Life during the Cabal’s LOCKSTEP plandemic COVID-19, also known as WWIII, using weapons such as Biowarfare, Censoring, Toxic Jabs, Lockdowns, Critical Race Theory, Pronouns, ANTIFA, and Marxism in our face…it’s time to ask, how’s your mindset these days? Are you still confident? Do you believe in yourself? Do you need a boost for your “WINNING” ATTITUDE? How is your fear versus faith? If you need a boost to dig inside to pull out a handful of confidence…then check out Patrick Bet-David and Dr. Caroline Leaf. When you’re done…you will be feeling stronger, more confident and remember why SAVING AMERICA IS NOT AN OPTION IT IS OUR DESTINY!

Power of Belief - NXTNLP

Learning how God gave us the ability to manifest everything we need to function with a sound mind through tough times it’s life saving and a must!!!

Meet Patrick Bet-David, and his perspective on life!

Dr. Caroline Leaf speaks with startup entrepreneur, CEO, author and creator of the popular YouTube channel Valuetainment Patrick Bet-David about the importance of constantly learning, why tenacity, creativity and self-confidence are integral to success, how to identify and overcome self-sabotaging behavior, using peer pressure to your advantage, why we need to be careful of too much success, and more!

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 3:11 What Patrick learned as a child living in a refugee camp 10:30 Why tenacity is so important 13:09 The power of self-confidence 19:48 Why we ALL need to learn the art of selling 24:45 How fear can prevent us from achieving our dreams 28:00 How to master the art of business strategy 34:45 The danger of complacency 42:00 The relationship between accountability and success 46:27 Why not all peer pressure is bad 49:50 How success can become your biggest enemy 54:04 The mindsets of the most successful and interesting people 58:50 How to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.

Patrick Bet-David has been on a mission to Save America way before the present situation and has his own BLOG called “SAVING AMERICA“! As an entreprenuer, he’s a strong advocate of using the American Dream the right way!

Patrick believes that it will be the American individual, the entreprenuer, and the dreamer that will restore America’s prosperity and return us to the founding principles that have always made America exceptional.

His blog, Saving America, covers the foundations of America’s economic freedom and the “grand experiment” of limited government by, for and of the people. He takes a look at the engine of American prosperity which he names as the risk-takers, the pioneers, the entreprenuers. Saving America is written for those who believe that we are blessed to live in a country with more freedom and opportunity than anywhere on earth and that our liberty comes with personal responsibility. “Saving America” starts with being accountable for our own financial house and is fufilled by people helping people to become the embodiment of the American Dream once more.

Check out Patrick’s blog, “Saving America” hereEntrepreneurs | Saving America (

Patrick has written on personality types and it’s always fun to look inside ourselves at our own unique personality to see how we line up in our lives as we interact with others. His unique opinion of the four main personality types is interesting. This is a quick 13 page read, so those who are interested, please click on the link and have fun seeing what personality type you are using to maneuver through this world. What personality traits and styles do you possess that you may have stopped using or never fully utilized? Learn how to spot different personalities to communicate with them better. 4-Personality-Types.pdf (

Dr. Leaf and how to think, feel and choose wisely! We are what we think in our minds and believe! That is how God made us!

Keep on pressing, believe in yourself, love one another, AND MOST OF ALL KEEP YOUR MIND ON GOD AND WINNING!



  1. test says:

    Diana847 – One person’s spam (anything in particular?) is another person’s masterpiece. In any event, you are just another totalitarian like the Communist Chinese, Biden administration, and Tech giants who want to censor / suppress communication. In any event, I’m not posting on Dianne Marshall’s primary site ( ) (because I don’t want to agree to the terms) so find happiness there – this spot is all I have. NOT a word lamenting all the people who used to comment on this site but are no longer here???


  2. Polly says:

    Why is the go to pesticide and other poisionous chemicals used only in usa?? All others band it. Look up paraquat that stuff is tip of ice burgh. You add all this up you get parkinsons. Paraquat has the most data as to tremors of arms and legs. Have a dose with your potatoes. Thung is bad news no cure. How did we manage to grow crops BEFORE this and other crop toxins came along??? 1 tsp kills you. How many yearly doses dors it take to kill you?? How can you prove its used on your crops?? It causes pain suffering and slow miserable deaths. Big farmers get away with it but small farmers??? They die. With out small farmers who will we turn to for our future food?

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  3. i have a link i would like you to research…..I have come across a true king of not just of great britian but he would be for the world. as my research has indicated he is a grea grea great grandson of the mary the queen of scots which i have also found info that she was actual the last great grandchild of jesus christ. the gentalemans name is james gregory hallett or king john the third. As my family linage is from great britain and after reading his legal documents from james gregory hallett’s court cases from back in 2012 to 2014 he was awarded the title of king john the Third!
    please message on facebook as ford l joseph wehner or ford’s farm animal email is


    1. Abraham Sarabia says:

      Everyone LISTEN UP.
      GODS (Kings and Priests) are taking Over Earth and Will Destroy and Obliviate These Communist Regime/ Democratic So!cialist!
      Jesus THE Christ has HEIR POWER and HEIR FORCE also Much More to WIN! wake up People…Do NOT Fear the Communist Regime. TALIBAN Etc. and Workers of INIQUITY!!!
      Let’s Understand Jesus The Christ Has ALL AUTHORITY Over THE Heavens and The Earth!!! NWO and or Communist Regime., You are DONE and Over..JESUS THE CHRIST Rules and Reigns WITH His JOINT HEIR Power and AUTHORITY.


  4. TheLastRefuge says:

    We need to call this Senator and respectfully leave a message to please vote AGAINST the federal ‘voting rights’ bill(s):

    Joe Manchin – (202)-224-3954

    I also called and respectfully left a message to please vote against the filibuster. Since I don’t live in his state (i.e. West Virginia), I did not give my address and said that I want to be remain anonymous.

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  5. Polly says:

    Instead of blaming the unjabbed (with an experimental deayh sode effect) why npt look for the source of the spread. I firmly believe it comes from a mad scientist and a test tube. Follow the science. Where does it manifest? In Florida who speaks mind for tje most part against plandemics.


  6. TheLastRefuge says:


  7. Hi Diane, for some reason I haven’t been able to post on your new site, have tried a couple of times however I do receive your blog in my emails, thank you.
    I have noticed when I try to send them on to friends through gmail, the message comes up, Item not found.
    So your message is being block through certain entities, think we all know..
    Also thank you Henry for posting about Australia….folks here are being kept in the dark except for sky news Allan Jones who is being bullied by other media identities.
    Thanks also to, duchess 01… for her dedication to the fold with uplifting
    Verse and scripture.
    Thank you Diane, for keeping up the good fight… may you be blessed abundantly all the days of your life.
    Blessings from down-under..

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  8. Polly says:

    You can’t say Covid is a hoax if you also say Dr Fauchie invented it. He truthfully opened up North Carolina University to have a place to invent it. Lots of witnesses to this.

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  9. TheLastRefuge says:

    Vaccine ‘Mandate’ = Despotism and Genocide

    The following are excerpts from Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko, M.D. (Board certified family physician) ( ) (interviewed on Friday August 20, 2021) (interview accessible at ):

    “ I’m a Hassidic Jew and my family lost 40 or so relatives in the Holocaust … So I don’t use the word genocide loosely. This is a genocide …“84% of Americans who ended up in the hospital could have been saved … Access to life saving medication is being suppressed. Information about life saving medication is being suppressed. Any doctor who dares say something that is against the narrative of the government -it could be the world leader in mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone – if he says something that is not consistent with the narrative, he get’s deplatformed … So I started using Quercetin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D and Zinc for all my patients … If we go through the demographic of 18 or younger – basically healthy kids – the CDC says their survival rate is 99.998% without treatment from COVID 19 – it’s safer than influenza virus; why would I vaccinate a demographic that has a near 100% recovery rate without treatment, with something that is not even FDA approved and was brought to human use after a year of development – when historically it takes 10 years to bring a vaccine to market – why would I? The answer is not for medical reasons … If you look at another demographic from 18 to 45 and healthy – healthy adults – the survival rate without treatment is 99.95 % with treatment it’s a near 100%; so the same question – why would I vaccinate with an experimental liquid that it took a year to develop – why would I vaccinate that demographic with something like that? The answer is not for medical reasons. Or if someone had Covid and they have antibodies – they have natural immunity – everyone knows that natural immunity is much more protective – why would I inject them with something to make inferior antibodies? That doesn’t make sense. And then you get to the last group … the high risk group which is 45 and older and those with medical problems. They are at risk; they have a death rate of 7.5% – completely unacceptable … However, with proper treatment we can reduce that risk to less than one percent. ”
    “ So now comes the risk vs. benefit analysis – that with proper treatment I could have a death rate of less than one percent; what am I going to see if I use these vaccines? That’s going to segue into its safety issues. There are three time periods you need to analyze – from the moment of injection to around three months, from three months to three years, and then long term – more than three years. In the acute setting, what we are seeing is people dying from blood clots, from inflammation of the heart, and from miscarriages in the first trimester. According to the VAERS system – it’s a terrible system but that’s all we have – VAERS stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, there are eleven thousand dead Americans. Now my question is what is the threshold of death? … With the swine flu vaccines, 26 deaths happened, they scrubbed the entire system. Government is actually admitting to the 11,000 deaths – that’s not enough? How about what the CDC whistleblower is saying – the number is not 11,000 it’s 45,000? … How about the 2009 Harvard study that said that only about one percent of actual events are being reported on VAERS. Ok I could make an argument that death is reported at a higher rate. So what’s that rate 20%? 30%? So you have to then scale the numbers that you are seeing by a factor of five. And also I have colleagues that want to file reports, and their reports are being rejected and their patients died … ”
    “ … In this context, turn away from bad means do NOT submit to the fear, do NOT agree to the isolation, and stay away from the POISON DEATH SHOTS … The problem is we are witnessing a very sophisticated psychological manipulation of humanity. Everyone knows, who studied psychological warfare that prolonged anxiety coupled together with social isolation leads to a psychological decompensation and when that happens to the person they become very gullible and very easy to manipulate. … Bill Gates said that the world population needs to be reduced by fifteen percent … the same Bill Gates said that seven billion people need to be vaccinated. … Why would I want to take a vaccine sponsored by someone who believes that the world population needs to be reduced? … ”

    “ If you look at the side effects of these vaccines because that’s the real plague; you see COVID 19 is extremely treatable but the psychological use of fear and isolatioin has created a false motivation or justification to immunize … In the first three months there is going to be a group of people who died from blood clots, there is going to be a group of people that died from heart damage, and there is going to be an increased rate of miscarriages. World experts are screaming genocide. Dr. Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering HIV, in 2008, is saying that this is the biggest risk of genocide in the history of humanity. Dr. Robert Malone, who invited this stuff, is saying don’t take it the government is lying to you. Dr Dolores Cahill, from Ireland, said she believes that in two years 90% of the people vaccinated will be dead, Dr Michael Yeadon, the former vice president of Pfizer and the head of their vaccine development program said that for every one child that dies naturally from COVID a hundred will die from the vaccine. … The mechanism of death is your own immune system gets pathologically primed and when it comes into contact with a similar virus the antibodies produced by these vaccines destroy – it’s like a bomb going off. … So the only way you are going to avoid the detonation … is by preventing yourself from getting these infections. ”

    “ … [T]hese are RNA viruses … and most RNA viruses use the same pathway for replication So there is an enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase but it’s an important enzyme because all the strains of COVID use this one enzyme to make copies of its genetic material. So if you could shut down this enzyme you could shut down the replication of all the strains of COVID. That’s why I don’t care if it’s Delta, Lambda, South African or whatever; they all are treated the same way. We could shut down their viral replication and the body’s immune system will take care of the job. You need a bullet and that’s Zinc; Zinc inhibits this enzyme – Zinc does not get into the cell on its own. So you need a Zinc delivery system. It’s like a gun and a bullet. So there are four Zinc delivery systems: One is Hydroxychloroquine. Another is Ivermectin. Then there is Quercetin. And EGCG which is a green tea extract. When you use that together with Zinc, you have a functioning unit of synergy … Zinc delivery system, or Zinc ionophore, with Zinc – it gets the Zinc into the cell in the right concentrations – it inhibits RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and what happens is you shut down viral replication … and if you prime your immune system by having enough Zinc … enough Vitamin D and enough C then most likely you will not get these infections and if you do get this infection you have to treat much more aggressively from Day 1 or 2 and not allow your immune system to explode and kill you … ”


  10. TheLastRefuge says:


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