Good Morning…

Nancy Pelosi had a melt down yesterday after the acquital.

Now she is after McConnell.

Image result for mcconnell turtle meme
He’s done for. Pelosi is going to make some turtle soup.
Image result for trump eating popcorn

The best is yet to come. Trump said he had some good things for us. I’m ready. Enjoy the show!

Hold the line Patriots!


36 thoughts on “Good Morning…

    1. Did anyone else notice that pelosi doesn’t sound like she did a year ago? Her voice has 100% changed. So has the voice of biden. I seriously doubt that the people we see in these videos are anything more than body doubles, or actors with masks on.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Today we saw ALL Democrats lie during impeachment violating Our Constitution they all should be held accountable Report that and ALL their pedophila repeat it over and over GET IT OUT THERE

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  2. don says:

    Truth, What if I told you that THE Biggest Human Trafficking, Child exploitation organization on the planet has Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube accounts? What if I told you they have a Linkedin Account? What if I told you some of the products and services you depend on come from a huge network of businesses involved in this criminal enterprise? What if I have proof that this organization has BLM and Antifa in its membership? What would you think if I showed you evidence that the main body of this criminal enterprise offered to sell me access to the United States Congress? Would you be surprised that this entity has a Washington DC address?
    Exposing the uncomfortable truth about Lucien Lincoln Wood
    Before the conservative purge of Twitter, Lin Wood tweeted for Anyone having evidence of election interference to contact and I furnished the results of a year-long investigation I began when I googled “how do I get to speak before congress” with one of the suggestions was a link to the Action Network.I followed the link and registration instructions only to find that the Action Network was offering to sell me access to Congress, where I would be able to be on the floor and speak to the United States Congress. I made as far as the $150.00 registration fee. This was a year before the 2020 election, and because of my application with the Action Network, I started receiving emails from a long list of entities involved in the Network.
    After the election, I was working on an investigation into Craigslist fraud where clickbait ads are the preface for international credit card fraud. All of the sexual solicitations in your email is a part of this scheme where you are asked to go to an absolutely free age verification website where you’ll find another portal to the free service.I would go to each page, screenshot the “free” entrance to the next portal and then screenshot the “terms and conditions” where it says how much you ARE BEING CHARGED. And every single portal goes back to the Action Network operating out of Seychelles, France. And there you will find Watchdog,net, Craigslist, Linkedin, Word Press,,, Cornerstone OnDemand., and 100’s of others.

    Soon after sharing on and leaving several messages at the telephone number, both were shut down. But all of this evidence was sent to lwood@fightbacklaw, which if you look at the website the main picture has the caption “We represent the Damned”.I left multiple messages on (404)891-1402 especially expressing concerns for my safety involving criminal activities where Credit Karma notifications of 16 security breaches of my Transunion credit reports showing how my email accounts were hacked using email thread hijacking techniques.. My cell is sending messages to people. Unauthorized charges on my credit card. TO THIS DATE no contact at all from everyone’s hero, Lin Wood.

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  3. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    In the long letter from Chief Sund, why is there no mention of the shooting of Ashlie Babbit? (unless I missed it). The ‘guy’s had radios – didn’t they tell anyone higher in command what had happened? Isn’t there a single camera installed in the Capital that has a timestamp? Surely someone was called and notified when an ambulance arrived, removing a ‘dead’ body wasn’t there? What happened when Ashlie arrived at the ‘hospital’? Wasn’t anyone able to discuss what ‘time’ it was? Was she ‘d.o.a.’ or did they announce her time of death (like they love to do on tv…like it’s some big announcement)….Why wouldn’t a ‘shooting or death’ make the people in charge act quicker?

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      1. Holly Davidson says:

        I’m wondering why the cop’s name was never mentioned? They have gone over many videos and yet no one could identify him? Honestly I something was odd the first time I saw the video.


    1. 1iccon says:

      I’m with you. No mention of the one death by an armed individual that came from the floor of the Senate(?) I have a verified account from someone who went in after 4pm that day and there was no perimeter secured [or crime scene and such] at the are where said person was gunned down. They were able to photograph the “blood stains” and such. There was no security impeding entry into the Capitol on the Senate side. I suggest to the ex-capitol police chief to investigate and follow the money so that the ACTUAL hands that planned this nefarious Reichstag Fire set-up are captured and charged with conspiracy to overthrow a legitimate government, install the coup inflictors and jail all seditious players. Kudos to Dianne Marshall for being on top of the real issues!

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  4. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    I pray President Trump’s words and actions speak as a Godly man would because seeing and hearing such high regards about him make me very suspicious to say the least. Remember the last words of David, “…He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.”


    1. RaiderRed50 says:

      Think for a sec… Why are so many not making sense? If Trump is truly defeated then why all the energy of trying to take him out still? It’s almost like before or is what we are seeing not what it is?

      Hold the line! The show isn’t over yet… It’s getting more interesting 🤔

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      1. Every person he appointed was a swamp creature. Name one person he appointed that was MAGA? Name one. He said it was a china virus and declared a national emergency on 3-13-2020. Please cite in the constitution where the word emergency is and where in the constitution the government has increased powers during an emergency? This unconstitutional declaration opened the door for the democrat governors to implement draconian lockdowns, mask mandates and this emergency vaccine non-vaccine and that has killed at 700 people since it was available.


  5. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    I read the Chief’s letter of resignation and am appalled at all parties who “were involved with this ARMED INNSURECTION” This must be exposed for what it is!!! Time to play hard ball for Truth and Justice for all!!!

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    1. The letter was also sent to McConnell….now you know why he really changed his mind. He knew this was not going to go well when people found out he knew the truth before the impeachment even began. Now that the letter was made PUBLIC. He’s a stooge for China and the Cabal.

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  6. William Barrett says:

    I don’t understand why these Democrats get away with everything no matter what they do .
    All of this impeachment lies and waist of taxpayers money and perjury and no consequences.Its ridiculous . Something has to be done and the Republicans need to grow a backbone and start indicting the Democrats.


  7. Thanks for the turtle soup image. 😂. I needed a laugh.

    Yesterday, I heard about the house scamanagers wanting to call witnesses, but I didn’t see or hear Trump’s lawyer’s response.

    The next great thing I saw was the vote that led to acquittal. Found out later that Trump’s lawyer threatened to call Peliarsi if the scamanagers persisted on the witness issue. That did it! Could we imagine that witch under oath? No one on their side wanted that, or could politically survive that. Checkmate! Brilliant!

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  8. The evil plans were very wicked. First we take (as in steal) Georgia, then we take the Whitehouse. First we censor Trump, then we censor his supporters. First we impeach Trump, then we re-educate his supporters. Lawlessness and destruction. Where’s Biden?

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  9. Caroline Olson says:

    I believe that Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, RINO Mitch McConnell and others are AFRAID that Trump and his team will EXPOSE them as using Dominion vote counting machines to switch votes from their opponents to help them get re-elected last November. Brilliant lawyer Ms. Sidney Powell reported that her investigation and research discovered that at least one Republican paid a lot of money to have Dominion help him get the votes needed to win on Nov 3rd, 2020. I suspect that person MIGHT be the “Turtle.” Also, it is known that California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband Richard Bloom owns 60% stock in Dominion, and Hillary and Bill and other Democrats have used their “services.” Lin Wood, outspoken trial lawyer, is representing Sidney Powell in the lawsuit against her by Dominion who threatened a $1.3 BILLION suit unless she retracted her statements about the massive election fraud using their machines. Lin Wood told Dominion that Ms. Powell is NOT going to retract her statement and to go ahead and file their suit. Something they probably did not expect because they thought their threatening letters would shut people down from talking about election fraud. Lin Wood said he is ready to rumble with Dominion because THEY will have to provide much information in discovery that will expose their corruption! Stay tuned….it’s gonna get real ugly for a lot of corrupt people in D.C. The Sewer Rats are nervous….and it is a JOY to behold!

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  10. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    After AGAIN reading Police Chief Sund, I can’t help but say that this reminded me of the Benghazi play book!!!! These people Need to be held accountable!!!


  11. Lucille Milano says:

    Victory is a long time coming. Thank you for every bit of info you shared. It was like pulling off a bandage on a very hairy area. Amen…. It is done, and it starts again. Keep up the good work. Praise our LORD!!!


  12. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    I am the one to always ask questions so here goes:
    Who sent the video to Masako Ganaha?

    Who sent the video of Ahlie’s ‘death’ to BitChute?

    I think I heard (from either Simon or Charlie) that there were infiltrators within antifa and this could be their work…Also the list of rules that Diane had presented had to have been obtained from infiltrators.

    Good job guys!

    One comment on nancy’s appearance….could you imagine being the make-up/hair person? On any of the fakes? That is a pretty big secret to not blab out loud. I equate it to being under witness protection….I don’t think I could ever hide the fact that I was raised on a farm, came from a large family, and not blurt out how I had to help butcher chickens every summer for 10 years!


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