The attention is on Florida and the dying sea life caused by Red Tide which the news has memorized the test book version of and continues to repeat it like a parrot.  They also forget to tell anyone about the radioactive phosphates, uranium, and other toxic waste that is dumped into Florida’s water systems, that is still leached with corexit.  The man-made living organism designed to micronize oil and send it to the ocean floor.  They failed in 2010 and still fail today, to tell people that the toxic tar balls are full of corexit and they contain flesh-eating bacteria.

tar balls 112846861-612x612
Tar balls are still popping up here and there.  Most people don’t know what that black rocky looking stuff is.  Corexit.  Don’t touch it.

They warn people of “Necrotizing fasciitis” which is a flesh-eating disease and a fatal bacterial infection of the deeper layers of the skin. It destroys soft tissue and can harm both the muscles and the skin and can also cause the fatal toxic shock syndrome (TSS).
It’s a hungry, infectious bacteria that eats the soft tissue of the body like muscle and skin. And when it starts to spread it will kill you if not treated immediately. It will eat to the bone, and sometimes eat cartilage depending on the strain. Typically it is treated by removing the area effected and more to try and beat the bacteria to the flesh in the path it’s devouring.  It feeds on the fat cells and proteins found in skin and muscle.

This is the way Florida beaches are supposed to look. Rick Scott can’t put lipstick on dead manatees and think death will smell better.

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida is allocating millions to advertise that Florida waters are clean and all is well while people are playing Russian Roulette with their lives. In May, a woman died from the flesh eating bacteria after vacationing in Florida.   Click to read.

There is no way they can get it out of the gulf of Mexico (or is there?)  There are a few things that can kill it.  French green clay worked in the wilds of Africa’s Ivory Coast—and in lab tests before 2007 was proven to be an effective treatment for dangerous bacteria. read about clay killing flesh eating bacteria here.  Why haven’t they used this on victims? It’s as though…they do not know or aren’t endorsing a cure.

So far, there is no way they can stop it from following currents entering into the Atlantic coast and out to the deep-sea.  What if they could use the clay?  Or find the key factor in the clay and duplicate something that would kill the bacteria with a natural remedy? They don’t want you to even think about this as a possibility.   They also don’t want you to know that the run off of fertilizers and other sewage feed the living man-made organism called Corexit and has made it more toxic.  Nor do they want you to know it has mutated and loves lots of flesh.  It is so minute it can absorb into the skin….and make you sick, harm your liver, and even attack from within later.  Slowly or rapidly.

Monsanto, Mosaic, BP Oil , Haliburton and the Government agencies who failed to provide protective oversight took the beautiful beaches and turned them into toxic waste dumps. Don’t let them blame it on you!

It directly gets you when you have an open cut or you eat something like an oyster that has been contaminated with it and attacks the limbs rapidly, most all die from it. Those that live, lose limbs.  Very few survive. They don’t want you to know any of that.

It’s to graphic to show on this page. If you want to know what it is…here is a very eye opening article on the bacteria they are not telling anyone about.

The mighty Mississippi river now carries a tremendous chemical burden in the form of industrial waste, as well as rain runoff laden with every chemical imaginable from the towns, cities and farmland that have used FDA consumer approved fertilizers, and pesticides that are now found to be toxic, poisonous, and cancer causing.  This waste feeds the corexit flesh-eating bacteria that attacks all it comes in contact with.


Enormous amounts of chemical fertilizers and soil fortifiers, pesticides and insecticides, mosquitocides and larvicides, fungicides and herbicides, weed killers and defoliants, bovine growth hormone and animal antibiotics end up in the Mississippi. Likewise, a whole assortment of pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter medications, nutraceutical products, as well as all the chemical compounds utilized in the typical American household eventually find their way into the sewer systems and are dumped into the waterways. This is happening all across the nation and around the world.

A few years ago a brave Australian representative stood up to stop this matter in parliament.  It is very real and according to her and most people who are aware, it is all part of the United Nation’s bio diversity program to disrupt echo systems and control the world’s water and food supplies.  What we can and can’t consume and where we will be able to live and where we can’t live.   Yes.

It was President Bill Clinton that signed the United States up for the sustainable development UN program in 1993. It is officially titled “United Nations New World Order Sustainable Development For The 21st Century.  AKA Agenda 21. When Clinton did this, our waterways and food supplies came under the bio diversity mandates for the 21st century.  Ever since that day, the programs for climate change, USA consumption (remember we shouldn’t have big cars, nice homes nor eat meat), share the wealth (remember citizens are too rich and need to socialize and give our money to all the other nations so we can all have one acre and a mule), depopulation (remember there are to many people to sustain the planet.  Clinton said a sustainable number for world population was around 550 million.  So around 7 billion people need to get off planet earth.)  They even have plans to cull us.  We are called useless eaters.  Vaccines and big pharma coupled with a daily diet of phosphates from Monsanto delicious delights and toxic Flint type water are just a few of the dainties they have already laid out for us to swallow.


They also have the wildland project which is the plan to control all the land and water rights.  They want to move people off their lands and into zones where they can contain the population. (Gee…this could kill two birds with one stone….depopulate by poison waters and wild fires then declare toxic, dead zones, people forced to leave areas due to the toxic water and air because they have destroyed the natural echo systems? Naw…they wouldn’t do that…or would they?)  They already have and they still are!!

agenda webimage-6BED2D48-99F9-447C-9B4D95CFC19973F5

What will wake them up?  Most don’t want to hear a word about the real facts because it will interfere with property values and the wealthy side of the economy. The fact is homeowners and commercial property developers, especially the wealthy who own the coastline mansions from the Florida Keys to the southeastern coastline of Texas don’t want to hear that there are tar balls washing up on their secluded beaches, especially when those tar balls contain high numbers of Vibrio vulnificus (flesh-eating bacteria). Or, that red tide (riddled with radioactive phosphates, dioxin, and God knows what) is showing up off their coasts. Schools of dead fish, dead dolphins, manatees or dead whales washing up on their sandy shores are also an extremely undesirable image. And the stench…oh the stench! It takes your breath away, literally causing respiratory issues. There go the property values if the true condition of the waters are ever publicized.

So let’s just ignore the problem and call the little people “Rednecks” and say they’re too stupid to know what Red Tide is.  After all, it’s worked all these years so move along people, nothing here to see….come one, come all tourists down to the sunshine state where all of a sudden there is a lot of property for sale.  Any buyers?


Then there are the political opportunist who take advantage of a crisis…so when water goes sour it’s all Trump’s fault. Dem’s take over the gatherings of concerned citizens who come to the beaches to show support for clean water and shout it’s the republicans not doing anything to stop it.  Vote for their blue person and all the waters will be calm.  The red party’s not doing anything to help bla, bla, bla and where is Trump?

agenda rio-summit-6-638

When I hear people shout that Trump isn’t doing anything…I have to remind them that the first thing he did when he was sworn in was sign an executive order to give the land and water rights back to the states and out of the hands of the UN mandates.  He took us out of climate change and all the carbon tax garbage, and he restored the clean water act at that time.  He took us out of the Atlantic trade treaty and said America can consume what it wants and brought businesses back to America that went to poorer countries as part of the bio diversity helping less wealthy nations….(share the wealth).  He wrote  executive orders that destroyed a lot of strangleholds on the American people.  When he sees people aren’t what they say they are, he does a bit of his own culling. Two weeks ago, he ordered Pruitt, the head of the EPA, to resign for ethics violations. a week later, Monsanto loses a trial by jury lawsuit…. discoveries proved the EPA had knowingly allowed Monsanto to lie to consumers and government agencies with falsified documentations that stated Round Up weed killer is safe, when in fact it contains carcinogens that cause cancer. Other discoveries showed the company was in bed with the Environmental Protection Agency for years and years.

bill Presidents-Council-on-SD_Clinton-letter

Bush, Clinton, and Obama please take a bow.  Thank God Trump wrote an executive order back on June 19, 2018 to place our ocean waters in the protection of the armed services.  With that stroke of a pen he lopped off one of the heads of the agenda 21 dragon that was successfully poisoning our water and us. There is a lot of work to do and I believe we the people can clean this up but it will take all of us.  The first step is for all of us to see what is behind the veil and learn what is really taking place….YOU CAN’T VOTE THIS EVIL OUT IT HAS TO BE EXPOSED, ARRESTED, AND CHAINED!


P.S. What about that Bayer and Monsanto merger???  Read what Bayer the maker of the leading Baby Aspirin is doing with Monsanto.


President Trump Empowers States With Ocean Policy! Gulf Waters Get Help!


Executive Order Regarding the Ocean Policy to Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interests of the United States

Land & Agriculture
Issued on: June 19, 2018

Share: Read full Executive Order Here
It’s about time the red tape and corrupt political corporate favoritism ends. President Trump’s Executive Order eliminates duplicative federal bureaucracy that has tied the hands of the people and padded politician pockets with bribes from big industry like Monsanto. Discoveries on how that was done can be seen in the recent Jury Trial showing how Monsanto had been in bed with the EPA for years. Discoveries proved the EPA had knowingly allowed Monsanto to lie to consumers and government agencies with falsified documentations that stated Round Up weed killer is safe, when in fact it contains carcinogens that cause cancer.

captain david 38686085_10160750639895494_6838359873999077376_n

Trump’s executive order, titled “Ocean Policy to Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interests of the United States,” noted how important and “foundational” the oceans, coasts and lakes of America are to the “economy, security, global competitiveness, and well-being of the United States.” Ocean industries employ millions of Americans and support a strong national economy.

THE Executive Order lets us know that our Armed Forces protect our national interests in the ocean and along the Nation’s coasts.   Goods and materials that support our economy and quality of life flow through maritime commerce.  President Trump was clear that clean water is a must and not a bio diversified object up for grabs. It is a national interest and protected by our Armed Forces.  Yes!!
Some of the concerns the executive order states:
1. Our fisheries resources help feed the Nation and present tremendous export opportunities.
2. Clean, healthy waters support fishing, boating, and other recreational opportunities for all Americans,”
3. It recognizes the need to protect those assets and benefits,
4. The order called for more public access to “marine data and information,”
5. More public access to the science and technology community,
6. More public access to other ocean stakeholders”
7. Achieving these things by way of “regional ocean partnerships.”

This puts an end to the radical environmentalist progressive programs and leads the way to people, states, and federal government actually coordinating for the betterment of our National waterways and ends heavy regulations.

coral tmp711233548866027520
It allows for policy options more in tune with economic and environmental protection and curbs big industry lobbyist power to bribe politicians to get what they want.
Under the old Obama executive order, it was all about turning over our country to a world dominating government and not about what is good for those who live, work, and enjoy the coasts within our country.
Our waterways have been under attack by junk science climate change and sustainable development bio diversity groups; some by good intention like saving our marshlands and creatures that dwell there, while others were designed to choke and destroy economies and citizens who live and earn their incomes from our waters. There has to be a coordinated stewardship balance, not a narrow save one thing and to heck with the rest approach.

If this committee actually functions collectively to better manage and sustain our waterway environments then that will be a great thing. Hold big industry accountable and find real solutions to cleaning up the toxic messes and restoring balance to ruined echo systems. Hopefully we still have time to find a way to clean up the gulf of it’s toxic flesh eating bacteria introduced to the echo system by Corexit.  We must turn this around. The sea life is dying daily and has been since 2010 when the BP oil spill dumped Corexit to eat up the oil and send it to the bottom of the gulf.  Well, it’s back. and some body has got to address it and do what it takes to clean it up.

This executive order brings everyone to the round table for a sensible look at what needs to be done and the funding to do it.

It also allows the Nation improved public access to marine data and information, efficient interagency coordination on ocean-related matters, and engagement with marine industries, the science and technology community, and other ocean stakeholders. To advance these national interests, this order recognizes and supports Federal participation in regional ocean partnerships, to the extent appropriate and consistent with national security interests and statutory authorities.


In a nut shell,  TRUMP HAS BY PASSED THE DO NOTHING STATES AND WENT RIGHT TO THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM AND IS GOING TO ADDRESS THE MESS IN THE GULF! The red tape is gone.  Now we can look at getting things done ahead of schedule and under budget.  Address the real issues and hold big industry and our elected servants accountable!



What You Don’t Know – Will Kill You!

Zach Manic speaks out, “People are still dying from the water here, and nothing is being done. Three years ago, I walked in Fort Myers Beach and this happened, I got a flesh eating bacteria. It changed my life beyond belief.”

flesh eating water 38996929_2166215450369527_7326025175344873472_n

This story is not to scare you, it is to help open your eyes to see the real dangers that are in the waters, all the way up to Maine. The true reports are silenced and the only truth is coming through the real people who have and are being affected by the toxic dumps and the horrific side affects it is creating.  It is not natural.


Zack’s Story: “So to everyone that says this is fake, here is my story of the filthy water, behind the Lani Kai, on fort Myers Beach. I contracted a flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis within 11 hours after contacting the water.  They were cutting my foot off. Then they cut my leg off 8 times; a total of 14 operations. I spent five and a half months in the hospital fighting for my life.”  Here is the news report.”click here to see the news report.

Zack is a true water warrior- he survived the toxic war and lives to warn others.

As long as they can tell you this is red tide and give you a text book definition, nothing will be done and you or someone you love could be next to have this or something worse happen. The mining of the toxic phosphates and dumping toxic water into the ocean needs to stop.  It just needs to stop. The river way system that has been destroyed for sugar cane needs to be restructured.  Hopefully this can be done.

Zack, “The people won’t listen and stop going in the water until this happens to them or a loved one.”  Sadly, Zack is right. Three years ago when the water was cleaner than it is today, this happened to Zack.  What will it take to stop this?


PS – The news still doesn’t talk about this or people like Zack who live the rest of their lives with this, and they sure don’t talk about those that died. It is time to get this out in the open.


In a banter back and forth between “Q” and  “L” that many say stands for Lynn De Rothschild of the Central Banking System Dynasty, L told Q the people will die of thirst.  As the banter went back and forth it ended with threats that the peoples children will die first than the people.  (Watch the water video below). Many remembered the message from Q …”Watch the water.”


At the time, instead of watching the water they jumped to conclusions this must have something to do with North Korea and therefore something was happening in the water there or over the water to North Korea bla, bla. There were many interpretations.

toxic water

Watch means to observe and be ready.  The problems with the water have been going on for decades.  Fake news has not reported the truth about the real water problems in every state.  Actually world wide.  It is all part of the deep state’s climate change junk science and toxic deliberate silent killing through contamination.  It is world wide.

I challenge all Q followers to do the research yourself and follow Cargill, Monsanto, and Mosaic.  Here is a hint….Cargill owns all.

Another hint is “What is mitigation banking?”  Follow Clinton ’93.  Executive orders, EPA. Army Corp of Engineers.  Clean water act over ridden?  What did Trump do when he came into office?  Executive orders?  Why?

Have a nice day Q followers.  Watch the water.  Remember the “hammer”.




What did it mean for Florida’s drinking water when an entire 500 foot high radioactive gypsum stack fell into the aquafer via a sink hole?  According to the way the government and news handled it in 2015 it was no big deal and anyone who was worried was just sensationalizing the situation. Take a look and find out what an aquafer is and what it does in God’s plan for natural clean water.

Nothing is by chance.  It is all part of checks and balances and protection.  Man has went out of his way to create toxic water.

Florida’s aquifer begins in South Carolina and travels through half of Georgia and part of Alabama and ALL OF FLORIDA!!


MOSAIC, the largest phosphate miners and fertilizer company in the world, was only fined 1.89 billion dollars for dumping  a 500 foot tall mountain of toxic radioactive gypsum waste that also contained uranium, metals and acidic goo (what else would you call it?) I guess it would be – bio chemical waste.

The fertilizer waste and the finished products like ROUND UP are in our soil, our water, and our air.  The echo system is on life support and parts of it have already been amputated by big industry’s greed and carelessness.  They have lied to the people of how toxic their cancer causing waste is.

Watch video below and look at what has been and is continuing to be destroyed!

For people to even believe this is a Red Tide only issue, wake up.  Mosaic was found guilty of unsafe dumping into Florida waterways and agreed to pay close to 2 billion dollars for the clean up.  The problem is, you can’t clean up the underground aquifer that feeds the entire state.  Reports have said it is too deep they can’t see the bottom.  Because of that…..there is no problem?  Oh my head hurts.  Anyone who bought into that news story has the reasoning of a child.  Wake up and end the evil that is destroying American’s water.  It is not just a Florida issue.  Look across the nation at all the toxic water problems.

Sustainable Development Agenda 21 is shouting to consume less water.  I say this – the best way to use less water is to stop mining phosphates that use billions of gallons of water per day and then dump that into our fresh water supplies creating bigger shortages.  They are creating a water shortage problem world wide.  Wake up and see!

drinking water EcolinkImage

This gives the appearance that our water is under attack by design.  Be it deliberate or due to greed, it is not due to ignorance.  It is due to lies being told to consumers and residents who live by these phosphate mining fertilizer plants.  Look at the number of lawsuits and settlements.  It is a severe and out of control problem!



The tide is turning…and not fast enough.  The sea life has been killed and people have been made sick with cancer and respiratory illnesses, among a myriad of other nasty side affects of toxic waste.  Today Monsanto lost it’s court case and must pay 289 million and other suits are coming against Monsanto from sick people in other parts of the nation DUE TO CANCER CAUSING WEED KILLER CALLED ROUND UP!

Monsanto loses law case – due to round up found cancer causing on the heels of Mosaic found guilty of improper storage and disposal of waste from the production of phosphoric and sulfuric acids, key components of fertilizers, at Mosaic’s facilities in Bartow, New Wales, Mulberry, Riverview, South Pierce and Green Bay in Florida, as well as two sites in Louisiana.

The EPA said it had discovered Mosaic employees were mixing highly corrosive substances from its fertilizer operations with the solid waste and wastewater from mineral processing, in violation of federal and state hazardous waste laws.

They agreed to pay 2 billion to clean up their toxic waste, but, Florida hasn’t seen that happen yet. Florida’s phosphate deposits today are the basis of an $85 billion industry that supplies three-fourths of the phosphate used in the United States.  The environmental mess, and damage to the echo system and life is not worth the small jobs created with health risks attached.  There are organic biodegradable products and methods to fertilize that can replace phosphates.  Florida and other states who want clean water need to look into these methods.

Although phosphate mining provides jobs to the small communities in which the mines are located, it also leaves behind a toxic environmental mess. Read about that here.

Now that Round up and phosphates in it has been found damaging to human health, it is the time to hit them and hit them hard with a Federal Lawsuit and or Class Action suit and mandates to clean up the mess and stop the toxic dumping and destruction of Florida’s eco systems.  All those involved in coverups and payoffs must be brought out in the open and held accountable for ignoring the laws for public safety and causing the harm they have caused.

round up 215d1840-083e-4e0f-9bb0-987a626f8b52-bestSizeAvailable
Round up burns the grass, scars trees, what does it do to other life?

Mosaic’s mining of phosphate in Florida has destroyed the natural echo system, disrupted the river waters and displaced wildlife and sea life. It has contributed to the  toxic water problems in Florida’s so called Red Tide that has lasted almost one full year.


Have you ever heard of glycophosphate? It’s in the gulf water tests in mega doses and the primary chemical used in the weed-killer Roundup. This is contributing to the toxic soup in the Florida waters! And waters throughout the nation and the world. These nonbiodegradable toxins are what Monsanto’s Round up and Mosaic call nutrients.  These nutrients kill weeds, and they also kill sea life and destroy our water supply, mammals and humans.  It affects the entire food chain.  Mining of the phosphates affect natural eco systems, and this leads to toxic by products and acts as a silent killer for all life, including water.  As nature tries to figure out what to do with the run off – algal blooms are created and these suck all the oxygen out of the water and kill fish.  The blooms block sunlight and kill food sources like grass for sea life that depend on that for food.  It destroys the eco system and without that our reefs are destroyed.  The waste by-products contain radioactive phosphates and dioxin and these are getting dumped in our water, soil and air through dust blowing off the toxic radioactive gypsum stacks.  All deadly to living organisms, humans included.Read more about glyphosate here.

It’s time to push forward hard.  Push together and let our voices be heard!  This is the time to stand together and together we can turn this toxic tide around for good!


Money can never replace the life that has been lost nor the quality of life that has been lost for those who have had to and are living with illnesses that run off from toxic fertilizers and phosphate mining has caused them. But what matters most is to end it for ever.  Learn our lessons and value life more than sell out money  to turn  and look the other way.  This is that window of time we looked for and the hope we have needed.  Together we can stop this.



Captain David, and Patty Cummings are stepping out from their daily lives to warn others of the toxic water because it is killing sea life and making people sick, and some are dying.  Whether it is a slow death of cancer, or a long term autoimmune disorder like asthma and respiratory issues, or muscle spasms and soreness, skin disorders, rashes and flesh eating virus….somebody has got to stop the runoff of toxic waste from the fertilizer plant and all the farmers like big sugar who use the phosphate ridden toxic nonbiodegradable product.

People need to be aware that Red Tide does not naturally kill mammals like dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles weighing 300 plus pounds.  It doesn’t kill horseshoe crabs, whale sharks, and 500 pound groupers.  It just doesn’t.

grouper 500 lbs38836053_10212207721492370_6681196845860913152_n
500 lb Goliath Grouper hauled away at Sanibel – Lighthouse in background.

Captain David has lived in Florida his entire life. From the time he was a small child he has lived and breathed the life of a true born fisherman. The crisis in the Florida water and dead sea life hits deep into his heart and he won’t rest until something is done that takes care of the root of the problem. His passion and commitment to stop the toxic run off stems from his strong Florida roots. He’s not a fair weather type captain who gets a license, buys a boat and takes a chartered group out and back again for cash and when times get tough, simply leaves or finds another place to take his boat. Captain David is a fighter for sea life, wild life, nature, eco systems, and people, but what motivates him above all things is his 8 year old son, Matteo, that’s the future he’s fighting the hardest to save.

captain david 38753007_1063522723806213_7618120274738675712_n

Captain David, “As a kid, I loved to fish and always went fishing on my own because I didn’t have a dad. I grew up without a dad and one day when I was about 8 years old, some older guys from the neighborhood took me out fishing on their boat. It was my first time ever on a boat. That day we caught snook and red fish. I remember when we got back I got emotional and started shaking, and crying. One of the guys, his name was Tim Fisher, who was one of my giants, asked, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” I told him, nothing’s wrong. Somethings telling me that I’m going to do this the rest of my life. And I’m telling you right now, as an 8 year old kid, I looked him straight in the face and said, you’re never gonna see me do anything but this. This is what I am going to do forever.”

Now you might think an 8 year old kid was just going on because he had a dream come true by going out in a boat. But this wasn’t so with Captain David. He fished every day since that day and runs deep sea charters with 40 years experience.  He knows the waters like people know the rooms in their house.  He knows where the fish are and understands the eco system and nature.  When he says things are not right.  They are not right.

Patty Cummings is a business owner, manufacturer, and the mother of four, with two left at home, 12 year old twin boys who love to fish and love the water.   She is the author of a #1 best seller on Amazon, that didn’t get celebrated yet because she was busy finding out what was taking place on her shorelines.

patty and her kids 12241627_10206799425799293_4917138598450683908_n
Patty and her children left to right, Austin, Brooke, Dodge, Patty and Luke.

“When I was told my book hit #1 on Amazon, I thought that was great”, said Patty, “But, my heart was focused on finding out where all the birds went and what was killing the manatees, dolphins, puffer fish and sea life.  Last week I should have been celebrating with my friends and signing books, instead, I was combing the beaches trying to figure out what in the world was happening to our water and sea life. I kept searching the beaches and asking questions.  On top of that, I made it into the office every day and got supper for my boys.  It was all surreal.  I had to know why the sea life kept dying every day. I love the water, who doesn’t love to get in the ocean and feel the waves?  Everyone should have the opportunity to see the ocean at least once in their lifetime. And everyone has the right to drink clean water.  Everyone. That’s what we are standing up for!”

captain david 38690981_2001622409894707_965917765250580480_n

Captain David, has not been able to take any one out to fish for six weeks.  His business has taken a $30,000 dollar loss, but he is more concerned with the future for his son Matteo and the sea life than with the money. “My fishing charters are relationships that I built with people over time. These aren’t my clients and my customers, these are my friends.”  Stated Captain Dave. “There’s people all over the world that have a picture of me and them holding a fish with a giant smile. And when they talk about Florida they talk about Captain Dave. They talk about how Captain Dave doesn’t give up, how Captain Dave will find the fish and make it happen. I’ve spent 40 years of just doing this every single day, and to see the dolphins die and the manatees die, and all our fish gone and to see my son sad because we can’t go out knowing we live on the water, and have a boat. I worked really hard to have this life for him and I got to tell him no. That is unacceptable to me because I don’t want to say no anymore. I’m tired of saying no. Even in this couple of months of saying no…every time I got to tell him now it kills me. It hurts my heart. Every single time.”

Patty met Captain Dave at town halls and through creating awareness of the dying sea life.  They both shared the cause of sharing the truth of the magnitude of the problem in their back yards. They both believe that if something isn’t done fast the consequences will be devastating and people will get sicker.  Many older people are dying now from respiratory failure from the toxic spores in the air.

captain david38729552_1764640803656925_8458710099723026432_n
Compare the water behind Patty how blue it is. Then look at the black water from today’s video below.

Captain Dave is passionate and so is Patty.  Together they are making people in Lee county sit up and take a good strong look at what is in their back yards.  Many are shocked and had no idea it was this bad.

Captain Dave has made it clear that the people in Florida are not going to be ‘collateral damage’ for any one.  He isn’t going to sit down and be silent about what is taking place in the water he lives for and loves. “Looking out back and seeing the algae in my canal and seeing algae on my boat and dead fish. Everyone of these dead fish is a natural resource that has been depleted. So every time we see these it breaks our hearts, but what hurts me the most is it’s all the work and all the time and all the memories. It’s everything that I’ve created for my son, that’s just going to be gone and I will not accept that. I will not try to understand that. I’m just gonna fight back. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not moving!

“We’re going to go fishing again and we’re going to appreciate it that much more. That much more.

“We’re going to appreciate and understand and maybe this is just a lesson that we’re learning now. But, I’m telling ya, I’ve learned it and I’ve asked God to fix it now. And anyway that he can use me, I will follow. And that’s my fight!

“I care about our economy, I care about our water, our nature, our fish. I care about our atmosphere, I care about all these things, but when it comes down to it, you know money can change people. It changes their views and their fight. Ya know, ya can’t stay passive about something that’s right on your doorstep and I’m gonna tell you right now, I fight and I’m gonna tell you right now, I fight for my son Matteo and all the Matteo’s out there and that makes me a very dangerous man.”

Patty Cummings is made of the same grit and sea water that flows through Captain Daves veins.  She is out on the beaches asking questions and creating awareness. Her passion for the sea life was felt around the world by  RTL International News out of Greenland who saw one of her videos. She got a call out of the blue from Holland on Tuesday and the next thing she knew they were coming in on Thursday.  When they arrived, she asked Eric Mouthaan of RTL World News, Netherlands why he chose her to talk to out of all the people he could have asked. He told her it was the passion in her voice as she made the discoveries on the beach for the first time. They knew this was real and she was the one they wanted to talk to. They came to Florida and Patty connected them with Captain Dave who took them out in his boat and showed them what was going on in the opaque black water that was once clear and blue. Patty then took the news team out to areas in Lee county for a first hand look.  They will be releasing their news story over the weekend and hit their European affiliates Monday.  Hopefully it will create more awareness based on the real facts.  Time will tell.

captain david yy
Captain Dave

Captain Dave had a lot to say, but he ended on this note. “You’re never going to question where my views are, because I’m gonna tell ya. In a room full of people, when you lie, I’m gonna tell on you. Because I’m that guy. There’s no body holding strings on me, there’s no body telling me what to do, where to go, what to say. I’ll call you out for the world to see. The guy that can speak the loudest is this guy!”

Patty Cummings agrees, it is time to call them all out and demand real answers. She is missing the smell of the sea salt air and the sound of the seagulls flocking the shores. Pelicans are another favorite.  How about you? What would the sea air experience be without the nature that was made to surround it.  The camera man from Greenland said it best, “It’s death in paradise”.  Patty has faith the birds will return and the people will stop the dumping of fertilizer, and toxic waste into the water ways and the land will heal before it is too late.

“This problem can’t wait for an election, things need done now! President Trump we need you now.  Please help us.”  Pleaded Patty.

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