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It is almost as though, if one would sit quietly for a moment and evaluate and ponder with eyes wide open….they might begin to see the irony in the HAARP created swamp and Trump trying desperately to drain it. One can see the shadow cabal laughing at their antics as they watch Trump concentrate on draining two swamps.

I believe in the end, Trump will get to the bottom of all of this and there will be hell to pay for those who created it, if indeed it was manufactured and manipulated. Remember we wrestle with a shadow government that creates and pays terrorist organizations to create havoc. From ISIS to ANTIFA, it is all part of the shadow cabals attempt to rule the world and destroy all who oppose.


There are those who say, “How stupid to even think these things.  What could possibly be the motivation for doing a thing like this to the State of Texas? You are a crazy lunatic.”

The majority of Texas residents support Trump. They support the second amendment. They support a border wall. They support legal immigration. They support the USA and desire to make it great again. They support Trump draining the swamp. Who gains from the destruction? The cabal’s elite who will rebuild and sell lots of supplies and gain government contracts for resources to help rebuild the devastated state of Texas and surrounding areas.

Who loses? The citizens who lost their homes, their belongings, the lives of loved ones, businesses, and those who now have no job for all is under water. It was reported that 80 percent of the flood victims had no flood insurance.  Most have mortgages.  Guess the property goes back to the bank?  Who gains there?  Programs are in place for the mortgage companies, not the homeless.  Again, who gains? The great merchants of the earth are who.


Think about the ones who controlled this monster storm and who are still directing the storm to its’ next destination. The only way to stop their legal insane antics that harm people is to expose them for what they are and what they are doing. WE THE PEOPLE never agreed to any of their weather testing and weather war international laws. No more than we agreed to their chemtrails, cloud seeding, nor their radiation exposure testing. Nor any of their evil vaccines, GMO’s or false flag events. And we certainly didn’t sign up to be part of their depopulation efforts.

weather cloudseeding01_8464435_ver1.0_640_480Cloud seeding is real, with laws that govern its’ uses and it is not in favor of the citizen.

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The congress and the senate have both been privy to all these evil afflictions on the American people.  Those who have googled government websites and patents are privy to it only because they took the time to read what was hidden in plain site.

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Stand up America, expose the evil acts and let us make America Great Again and stop all the evil agenda.  Expose the evil.  That is the only way to end it.  May President Trump succeed in draining the swamp!




Amazing progress for this veteran, and former NASA engineer,  who was running out of time to get his prosthetic leg.  After 8 months at home doing professional physical therapy to recover from his leg being removed through surgical amputation, Ray could not even pick up a piece of paper without his shoulders hurting, and could not put any pressure on his good leg.

In just 3 sessions at P2 Personal Training in Cape Coral, Florida on the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, Ray is able to pull his body weight with no pain on his shoulders  and his good leg is building muscle!

Watch Ray’s first session: After 8 months of no progress, Ray is able to put his body weight on his leg with Astro-Durance Bungee assistance.  His posture is straight, which is another thing Ray could not do.

Ray started his Astro-Durance Bungee System exercise program on August 24, 2017.  His second session was Tuesday August 29th and his third session was today, August 30th watch Ray’s progress.

Ray smiles and looks forward to his workouts that are pain free and result oriented!  Ray’s progress has proven that ASTRO-DURANCE BUNGEE – “MOTION BASED EXERCISE” builds muscle!  Motion based exercise is the concept of expanding and contracting the muscles without putting pressure on the joints by assisting the body to do what it can not do on its’ own with bungee cord assistance.  It is the key to rebuilding muscle strength!  You don’t actually have to pound the pavement and add harmful high impact on the joints!  “No pain no gain” is yesterday’s motto, today it is “WE GAIN NO PAIN!” AND IT WORKS!

Watch Ray before his 3rd session showing off what he can do now, after only two sessions at P2 Personal Training with owner, and developer/creator of the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems, Patty Cummings.

There are so many people that need this type of painless rehabilitation.  Astro-Durance Bungee Systems is truly the future of fitness for all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and physical limitations! It is made for everyone.  Whether you are a body builder looking to rev up the cardio and build your core, or like Ray, looking for something to build muscle so you can have the strength to walk again- Astro-Durance Bungee Systems MOTION BASED EXERCISE will help you do it fast!

Ray came to Patty Cummings to try her Astro-Durance Bungee Systems at P2 Personal Training P2 Personal Training Facebook after a lot of encouragement from his friend Al. He had his leg amputated in January of 2017 and has been undergoing on going physical therapy to build muscle strength so he could be fitted for a prosthetic leg.  He had not been able to make any progress and muscle continued to atrophy instead of build.  Mainly because he was not able to put any pressure on his leg, no matter what they tried.

astro durance patty 20861515_261236351053928_95569059328266523_o Ray’s time was running out, as he only has until September 28, 2017 to build muscle strength or he is not going to get his prosthetic leg.  With only 5 weeks remaining, and muscle atrophy so bad he could not even straighten out his leg, let alone put pressure on it, the future looked very grim.

astro durance ray

But now that grim scenario has all changed.

With nothing to lose, Ray listened to his friend Al, and went to P2 Personal Training to try the Astro-Durance Bungee Systems.  Now, in three sessions (barely a week), he has a smile on his face and renewed hope.  It looks like he is going to reach his goal before September 28th!.  His muscles are building, and there is no pain when he exercises, nor after.  Cape Coral, Florida residents are rooting for Ray and watching each day as he progresses and gets stronger and stronger.  After watching Ray’s video’s, please give him a like!


ASTRO-DURANCE BUNGEE SYSTEMS are available for purchase for your fitness or rehabilitation facility.  The unique feature is there are no franchise fees, no royalty fees, and lots of customer support.  They have an advanced online education and certification program for Astro-Durance Bungee Systems available www.astroduranceeducation.com
Astro-Durance Bungee Systems are made in the U.S.A., and have developed a special entrepreneurial start up opportunity for veterans!
If you have an existing facility that you want to add Astro-Durance Bungee Systems in, or are looking at opening up a new facility, you can find out how to get started at astrodurance.com .  They have a technical support team that can answer your questions and help direct you.

Weather Modification, Including Earthquake Toys Are Legal. Think About It….Do You Trust These People?


Do you believe all the monster storm phenomena we have been experiencing is really just nature? I question it. Do you believe the weather station can now predict that four days from the date of their broadcast that there will be 40 inches of rain over a specific geographical location in one day? I do. Why? Because they are designing it to be exactly as they predict!

Gone are the days that the weather man can’t predict the weather. Today, they can because their sources tell them what to say, based on what they are doing.

There is an attack on Christian America and its’ people.  The great merchants of the earth own this monster storm creator, and we know their agenda.   By the way…. Corpus Christy in Latin means body of Christ. Coincidence?  No more a coincidence than ANTIFA, BLM, AND ALL GEORGE SOROS FUNDED RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS. Soros is in league with the NWO cabal. This storm has Kabbalah written all over it.  And, unless the people call them out, it is all legal.  IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO EXPOSE THIS AND SEND A MESSAGE TO TRUMP THAT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  Drain the weather modification swamp….don’t let them continue to turn God’s people who support Trump into a swamp!  If you haven’t figured it out…that is what appears to be taking place.  Reverse swamp draining! If you have figured it out – send a message to President Trump at the Whitehouse at whitehouse.gov


In July 1972 the U.S. Government renounced the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, even if their development were proved to be feasible in the future.
It’s all out there in plain site.

The following excerpts are from the United States Website: Read in full here.
Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977
Entered into force October 5, 1978

Article I sets forth the basic commitment: “Each State Party to this Convention undertakes not to engage in military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury to any other State Party.” An understanding defines the terms “widespread, long-lasting or severe.” “Widespread” is defined as “encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometers”; “long-lasting” is defined as “lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season”; and “severe” is defined as “involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.”
With regard to peaceful uses of environmental modification techniques, the convention provides that the parties shall have the right to participate in the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technological information.
So what are these peaceful uses? It appears to mean, anything that does not become long lasting – a period of months? Or a season? Severe is involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets? What do they determine to be Significant? That is the question. The other question is – DO YOU TRUST THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THEIR ENVIORNMENTAL MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES? The House of Rothschilds now own these techniques along with the weather station. Do you trust them? ROTHSCHILDS BUY WEATHER

More from the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation:
Understanding Relating to Article I
It is the understanding of the Committee that, for the purposes of this Convention, the terms, “widespread”, “long-lasting” and “severe” shall be interpreted as follows:
(b) “long-lasting”: lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season;
(c) “severe”: involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural and economic resources or other assets.
(a) “widespread”: encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometres;
It is further understood that the interpretation set forth above is intended exclusively for this Convention and is not intended to prejudice the interpretation of the same or similar terms if used in connexion with any other international agreement.

Understanding Relating to Article II
It is the understanding of the Committee that the following examples are illustrative of phenomena that could be caused by the use of environmental modification techniques as defined in Article II of the Convention: earthquakes, tsunamis; an upset in the ecological balance of a region; changes in weather patterns (clouds, precipitation, cyclones of various types and tornadic storms); changes in climate patterns; changes in ocean currents; changes in the state of the ozone layer; and changes in the state of the ionosphere.
It is further understood that all the phenomena listed above, when produced by military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques, would result, or could reasonably be expected to result, in widespread, long-lasting or severe destruction, damage or injury. Thus, military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques as defined in Article II, so as to cause those phenomena as a means of destruction, damage or injury to another State Party, would be prohibited.
Before you call me crazy….google a few government websites. Especially the patent sites. Then we can talk about it.

More interesting sites to review:  – HAARP is a space based weapon of mass destruction ;
Your Congress Knows all these things….and allows it all to continue. Sponsor:
Rep. Kucinich, Dennis J. [D-O H-10] (Introduced 10/02/2001)
Committees: House – Science; Armed Services; International Relations
Latest Action:
04/19/2002 Unfavorable Executive Comment Received from DOD. (All Actions)



Once again the liars shouted loud and lied about what took place in Charlottesville, and lied about what took place while the media lied about the facts and tried their best to make President Trump look like the man on the fence with lies to tell.  Well, it all backfired and the world watched with their own eyes and listened with their own ears and saw and heard an entirely different event then the one painted by the media in crayon and big fat markers that smeared everything up!  Learn what took place in Charlottesville here.

charlottesville170812160732-27-charlottesville-white-nationalist-protest-0812-super-169After much hee haw (due to hands being tied behind their backs by the Governor and other officials) the Charlottesville Police finally came up with an official statement that put the media to shame…yet the liar news stations lied about who’s responsible for what happened and, of course, they blamed only one side of the conflict. That’s unacceptable because we actually saw who provoked the chaos and started the violence.  It was a radical group….looking much like half were bussed in to do the dirty deeds.  All for $25 BUCKS AN HOUR!  Or so it appeared.

charlottesville tiki-torch-brosedited

Let’s be clear here, being a white nationalist is not the same as a white supremist.  As a nationalist, you are a citizen that loves and respects your country.  Your nation is something you are proud of and all that it stands for.

In this upside down world where the great merchants who control it are seeking one world supremacy where their money rules all things…. who would ever know or dream that these great ones are on the side of destruction?  Only those who are dull, ignorant and too busy watching reality star programing about their pathetic, fictitious lives, and learning social media aps that will make no difference in the end when all the lights go out!

Trump holds a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio

It’s time to wake up and shout – “HERE I AM LORD – USE ME! Show me what to do to help this nation.”  If not now…when?  I stand with the Lord and President Trump.  Where are you standing?

Dianne Marshall


President Donald Trump

Are people that naïve that they believe President Trump, who won the election in spite of the new world order deep state odds that were underhanded and beyond decent, is somehow all of a sudden naive and unable to tell a liar from a truth teller?  GOOD GRIEF – THIS IS JUST PLAINLY NOT SO!

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

President Donald J. Trump,  of the United States of America is sitting in the seat of world power and is FIXING THE MESS IN WASHINGTON – MAINLY THE DRAINING of THE DANG SWAMP.  HE IS NOT GOING to let the snakes come in and nest under his feet and inside the oval office?  Not without a purpose of being there…that is one thing for sure.  And Trump is hunting…he is laying traps. The swamp is deep and President Trump is sitting in the middle of it…so why are people surprised when it comes to all the treachery taking place in the oval office full of swamp rats?  Why are they surprised at the dredge slinging?


Not to worry…Trump has it all under control and he isn’t going to let any of the vermin gnaw at anything important.




All the rumors and reports of fear, based on the biggest liars in fake news and the most corrupted swamp dwellers is getting people stirred out of their yawns and into OMG’s.  I, for one, am not buying into the evil peoples’ desire to instill fear.  I am standing on the wondrous progress of President Trump to drain this swamp, and the good feeling in my gut coupled with the continuous thanks I keep giving to God for sending us a true leader who is guided by his hands.

Where are you?  It was never going to be easy to drain a swamp that has its’ lips stuck to the golden cup full of abominations.  Yet, all I need to know is that it is written that those who raise that golden cup high up and drink from it are going down….down….down!  Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen.

It is time to give President Trump credit for battling the evil forces to this point, and time for every God fearing American to pray and ask what they can do in this deep battle against those who desire to destroy God’s America.

Where it is appalling and ghastly to hear of the evil ones’ ways and their underhanded diabolical deeds, that message does nothing at all to ever interfere with the power of God to raise up dry bones to the state of His glory and purpose. God is always in control, in total power and those he loves he protects.  Read and see for yourself how God always picks and protects those he chooses to win for his purpose!  Evil knows this and cringes!

God Bless America and President Trump!



pattys teamuntitled1.png


It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, nor your shape, size or fitness level, ASTRO-DURANCE principals work the same on all body types! It is what Astro Durance calls a ‘bio predictable workout system’ designed to compliment the way our body works.

ASTRO-DURANCE BUNGEE SYSTEMS is a low impact, motion based, resistance training program that allows the user the needed buoyancy to perform exercises they might not be able to perform without assistance. ASTRO-DURANCE is safe and fun for all ages, sizes, and for most all types of physical limitations.

Over- weight individuals who could never exercise without pain, or long enough to increase their cardio and speed up their metabolism, found that they too were revving up their cardio in minutes!


People with arthritis and physical restrictions have been amazed at how easy it is to perform exercise movements that were impossible for them before they tried ©Astro-Durance Motion Based Training that defies gravity!

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Because Astro-Durance Bungee training is anti-gravity and motion based, it is the ultimate in low impact exercise, with the added benefit of increased blood and lymphatic flow.


For example: Something as simple as jumping (a traditional gravity based exercise) gives the body an impact ratio of 5 times the body weight on the joints each time their feet hit the ground. This is called high impact training. Over time, this type of high impact training can be a major factor in harming joints, and/or causing injuries. Astro-Durance Bungee Training allows you to jump using your muscle groups and land without the body weight impact. ASTRO-DURANCE is an excellent plyometric (jump) training – and a low impact, anti-gravity based exercise.

By using both horizontal and vertical moves, the body gets a complete muscle workout and uses core muscles that basic gravity based training does not allow. Horizontal resistance training improves body flexibility and is excellent for developing all muscle groups without the strain felt by traditional gym workouts.

clients 17103367_1228245727245345_7535213635045658059_n

ASTRO-DURANCE RESISTANCE TRAINING allows all ages to do jumps, hops, jump squats or one-leg hops with ease and low impact. Clients can exercise all the same muscle groups traditional gym goers exercise when jumping up and onto a box or bench, or over cones, without high body /joint impact and without the failure to achieve the goal.



zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzUntitled-2MOTION BASED EXERCISE – THE FUTURE OF FITNESS!