Trump Will Not Bow To The World Establishment’s Agenda 21!

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Trump is aware of the sinister plans of  the Globalist Elite to bring about a North American Union that will later be conjoined at the head of the UN’s plans for a global world order.  Today they call it Global Governance.

Trump will not bow down to the establishment nor their  plans to have a prolonged border crisis. He is out to address the real issues and stop an overburdened government dependency. He sees the agenda behind all the deceptive government practices to give assistance to illegals and anchor babies, along with not securing our borders. Trump is out to end their plans to turn America into a neatly tied package ready to be handed over to the UN agenda that is totally controlled by the elite establishment.

Please watch the link below and listen to many of the –not for public knowledge – truths that have been revealed over a length of time, and not in one place. It has been purposely doled out, here a little, there a little and  tossed here and there like bread crumbs. You will hear Laura Ingraham go toe to toe arguing the issues of global population sustainability.  She brings out the facts that the Elite Establishment always deny.  Underground goals are revealed which bring the illegal immigration secret plans into focus.  (see link below)

The issue of vaccines as a means to control population is all a part of the evils the elite establishment have no qualms about implementing.  They are doing so now. Obama care has lots of mandates within it.  One of those are vaccines.

There are many devious plans that are not tinfoil hat, nor are they Sci Fi; although they do sound like a Hollywood film, they are plans that the Global Elite call goals for their 21st century.  Please watch the link below. It is long, but it is fully exposes a devious master plan. A plan full of choke holds on America  that Trump is exposing on the campaign trail and in the national debates.

After viewing the link below, you will be able to more clearly understand which candidates are pushing the establishment goals.

Trump is not for climate change.  He knows it is a man made lie.  He has presented his stance on this issue clearly.

I believe he, as I, have discovered a lot of heinous criminal actions being driven by the establishment.  Trump is not on board to destroy America, nor the rest of the world.  He is clearly out to stop the evil push to dominate and enslave all humanity.

Whereas Trump has not made the same claim that I just made, it is clear he opposes the evil agenda.  Trump will make America great again and that opposes all the establishment efforts to destroy her.

When you hear any candidate in favor of the establishments future plan which include climate change, amnesty, vaccines, global trade deals , NAFTA, bad Iran Contracts,  etc. and discard any evidence of the supporting facts that expose the lies, but instead discard them as nonsense; you can assuredly mark that candidate as one of the elite’s establishment puppets.

It is not just America that needs Trump in office, the entire world will benefit.  You can mark my words – it will not be easy to buck the establishment.  Yet, when all the people join together demanding the horrid agenda to be stopped – it is not impossible to achieve it.


Written by Dianne Marshall

28 thoughts on “Trump Will Not Bow To The World Establishment’s Agenda 21!

  1. thestorm says:

    I hope Trump doesn’t let us down.Some say he is a Democrat plant,I hope not. We don’t have anything to choose from.3 are not eligible & 1 of them is a bush pundit & jeb was his minter. robio was on the amnesty gang of 8 & he. and cruz want to triple work visas.


    1. No he is not a dem plant. Can’t you see the passion and sincerity he practically oozes from his pores? If you have a shred of common sense left you will see it. Try to ignore the naysayers and use your own judgement after watching and listening to him. He is a proud, accomplished man and wants to help turn us back around to Make America Great Again so he, and all of us can feel proud of America once again!

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      1. balloon says:

        That’s the exact same passion and sincerity he oozed, when he pulled the wool over city leaders and investors eyes.


  2. Tammy E says:

    Trump is a businessman first off and I think he sees that the way the bloated government and overreach of UN policies is killing the economic structure and power of America. He knows that it is not only in America’s best interest but his to put a screeching halt to what’s going on in America. He is old enough to know and appreciate the values that formed this country and made it a superpower. I have some questions about his personal faith as a Christian and I would be lying if I didn’t say it bothers me that a potential First Lady had not only posed nude but posed in pornagraphic images that had lesbian content. I know he is the one that will be president, but our First Lady is a public figure that has a lot of influence and also represents our country and our values.


    1. mike archambault says:

      to make America great again is a job for all of us. be careful not to dump all your concerns on one man and do nothing to help him with the hope he can clean up this “orchestrated” mess. be prepared to take a hard stand for your constitution. once martial law is imposed it will be too late. make no mistake. these “criminal elitist” know their devices are being exposed and are already putting protection barriers such as renaming files and documents and compartmentalizing their deeds to diffuse and deflect the obvious and the public. trump might be your so called superman but remember; “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. if trump stays true to his campaign, he will be a threat to their plans. I’m sure they (elitist) will take measures to change his agenda either by hitting his financial empire, using intimidation tactics to undermine and compromise his and your families and if he still doesn’t bend,……they will try to assassinate him. so you see, this is no time to sit on your laurels and hope for the best. we must get Involved.” we the people” and work to help Mr trump .This can’t be a one man operation. Now if Mr trump ends up aborting the dismantling of agenda 21, it won’t be obvious but I’m sure the sales tone will change…sustainable redevelopment– smart—green and all the other rhetoric that goes with it. Remember” time” proves all things but when time is at a premium, we really don’t have the option of “wait and see” we must act AND watch. and if your afraid of a little repercussion, you all have already been targeted for elimination…they’re going to kill you weather you like it or not.
      funny thing though, god sent us a superman who lived from 1906 to 1965. god revealed all these things to us through him and then he gave us the answers and a guarantee and all you people don’t want anything to do with it. and what’s even more astonishing is his message to this reprobate sin loving world of slemoes and degenerates; was VINDICATED TO BE 100% AUTHENTIC AND YOU’D RATHER PUT YOUR TRUST IN A MAN WHO HAS CLEARLY SHOWN THE WORLD THAT he’s a adulterer, has narcissistic tendencies, a professing Christian…based on the claim that the bible is his #1favorite book and of course the book he wrote came 2nd which probably means it is really his #1 his own testimony will tell you that. Keep in mind Lucifer was the bright and morning star and he excelled at everything thinking he was unstoppable until he tried to play god. the olny difference here is, Lucifer failed and well i guess time will also tell us if the presidency is trump’s final conquest…I’m mike Archambault…Canadian

      ps there still is a 100% fix that involves “you” the little guy.God help me be empty and small……and it’s guaranteed and foolproof. anybody want to talk……..address to mike


  3. The Bible, if you know it in depth, speaks of ALL these things! It is all leading to the NWO, one world system with decreased population for complete control by the federal government and the ULTRA RICH who look upon us as bottom feeders! The Bible says the One world system will collapse before being completely implemented and cause “the deadly wound to the economy”. The anti-christ then appears to “fix” it all and his only request for you to be a part? Worship him as Christ and lose your soul!!! Obama has been a precursor to start dividing the “goats and the sheep”. BE FOREWARNED!! It is all happening as we speak, I learned this in the early 90’s, now it is happening right before my eyes! FASCINATING!!


    1. Karin says:

      I believe the Bible tells us all of this as a warning that if we do not keep God in our country then Allah/Satan would then be able to sweep in on us… I also believe that we are recognizing the warning and are putting God back in our country. We will not let his country go to Islam… We are at least slowing down the Liberals (who have forgotten God) from destroying this great country. Otherwise, why would our most high God warn us through the ages if not to act?


      1. mike archambault says:

        he also said; ” where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.” Remember this, Jesus said; “seek ye first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all will be added unto thee” if you can only fathom the incredible depth you can realize the importance of this particular promise. be careful not to be consumed by your own endeavors where you end up doing what Moses did. when judgement was about to be unleashed in Egypt, Moses was so busy with everything else, he forgot to apply the token to his own house.. If Zippora hadn’t lost her temper and snapped on Moses, he and Zippora would be dead. We can change ourselves…if you are willing. Our main objective is to get God’s people out of there.The advantage we have is.. God also told us how this whole thing ends up,. whats in the middle is inevitable. in the meantime getting involved is a good thing but remember; we need to stay focused on the promise we have at the end of all this. everything that was ever mentioned in scripture has happened exactly how it said it would. i believe if God’s program has been flawless up to this point…come on people…HE’S GOING TO COMPLETE HIS PROGRAM REGARDLESS…GOD CANT FAIL remember this; agenda 21 has been satan’s last day message.That doesn’t matter to god’s people because it’s not for them. God also sent a message the same way he’s always done it. by one man who’s not tainted by church and state or by the cares of the world. not from any seminary or other organization, uneducated and humble. Being empty, God filled him in the wilderness with a message that would fore run the 2nd coming of Jesus. God sent this man around the planet 7 times vindicating his message through signs and supernatural wonders in front of every nation’s leaders even allowing science to verify and authenticate pictures of himself and what did they do? the same thing they always have done. THEY; CHURCH, STATE AND PEOPLE REJECTED IT. what you are seeing now is the results of that rejection. you got to understand these people have been designing this apocalyptic disaster for OVER 2000 YEARS. KNOWING WE WOULD BE NO MATCH FOR kind of foresight;. no human is;. so where did the elite get this power….Satan…black mass….it’s supernatural
        even as a united people in ourselves we can’t stand up to this kind of power that’s why we must know the message that God sent so we can get through this and the only way to do that is we have to find who God gave the message to. Believe me friends, its all very real and things are happening so fast…want to be prepared? bible says “make your calling and election sure.” that means that i was called and elected and with that, a plan of action. Two get more. reply to Mike Archambault; just one of God’s little ones on the hunt for even one of God’s little ones


  4. Jules says:

    Tammy, don’t hold Trump’s lovely wife in contempt of your own “personal” beliefs of what is “proper” or not. You don’t know anything about her personally or her personal story, so don’t be too quick to judge her. Trump states he’s a Christian and that’s good enough for me. Who are we to determine “how much” of a Christian he is. He’ll do more for this country to restore it more than anyone else! Our current Muslim POTUS is killing all of us right now, so please stay focused on the important issues. Trump’s wife is a lady of class and grace and many beautiful women do “suggestive modeling” as a means to pay the bills. You’re acting like she was a prostitute. Trump is exposing the “real” shameful acts that are happening in this country and my only hope is that Trump has the chance to carry out his plans. I worry for his safety, because, let’s face it…Kennedy was killed for less.

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  5. Those that attack and imply they know Trump… Know nothing about the man. Those that have worked for him and those that have done business with him know he is a man of his word. And he treats all with complete fairness. His business dealings are legendary to those in the know. Ignore the keyboard experts who do nothing but regurgitate the same ol’ troll talking points. Trump is an unabashed capitalist. And every American, will make money and live comfortable under his presidency. If they apply themselves. Remember people, it is the “ISSUES” that matter. Ignore all the character assassinations and nit picking. We are electing someone to be more than a leader, but someone that can actually lead and change the political dynamic of political embeddedness of perpetual cronyism and those who accomplish nothing but failure and financial ruin for the country as a whole and drain all of personal prosperity. Donald Trumps track record is nothing but success and great leadership skills. Lets back and support him to turn this country around.

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  6. I have to laugh at you people. Trump is a CRONY CAPITALIST who has used Agenda 21 regionalism to make BIG MONEY. The minute he finds out he will lose money and it will put he kibosh on his ability to take over property and rezone it to his liking he will do a 180. Trump is a major beneficiary of all the things he claims he will fight. STupid is as stupid does, TrumpaLumpas march on in your idiocracy! Tea party hates Trump!


    1. Agree says:

      He does enjoy being a developer of stack & pack communities, where he controls the monthly money exchange. Once rural is forced to rent or buy from mega city developers, they’re stuck for the duration. How convenient is that to a money hungry developer? Very!


  7. Trump is in this to win and to Make America Great Again. He is taking great risk with his life. He has also already suffered financial loss. NBC, Macy’s, his brand has been seriously hurt because of the things he’s said eve though they were things that needed saying. Many people don’t realize Trump has vast holdings in Muslim countries. In fact, in Saudi Arabia he was in the process of building a 6 billion dollar resort. Now that’s been stopped because of his stance on not allowing Muslims in until they can be properly vetted. That’s a huge hit even to a rich person. PC people wont buy his brand after this unless he does win the presidency. I pray to God he does because he is our last chance. The rest are all NWO candidates with the possible exceptions being Dr. Carson and Rand Paul. I really cant say definitely they aren’t, I haven’t researched them but I don’t think they are. I have researched all the other candidates and they for a fact are all NWO including Cruz. I pray his supporters wake up, do their own research. He is the worst because he is hiding behind the Bible.

    Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, all NWO and playing God. They will all burn in hell for what they’re doing.


  8. I see the Cruzbots have found you Dianne …………. professing support and then quoting Glenn Beck smears. For now, I want that WALL … and on 60 Minutes, Trump said he would tear NAFTA up if he had too. ((( TPP is next ))) — Most don’t know it, and the NWOers neocon-ers that do want to keep it quite, but ‘open’ borders is precisely what Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi worked on while working for Bush/Cheney. Ted Cruz even went back to DC to help Bush/Kennedy with their ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform (citizenship for all illegal aliens past, present, and future) .. in the 2006-2007 Amnesty Wars. ~~~~~ It’s Trump now, or nothing else is ever going to matter again.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want Ted Cruz to produce his CRBA form FS 240, or a D1350 —- easy peasy — no burden at all – or – whatever else he may have to show his citizenship status, and when he acquired it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  11. Susan Placentino says:

    We are in the end times,God’s Commandments are being broken and spat upon in an alarming. This Nation was founded under God and it grew and prospered. We know have walked away from Him. He will not force us to follow Him he gave us the gift of free will. I choose him over the OWO and Agenda 21


  12. Jo Cassesi says:

    Diane, this is an excellent article. I have been working to disseminate this information for decades and appreciate that it is now reaching more and more people. I am with you 100%. People do not realize the dire circumstances we’re in and they must be awakened. Thanks for helping to spread the word.


  13. What’s scary is that Democrats now aren’t even hiding what their true goals are. Total Gov control using socialism. Banning firearms to make us defenseless. Weakening our Military to the point they cant function. These just to name a few and they’re slowly indoctrinating future generations to accept their evil and dangerous ideology. But true Patriots will never bow down and surrender


  14. david says:

    Based on the video removed, and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s that video which shows how he went to all nations, starting with Saudi Arabia, then Israel then the Vatican. Trump has the Saudi prince go to many others. All nations have capitulated their power over to him. However, we all know, that if it’s not scriptural, then it is a lie. What’s missing is REVELATION KNOWLEDGE from proven prophets and of course, My people die for lack of knowledge.
    it therefore remains, that it can be either Trump, or his successor, that will have all this power over all nations, who give as scripture says, Their power over to the beast for one hour”. We know no man can be trusted with all power over earth. I believe Trump will not be the beast, as a proven prophet said he would leave a praying man. However, this remains to take place, and my own prophet which is the leading prophet to all Israel, does not trust Trump, because it was Elijah who said, both sides need to be lined up and removed. Elijah said in the end, there will be cannibalism in the USA. In the end, it will be as a whisper in the dark. That the USA is in for a long hard fall. That it is as Sodom, and Canada is as Gomorrah. Since Elijah by scripture has already come, and proven to be him as prophet to the nations ( ten lost tribes ) by rabbinical law, then it remains that based on scripture with can be nothing but the truth, that these things will come to pass in G-d’s own time.
    That time, is in my own life time, and I am now age 63, and know well, of the pole shift to come as Apophis will be here for it’s passover in April 2029, which is why there is a UN agenda 21/ 2030 !

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    1. Cannibalism is in the USA. They do it and now they are promoting it on a world scale. They had a Display in San Diego for a long time introducting it. They have a league for it. They eat the babies in dark rituals. They use fetus’s in food and beverage enhancers. Open your eyes it is all around us.


  15. Martin Prince says:

    So why is Trump pushing the vaccines and boosters, sounds like he really is in on the agenda 21.
    He definitely will not get my vote if he runs in 2024.
    He also lied to the people in his inauguration and said he’s giving the the power back to the people and he never did.


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