Incompetance or Deep State Coup? Either way it’s bad!

While Trump’s defense attorney, Michael van der Veen won the case showing there was no incitement to the surge on the Capitol on President Trump’s behalf, before he could even leave the capitol building, his home was vandalized by thugs. But, according to the senate and congress of Sodom, Inc., guess he INCITED it by telling the truth about the real ones who should have been impeached. Telling the truth about the swamp and all the swirly things they do in the dark has a price tag on it. Or so it seems. These are evil wicked people with no conscience, or so it appears. Some have other names for the breed. And of course what made the liars easier to perjure themselves during the impeachment was the fact that they had not had any investigation done. With an event so terrible there was NO INVESTIGATION. Let that soak in. Will there be one to find the vandals? It is officially lawlessness on the same level as Sodom and Gomorrah.

God bless Michael van der Veen and his family. Please lift him up to the Lord in prayer.

Meanwhile, Capital Police Chief Steven A. Sund resigned February 1, 2021 an eye opening letter to Nancy Pelosi that revealed the actual true events of the evil that was done on January 6, 2021. His testimony on the events that took place on that terrible day are radically different than what the world heard from the impeachment trial; of which they lost.

Chief Sund’s timeline of the breakin reveal the Capitol attack occurred at 12:52 p.m. while Trump Supporters were still listening to the speech. Which matches what Trump supporters have all been saying. President Trump was over an hour late in starting his event, and was just getting started with his speech that began roughly around 12:00 or so. I was watching and had live feed from some on the ground. Those who were there said it took a while to get to the Capitol and my contact heard booms and sirens and showed on video emergency vehicles driving fast past them with all the sirens. One after another. The Trump Administration and supporters now have an official eye witness, Police Chief Steven Sund, who is very credible stating exactly what Trump Supporters have been saying all along.

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When you read the letter below, you will see just how criminal the Pelosi/Schumer impeachment has been. And certainly when you see the scope of lies presented, you will understand why there was no investigation completed, it was by design. Pelosi received this letter in plenty of time to tell the truth. You should also realize that such a runaround with all the bells and whistles of a keystone cop silent film, was not by accident. Especially when we are talking about the Capitol of the United States, Inc. Nancy Pelosi certainly has a lot of questions to answer. We The People must demand a deep dive investigation. While we are at it, include Biden – where is he during all this?

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Here is Chief Sund’s letter of account and resignation:

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Image result for Chief Sund
Image result for Chief Sund
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The Democrat’s accusation that Trump provoked a riot is perjury at its’ finest; the facts are that the Capital attack started, and the bombs were found before Trump’s speech ended, and according to the FBI, the bombs were put in place the night before. The event was pre-planned well before January 6th. There were signs and leaflets recruiting ANTIFA posted throughout D.C. days before the event. This clearly appears to be a set up in an effort to eliminate President Trump from ever running for office again, and destroying any future plans he may have had to do anything with politics.



  1. Jonathan L Wilde says:

    I just love reading your posts. Such honesty is hard to find these days. I don’t know if Donald Trump will ever be our President again but I hope that the snakes who guided this 4 year witch hunt are removed and our country’s honor and dignity are restored. It makes me so angry to watch what they have done to him but I know that me displaying that anger is exactly what they want. Keep doing what you’re doing because it is The Lord’s work. God Bless You!

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  2. Harriett L. Randall says:

    The letter failed to state that quite a few Capitol officers were spotted on video directing the actors and other paid participants in the insurrection. There were fake blood, fake deaths, and fake paramedics all over the place. The truth will prevail. IN JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME!!!

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    1. True. I am sure Trump had his people do an investigation. The attorneys were prepared with over 301 witnesses read to call. I’m sure those names are not forgotten, nor the reasons they were calling them. The cards are still be held closely. The worse thing is the man had his house vandalized. So now he and his family suffer from the demon terrorists. Pray for these brave people standing up for truth.

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      1. They are demons of our own making. Child abuse destroys natural human morality. We are not fighting demons. We are fighting our own lack of attention. And not some special ritual abuse. Everyday ordinary beatings will do. We should be helping them with everything we can to reduce their pain. People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers. We call those people addicts.

        Deny them pain relief and jail them? Who are the demons?


      2. There is a Satanic impulse. It is not some mysterious spiritual force. It comes from child abuse. I admit that it used to be a mystery. But we are past that stage.

        Instead of “I rebuke you Satan” suppose we did “Let me find an abused child and help,” We might actually make some progress.


  3. Maryann says:

    I am sure that Donald Trump will be our President again. I believe he is our President NOW. Soon everyone else will see it. As for the truth of what happened on January 6th and the pre-planning the Bible tells us whatever is hidden in the darkness will be revealed.Mark 4:22 Luke 8:17. Another thought if these people have no problem KILLING children both in and out of the womb are you surprised at anything they do? I am not!

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  4. James Strickland says:

    To watch these past four years go by and see what they’ve put our president through is disheartening. To watch all the evil directed at DJT turned back on demoncrats is glorious. Let there be no mistake , this man has the armor of GOD on and he fears no evil ! GOD bless this country and keep DJT and his family safe and sound .

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  5. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    I am sorry, I meant to post my comment here to go with Chief Sund’s letter: isolatedinsmalltown says: In the long letter from Chief Sund, why is there no mention of the shooting of Ashlie Babbit? (unless I missed it). The ‘guy’s had radios – didn’t they tell anyone higher in command what had happened? Isn’t there a single camera installed in the Capital that has a timestamp? Surely someone was called and notified when an ambulance arrived, removing a ‘dead’ body wasn’t there? What happened when Ashlie arrived at the ‘hospital’? Wasn’t anyone able to discuss what ‘time’ it was? Was she ‘d.o.a.’ or did they announce her time of death (like they love to do on tv…like it’s some big announcement)….Why wouldn’t a ‘shooting or death’ make the people in charge act quicker?

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      I don’t mean to ‘harp’ about Ashlie Babbit but I just have a few more questions: 1. Where was the ‘horn guy’ at the moment of Ashlie’s shooting? 2. In watching Irisheye’s video, you can see ‘things’ in the ears – like the ‘medic’s’ ear….and like what Chief Sund had said about items in ears….Just ‘who’ were the ‘cops’ talking to on their walkie-talkies or whatnot? [when the guy yelled: ‘She’s dead’ – plus the whereabouts of ‘horn guy’ at this moment] did the horn guy get the okay to do what they did in the Gallery and to cause distractions? [The rummaging of the podiums, the sitting in mike pence’s chair, and the fake praying?] Sometimes it is all about the timestamps and the distractions.


  6. Corinna Bianchi says:

    Wooow, wow & wow !!!!! So it is an organisation in order 1. to create confusion… hiding the real purpose: 2. to kill D. T …… Again and again they try… It is so awful !!! We really have to hope that this will be investigated and I believe in JUSTICE, first of all in DIVINE Justice. And people shall know all about everything, so they may learn not to judge so quickly and superficially. (Sorry; I’m 69 years old and I forget how to write and express myself correctly in english. But… at least I’m still able to understand very well 😃😂 ) I0m swiss and living abroad since a lot of years; actually in Tunisia …


    Best wishes, Corinna

    Libre de virus.

    El dom, 14 feb 2021 a las 6:18, THE MARSHALL REPORT () escribió:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Incompetance or Deep State Coup? Either way > it’s bad! While Trump’s defense attorney, Michael van der Veen won the case > showing there was no incitement to the surge on the Capitol on President > Trump’s behalf, before he could even leave the capitol bui” >

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  7. I already new something was planned there were people in DC a day before the event who took videos with their cell phones of objects placed around the Capitol so this is already a known fact. This was shown on other webistes I forget which one. I guess hearing it from the police FBI makes it official. Question if they knew about this then why are they questioning Trump’s speech.

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  8. I am praying for Attorney Van Der Veen and his family. We should also pray for the police chief that resigned. If that resignation letter becomes out big time Pelosi will at least threaten him and his family as well.

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  9. southern1952 says:

    i myself wonder why mr sund didn’t mention the girl that was shot…he said 2 capitol policemen were killed, they had funeral for only one. so, what the hell is going on? i wish someone would post what else really happened…from all the people there, and the pics/videos should be everywhere, maybe they are, i haven’t see them. and big thanks to Mr. Sund for this letter.

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  10. OldCop876 says:

    I spent 30 years in law enforcement, and during that time learned a few things. The first is that intelligence is a rather iffy thing that is almost never perfect, and often dead wrong. I can certainly see Chief Sund’s point, if what he is saying is true, that the Capitol Police had little reason to suspect that January 6th would turn violent, given that past pro-Trump protests had been generally peaceful. I also have no problem believing that some rear-echelon higher-up at DOD would slow-walk a request for assistance from civil authorities because he didn’t like the “optics” of deploying troops to the Capitol.

    But my career was in a place not far from Washington, DC, and I still have rank and file contacts within the Capitol Police. They tell me that while things were scary, the assertion that this was a coordinated, military-style assault aimed at capturing the Capitol is overblown. Just about anyone with any actual military experience knows that it would have been child’s play to actually take the Capitol had that been the true objective of the rioters. It is clear to me that the real objective was to disrupt and discredit the Stop The Steal protest that went on that day, and to demonize Trump. Unfortunately, some very impressionable people were co-opted into going along with this, having been incited by prior messages from Q-Anon, and on the ground by inciters in the crowd. Unfortunately, one such misguided person, Ashli Babbitt, lost her life because of ill-advised actions she chose to engage in.

    The other thing that I can see from reading between the lines of former Chief Sund’s letter is that he knew he would be scape-goated in this affair by members of Congress seeking to make the whole affair worse than it was, as a means to ultimately get to Donald Trump. He presents events in the light most favorable to himself, and to the agency he led, and conveniently leaves out any mention of the life one of his officers took that day. I can understand this, it is just human nature. He has a reputation, and probably a pension to preserve. I think he is being accurate in the main, with a tad bit of exaggeration of the military nature of the assault, at least as to numbers, and in the omission of any mention of Ashli Babbit’s death. The exaggeration is probably a sop to what he knows Nancy Pelosi wanted to do next.

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  11. OldCop876 says:

    P.S., I should have mentioned in speaking of the death of Ms. Babbitt that also at play was a probable overreaction by a Capitol Police officer. Probably not intentionally criminal, but tragic nonetheless.

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