Game of Thrones' Does Not Say What Donald Trump Thinks It Does - The New  York Times

At this part of the show, we are watching the prelude to the Grand Finale which includes watching the finale push to get the 70% quota vaxed that Biden’s cabal needs in order to have control over the majority of Americans. All by July 3rd. What happens on July 3rd? And why is he making such a desperate push to vax at the same time the CDC has come out and reported that only 4% of the deaths due to COVID were legit and 96% were NOT COVID RELATED DEATHS and there is NO, AND NEVER WAS A COVID PANDEMIC!

The Joe Biden Finger-Biting Meme Is Delicious
It’s obvious Joe has been one of the vaxed mind controlled experiments, or so it looks like it.

Why then are they doing the Jill, Joe and Fauci “Gain of Vax Function” state tour when they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting and all but guilty of pushing a fraud plandemic?

Next we have President Trump at the Ohio Rally calling out the deep state for using COVID virus as a tool to steal the election with mail in ballots and election/voter fraud that was off the charts.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid.

If you are finding this a very strange Dr. Evil show, so is the rest of the world. Only those who are not watching the mind control TV boxes are discerning and seeing how all the deep state evil sorcery has been on display, practiced (dry runs TO CONTROL THE WORLD with SARS, COVID, Swine Flu, Ebola, etc.) and put into action with the 2020 elections.

Here is a look at what we are watching in the prelude…

MAGNETIC VACCINES – And now we find there is graphene oxide in the vaccine!

So what is wrong with graphene oxide? Why should we even care about that little ingredient? So what if we have magnetic qualities. It’s all fun and no harm right? Wrong. Following ingestion and inhalation, Graphene carrying nanobots easily cross the blood-brain barrier. They’re proven to be toxic to human tissue and cell cultures, resulting in oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production, and DNA mutation. They are also being programmed to cause cell death. And we all know from basic biology that cell death leads to tissue death, and tissue death leads to organ death and organ death leads to surgery and/or eventually death!

La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles

Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano, shared some of the many photographs of the analyses that the team of researchers with whom they work have obtained after subjecting the substance to different techniques to determine each of its components. 

As promised, they have delivered; the results are mind-blowing. Their theories about the presence of graphene oxide in the vials have been confirmed: there is definitely graphene oxide in the vials. All the suspicions they had about it have been allayed. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado are working with a team of researchers of a estatal university. All the analyses point out that the vials have graphene oxide, which may be causing the magnetism in people and that is indeed causing thrombi and deaths.
In program nº36, La Quinta Columna shared the microscopy results and they will be sharing the results of more analyses in future programs.

They’re proven to be toxic to human tissue and cell cultures, resulting in oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production, and DNA mutation. They are also being programmed to cause cell death. Read more here: La Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles – ORWELL CITY


Dr. José Luis Sevillano: ‘This operation is not about killing people, it’s about controlling them’

JUNE 18, 2021Dr. José Luis Sevillano: ‘This operation is not about killing people, it’s about controlling them’ – ORWELL CITY

“All those who think that we need mRNA, induced mutagenesis, and all that to reduce the population, well, they don’t need any of those. That there are much faster ways than putting in their genes that are not useful and so on. No, it is not about that. This operation is not about killing people, it is about controlling them. What happens is that it has some side effects, like any drug that seeks to do things and then turns out to do other things. Well, this is the same thing. This is about control.

 “Let’s see: if you wanted to kill people, do you think you are going to put up 5G towers and carry out a vaccination campaign? You have no idea what products they can drop from the air in order to kill an entire country. If they want to, in less than a day. Just by airdropping something. They do have the material to wipe us out whenever they want, but they don’t do it because they don’t want us dead, they want us controlled for some reason we don’t know about. But they won’t tell us.” Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano.

And then there is the problem of that SECOND AMENDMENT

Biden and the Democrats are coming for our guns and they aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and the more these tyrants show their teeth, the more they DESTROY their own phony narrative (and send gun sales skyrocketing).



It’s much, much more sinister than you think. Join SETH HOLEHOUSE of “Man In America” for a deep dive into the agenda to make owning a home (or anything else, for that matter) a thing of the past…

COVID plunged the world into recession, leaving millions of Americans out of work. Yet, somehow the housing market BOOMED!?! How is that possible? Of course, people are fleeing Blue states and foreclosures were put on hold. But does this really explain the SKYROCKETING prices and staggering shortage of homes?


But then…there is the gold…who is going to follow the gold!

Will the Republic return to the gold standard or will the Central Banks keep their ponzi schemes in place?

So what rabbit do you chase? You can’t go at all of them at once and catch anything…or can you? A well organized team with an Art of War Commander in Chief like, lets say a guy named DONALD J. TRUMP, well, could such a team with a commander like Trump achieve this? Many say yes. President Trump, Commander in Chief and the military White Hats have been working overtime to take down the cabal in a very strategic, precise manner. Using all the Sun Tzu techniques, you are not only WATCHING THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN IT!

Fear not and hold the line. The world is changing and God’s people are winning. It is written that the meek shall inherit the earth and we are watching this take place and our prayers are being lifted up and blessed for ONE NATION UNDER GOD and law and order!

Stay strong and hold the line




  1. Rita says:

    I agree that this vaccine is evil. But, I wonder how many, other than those on YouTube, have checked their friends and family that got vaxed? My friend checked two of her friends at their injection site and the magnets did not stick. The ones on YouTube stuck to the actual injection site (if it was real), I wonder if it depends on which vaccine they took. Her friends never asked, so they don’t know which one it was.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Robert G Boensch says:



    Did We Fall For It
    The Story Was Told To Us While We Were Young

    Chicken Little349,399 views

    You probably know the 2005 Chicken Little .. But did you know that he was already there 60 years ago…

    To influence the Masses Aim First at the least intelligent
    Who looks Nice and Stupid

    Watch See The Truth Same as Today

    I Did Not Fall For It and Said It Was Fake on Day One!!!!!!!

    Dianne Your Post Has Me Doing Time Travel +++++++++++++++++



  3. TimfromME says:

    If you had to look at the political stage of the last couple decades and were asked to pick out the one person in all of politics that would and could blow-up the entire system, steal a presidential election, and have their entire family knowingly play pretend in front of the entire world stage, Tell me besides crooked hillary who is that person with that family? What kind of despicable people can be in a fishbowl and knowingly lie for years when they have to know that at least 80% of the planet knows what they did!! WTF


  4. Robert G Boensch says:


    Black Ops 101 – The Dark Truth About the CIA 5966

    Another angle in the War we are in
    John Sidney McCain III was an American politician, statesman and United States Navy officer who served as a United States Senator for Arizona from 1987 until his death in 2018.
    And a Traitor
    And President Trump Had him executed
    Watch and See Why and have a Front Row Seat
    When the rest of the Gang Swings

    This Video is High Definition And High Quality Info

    Austin Steinbart
    A very Brave Young Man
    He has no Limits When Searching the Truth



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