember greater is he who is IN YOU than he who is in the world!

Fact-Check of US Confirming COVID is Man-Made | US Department of State Fact  Sheet Misrepresented to Claim 'COVID-19 Was Lab-Made'

Rand Paul said, “I will not stop fighting for the truth and exposing the corruption of these elitist bureaucrats who want to take away your freedom and profit from the pain they cause. Dr. Fauci will have to answer for the damage he’s done to this nation. Our government will have to be held responsible for their failures.”

I will add to this, all who are responsible will be held responsible for God is turning over filthy tables and searching every dark room!  Nothing shall be hidden that will not be exposed!”

Luke 8:17-18 (KJV) “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any- thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.”

Microbiological Analysis - EUROLAB
The question is…was it released to cover up the bigger story that the 5G Rollout was a huge oxygen zapping death wave that killed the real people who died of the so called COVID? Or was it the bioweapon… or both?

There is this little fact….I have said this from the start – it appeared to be 5G rollout and radiation! See early articles from last year!!

corona discharge is an electrical discharge brought
on by the ionization of a fluid such as air surrounding a conductor that is electrically charged.[1]

Much more significantly, there are also unseen (but detectable) coronas that are produced in lower voltage systems.  Some of the more common examples that follow, when viewed in the aggregate, represent the invisible sea of electropollution that every human being is immersed in from cradle to grave:

(i) widespread ambient electropollution indoors,
(ii) signal ranges of electromagnetic frequencies necessary for 3G and 4G networks (e.g. cell towers),
(iii) high-level radio-frequencies and microwave radiation emitted by 5G power grids (e.g. microwave towers),
(iv) stray voltage from both transmission lines and overhead power lines,
(v) generation and conveyance of energy from nuclear, coal-fired and hydroelectric power plants,
(vi) electrical substation and transformers.

YouTube Has Been Cracking Down On Coronavirus Hoaxes, But They Are Still  Going Viral

Because every resident of Earth is exposed to all of these types of EMFs and EMR to varying degrees, each individual will develop some level of electrosensitivity over the course of their lifetime.  Some unfortunate folks will even experience full-blown Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.

Once the city of Wuhan, China was established as an official 5G Demonstration Zone, all of the residents became exposed to the highest levels of radio-frequencies and microwaves necessary to activate a fully operational 5G network.  Not only that, Wuhan was also being set up to be a model Smart City as it was undergoing an accelerated urban build-out of the Internet of Things.  In point of fact, their exposure to all sorts of electrical coronas were reaching unprecedented levels, but it was the 5G activation that really set them ‘aglow’.

Corona = Radiation

Then we have this informative article-


by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu

There’s no way the intelligence communities from at least 4-5 countries didn’t know of this. Not acting on it is participating in it.

Click link to read all the Fauci document files: LEOPOLD NIH FOIA Anthony Fauci Emails – DocumentCloud


So You Won't Take Down Lies?”: AOC Blasts Mark Zuckerberg in Testy House  Hearing | Vanity Fair
I swear he looks like he was already turned into a Cyborg or some empty possessed vessel of mind control.

Fear not and call out the liars! The TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

There are ways to get the radiation out of the body. Take brown seaweed, Spirulina (blue green algae), ground flax seeds, are a few good things to add to your diet. These absorb the minute structure of radiation and engulfs it and carries it out of the body.

See the source image

With all the electromagnetic fields we are exposed to daily…we should all be taking these in our diet daily!

Stay Strong and Fear Not! Press Forward With The Lord God At The Helm Into The Kingdom!



The present spiritual war is the same warfare of the mind that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Paradise. The evil spirit of Satan entered in and started to lie. Eve reasoned that the Lord God said of all the trees we can eat, “But of the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Genesis 2:17 KJV.

Learning from the Temptation of Eve | Answers in Genesis

The sly serpent so sincerely looked at her and said … you shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. And then, I’m sure he added a few more lies on top of that and Eve listened to the liar and disobeyed God. Then she gave to Adam and he followed along and did the same just like her. Now what a mess the outcome of that disobedience did. They even knew that God said the outcome was death…and they did it anyway. And who’d they blame? Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the Serpent.

Both had free will to choose… and now we see the nature of the “good and evil” knowlege was to blame others for your own actions. And why not? If the Serpent hadn’t lied to them, then they would not have done it. Right? Or did that just bury them deeper? Whether they ate it out of curiosity to see if they would be as gods knowing good and evil or because they always wondered what it would taste like, or because the Serpent just deceived them, they disobeyed God’s one command that had a death sentence attached to it.

What if they went to God first and asked him….saying, “The serpent has entered the Garden and he said that we won’t die if we eat of it? Is he telling us a lie? Or is he telling us the truth? I wonder what God would have said to them? I imagine the mere act of questioning him on whether he was telling the truth or the Serpent would be enough for some strong correcting…but what if Eve had just told the Serpent, be gone with you. I will not disobey my Lord God. And what if Adam said to Eve…I will not disobey my Lord God? Then, the Serpent would have failed.

As it was in the Days of Noah – Clothed With Power Ministries

This scenario is much like the one we are living today only we have liars coming at us from all directions like in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. Our nature of free will is we are all responsible for our own decisions. The very same warfare is being played on our minds tempting us with all manner of lies left and right 24/7 and we are no different in nature but to look for some one or thing to blame for our poor decisions.

Now, if the Serpent entered the garden and he plucked a fruit and shoved it in Eves mouth and made her chew it and swallow it…then she could justifiably tell the Lord God…the Serpent forced it upon me. But, she could not, and neither could Adam.

So let’s fast forward to 2021. We are all responsible for what we choose to do. The Lord has fulfilled his promise to return and give his life for all who have sinned. He was crucified, descended into hell and conquered death and arose to tell that he had risen. He ascended to His Father, the Almighty God and was seated on his right side. Together they sent the gift of the Holy Spirit to reside in all who believe upon the Lord to guide, teach, comfort, and protect them for all their days and to have life eternal.

What does it mean that he who endures to the end will be saved (Matthew  24:13)? |

Meanwhile, we have the devil waging war throughout the earth telling us we now shall all die and we are nothing and there is no savior, there is no returning Christ so eat, drink and be merry. The same set of lies only more enhanced and more wicked. We are living in wickedness not just the evils of the serpent in the garden, but add in the evils of the days of Noah and top it off with the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah…and a bit of 2021 space based technology and we find we are in a total chaotic world whose sins have reached into the heavens and unless the Lord intervene to shorten these days… there shall be none saved.

Bible answers 13 - Our Lord's Great Prophecy

We can see the devil shouting, “It’s my world and after this there is nothing, so sign your soul over to me and I will make sure you have fame, wealth, and power to enjoy your one time around.” Or whatever lie he is conjuring that will specifically tempt you.

Maybe the wicked one is just keeping you blind and luring you to follow along with nothing more than a promise of being happy owning nothing…that does seem to be the new pitch the satans are throwing around. Mask up, take a toxic jab and fall in line.

The Holy Spirit within us is like having a super power. We must ask the Lord to show us how to use it. For we have for the most part been told the only ones who had the power to use it for miracles were the twelve apostles and those days have passed. WHAT A LIAR AND GREAT DECEIVER THE DEVIL HAS BEEN! The Lord said, he would not leave us as orphans, and he would send the Holy Spirit to comfort us.

John 14:15-21

15“If you love Me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever— the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. “A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also. At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

Acts1:4 -8

And being assembled together with them, He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, “which,” He said, “you have heard from Me; for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Therefore, when they had come together, they asked Him, saying, “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

When we learn how to wield the full power of the Holy Spirit ….imagine how our lives will change and the Kingdom of God will appear through us so gloriously. For the Lord said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” Luke 17:6



Where We Are Is Where We Need To Be? Where We Go From Here Is Where We Choose?

These are two questions and very valid ones. Why are we here now…and where do we go from here? Pray for discernment and TRUTH. Both are of the same and the Holy Spirit walks you into both….for we must discern first and then we see the truth. Truth always prevails and it is pure. Lies are not of God and they fall like dominoes when pushed against… push and press forward in truth!




QAnon followers think Trump will be back in the White House by March

Trump is telling people he thinks he’ll be ‘reinstated’ as president in August, according to a report by the New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. She tweeted  this on Tuesday June 1st!Trump is telling people he thinks he’ll be ‘reinstated’ as president in August, according to a report (

Sidney Powell On Possible Overturning Of 2020 Election Results: 'President  Trump Should Be Moved Back In' : US : Christianity Daily

The latest propaganda against Sidney Powell is that she showed up at a QAnon conference in a biker vest and falsely claimed Trump could be ‘reinstated’ as president. And they (the fake news) wonder why no one believes their false reports? Fake news supports the stolen election making them participants in the overthrow of the election of the President of the United States and election fraud with no shame at all. Or is it a “we must win the propaganda war or we all go down” sort of coup banding?

Either way, it is time to press forward and expose all the lies. Never let up and never stop!

Echoing QAnon forums, Michael Flynn appears to suggest a Myanmar-style coup  should happen in the United States – Daily News

The lockstep folks are watching and they have to be shaking and cringing as the voice of “WE THE PEOPLE” GROWS STRONGER, LOUDER AND DROWNS OUT THE FAKE MEDIA!

In spite of all the censoring…FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS are PRESSING FORWARD! They will not sit down and shut up! They will not be silenced by fake media censoring…if they need to …they will go door to door! They are a strong stubborn bunch and they all love freedom. Who’da thought?

Ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell accused of raiding nonprofit charity she set  up to contest election | Daily Mail Online




In the war on our minds, many have forgotten, or at least not kept in the forefront of the propaganda war that the nature of this COVID battle is the preplanned events the think tank placed in motion via their Lockstep Program. The key word here is “PROGRAM”. Mind washing programs to establish a global world RESET.

The plans were always to control all of us, and this is not of God. This evil plan is stripped of all free will and the end the devil and his minions have for us is not a good one. President Trump was never supposed to be elected. This was supposed to go into affect with no problems…now they have a BIG PROBLEM. We are awake, our mission is to come out of her my people and expose the evil plans and press forward into God’s will and not the will of man for us.

LOCKSTEP PDF – Rockefeller Foundation.pdf (

Pressing into the kingdom that is within us is our only option. There is no going back for evil plans are in motion and the only way to be victorious over such evil is to put on the whole armor of God with the Lord at the Helm! Remember always that “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.”

2010: Rockefeller’s ‘Operation Lockstep’ Predicted 2020 ‘Lockdown’ | Principia Scientific Intl. (





In February 2021, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. and a number of his colleagues warned the European Medicines Agency about the potential danger of blood clots and cerebral vein thrombosis in millions of people receiving experimental gene-based injections. He shares vaccines that have been suspended or recalled for the dangers of clotting and how it affects the veins in the brain to create a host of symptoms and illness. Professor Bhakdi explains the science behind the problem, and why in the long term we may be creating dangerously overactive immune systems in billions of unknowing people and what that means.

Professor Bhakdi referred to the analysis of control group trials of vaccine recipients as bull “sh__ _.” Severe side affects including severe bleeding and deaths are too many, especially since these were given to healthy people and many will never regain their good health again due to injecting the gene into the body.

The immune system is being trained to do something it can do better on its’ own. Professor Bhakdi stated, “This is so foolish it hurts.” He explains how the mRNA works, including spiked proteins, and genes for the spike itself along with how and what it does to the body.

Trust in the Lord and he shall lead you safely. Amen.



Sidney Powell is one amazing person with a history of winning…many people saw her as bigger than life super hero and she definitely lives up to all of it. Yet, Sidney’s story is one of “ORIGINALLY, LONG AGO, ONE PERSON”….it has been her faith in God and the Holy Spirit leading her to do what is right from her heart, lifting it up and out to all. Her lifetime of being “one person” has led her to do great things.

Dominion demands that Sidney Powell retract 'baseless and false  allegations' about voting machines. - The New York Times

We are each being asked to be “ONE PERSON” to go forth and do what we are able to do and to begin to make a difference. We each have had our own lifetimes (up to this very moment) of being one person making a difference in other peoples lives. We can all do our best to move forward and make a difference now. So many were waiting, wondering when they should begin to do something. Why? Because it is always fearful to boldly step out and speak the truth when there are people ready to destroy you for doing so.

Free Speech | American Center for Law and Justice

Social media has successfully silenced many and continue to falsely fact check all truth, censor, block, and boot those who will not comply. Why? They are afraid of just ONE PERSON influencing ONE MORE PERSON with THE TRUTH!

President Trump is one man. Look at the difference he made! Lin Wood is one man, look at the fires he stirred in the Cabal and the difference he made! General Flynn is one man, he was pulled through the mire, the wringer, slapped into prison falsely…but he never surrendered and he is now fighting for his nation and shouting for others to see their power of one man and one woman moving in the right direction with truth! Sidney Powell, one dynamic woman…now let’s add your names to the power of JUST ONE PERSON!

When we each stand up and say…I am just one person but I have been given the power to make my voice heard. I am just one person and my lifetime of overcoming has prepared me for this day! When we all stand up and step forward…with truth…God will open doors wide! The truth shall prevail and the falsehoods of the darkside can not stand in the light of the truth!

I recently had a discussion with a family member and was sharing Sidney Powell’s information on the lawsuits and the rights we have to decline the jab, etc.. The family member said, “I wish someone would have told us how to do this a long time ago when it started.” My answer was quick and it was truth. I boldly said, “They did. From the very start! Few did what they were asked to do. That was reporting unjust mandates by Mayors and Governors. Standing up for your constitutional rights.” That got me more arguments and I reminded the family member….”Do you remember April 2020 when my daughter was closed down…indefinitely because she was a gym owner? What did we do?”

There was a pause. I continued, “She contacted an attorney. I put the info together presenting the case and forwarded it on to the attorney. The suit was filed against the state and personally to the Governor for enforcing the mandates, and to the city and the Mayor. This was told us to do by Barr and Trump. We did and it was set in motion. Next the masks were forced on everyone and she organized people to go to the City Council meeting to voice their truth. They did and none of them had ever done such a thing before. It was new, but they did it. It made the news and people, one by one got to speak their truth at the council meeting.

Coronavirus: Fort Myers votes down masks requirement

The city council cut everyone short because they didn’t want anyone to speak too much, but they said it was because there were so many. They were squirming because it was at this meeting that they were to vote on a mandate and there were over a hundred outside with one voice each. They tabled the vote and closed the meeting early, pushing the discussion and vote out, to be continued in two weeks because they no longer had the votes. (“It appears they thought in two weeks people will calm down and they could pass their mandate).

What are essential businesses vs. non-essential businesses? |

But, in two weeks the crowd that came was even larger than the one before. They did not have the votes to force the mask mandate. Why? The power of one person and then the power of one more person, and one more…and so on, spoke up! They moved together as one voice. Like they were told to do. Businesses began opening whether the city wanted them to or not because the state had lifted their non essential mandates. The governor back peddeled and said he was never for the mandates and opened up the state.” That governor was Ron Desantis of Florida. The family member had nothing more to say.

So never under estimate the power of one person moving forward. These people didn’t go home and rest on their laurals. They are still pressing forward. Now, they are pressing for their children against a corrupt political school system. The only thing to do is to keep going forward and keep pressing. Never let up and never surrender.

Despite Outbreak, South Dakota Governor Hesitant To Issue Stay-At-Home  Order | WAMU

Remember South Dakota? Governor Kristi Noem never closed down their businesses. President Trump left it up to the Governors whether they would close or not according to the constitution. She stayed open. Some states became tryannical. Some still are.

The point is…some people didn’t listen to the truth and instead they fell in line with the liars and the fake news fear. The same thing is taking place right now with mandates, and toxic jabs. The time for one to take off the blinders, then another, and another….and the power of one with the voice of truth is thundering across the land and it is getting louder and louder!




Good grief, fake news really believes We The People are as dumb as the people they hire to crisis act and vote four times!

Headlines like, “Trump’s Ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Calls For Myanmar-Type Coup In U.S.” with opening lies like… “It should happen,” Flynn declared of the violent, deadly military coup at a wild QAnon conference in Dallas for “patriots.” (I am purposely not adding a link because it has been fact checked by Marshall Report Fact Checkers to be false information and pure horse droppings, full of big lies.)

These are lies, and The “For God and Country Patriot Roundup”…was not a WILD QANON CONFERENCE IN DALLAS FOR “PATRIOTS”.

Call out the liars ….if we fact checked them all….no one would get to do anything else!

General Flynn did not call for a coup! He answered a question as to why we can’t call a stolen election out like they did in Myramar. But, fake news took this and made it a full blown propaganda piece!

GENERAL FLYNN CALLED FOR LOCAL IMPACT ON LOCAL ISSUES AT CITY COUNCILS AND LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS. Now that is a far cry from a coup to overthrow a nation. He called for citizens to get active with their local school boards to protect their children from unhealthy and unconstitutional mandates regarding their children and their own lives!

His speech was to find your potential and maximize your potential! But TRUTH scares the liars to pieces! It also scares the devil for when people call on the Lord and move forward with faith…mountains move and giants fall!

Keep going forward and let your truth voice be heard!!!!!



General Flynn said he is done worring about and talking about politicians in DC. It’s time to get involved in our local elections and school board hearings!!!



I know what I have to say and he doesn’t want to hear it. TRUTH is …this guy and any and all of his go fund me raisers have to be sending these stupid emails out just to be irritating Trump Supporters and people who want their Republic back without PENCE RYAN TREASONOUS TRAITORS. If Pence’s double is still even around? What ever these people are or are not…they are definitely not on a list to be elected unless Dominion gets another crack at it…which in that case, we will have become CCP.


The fly on Mike Pence's head won the VP debate: All the best memes – Film  Daily


Memes & Tweets About Lady Gaga & Mike Pence's Inauguration Interaction
PENCE mesmerized by Goddess of Love, Lady GaGa at the Hunger Games Ceremony Jan. 20, 2021.
Mike Pence's Head Fly Action Figure - Meme - Shut Up And Take My Money
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Once again, every now and then you find a stand alone post that needs to be shared. This is such a post by Kanekoa the Great. Please Enjoy. You can find him on Telegram and Gab.

Imagine you worked your way up the corporate ladder to become the CEO of the world’s largest cyber security company. You’ve gone from making a few hundred thousand a year to a few million a year.

Now, the CEO of the world’s second largest cyber security company, is a very savvy businessman, and he sees an opportunity. He decides to offer your son $1.5 billion and a private equity fund. This makes you, your son, and your entire family wealthy beyond your wildest dreams far eclipsing your salary as CEO.

Fast forward and your company suffers a massive cyber attack – a virus shuts down your entire network. Your company is forced to close down for months and millions of employees lose their jobs.

Now, the only credible evidence implicates the world’s second largest cyber security company as the culprit of the attack. The board of directors, the executives, and the employees all pressure you to investigate the other company.

So, you give the CEO a call. He reminds you that he gave your family $1.5 billion. He made you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Then he reminds you that he kept all of the receipts, the emails, the phone calls, including evidence of you, your son, and your families’ illegal activities.

Right before he hangs up, he says, “Joe, if you thought that video of Hunter getting a footjob while smoking crack cocaine was bad, just wait till you see what I got. I got everything, Joe.”

Then you hang up the phone and you remember that you have dementia and your name is Joe Biden. And, you just got installed as POTUS in a rigged election. Then you laugh at the idea of investigating the Wuhan Lab knowing you already sold your soul, your family, and your country to the Chinese Communist Party.

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Democrats going full-on Mao for China Comrade Joe Biden

Stay Strong!



Our Lady of the Lake (@ololhealth) | Twitter

It is sad that so many have been mind washed into believing a lie told over and over. Even sader that those who don’t want to make quote “History” with them have to fight tooth and nail to protect themselves from the illegally forced mandates.


And then… a short time later…


Remember, JUST SAY…




May 31, 2021

Memorial Day Message
Dear Patriots:Our freedom, in this marvelous country, is not free. It is not easy. It is not without risks. Sometimes we are called to pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.On this Memorial Day, we remember the massive sacrifices, over our nearly 245 years, of men and women who have given their very lives to protect our freedom. We remember too, the great loss and sorrow of those they left behind.Yes, we remember it all. We appreciate all of the selfless acts of courage in the most difficult times for our country.That is why we fight so hard now. We are fighting to preserve this county as founded. It is not a war in a traditional sense but it is nonetheless a pitched battle for survival. 

To lose this war now, would be to tarnish and diminish the sacrifices of our forefathers. Our team is committed to fight to save our country. We are actively doing this on many fronts.  And we have just begun to fight. Thank you for joining us. Thank you fighting along with us.  You provide the motivation, the reason, and the help to keep going.Enjoy your day with family and friends. Enjoy the first of summer.  We ask that you remember and pray for our country, which is at war.God Bless America,Sidney and Team Kraken at Defending The Republic 
ALERT:As you drive around our beautiful country this week be sure to look for our billboards!Defending the Republic purchased a national billboard campaign, however, 90% of the billboard companies refused to do business with us for various reasons including that our sign was too politically divisive or politically negative.  This is a major breach of freedom of speech.Nonetheless, 171 billboards have allowed us to pay them for our message.  

The sign will read:Right to Refuse the Jab you see one, take a photo and send it to Sidney!

While we are not anti-vaccination, we are against FORCED vaccination by the governments, companies, colleges and public school systems for a virus that is 99% recoverable.

We are working on several cases regarding this issue now. As always, we will keep you posted.For more information on the Covid vaccine issue visit our website:

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As we continue to throttle through the swamp mire, it appears our boots fill up quickly. The muck is thick making our legs tired as we lift each one up making our way through. The foggy goo globs up our vision and muffles many sounds we need to hear.

Many find themselves listening to people sounding off negative doom and gloom scenarios, comparing those to positive people pressing forward with hope and prayer. Who is going in the right direction and who is heading off the cliff? Discernment is available for all who believe in the Lord and ask for wisdom to see. The Holy Spirit will over ride all the corrupt input when you sincerely ask for help. You will feel it within your gut.

You will know whether the words are false or whether they are true. Watch all things, for the clues we see help to assure discernment…and even in the illussions we are being fed…we will be nudged from within…no…or yes. Stay still, or move forward. Wait upon the Lord, or time to march forward. The more you pray and listen, the sharper this communication becomes.

Know this…most of the insane communications fake news shows of the fake president and the fake administration are done in order to make you mad at the insanity they display. Do not buy into the Clown Show they are presenting. Anxiety does nothing good for our health and peace of mind.

The Power of Attending City Council Meetings | Real Property Management  Solutions

Instead, we need to do what we can right where we are. If you are a mother and you need to stand up for your children’s rights, then call other mothers and one by one collectively, organize letters, petitions and gatherings to City Council meetings and School Board meetings. Everything happens first at the City Council level. Your mayor and council members need to hear your voice in large numbers. A handful of upset parents, does little. There is power in numbers. Even ten will become twenty and soon you will have 50, 100 and more.

Legally there are ways to show your presence and demand an end to insane, unconstitutional mandates and decisions. Remember, just because a group of elected political yahoo’s passed a mandate does not make it legal.

For example today’s article in the Epoch Times:

117 Employees File Lawsuit Against Texas Hospital for Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine

By  JACK PHILLIPS May 30, 2021 Updated: May 30, 2021biggersmallerPrint

More than 100 employees at Houston Methodist Hospital filed a lawsuit against their employer for requiring all staff members to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep their jobs.

Saying the COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and they don’t want to be “guinea pigs,” the 117 employees argued in court that it’s unlawful for their employers to require them to take the shots.

“Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” their lawsuit (pdf) states. They wrote that the hospital’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families.”

Another excerpt from the article states, “The lawsuit was filed by Jared Woodfill, a Houston-area attorney, who told ABC News that the Houston Methodist mandate violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947, written after the fall of the Nazi regime in Germany.

“To promote its business and increase profits at the expense of other health care providers and their employees’ health, defendants advertise to the public that they ‘require all employees and employed physicians to get a COVID-19 vaccine.’ More clearly, defendants’ employees are being forced to serve as human ‘guinea pigs’ to increase defendants’ profits,” Woodfill said, adding that it is a “severe and blatant” violation of Texas law and the Nuremberg Code—a set of research ethics principles relating to human experimentation.”

Read full article:

Employers do not have the right to force vaccines that are not FDA Approved. Period!

Houston Lawsuit Video:

Jennifer Bridges is Leading the Fight Against Mandatory Vaccines in Texas. She Also Happens to Be a Nurse.

Last month, Houston Methodist became the first hospital in the nation to require that all of its employees get vaccinated. Those who are unable to provide proof of vaccination by June 7 will be suspended without pay for two weeks, according to the company’s new HR policy; and those who haven’t been vaccinated by the end of their suspension will be subject to the “employment termination process.” To date, 98 percent of the 26,000 employees have gotten the jab. Bridges is refusing. 

Read Full Story Here: She Leads the Fight Against Mandatory Vaccines in Texas. She Also Happens to Be a Nurse. (


School districts and cities can be sued for the same mandates, including forced masks on your children! Especially when it compromises the respiratory system and a host of other issues that create ill health. It is time to be a voice and be heard! Law suits make a big difference!

Hundreds gather to protest Harris County face mask order


Read more here: Lawsuits against mask ordinances filed across the country (



Holy Spirit Prayers | Holy spirit prayer, Spiritual prayers, Come holy  spirit prayer


Who Dare Says He Believes In God?

Many already know who Jordan B. Peterson is. For those who don’t, he can be controversial. Yet, the points he brings to light for all who believe in God are valid. He provokes thought that leads to deeper understanding of the way Christians are to go.  The Bible is clear than no man is good, but God only – “Luke 18:19 19 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.”  Jordon makes this point as sly as the devil himself, yet, as he does so, there is a humility about him that makes one pause and wonder.

I find his lectures and interviews very intriguing and with all that is taking place in the world, it seemed like a good time to listen to the man and see what we can glean from his own experiences and views on the spiritual warfare battles we are waging with darkness. His views are such that it provokes one to pause and go deeper into ones own individual purpose during  this chaos we are all experiencing.

Jordan B. Peterson, “I have been asked many times by many people if I believe in God. I don’t like this question. I generally respond by stating that I act as if God exists, but that’s not sufficiently true. Who could do that? Who could conduct themselves with the moral exactitude and care necessary of someone who would dare to make that claim? Either claim? In any case, after being asked the question yet again, when I was in Australia, I decided to attempt to answer it in some detail.

Peterson  made a new playlist for his perspective on “Who Dare Says He Believes In God”, entitled On His Belief in God. The three videos below make up the playlist in his three part series.  Please enjoy the complex, and profound introspective of Jordan B. Peterson as he expresses his heart felt  observations of the journey humanity is on in this world filled with the forces of darkness and light.

Spiritual Warfare experienced and explained.

“The idea of belief in God is of extreme importance. I hope that these lectures and interviews add to everyone’s understanding of my position and why I hold it.” Jordan B. Peterson.

Who Dare Says He Believes In God?
And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God. (Mark 10:18

Jordan B. Peterson, “This lecture, one of the 12 Rules for Life tour talks, was delivered in Sydney Feb 26, 2019, at the International Convention Centre.”

Matthew 7:21, KJV : Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Jordan Peterson launched an anti-censorship site Thinkspot.

Thinkspot is an online social networking service started by Jordan Peterson following the banning of several content producers from the membership platform Patreon. Peterson and Dave Rubin conceived of the site together as a platform centered on free speech. Currently in public beta release.

Find out more about how Thinkspot was organized and the back story that motivated Peterson to build the censoring NOT ALLOWED site for free speech.

What Is the “Real Deal” at Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot?

07/06/2020 By Adam Wasserman

Bio: Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, and author of religio-philosophical literature. He began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative.

Born and raised in Alberta, Peterson obtained bachelor’s degrees in political science and psychology from the University of Alberta and a PhD in clinical psychology from McGill University. After teaching and research at Harvard University, he returned to Canada in 1998 to join the faculty of psychology at the University of Toronto. In 1999, he published his first book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, which became the basis for many of his subsequent lectures. The book combined information from psychology, mythology, religion, literature, philosophy, and neuroscience to analyze systems of belief and meaning.

In 2016, Peterson released a series of YouTube videos criticizing the Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (Bill C-16), passed by the Parliament of Canada to introduce “gender identity and expression” as a prohibited grounds of discrimination. He argued that the bill would make the use of certain gender pronouns into compelled speech, and related this argument to a general critique of political correctness and identity politics. He subsequently received significant media coverage, attracting both support and criticism.

Peterson’s lectures and conversations—propagated especially through podcasts and YouTube—gradually gathered millions of views. He put his clinical practice and teaching duties on hold by 2018, when he published his second book, Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Promoted with a world tour, it became a bestseller in several countries. Throughout 2019 and 2020, Peterson’s work was obstructed by health problems in the aftermath of a severe benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome. In 2021, he published his third book, Beyond Order:  More Rules for Life, and returned to active podcasting.

Jordan Peterson claims he was 'suicidal and hooked on benzodiazepines' |  Daily Mail Online

How Jordan Peterson’s ‘Antidote to Chaos’ Saved His Own Life

Jordan Peterson prescribed, both for himself and his audience, a life of meaning and responsibility as an antidote to chaos and despair.

Monday, November 2, 2020




Once again DARPA’S Twitter has blocked another truth bearing voice. This time it is the inventor…yes the INVENTOR of the technology the RESET Cabal is using to VAX JAB people to become whatever it is they want them to become…or it could be simply depopulate. Luigi Warren posted that the fact people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines will and do shed spiked proteins, but he assured that the amounts are miniscule and almost certainly can not cause disease abd malaise in others. But the fear factor is what the cabal is wanting and so…he was punished for telling his truth.

Read about Luigi Warren’s his breakthrough here: Does Moderna Therapeutics Have the Next Big Thing in Medicine? (


The truth shall be exposed and all of the evil ones who have maimed, instilled fear, killed others and shut down the world economies causing much despair, anguish and needless pain world wide shall reap justice poured out, pressed down and running over.

Never surrender!



WE THE PEOPLE do not despair, for God has a plan in motion and his ways are not man’s ways.

We salute our Military and all who fought for freedom to keep America Free!

PRESIDENT TRUMP KNEW THEN, AND HE HAD A PLAN. We may not know it fully or understand it, but in the end we shall all rejoice for it was brilliant and had to be this way in order to wake up and end the EVIL IN THE RESET and TAKE DOWN BABYLON THE GREAT!


Jeremiah 29:11-29 King James Version (KJV)

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.

13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

14 And I will be found of you, saith the Lord: and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you from all the nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you, saith the Lord; and I will bring you again into the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.




Watch and listen to all your favorite Patriots and hear what they have to say about PRESSING FORWARD in America to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

Patriot Roundup for God and Country!

At 1.02 in Sidney Powell….but you will want to watch all of the speakers!
Trump fans find fellowship at 3-day Dallas conference to talk God, country  and patriotism
Donald Trump is the voice of 80 million Americans. Their voice MUST be heard.
The ignorance in D.C. is nothing but pure display of incompetence and fear.
He will return stronger than ever, mark these words.
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Audits, Vax Jabs,and COVID Antibodies What They Won’t Tell You!


A 15-year-old receives a COVID-19 vaccine at a mobile vaccination clinic at the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA in Los Angeles on May 14, 2021. (Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images)

Over 10,000 COVID-19 Infections Recorded in Americans Who Received a Vaccine: CDC

“160 patients were reported deadBY ZACHARY STIEBER May 26, 2021 Updated: May 26, 2021

“More than 10,000 COVID-19 infections among people who are fully vaccinated against the disease have been reported to a U.S. health agency by states.

“Through April 30, 10,262 so-called breakthrough infections were reported from 46 U.S. states and territories to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Breakthrough cases refer to cases appearing two or more weeks after a person’s final shot. That’s primarily the second Pfizer or Moderna dose, but can be the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“Of the cases, more than six in 10 occurred in females, with the median patient age being 58, according to a new report from the CDC, which stopped counting breakthrough infections as of May 1, except for those that cause hospitalization or death.

“Approximately 10 percent of the patients required hospital care, and 160, or about 1.5 percent, died.

“Data indicate that about three in 10 hospitalized patients were admitted for a reason unrelated to COVID-19 or with no symptoms.

Read full report here: Over 10,000 COVID-19 Infections Recorded in Americans Who Received a Vaccine: CDC (

What’s going on in our elections? Why do we need audits?

Here is the PDF of the full resignation letter of Philip Stark, PHD, creator of the Risk Limiting Audit: vv-resign-19.pdf (

Mild coronavirus infection leaves behind lasting antibody protection, research suggests-

The team is currently studying whether COVID-19 vaccines also induce long-lived antibody-producing cellsBy Alexandria Hein | Fox News

“Even a mild case of coronavirus could leave people with lifelong protection against the virus, a new study suggests, with researchers calling previous reports that immunity was not long-lived following infection “a misinterpretation of the data.” 

“In the study, conducted by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and published May 24 in the journal Nature, researchers took bone marrow samples from 18 out of 77 participants who were already signed up to give blood samples at three-month intervals starting about a month after initial infection. The bone marrow samples were taken between seven and eight months after initial COVID infection. Five of the 18 participants then gave second bone marrow samples four months later. 

“The team compared those samples with bone marrow taken from 11 people who had never been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

“While antibody levels in the blood of people who had previous infections did drop quickly in the first few months before mostly leveling off, some antibodies were detectable even 11 months after infection. Researchers also found antibody-producing cells specifically targeting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in 15 of the bone marrow samples. The cells were also found in all five of the follow-up samples given four months later. 

The researchers said the cells are “quiescent, just sitting in the bone marrow and secreting antibodies.” Read full article here: Mild coronavirus infection leaves behind lasting antibody protection, research suggests | Fox News

The facts are, jabs are not safe, they are not FDA Approved, no one can legally force you to take a vax jab and you do have legal recourse if you are denied work, and other constitutional rights.

The Fact is 99.5% of people who contact Covid 19 recover and build a strong defense in natural antibodies. Many people already have a strong immune defense and only suffer mild flu like symptoms upon contacting the COVID virus.

The fact is masks make no difference in keeping anyone safe from the virus and they do cause bacterial infection that leads to a list of physical medical issues. Including respiratory problems.

The fact is 6 foot distancing does not make anyone safe from any airborne toxins and is useless in defending against airborne pathogens. It is a control measure that serves no purpose for health.

The election was full of voter and election fraud and the audits are proving election tampering was even greater than originally known.

The fact is we have an illegal President and Vice President in the White House and there is reason to believe many elected Senate and Congress persons nationally as well as statewide have been elected by voter fraud means via mail in ballots.




We are still letting these not so experts tell us what we are going to do. We have been asking who makes this stuff up? I think I discovered the A Team for Covid decisions….Enjoy.

These videos may sound exactly like CNN and MSMBC, we are not responsible for any words that are exactly the same, it is merely a coincidence.

It all sounds like people are making things up as they go along.. mostly because they are? How could they do such a thing? Here’s a wild guess…maybe because we have allowed them to get away with it?

Which one is telling the truth? News in video above or news in video below? Can anyone tell who is telling the truth anymore or has it all simply become satire?

NEWS INTERPRETED (ABOVE) VERUSUS REAL FAKE NEWS (BELOW)…IT HAS BECOME DIFFICULT TO TELL IT ALL APART…..???? No one knows for sure what % even knows the difference.

The facts are…this IS NOT, NOR HAS IT EVER BEEN A PANDEMIC. This has all been a evil cabal plot to RESET THE ENTIRE WORLD AND HAND THE PEOPLE WHO SURVIVE OVER TO A NEW GLOBAL ORDER. NOW, in KNOWING THIS…how should we move forward?

We can watch the type of garbage above and try to find direction….or we can rely on the Holy spirit to guide us and show us what to do in a world gone mad. Amen.



The Holy Spirit Of The Lord…Here is Wisdom…

In these days of great Spiritual Warfare and strengthening to press into the Kingdom of God. It is with the power of the Holy Spirit that we shall be victorious. The Wisdom of Solomon is a good book to gain understanding of Wisdom which is the Holy Spirit of discipline. “For the Spirit of the Lord filleth the world: and that which containeth all things hath knowledge of the voice.” The Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 1, verse 7.

The Wisdom of Solomon was published in the original 1611 King James Bible. It remained a good book in the King James Version for 274 years until being removed in 1885 A.D. Now that we have exposed so many of the deceits that took place in that same generation…shall we look at these books with the eyes of hawks to see the things that the Cabal did NOT want you to see, to know, and to understand.

Audio of the full book of the Wisdom of Solomon. Below are Chapters 1, 2 and 6.

Wisdom of Solomon

Chapter 1

1Love righteousness, ye that be judges of the earth: think of the Lord with a good (heart,) and in simplicity of heart seek him.

2  For he will be found of them that tempt him not; and sheweth himself unto such as do not distrust him.

3 For froward thoughts separate from God: and his power, when it is tried, reproveth the unwise.

4 For into a malicious soul wisdom shall not enter; nor dwell in the body that is subject unto sin.

5 For the holy spirit of discipline will flee deceit, and remove from thoughts that are without understanding, and will not abide when unrighteousness cometh in.

6 For wisdom is a loving spirit; and will not acquit a blasphemer of his words: for God is witness of his reins, and a true beholder of his heart, and a hearer of his tongue.

7 For the Spirit of the Lord filleth the world: and that which containeth all things hath knowledge of the voice.

8 Therefore he that speaketh unrighteous things cannot be hid: neither shall vengeance, when it punisheth, pass by him.

9 For inquisition shall be made into the counsels of the ungodly: and the sound of his words shall come unto the Lord for the manifestation of his wicked deeds.

10 For the ear of jealousy heareth all things: and the noise of murmurings is not hid.

11 Therefore beware of murmuring, which is unprofitable; and refrain your tongue from backbiting: for there is no word so secret, that shall go for nought: and the mouth that belieth slayeth the soul.

12 Seek not death in the error of your life: and pull not upon yourselves destruction with the works of your hands.

13 For God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.

14 For he created all things, that they might have their being: and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth:

15 (For righteousness is immortal:)

16 But ungodly men with their works and words called it to them: for when they thought to have it their friend, they consumed to nought, and made a covenant with it, because they are worthy to take part with it.

Wisdom Of Solomon

Chapter 2

1 For the ungodly said, reasoning with themselves, but not aright, Our life is short and tedious, and in the death of a man there is no remedy: neither was there any man known to have returned from the grave.

2 For we are born at all adventure: and we shall be hereafter as though we had never been: for the breath in our nostrils is as smoke, and a little spark in the moving of our heart:

3 Which being extinguished, our body shall be turned into ashes, and our spirit shall vanish as the soft air,

4 And our name shall be forgotten in time, and no man shall have our works in remembrance, and our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, that is driven away with the beams of the sun, and overcome with the heat thereof.

5 For our time is a very shadow that passeth away; and after our end there is no returning: for it is fast sealed, so that no man cometh again.

6 Come on therefore, let us enjoy the good things that are present: and let us speedily use the creatures like as in youth.

7 Let us fill ourselves with costly wine and ointments: and let no flower of the spring pass by us:

8 Let us crown ourselves with rosebuds, before they be withered:

9 Let none of us go without his part of our voluptuousness: let us leave tokens of our joyfulness in every place: for this is our portion, and our lot is this.

10 Let us oppress the poor righteous man, let us not spare the widow, nor reverence the ancient gray hairs of the aged.

11 Let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble is found to be nothing worth.

12 Therefore let us lie in wait for the righteous; because he is not for our turn, and he is clean contrary to our doings: he upbraideth us with our offending the law, and objecteth to our infamy the transgressings of our education.

13 He professeth to have the knowledge of God: and he calleth himself the child of the Lord.

14 He was made to reprove our thoughts.

15 He is grievous unto us even to behold: for his life is not like other men’s, his ways are of another fashion.

16 We are esteemed of him as counterfeits: he abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness: he pronounceth the end of the just to be blessed, and maketh his boast that God is his father.

17 Let us see if his words be true: and let us prove what shall happen in the end of him.

18 For if the just man be the son of God, he will help him, and deliver him from the hand of his enemies.

19 Let us examine him with despitefulness and torture, that we may know his meekness, and prove his patience.

20 Let us condemn him with a shameful death: for by his own saying he shall be respected.

21 Such things they did imagine, and were deceived: for their own wickedness hath blinded them.

22 As for the mysteries of God, they knew them not: neither hoped they for the wages of righteousness, nor discerned a reward for blameless souls.

23 For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity.

24 Nevertheless through envy of the devil came death into the world: and they that do hold of his side do find it.

Wisdom of Solomon 2:23 KJV - For God created man to be immortal, and made  him to be an image of his own eternity.

Wisdom of Solomon

Chapter 6

1 Wisdom is better than strength, and a wise man is better than a strong man.

2 Hear therefore, ye kings, and understand: learn, ye that are judges of the ends of the earth.

3 Give ear, you that rule the people, and that please yourselves in multitudes of nations:

4 For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the most High, who will examine your works, and search out your thoughts:

5 Because being ministers of his kingdom, you have not judged rightly, nor kept the law of justice, nor walked according to the will of God.

6 Horribly and speedily will he appear to you: for a most severe judgment shall be for them that bear rule.

7 For to him that is little, mercy is granted: but the mighty shall be mightily tormented.

8 For God will not except any man’s person, neither will he stand in awe of any man’s greatness: for he made the little and the great, and he hath equally care of all.

9 But a greater punishment is ready for the more mighty.

10 To you, therefore, O kings, are these my words, that you may learn wisdom, and not fall from it.

11 For they that have kept just things justly, shall be justified: and they that have learned these things, shall find what to answer.

12 Covet ye therefore my words, and love them, and you shall have instruction.

13 Wisdom is glorious, and never fadeth away, and is easily seen by them that love her, and is found by them that seek her.

14 She preventeth them that covet her, so that she first sheweth herself unto them.

15 He that awaketh early to seek her, shall not labour: for he shall find her sitting at his door.

16 To think therefore upon her, is perfect understanding: and he that watcheth for her, shall quickly be secure.

17 For she goeth about seeking such as are worthy of her, and she sheweth herself to them cheerfully in the ways, and meeteth them with all providence.

18 For the beginning of her is the most true desire of discipline.

19 And the care of discipline is love: and love is the keeping of her laws: and the keeping of her laws is the firm foundation of incorruption:

20 And incorruption bringeth near to God.

21 Therefore the desire of wisdom bringeth to the everlasting kingdom.

22 If then your delight be in thrones, and sceptres, O ye kings of the people, love wisdom, that you may reign for ever.

23 Love the light of wisdom, all ye that bear rule over peoples.

 24 Now what wisdom is, and what was her origin, I will declare: and I will not hide from you the mysteries of God, but will seek her out from the beginning of her birth, and bring the knowledge of her to light, and will not pass over the truth:

25 Neither will I go with consuming envy: for such a man shall NOT be partaker of wisdom.

26 Now the multitude of the wise is the welfare of the whole world: and a wise king is the upholding of the people.



LT. COL. OLIVER NORTH – LT.GENERAL BOYKIN, & PASTOR JACKSON-“Become ambassadors for the Kingdom of God or we will lose our Freedom!”

A message from Pastor Allen Jackson at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, TN , with his guests Lt. Col. Oliver North, and Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Saturday Service). It’s time to stand up for God and have Him lead us!

“Faith isn’t who we are at Church folks, we can all sit here and pretend like we love Jesus… it’s making it work under the stress of life.” Paster Allen Jackson.

“When we were told our businesses were to close. We just meekly smiled and went home,” stated Pastor Allen Jackson. “We need to know how to stand for our faith. We have got to become ambassadors for the Kingdom of God or we will lose our Freedom!”

Those who follow the Marshall Report have heard this message as “PRESSING INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!” AMEN – KEEP ON PRESSING FOR GOD’S KINGDOM IS COMING!

Lt. Col. Oliver North & Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin speak at World Outreach Church on what it takes to fight for America…and it is more than just military training and carrying a gun. It is the power of prayer and having a strong faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Pastor Allen Jackson, of World Outreach Church speaks out about the most important mission to keep America is….and that is to be bold in our faith and stand up for our GOD to LEAD US!

“When we were told our businesses were to close. We just meekly smiled and went home.” stated Pastor Jackson. He alluded that was not the best way to stand up for America and for our freedom. We have become so laxed that we have no idea what it is we are giving up. These men were all in agreement and sent the same message to all who have ears to hear it. That message is – If we don’t take a stand now…we may lose our Freedoms.

This is the very same message we are hearing from General Flynn, Lynn Wood, and Sidney Powell. And I am proud to say this is the same message The Marshall Report and the strong voice of its readers have been shouting since the COVID RESET emerged followed by the STOLEN ELECTION.

This same message is the most powerful message for GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD! God has given each who believe the power of the Holy Spirit and his SON, JESUS THE MESSIAH to reside within you! He has given each believer the authority to call on angels to help them in their spiritual warfare battles. It is comforting and rewarding to hear our Nations’s Military Officers and private sector heroes send out the very same message!

Lt. Co. Oliver North speaks out about his journey to the Lord and how God has inspired, led, and brought him through life and death situations. North boldly lays it on the line that without God’s son Jesus Christ…we have nothing.

On Monday, May 10, an open letter from Flag Officers 4 America was released. The letter read, “Under a Democrat Congress and the Current Administration, our Country has taken a hard left turn toward Socialism and a Marxist form of tyrannical government which must be countered now by electing congressional and presidential candidates who will always act to defend our Constitutional Republic.” The letter, was signed by 124 retired generals and admirals, and promoted the claim that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and that Trump, not Biden, was the real winner. General William G. Boykin was among the names on the list. 2021 Open Letter from Retired Generals and Adm.pdf (

General William G. Boykin, a tall, muscular man, tells his story of his Praying Mother and how she has always been his source for discernment, citing her as the wisest woman he has ever met, and how her encouragement and powerful prayers  had always been a beacon of strength in his life. She recently passed away in December.

Watching these powerful war heroes stand up and tell the world that the most powerful weapon to winning any war is faith in God and his son JESUS THE CHRIST is a powerful affirmation!  AMEN!






Good morning everyone… Trump is still our legitimate President of the United States of the Republic and made history in 2020 by receiving MORE VOTES than any elected president EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANY US PRESIDENTIAL RACE!

The fact STILL REMAINS that the Democrats stole the election and those involved have committed treason against the American people. The audits are still underway and the rightfully elected president will eventually lead the nation once again.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this Cabal overthrow attempt to RESET the USA and the world may be causing at this time. Draining the Swamp has turned out to be a bigger process than originally calculated. Your patience is appreciated. Now back to our Friday morning announcements:

And we are waiting for the day President Trump tells Joe:




Stay Strong! Keep pressing to the Kingdom!



The mantal of Deborah is pouring out…who will take hold of it and boldly go before the enemies army with FAITH and PRESS BOLDLY TO RECLAIM THEIR CHILDREN AND THE FAMILIES IN THEIR LAND?

Judges 4: 4- 24 KJV

4 And the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord, when Ehud was dead. And the Lord sold them into the hand of Jabin king of Canaan, that reigned in Hazor; the captain of whose host was Sisera, which dwelt in Harosheth of the Gentiles. And the children of Israel cried unto the Lord: for he had nine hundred chariots of iron; and twenty years he mightily oppressed the children of Israel.

And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.  And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.

And she sent and called Barak the son of Abinoam out of Kedesh naphtali, and said unto him, Hath not the Lord God of Israel commanded, saying, Go and draw toward mount Tabor, and take with thee ten thousand men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Zebulun? And I will draw unto thee to the river Kishon Sisera, the captain of Jabin’s army, with his chariots and his multitude; and I will deliver him into thine hand.

And Barak said unto her, If thou wilt go with me, then I will go: but if thou wilt not go with me, then I will not go.

And she said, I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honour; for the Lord shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.

 And Barak called Zebulun and Naphtali to Kedesh; and he went up with ten thousand men at his feet: and Deborah went up with him.


Now Heber the Kenite, which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh. And they shewed Sisera that Barak the son of Abinoam was gone up to mount Tabor.

And Sisera gathered together all his chariots, even nine hundred chariots of iron, and all the people that were with him, from Harosheth of the Gentiles unto the river of Kishon.

And Deborah said unto Barak, Up; for this is the day in which the Lord hath delivered Sisera into thine hand: is not the Lord gone out before thee? So Barak went down from mount Tabor, and ten thousand men after him.

And the Lord discomfited Sisera, and all his chariots, and all his host, with the edge of the sword before Barak; so that Sisera lighted down off his chariot, and fled away on his feet. But Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the host, unto Harosheth of the Gentiles: and all the host of Sisera fell upon the edge of the sword; and there was not a man left.

Howbeit Sisera fled away on his feet to the tent of Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite: for there was peace between Jabin the king of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite.

And Jael went out to meet Sisera, and said unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn in to me; fear not. And when he had turned in unto her into the tent, she covered him with a mantle. And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am thirsty. And she opened a bottle of milk, and gave him drink, and covered him.

Army chief, Sisera, dead at “the hand of a woman,” Jael, as Deborah  foretold. (Judges 4:9-11, 17, 21-22) | Deborah in the bible, Bible art,  Bible illustrations
 Sisera, dead at “the hand of a woman,” Jael, as Deborah foretold. (Judges 4:9-11, 17, 21-22)

Again he said unto her, Stand in the door of the tent, and it shall be, when any man doth come and enquire of thee, and say, Is there any man here? that thou shalt say, No. Then Jael Heber’s wife took a nail of the tent, and took an hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him, and smote the nail into his temples, and fastened it into the ground: for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.

And, behold, as Barak pursued Sisera, Jael came out to meet him, and said unto him, Come, and I will shew thee the man whom thou seekest. And when he came into her tent, behold, Sisera lay dead, and the nail was in his templesSo God subdued on that day Jabin the king of Canaan before the children of Israel.  And the hand of the children of Israel prospered, and prevailed against Jabin the king of Canaan, until they had destroyed Jabin king of Canaan.

Here they come…can you hear them? The Daughter Warriors and protectors of the children…and families of God’s people!

The devil hears and trembles! GOD CALLS – RISE UP My DAUGHTERS to receive the mantal of Deborah and Esther!




General Flynn came right out and said, he is not “Q”. The question is, how many will accept this as fact and how many will say…he didn’t mean it because disinformation is necessary? And how many will shoot the messenger?

The prelude to “Q”.

General Flynn referred to American citizens as digital warriors originally in 2016 at Trump rallys. He was refering to Trump supporters and the social media groups. He encouraged digital media followings on social media, one whole year before QAnon was ever presented.

Michael Flynn Met FBI Without a Lawyer, Concealed Interview From Trump

The easiest thing to do is take the nuances of an individual’s persona and incorporate those into a mysterious site to indicate someone elses persona as synonymous with it. In this case it was determined by “Q” supporters that General Flynn was involved with “Q”. Once this happened, almost in a flash, all eyes were on Flynn as “Q”, because of terms used by General Flynn. Once the first person thought of it and the second person agreed, it was forever off and running.

When General Flynn first referred to digital soldiers there was NO “Q” anon. He was referring to those who report the truth and share it on social media. He was not referring to “Q” followers hunting for clues to riddles.

General Flynn became “Q” and he was now in the minds of all communicating with the patriots. Whoever perpetuated the “Q”, knew that when you tell a lie long enough, people accept it as the facts. (Clue number 1. Who uses this maneuver?) Is it not the left Cabal?

At the time “Q” entered the scene, General Flynn was fighting for his life and had no time for games. He had been falsely accused, charged, incarcerated and was in a dire situation. When he did get out, he was bound with restrictions and by gag orders. He would have never jeopardized his case by playing like he was “Q”. Nor did he have time to do so.

November 14, 2016, General Flynn speaks about Digital Soldiers and explains the fake news and citizens journalism. What he called digital warriors who research and share the facts and truth through social media. Flynn warned of socialism then the same as he is today.

But, by suggesting Flynn was “Q”, it created a fire storm of support and revved up. The “Q” would spit out drops that the digital soldiers needed to know and people played all sorts of games going down rabbit holes and trying to figure out what they were being told.

“Q” is a high security clearance held in agencies like CIA and DARPA, and we were told even the Presidency. It now appears it was intended to distract and data collect. It backfired somewhat because it created a patriotic push. General Flynn did not start it but people believed he was with it.

Again, back when they first set out to oust Flynn and charged him for things he did not do, there was no “Q”. He talked about digital soldiers on the campaign trail with Trump to encourage social media support.

Release the Kraken,' a catchphrase for unfounded conspiracy theory, trends  on Twitter. - The New York Times

By the time Sidney Powell had taken over Flynn’s case in June 12, 2019 “Q” had become synonymous with General Flynn. When asked about Flynn and “Q’s” phrase of “Where we go one, we go all”, which was a phrase Flynn had used on the campaign trail, Sidney Powell told the Washington Examiner that Flynn wanted to encourage people to think about being a citizen, and claimed the phrase “Where we go one, we go all” was first engraved on a bell on one of President John F. Kennedy’s sailboats. Which it was. We all watched the rallys. It was never intended by General Flynn to signal JFK is alive when he used that phrase. Far from it. That came years later because “Q” people interpreted it that way.

So because General Flynn likes the same phrase the “Q” used (by design) this is supposed to prove he is “Q”? With that thinking, anyone who quotes a phrase they like can be connected to someone else who uses it? Or maybe if you have a thought and someone else thinks the same thought a year from now…you could be that person?

Meanwhile, we saw a wave of “Q” you tube outlets popping up everywhere and taking over social media groups. At the same time, President Trump distanced himself of Flynn while he was undergoing his long ordeal. Trump was fighting Russia, Russia, Russia, and taking care of business, making history and the fake news was lying about Trump and his international travels, which began right from the start. Few were understanding of what President Trump was accomplishing because after Oct. 28, 2017, almost everyone digital was like the scene from the Pirates of the Carribbean at Worlds End Series. Specifically, “Q” was reminiscent of the scene where Jack Sparrow had everyone following him, running to the left and the right of the ship until it turned upside down.

That is what happened. People learned to research and a lot of truth was discovered…but when “Q” would disappear everything stopped and or got rehashed. That is when the numerology took over, like Darby putting dispensations in the Bible. It was fun to watch all the different new thousands of tubers have their own interpretations. Some close and some not so close. Some way out there and some closer. But one thing everyone learned that was to never be done…NEVER SAY “Q” IS A LARP. AND NEVER SAY “Q” IS NOT REAL. That will get you blocked, censored, cursed, and banned forever from the patriot movement.

This right here is why they wanted rid of General Flynn….he knew where all the bodies were buried.

I often wondered what Trump thought of all of the self pushing prophecies? It did instill patriotism… and it did hit a few home runs. When the people got the hang of researching, it bore more fruit than DARPA/CIA desired. It built a strong bond of serious “Q” patriots. That would never ever deny “Q” wasn’t what Trump and Flynn desired and they were all in the know. A field of patriots ripe for the picking for any new drop. They had a leader…a mission…goals….and they awaited orders.

They are still awaiting orders and now Flynn has come out and stated we are at war. He told the people he is not “Q” and Patriots need to realize that this nation is about to shift to socialism, Marxism, and Communism if we don’t get involved with standing up legally for our rights. He stressed people needed to be sharing information that showed others how to stand up for their rights, get involved with their communities and also run for office to make a change.

What it sounded like he was saying is…stop playing games and waiting for drops and get up and save the nation from the propaganda pushers!

When you stand back and look at the big picture you will see that the entire “Q” intel was a scheme from the start to set up General Flynn, and all Digital Warriors which are Trump supporters.

In a recent article by Sarah Westall, it all but confirms what many have been suspecting and some have known. And that is the entire “Q” anon was a baited trap to create the narrative that patriots and Trump supporters are the real terrorists and not the Cabal and their street paid recruits.

It appears “Q” has been a DARPA Black Hat trap....designed to label all Patriots as enemies of the state who should be rounded up and locked away or sent to re-education camps. The camps they have threatened us with. And so the first step was to censor them, kick them off and keep their intellectual property and then…the next step if they continue to spread patriotic truth is to round them all up. But all of it was supposed to provoke anger and have patriots take to the streets locked and loaded. But, patriots did not take that bait. Their plan was to provoke to anger so they could legally take care of the likes of General Flynn, Trump, Powell and every one of us who stand for freedom. It would turn all freedom and truth seekers into enemies of the state. They began this attempt with rhetoric that truth was bad and January 6th bussing in their own crisis actor paid rioters and blaming patriots. It will not work and they will fall instead.

But….these digital warriors are fighting back in a major law suit. Pray that they press and press hard to expose the corruption of all the Pelosi, Schumer, Biden regime…or whoever they really are.

In essense, we were never supposed to STOP AND WAIT for the next “Q” drop. We were always to put on the whole armor of God and press forward in the name of the Lord and use the laws God has given us that are in our Republic!

Sarah Westall | How President Trump is Combatting the Election Steal

Journalists Sue Google/Youtube Charging Government Collusion in Censorship


A group of journalists with large media followings who were censored and deleted from Youtube, are suing the parent company, Google, claiming government collusion and breach of contract. Their lawsuit contends that they were “unceremoniously ‘deplatformed’ by defendants Google and YouTube shortly after the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Beg Tech to suppress the Internet users who discuss Qanon.”

Not all of the journalists in the lawsuit reported on Qanon, yet all have been publicly charged with this “crime”. The lawsuit challenges the Qanon narrative as being fabricated for political purposes and cites the suspicious timing only a few weeks before the 2020 election. Specifically the suit states:

  1. Google and Youtube argue that QAnon-related speech is wrong, bad, and dangerous. Yet the Chief of FBI testified before Congress that the FBI has not “seen lethal attacks including that kind of motivation and unequivocally stated that QAnon ‘ideology’ is not a subject of government investigation.
  2. Congressional disfavored speech reflects an alarming trend in favor of censorship and in opposition to the foundational freedoms of our republic. Read full story and filing documents below.

Journalists Sue Google/Youtube Charging Government Collusion in Censorship – Business Game Changers with Sarah Westall

See full filing document below

We the People Against Google by Sarah Westall on Scribd


Stay Strong and Press Forward – share facts on how to stand up for your constitutional rights and sue those who are breaking the law forcing mandates and vaccines!

Dianne Marshall


When God calls his people to be watchmen, he leads them to what they need to see and tells them to listen to what they must hear. Not what they want to hear…but what they must hear to give a good report. A good watchman goes where the Lord leads them and reports what they are shown.


Ezekiel Chapter 33

3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;

4 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.

5 He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.

6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.




So now you know it was not little boy wonder Zuckerberg who banned President Trump from Social Media…it was the Black Hats working for the Cabal, Baal World System who have infiltrated and committed treason against the United States of America and to the entire Republic of which they have committed their hands together to usurp and overthrow!

Sidney Powell and General Flynn have set forth to expose the evils treasonous acts that have been perpetrated on this nation! They are but two people with two teams…. they NEED YOU TO COME TO THE BATTLEFIELD TO EXPOSE THE FRAUD AND MARCH LEGALLY, AND I STRESS LEGALLY WITH THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS TO DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD!

They have diligently pressed forward with the full armor of God and the Holy Spirit leading them….PRESSING AND PRESSING AND PRESSING. They have asked you to get involved… it is time to PRESS TOGETHER.

Mothers everywhere regardless of politics…this is about your childrens very lives and about FREEDOM! For I ask you all, what is freedom without life and what is life without freedom? The very breathe we take is intertwined with both of these God given liberties!






Lyndsay Graham stated on Fox News Sunday, today, that now, if the republicans take back the house, Harris may face impeachment based on the standard set for actually bailing out rioters in the country.

Pandora’s box…indeed. Graham states that now Harris may face impeachment based on the standard set for actually bailing out rioters in the country.

I say don’t wait until Dominion voter fraud strikes again. Instead strike while the iron is hot and the deeds are in our face!  We have everything that is needed to go full blown investigation right now! Get to the bottom of who funds, controls, and hires the crisis actors be it ANTIFA or what ever group they want to call it.

After the impeachment and all the perjured evidence presented by Pelosi’s House Managers, isn’t it time to have an investigation into the facts that happened on January 6, 2021? Especially after the letter from the Capitol Police Chief, Steven A. Sund that shows a very different series of events and a very different reason for the entire fiasco where he could not get any back up from the National Guard, in spite of exhausting attempts via chain of command runaround and in spite of asking McConnell to help with his clout to get assistance. The Pentagon didn’t seem to think the chain of command in requesting was proper, or help was needed, or some odd thing?  But, Pelosi was so livid at blaming Trump for the entire thing in spite of receiving the letter of account a week before the impeachment that showed Trump was NOT RESPONSIBLE.

Pelosi stated, “We censor people for using the wrong stationary.” That was very revealing. Indeed she is the Queen of censoring.

She stated we give him a slap on the hand with her body shaking like a mixed drink in a blender as she rattles on flailing a piece of paper ranting trying to prove some incoherent point.  And her repetitive mocking of how horrible the shouting of “Hang Mike Pence” was, only revealed that she must have thought that part of the gallows on the lawn and the crisis actors shouting “Hang Mike Pence” was a great idea that they should have all bought into.

Image result for jan 6 hang mans noose on capitol

Which Trump supporter did she specifically have in mind that would have brought that contraption to D.C. and somehow snuck it through the check in point and set it up? Maybe they hid it under their coats?

What she revealed was her willingness to lie, kill, steal and destroy lives, and the fact that her staged event was all for naught. It has boomeranged and hit her in the back of the head. The pact she made with McConnell went south. The back door deal just went main stream – it was brought into the light and now the microscope is upon it all. And so people, what will you do with this gift she has so revealed to the world in her melt down? Will we now demand a full investigation into this account?

Is it just me or is he starting to look like Biden? Is something setting in?  That look when they got you by the billiards.

I say it’s time to call your congress person and Senator and demand a full scale investigation! Demand to know who funded ANTIFA and who bussed them in? Bus’s were sighted and videos of them are available. Signs were posted throughout social media recruiting and organizing this event. There is plenty of video footage showing all the staged photo ops. Good grief, we’ve all been watching these inside shots since it took place. They have a leak in the gas from their gaslighting lamps. 

Another interesting thing…

Good points have been made by those commenting regarding  the Babbit death. The fact that there was no mention of it in the United States Capitol Police- Chief Steven A. Sund report. That is very revealing.  Not only was there never a crime scene taped off and investigated, there was never an official coroner announcement, and no death report issued for investigation, at least not in the full and thorough account of events at the Capitol from the Chief of Police Sund in his letter and resignation addressed to Pelosi, and copies sent to Senator McConnell, Senator Schumer, Representative McCarthy, and Representative Hoyer.

Shooter is ready to fire at an empty window…so he must wait a while.
Tubes in place now or what? Investigate it all, stop the gaslighting.

This woman’s death was shouted by the fake news as the deadly shooting inside the Capitol. The news and social media spread this (now apparent lie) day and night. People were shocked, they mourned, they made decisions made on this false flag, premeditated  and out right lie. The entire event was organized and preplanned. Pelosi and her body language, along with her melt down, show the truth about the entire made up for TV false flag event.

Although many pointed out the staged event from the very beginning (myself being among some of the firsts and being told how stupid I was, along with all the others showing the facts.) Videos continued to surface and now some have undeniable proof that the entire crime scene was a staged event.  One in particular takes  a step by step narrated version of all the crisis actors involved and all the tubing and fake blood, how it was coordinated and how it was staged. We see the “Keystone Cops” acting very out of character for police officers….and now we know why. Because they were not Police officers at all.  If they had been, this event, which was the most horrid event at the capitol that day would have been the highlight of the investigation in the report. IT WAS NOT EVEN MENTIONED!

From leaked documents we were never supposed to find, we now know these actors have protocols, and “personality profile assignments” that they are told to stick to. Agitorgs are acting overseers…or so it appears that is what they are. Note the point of contact is D.A. Donnelly. They are not to congregate with other Ops/auxiops in groups of more than two. 

Particularly interesting is the language in their instructions. Such as, “Do not under any circumstances deviate from the practices enumerated in this section.” This certainly does NOT SOUND like the language of unorganized street thugs. The entire scope of direction is very corporate to say the least.

These same organizers who designed the City to City marches of destruction, that Pelosi et al supported, are the same organizers who brought the “vandalizism” as Nancy called it, to the D.C. Corporate Capitol.

There are many videos showing the staging inside the capitol, before, during, and after. Many show photo ops and laughter. Pelosi will not get any Emmy Award for the production and maybe that is what she is most unhappy about. Was all this for nothing?  Dang she’s mad (in more ways than one.) Nancy…maybe it will be your Achilles heel.

Who else is behind this staged event? 

Remember, President Trump watches EVERYTHING!  TRUST ME, when he says he knows everything,  HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! He has been watching every staged event from the onset of the false flag attacks. All to create chaos.


But, don’t worry, President Trump was on to all of this from the beginning. Remember on June 4, 2020 this got 1.3 million views in one hour.  It was reported by fact checkers as “rumors” and censored.

Then came the day, they had to just stop the truth all together, or were they just building up their fake narrative?


So, Trump committed a violation under  Twitter’s  “Glorification of Violence policy” for telling people he will not be attending the Biden inauguration because his supporters believe this is confirming the election was not legitimate? And now the Twitter psychic’s believe this means no orderly transition? And he somehow is Jedi channeling the minds of supporters that violent acts can be committed because without his presence it is a “safe” target zone?

Is that Nancy? My, my….and her counter partner in crime(s) Harris? The two who van der Veen wanted to call as witnesses in the witch trial?

Yet, these people and all of Anitifa posts do not violate their Glorification of Violence policy? These people are evil and now we know why Pelosi was so rattled over the censoring not enough – we must impeach. Because she discovered that the more they try to silence the truth the louder it becomes. New platforms, new methods of delivery and new revelations. These people are all but finished. For their playbook has been opened, analyzed and they have been found wanting. They repeat themselves like a broken record and aren’t that smart. They only appeared smart because most people were sleeping and living their lives. No one was snooping behind their curtain.

Remember signs like these were all over D.C. on buildings, the 12 foot fence, and poles. And of course all over Twitter. These were acceptable? To who and for what purpose where they allowed?

Isn’t it time to turn the tables and demand a real investigation while all of this is front page news?

Dianne Marshall


Incompetance or Deep State Coup? Either way it’s bad!

While Trump’s defense attorney, Michael van der Veen won the case showing there was no incitement to the surge on the Capitol on President Trump’s behalf, before he could even leave the capitol building, his home was vandalized by thugs. But, according to the senate and congress of Sodom, Inc., guess he INCITED it by telling the truth about the real ones who should have been impeached. Telling the truth about the swamp and all the swirly things they do in the dark has a price tag on it. Or so it seems. These are evil wicked people with no conscience, or so it appears. Some have other names for the breed. And of course what made the liars easier to perjure themselves during the impeachment was the fact that they had not had any investigation done. With an event so terrible there was NO INVESTIGATION. Let that soak in. Will there be one to find the vandals? It is officially lawlessness on the same level as Sodom and Gomorrah.

God bless Michael van der Veen and his family. Please lift him up to the Lord in prayer.

Meanwhile, Capital Police Chief Steven A. Sund resigned February 1, 2021 an eye opening letter to Nancy Pelosi that revealed the actual true events of the evil that was done on January 6, 2021. His testimony on the events that took place on that terrible day are radically different than what the world heard from the impeachment trial; of which they lost.

Chief Sund’s timeline of the breakin reveal the Capitol attack occurred at 12:52 p.m. while Trump Supporters were still listening to the speech. Which matches what Trump supporters have all been saying. President Trump was over an hour late in starting his event, and was just getting started with his speech that began roughly around 12:00 or so. I was watching and had live feed from some on the ground. Those who were there said it took a while to get to the Capitol and my contact heard booms and sirens and showed on video emergency vehicles driving fast past them with all the sirens. One after another. The Trump Administration and supporters now have an official eye witness, Police Chief Steven Sund, who is very credible stating exactly what Trump Supporters have been saying all along.

Image result for pelosis

When you read the letter below, you will see just how criminal the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment has been. And certainly when you see the scope of lies presented, you will understand why there was no investigation completed, it was by design. Pelosi received this letter in plenty of time to tell the truth. You should also realize that such a runaround with all the bells and whistles of a keystone cop silent film, was not by accident. Especially when we are talking about the Capitol of the United States, Inc. Nancy Pelosi certainly has a lot of questions to answer. We The People must demand a deep dive investigation. While we are at it, include Biden – where is he during all this?

Image result for Chief Sund

Here is Chief Sund’s letter of account and resignation:

Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for steven sund capitol police

The Democrat’s accusation that Trump provoked a riot is perjury at its’ finest; the facts are that the Capital attack started, and the bombs were found before Trump’s speech ended, and according to the FBI, the bombs were put in place the night before. The event was pre-planned well before January 6th. There were signs and leaflets recruiting ANTIFA posted throughout D.C. days before the event. This clearly appears to be a set up in an effort to eliminate President Trump from ever running for office again, and destroying any future plans he may have had to do anything with politics.




John Podesta, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, John Breyer, James Breyer, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who are less known, WERE ALL PART OF THE EVIL CABAL THAT STOLE THE COPYWRITES, TRADE SECRETS, AND PATENTS from the ones who were creating it while they were developing it!  Michael McKibbens of Leader Technologies had his intellectual property stolen out from under him and didn’t know it until his technology appeared on line!

“They were stealing it off our design boards before the ink had a chance to dry”,  states Michael McKibbens.  Watch the video here.

Think crooked….think LOCK HER UP AND NOW THINK LOCK THEM ALL UP!  They all conspired and STOLE THE TECHNOLOGY and PROGRAMMING CODE that underlie Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and most all other large-scale social networking companies!  Not only did they snatch it up, they gave it to their own swamp labs to put it out there and made up their little darling story on Zuckerberg!

What can I say, “Facegate” is brought to you by the same cabal who brought you Uranium One and all the other gates!  I’m sure President Trump is looking into this swamp gate too!

EXCERPTS FROM American Intelligence Media
Citizens AIM for TRUTH: (full story in link below)

“It was stolen by a group of criminal lawyers, judges, spies and bankers working with complete impunity and in total disregard for the law. Under the guise of the IBM Eclipse Foundation, James P. Chandler III (who was a national security advisor and top White House attorney) led the group of criminals who, interestingly enough, are also appearing in the news currently due to their most recently discovered crimes, along with John Podesta, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, John Breyer, James Breyer, Larry Summers, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who are not so well known.
Usually, we see them stealing oil, gold, uranium and other resources, but this time they stole the very software code that is utilized by the largest tech companies in America, Europe, Russia, China, South America, and anywhere else they could market it – making trillions of dollars in the process”

“They carved up the globe and the markets in each region, giving each criminal a piece of the market using Leader Technologies’ stolen trade secrets. Eric Schmidt took America and Europe, Chandler got South America, Summers and his side-kick, Sheryl Sandberg, joined Schmidt in taking America. Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov and Summers got Russia; the Breyers got China, and a host of fake tech-lords became the front-men for all of the various social networks we see cropping up everywhere – the richest companies in the world – Google, Facebook, Amazon. The criminals got filthy rich off the back of a hard-working, creative American entrepreneur – Michael McKibben.” Excerpt from Zuckerberg’s Theft.

McKibbens is by passing the legal system for justice and going right to the game the thieves played to acquire his patented technology.  It appears the deep state devised illegal/legal temporary means to get away with their theft like a President writing Executive Orders, using the Patriot Act, and other underhanded government grabs.  It appears the President has the power to confiscate any property it deemed necessary under the covert espionage act they created, and Billy boy did just that.  The evil deeds that have been done in the swamp are shameful and just beginning to surface.

The good news for McKibbens is since this was all grabbed by Presidential powers and trillions were made by others off of it…. all it would take is for President Trump to review the matter, get with the tech boards, find out how much is owed to McKibbens and Leader Technologies and make things right.  President Trump has the power to fix this injustice from his office!  He can write out a check giving compensation to McKibbens and publically giving the true developers credit for their achievements.  Will President Trump make this right?

For over 17 years, main stream , propaganda liar media has not said one peep about the truth.  They continued to read their liar scripts for the liar thieves that paid them.  Shame on all of them.  Today, Michael McKibbens is counting on alternative media Truth Warriors to get this story out wide and far. This is the story of all time that can set us free from internet imprisonment and censorship!  They have provided a site with articles any one can use in full or in part. They  want everyones help to get the truth out.  Now that we have an honest President, there is hope that justice will be done. HERE

“Michael literally built the social media platform upon which we operate most of our digital systems. He designed it to be unlimited, scalable and fierce. He designed it for times like these when we “need to get the word out!”

Let’s show this amazing entrepreneur, who has been forgotten, robbed and marginalized by the swamp creatures of the cabal, what we can do in the alt media space to tell his story, using the very technology that was stolen from him and his shareholders, to be ONE BIG VOICE OF RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. CLICK HERE TO READ MICHAELS TRUTH!


This was one of the largest government sponsored industrial espionage thefts of copyrights, trade secrets, and patents in modern times!  The theft of scalable social networking inventions that were the intellectual property of Michael McKibben, of  ‘Leader Technologies’ is by far one of the most ruthless acts of all times!

 American inventors continue to be out-maneuvered by the crooked system based on fake national security issues that are a front for crony corporate imperialism.

Starting in about 1993, IBM met with this budding tech-cartel as they considered what to do about IBM wanting to sell computers to the C.I.A. and use them in foreign
countries. Podesta, Summers, Chandler, Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, and the other “governmental officials” told IBM to embed a back-door encryption key into all computer hardware, software and firmware sent outside of America. This happened after Congress refused to approve such a key.

As a result of this, the tech-cartel demonstrated their complete control of Congress over all technology produced by the military’s Defense Advanced Research Program (DARPA) and the CIA’s version called In-Q-Tel. Both DARPA and In-Q-Tel are directed in their research and policy by the Highlands Forum–a secret think-tank that has essentially created our modern technological world of war toys. In the process of investigating the legal corruption in their legal cases, Michael McKibben and his shareholders studied all of these groups and their inner workings quite thoroughly.

Tell President Trump you want him to restore the intellectual property back to Leader Technologies!  This just may help save the privacy invasion train-wreck that is coming to social media platforms in December announced by Facebook et al!






Q Clearance Anon?  Are people being suckered or just sucked in?  What are the real clues that Q is providing?  It appears to me that the real rabbit hole to go down is that of the data mining wonderland.  I’ll start with Jim Breyer, head of Accel which is an American Venture Capital Firm with partnership to International Data Group named IDG AccelCLICK here to find out more about IDG-Accel

Breyer invested 13 million dollars into Facebook, the same year Gilman Louie joined the Board of National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA) who was also the first CEO of the CIA startupIn-Q-Tel” which is an American Venture capital firm in partnership with IDG Accel.  CIA owns Facebook?  


In-Q-Tel is the strategic investor for the U.S. Intelligence and Defense Communities that identifies and adapts cutting edge technologies that (supposedly) make our nation safer.   In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999 for the purpose of funding companies that could develop technologies that the CIA could USE TO GATHER DATA.

IQT Labs (short for In-Q-Tel) explore the art of possible emerging technology in areas of interest to national security.  These areas include cyber security, biotechnology, commercial space, and advanced data analytics.  Click her to read about IQT Labs

In a nutshell, The CIA Is and has been Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos from the onset.  Why?  To protect you?  Think again.

While so much speculation has been placed on “Who is Q Anon?” Q has told the readers that he has the highest security clearance there is.  Everyone runs to the President or someone in his top advisory capacity as the highest clearance so they think one of these must be “Q“.  Meanwhile the agency that even the President can’t dig into is the CIA.  The CIA has grown to be a monster of its’ own making.  A secret deep state society of its’ own.  Meaning although the President can use Military to control it – the CIA appears to have gone rogue and take orders from some place other and can withhold information, even from the West Wing.  We are seeing that now.  It is now proven that the CIA has such secrecy it can even plan the assassination of the Commander in Chief, i.e. the President of the United States as they did to President John F. Kennedy. And get away with it.

Therefore, President Trump, who already communicates with his people daily in Tweets, and can use the emergency broadcast system any time to speak to the people and the world,  would not have to go on Reddit channel and seek a select group of people on line to give clues out hoping they will connect dots and be the next “we the people” CIA????  While there are indeed crumbs and many that only high clearance would know about…. the CIA’s In-Q-Tel is such a source, and a much more likely one.

SAUDI AP_17142467002109-780x547REMEMBER when President Trump visited Saudi Arabia, King Salman showed him the mother of all “terrorist finding” cyber technology.  Remember also CIA is Mossad (Israeli Intelligence).  Mossad is in league with the House of Saud which is an arm of the NWO Cabal, and the CIA is in control of In-Q-Tel.  The secret intelligence agencies have seemed to morph into its’ own infiltrated monster and is unrecognizable as the agency it was originally  set up to be.  President Trump has the task of cleaning that part of the swamp out as well as all the other alphabet agencies.

There are many questions to ask that no one is talking about on main stream media. Like, why did King Salman arrest the House of Saud? What does this new cyber technology hold?  What is President Trump holding?  What can it do?  What does President Trump think of Saudi’s new artificial intelligence?  What do you think of it?  What is the real purpose of CERN?

I believe all dots connect and point to Q-Annon as being CIA’S In-Q-Tel.  Why?  To use a new form of data mining that I shall call – effective trolling.  Approach alternative media truth seekers in their own (secret) forum – 4-Chan.  Come in like one of them to do some real time data mining.  Why?  They could want to find what type of  “I- Q’s” human critical thinkers have by playing real time data finding games with real live people?  Is “Q” an artificial program?  Or a real person?

What does “Q” (high level clearance person) have to gain by throwing out bread crumbs?  What does “In-Q-Tel” have to gain by throwing out bread crumbs?

  1. To see what people know?
  2. Analyze how fast people can analyze clues?
  3. Find out how truth researchers think things through – know their thought processes?
  4. See how many people will research and how many will rely on others to find answers?
  5. See how fast people lose interest if answers aren’t found fast?
  6. See how many are discouraged and how long it takes to discourage certain groups?
  7. See how long it takes the last one to get discouraged if nothing is forthcoming?
  8. See how many remain if any, in the end?
  9. See if anyone finds the real “Q” and how long it will take?
  10. Lure other alternative news seekers into one hub?
  11. Data mine the hub?
  12. Find out who listens to them and who their followers are?
  13. Size up strengths and weaknesses?
  14. Infiltrate and classify researchers into groups?
  15. Identify those who really know and those who don’t know?
  16. Find who is capable of finding the real threats to their secrecy?
  17. Allow people to bla, bla, bla and reveal the things their algorithms can’t detect?
  18. Take the information and use it against them with their paid disinformation agents?
  19. See who and how many will do what they are asked by “Q” without knowing who “Q” is?
  20. Create disinformation wars among credible people?

I am sure there are more reasons, these are the ones just off the top of my thoughts.  Before you laugh, remember they (In-Q-Tel) are already data mining everything you say on google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all social media sites.

We all (at least those that will be reading this story) know the NSA  has breeched our privacy rights and Google, Twitter, and Facebook are data mined to monitor everything we post, tweet, and use algorithms  to spy on our on line communications to find out our friends, likes, dislikes, etc. from our computers, TV’s, smart phones and other devices.


What many may not know is the long arm of Q (high level security clearance) behind it all.  SOFT ROBOTS THAT can grasp delicate objects, computer algorithms designed to spot an “insider threat,” and artificial intelligence that will sift through large data sets, are just a few of the technologies being pursued by In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm, according to a document obtained by The Intercept. This is a must read – click here for “Intercept Article”.

Excerpts from “Intercept Article Titled: The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos”:
There are numerous undisclosed companies receiving In-Q-Tel funding, the research focus that stands out is social media mining and surveillance; the portfolio document lists several tech companies pursuing work in this area, including Dataminr, Geofeedia, PATHAR, and TransVoyant .  Those four firms, which provide unique tools to mine data from platforms such as Twitter, presented at a February “CEO Summit” in San Jose sponsored by the fund, along with other In-Q-Tel portfolio companies.

Q anon gqp6hro5agsl

The investments appear to reflect the CIA’s increasing focus on monitoring social media. Last September, David Cohen, the CIA’s second-highest ranking official, spoke at length at Cornell University about a litany of challenges stemming from the new media landscape. The Islamic State’s “sophisticated use of Twitter and other social media platforms is a perfect example of the malign use of these technologies,” he said.
Social media also offers a wealth of potential intelligence; Cohen noted that Twitter messages from the Islamic State, sometimes called ISIL, have provided useful information. “ISIL’s tweets and other social media messages publicizing their activities often produce information that, especially in the aggregate, provides real intelligence value,” he said.
The latest round of In-Q-Tel investments comes as the CIA has revamped its outreach to Silicon Valley, establishing a new wing, the Directorate of Digital Innovation, which is tasked with developing and deploying cutting-edge solutions by directly engaging the private sector. The directorate is working closely with In-Q-Tel to integrate the latest technology into agency-wide intelligence capabilities.
Dataminr directly licenses a stream of data from Twitter to spot trends and detect emerging threats. 
Dataminr directly licenses a stream of data from Twitter to visualize and quickly spot trends on behalf of law enforcement agencies and hedge funds, among other clients.

artificial maxresdefault
Geofeedia collects geotagged social media messages to monitor breaking news events in real time. 
Geofeedia specializes in collecting geotagged social media messages, from platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, to monitor breaking news events in real time. The company, which counts dozens of local law enforcement agencies as clients, markets its ability to track activist protests on behalf of both corporate interests and police departments.
PATHAR mines social media to determine networks of association. 
PATHAR’s product, Dunami, is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to “mine Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to determine networks of association, centers of influence and potential signs of radicalization,” according to an investigation by Reveal.
TransVoyant analyzes data points to deliver insights and predictions about global events. 
TransVoyant, founded by former Lockheed Martin Vice President Dennis Groseclose, provides a similar service by analyzing multiple data points for so-called decision-makers. The firm touts its ability to monitor Twitter to spot “gang incidents” and threats to journalists. A team from TransVoyant has worked with the U.S. military in Afghanistan to integrate data from satellites, radar, reconnaissance aircraft, and drones.

Below – some of “Q” Anon’s bead crumbs.


After researching In-Q-Tel further, you will see it is far reaching and has grown into a monstrous data mining organization.

“Lee Rowland, a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union said, “When you have private companies deciding which algorithms get you a so-called threat score, or make you a person of interest, there’s obviously room for targeting people based on viewpoints or even unlawfully targeting people based on race or religion.  There is a dangerous trend toward government relying on tech companies to “build massive dossiers on people” using “nothing but constitutionally protected speech.”

Now I will ask you this…..why would Twitter take down Rosanne  Barr’s account for asking who “Q” Annon was?   I believe the algorithm told on itself.



UPDATE:  An article from 2000 revealed that the 7 mega computers at the CIA are named after the 7 dwarfs.  Read article here: Spy VS Spy.    Those following Q (In-Q-Tel) be aware of all things.   Who is Snow White?  CIA and its’ 7 dwarfs?

Excerpt:  “Global intelligence computer databases deep inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters here are named Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Bashful and Sneezy?
Yes, the CIA has indeed named its huge computers after the Seven Dwarfs — and for all I know has a slinky blond in its cloak-and-dagger Directorate of Operations code-named Snow White.”  So is “Q” legit?  Or is it something more sinister?  Or is it simply someone trying to steer people away from news they were finding on their own?  Time will tell.


This is a great day for doing something nice for someone and for yourself! And if you want to get a boost to keep on pressing forward – this video will do it. There is a wonderful sound of song and praise and starting at around 1:05 in…there is a great teaching! It’s a new perspective of what we are here to do during these testy days. I hope you enjoy it.

Then the Women’s Ramp that was held a short time back is always good to get one inspired for the day!

Let your light so shine that the world will see your good works!