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It is sad that so many have been mind washed into believing a lie told over and over. Even sader that those who don’t want to make quote “History” with them have to fight tooth and nail to protect themselves from the illegally forced mandates.


And then… a short time later…


Remember, JUST SAY…




      1. About six months ago a Chinese virologist came here from Hong Kong and stated that a HIV “S” protein or s-spike was grafted to the natural coronavirus. She disappeared about a month later.

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    1. How about: “Stick me in the morning___ when the sun goes down___ keep your damn jab___ ain’t clowning around___ you’ll have to use a dart gun___ ain’t laying down____ on my own I’ll put my own ass___ six feet deep in the ground. LOLGB+

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  1. Terry says:

    Dianne, for some reason The Marshall Report will not load on two different phones, two different i-pads, and it is having trouble loading on this computer. I do not know if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        Same here for the past 4 or 5 days and I just always assume now that it is Deep State attacks.

        Dianne is always direct on target and they are feeling Heat.

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  2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    It’s happening – this morning my scientist son and his ‘dr’ wife (ex RN) have announced there is no such thing as ‘spike proteins’ or ‘shedding’ – It is not true said my d.i.l. I was asking my son about his son’s ‘skin bumps’ (I’m thinking some type of herpes from a ‘shedder’) and my son said it was a virus on his leg….WHAT???? And my brother in law is numb on the half of his side….which I think he got ‘shedded’ – (he didn’t get the jab) – but what do I know? Also, I saw something on Trump Intel where someone got removed from twitter due to discussing ‘shedding’. We will not be allowed to discuss shedding now, or spike proteins….

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Right Charlie – interestingly scary! And it’s hard to understand how the spike proteins mutate or whatever they do (sometimes doctors think we are pretty smart – well, I’m here to tell ya I’m not that smart – I need a visual)….remember when they did this with climate change? How they purposely made it so confusing and pretty soon you needed to take a course in CO2 emissions and ‘modeling’? Remember when exprezopukeface said the oceans were rising and yet….he moves by the water! But this whole covidkrap mess has been one big pile of steamy bullsheet….and to trim down the population – now that’s pretty clear to me.

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    1. Henry Acres says:

      You can discuss anything you damn well want to discuss…that is the problem I see all the time in our country…stand up, and let the wind blow…!!

      If a social media site shuts you down, so beit, walk on…turn the page…it’s what I do with any place that refuses my business in favor of that repugnant stinking diaper.

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        This was one of my first albums in 1973….fast forward to karaoke night in the 80’s and 90’s..My sister and I always used to sing: ‘Everyday People’…

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    2. birdie4us2comcastnet says:

      It wa actually the guy who invented the stuff that the virus was made from. Having trouble typing this. I thing they are interfering with this message.

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      1. Corner Stone says:

        So right.

        Guess you’ve read the articles on how AI Bots write many of the posts on leftist Communist websites – twitter, Google I guess- in order to gaslight people into believing their lies.

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    3. debjbalk says:

      The more I hear phrases like, “They won’t let us….”. I only get more fired up, more determined to stand up, stand strong, go against their mandates. They’re directives mean nothing to me… Well actually, they inspire me to kick against the grain, to do the opposite. I feed off of their “orders.”. My energy and enthusiasm to stand up for freedom, liberty and justice are only multiplied a thousandfold. Bring-it-on!!

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      1. southern1952 says:

        I am with you Debj…today a friend of my elderly guy, told him that he and his wife got the vax, and it made them both so sick for quite some time and they were just now feeling a little better, he is now advising people not to get the vax! I really hate to hear someone say that people will die in 2 yrs, very scary…thank you for the umteenth time Dianne for this blog!

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      2. debjbalk says:

        I hope that couple continues to gain strength so they can be an even greater voice against the jab, Southern. About the thought of dying in 2 years from the jab… No way in hell. Psalm 91. I choose to believe God’s word. I absolutely refuse to be in fear and left wondering if my husband (or others) will die from it. That’s a tactic of the enemy…no way, no how, not gonna happen, not gonna worry. Psalm 91 says “a thousand may fall at my right, 10 thousand at my left, but I will praise God…” (paraphrased). God’s word is true. There is no fear in love. God doesn’t lie. We can stand on his promises. The devil will NOT win. Jesus has overcome death… Amen.

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    4. Corner Stone says:

      I don’t know anything about virus shedding.

      So getting the Democrat Party Stab makes people start shedding the virus literally?????

      Did look up the concept – but did not waste any time on covid shedding articles which might be nothing but their narrative.

      Articles from 2006 and 2012 stated herpes infected people did shed that virus even when their skin was clear – without boils or blisters.

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      1. debjbalk says:

        Corner Stone, you ask about shedding… I don’t know and I don’t give a rip…because it “ain’t gonna happen in my house, not anywhere near me or my loved ones.” I’m standing on the promises of God (Psalm 91) and that evil enemy will not give me one second of worry or fretting over something like the idea of shedding. The devil wants us worried, wondering, & fretting. The only thing I’m wondering is how much more of God’s love and truth can I get a hold of. How much more faith can I stand on. The devil is under my heel…defeated. We talk about pushing back against the Dems. But, we’ve got to push back against the devil’s devices even more. He’s our bigger enemy, not the Dems. He wants to spread fear and defeat us. Refuse his ways! May God help us all. Amen!

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  3. Goggle already laying groundwork for VID (vaccine identification)!


    Stay strong! LOLGB+

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  4. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    When I see articles like the one above, I have to wonder.

    When I see articles like this: ….. I have to wonder.

    And then yesterday, when Luigi Warren made his statement and said Twitter knocked him off.
    (Luigi Warren’s ‘statement’: I believe the ‘shedding’ idea is that the vaccines shed protein, not virus. And it’s certainly true that people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines do shed spike proteins, but in minuscule amounts that almost certainly CAN’T cause disease/malaise in others).

    First of all, luigi claims to be ‘the’ inventor (?) of the technology (?) which Moderna was founded. This does not make sense to me because he would have to have big pharma back him up….(aka the cabal)…and a team of lab rats to help him right? Unless….Trump helped him financially?

    My poor husband had to listen to me yelling and screaming last night, when I had my meltdown: “..Is luigi warren a good guy or a bad guy? Are the 5 holistic doctors LYING about spike proteins and that there is no hope? Is Dr. Mercola LYING about spike proteins? Why have a concert where some vac. people pay 18.00 while nonvaxed people pay 1000.00 – especially if everyone is at some sort of RISK simply BEING THERE – by either getting ‘covid’ or spike proteins…take your pick”. (Scenario: I really want to go to the ‘concert’….I guess I would have to stand in the ‘unvaccinated’ line….I pay 1000.00 dollars – would I have to wear some sort of identification to announce to everyone I am a loose cannon? haha).

    The true test for me is when my scientist son and his wife declared yesterday: “There is no shedding – shedding does not exist”….This tells me there is. (we have clashed with opinions since 2010). Why don’t I believe my son? Because he believed it was Trump supporters that attacked the Capital and he adores dr. farce. And he made his kids wear masks (aged 2 and 4).

    As we get through yet another level of confusion (spike proteins or NO SPIKE PROTEINS), I will continue my daily chores as usual. I will continue to mock/criticize/pray. What I do know for sure? biden supporters are very quiet – they have disappeared from the bars/restaurants where I work. I know a guy who takes pictures of the price of gas every time he gets gas and then sends to biden supporter….we can find humor in this right? And I will lie and tell everyone I am going to a concert in Florida but I will have to pay 1000.00 that the VFW is promoting.


    1. Corner Stone says:

      Makes it sound as though the shedding story is just another attempt to scare people into taking the stab.

      Biden supporters are hunkering down in their bunkers and not coming out where you are? Amazing.


  5. etting29 says:

    Hard hitting post, Dianne, but feel impact felt most likely affects those of us who believe in the subversive nature of this whole “pandemic.”
    As an RN, I’ve relied on my education, experience & staying abreast of health issues. Since COVID-19 hit the scene much of my focus has been on this virus, isolation techniques, & of late, insanity of forced vaccinations with an experimental substance.
    Who knows what it is?
    If it’s a vaccine, then becoming infected or reinfected with the virus seems a minuscule chance. If it were as deadly as preached by those vested in whatever it is, one would expect bodies lying on streets & in homes every day & people begging for a cure – not forced to take one for a virus with a recovery rate of 99.98% or so..
    The video of President Trump was so inspiring. To those who say he speaks gruffly, I say he frequently does. But he’s also eloquent!
    Give me a gruff speaker who tells it like it is, & spare me the sharp deceitful tongues of those who seek to destroy us.

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