The Deep State’s Last Stand: The Transgender Baphomet Agenda in New Zealand’s Wonderland

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Part 1 of  3  “As in any fairy tale from the swamp, the Deep State’s desperation has led them into a faraway land where the extradition laws are a bit flimsy, and the environment is just wicked enough to allow them a little while to hide from justice, the rule of law, and God. Tick tock….tick tock!”

By Sam Grothe

In Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” we begin with several extraordinary occurrences. Firstly, the reader notices things are definitely not what they appear to be. As Alice spies on her sister’s book we learn there are no words or pictures in her book, a rabbit can talk, and it has a watch in its pocket. Now, most modern day scholars and English majors are well aware that Mr. Carroll was in fact a pedophile and that his all-time favorite debutante was Alice Liddle. Carroll’s book was published when he was 33, and Alice was just 11 years old when the famous photo of her giving him a rapturous kiss was taken, and one can only assume that the book is based on the man’s twisted fantasies about Alice, when he’s done laudanum.

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But, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Some believe there are some deep occult meanings in the book. Alice is taken down a rabbit hole to an underground world, not unlike the kind that child sex slaves endure and must cope with. There are references to a garden, like that of the Garden of Eden, where Alice shouldn’t be allowed to go because of her age and innocence. It’s a fantastical kind of place, the likes Shirley Temple would tap dance in. There’s an initiation of taking secret potions and going somewhere taboo that any decent parent would be abhorred with.

And, there’s that freaky white rabbit with a waistcoat with a pocket watch. Hmmm, wonder what that is symbolic for? He takes an innocent down the rabbit hole for a harrowing ordeal to say the least. One could almost say he was like a temptress into a forbidden world, much as those who lure our innocent babies into slavery and human trafficking. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s look through the looking glass at New Zealand – the wonderland that it is –and take a real close look at who’s running it.

Let’s not forget who else is looking down the rabbit hole. On November 4, 2017, Q-Anon wrote:

Q = Alice
You’ll soon understand the meaning behind Alice “&” Wonderland.
Everything has meaning.
God bless.

Jacinda Arden’s Rise to Power

Like many of the characters in Alice’s wonderland, New Zealand’s newest leader isn’t quite whom she appears to be either. The kindest thing that can be said about Jacinda Arden these days is that she has accomplished more to break the glass ceiling for the women’s movement than Hillary Clinton could have dreamed of doing. At only 37 years of age she’s the youngest female head of state anywhere in the world. She was elected as the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand on Oct. 26, 2017. Before that she entered the Kiwi Parliament at the age of just 28.

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In order to win, Jacinda and her Labour Party had to co-opt two minor parties to form a majority Government. They are the Green Party and the New Zealand First Party.

For some reason and in a surprising move, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announced his minority party would form a coalition government with Jacinda Arden’s Labor Party. He did not tell Arden what he had decided before making the announcement, meaning she found out via livestream when Peters told the media of his decision.

Mr. Peters’ announcement, made almost four weeks after the September 23 poll, gave Ardern’s Labour Party the numbers needed to form a coalition government with Peters’ New Zealand First and the Greens.

Outgoing Prime Minister Bill English congratulated Arden on her win saying, it was, “a fairly remarkable performance … 10 or 12 weeks ago she was deputy leader of a fading opposition”.

The Green Party backed the Labour Party giving the combined parties 63 seats, two more than the 61 majority they needed.

Peters told reporters, “We had a choice to make for a modified status quo or for change… that’s why in the end we chose a coalition government of New Zealand First with the New Zealand Labour Party.”

The decision was a shock to the National Party and its leader Bill English.

Andrew Little Quits As Labour Party Leader

Now, here’s where the narrative gets interesting, real, or very conspiratorial, depending on your world point of view. As American’s we’ve all heard the rumors of such Elites, Establishment, and Illuminati leaders such as Michelle Obama and Amal Clooney being transgenders or transvestites. There’s no shortage of YouTube videos or even Google images of either figure with their “package,” Adam’s apple, long arms and large hands, or block-jaw showing in drag or dress, whichever you prefer.

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One recent Facebook video that circulated and got taken down actually shows Jacinda taking a walk down what looks like a parliamentarian hallway with what appears to be several dignitaries. Arden wore a gossamer-like red dress exposing a very decipherable G-string with a bowl of fruit moving with all of gravities grace – as any mans’ would. Whoever filmed and posted the original video on Facebook can be heard stating:

“Now, this is just wrong! We’ve selected a transvestite. That’s a package right there! OH MY GOD! PENIS!”

Who better to look to for answers about this allegation of being a transsexual than the country’s own people? For this investigative piece, I reached out to Kiwis for help and they honored the calling.

“Actually, (I) never heard these rumors. And as she is currently supposed to be 8 months pregnant, it would be one heck of a con job,” says 39-year-old self-described full-time homeschooling mother Angela Marie Farrell of Hastings in Hawkes Bay, NZ.

Another 32-year-old, administrative assistant Kiwi named Tui Hendry, who resides in Ngatea, NZ had this to say about the Arden rumors: “I have also heard the claims of her being a transvestite and seen the video. I think the video is hilarious. There is a collective Idea that many people within our governments and within elite groups are transvestite. As far as I’m concerned, these issues among others would be a given when you are born and raised in families that are sick and demented.”

Now, as any discerning individual would probably do, you can take this video evidence in one of two ways. Either it’s the most incredible altered computer graphic image (CGI) technology of its kind, or we’re seeing the latest Elite-Globalist-NWO-Illuminati leader flaunt their package in the face of the world to show how brazen they are. You can see and judge for yourself, since the video has re-emerged on YouTube. Video below.

Arden we come to learn was not only a little known politician for the Labor Party, but very reluctant to rise to the highest office in the land. Her appointment was as unlikely as Trump’s win in 2016. Basically, the New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters formed a coalition with Jacinda’s Labor Party. Apparently, the coalition members liked her more than they liked Peters.

“I just feel like there’s more people to let down now. I do feel an enormous amount of pressure. Because I know there are lots of people who don’t want me to screw up, and there are just as many who would really love it if I did,” she told Next magazine about becoming the new prime minister in an interview.¹

What isn’t well known, is that Jacinda learned all her political craft and perhaps a few other things from one of her predecessors – Helen Clark, who was prime minister from 1999 to 2008. Clark has quite a storied past, but it took going further down the rabbit hole to find out who she really was.

Clark doesn’t use her married name, and it is well known rumor that she had a lesbian relationship with former Auckland mayor and governor general of NZ Dame Catherine Tizard. When asked if the rumors bothered her, Tizard actually responded in a 2010 interview with NZ Herald reporter Michele Hewitson, saying:

“No! They make me laugh.” Then Tizard’s daughter Judith said, “Well, they piss me off”, and then proceeded to tell (Hewitson) about a rumor (she’d) never heard: about (Tizard) having an affair with Lianne Dalziel, because they flatted together.” article 5

And, strangely enough, openly gay activist and NZ blogger Jevan Goulter outs Clark as a man in his musings on March 25, 2011, stating:

“LOVE her (which a large number of people do seeing half of New Zealand is unemployed) or HATE her, she still reigned over New Zealand for the best part of 9 years. Unlike the “Key that does not open the door” government, all decisions in the “Clark one man team” government were made from the 9th floor of the beehive.

I have in the recent past talked about my experience with former Labor Party MP’s under the Clark one man team government.

I dulled down in an interview what was really sexual assault and indecent acts towards myself by former Members of the Labor Party. Let us take a look at who the God Father “Helen Clark” breed under her reign.

Tim Barnett (Sexual Predator), Chris Cater (Sexual Predator), Tony Milne (Member of the Labor Party and NOW Darren Hughes (Soon all will be revealed)

Seems the sexual predators do not last long without the Godfather in the beehive. We said good bye to Tim Barnett who was not selected to contest another term, Chris Carter who Aunty Helen decided not to save with a phone call, Tony Milne (Quiet frankly a nobody), Jonathon Hunt who become minister of wine and cheese in his diplomatic appointment off our shores, and now the person most commonly referred to as “Helens Handbag” looks set and ready to disappear as well, Mr. Darren Hughes.

It seems that Helen Clark bred a team of gay predators.”

Now, where this really gets dicey is the claim that politicians such as Clark and her beehive used underage children as their lackeys and office helpers under the guise of being part of the Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS). It’s alleged that these politicians preyed on these underage CYFS, in exchange for living a lavish lifestyle and jetting around NZ with the elites.

“I have some friends here who have their kids taken through them (CYFS). That protest I shared yesterday is all the families trying to get the stolen kids back,” explains Luverley during our phone and Facebook chat interview.

article 6

KiwiBlogger David Farrar also recounts an even wilder episode of a then 14-year-old Jevan Goulter, Jacinda, and Clark at a party:

“But then I’m getting drunk and Jacinda comes over and rips the glass of wine out of my hand, ‘You can’t drink in here, you’re only 15!’

‘Yeah I can drink in here, it’s a private function, you’re not my mum, piss off’, and I got really verbal with her, I really didn’t like her.

So I walked over to Helen and I said, ‘Jacinda’s just said I’m not allowed to drink. Am I allowed to drink or not?’ And Helen’s exact words were, ‘Of course you are, this is my house.’ I said, ‘I’m only 15’. And she said, ‘It’s my house’.

So I got my glass of wine and I started boozing up again. Jacinda just went off her nut. Now, Helen was drunk that night, in my view. Helen was drunk and she gets to the point when she’s drunk where people just take her away.”³

Arden’s Pregnancy & Possible Fake Baby Bump

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding Jacinda is the fact that she announced she was pregnant. She made the flashy announcement just before former President Obama visited NZ, too. Oddly, several of her first interviews on the subject were bashed as being sexist, including one by Australia’s “60 Minutes” journalist Charles Wooley. The interview not only seemed professional when I saw it online, but Wooley even said Arden was the most “attractive” politician he had ever met, and that he was quite “smitten” with her.

article 7

“One really important political question that I want to ask you, and that is what exactly is the date that the baby’s due?” Wooley asked, adding: “It’s interesting how much people have been counting back to the conception date.”4

Personally, I think any expectant mother would be gushing about their pregnancy and wanting to give out the details, if they were announcing it. This puzzled me so much I turned to a former NZ journalist to help give me some perspective about it. So, I pinged Hayden Donnell, a former journalist for Spinoff news in NZ, who now lives in the United Kingdom, and asked him about Arden’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, Donnell wanted to play more games than answer my questions directly:

“Hi Sam, what do you want to know? Let’s blow the lid off this thing.
Okay Sam I’m on a train, but I’ve checked your resume
It feels like you’re the right person to trust with this info.
Can I ask what led you to New Zealand though?
It seems unlikely you’d just stumble into something like this
Have you considered how that pregnancy might have happened if she was born male?”


I rationalized that several well-known rumored transsexuals have arranged adoptions and wear prosthetic baby bumps to complete the façade.

article 9

Donnell thought my theory was quite interesting, but added:

“I have another question though: Would it really be beyond the realm of possibilities that crazy science experiments were happening in New Zealand?”

I told Donnell I was quite aware of many rumored human genetic experiments taking place all over the world.

“To be honest Sam, I’m a little worried having this conversation on Facebook. Do you have an email I can reach you on as well?
I have to go out of range for a while but I will email
I do have to check: are there others chasing this story or are you alone?”

I told Donnell, I didn’t know of any other journalists covering the topics I had planned on covering. He never got back to me, nor did he email me back. Honestly, I think he was trolling me for information that he could gather to beat me to the punch – well, good luck bloke, but I think I’ve got you beat! And, stop being paranoid…HAAA!!!

But, one thing was still puzzling me in all the crazy chaos of NZ mysterious land, why would a trans person, who from the video seems to be flaunter their trans-sexuality, go to all the trouble of pretending to be pregnant? Why not just adopt. Well, Luverley helped me solve one of the final pieces of that puzzle, stating:

“It’s the Baphomet transgender agenda. Looks like a woman. That video has a penis, so is it real? Only she knows. (It’s) part of LGBT agenda, too. It’s sick!”

article 10

Special thanks to Dianne Marshall, who also contributed editorial content to this article.

End of Part 1. Watch for Part 2 and Part 3.

In Part 2 of this series we’ll give any Arden updates. We’ll also look into Australian Journalist Brendan O’Connell, who has been disappeared by the Arden government. Most importantly, we’ll take a look at NZ’s religious indifference, the huge presence of Freemasonry there, and the rise of witch covens in Kiwiland.


¹“New Zealand’s most reluctant Prime Minister” published in Whale Oil, Nov. 17, 2017.

²“Michele Hewitson Interview: Dame Cath Tizard” published in New Zealand Herald, Sept. 3, 2010.

³“Jevan Goulter vs Labour” published in KiwiBlog, April 20, 2010.

4“New Zealand’s PM Asked About Baby’s Conception Date in ‘Sexist’ Interview” published in Global News, Feb. 26, 2017.












President Donald J. Trump’s uncle, John Trump was a genius who after the death of Nikola Tesla, was called in by the FBI to interpret the writings of Tesla’s work. You see, after Tesla’s mysterious death, there was a scramble by the United States government to find all of his papers, notes and research before other foreign powers could find them. The government seized everything they could find. Some of his drawings and work were said to be missing. (How would they know some were missing? What were they specifically looking for?)   There was a great search to find where they might be.


President Donald J. Trump (younger photo), Nikola Tesla, and John Trump


Could it be as simple as the story told by Tesla’s nephew Sava Kosanovic, who said that before anyone arrived, someone had went through Tesla’s belongings and took an unknown amount of his personal notes and papers?  If so, who and why?


At the time, it was known by the FBI that Germany had obtained a lot of Tesla’s research  via his assistant George Sherf Sr. and his son (nick named curious George by Tesla) George Sherf Jr. (i.e. NAZI SPIES), several years earlier before he died.   Sherf Sr. in his stealth as his assistant, had profiteered off of Tesla by stealing and selling his patents to German intelligence and some to the US government. In the end, Sherf Sr. had short changed and screwed over Tesla to the point he ended up penniless.


Back to after Tesla’s death of 1943…this stolen material, the FBI believed, was the blueprints to development a flying saucer. The same flying saucer that later Hitler was known to somehow discover, develop and or acquire. (You can decide which one it was for yourself, for their are many conspiracy stories designed to keep the truth hidden from all mankind.)

tesla space shipthZJZNZTB4

The conspiracy story most believe and that is pressed the hardest in social media documentaries is that Hitler got the technology from the Greys after discovering a saucer close to a hollow earth opening. The greys are from other planets and are hiding underground.  The same greys that are at area 51 and hosts the same saucer craft. Russia, or so the conspiracy story goes, also found the greys and the technology for a saucer or two.  The story most perpetuated is that the wonderous technology of flying saucer craft came from Alien Greys and also a strange Aryan Race of tall whites.


Anyway, after his death (and prior to) anything even remotely associated with the great inventor Nikola Tesla was quickly confiscated and lost within the networks of government and military secrecy.  They all but erased anything to do with Tesla and his inventive genius.  Giving credit to his patented inventions to the likes of Edison, Marconi and others.

tesla cell phone 11800410_887992874599061_3890727922810368518_n

Today with the internet and secrets being exposed, Tesla is receiving the credit for technology that is long overdue. But, this credit leaves those who love secrecy with a dilemma. That being – “How do they now explain their plan to invade the earth with Aliens?”  Well, now they are proclaiming that a box of missing memoirs were auctioned in 1976 and opened 20 years later and the secret is – are you ready….. the secret is he communicated with aliens to learn how to make all his inventions, especially his flying saucer craft and death rays.

tesla FBI-Tesla

To me, it is obvious that when liars and deceivers have been caught, they do what is natural and that is “MAKE A BIGGER LIE”.  The technology that Tesla was given, and according to his own words was to help mankind with free electricity, free stuff.  His life was selflessly devoted to creating things to show mankind how all humanity can live prosperously.  He was not out to get rich nor to make others rich.  He was out to help all mankind. It is thought that his mysterious death was not a heart attack.  Today, this generation knows how people who know to much or are in the way seem to be taken out of the way by unnatural means. That being said, let’s look at some of  Tesla’s writings and drawings that the government has held in secrecy.

tesla and facebook CLVkfaBUcAAJdv_

Could it be that Tesla was sent to this world to prepare humanity for the last days?  Could it be that he time traveled here?  Or could it be that he was an angel sent to set the way forward?  He had the technology for time travel in his head as early as 1895 and was conducting time travel experiments.

teslas futuristic craft and codes of the earth maxresdefault

In 1895, while conducting research with his step-up transformer, Nikola Tesla had his first revelation that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Tesla experimented with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere. He discovered that time and space could be influenced by using highly charged, rotating magnetic fields. Through his experiments in high-voltage electricity and magnetic fields, Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached, or warped, creating a “doorway” that could lead to other time frames. (What scientist today call wormholes).

tesla-1let the future tell the truth

In trying to replicate the time machine he saw in his head (or came here with the knowledge of?) Tesla experienced, the very real dangers inherent with time travel. On March 13. 1895, a reporter for the New York Herald wrote that he came across the inventor  Tesla in a small café, looking shaken after being hit by 3.5 million volts.
“I am afraid,” said Tesla, “that you won’t find me a pleasant companion tonight. The fact is I was almost killed today. The spark jumped three feet through the air and struck me here on the right should “I Could See Past, Present And Future Simultaneously” If my assistant had not turned off the current instantly it might have been the end of me.”


His experimentation with radio frequencies and the transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere led to his discovery that would, years later, lead to the top secret government projects – the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk time travel projects. But even before these highly top-secret military programs came about in the 1940’s, Tesla made some fascinating discoveries on the nature of time and the real possibilities of time travel.



TESLAVolume 18 Page 019

Is it possible that Tesla came from the future, or was he simply born armed with the knowledge of technology to bring about the time when knowledge would be increased as spoken of in Daniel?  Is Tesla’s technology to become responsible for creating a paradox that would bring about the day spoken of in Revelations that time would be no more, ushering in the Day of The Lord?

Was President Trump sent from the future or simply sent to mankind armed with the knowledge of Tesla and the deep understanding of what is to come to pass? Has he been sent to earth at this time in history to help awaken God’s dry bones so they can stand up and become a great and powerful army for the Lord?

Time will tell.  In God’s creation nothing is impossible.  The Bible is full of scriptures of many prophets and disciples who were given the gift to see what shall come to pass by messengers sent by God. John the revelator was shown what was, what is and what is to come.  Whatever the answer is, one thing is certain –  all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.



The New World Order Cabal fears what Trump will do with his knowledge of real events.


The evil haters of humanity that head the cabal that hides in the swamp will stop at nothing to win. The game has been played since the garden of Eden, and is now in its final episode on the world stage. Many have tried to expose them only to be labeled crazy, tin foil hat or killed by henchmen of the same cabal who will stop at nothing to complete their world disorder. Many homicides have been declared accidents, while most have been cloaked in a vast darkness of suicide names.  Today, people are opening their eyes and a mysterious “Q” is showing many how to be an investigative reporter and others are simply learning how to see through the cabals evil veil.

The following excerpt is from Investigative Reporter – Don Nicoloff, regarding  past President, George Bush Senior, of who Nicoloff has proof, was actually George Sherf Jr., changed to Sherff with two “f’s” upon coming to America to avoid  being easily traced in background checks, as his German name is spelled with one “f”.  Later after WWII, George was paper-clipped to be George W Bush Senior. Yes, he worked for Hitler and supported the NAZI party.  (Whew, that was a mouth full.  In summary – A BUSH is a shrub you can hide behind on the grassy knoll, not the real name of a past president.)


Don Nicoloff Excerpt:  “GEORGE HERBERT SHERF II/ GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, to his dismay, also appears in a photograph taken at the Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Despite his bushJFK-photo-GEORGE-H-W-BUSH-at-TSBD-1-1admitted “failure to recall his whereabouts” on that fateful day, he (as an agent with the CIA) was debriefed by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover the following day.


“In 1993, a little-known document surfaced which described, not only this debriefing, but George Herbert Sherf II/George Herbert Walker Bush  involvement with the CIA as early as 1960 (Recall Skorzeny’s statement in 1999 that he co-founded the CIA with “George H.W. Bush” at the end of WW II). Incredibly, another “George Bush” who worked at the CIA caused the “confusion,” so GHSII/GHWB escaped suspicion as a participant in the assassination.
Again, when the JFK assassination topic resurfaced in the Nixon Watergate tapes from 1974, there was a recorded discussion referring to “photographs” that would have implicated the CIA and GHSII/GHWB.

bush imagesZY351QEI
GHSII/GHWB, who had worked on Nixon’s election campaign, had also made a telephone call to the Houston office of the FBI, after the assassination, attempting to frame a James Parrott, “possibly a student at the University of Houston,” by stating that “one James Parrott has been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston.”
GHSII/GHWB then gave the FBI the names of two Harris County Republican Party Headquarters staffers, a “Mrs. Farley” and “Arlene Smith,” as two sources of “additional information regarding the identity of Parrot.”


Here we have three individuals with information regarding the potential assassination of JFK, who knew about this “fact” weeks before the assassination—and the FBI was not notified until hours after the event?
From this perspective, GHSII/GHWB’s inability to recall where he was the day JFK was assassinated is not believable (doesn’t everyone recall where they were the day JFK was assassinated?)bush maxresdefault

GHSII/GHWB apparently forgave Parrott sometime later when Parrott worked on GHSII/GHWB’s presidential campaign when he ran against Bill Clinton in 1992. The FBI document speaks for itself, as does the photo taken in front of the book depository.
Similar to the dropping of “Trading With the Enemy Act” charges against George Herbert Sherf 1st/Prescott S. Bush. In 1942, this is yet another example of a federal “investigation” involving a member of the “Scherf” clan, designed to give the illusion that the agency was “doing its homework.”
These facts also support the contention that both the FBI and the CIA are controlled by entities capable of “taking out” anyone—including a sitting president in broad daylight with thousands of witnesses—who fails to conform to the “master plan.” President Kennedy had announced his intention to dissolve the Federal Reserve, dismantle the CIA and bust organized crime; President Kennedy was a major threat to the master plan.
Prior to GHSII/GHWB’s meteoric rise in politics, it can be assumed he supervised the drug smuggling operations from the Far East. Numerous accounts from soldiers, military advisors and intelligence officers place him in close proximity to covert operations serving generating seed money for assassinations, the overthrow of foreign governments and to fund secret black-ops programs.


GHSII/GHWB, still using his “Bush” alias, ran for public office in Texas, obtaining a seat in the House of Representatives from 1967-1971.

Less than two months after the resignation of President Richard Nixon, GHSII/GHWB, then Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), was quickly ushered from public scrutiny and appointed Chief of the Liaison Office in Beijing, China, a position he held until Pearl Harbor Day, 1975. He was then promoted to Director of the CIA, the agency for which GHSII/GHWB claims “he had never worked.”
GHSII/GHWB was CIA director from January 30, 1976 through January 20, 1977, or a total of 355 days. Not unlike his stint in Asia during the war in Vietnam, his presence in China probably involved drug smuggling and had little to do with diplomatic relations, outside of drug payoffs, assassinations and money laundering. His return to the U.S. was rewarded with a chairmanship at the First International Bank of Houston, a probable destination for illicit Asian profits.

In 1981, GHSII/GHWB became the vice-President under President Ronald Reagan and knew of the massive funds gathered by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta’s Ameritrust Groupe, Inc., under the direction of President Reagan, during the financial implosion of the Soviet Union in the late-1980s. GHSII/GHWB then became the 41st president in 1989. During his presidency, President Scherf… er, uh… (aka) President George H.W. Bush, traveled to Hong Kong, demanding trillions of dollars from Wanta and his Chinese partner, Howe Kwong-Kok.

Howe died of poisoning 10 days later, due to their refusal to turn over the money (amassed under Presidential Order 12333) which was slated to be returned to the U.S. Treasury. Today in 2007, the $4.5 trillion tagged settlement funds are currently being used as a financial ping-pong ball in money laundering, Ponzi schemes, derivatives, trusts, pension funds, and offshore accounts, with Bank of America, Wachovia Bank, CitiBank Group, JPMorganChase, Goldman Sachs and Co., Bank of Nova Scotia, Chemical Bank, First Union Bank, banks in Germany, Spain, Holland, England, Grenada, North Vietnam, India, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, a host of Cabinet members, former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, Vice-President Richard Cheney and President George W. Bush taking turns holding the paddle.


Based upon the “deathbed confession” of Hitler’s bodyguard and master spy/assassin Otto Skorzeny, we were given a clue that George Herbert Walker Bush and his father Prescott Sheldon Bush were not who they pretended to be. By following the clue, we found other clues that began to support the claims of Skorzeny: That PSB is really GHSI and GHWB is really GHSII.
The result of this connect-the-dots research campaign is that the “master plan” for world domination has been exposed beyond a reasonable doubt. Much more can now be researched and written since the master planners are no longer able to hide In the fictitious realms of their propagandized history books and family biographies.
When will those who are “sworn to uphold the law” do so? When will our so-called American patriots finally find the backbone to confront these realities and demand an end to this madness?
Whether we realize it or not, the world is watching, America. What we decide to do about these issues will not only determine our fate, but the fate of the rest of the world. Are we to be led, like sheep, to our slaughter? Or will we finally wake up, get mad, and say, “Enough is enough!” – Don Nicoloff.


According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother” Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America.

After the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr. (the same man), was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant.”  Also known in the famous cartoon strip of the time as “Curious George” representing Tesla as the professor, and George Sherff, Jr. as the monkey.  Tesla would always catch him monkeying around in his lab and nicknamed him “Curious George”.  Now, you know President Trump’s uncle worked with Tesla and knew all about this and now you know why Mr. Trump when running for President told crowds of people at his political rallies that his Uncle was a inventive genius and knew Tesla, and when Tesla died, his uncle was called in to gather his documents and interpret them.  He was letting the Bush family and his usurped circle of clansmen know he knew everything.

Information given to the masses by the “Q” is not coming from the evil order that want to rule the world and destroy all righteous people.  It is not coming from those who are hiding true history.  It is coming from a source called “Q”, whose riddles have encouraged the masses to awake and search for the truth and not be weary by the propaganda. And now expose the lies and fake history that has forever kept the people sleeping.  Heed the call to awake and stop the wicked from enslaving all of humanity.

As our dear Lord told the disciples, “And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?”  It was obvious that Satan would not divide his own, especially when he desires to divide the house of the Lord and stop his kingdom from coming upon the earth as it is in heaven.

It’s time for all truth seekers to awake. Put on the full armor of God that you can stand at this evil time and praise the Lord thy God for sending the world a bold leader – President Donald J. Trump.  Go forth and expose the evil strongholds! The truth shall set you free!


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“Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president”

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My President Versus NWO Bad-deals!


Are you ready for the final count down?  Are you ready for the final battle between good versus evil?  Are you ready to meet the Lord?  Are you ready to say goodbye to the ways of this world?  The most important question is this – ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A STAND FOR THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE LORD THY GOD’S COMMANDS?

If not…..just move aside and watch God’s army stand.  Armed with the armor of God.  Yes, the full armor.

Ephesians 6:10-18 King James Version (KJV)
10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;
King James Version (KJV)

Got it yet?  We fight not with flesh and blood.  This is a spiritual warfare and God and his righteous win it!  Whose side are you on?


My President Donald J. Trump was sent to guide us to the new path.  Our final alter call. Are you hearing it?

There have been so many bad deals, and so many more scheduled to come.  President Trump has halted these and has shoved the New World Order Globalists to the wall.  They are desperate and they care not about the damage done for they are of the mindset of – “If I can’t have it, nobody can.”  I am of the mindset, if I try to warn the people and I die, God will appoint another.  I would rather die trying than to live and do nothing.  What mindset are you of?

When each, one by one, stand up for what is right, it makes a difference.  The most honorable man, woman, and child of age, will never accept world tyranny, nor world enslavement. Only those who have been deceived and believe a lie.  Open your eyes and see, listen and hear.  Join the army of the Lord today!




Questions about mysterious “Q”… Why would Q come on the scene only to support the masses with hope of an administration hard at work to dismantle the evil thing called the swamp, then seemingly go off the rails, or as some say “disappeared”? Some say  Q – was hacked into and another has usurped his position. Some say the Q was never who he said he was. So, was he a bearer of false hope or was/is Q the real deal others have said he was- an insider administration patriot with the highest level of intelligence clearance? This is the question many are asking.
Today May 29, 2018, a post stated that Q hasn’t posted since May 22, 2018. The post listed the array of questions.


I read it and my thoughts immediately went to Albert Pike, a proclaimed Satanist and 33 degree illuminati mason, and his letter to Giuseppe Mazzini of August 15, 1871. That letter outlined three coming world wars that would lead to the consolidation of power to bring about a tyrannical one world government and bring Lucifer out into the light to rule the world.

Crazy conspiracy stuff? Or just the other half of the spiritual warfare battle as Christians await the return of the Lord to end the evil in these last days of tribulation and insanity. History shows us the first two wars played out the way the evil ones planned and now the steps are in process for the final world war III to usher in their evil empire. There is one factor that none had calculated on….that is the factor that God would anoint a man to stand in the gap to fight the good fight. That man is President Donald J. Trump.

Pike’s letter states:
The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion …We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.


Can you see how far they have already come in their evil plot? It is clear that the invasion of the Islamic world has been felt hard throughout Europe and if not for the man standing in the gap, it would be felt hard here as well. So far, it is minor compared to the rest of the world nations who are cooperating with the new world order of chaos. The Nihilists and atheists are unleashed and well into their social cataclysm along with the blood bath of savagery unleashed through gangs like MS 13, and refugees armed with hate and a mission to kill. Now, the stage is set for citizens everywhere to oblige themselves to defend their peoples against these revolutionaries and exterminate these destroyers of civilization. The question is – will the multitude be discouraged with Christianity and be without a compass of direction and anxious for an ideal to let their Lucifer be brought out into public view and reign?


Is the Q part of the plan to discourage the masses into lack of hope by exposing he was never what people thought – or is the Q part of the plan of the man standing in the gap so that the Satanic globalists who seek world domination do not become discouraged?

What you believe is what will be so. I believe that the Bible is the final source on the devil and he loses in the end. Not God’s people. God sends a warning out, dry bones rise up become his great and powerful army which he sends out with a sword and fights with them as he did in the days of the kings. Because they stand, and the treachery grows rampant, those days are shortened and the Lord returns with all the armies of heaven and rids the earth of the evil ones…the Lord sets up his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. I say we are at this crossroads and I know in the end we win. Hang on and let no man or thing deceive you. Keep your hope in the word of God and those who stand in the gap. Q has informed the masses and awakened a giant of truthers!  Truth always wins in the end….and knowledge is power!

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Q is instilling knowledge.  Think about that one.
Dianne Marshall



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Dianne Marshall


Billy Graham’s “Expose” Video Debunked & Argument for His Humanistic Discipleship

Written By Sam Grothe


I grew up watching Billy Graham’s Crusades at my Grandmother Una Grothe’s house in Fort Collins. So naturally, after I was saved and Born Again in 1986, I heard Rev. Graham’s Crusade was coming to Denver the following summer. I had just gotten my driver license and saved up enough to buy two tickets for the crusade: one for myself and one for my grandmother. It’s a moment and memory I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Rev. Graham’s message was the simplest and most straightforward of any preacher I had ever heard. “If you believe what Jesus did on the Cross at Calvary for you, then you’ll spend eternity in Heaven with him!” There was never any complication about his message, like do you need to be Baptized first, believe in pre- or post-tribulation theology, or be concerned with the Rapture. It was always about what Jesus did on the Cross for us.

sam 28511752_10215175734402471_108978701_n                                      My Grandmother Una Grothe and me as a kid.



Fast forward 31 years to 2018. I learned of Rev. Billy Graham’s death on the way in to work the morning he passed away. He was nine months shy of his 100th birthday. I spent a few minutes typing out a prayer and memorial to honor him for one of my Facebook Groups. But, instead of seeing an outpouring of support and sadness about his death, I was shocked to see several people heap condemnation on the man who I thought was America’s pastor, too. Most of them claimed he was a false teacher, a freemason, an apostate preacher, and involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse. “What? Wait a minute,” I thought. “Where is this coming from?” And, these folks who were tearing him down keep squeezing lighter fluid on the fire and sending me videos to watch. At first I was livid and couldn’t even bring myself to watch them. But, my curiosity got the better of me. I had to know!!! But, most importantly, I wanted to see how wrong they were. So, I watch two and then a third one that was the most detailed. And, here is my assessment of that piece of work.

Most of the first 15 minutes of the low-grade film documentary “Billy Graham Exposed” was spent serendipitously trying to tie a young Billy Graham to ecumenicalism and liberal leaders in the early 1950s and 1960s. And, likewise, brought up how the Apostle Paul rebuked Peter for Catholicism. Then branched into how Graham in his autobiography “Just As I Am” wrote: “(Graham’s team member Willis Haymaker) would also call on the local Catholic bishop & other clerics to acquaint them with crusade plans, and invite them to meetings. They would usually appoint a priest to attend and report back. This was years before the Vatican’s II openness to protestants, but we were concerned to let the Catholic bishop see that my goal was not to get people to leave their churches, that I wanted them to commit their lives to Christ.”

What Graham’s detractors argue is that Graham didn’t want Catholics to leave the Catholic church once they were saved. Well, didn’t Jesus appoint Peter to start the church to begin with, and why? Actually, of all the disciples, Peter was the first disciple to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ or Messiah. Remember it was Peter who cut off the soldier’s ear, when they came to arrest Jesus. Yes, he was also human and denied Jesus three times to save his own skin, but he wept bitterly. It was also Peter, who flung himself out of the fishing boat when Jesus was on the shoreline calling to his disciples after his resurrection. It was because of Peter’s repentance and Christ’s forgiveness that he proclaimed Peter “Rock of the Church!” If nothing else, Peter’s example is like young Graham’s struggle to seek, repent, again and again to turn towards Christ. I don’t care what faith or denomination you are, it is still very hard to deny the fact that God had intended for the Catholic Church to once be his one true church. Obviously, over times things have strayed, but many Catholics, like my wife, are true Christians and consider themselves Christians first and Catholics second.

The documentary goes on to gloss over how lesser known pastors quit or were removed because of personal or political reasons from Graham’s organization. The video only spends seconds discussing each case and never dives very deeply or quotes any of those were “offended,” “fired,” or “ grieved” in any way. Most of the detractors, like James E. Bennet, a former co-student at Wheaton College, who wrote an editorial for the Christian Beacon Press in May of 1957 titled “The Billy Graham New York Crusade: Why I Cannot Support It, A Ministry of Disobedience” were mostly spreading hearsay with absolutely no evidence in the video.

Folks, then they super-impose a photo of Billy Graham with the Devil and a Masonic compass and begin to say that Billy Graham denies Christ, but his very next words in the video are: “Our only hope…there is no other way out, there is no other way of survival, except through HIM (Christ)!” The narrator goes on to explain that he has never been able to get his hands on John McCarther’s original article in Decision Magazine that proves Graham denied Christ is the way. These guys are loons and have an axe to grind, plain and simple!!!


Yes, then they tear into the fact that Bob Jones, John R. Rice, and Carl McIntire accuse Billy Graham of ecumenism. “It was not the first time some of them have raised their objection to – my growing ecumenist of course. But my New York crusade marked their final break with our work.” The video goes on to equate Graham as a liberal-loving apostate, who enamored himself with unbelievers and Roman Catholics, and alienated himself from Christian teachers.

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There’s also the secret tapes that Nixon made of his friend and confidant Rev. Graham, which we come to find out puts some of his feelings about Jews in a rather precarious light. ”They’re the ones putting out the pornographic stuff,” Graham said to Nixon mostly about New York publishers of the time. The thing is who of us has never crossed the racial line or spoken ill of some other nationality? If the log fits, it’s probably been in your eye, too.


Furthermore, the expose video goes on to say that Rev. Graham and his wife Ruth through prayer and Bible study find that Billy Sunday, DL Moody (whom I’ve studied extensively), and John Wesley were all wrong and compared himself to Niamiah, who tried to build the walls around Jerusalem. Niamiah, the detractors say, was trying to keep out non-believers, while Rev. Graham was alienating himself from believing Christians. Well, how many of us have grown wary of preachers over the smallest parochial differences. I don’t know about you, but I for one am still shopping churches!!! Luckily, I have many Christian brothers and sisters that I commune with. One notable friend, Pirate Mike, is my partner in crime on Sunday and we drive up and down the Front Range in search of Holy Spirit-filled churches to visit!!!


I suppose one of the biggest problems I have with the anti-Graham movement is the way they claim he’s an apostate for telling Catholics to stay in their church. You know the one Jesus told Peter to create.

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” – Matthew 16:18

billy gap_18059606594497_wide-9ec9d270a2dd5b45cf5dc555b8b8379be6c8ebd3-s900-c85
Well, bottom line, we all know it’s been corrupted and even has Satanic elements infiltrated in it. But, the Devil is everywhere. He’s not just in the Catholic church, he’s working overtime to mess up your church, your family, your marriage, and you!!! It’s all about our faith and what we do about it that matters. Not where we go to church.
There’s also the matter of the Rev. Billy Graham “rejecting” the King James Bible back in the 1950s. Well, how many of you now carry around a King James Bible, and do you really think the Lord will judge us more harshly for studying an NIV, NASB, and ASV. Chances are your church is likewise guilty of “Alexandrian corruption” of switching out to a more modern bible too.

Then there’s the whole witch hunt of equating the Rev. Billy Graham with Liberals and Communists. The detractors in the video point to Graham’s words of “…a Christian is a person that is to live Christ under any form of Government, whether it be Rome, or whether it be Communism, or whether it be Nazism – that we are to live Christ in the midst of that situation in so far as we possibly can.” They also heap on him the atrocities committed by Stalinist Russians and Chinese execution squads. Really??? Was the Rev. Billy Graham there to witness those atrocities? We all know they happened, but as humans we also have something called self-preservation. Rev. Graham was always more concerned with getting the message of the Cross and Christ to those who were still alive, because we have no control over those who are already dead. And, it was pretty obvious, the Rev. Graham would have traveled to the gates of hell to spread the Gospel.



In 1963, Rev. Billy Graham spoke at Belmont Abbey (Catholic) College and in 1967 the same Jesuit college bestowed an honorary doctorate upon him. Ever since, the knives of anti-Catholicism have come out for Graham too. Well, how many of you viewed the Polish Pope John Paul II as an anti-Christ or un-Godly? We all have Catholic friends that we love and hope serve the true God, the same one that includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This video also equates “true men of God” as those like Bob Jones Sr. Well, the gate was so narrow at Bob Jones University that it lost its tax-exempt status for not allowing interracial dating. It also didn’t allow blacks until 1971.2


Rev. Graham’s detractors have for years called him (Stalin’s favorite term for Liberals) a “useful idiot,” because he was doing their (Communistic) work on our soil. In 1978, Graham was invited to Poland by the Ecumenical Council to speak at many of the churches in Poland. However, he was put down for being asked to “come and preach the same Gospel that you preach all over the world.” His critics even point to his own vindicating words as evidence of his wrongdoing: “I spoke from the bible on the meaning of the cross and explained why the death of Christ on the cross and the resurrection were central for Christians of all backgrounds.” Yet, they chastised him for not rebuking the Catholic Church, or in their minds – the whore of Babylon. And, the friendship formed between Pope John Paul II and Rev. Graham has been equated as an unholy alliance. My wife who was born and raised in Poland, considers herself a Christian first and a Catholic second. But, even I find no fault with Pope John Paul II. God forgive me, if I am unaware of any Satanic ritual he may have taken part in, but I highly doubt that ever happened. Unfortunately, I doubt I can say the same for our current papal Pope. His critics have gone so far as to say Rev. Graham “yoked” himself with Rome!!!

“Billy Graham has served as Satan’s “Pied Piper” taking unregenerate rats into an ecumenical hell seated in Rome,” according to the Video’s narrator. It’s seriously that dumbfounding people, the amount of abuse they have heaped on a man of the cross!
Finally, his critics say that there is no need for a revival of Christianity, claiming: “We do not need a so-called Spiritual Revival. There is plenty of spiritual activity going on here and around the world, and here in America!” I seriously disagree with this assessment. After having spent eight years under the Obama administration that pranced around homosexuality, embraced Islam, and treated non-Christian immigrants better than believers trying to get here.

Right after 911 in 2001, the Rev. Billy Graham said there was a serious need for a spirit awakening or a spiritual revival. “And, God has told us in his word, time after time that we are to repent of our sins and return to Him, and He will bless us in a new way.”
The bottom line is really this, the Rev. Billy Graham was crucified by his critics for his inclusive views of those who could become saved. But, his critics will never let go of the fact that Billy Graham yoked himself with those who were Catholic, or liberal, and yes in some cases different religions altogether. But, Jesus who met with tax collectors, prostitutes, and lepers was an okay guy. However, Rev. Billy Graham who wanted to re-invigorate the faith in Christ of Catholics, Communists, Liberals, and others is a bad guy and going to hell?

billy sJa10L0b
All three of the videos I subjected myself to never provided photos or evidence of Rev. Graham being a Freemason or a Satanist. The ecumenical ties are a bit more believable and easy to understand, but he was never an apostate pastor. His message was always about the washing away of our sins by Jesus on the cross. So please, pull the log out of your eye, before you go shooting splinters at our dearly departed Rev. Billy Graham folks!!! God’s love and plan for salvation is bigger than our heads can ever comprehend.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, the Rev. Billy Graham will become only the fourth civilian to “lie in honor” in the nation’s U.S. Capitol Rotunda. He follows in the footsteps of Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks, and two state Capitol Police officers, who were slain in 1998.


1“Billy Graham, Nixon and anti-Semitism: The Bombshell Tapes That Tarnished the Faith Leader’s Reputation” published in Haaretz, Feb. 25, 2018.
2“Bob Jones University Would Probably Like You to Forget it Once Banned Interracial Dating” published The New Republic, 2017.

By Sam Grothe