Historic Movement Shall Prevail! Deplorables Unite!


There is a movement across the earth and it is growing – patriots against the globalists!  It is a wonder of contempt to all who belong to the globalist agenda and a beacon of light to all who desire freedom and sovereignty of nations!

History is rising up with a momentum of triumph to the people!  Rejoice for the movement is great and it can not be turned back!

Fake news can not hold back the floodgates of truth!  I stand with Trump and with all the leaders who stand for freedom!  The shout to “come out of her my people- lest ye share in their plagues” is great to hear and marvelous to behold the vision!

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God bless all the voice of his people who have cried out and now are blessed with leadership to restore the vintage that has been laid low through lawlessness!  May Le Pen stand strong to restore France to the people who seek a nation of laws for the people and a world united for freedom!




Let the weak say “I am a mighty warrior!” ~~~ Joel 3:10

Joel 2:11  And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?





It’s Not About Trump – It’s About “Our Father, Whose Kingdom Is Coming, On Earth As It Is In Heaven….”


The battle is not between flesh and blood.  It is between principalities and powers in dark places.  Fear not…call upon the Lord for wisdom, strength, patience and direction.  Ask for God to send his angels to guard and protect your every moment and breath. Pray the same for your family, friends, nation, and President Trump.

The evil powers that bind together the chaos unleashed are lessor powers.  All powers of greatness are held by  God and he shall shield all who come to him through his son, our Lord of Lords and King of Kings. In him we are strong. Amen.


Stand with President Trump for he has been well seasoned for such a time as this, tested as gold tried in the fire.  He has been anointed to stand before God’s people and lead the way.  Rise up dry bones and stand a great and powerful army for the Lord.  Amen.




QUESTION: Since Governor Jerry Brown declared the State of California a SANCTUARY STATE…..and sanctuary cities are no longer eligible for Federal funding…..technically, the SANCTUARY STATE OF CALIFORNIA is not eligible for any federal assistance.

Can the good people of California recall Brown before he destroys the entire state?


Excerpts from:

Jerry Brown Betrays Americans, Makes California ‘Sanctuary’ State

Gov. Jerry Brown continued his streak of anti-Americanism by signing the so-called “Trust Act,” turning California into a “sanctuary” state.

The law bans state officials from transferring illegal immigrants to federal authorities for deportation if in the estimate of those state officials the aliens haven’t committed “serious” offenses.


Considering that California is already a “medical” marijuana state, it’s a no-brainer that drug offenses won’t rate the “serious” label, guaranteeing that drug dealers and Mexican cartels will have the run of the state for years to come.

It also guarantees that illegal immigrants will continue to flood the state so long as they think there is opportunity to game the system and make money.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and former Homeland Security Secretary and current University of California President Janet Napolitano are among the Democrats who leaned on Gov. Moonbeam to sign the “Trust Act.” Read full article here




STRIPPED OF SANCTUARY CITY FUNDING, ICE deporting illegals, massive rain and mud slides, fires from drought, and now DAM BROKE! But fear not the San Francisco Marsh Mouse is thriving and the smelt survived the destruction of the delta farm land that used to feed the USA and a major part of the world all thanks to the wacked out environmentalists and the UN Wildlands Project Agenda 21, carefully implemented by past administrations of the Federal Bureau and Land Management.


As rioters torched Berkley in protest of Milo’s free speech, while screeching in defense of their own, those arrested for rioting never got to spend their George Soros cash, unless they spent it to post bond?   In the end…Berkley was defunded and the liberal snowflakes melted in the flames…..whinning they can’t take anymore!

Good grief!   But then, to the bewilderment of those at the Oroville Dam crater, they just can’t seem to figure this one out?  Crater?  How did this happen?   Take a look at it in the “SKY 7” video below.  Connect a few dots here….and let’s see if any Soro’s cash thugs will whine about this?

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it funny that shortly after this massive flooding the ground looks so dry, and the standing water just doesn’t seem to be there?  Only in the crater hole?  Why is this…or what could cause this…or when was this footage taken?  Where was it taken?  Why does it all look so dry and why does the crater look so targeted?

Now to the dismay of of those who are sincere about what exactly took place…you may have to do your own investigative reporting….after all….the govenor is in need of cash.  What will he do with emergency funding?  How many Cali victims will receive the Federal funding?   Will they connect any dots here?  I’m sure many are connecting as I write.  Smells a lot like Katrina to me.  But, it’s just that dam smell that lingers in the air after these type of events, especially when you are no longer sleeping.

Take a look at that dam photo again….since when does water have an explosive cloud in it?


Look especially to the right side of the so-called eruption due to massive rains….and check out the corrosion in the concrete that just happened to be in one centralized location that is now a crater? It was reported that the dam was in need of repairs for 13 years.  Nothing was done.  Where have we heard this same report before?


Oh….but, what do I know?  Just asking a few questions….as we all should.





Earns Nordstrom

Nordstrom better be prepared to return their spring overstock….or get ready to forward it on to outlets like TJMax….who best be ready to forward it on to Good Will or just trash it for a write off. It doesn’t take a merchandising demographics expert to realize that the market for high end clothing lines has not been the liberal protestors in the streets, nor Soro’s funded black lives matter recruits. It simply has never been.  Nor does the high end fashion world design for such.

The stores who have collaborated their efforts to make a total ass out of themselves by trying to punish a successful business woman, and overall champion of real women’s issues, because of her father’s patriotic endeavor to restore law and order to the land, never saw the financial back lash coming.  The liberal management who chose to appease  NWO,  globalistic, unsustainable development agenda 21, have nicely laid their store brand names on the chopping block.  Watch now as sales decline and store closings are announced.

Yes, we are talking about Ivanka Trump, and the feeble attempt to destroy her entrepreneurial efforts.  Alas, and a lack, have globalists forgotten that this is the age of online sales, and all it takes is a simple website to ‘cha ching’ Ivanka fashion sales and ship them right to your door?  (Nordstrom is no longer unique in that service.)    Did they even stop to think this mess through?  I mean how hard would it be to open  a store front space in one of the numerous Trump Towers real estate locations?

One thing is sure, this is not about liberals versus the conservatives…or racism…or any of the fake titles the Soros and Saudi propaganda media have shouted to veil their unstable, political correct globalist bribed world. It is about sovereignty of nations versus globalist dictatorship all owned and operated by the great merchants of the earth.


Think about it folks…..how many protesters in vagina suits, or on welfare, or unemployed millennial’s (living in their parents basement) shop at Nordstroms?  Then ask how many Trump supporters shop(ped) there?  Enough said.  Say by, by to another over rated American clothing merchant whose time has come to weep and wail for no one buys their merchandise anymore….and I am not talking about Ivanka!




To clear the air of the anti – Soros paid pollution….President Donald J. Trump is a president to all citizens of the United States of America and not of illegal persons who have snuck into the nation illegally.  He is a president of all citizens, including those of color, absent of color, those of gender specifics, or lack of gender or change of gender.  He has many friends, associates, and employees who are legal and illegal immigrants and many who have sex preference’s other than his own.  What he does have that many are angry about is a love for the United States of, its’ citizens, and law enforcement.


In the case of immigration, imagine being a foreigner who went through the proper channels to obtain a proper visa and are undergoing what is needed to become a USA citizen legally.  It is expensive.  I know of one personally who is legally going through the process and has already spent $30,000.   Imagine their opinion of those who came here and came illegally and were allowed all types of assistance and welfare benefits?

This problem is not because we did not have laws, nor because we did not have the means to enforce laws on the books…the problem was created by a failed system that allows agencies to figuratively rape people who want to become citizens legally.  I suspect this is a result of a long thought out, slow boiling, and implemented plot to create the situation we now are facing. None of this was President Trump’s fault, but the clearing up of it will be President Trump’s glory.

trump neito 3

Think about it. In order to make a society frustrated about the process of becoming a citizen to the point of erasing  border boundaries as in Mexico and Canada….one must think of a plot to undermine the process and make it as intolerable as illegal border crossing.  If you make the cost of and process of becoming a citizen so big of a hurdle that few could afford to do it…. then you have successfully stopped and or slowed down considerably – legal immigration.  You also create a reason to protest the entire process.  Which at this moment, as it stands, is not representative of the best interest of the majority.  Meanwhile, Trump is merely looking at the current laws on the books, with the intention to enforce them, and make them easier for those wanting to become an America Citizen to do so.  The bigger argument should be – “WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH TO BECOME A LEGAL CITIZEN PROPERLY!