President Trump Will Expose EVERYTHING!

Remember, nothing is as it appears. “Enjoy The Show” was not just a pep talk. It was a direct truth for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see that the Deep State was going down and the entire swamp was being drained… and many of the players are doubles and CGI animations.

A good example of how good they can make things appear is Queen Elizabeth. Like the video says, “Just because you saw something on TV doesn’t mean it’s real.”

You have been watching a show and the cabal is trying everything they can to cling to their ideas of winning. They are losing and losing Big League!

We have watched world globalist puppets paraded like the losers they all are at the Gee, Golly – 7 and we have watched doubles, CGI productions with big green screens. The war is real, what we are watching is an illusion. Trump is the master at perp walks and how to get even. He will never let lawless liars tarnish his name, steal his election, destroy his America, and he will never stop fighting for YOU!

And in the same vein, just because it is not on the TV, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

This could happen….watch and see.

Trump didn’t know how deep and bad the swamp was but he got them all!

So for what it’s worth.… GET YOUR POPCORN HERE…



8 thoughts on “President Trump Will Expose EVERYTHING!

  1. Bart says:

    The bald guy in the blue shirt (video) referencing a National Guard soldier saying the 19th or 20th? Which month? Because it’s 7:45AM on June 20 and NADA…..! Sooo…just more BS!?!?!

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    1. The video was put on Rumble yesterday…which gives the impression it is now. But, I look back at the guard, the situation, the inauguration, the capitol immediately after…the week shut down and it all pertains to the 20th. They had to commit the illegal act in order to seize them all. And they were seized.


  2. birdie4us2comcastnet says:

    Dianne, I just visited and found an article that says Obama released the three year ban on making viruses more dangerous 11 days before he left office. I checked it out and the article originated on Salon December 24, 2017. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think? Love your writing.

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  3. Sorry to butt into this stuff, but I’m lost. I’m very new to this report and have seen some stuff but just what is happening. Is Trump up and running or is all this just another scam (I’m serious.). People giving rates without a month or a year??? We’re all looking for truth in our lives, our marriages, our religion and our politics. Just what the heck is going on ? or where to I go to get the lowdown?


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