Anyone who has ever went down rabbit holes to determine if an event was a false flag or real, and if a person was a crisis actor or real, will love this. Those who are never sure what the other person is seeing will also enjoy learning how these people know what they know. And why they always question if a photo of a shooter was even a real existing LIVE PERSON! Hopefully after reading a bit here, and further reading on the links offered, you will know why people who want the truth always check to see if events were real people or fake. And what all the clammor about a CGI generated video of this person or that person is all about. And when someone says that’s a fake photo…why they say it.

The technology to reproduce authentic looking images is advancing at a fast pace. In February 2019, graphics hardware manufacturer NVIDIA released open-source code for their photorealistic face generation software StyleGAN. The software uses a generative adversarial network (GAN) approach, in which two neural networks play a game of cat and mouse, one attempting to generate artificial images indistinguishable from real photographs, the other attempting to tell the difference. The two networks train one another; after a few weeks, the image-creating network can produce images like these fakes. Read how faces are created by StyleGan and used for international spy rings, CIA and China here: used in espionage.

Once you see how it is done, you will understand how they come up with victims for their false flags, their shootings, killers, and eye witnesses. Fake people who get killed in false flags to grab our guns, free speech or push a mandate.  They have people created right now with social media and even fake professionals on Linked In. These fake people with fake photo albums live in cyber land and when they need someone they select them and use them in their fake deaths, shootings, bombings etc.  We believe it because we were their friends in social media…or we found they had been on social media and we are sad, shocked or surprised at what happened to them.

WAKE UP AND KNOW what they have been doing to all of us for a long, time. In a lot of cases we’ve been talking to “wallet photos”!  It’s been like crying over the death of a “photo from a frame model”.  Virtual – Computer generated people dying for corrupt causes.  They might as well tell us that Mickey Mouse died in a plane crash. And…here come a list of those that died with Mickey….Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto….and Sponge Bob. Are you getting the picture yet? Can you see the photo? And then, someone who is dead or incarcerated is seen in a video to prove they are just fine. What is real? What is a lie? Today these lines have merged and what is up is down, and this one is not that one. We are indeed in Alice and Wonderland. We are asking questions just like Alice! And now you know why they call it going down the rabbit hole.

I put together a test… from their site below. Simply grab a piece of paper and pen or pencil and jot down which photo you believe is real, either A. or B.  ANSWERS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, BELOW MY NAME. Please don’t look at the answers until you are done. The point of the test is to learn to spot the fake photos and videos they show. To be awake and know what to look for. Some of the things to spot are hard even for trained eyes… other things are easier, once you know what you are looking for. Here are some tips.

There is no right or wrong. This is a learning exercise.  The cabal who love illusions and magic want us to believe all their fake moves are real. Once you see … you can never un-see.

















ANSWERS:  1. A ,    2. B,     3. A,     4. B,    5. A,    6. B,    7. B,    8. A,    9. A,     10. B,    11.  A  



  1. nieveslt says:

    I got 2 wrong – #1&3. I still can’t believe the real pic on 3 is A! That one stumped me!! It was hard though!! I was blown away by the talking head technology! Maybe Gitmo is full!! I didn’t see OANN at the Rose Garden confirming Biden was really there! Only the main scheme media for whom lying is as natural as breathing. I feel a glimmer of hope arising! Thanks for the lesson Dianne!!

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    1. Number three is difficult…when you look close at the mans facial hair and chin…you see the striations…you have to look close and then you see the pin dot in the eye also. The warped wall (white board line) behind him is a sign….but could be any background…but in this case it was a diffinite clue.

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      1. So glad to hear this from you guys…. Number 3 is the only one I got wrong too. That little boy’s coloring had so much blotchiness to it, that it made it appear as if it was paint… But now that you’ve pointed out the man’s fake parts….ah ha….now I see. That was fun…and very challenging. The videos that addressed the scientific aspects and the geometry of this field went way over my head… (wink). But, I listened, took what I could from them, and learned a lot from all of the information put together. Great teaching blog, Dianne. Thank you! I really enjoyed it and feel as if it equipped me to be more alert to the fakes out there. 😉

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  2. I was watching Biden a months ago and he looked so fake! His edges were fuzzy, skin blotched yet unnaturally sooth and the background looked a s ZOOM screen. Anyway, the only TV I watch are my programs I record for entertainment.

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  3. Amy Pirnack says:

    There you go again, blowing my mind with your breadth and depth of knowledge…thanks for the education. I guess the anti-christ coming back after being dead for three days wouldn’t be so difficult with this technology, would it?

    Sent from my iPhone


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  4. Alice says:

    New Congressional responsibility
    New committee in Congress is responsible for finding child endangerment. The majority and minority leaders are to lead committee and be held accountable for finding out who is doing this where. Any person with money caught guilty in the middle of this their money is not allowed to be given to their errors. It becomes a source for finding more of this. Anyone who provides enough information to help discover this baby torcher crime gets big money from the president who distributes the funds. People on these committees are those that went in to public service poor and became rich after being in office.
    If they font preform they will not be eligible for next term. Write to your representatives and help get this started. Any one who provides false information that leads to the wrong people being in trouble looses all their money to the cause.

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  5. TimfromME says:

    I for one am so sick of being lied to, I am now programed to ignore MSM nonsense!! I used to enjoy watching the news at the end of the day and on my morning drive to work finding out what was happening worldwide being informed!! then the tweaking narratives and hiding info turned into FAKE NEWS and total propaganda!! I watched FOX News until last Fall and dumped them for good on election night after watching them from day one !!! I see lists now of politicians and actors claiming hilary was hung or Tom Hanks was executed here are 20 more either life imprisonment or executed IT ISNT THEM ITS ACTORS IN MASKS?? I just ignore all of it ill wait for FACTS and TRUTH!!

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  6. Beth H says:

    In past decades we wondered how the whole earth would see the events in Revelation 13 happen. Now we know.

    Rev. 13:13 (13 is the number of rebellion) “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.

    14. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of these miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image of the beast, which had the wound by a sword and did live.

    15.And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

    The next 2 verses show how the vaccine and passport could be the mark of the beast when people who refuse them will not be able to buy or sell.

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  7. C says:

    Excellent lesson on how to reveal fake news photos.
    I’m waiting on how they reveal the fake shooting of Ashley Babbitt at the capital on January 6. I believe the gun used was a .40- caliber Glock semi automatic handgun. Since it was close range and she was shot in the neck, she would be killed instantly and there would be a lot of blood everywhere. The gun was not pointed at her when it went off. (A lot of Patriots online posts support this.) I think the person who took the phone video was payed as well as all the actors involved.

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  8. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:

    One More Reason To Not trust Media Outlets And Government! We Have Been Taken Quite Often Now That This Type Of Thing Is Happening And Available! It Is To The Point That The Information Shown In Movies Of FBI, CIA, NSA Training Newbies About Not Trusting Anyone Has Become A Reality For All Of Us Now! Who Can You Trust?

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  9. SUSAN Sutterfield says:

    I’m wondering how we know “GITMO is full”. According to monkeywerx’ weekly updates no one has been taken there recently at all.

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    1. C says:

      I just listened to Charlie Ward and Mel K video (posted today) And according to Charlie, he visited with a women who recently went to the White House to identify photographs of Biden and Soros. She said the military is conducting tribunals in the White House. Maybe that explains why they put up tall walls around the White House so you can’t see what is going on!

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      1. Wouldn’t military tribunals take place somewhere else? Like GITMO, or a military base? Perhaps some preliminary work in WH I will have to see what Charlie is saying. This sounds kinda… like he had a poor source.

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      2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        If it’s true what Charlie said,,,,,,maybe some people have to be treated like dogs…gotta rub their noses in their poop sometimes while training them to not poop in the house…..sometimes criminals have to go back to the scene of the crime just because…..I kind of have to wonder why the woman who went to the ‘white house’ would sing this like a canary …whenever I hear a secret, I always ask permission to sing it out loud….did she have permission to say this?


  10. Henry Acres says:

    I’m not sure the whole world is ready for this sci-fi stuff. Being more of a realist and a person who despises the wearing of lots of make-up, it actually turns me off. Movie actors and more should be careful in allowing themselves to be so easily manipulated…heck a robot age is walking about..who knows. Back To The Future we go, where we stop nobody knows.

    Found this this morning…

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  11. Henry Acres says:

    This is so, so wrong….IMHO

    Digital recreations of singer-songwriter Roy Orbison and opera legend Maria Callas have gone on tour in 2018. Orbison even performed with fellow Texan, Buddy Holly, who died in 1959, and the two holograms then went on tour across North America, Europe and the UK. Apparently, Orbison’s is so rich in detail, you can almost see the fringe on his jacket move.

    “So much for rest in peace”.


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  12. Lostit says:

    Would love to give a big shout out to Dianne, with the incredible drive and desire she performs on a daily basis. The awakening of the ppl has to be so inspiring 4 the line of work she has devoted her life 2. I’ve looked around but can not find a place to donate money. Can any 1 point me in the direction?

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      1. Lostit says:

        Well then I guess I will have buy a few of your hard copy, and then mail 2 some democratic morons I know…. no return address

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    1. Can I just take this opportunity to say that I sure love hanging out with all of you wise, intelligent, big-hearted, God-loving Patriots…. Lots of amazing folks with really sincere hearts….. And, having Dianne at the helm is like icing on the cake. Thanks to all for being here.

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      1. Henry Acres says:

        Even for a non-church go’er, I find this place a breath of fresh air, and keeps my boring mind a step ahead of my falling arse. LOL

        Keep On Truckin’

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  13. Karen says:

    I went online the other day and looked at a collection of Joe Biden images and it definitely looks like there are 2 different Joes. I noticed that a long time ago and wondered why when Biden was older he seemed softer – maybe even a little better looking than when he was younger. But, I just continued to accept that I was looking at the real Joe Biden. I can grasp all this sci-fi stuff, but what I really don’t understand is WHY? We are being thrown crumbs (not by Q), but there are two many elements missing to complete the puzzle. For example, if the fake folks are parading around in front of us because the real ones are either dead or in prison, then who put the fake ones in place? If it’s the white hats conducting the pretense, because they’ve got the real ones and the Great Awaking needs to continue, then why are people dying from the vaccines and at the border and human trafficking is at it’s highest rate ever, and all the other crap that’s going through congress, and the EO’s, etc.? Or is that all fake too? And wouldn’t the cabal know what’s going on and that their puppets aren’t real? And don’t people have to be tried in a court to see if they are really guilty before they are executed or put away for life? If Gitmo is full then there had to be an awful lot of cases going through the military courts – with all the American people unaware of it all. I really can’t come up with a story line for the black hats putting in the fakes unless they just went ahead and killed key people so they could replace them and be in full control, but it seems like the those without God in their lives are being ruled by Satan big time, so they would cooperate with the puppet masters anyway. It seems like no matter how you look at it, there’s still deceit going on – on both sides. I believe with all my heart this is going to come to a good end soon only because we’ve got God on our side and it’s all about revival for Him. Like you said, we may never know all the things that actually took place and perhaps that’s just as well. Maybe there’s such a thing as too much information because it defies known logic and it’s just way over our heads. I just hope that once we get to Heaven, the Lord will have a documentary to show us that will really reveal everything making the puzzle complete. (And it won’t be complicated – we’ll all be able to understand it!) I was just wondering what your take is on the whole picture. Do you have any of the missing puzzle pieces that will add logic to it all? Thank you!

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    1. I go with what President Trump did, following from day 1, what he has told us…for somethings we took one way and they were meant to go several ways. His tweets were clues to all that was going down. He let us know all along the way who was going down and who was busted. News wrap up smears never told us, and we saw cyber warfare for four years. Actually five. Many videos were fake going back to Bush and Obama years. I knew long ago all the police brutality videos during Obama were fake. Created to make people mad at the police. These were coming out at the same time Foley was beheaded, which were also fake…studio made. Which came out years later. All these things were showing the hidden propaganda war. When Hilary went to congress seeking money for the information campaign…she stated then “We are losing the information war” which was the propaganda warfare. LLies, deception fake news war. This was during Obama. The Ferguson and Baltimore riots were staged…the first experimental street riots where they told the police to stand down. This was their Police Task Force for the 21st Century policing…which would give INTERPOL authority to come in and be our Police. They had to show that municipal police was corrupt and failed the modern days policing. All of it was live theater. LLive theater is a military mission where they conduct a false flag openly and the public is not aware of it. They monitor behaviors, reactions, shock and awe, and determine which groups are easier to direct, control and they zero in on how the public responds and analyze it and determine which direction to take next. All moving toward their global goals that include, depopulation, one world government, and North American Union, and the land grabs of most all US soil….which is part of Agenda 21 in the Wildlands section. I suspect and believe some of the vaccine deaths are staged by design to keep people from taking the vaccine. Others are real. Any older person on medications have a shot immune system. Blood thinners block Vit. KI for clotting, they thin the blood and block Co-enyme Q 10 production which surrounds the heart and is needed for heart health. Most cause internal bleeding and heperin contains the same ingredient found in rat poison…that is why they bleed to death. Big pharma have been killing people with medications slowly and some quickly. So you add the American diet which is poor and most people are already suffering with arthritis and muscle pain, respiratory issues, autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetis and give them a flu shot and it will kill them. Why? Because their bodies cannot fight off the toxins they contain. So many people die from the flu and most of it in my opinion is due to the flu shots. They get sick and carry it to others as well. This has been going on for decades. Combine poor health, pharma meds and flu shot and it is a recipe for bad health and depending…death. With that in mind…look at how Trump has turned the battle plans of the cabal back at them. WARP Speed to stop their five year lock down, having to make them admit the vaccines stop nothing…tell on theirselves…showing people what they are and not out to help but to harm. He exposed fake news and how they operarte, he exposed big pharma….showing how cheap drugs help and vaccines are not needed. To no avail he repeatedly said this. When they got the vaccine…he forced cabal to admit it wouldn’t help. Are you seeing? All the while He and the team Pompeao and military were building international alliances, and taking down the cabal…Vatican, fell, Crown fell, DC fell….and he is doing this without creating a Ukraine on Fire situation. Or an American spring. The only way to take them down was to know their playbook and use it against them and to expose them as the Bible says to do….and then to remove them one by one…so people don’t get in the streets….and allow their plans to go forward in a controlled demolition. That is why Trump set up the small business support…but the big businesses monopolized it. He saw that and they adjusted it. All along the way, things have been adjusted and overhauled. The government is being restructured and little by little he is showing the states how to restructure it. It is all in their hands…and always has been. He is showing them. DC is a corporation with no power when the states refuse to accept it. So we are all learning it all begins at home. We the people have the power to have what we need…entire school boards are being forced to resign in places and new boards put in place. Where? In municipalities. We are headed to be removed from global UN which is evil. And I believe the Queen and Prince are gone, the Vatican is neutered, and the cabal names many we do not know are also neutered, and assetts are being frozen. The freezing of assetts began in 2017 and 18…with the off shore accounts and wealth of gthe Saudi Princes…and others involved in trafficking humans and drugs. Trump from the start was saying to look at Venesuala…and Russia had interests there in oil…so he did not want American take over which had been going on since Obama….it was all out there…people were not looking, watching…news was not talking. I watched gthe pleas in real time and the politcal wars in the streets. Those who did…know. Those who didn’t are clueless. So…we are winning. It had to be this way…for as you said…you still don’t understand or see it….most do not. For they were not watching. They were voting and waiting ….churches were pushing rapture and left behind…and no one was being a watchman…and those that were, were being attacked. I know…I got the scars..but I always stood, regardless. I wear my tin foil conspiracy hat proudly. Smile.

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  14. Anita says:

    Thank God your here, Dianne. I look forward to the Marshall Report every morning. It’s extra special for me for many reasons. Unfortunately, for over a year I’ve been suffering excruciating pain all over my body. Despite my pain, I concentrate on your writings and then read comments.
    My sweet mom who is 87 loves President Trump ( as I do & we both love Melania as well) and prays both for his return and safety. When she loses hope I tell her that things are not what they seem based on your research. My mom has neither a computer or iPhone. She asks me daily what is the info that I have read. So Dianne, my sweet mom gets your info from me and it gives her hope. How I’d love for her to see President Trump back leading the USA 🇺🇸 just as all Christian patriot do. She’s very disappointed with the corruption that we witness daily.
    Thanks for caring and sharing.

    Today’s info is apropos: I feel like I’m living in the episodes of The Outer Limits & The Twilight Zone. It’s not real but it feels real. What’s real is a horror but it can’t be real because it’s a horror. Ugh!

    The Swamp is even deeper than President Trump realized & none of us could have imagined such despicable cruelty and the vile, evil machinations by marxistdems, & the NWO gang.

    God help all his good people!


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    1. Thank you Anita. God is opening eyes of his people to see the deception that they do… parler tricks…it says in revelations when talking about the great merchants of the earth, that, “by their sorceries were all the nations deceived.” Sorceries…this is magic…smoke and mirrors…Jamis and Jambres sort of stuff on high tech steroids. Sorcerers they are.

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  15. Karen says:

    Thank you Diane so much for taking the time to answer my plea. I know this sounds crazy, but more than once, the Lord said to me, “Don’t worry about it!” when I asked Him to watch over the innocent and the vulnerable and ALL THOSE EO’s. The Lord also showed me how I have not really been affected by any of this evil and sensed His love and protection over all His people. No one could have ever written a story like this – it’s a shame so many are missing it. LOL! I’m still hoping for God’s documentary on all of this, but then again, we probably won’t care once we’re there!! Like Dave of X22 always says (he makes me laugh the way he puts things) – IT’S ALL ABOUT OPTICS! Thank you again. Do you get enough sleep? Seems like you’re like the Lord – He never sleeps nor slumbers – always working on our behalf!! Blessings!! PS – I was never on Twitter so I didn’t see our President’s tweets and I canceled my FB account. Now, I pretty much only follow Noah and We Love Trump, The Marshall Report and X22, oh, and the Holy Spirit! I really come a long way because of you guys. And I got Juan O Savin’s book. . . .and wouldn’t it be wonderful if he was John F. Kennedy Jr.!!!!

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  16. Corner Stone says:

    From what I can tell, all the “humans” in this Sunbasket ad are CGI.

    Their complexions are too perfect and their odd movements give it away.

    The first one is hardest to discern since it has almost no movement but again everything is too perfect including the dirt smeared on the arms.

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  17. Titan Art says:

    Please check out this great new song by the artist Billy Falcon “Never Surrender” (A Patriots Prayer). https://youtu.be/Tgf6VGXjPL4 Billy Falcon and his family are warriors for Christ and Patriots. We would like to share this song with patriots nationwide, let this song be the Patriot Anthem to NEVER SURRENDER! Please LIKE and SHARE with Patriots worldwide! Special thanks to many of the patriots still fighting the good fight, a patriot tribute can be seen throughout this music video! WWG1WGA 🙏🇺🇸 God Bless you!

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