No Putin did not fix the American Elections, and no he is not fixing the elections in France.  He merely admires strong leadership.  It is no secret that Putin has been fighting against the whims of the globalists for a very long time.  How refreshing for the leader of Mother Russia to see that Trump indeed won the presidency and Marine Le Pen is on the horizon to quite possibly lead the patriots of France!

It is as though Trump started a new thing….leading the way on how to rise to the top fighting the global elite single handed with bold, brash, in their face honesty and unfettered truth!  Calling a liar a liar, a crook a crook, and calling out all the evil that was done for what it is!  If it had no name, he named it!  Sooner rather than later, as the propaganda paid press lashed lies at him, Trump’s truth was validated tenfold!

zzrussiauntitledTrump – popular in Russia in spite of a maelstrom of propaganda and lies by organized Fake News!  It’s as though the left was so mad with nothing at all to sling…they decided to make a fake story and attack Russia for liking Trump!  i.e. They rigged the elections in the US?  Not at all.  Although they celebrated the people’s choice of sound, strong, sovereignty loving leadership!

[PDF] Delight at Donald Trump Watch Party in Moscow – ABC News

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PHOTO: Two women look at their cell phones in front of portraits of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, right,at the Union Jack pub in Moscow to watch a live telecast of the U.S. presidential election, Nov. 9, 2016.


Saying the things the people wished they could shout won Trump the people’s popularity! But doing what he said he would do, and already having a history of doing just that, is what won Trump the popular vote and his seat in the White House!  As he daily follows through on what he said he would do, his name is being hammered into the halls of the world’s history of heroic leaders!


Read more on Russia celebrating Trump here….

So how are the globalists taking this?  It is driving them crazy as they slice their rusty swords at him getting nothing more back than a swish of air!

Ah, but how are the patriots doing?  They are strengthened, emboldened, and every bit a threat to the globalists as much as Trump.



Fake news?  Why don’t we just call it what it really is?  It’s shadow government propaganda for the globalists!  Remember the line is drawn in the sand and that line is between the patriots of the world and the globalists who desire to control everything and every one.  Trump is being lashed at because he is a true patriot of the people and wants no part of the New World Order Agenda 21, nor any of the globalists’ lies and deceit!


The globalist time line to finish their evil plot as they have laboriously designed is running out- for their stages of altering patriotic perception has been exposed.  Watch, therefore, and behold their sloppy moves as they scramble.  The sloppy moves of an exposed global elite in a desperate attempt to put the people back in their deplorable baskets that will only ensnare themselves.

CIA Official, Clare Lopez, has come forth with a lot of truth to share to anyone who has ears to hear.  Trust me though, this is not for the tender ears of snowflakes.  It is for the ears of those who can appreciate the truth.  It is a must listen too.

It’s time to learn who is doing what.  This may take a while for some, and for others it will simply be a matter of adding a bit more to their treasures of hidden knowledge they had to search and dig for. The knowledge that was once called tin foil that today is in the headlines.

It’s been a web…a giant web world wide.  Brought to light by the same world wide web.  Something the evil spiders weaving had not anticipated.

The clock is ticking and for many who have just awakened there is little time to reread history, even the history of the last 10 years….even the last 6.  Just catch up by looking at the world nations and America….if it looks strange…it does so because it is not the same as it was.  If you are a patriot then trust your fellow patriots who have been in the trenches for a long while.  Stand up for truth and turn off the propaganda.




flat earth hebrew-cosmology-new

Whatever it is…flat, round, square, fishbowl, or pyramid….man’s quest for truth of the shape of the earth and what is in it, on it, under it, above and around it, can create much controversy. Was it a big bang?  Did God create it? Is it orbiting or standing still?

Do we believe God’s word as the ancient Hebrews believed  it?  Do we believe NASA (which in Hebrew means “to deceive”?) Do we believe the words of Enoch and his  instruction of the earth, sun, moon, seasons and numbering of days, and calendar?  So far we still do, as the clock tick tocks 24 hours in a day based on the same sequence as the sun passing through its’ course (in the same manner a sun dial was used prior).  We still calculate 365 days in the year with the four seasons – all the same as written in the book of Enoch, all based on the circle of the earth and the earthly gates the sun and the moon follow, and we still navigate with a compass that points due north.

With that in mind….what are we to make of the following?

flat earth02Orlando-Ferguson-flat-earth-map



Why do ships in the sea still navigate with the “New Standard Map of The World”?  (As well as all flight patterns, despite what they admit.) Why hasn’t anyone flown around the world from the North to the South?


Why did the government paperclip all the NAZI scientists who worked under Hitler to continue their research here if they were so wrong about things – especially the shape of the earth?


What was Admiral Byrd’s Operation Fish Bowl and Operation High Jump about? Why did he use the “New Standard Map of The World” to navigate his flights and ocean explorations?  Funny how he navigated his flight explorations with a gyroscope and a flat earth map, or is it?



Who is trying to hide what, and why?



The world is shaking and not at the shout of the globalists.  It is shaking with the sound of the patriots who love their nations.  A cry has gone out so loud that heaven has heard!  Angels are marching along the sides of people- all humanity who shout for what is just and right!  It is time world to unite in righteousness for all mankind!

Stand strong and be proud to be born for such a time as this!



Fake news has been around for a very long time!  Not just now….what is happening now is the people have awakened and they are shouting NO MORE FAKE NEWS!  When did fake news start?  Well, we can go back to the Garden of Eden when the serpent told Eve – “Ye shall not surely die”….and it has not stopped since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fake news is born of lies.  The Bible tells us the father of lies is the devil.  Well, there you have it!  Our battle is not of flesh and blood it is of principalities and powers in high places.  The invisible realm.  That same invisible realm that the Bilderberg’s cherish.  Are we to believe that the elite of the globalist world endeavors (sustainable development for a new world order agenda 21) all go once a year to California and worship Moloch the Owl in the groves just for the heck of it?
z bohemian 350px-Harvey_Hancock_at_Bohemian_Grove_1967
Are we to believe that these world globalist elite are so dang bored that they have to go to the groves yearly and burn an effigy (child) of care in a basket in the water and utter enchantments over it just because they are tired of golf outings?  Hey – don’t call me crazy- I’m not the one going to the Bohemian Groves.  I am the one that thinks that is nuts!  Or more over Satanic .
So when the great merchants of the earth go to the groves and do their thing, and decide who the next political leaders will be at the same time….it is a bit alarming to consider.  Now isn’t it?  I say yes it is.  Yet it is REAL NEWS.  NEWS only because the public has held their ears and refused to hear it, closed their eyes and refused to see it, shut their mouths and refused to speak of it.  Today, it is so cliche’.  So cliche’ that most ignore it.  Yet it continues year to year.  They no longer hide it…they say “So what!”  And what is our answer?  Silence.
Fake news isn’t going to go away. The only weapon we have to wield against the lies is THE TRUTH.  Start here with looking at ALL THE ACTIONS of those who CONTROL THE PRESS.  Begin at the groves and the promises made by the elite to the jesters who wear the funky wanna be crowns and jest at the thought of mankind – humanity having any “CARE” about their future. After all….the Bohemian Grover’s have a culling to do. Burn the deplorables in the proper baskets!  Well that all stops now. 
Humanity is awake and one by one, those who love their God are finding their way to the truth and the truth is what shall set them free!
God has sent the USA a Trump to hold fast and restore.  He sent Russia a Putin.  He got Britain to stand for Brexit.  France has their new Joan of Arc in Le Pen.  Many more nations are finding their Trump as elections draw near.  People of the world are energized with hope thanks to the empowerment of Trump winning the election in the USA!  The so called mega power of the world.  Together the people shall unite and stand against the evil beast of globalization that has its’ teeth set to devour all humanity.  It shall not rise – it shall be put asunder!  Stand up dry bones and be a great and powerful army for the Lord!
Yes the truth is ugly and it is real. Very real.  The only fake thing is what the powers that be have sold to you – a sleeping humanity.  It is time to WAKE UP AND STAND UP!  COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE!



Has Merkle not learned?  Or is she learned?  Remember the Olympic Games of 1972?  The laxed approach to security at the Olympic Games was supposed to equal security?  It appears Merkle’s approach to protecting Germany is as failed and flawed as the protection of the 1972 Olympic Games.  Or is this just all part of a bigger GAME? A GLOBALIST GAME?

Excerpts from the dark day in Munich when  USA  Jewish Athlete, Mark Spitz’s double zspitzebcd42e42a106e8c97f335101a9e6f26Olympic gold medal win went to the side lines as the Palestinian Terrorists took the headlines.

Black September

It was the first Olympic Games held in Germany since the Nazis hosted the Games in 1936. The Israeli athletes and their trainers were especially nervous; many had family members who had been murdered during the Holocaust or were themselves Holocaust survivors.Read more here.

The Palestinian commandos were part of the then-unknown Black September movement—a band of Palestinian militants who broke away from Fatah, the Palestinian faction that controlled the Palestine Liberation Organization . Black September militants were disaffected with what they perceived to be the PLO’s ineffective tactics against Israel.

Black September’s demands in the Munich attack: the release of more than 200 Palestinian guerillas held in Israeli jails, along with the release of German Red Army members Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof, held in German prison.

The Palestinian terrorists knew all too well how to attack in Munich: At least one was employed in the Olympic Village and knew his way around a compound housing some 8,000 athletes. The Israeli delegation was at 31 Connolly Street, a particularly inaccessible dormitory tucked away inside a larger structure. But German security was lax to nonexistent, the Germans believing that a pacifist strategy was the more effective answer to rising terror at the time.



The German government and police’s actions were not the only bungled responses to the terrorist attack. Five hours after learning of the attack, Avery Brundage, the president of the International Olympic Committee, declared that the games would go on.

As two Israelis lay dead and nine Israeli hostages were fighting for their lives in the Olympic Village, competition went on in 11 of the 22 sports on the program, including canoeing and wrestling. “Anyway,” went a dark joke coursing through the Village, “these are professional killers. Avery doesn’t recognize them.” It would not be until 4 p.m. that Brundage reversed his decision. A memorial service for the Israelis was held at 10 a.m. on Sept. 6 in the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium.

Let us take a moment and honor the Israeli athletes that lost their lives at the Munich Olympic Games….or shall we call it Globalist games?

The Murdered Team Members

The 11 Israeli team members taken hostage and subsequently murdered by PLO terrorists were:

  • Weightlifter Yossef Romano, 31 years old
  • Weightlifter David Berger, 28
  • Weightlifter Ze’ev Friedman, 28
  • Wrestler Eliezer Halfin, 24
  • Wrestler Mark Slavin, 18
  • Wrestling referee Yossef Gutfreund, age 40
  • Wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, 33
  • Track coach Amitzur Shapira, 40
  • Shooting coach Kehat Shorr, 53
  • Fencing coach Andre Spitzer, 27
  • Weightlifting judge Yakov Springer, 51.

Have we not learned a thing?  Merkle has taken in the lion’s share of so called refugees into the lap of Germany.  The lap of Germany has been blood soaked again, but this time with open arms SHOVED IN THE FACE of its’ own people with smiles of globalist leaders who applaud the act of INSANE HUMANITY!  Yes, insane humanity is the only name for it other than its’ true name which is terrorism!  Sadly, we can not even list the names of all who have been tortured, scarred and killed in the refugee crisis and the mismanagement of it.  Not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and every place they have taken in these able bodied men who hate the western world.  The able bodied terrorists who rape, scar, and murder females and children.  The able bodied terrorists who burn and pillage in the streets.

President Trump has called the refugee act what it truly is.  It is a Trojan Horse of terrorists entering into sovereign nations.  The pacifist strategy is a death warrant for humanity.  It is not, as the United Nations shouts,  an act of humanity at all. It is organized terrorism!


May the patriotic people in the world rise up and boldly elect leadership who will restore law and order and protect the sovereignty of their nations!  Those who endorse and support Sharia massacres and rapes shall reap all the rewards that go with it.  Those who fund such chaos shall be rewarded in due time.  What is important now is to stop the insanity that evil globalists have devised to usher in their chaotic order of dominion over all mankind.

The shout from the heavens is loud.  “Rise up my people and come out of her, lest ye share in her plagues!”  Rise up and stand.  Help Trump drain the swamp and hold the globalist agenda 21 accountable for all their evil plots!  Give light to the truth and let the evil doers be made known.