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EXCLUSIVE interview with President Trump – first since leaving the White House, at Mar-a-lago.

General Flynn – we have a president! Don’t give the politicians a dime!

General Flynn and General McInerney – don’t take the vaccine!

“Kim Clement taught about dispossessing our enemies so that we can possess our territory, overcoming regional principalities, how to possess and dispossess at the right TIME. This is timely teaching for us, the remnant who stand facing a spiritual war in 2021. Here is where we sharpen our spiritual weapons, here is where we fill the eternal that is in us so that we can know the timing of GOD. We must be in sync with HIM.”

I was just telling a friend about the timing of God and being in that window of time! How timely is this!





LISTED BELOW are just some of the headers from recent emails sent to me… by who? REPUBLICAN PARTY CAMPAIGN MONEY RAISERS!

I won’t ask you this again…. Another crisis in the making…. Time is up and we didn’t hear from you….. Dem Rep Makes Insane Law Proposal……ANTIFA thugs set fire to ICE….. This election is critical…..If we don’t act now we may lose New York….. We haven’t heard from you? Texas is lost! They’re changing the rules …. Our country is being destroyed! They’re coming for your guns….. Shocking lockdown discovery… They are coming for me…. This could change everything…. Our sad reality…. We are losing….Democrats have destroyed our progress…. I’m back from Mar-a-lago…..Democrats have gone full on dictator mode…Before it’s too late for America….. and my favorite header of all – “Ugh”…from guess who? R.P.

And they all want money based on FEAR!

What is fear?"... — Operation Pretty Things

If you are going to donate to anyones campaign – donate to those who are fighting for fair elections on their own dimes!! Send it to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood…send it to Patrick Byrnes who has burned through a lot of his own millions for the cause already! These grubby politicos who aren’t putting their own purse where their mouth is and have sat in the seat of law making and have allowed all this to cave in are not worth 2 cents!

The Falsehood of Fear - Human Unlimited

If you heed their FEAR FACTOR WARNINGS…heed it well and find another candidate! Support someone who SEES GOD WINNING not DEMS CRUSHING YOU. NEVER follow someone who feeds you fear that swallows your FAITH!

building a creative business: scared

Campaign funding has become big business. It is time to nip that in the rear. It is time to limit funding for all candidates accross the board. Let them all have the same amount…and no more…all dollars raised above the limit should go back to ‘we the people’ in stimulous checks back to the tax payers. Who likes that idea? FOLLOW AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO CAN LEAD YOU WITHOUT YOUR MONEY – LIKE TRUMP DID! ENOUGH OF THE Party Racketeering where aunt Susie, daughter Jill, or brother Bob gets 6 figures for running a campaign! And end the big Corporate donors all together.

Don't feed the monster - YouTube

No Corporate donations…Corporations are not PEOPLE. They are entities. These campaign orgs are businesses. A campaign entity is a reporting entity business with an obligation to prepare external financial reports for the benefit of parties with an interest in its operations, such as suppliers and investors.  These entities collect money from individuals who are citizens. They also collect money from business corporations who are entities that have to report to their investors. So we have a political system that reports to its’ investors who act as the candidates board of directors and TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT THEM TO DO WITH THEIR COMPANY – THE UNITED STATES, INC. Which is now bankrupt. So why are we still allowing this RICCO game to continue? OH FACT CHECKERS have at this one! Truth is truth. And there are many vaults within this tunnel to explore…I only named the obvious main door that takes you to the inside!

The real fear is Pence is raising money for office! Do you trust any of them at this point? I mean we are still in a battle to be heard from the last election…Sidney Powell, Byrnes, Flynn and Wood are still beating the trail…and I suspect so is Giuliani. Donate to someone fighting for you now! Help the ones bringing down the giant not the ones propping it up!

Vice President Mike Pence
Great America Committee
At least this wears better than the site where he was running for President with Ryan as VP when he was stabbing Trump literally in the back which was treason. this even Pence or is this a scam money grabbing donor site? DO YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING PENCE SAYS?!

So…send your money in exchange for fear. What I am reading here in the email headers is the ruler of this world not only operates on FEAR AND THE LOVE OF MONEY, HE WILL HAVE YOU PAY TO GENERATE MORE OF IT!!

And the hidden part of the story is….. COUP MAKE MONEY OFF MAGA

And the moral of the story is…. Lawlessness is profitable as long as people are asleep.

The lesson learned of the story is… only stupid repeats the process that hit them upside the head.

And the irony of the story is … those who follow lawlessness over and over still expect different results

How much money must be sent in order for those in office to begin fixing things? I saw what Pence did and he’s not even on my “who to send the trash to” list. Most every conservative is still wondering why he hasn’t been arrested for treason yet. Some say he has…but it looks like the grubby campaign algorithyms haven’t been changed yet, or RINOs really do believe people have short memory recall??

40 Bible Verses About Fear - Fight Anxiety & Worry With Scripture Quotes

Isn’t it time to start moving in the positive direction for a change?

We’ve tried negative and that train still arrives at the same place…DOMINION.


Make sure you elect law abiding city council members and a GOD LOVING MAYOR! Start there! Send your money directly to the person and not the business elite campaigns! And support your small business community who needs your support and donations a whole lot more than THE SYSTEM!




Serious question to ponder. How many of those destroying property in the streets contribute to political campaigns? How many of these sorts that the left caters to donate cash to support their policy programs? If very few of these, if any, contribute anything more than chaos they are funded to create in the street and receive funds from the campaign to do so. And so because of their value to the future of the Democratic Party they get special privilidge to their demands? Does this even make sense?

Opinion | Can Riots Force Change? - The New York Times

Meanwhile, we watched as an entire election was stolen and observe the corruption of others involved with perpetuating the theft and just like that….. we are supposed to get out our check books and start donating to the campaigns again…because we need to vote WHO IN? Why aren’t patriots and Christians getting paid to take a stand by the party they support? I guess it just doesn’t work like that.

Capitol riot: White House 'grieves loss' of 4 dead in chaos – but Trump  vows it's 'beginning of fight' after loss


If you who are unemployed want to throw money at RINOS and THIEVES…..GO AHEAD. I’m still waiting for the justice to be served.

After January 6th and listening to and watching the Republican Party Turtle and RINO show…. it is insulting for any of these yahoos to even dare think Patriots would send them a dime. Their lunch is bought and paid for by Elite Cabal and their Dominion Servers. Your money is just to add insult to injury, and a show of just how gullible Patriots are.

5 Profiles in Courage and Cowardice in a Trump-Dominated GOP –

Until the courts look at all the voter fraud and take the court cases for what they are, showing the evidence and recognize the corruption and treasonous acts that took place, this is just a shame. Imagine you are watching a movie… at what point do you shout at the film that this is so crazy only an idiot would keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. Some would say, this is so stupid it isn’t even believable… body can be that stupid. Well folks….it looks like people can be that stupid…or rather…they believe people are. It is either one or the other.

Election 2020: How the networks decided to call Biden win - Los Angeles  Times

As for me, I have witnessed an incredible thing. A shifting of sorts. As I come closer to the Lord and my faith grows…every word that is corruptible is like a megaphone in my ears. Every lie is louder than it ever sounded. And there is no place within me that can allow my soul to listen to those with nothing to say but how bad it all is and you need to get involved in politics? Now… there is a difference between demanding those in office and in the courts to follow the constitution and Bill of Rights…yet, when these are not honored, getting elected through a fraud system is not going to happen, therefore, until you fix the root of the problem, you feed the monster by doing the same things and expecting different results.

Pin by Malia W on Bible Quotes | Faith, Praise the lords, Matthew 17

By stepping out of the world show…and into the Kingdom of God…eyes see and ears hear…and the liars and the deceivers stand out like warts and open oozing sores. If you continue to pick at it…it will never heal.

Baker sending 500 National Guard members to Washington for inauguration

They found the machine, they exposed the cabal, they exposed the human and child trafficking, they revealed the people behind the curtain… and we see the armed guard and the fenced/ barb wired Capitol that was ordered on January 6th, 2021 that was placed there under the Trump administration, for the thieves were not sworn in yet…and still the people deny any military take over through Presidential action? How can this be?

1,100 Guard Troops Deploy to DC Amid US Capitol Siege by Mob of Protesters  |

Open your eyes and see. God and God only is in charge of the outcome of the entire world situation. It is not just a USA political issue….it is a world hologram and the game is almost over. All that is left is one big boss fight for we have reached the final level in this XBOX GAME.

So give it all you’ve got. I, for one, am rooting for the Power of God to avenge the evils. For that is the only way to heal nations.

Stay Strong!



If you think like a Fauci….this will all make sense. Otherwise…you are awake and no need to shock you into thinking!

May be an image of text that says 'IM GOING TO WEAR A CAST Just incase it's broken and don't know it's broken ජ FOR MY ASYMPTOMATIC BROKEN ARM'

But if you still don’t see the “funny” in this post…you aren’t totally awake yet.


Stay strong and think for yourself….



Forever young and oh how simple it is…just give them the blood of a child. A simple task and one that sounds totally sci-fi and appalling. The entire thought of it is an abomination in and of itself. But, it was due to open up for Silicon Valley lost its’ first blood lab and now another is rising up in its’ place with all the bells and whistles of the one that was closed. But at least this new one is telling the public what its’ real goals are; unlike the other, whose name is not to be named, a least not until after their court date.

The Times article is a bit revealing in the sense that the firm Grifols, along with some other firms, offered nearly double the going price for blood donations for a COVID-19 treatment trial. Students at Brigham Young University in Idaho tried to contract the COVID virus to get into the study…but couldn’t catch it. So….why are we wearing masks and social distancing and trashing our economy with lock downs? Oh right…the agenda.

So what is revealing is the agenda. So now this firm is looking at the plasma of young volunteers in hopes to find and extract MICROSCOPIC MOLECULES that can possibly reverse the process of aging itself.

Well, why not? It is now known that adrenochrome (a chemical compound found in the blood of tortured and frightened subjects, mostly children) has done the same age reversal. The only problem is, they can only extract approximately 10 cc’s from the person’s neck. That’s all the body can produce. But what if they found another molecule that can do the same thing?

This article just seemed to remind me of Adrenochrome.

And why? Because there seemed to be a shortage of this concocked elixer called adrenochrome with the arrival of President Trump taking office. During the Trump Administration, he cracked down on child and human trafficking, and at the same time, the “Me Too” scandals in Hollywood and Pizza Gate awareness, created a quiet market for this serum in popular demand. During this time of what some have speculated was an adrenochrome shortage, many celebrities seemed to have just went from 40 to 80 within months; we watched as vibrant stars suddenly aged overnight. Their health and appearance was shocking.

Some didn’t age as drastic, but they sure went downhill fast. This seemed to hit shortly after the forced closing of the company that can’t be named. But, now during COVID plandemic, BILLIONS are being invested by Grifols hoping to find some anti-aging LIQUID GOLD from the plasma of young volunteers. IMAGINE the market for a simple set of microscopic molecules that could reverse the process of aging itself. (Or this is their new story.) I don’t know why, but I feel a scam in the air. I mean…if you can let the public know you are doing a COVID blood study test…and while you are at it, find micro molecules to reverse aging, hey…why not, it makes a good front.

So the new story is the aging process causes heart disease and autoimmune disorders because that’s what arthritis and alzheimers is and chemists believe they can find something inside the blood plasma molecularly, something very microscopic, that they will give a name too, and this will be the new fountain of youth. After that my mind just thought… “There will be no more need to use the word adrenochrome. After all, it has such a bad wrap now days. So there should be no bad public objections for this new discovery and its use, for this is microscopic molecules found in the blood and we all want to donate blood for good and worthy causes….so let’s just open up a ton of blood banks…and gather it all legally. At least that will be the NEW FRONT for an ANCIENT blood potion that those who partake have become addicted to. I bet they call it something cool like “Micro Plasma”….or something similar to that.” Then I read on. That is how my thought processes went. And then as I read on, my thought processes kicked in some more….

“Meanwhile, they will continue to do their real harvesting in secret places, but the labs will be open to process it and churn out these “Micro Plasma” half ounce bottles with eye droppers, for the elite who can afford it. What an answer to their dilema after being cut off from their main adrenochrome labs in China and the other one (that can’t be named) who bit the dust in Silicon Valley…but, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes…voila – here is the new, improved, out in the open laboratory they have dreamed of having and already BILLIONS have been invested.

Well, that is my take on the matter. Does anyone else find it odd that Time Magazine has blitzed the story and encouraging the elite to invest their millions? Read the entire story here: Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will (

Excerpts from the article by Newsweek:

Can Blood from Young People Slow Aging? Silicon Valley Has Bet Billions It Will

Earlier this year, Grifols closed on a $146 million-deal to buy Alkahest, a company founded by Stanford University neuroscientist Tony Wyss-Coray, who, along with Saul Villeda, revealed in scientific papers published in 2011 and 2014 that the blood from young mice had seemingly miraculous restorative effects on the brains of elderly mice. The discovery adds to a hot area of inquiry called geroscience that focuses on identifying beneficial elements of blood that dissipate as we age and others that accumulate and cause damage. In the last six years, Alkahest has identified more than 8,000 proteins in the blood that show potential promise as therapies. Its efforts and those of Grifols have resulted in at least six phase 2 trials completed or underway to treat a wide range of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Alkahest and a growing number of other geroscience health startups signal a change in thinking about some of the most intractable diseases facing humankind. Rather than focusing solely on the etiology of individual diseases like heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis—or, for that matter, COVID-19—geroscientists are trying to understand how these diseases relate to the single largest risk factor of all: human aging. Their goal is to hack the process of aging itself and, in the process, delay or stave off the onset of many of the diseases most associated with growing old.

The idea that aging and illness go hand and hand is, of course, nothing new. What’s new is the newfound confidence of scientists that “aging” can be measured, reverse-engineered and controlled.

Until recently, “people working on diseases did not think that aging was modifiable,” says Felipe Sierra, who recently retired as director of the Division of Aging Biology, part of the National Institutes of Health. “That is actually what many medical books say: The main risk factor for cardiovascular disease is aging, but we cannot change aging so let’s talk about cholesterol and obesity. For Alzheimer’s, aging is the main risk factor—but let’s talk about the buildup in the brain of beta-amyloid proteins. Now that is beginning to change.”

All I can say is they must have seen the before and after photos of celebrities and wondered what the heck happened to them. Or they knew and were approached to remedy it? (There goes my thought processes again.) Remember everything the medical funded researchers do is for your benefit, and to make you healthy and the same people who fund them also fund the global agenda. Do you trust them? The same provide the funding to cure cancer and COVID. Do you trust them? Do you trust their motives? Just asking why the elite who want to depopulate the world want to invest in all the cures… do you still trust them?

Stay awake and stay strong!



LIN WOOD DECLARES WHAT WE KNOW IS TRUE – DONALD TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT! The left has tried so hard to stop the Health and Freedom Conference 20-21 with no avail. The conference has been a huge inspiration and rally to take back our lives and stop the insane mandates by a crazy out of control, cabal ran CDC and World Health Organization. They are weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. They have been found guilty of lies, guilty of inhumane acts against humanity. Actually much of it is downright crimes! Crimes the people are not going to shut up about. The voice of the people is ringing out with the sounding of Shofars, accompanied with strong Praise and Worship To God!

It is a picture of polar opposites. God’s people gather to shout the truth against the propaganda, lies and deception, while at the same time the cabal’s street thugs riot, burn, and destroy whatever they can, while Sebastian Gorka has an interview with President Trump on the future of the GOP, COVID mandates, international optics on Biden’s lack of leadership and his mess on the border!

Meanwhile, the ANTIFA spring love fest of destruction for the cabal… is interrupted at gunpoint. Coordinated unrest tonight in: Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Washington DC Joe Biden’s peaceful protesters are at it again.

And then there is the mess on the border. Biden’s regime is trying hard to create chaos and the only ones fighting are his cabal paid thugs. God loving patriots and Christians are busy holding Health and Freedom Conferences, and Praise and Worship Rallys….the Lord is filling his people with strength, faith and discernment. The people of God are praising and rebuking the evil in the Lord’s name. This is not what the cabal or their paid thugs expected. The streets in America were supposed to be filled with crazy faith based radicals for Jesus….well now… they have lost this battle and so now…ANTIFA is at war with BLM. Or so it appears.

They are now eating their own.

Stay Strong…this to shall pass and when it does…there will be a NEW THING, A GOD THING!




It has been difficult to get a good coverage of the live event due to the cabal and main stream media going nuts and banning footage left and right. The event itself has had its’ share of outside sources trying to shut it down. This is a war between good versus evil and banning the truth from ears that hear. God is winning and angels are intervening to bring the spirit of ONE NATION UNDER GOD and THE LIES OF THE COVID AND STOLEN ELECTION BEING EXPOSED WITH TRUTH!!! Please enjoy and cherish the footage as the evil ones are trying to take it down. It shall stand!!!

Fast forward into the event….around 9 minutes in.

His Glory TV | His Glory

Click on link above and it will take you to the live feed for the day.

COVID-19 in Oklahoma...'s tweet - "Hate to but have to ask again... What  could cause Oklahoma's COVID numbers to rise again? Image from The 2021  Health and Freedom Conference " - Trendsmap
Health & Freedom Conference April 16-17 (Updated)

The Bible tells us where two are gathered in my name there will I be in the midst of them…imagine millions!!! Your viewer participation creates a very strong witness and one that is unmatched by any power on this earth!

Stay Strong!




Satanic Baphomet ritual at Super Bowl follows Illuminati snuff film,  Beyonce possessed by SATAN! by PIRATENEWS
Superbowl Half Time Satanic Rituals in our face and most still call it creative art! Others know what it is and worship it others who know what it is condemn it all! This does need our boycott! Come out of her my people … lest ye partake in her plagues.

The Wizards and Warlocks of this world are alive and well. They sleek in darkness and work in secret. Conjuring the will of their master, conniving enchantments while boldly recruiting empty vessels to openly  fill them with minions of deception to do their bidding.  

And the powers of darkness said to the fool….”So you want to be a star, worshipped like the gods? Sign your soul away here, we shall see to it my darling.

“So you want fame, and to be worshipped for it like a god? Sign your soul away here, my precious.

“So you want all the wealth you can ever imagine…sign, sign, sign…we shall see to it my greedy one.

“So you want to rule the masses…oh, be not so quick my dunce…ye shall not surely achieve it…but only be my fool, for you see  it is I who rule this world and all the masses in it. Know your place for it is thy who do my bidding.   Now ask again, what is it thou desire?”

Eternal Life |


The God of all Creation in the heavens above, the earth below, and in the earth reigns over all things for ever. All have been given free will to choose who they shall follow. He spoke to the children of Israel saying, “Follow me and I shall be your God and you shall be my people”.  The God and Father of all living and all creation sent His Word to give his life for all and was sacrificed so all shall live who believe upon him. The world falsely accused him, hated him, scourged him, condemned him and hung him on a tree to die. He had no sin in him and was innocent without blemish.  His blood was shed, his side was pierced, the sky was blackened, the earth quaked, he was forsaken, then hurriedly buried in a rich man’s tomb. He descended into the bowels of the earth, “Tartarus”, and tore down the gates of Hades and freed the souls it had imprisoned. He rose from the dead on the third day and ascended to the Father and returned to be a witness for his people in the world but not of the world.

Carrying our cross" - St Mary's Copythorne

“Pick up your cross and follow me”, he said, “I will fill you with a comforting spirit to guide you and protect you from the wiles of the principalities and powers of darkness who roam the earth seeking whom they can devour.”  

He left us with truth, and the keys to heaven with the knowledge of our authority over evil spirits to rebuke them in His name. Put on the whole armor of God that you will be able to stand in the evil day…for these are the days of vengeance and of much slaughter. For the devil has come down and he knows he has but a little while before the Lord returns with ten thousands of his angels to put an end to all the evil the principalities of darkness has cast out among all living.  

Youth at the crossroads: a generation with untapped potential

So the world stands at a crossroads and the decision is for each individual. Who shall you follow? The ruler of the evil in the world, or the God of All Living and Creation who gave his Son as a sacrifice for all that whosoever believes in Him shall have life eternal and the powers of the heavens in proportion to their faith. Each divinely guarded with the Holy Spirit of the Lord within them and heavenly angels at their side, ready to protect and guard them at every moment.  For greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 

The battle rages on and the faith of all who believe grows stronger, beating  in unison like the sounding of many hearts growing louder and louder, beating  faster and faster as the remnant awakens.

Matthew 10:28 “ And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


Joshua 24: 14Now therefore fear the LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the LORD15And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

So here we are with the same decision….the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood? The fallen angels, Lucifer, evil offspring of the fallen. The very same Baal, fallen angel worship sacrificing children at the alters and drinking of blood.

In Egypt they practiced rituals of pre flood fallen worship beneath the temples in the labyrinth and sacrificed the blood of humans and children, drank the blood and committed abominations. The first tunnel systems were ancient. It was where some pagan beliefs said that the legendary Minotaur dwelt. Half human and half bull.  Another mingling of seeds before the flood? Or the image of the disgraced Lucifer? Whatever it was…it was false Baal worship and not of God Almighty.

The Ancient Egyptian Labyrinth is said to have two levels, twelve palaces and no less than 3,000 chambers.

Below, the diagram of the Egyptian labyrinth produced by 17th-century German scholar, Athanasius Kircher. ( Labyrinth of Egypt )

Based on the detailed descriptions provided by Herodotus and other ancient historians, Athanasius Kircher, a 17th-century German Jesuit scholar and polymath, produced the first pictorial reconstructions. At the center of the drawing is a maze, which is surrounded by twelve courts described by Herodotus.

 The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (1st century BC) gives one of the most colorful descriptions:

When one had entered the sacred enclosure, one found a temple surrounded by columns, 40 to each side, and this building had a roof made of a single stone, carved with panels and richly adorned with excellent paintings. It contained memorials of the homeland of each of the kings as well as of the temples and sacrifices carried out in it, all skillfully worked in paintings of the greatest beauty.

History has been hidden and so the quest for truth is one filled with guesses, yet, there are ancient facts hidden in plain site. To find true history, one must first start with a clean slate and look at what is there without the fabrications of what we have been told. Look at the Word of God for what is stated in the Bible and from there, build on what we see and the remains of what once stood unblemished by time. The books of Enoch, Jasher, and Jubilees along with other books hidden will fill in many gaps and make it much easier to see. Yet, it is all within the pages of the Bible when you understand the customs, geneologies, and timelines.

And then there are still those of modern Egyptology that are forever learning…and interrupted with the things they are told to see. Take what applies, and look for what they are not showing you.

Why bother? To reveal the presense in God in all things, and to see the records that reveal his greatness and to show how man has always been deceived by evil that rules in darkness. History did not begin to be rewritten simply over the last 100 years, it has been the tool of the devil to rewrite his story from the beginning – starting with the war in heaven, smack down to who will win the war in the end. He knows he lost. His goal is to take as many souls with him to hell as he can.