Americans across the nation are tired of watching the theives act like they won an election they stole in the light of day and they want the President they elected to take office and that President is Donald J. Trump!

War Room” cohost Raheem Kassam traveled to Arizona and reported back that there was an amazing grassroots phenomenon unfolding in the state. Kassam said what’s happening is big – and he can’t believe that conservative media isn’t reporting on it.

We The People are pushing hard against the thieves who stole the election and squatted in the White House. Everything points to an overthrow of the government like a third world country! The left wing puppets have awakened a giant and they are about to see what justice looks like in their fake globalist RESET, Lockstep democracy!

Read more here: [VIDEO] The War Room Went to AZ and Look What Happened… – (


Guantanamo detainees say historic interrogation was 'torture,' despite CIA  psychologist's denial - ABC News





  1. inesnido says:

    Here we go again Dianne. I have not received two post yesterday and three today. I just updated my wordpress so I have no idea what’s happening. I thought it strange not to receive at least one of your post after Trump addressed the NC GOP, which I wached live on Newsmax. So today, I went directly to my wordpress file and saw all of your post. Do you know why I am not receiving them?

    Thank you for your help, again.


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    1. The site has been hacked with a denial of server thing. Am in the process of having a new domain made and it will be free from the issues we are having by the ones who don’t want truth spread. All the people will be transfered but this site will remain up still for a year…just to make sure people who don’t know of the new site will still see the posts. But, the issues are ones even I am experiencing. It should be resolved soon. The new sight is under construction…but will be It will be much easier to move around in. Hang on and for now…please access the way you did. It’s all upside down right now. Sorry…working on it as fast as we can.

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      1. I was finally able to see the new posts here! It’s amazing how far the radical leftist Marxist PAID! creeps will go to censor us, while continuing to riot, destroy businesses, attack people, and cause havoc in cities – run by Dem evil leaders! It’s astounding to me! There will be a point where it will need to be physically stopped, and I pray that the plans to reveal all will also include arrests of these perps and jail time for the harm they have inflicted.

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  2. inesnido says:

    Thank you for letting me know. Do you think these hackers have any way to get in on my end? I hope not. Just keep us updated so we don’t go nuts looking for your post. You have my e-mail so if all else fails please drop me a note when your new site starts. Thanks again. Ines

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    1. INESNIDO…NO THIS IS A SERVER HACK. a denial of service. hack. At the WordPress level. Not computor or Iphone…the server. He said Chrome was best as there are lots of firewalls for chrome…and some servers aren’t as protected as Chrome which 96% of firewalls are built for. (this is all new to me too).

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  3. inesnido says:

    Dianne, I don’t use Chrome anymore. My browser is Brave. I don’t trust Chrome since Chrome is short for Adrenochrome and we all know what that is. Just please let me know via my e-mail when your new server is up. Please.

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  4. zekesparkman says:

    same thing is happening in GA, its going to be a tsunami. I think the patriots most important goal was to win the information war and wake the giant. The cabal is a formidable foe and they have their stinky little tentacles in a lot of stuff and sure they have some cash to throw around, but the most powerful force on Earth is God’s Church. This column or pillar going down the I-35 corridor is the most bad a$$ fighting force the world has ever seen. Stopped the nazi’s on two fronts, and torpedoed their plans right at the last minute. Rise and shine.

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  5. Reblogged this on Talk Wisdom and commented:
    Important and informative post at Dianne’s blog! It’s been great to see huge banners unfurled at the baseball games that read, “Trump Won.” Also, the huge Trump boat parade in Florida on Memorial Day. Millions of Americans have been awakened to the truth about the stolen election, and millions more will be added. Despite the riots, media of mass deception, online censoring…you name it…the truth will ultimately be exposed!

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  6. bevanik says:

    We the People of Arizona will not let our elections be stolen. The more the Cabal pushes, the more the Lord exposes the truth. An update yesterday from our Legislative District Senator is that we can expect the audit to be completed by the middle of June to early July. The report of the audit will also be time consuming and MIGHT not arrive on the AZ Senate desk until September. Expect the Cabal lawsuits to fly immediately after the report is made public. Please pray for Representative Mark Finchem of the AZ House. He is under attack for a recall, saying that he instigated the Capitol attacks on January 6th. He could lose his House seat and make the Cabal the majority. He is also running for AZ Secretary of State, as he will be termed out in 2022. Many of us feel that local and statewide elections were fraudulently certified. Much is on the line here. Thank you for this post Dianne. Please keep the youngest state in the union in your prayers. We want to be a beacon for others!

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  7. inesnido says:

    Copperheadcitysaloon thank you. I do watch OAN, but there are a few shows I do like on Newsmax such as The Greg Kelly show and Stinchfield. These opposition truth haters will eventually come to the right side when EVERYTHING is exposed and they see the atrocities perpetrated by the demon possessed leftist.


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