Billy Graham’s “Expose” Video Debunked & Argument for His Humanistic Discipleship

Written By Sam Grothe


I grew up watching Billy Graham’s Crusades at my Grandmother Una Grothe’s house in Fort Collins. So naturally, after I was saved and Born Again in 1986, I heard Rev. Graham’s Crusade was coming to Denver the following summer. I had just gotten my driver license and saved up enough to buy two tickets for the crusade: one for myself and one for my grandmother. It’s a moment and memory I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Rev. Graham’s message was the simplest and most straightforward of any preacher I had ever heard. “If you believe what Jesus did on the Cross at Calvary for you, then you’ll spend eternity in Heaven with him!” There was never any complication about his message, like do you need to be Baptized first, believe in pre- or post-tribulation theology, or be concerned with the Rapture. It was always about what Jesus did on the Cross for us.

sam 28511752_10215175734402471_108978701_n                                      My Grandmother Una Grothe and me as a kid.



Fast forward 31 years to 2018. I learned of Rev. Billy Graham’s death on the way in to work the morning he passed away. He was nine months shy of his 100th birthday. I spent a few minutes typing out a prayer and memorial to honor him for one of my Facebook Groups. But, instead of seeing an outpouring of support and sadness about his death, I was shocked to see several people heap condemnation on the man who I thought was America’s pastor, too. Most of them claimed he was a false teacher, a freemason, an apostate preacher, and involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse. “What? Wait a minute,” I thought. “Where is this coming from?” And, these folks who were tearing him down keep squeezing lighter fluid on the fire and sending me videos to watch. At first I was livid and couldn’t even bring myself to watch them. But, my curiosity got the better of me. I had to know!!! But, most importantly, I wanted to see how wrong they were. So, I watch two and then a third one that was the most detailed. And, here is my assessment of that piece of work.

Most of the first 15 minutes of the low-grade film documentary “Billy Graham Exposed” was spent serendipitously trying to tie a young Billy Graham to ecumenicalism and liberal leaders in the early 1950s and 1960s. And, likewise, brought up how the Apostle Paul rebuked Peter for Catholicism. Then branched into how Graham in his autobiography “Just As I Am” wrote: “(Graham’s team member Willis Haymaker) would also call on the local Catholic bishop & other clerics to acquaint them with crusade plans, and invite them to meetings. They would usually appoint a priest to attend and report back. This was years before the Vatican’s II openness to protestants, but we were concerned to let the Catholic bishop see that my goal was not to get people to leave their churches, that I wanted them to commit their lives to Christ.”

What Graham’s detractors argue is that Graham didn’t want Catholics to leave the Catholic church once they were saved. Well, didn’t Jesus appoint Peter to start the church to begin with, and why? Actually, of all the disciples, Peter was the first disciple to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ or Messiah. Remember it was Peter who cut off the soldier’s ear, when they came to arrest Jesus. Yes, he was also human and denied Jesus three times to save his own skin, but he wept bitterly. It was also Peter, who flung himself out of the fishing boat when Jesus was on the shoreline calling to his disciples after his resurrection. It was because of Peter’s repentance and Christ’s forgiveness that he proclaimed Peter “Rock of the Church!” If nothing else, Peter’s example is like young Graham’s struggle to seek, repent, again and again to turn towards Christ. I don’t care what faith or denomination you are, it is still very hard to deny the fact that God had intended for the Catholic Church to once be his one true church. Obviously, over times things have strayed, but many Catholics, like my wife, are true Christians and consider themselves Christians first and Catholics second.

The documentary goes on to gloss over how lesser known pastors quit or were removed because of personal or political reasons from Graham’s organization. The video only spends seconds discussing each case and never dives very deeply or quotes any of those were “offended,” “fired,” or “ grieved” in any way. Most of the detractors, like James E. Bennet, a former co-student at Wheaton College, who wrote an editorial for the Christian Beacon Press in May of 1957 titled “The Billy Graham New York Crusade: Why I Cannot Support It, A Ministry of Disobedience” were mostly spreading hearsay with absolutely no evidence in the video.

Folks, then they super-impose a photo of Billy Graham with the Devil and a Masonic compass and begin to say that Billy Graham denies Christ, but his very next words in the video are: “Our only hope…there is no other way out, there is no other way of survival, except through HIM (Christ)!” The narrator goes on to explain that he has never been able to get his hands on John McCarther’s original article in Decision Magazine that proves Graham denied Christ is the way. These guys are loons and have an axe to grind, plain and simple!!!


Yes, then they tear into the fact that Bob Jones, John R. Rice, and Carl McIntire accuse Billy Graham of ecumenism. “It was not the first time some of them have raised their objection to – my growing ecumenist of course. But my New York crusade marked their final break with our work.” The video goes on to equate Graham as a liberal-loving apostate, who enamored himself with unbelievers and Roman Catholics, and alienated himself from Christian teachers.

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There’s also the secret tapes that Nixon made of his friend and confidant Rev. Graham, which we come to find out puts some of his feelings about Jews in a rather precarious light. ”They’re the ones putting out the pornographic stuff,” Graham said to Nixon mostly about New York publishers of the time. The thing is who of us has never crossed the racial line or spoken ill of some other nationality? If the log fits, it’s probably been in your eye, too.


Furthermore, the expose video goes on to say that Rev. Graham and his wife Ruth through prayer and Bible study find that Billy Sunday, DL Moody (whom I’ve studied extensively), and John Wesley were all wrong and compared himself to Niamiah, who tried to build the walls around Jerusalem. Niamiah, the detractors say, was trying to keep out non-believers, while Rev. Graham was alienating himself from believing Christians. Well, how many of us have grown wary of preachers over the smallest parochial differences. I don’t know about you, but I for one am still shopping churches!!! Luckily, I have many Christian brothers and sisters that I commune with. One notable friend, Pirate Mike, is my partner in crime on Sunday and we drive up and down the Front Range in search of Holy Spirit-filled churches to visit!!!


I suppose one of the biggest problems I have with the anti-Graham movement is the way they claim he’s an apostate for telling Catholics to stay in their church. You know the one Jesus told Peter to create.

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” – Matthew 16:18

billy gap_18059606594497_wide-9ec9d270a2dd5b45cf5dc555b8b8379be6c8ebd3-s900-c85
Well, bottom line, we all know it’s been corrupted and even has Satanic elements infiltrated in it. But, the Devil is everywhere. He’s not just in the Catholic church, he’s working overtime to mess up your church, your family, your marriage, and you!!! It’s all about our faith and what we do about it that matters. Not where we go to church.
There’s also the matter of the Rev. Billy Graham “rejecting” the King James Bible back in the 1950s. Well, how many of you now carry around a King James Bible, and do you really think the Lord will judge us more harshly for studying an NIV, NASB, and ASV. Chances are your church is likewise guilty of “Alexandrian corruption” of switching out to a more modern bible too.

Then there’s the whole witch hunt of equating the Rev. Billy Graham with Liberals and Communists. The detractors in the video point to Graham’s words of “…a Christian is a person that is to live Christ under any form of Government, whether it be Rome, or whether it be Communism, or whether it be Nazism – that we are to live Christ in the midst of that situation in so far as we possibly can.” They also heap on him the atrocities committed by Stalinist Russians and Chinese execution squads. Really??? Was the Rev. Billy Graham there to witness those atrocities? We all know they happened, but as humans we also have something called self-preservation. Rev. Graham was always more concerned with getting the message of the Cross and Christ to those who were still alive, because we have no control over those who are already dead. And, it was pretty obvious, the Rev. Graham would have traveled to the gates of hell to spread the Gospel.



In 1963, Rev. Billy Graham spoke at Belmont Abbey (Catholic) College and in 1967 the same Jesuit college bestowed an honorary doctorate upon him. Ever since, the knives of anti-Catholicism have come out for Graham too. Well, how many of you viewed the Polish Pope John Paul II as an anti-Christ or un-Godly? We all have Catholic friends that we love and hope serve the true God, the same one that includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This video also equates “true men of God” as those like Bob Jones Sr. Well, the gate was so narrow at Bob Jones University that it lost its tax-exempt status for not allowing interracial dating. It also didn’t allow blacks until 1971.2


Rev. Graham’s detractors have for years called him (Stalin’s favorite term for Liberals) a “useful idiot,” because he was doing their (Communistic) work on our soil. In 1978, Graham was invited to Poland by the Ecumenical Council to speak at many of the churches in Poland. However, he was put down for being asked to “come and preach the same Gospel that you preach all over the world.” His critics even point to his own vindicating words as evidence of his wrongdoing: “I spoke from the bible on the meaning of the cross and explained why the death of Christ on the cross and the resurrection were central for Christians of all backgrounds.” Yet, they chastised him for not rebuking the Catholic Church, or in their minds – the whore of Babylon. And, the friendship formed between Pope John Paul II and Rev. Graham has been equated as an unholy alliance. My wife who was born and raised in Poland, considers herself a Christian first and a Catholic second. But, even I find no fault with Pope John Paul II. God forgive me, if I am unaware of any Satanic ritual he may have taken part in, but I highly doubt that ever happened. Unfortunately, I doubt I can say the same for our current papal Pope. His critics have gone so far as to say Rev. Graham “yoked” himself with Rome!!!

“Billy Graham has served as Satan’s “Pied Piper” taking unregenerate rats into an ecumenical hell seated in Rome,” according to the Video’s narrator. It’s seriously that dumbfounding people, the amount of abuse they have heaped on a man of the cross!
Finally, his critics say that there is no need for a revival of Christianity, claiming: “We do not need a so-called Spiritual Revival. There is plenty of spiritual activity going on here and around the world, and here in America!” I seriously disagree with this assessment. After having spent eight years under the Obama administration that pranced around homosexuality, embraced Islam, and treated non-Christian immigrants better than believers trying to get here.

Right after 911 in 2001, the Rev. Billy Graham said there was a serious need for a spirit awakening or a spiritual revival. “And, God has told us in his word, time after time that we are to repent of our sins and return to Him, and He will bless us in a new way.”
The bottom line is really this, the Rev. Billy Graham was crucified by his critics for his inclusive views of those who could become saved. But, his critics will never let go of the fact that Billy Graham yoked himself with those who were Catholic, or liberal, and yes in some cases different religions altogether. But, Jesus who met with tax collectors, prostitutes, and lepers was an okay guy. However, Rev. Billy Graham who wanted to re-invigorate the faith in Christ of Catholics, Communists, Liberals, and others is a bad guy and going to hell?

billy sJa10L0b
All three of the videos I subjected myself to never provided photos or evidence of Rev. Graham being a Freemason or a Satanist. The ecumenical ties are a bit more believable and easy to understand, but he was never an apostate pastor. His message was always about the washing away of our sins by Jesus on the cross. So please, pull the log out of your eye, before you go shooting splinters at our dearly departed Rev. Billy Graham folks!!! God’s love and plan for salvation is bigger than our heads can ever comprehend.

billy 636554169429573873-GTY-925453874-98024993

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, the Rev. Billy Graham will become only the fourth civilian to “lie in honor” in the nation’s U.S. Capitol Rotunda. He follows in the footsteps of Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, and two state Capitol Police officers, who were slain in 1998.


1“Billy Graham, Nixon and anti-Semitism: The Bombshell Tapes That Tarnished the Faith Leader’s Reputation” published in Haaretz, Feb. 25, 2018.
2“Bob Jones University Would Probably Like You to Forget it Once Banned Interracial Dating” published The New Republic, 2017.

By Sam Grothe




angel 596c1aaf173abe4bf9dc95e9be27d707--heavenly-angels-angels-among-usRecently the terrible teens shouted their ideas of gun laws. As a sane adult of many, many years I shouted back -“NO WAY!”  Why?  Because I have been watching all events from both outward youths and those born into my family.  First of all, teens who want a say in society need to be out and about into society like having a job, a residence of their own, and common sense.  So far, I have not seen a lot of that IN THE 18 YEAR OLD AGE GROUP ready to vote.


In the wake of the terrible shootings, at the schools, I believe that if the gun laws ARE TO BE PUSHED TO THE AGE OF 21` TO BUY ONE…THAT ANY ONE DECIDING TO GO INTO THE MILITARY SHOULD ALSO BE OF THE SAME AGE, 21 years old.  I also  believe that anyone who WANTS TO VOTE SHOULD ALSO BE 21 YEARS OF AGE. THE SAME EXACT AGE AS TO own a firearm, AND THAT SHOULD MANDATE THE AGE TO ENTER INTO THE MILITARY.


LET BASEMENT KIDS BE BASEMENT KIDS AND LET REAL MEN ENTER INTO RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS.  That is the way it should be.  Let those who wear vagina hats wear them, but also claim such as mentally incompetent.  Hopefully, President Trump will put in place legislation and special places for the mentally unfit.  Once again, we will have a place to send those who do not function well in society.  And the Lord knows that list has grown very long and wary.

Let us tell all the fainting snowflakes not to worry, for a place for them to go and learn what they are to do is forthcoming.  It is called a mental health institute. same institute that was diminished and lost a few decades back due to useless eater goals.  Well, it will be reinstituted and those that are there will learn much more on how to behave than when they were out on their own. As in the Song of Elton John, “Blessed” – I Promise You This!


Let us look at the village…it is full of school shootings, child abductions, child trafficking, pedophilia,  DRUGS, AND HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING.










Who else is tired of the “Hunger Games” killing, stealing, lying, and destroying all things decent.  Oh….maybe some of the millennial kids don’t know what gender they are but they sure as heck know what bedroom they squat in and call mine!


I, for one of many, am tired of the deep state spraying us daily with chemtrails and in some cases with agent orange (as has been reported in a law suit that was recently won in Florida involving a sugar cane field), and yes…it was AGENT ORANGE AND IT WAS SPRAYED DIRECTLY ON THE PERSON causing immediate ill affects and paralysis.  Interesting as it was I found that all the Western Hemisphere (including Brazil, Belize, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Equador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Cameroon, the republic of Cote ol’lvoine in Africa, and now….surprise, not so surprised in Florida) has had what the experts call “Orange rust” on their sugar cane crops and so let us fast forward past all reasonable explanations and give you the final outcome….IT HAS BEEN FOUND THAT THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF THE PROBLEM IS TO …..(DRUM ROLL) PRESENT THE ANSWER WHICH IS A NEW “SUGAR CANE CLONE”  created in a lab and just to remedy this unforeseen problem.

If you buy into this epidemic as real and not manufactured then you are part of the problem.


Deep state manufactures many things like deadly herbicides to kill fungus like sugar cane orange rust  or so it appears combining herbicides, as from the findings of the newly settled lawsuit.  Why were they spraying this herbicide combination called Agent Orange on Florida Sugar Cane?  Isn’t that illegal?  Outlawed?  Or was it just dang unlucky for the sprayers to have knowingly sprayed a human being in a sugar cane field????  But, hush now…gag order and you get the settlement fast.

The most recent in your face revelations are with the school shootings and the outcry of the lost millennials of the lost parenting society of the 21st century.  At least the ones who applied for the Crisis Acting jobs from Homeland Security or was it the FBI?

alice unShowImage As an American, not affected by ultra mind control efforts, nor the i-phone/xbox desensitizing…..nor the new common core method of teaching garbage in and garbage out….I know when the deep state is spraying us daily with chemtrails it is not a good thing.  I know when big pharma is pumping babies and children with deadly, toxic vaccines it is not a good thing.  I know when our food is poisoned by GMO’s and there is metals in our cereal along with poisons found in rat poisoning that it is not a good thing.  Not to mention weather modification to the extent of extreme catastrophe. But who am I to dare and stand in the gap of Satan’s deep state ideals of killing what they deem are useless eaters to depopulate the planet and have their ideal 500 mill or so and their new robot designed utopia.  Before you elect to haul me off as the crazy here, read the United Nations Sustainable Development for the 21st Century, also known as Agenda 21.  After you do that, we can talk.


So are you going to let common core educated kids who think it’s cool to eat tide pods and have little emotional development, and many- who well into their twenties still think they own their bedrooms in their parents homes…..(YES THIS BUNCH) to dictate to the masses what they will or won’t do to satisfy their obsessed self absorbed, x box lives?  I am not their momma…nor their papa…nor their teacher, or any other system that has been corrupted to assist in steering them into their own self devised direction of – “to hell in a hand basket”.  I will not allow any of them to shout as though they speak for me.

What say you?   It is time to take our country back and one big shout out to also TAKE OUR KIDS BACK!

Excerpt from article linked below: “I for one refuse to be lectured on my rights any longer, especially from the degenerate left. I refuse to be lectured by Millennials and children who don’t respect their parents, adults and seniors. Who bully and torment their classmates into depression, rage and suicide. It isn’t NRA members shooting up these schools. It’s your own CLASSMATES.”  Read more here on shooting op-ed

I whole heartedly agree!


Thank God we have President Donald J. Trump!





Orange rust? Really?



It sure looks like President Trump has the deep state running in circles.  He’s a brilliant president making smart, strategic moves. The Russia game is unraveling and all fingers point to the deep state puppets and their ‘not so smart’ minions.

trump27972608_1743301282388495_5796708249185033831_n  Remember patience is a virtue and deep state seems to have little of that sort of thing.  The deep state goons are like frantic kids on bumper cars at the moment….. while noble men protecting the nation have their eyes on the treasonous snakes like hawks!

trump a8427ff823792542017197c9ef940bec


Rosenstein (below) got knocked out of his bumper car.  His ride is over. Or is it?

In regards to the “nothing burger” he served up….to me, it looks like he just laid down the bun in preparation for the dead meat about to be served!


Did Mueller make a deal?  A plea bargain to avoid Military Tribunal?  Or does he have some meat on the grill for the nothing burger?

FBI Co-Hosts International Conference On Cyber Security In NYC The upcoming days and weeks will be very revealing.  I am waiting for the JUSTICE BURGER – A BIG FAT ONE WITH EVERYTHING ON IT!



miranda 28276020_1741732619212028_88978965_o

Written by John Miranda, Political Commentator

Just now, for most liberals, the few remaining “Never Trumpers” and the “Deep State Scum – Robert Mueller, is not only hailed as a hero, but indeed a needed hero. He will find the dirt needed to impeach President Trump or disgrace him and embroil him in controversy to the extent that his Administration becomes so weak that it is completely powerless and ends with at most, one term in office.
How’s that working out so far?
If a person is to be honestly objective that plan/scenario looks to be about as successful as a horse with a broken leg at the Kentucky Derby. Truth be told, you could even say that Mueller went to the White House like a horse with two or three broken legs. Literally, everything Mueller has touched has flipped itself back upon the criminal behavior and actions of his own hand- picked team and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and close connections. This is how you remove President Trump? On what planet?
We should all remember that Mueller went to the White House to interview with President Trump to be the FBI Director of his Administration. What our mainstream media fails to inform the public about is the fact that Mueller was ineligible to even accept that position. This is a fact, overlooked by essentially everyone. Perhaps MSM believes President Trump could have waved a magic wand to make him eligible? Perhaps they never reported upon this fact out of ignorance or stupidity? Flip a coin.
So the question that needs to be asked is – “What then was that meeting for?” Keep in mind that just days after meeting with President Trump, Mueller was named as Special Counsel.

U.S. President Trump speaks during Reuters interview in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington
I propose this scenario:
Mueller arrived for that meeting to see that President Trump wasn’t alone. General Kelly and General Mattis were also there. Both Marines, just as Mueller once was. They then outlined for Mueller various criminal acts he covered up or had directly been involved in during the administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Charges of treason were on the President’s desk, and Mattis made it clear to Mueller that he had two options.
Option 1: A one way ticket to Camp Delta charged with treason and facing a Military Tribunal.
Option 2: Serve once more under the Chain of Command- Assemble a team of the most corrupt members of the Department of Justice and the FBI to be part of his team as Special Counsel. Blow up your team and expose the criminal and treasonous activity of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and everyone associated with them.

Is there a third option?
Well, if you want to claim that meeting between General Kelly, General Mattis, President Trump, and Robert Mueller never took place…. then you need to accept the fact that after over two decades of successfully covering up criminal activity, including his own criminal activity, that Mueller somehow became the most incompetent man of the planet. His investigation is burning from all sides. Several members of his own team look to be heading to prison. Investigations have opened up directed toward Hillary and Company – EVEN OBAMA on all fronts! Those are facts.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.  Hard Core Patriot,
John Miranda


“The contents of the memo are so explosive that it could end Special Council Mueller’s Russian Probe once and for all.”
Sara Carter

Dan Bongino
“The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist is going to be exposed for all to see.”
Dan Bongino

“I’m hearing through my network that hell is about to come down on Hillary, Obama, and #Deep State, #ObamaGate, #FusionGPS, #UraniumOne, #ClintonFoundation, #GITMO.”
Bill Mitchell
UPDATE: Did I say Chain of Command or Mueller would have to be the most incompetent person on the planet? Well, let’s be honest, we’d have to include a couple of more planets in now if he’s not under the Chain of Command.
AND NOW Rosenstein delivered a big NOTHING BURGER!

ROSENSTEIN 28176259_1742785505773406_1425790256_n


People walk past the U.S. Capitol dome in the hours before Obama delivers the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress in Washington

Opposition research is what Hillary is calling her blatant felony.  How many will buy that one?  Then, we must look at those paid by Hillary et. al. to participate in her felony – those who took bribes to help stomp out Trump….in the recently released emails from Assange it shows Paul Ryan, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Lyndsay Graham, and Jeb Bush have all received CASH payment to accomplice Hillary’s felony actions.  Don’t forget  John McCain who also partook of the dastardly deeds and got his share of the CASH.  READ ABOUT IT HERE.  It’s not just these politicians, there are the Wasserman Schultz types and there are many like Waters, Booker, Pelosi….the list is long.  Then there are all the funded street thugs like the -MS-13, and all the lives that matter, and let’s not forget the paid rioters that destroy on demand.

Then sadly, there are the ones who came forward to testify, or blow the whistle in one way or another who instead, committed suicide, some even beating themselves up first – or so we are supposed to believe that ridiculous report.

And the heads of the FBI and other alphabet organizations are all just doing their jobs?  The answer is in who was paying them….and yes, they were just doing their jobs that the Clinton’s and Obama’s were paying them to do.  How treasonous and illegal it was…they were paid to do so.

President Donald Trump

How many tax paying American citizens are going to yawn and look the other way on all of this swamp mess?  Isn’t it time to indict all those involved?  It is time to demand that these felonous traitors who committed illegal acts and treason be pulled from office and indicted for their blatant criminal acts.




bot human-and-ai

In the midst of all the “me too’s”, some real and some recruited and paid….while perhaps a few are just chiming in….there seems to be a broader connection.  While the real concern is with stopping child molestation and human trafficking – even torture and death cult sadistic ceremonies, spirit cooking, baby skinned shoes, organ harvesting and getting high on human blood, the sick people never let a crisis go by without using it as an opportunity. (Rahm Emanuel’s favorite quote).  So in the midst of blaming the innocent like President Trump for things he never did….topped off with left leaning attorney, Lisa Bloom, paying crisis actors as much as $750,000 to say their lies it makes a big smoke screen to confuse those who still take their messages from Fake news.  Aside from creating confusion since the Russia, Russia, Russia concept is dead…. sex scandals are real….pizza gate is real, Spirit cooking and satanic mutilations and child killing is real.  That is what President Trump has vowed to crack down on and break wide open.  The guilty ones are scrambling and arrests are being made.  Others are dropping like flies to avoid public shame and jail time.  Meanwhile…..who is going to report the real news?  The news that goes beyond anyone’s imagination?

The opportunity to use sex accusations to clear out congressional seats and destroy political candidates seems to be pushing beyond the guilty into anything goes if it will stick.  In this arena only the strong will survive, even if you are innocent you have to be made of iron to prove it, while the twisted and perverted always seem to live to go at it again.  Their secret places are torn down, burned, or quickly remodeled.

At the same time here comes another group gleefully drooling with chattering teeth, chomping all over their up and coming launch of the new sex bots.  What perfect timing to present a robot that you can use to do what ever sex act you desire with no consequences.  This can be a great selling point in the land of the insane.

I wonder how long it will take the evil minions to figure out multiple ways it can be used to kill, steal, and destroy. You can be sure they have already- A.I. is being used in our military and social media via C.I.A., N.S.A. DARPA and other alphabet agencies.  Artificial Intelligence on steroids is all but unleashed as they add this technology to their ultra low frequency patents to create the ultimate “mind control world” with A.I. leaders taking over like SOPHIA who is also the first robot citizen in Saudi Arabia and might I add, the world. Then, surprise, surprise they are launching their new sexbot A.I. robots. It seems there is a HUGE MARKET for the females.  Imagine going out to dinner and watching a grown man groping his A.I. date.  It’s okay, even in public because it’s only a bot doll, right? Wonder if there will have to be tax payer dollars wasted in tons of regulations for these?  (Did you ever wonder why Obama made a thrust for brain research? It wasn’t to cure disease!)

I kid you not, something like this sex robot video that suggests horrendous immoral indecency with man and bot….is not censored, but if you say you want to stop pizzagate,  pedophilia and sex trafficking – you are on an algorithm list and chances are you will be censored like many others have for speaking of such things. Trust me, you would be banned from Farcebook if you said you had figured out a way to use your lawn mower to have sex and started a group page for lawn mower sex. Unless you were a liberal, it seems as we all have seen, then you could do it…

It must be a sick reminder that they can’t just take over the world, these perverts desire to use the technology to F***  us in the process too!. I wonder who did these test studies? Can we get the names of all who sexted these robots to see how they needed adjusting? I want the names.

I’m waiting for the day the A.I. Sex Bots will have rights to go along with their citizenship.  That will open up an entirely bigger can of worms.

You have to admit, the timing for all these things is a bit coordinated.  Maybe this is our shock and awe moment?  It will be interesting to see how many  will be advocating that this is the answer to all the sex problems?

Do we really believe the elite will stop using children for their live ceremonial sexbots?  No. The sexbots are for humanity to get more A.I. crap among the population and start a full scale perversion trend that “completes” the transgender family.