The Marshall Report is in the process of building a new website.  For those who had problems getting on the Marshall Report, there was nothing wrong with your cell phones, tablets, and computers…it was a hosting issue and we are now able to accomodate the increase traffic that the other site did not allow.

Nik, is finishing up the website so please be patient as we are in the process of completing it.

We are working the bugs out of it and look forward to having extra features that our other blog did not have.

The new site is still called “The Marshall Report”, but we have a new web address which is:

The original Marshall Report will remain up, but most of the newer articles will be on the new site. Thank you all for your patience in this move that I had not anticipated but it is turning out to be a blessing!

 Nik  is the owner of Vontainment, a web design company that provides top notch Creative Services world wide, as well as server and network setup.  Nik  has agreed to hold a forum to answer your computer and cyber questions as soon as the platform is up and running smoothly. I will have an article answering the questions we received shortly. Thank you.

Port Charlotte Web Design, Social Media & Marketing (



  1. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    I tried to “register” on you new site. I put all the three requests, plus the box. I clicked the green finish button and it took awhile and suddenly it cleared everything I entered.

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  2. Diana847 says:

    I am so disappointed that my job blocks this new site of yours like they do Facebook. I was able to spend time to read your reports on WordPress but not now. It’s going to be tough trying to find a new blog I like as much as this one. I was able to register from home to the new site but I don’t have the time to read from home as I do at work. Maybe I will be able to get a report or two in on my off days.

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    1. This site is still up. Try again to get it after it is finished. Right now it isn’t complete. It is still a wordpress site…and you should be able to access it. Right now…it is still being put together and at times the work interferes with registering and other things. I still have both sites going. I will begin to post here what goes there once we get caught up. There were so many that could not access so we got it up so people could have access. In normal times…it would not have been done until the site was finished. But..this isn’t a normal time. Smile.

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      1. Diana847 says:

        Dianne, this is the error I get while at work but at home it goes through to the site. So that makes me believe it is not at your end.

        This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.

        Checking the connection
        Checking the proxy and the firewall
        Running Windows Network Diagnostics

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  3. Anita says:

    Hi Dianne
    I’ve been upset for days because it kept crashing and I thought it was my iPhone SE which is relatively new. I would shut it down then put it on again several times a day.
    I was sad that I’d never get to read the Report.
    Thanks for the explanation.



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  4. Betty Baxter says:

    Dianne, I am blocked from entering your new website because I live in a foreign country. I really enjoy reading your blog and would not like to miss any new posts.


  5. msidaho says:

    Dianne another FYI – i tried to post how much i love the new site earlier today – wouldn’t let me. Just syain’ – i’ll be here and there (smile)

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