Well, here we go again. I noticed a few months back…and I suspect maybe even pre-inauguration… Fauci no longer sounded the same. There was so much going on and I don’t watch fake news…so I didn’t notice when this happened. But one day, a few months back, I was watching on You Tube and he sounded different. I did a bit of comparisons…and he was different. The question is patriots…is the new Fauci a double or a C.G.I. or mix? I am sure someone will say he had cosmetic surgery and a throat operation. At the age of 79, in the middle of COVID Operation RESET? NOT!

Now, some will say…why waste time on this? That’s a stupid waste of time. And in the next breathe they will ask someone else – “What’s happening?” Go figure? But, if you were trying to figure out what was taking place…then it would be important to follow through on the voice. That is why I did. I know what I found…and sure enough, video after video of comparing things in 2020 to 2021…. there was a BIG CHANGE.

So first lets remember what the real Fauci looks and sounds like.

This video is from March 29, 2020. Listen to his voice. The typical gravely voice and very distinctive. He is only in the first half…note his ears. He has ears that stick out. He has rough skin. His eyes and eye lids are aged with deep creases and overlap.

The real Fauci has creases in his upper lids, a rounder facial structure, rounder skull structure and protruding ears. His skin is more saggy, and the mouth less wide, lips thinner.

Now listen to Dr. Fauci from April 19, 2021

The new Fauci has nice eyelids. Different skull structure, less rounded face, and ears do not poke out as far.

This leads us to a new question…is this the double or a C.G.I.? The voice is so clear compared to the old Fauci. This head looks more oblong and less rounded. His eyebrows and brow bone look bent. This Fauci seems to have a shorter neck. His ears look smooth and protrude out less. His skull is more narrow than the real Fauci. The question is are we looking at a CGI or a Double? Or are they using both doubles and C.G.I. at different times? Watch the necks on both of them…what do you see? Skin going through their clothing was a sign to watch for, remember the other blog?FAKE PHOTOS, FAKE VIDEOS = FAKE NEWS – HOW CAN WE TELL? – THE MARSHALL REPORT (wordpress.com)
This one is from October 2020. It sure looks CGI generated.

This would be very important in an investigation…because these changes were obvious as far back as October 2020, before the election. I’m not sure if the change started before October, as I didn’t search beyond that date. Why is this important? Because this would indicate that Dr. Fauci was removed from his position before the election and vaccine roll out. The new question is WHY? The Fauci who was vaccinated was the new Fauci. So a show has been taking place… the question is why? If this is so, these maneuvers were very skillful and subtle. I believe the White Hats out smarted the Black Hats more than we know…and they have been on this from the beginning. That is my THEORY…NOT MY NEWS – let me be clear, it is a theory like a prosecutor looking for evidence and motives. I believe this theory holds a lot of weight. Because this would implicate the news stations who are doing these interviews and airing them world wide. It could swing both ways. Either the black hats who control the media are controlling these broadcasts, or the white hats are now in control over what is being broadcast? Who would this benefit? Remember the world is watching the same show we are.


Just like identical twins…when they are not together, it is hard to tell them apart. But, when they are together, they each have subtle differences that help you tell them apart. When you see these doubles and C.G.I. look alikes it can easily pass as the real person. Especially to those who are not in their day to day lives. Masks help a lot as well. So, like Trump says…where is Hunter? This show began way before the election. It appears Trump and the Military allowed the thieves and deep state to play out their crime with all their little whistles. This is a theory…but we can add to it or alter it when new information surfaces. What these prove is some people are missing in action and actors have stepped in.

This is an actor. This is not Hunter Biden. What purpose does this serve? What do they want us to know? Are they telling us that this is all a show (like they said and had planned all along?) How many are acting out a live theater script? Which side? Both sides? One side? Think national…and …international purposes. When did this show really start? What really went on inside the White House with the legal team? Were they at odds by design? Who is watching? Poor Trump they said he had terrible council and made so many bad decisions because he was misled???? I never believed that… Trump is not that type of man. He’s the “YOUR FIRED!” type of man.

Now look at the REAL HUNTER BIDEN. See what he looks like, acts like and see these are two different people. And or is the other one a C.G.I. or both? Sometimes a double and sometimes a C.G.I.?

When did this show really start? It appears it started as soon as President Trump stepped into office. He immediately began the wall, along with E.O.’s to end human, child and drug trafficking. He was stopping the flow of their trade and he was following the adrenochrome trail, positioning peculiar people in key positions. He repeatedly told the snake story….there was a reason he told it. Who knew? He knew many were snakes before he took them in. It’s easier to keep tabs on your dangerous reptiles by holding them in a private zoo. Trump kept announcing “the leakers”. He told us all along the way what was taking place. The wrap up smear don’t work well if he reports the news directly to the people in Tweets. He totally outsmarted the fake news.

Once Trump got what he needed as evidence or proof…these losers were given notice to get out. Strategically, Trump took every advantage of the fake news and played them like a fiddle. The swamp are all in shock. Look at their desperate faces and eyes when they rant about a man who is no longer in office? They are worse now than when he was in office.

THEY HAVE LOST and they are still trying to win. They are desperate to find out who is left in the international world. The puppets are floundering all over the place… why half of them don’t even look like themselves anymore do they? Why?

I’m just making observations and asking questions. When we all do this…we will find the truth. One truth is a puzzle piece. Each truth…will have to cross reference with another truth. We can’t make the mistake of fitting odd pieces into odd holes. We DON’T WANT LIES…WE ARE DETECTIVES of THE REPUBLIC looking for the truth. Pieces that don’t fit now, may fit in later. That is how all detective work goes.

Stay strong….and pray for those on the front lines and pray for God to keep our eyes open and believe no more lies! Learn to seek the truth and search for the truth, the Bible guides us in God’s Word, the Holy Spirit guides us in the Quest of our lifetimes.

Think about the quest of the first apostles. They watched, and had spies to see what the enemy was doing. They even lowered Paul down a wall in a basket so he could escape Damascas, for he was a wanted man. The old and new testament is filled with how God’s people were to watch, warn, and escape danger…and do whatever they were led to do to stand strong and survive. Watch what’s happening and know when to stock up, you may have to help a family in need. The power of truth is what sets one free. And maybe…God’s plan was to JOLT US AWAKE! Nudging wasn’t working, we kept pushing the snooze alarm. No one knows God’s purpose and timing but Him. We must look at what he asked us…it was simple. He said, “I will be your God and you shall be my people.” And let me tell you, no one touches what belongs to God!

We all have our own quirks that we need to improve upon. These are stressful times and not everyone has mastered their emotions during this insane behavior we are watching. Life without the obstacle course was hard enough…now we are challenged. Be patient with one another and build confidence in our youth for they have had their world turned upside down at a time they are developing control of their impulses and trying to find security, love and develop trust.

They will be as brave as we are. Be brave and fear not.

Stay Strong!



  1. Steven says:

    I think you nailed it 100% it’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. Body doubles & CGI they’re using. Nothing has felt right for a long time. Trump used there tactics back on them. Irregular Warfare. Remember he placed Chris Miller as secretary of Defense, Chris Millers specialty was irregular warfare.

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    1. I never heard the term,irregular warfare but it certainly describes what is going on at this time in our country. I could also see Fauci and Hunter were not the same people. I also read they had been executed for their crimes against humanity and treason.

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  2. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Great piece Dianne. I don’t watch tv so I don’t get to see these “liars in wait”, nor do I even care to search their talking heads on the internet. However, after watching what you included I can see very clearly the difference from past to present of these evils. Now it’s time to show the big guy past and present.
    However, his time at his cave this past weekend didn’t go very well by all the flubbing that has taken place these past two days (I do watch what other sites point out of this fact). I say either he got a lower grade blood sucked into him, or he knows people are watching his cave so the supply was very very low this time. Either way the Truth will set us free.

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    It is said, “In the battle between good and evil, the good can see the signs of evil clearly.” This prince of darkness, parades signs of evil right in our faces; using the media, liberals and demon-crats to push for his rule.

    If you see this not, I say to you, WAKE UP! Open your eyes! Listen with your heart! Seek the Truth and stand with the people of the LORD. For, the Good will overcome evil.

    Baal, tries to hide his losses with witchcraft but he cannot. This battle brings devastation, indeed. For it is the plans and goals of his that will be crushed destroyed. Victory will be ours, says the LORD. Fear not for, “GOD HAS GOT THIS!”

    (Colossians 2:15)

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    1. nieveslt says:

      Horus, Baal, Lucifer…. all the same enemy. I think I know where they got this “double”/CGI stuff — their father the devil. Lying, cheating, stealing, runs in the family. It’s a demonically inherited trait. Possession changes appearances too. Let’s not forget that as well.

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  4. Elisa Thompson says:

    Diane, I could hear the difference in the voice. The second Fauci seemed to have a Boston twist when he said the word pause. He said pause several times.. I listened to the first and never heard that specific word nor did I hear a Boston twang throughout the interview.
    Keep up the good fight!

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    1. Beth H says:

      His voice and his accent grate on my nerves so badly that I can’t even watch clips of him being mocked. When he says the word “mask”, I hear “meask” or “misk”. To my hillbilly ears it’s like fingernails on a blackboard.

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  5. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    There are two video’s here.

    There have been a few ‘voices’ that have extremely bothered me since ’09 – exprezopukefaceobama, hellaryclinton, and then in 2020 was dr. farce. My brain still has some type of reaction and I become instantly irritated. I noticed farce’s change back in early March, plus the fact that he has not been on tv much. Husband watches fox business news for the stock reports but I haven’t watched OAN/Newsmax since the ‘Big Lie’. I forgot a 4th voice: neil cavuto’s…..I will mute him, or pause him whenever I can but now husband has to go ‘back to the office’ 3 times a week (after 15 months of no set schedule) so I get to enjoy 3 days a week of sheer peace and joy!


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  6. lois gahm says:

    Thanks Dianne I read your article on Bush That was an eye opener They were evil working for Hitler and came to America to spy for Hitler You are opening eyes Thanks again Lois

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  7. John832 says:

    Dianne, you make a great point. This is all about the truth, and bringing God’s truth to the surface, and allowing that truth to expose the corruption, purge the damage and bring justice to restore what is right. In that great verse where Jesus said we will know the truth and the truth will make us free, He was showing us a conditional outcome based on something we do. It’s an “If – Then” statement from the Lord. The “If” part says, “If you continue in My word …” The result, or the “Then” part of the statement is, “then you are My disciples and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

    John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
    John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    A great starting point each and every day is in God’s word. Dianne is right – it’s full of episodes where Satan’s influence tries to challenge and question and get rid of God, with complete failure each and every time. And the failures are incredible, as this one will be.

    Thank you Dianne, for all you do.

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    1. Amen, John832!! I was in the Book of John last night and was receiving a very similar message as you quoted, but from Chapter 14. Jesus also talked about the promise of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us and will help us. He will never leave us comfortless (Jn. 14:18) Thank you for pointing us to the Word of God for our continued guidance. Have a blessed day, John.

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  8. trnathens says:

    The Light is coming.

    God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are in charge.

    If we really love God like we’re supposed to, above all else. And we know that they cheated to “win”, and we know that a boycott of Coke is and can be effective…

    Then why don’t we boycott the government? Why don’t we decide to NOT pay taxes? Why don’t we decide to live our lives the way WE want to?

    I don’t agree with masks! I don’t want restrictions on my business! I want to gather, and be, and have fun! Ooops, taxes are due. Hold on, let me go run and pay those. Don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS….

    Hard to square the one and not the other, when you think about it. If we truly want to change “their system”, then we must stop FUNDING their system.

    They will continue to push, prod, and poke, because they know we’ll take it. They know the chances of us doing anything back, more than boycotting some businesses that will more than make up for it down the road, is slim to none.

    I don’t fear the virus, because it’s fake!

    “They” stole our government, and so…ARE FAKE!

    Why be scared of one, but not the other?

    They’re both fake….right?

    The Light is coming….

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    1. Leon Hays says:

      I watched a video where Fauci’s neck, below his adams apple, appears to be moving. In other words it appears he’s wearing a mask of some sort! I believe many are doing the same, wearing a mask or body doubles.

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    2. longrower says:

      Excellent words. One exception that I’ll make: covid is real, the numbers are not. I had “it” over a year ago (along with five others in my son’s household). It wasn’t worse than any severe cold or seasonal flu I’ve experienced in my 70 yrs, but the cough and the chills were a totally new experience. Way different from pneumonia which nearly killed me 50 yrs ago… chest filled with sputum which had to be coughed out. But this covid cough was a very dry cough which you cannot control. I’ve had fevers before but *never* had a chill like I got. There were long-lasting symptoms in my previously damaged lung(s); therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine were verboten but finally got a prescription for a prophylactic dosage and within days the lingering chest discomfort began lifting. Too many words, sorry, but it’s been nearly 1.5 yrs of experience with this thing and I’m at that grandpa age where one begins to want to share knowledge gained over time. The world’s fear is unwarranted and the experimental vaccine is unnecessary if you can use the therapeutics!

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      1. Sorry about your bout with the illness, and Trump fought and fought for therapeutics. So have the blessed frontline doctors and they are finally winning and are all anti-Fauci/Gates vax! Therapeutics and strong immune system are key.

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  9. Yes Dianne. I’ve seen video of fake Fauci with his mask showing at the neckline!

    Last evening, I viewed a video by David Zublick of The Dark Outpost. He claims to know the real reason why the White House in DC was closed down after Trump left on 1/20. I don’t know whether or not Zublick is trustworthy, but I listened to what he claimed to be the truth.


    I suggest fast forwarding about 15 min. Into the video.

    I’m not sure what to believe from this guy. I haven’t heard what he claims from anyone else. The EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack explanation seems feasible. But the rest is way “out there.”

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    1. I am just now watching the video. Did you notice he keeps breaking up like a CGI….he is part of the digital war by disinformation. He doesn’t like anyone to know about him he says as the outline of his image chops up on the edges. This is a CGI site.

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    2. He is definitely a cgi….and I think he is full of crap. Half truths and half made up fantasy. Not sure what he is doing by half and half…he is breaking up as he described how the cgi’s break up. He is presenting magically illussions to pull people into his site and off of other sites. Is he good or bad? Not sure…but this is cgi….I don’t trust him…but listen out of getting clues. Remember this is a propaganda war. I will go with gut feeling.

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    3. I’m at the emp mark now…he is exposing the flu like symptoms which is true. I said this last march when it first hit…I knew it was 5G. Now…why would he tell us truth mixed with misinfo? He is attracting or targeting a naive christian audience…but his esterotic people are what he wants to use as the weapon. Is he luring in Christians and Trump supporters with the truth they are chattering about…and will screw their heads up with the estoric…mess with their religion…perhaps to lure them into believing false alien attacks and weaken their faith in God. One world religion acceptance….??? That is what my radar is picking up so far.

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    4. Christinewjc…note he has no jaw teeth only the teeth in the front. CGI. Now to determine if he is using Estoric as a decoy or if he is white hat or black hat. Is this coming from white hats in cyber warfare dept? That is the question.

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    5. Finished it…he said nothing that I didn’t already know. My motto now is not to trust anyone who is cgi generated, and asks for money and says they are the only ones who will tell you the truth and repeats the same things from those who already told the truth long ago as it took place. Sounds like they are data collecting and using it in their cgi ops and of course fund me so it looks legit. As so many are all about fund me. Also, I had a hard time hearing what he was saying because his hands and hair kept breaking up as he moved and that shouted louder than his message. Once you know how this works…you can’t unsee it. If he wanted to save the republic and help the people to learn what is happening…he would show them how the war is being fought. He hasn’t. Therefore…I trust him not. Myself, I am tired of the tune in to see what my sources found…..and send me some money…..when this is war. Show people how to see the war enemies themselves and you have millions of boots on the ground! That is what God has shown me.

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      1. Thank you so much Dianne! I know viewing that mess took a lot of your time to do, and I so appreciate your analysis.
        Thanks Dianne! I know that took up a lot of your time and I so appreciate your analysis!
        I read somewhere that Kamala isn’t in the VP residence because of repair work going on. I assum
        Thanks so much Dianne! I appreciate your analysis and the time you took to view the video. I hope to learn to spot these CGI fakes. And, the requests for donations are a give away regarding motives to provide information. Many of the legit broadcasters often have product sponsors. I still have a question regarding what the public has been told re: why the White House is shut down. I did see an explanation for the closing of the VP residence. Apparently, there is a lot of upgrades that needed to be done. Thanks again! May God continue to bless you, your family, and your work here at this great blog!

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    Truly we are watching the greatest show on Earth, It had to be this way in order for us to see clearly beyond the fog, Now with eyes wide open more and more people are waking up to the truth and are thirsty for more information, It is up to us the awaken to help lead them in the right direction. Keep God in your heart and know he will never leave you. Remember this it was all about the Children. Matthew 18:6 “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in me to sin, It would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” God Save the Republic!

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  11. irisheyes17 says:

    The prt of that nterview of Hunter(I dint recignize him clothed) was where he said, “This is like Alice n Wunderland and the white rabbit..and Trump is like the Cheshire Cat!”…

    That’s why he did that nterview 2 get his message 2 the powers that b…

    When I hrd that I knew Hunter was sendin’ a message 2 the deep st8…if I go dwn, u all go dwn!!

    Then a wk l8r Biden said the same thin’ abt this bein’ like Alice n Wunderland!!!..c’mon mann….they shure like that particular children’s fairy tale with the white rabbit…mhm…

    What I want 2 know is who is bhind the dbls …White Hat or Black?!?!

    I postd ovah 2 wks or more ago that andweknow/LT playd a clip from the cartoon South Park, where they actually were tellin’ y’all abt adrenachrome drinkin’ n Hollyweird..the cartoon was very graphic, showin’ ppl killin’ babies with knives and drainin’ the blood and drinkin’ it…

    The cartoon opnd with the HOLLYWOOD sign drenchnd n blood…

    I was shockt…that South Park cre8ors wud really show that…and thought those 2 dudes who cre8 South Park r n danger now!!

    Or were the cre8ors of South Park mockin’ those who know this is happenin’…idk…

    Do the White Hats hav control of Hollyweird now?!?!

    We know they control the White House…

    Then the Steve Harvey Show and the ELLEN show with the miracle youth products….usin’ foreskins from sumwhere?!?!

    The dbls the CGI and green screens, holograms…is this 2 wake up the ppl, who don’t know?!?!

    I mean Biden does not even look like the old Biden…can’t ppl c that?!?!

    Unless he had a facelift, like that dude Kamala…hahaha…

    SKY NEWZ AUSTRALIA is always mockin’ the bumblin’ stumblin’ brain dead Joe…they can’t bleve Americans wud vote 4 him…



    Those who know don’t sleep.

    Those who sleep don’t know.

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  12. The first illusion I noticed was in 1999. Somehow I managed to save it through the years and various changes in tech.



    “C:\Users\Phillip\OneDrive\Pictures\$20.00 Bills.png”

    (1) The old seal has 31 points around its circumference, which represented USC-31 the Banking Code. Many banking and lending regulations were relaxed during the Reagan and Clinton Administrations. Both Republican and Democratic Congresses are responsible for years of consistent de-regulation.
    (2) We now have a Federal Reserve System. The seal of the system is used in the center, but the 31 points are missing. Congress surrendered its Constitutional authority over money in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and Monetary and Banking Acts of 1933 and 1934, which took the U.S. domestic economy off the gold standard. [Read the U.S. Constitution Art. I Sect. VII and X.]
    (3) In the old design, In God We Trust was placed in a banner, and the flag with its staff was under God. This was symbolic of one nation under God – indivisible.
    (4) In the new design, In God We Trust is taken out of its banner and the flag placed above God! The flagstaff now divides and separates In God from We Trust.

    Hope the old photo comes up. Don’t really know what I’m doing tech wise. This is from 22 years ago. [1999 +,21 years (as in Revelation judgements) = 2020] Spring 2020 was the white horse (political, economic, religious – chaos and confusion). Spring 2021 the red horse (violence, anarchy, war) joined in. There are seven seal years. This was during the Clinton impeachment. Remember? More in Missing Links. Don’t forget the once in 20 year two full moons in October (first two in Autumn) this past October and the once in 800 years Saturn & Jupiter conjunction on winter solstice 12/21/2020. (Cosmic Time Clock) LOLGB+

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    1. Karen says:

      I thought the information about “In God We Trust” that you pointed out on our money was very interesting. Like they say – it’s all in their symbols. I did however notice that a $10 bill that has IGWT over the flag, dated 2005, and on a $5.00 bill there is no flag – just IGWT over the Lincoln Memorial.

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  13. Karen says:

    Dear Diane, You last full paragraph that starts out with, “We all have our. . . . ” is just such a good word for all of us, especially pointing out how the youth of our nation have been affected. My grandson went off to college (an hour’s drive away) with just a few unexpected periods of time home, and my great-grandson started kindergarten this year and has learned to read already. So I haven’t really seen the struggles of our youth up front and personal. As I had said in a previous comment, God pointed out how I’m (and family) haven’t really been affected by all this evil – God is good!!! We’ve also had church through this whole thing – in person now longer than online. (I have friends in PA who haven’t gone to church in over a year and most of their congregation seems to think that’s OK because they’re afraid to go back. ????XXX#@) With so much to pray for and about it just seems like a good idea to add prayer for our youth, so thank you for that. Since my emotions have been over the top more than ever (especially on January 20th when it seemed to become so official!), it was comforting to hear that I’m not the only one. God has given me a very strong sense of justice which has made it tougher to tread the waters. Even as a kid I had trouble watching TV shows when the innocent were treated as guilty and the guilty seemed to be getting away with EVERYTHING! But, in the end justice was always served. I just had stick it out and wait until I saw that happen. Well, “now” doesn’t seem to be any different! I need to settle down and wait patiently (or another word for that is with “faith”) and in the end all America will see justice served. I watch the video you have posted at least twice, multiple times, which I first saw on We Love Trump’s site, that shows what Trump actually accomplished in his years in office – especially the trips he made in 2017 and 2018 and, to be honest, my mind goes tilt watching it. In my heart I want to believe every bit of it is true, but it’s like my brain is a worn out computer and is having a hard time adjusting to information that seems too glorious to be true. Since reading the comment you made on my recent post I’ve been trying to program my mind to believe and receive all of it. But, as you pointed out, these are stressful times and what’s going on around us is totally insane, so everything is upside down for all of us. It’s hard to make sense of so many things. When people would say that it’s all about money and power, something in me just knew it was more than that – it had to be!!! So, when God reminded me that satan is the god of this world, I finally woke up to that and saw how he has been continually pushing for “his one world order”. But, it’s so shattering when you find out your heroes aren’t good, that there are people who don’t even know you that want to kill you because you’re nothing and they are the elite, that you’ve been believing lies all your life and that everything you have come to believe to be normal is not. I laughed when I heard that Trump was running for president the day it was announced, but I have come to love, admire and be thankful for him as soon as the Lord put it on my heart that he was his chosen (and that he was the only one who could beat Hillary). I used to cringed when I saw him and heard him speak, but now my heart is so full I end up weeping at the sight and sound of him. He is truly the first president of the United States that actually cared about us and not himself. He is our example of a true patriot and his walk with the Lord has been truly amazing. Anyway, thank you for your ability to be so brilliantly sensitive to the heart and life of every American and for being able to put it in writing! Blessings!

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  14. Gilbert North says:

    On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 2:33 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Well, here we go again. I noticed a few > months back…and I suspect maybe even pre-inauguration… Fauci no longer > sounded the same. There was so much going on and I don’t watch fake > news…so I didn’t notice when this happened. But one day, a few months” >

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  15. ktabby says:

    Hello everyone, please go to http://www.amg-news.com and look at the list of people that have been executed for treason, trafficking ,pedophilia etc.etc. so what you’re seeing are doubles or computer generated people. There’s no more guessing on what’s been done. It’s a sad time that we’re living in. Dr. Fauci has been arrested tried and executed.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      And yet the fake Fraudci and fake G8s (hrd he was xecutd 2) r still pushin’ the fake vax, which is nothin’, but genetic ngineerin’…dsingnd 2 kill…jus giv it 2 or 3 mos…then watch the deaths…

      I jus watchd a vid on andweknow that had a dr sayin’ he is not lettin’ any1 vaxd n2 his office…he will not let sum young pregnant girl b nfectd by the spike proteins he knows r now bein’ emittd from the vaxd 2 cause a miscarriage or sterilize any1…men or women…

      Oh, and I jus saw an article that said Bill and Melinda G8s r gettin’ a divorce…


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      1. ktabby says:

        Bill and Belinda Gates, yes they are divorced. But they’re also are dead. They were on the list of those that were arrested tried and executed. Everything that you’re seeing is a double or a computer generated likeness of them. You can also check sammy.com and he has a list of all the people or some of the people that have been already executed. You will be shocked by all the people that have been executed or life in prison or awaiting for their tribunal. There is approximately 265 people on the list so far that they released. People wake up go check it out.

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  16. Tommy Meeker says:

    Regarding the Transhumanist Big Tech and VENTURE CAPITALIST Globalists …are they BEHIND the Pandemic ?????? NOW WITH Governor Kate Brown Big Flip Flop on THE Pandemic EMERGENCY bringing into question the legitimacy of this Pandemic , https://www.kxl.com/what-will-lockdown-kate-browns-flip-flopping-cost-oregon/ , There needs to be a investigate into if all this VIRUS and Vaccine Creation is just a BIG Heist of US Taxpayers Treasury for the Globalist Venture Capitalists to Cash IN on Vaccine Manufacturing AND Usher in the Transhumanist Era being Financed by Taxpayers ???????? https://www.educationviews.org/globalist-giveaway-covid-stimulus-package-sends-billions-to-gates-foundation-numerous-foreign-countries/
    So did Bill Gates Girl Friend having a Big Interest with BILL in Biology ( talked about in the Article ) help him Fund VIRUS AND Vaccine Research as a Venture Capitalist Investment Direction for the BIG PHARMA Money TAKERS ???? https://nypost.com/2021/05/04/bill-gates-took-getaways-with-old-girlfriend-after-marriage/

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    1. Tommy, Gates wife has been long gone from the picture. The person posing as Gates wife is not a woman, looks like a man. But when you look at the original Melinda…and the new Melinda..they are two different people. Gates has his dads money and is deep state funded as well to do the cabals evil depopulation work. He is a face like Zuck on FB. He has no power…he is a puppet.

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  17. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    Hi ktabby – I’m beginning to think the gates no longer have control over their money (since it seems to be about the money!)….I also think the suez canal thing/ordeal had something to do with this division of assets…since his 30 year plan fell through (well, not exactly ‘his’ – others though)…if that’s true about the food control. I guess the only ones that know are the kids….wonder where they are hiding and if they know everything?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes….especially since the Evergiven is under custody and they said it will not move for at least a year and not until owners pay billions in the losses. What are the losses? What are they really holding it there for? I am sure multiple reasons. We are only told what they want us to hear. Not the real low down.

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  18. JustTruth says:

    This is all so extraordinary. It seems very clear this white hat operation all started quietly when Trump signed the EO on human rights and trafficking in Dec 2017. It is now theatre of the absurd, with doubles/fakes and CGI everywhere. The plot thickens with each passing day. It does need to end soon, or it will become counter-productive. Every movie needs an ending, and should run longer than the audience’s attention span.

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  19. JustTruth says:

    This is all so extraordinary. It seems very clear this white hat operation all started quietly when Trump signed the EO on human rights and trafficking in Dec 2017. It is now theatre of the absurd, with doubles/fakes and CGI everywhere. The plot thickens with each passing day. It does need to end soon, or it will become counter-productive. Every movie needs an ending, and should not run longer than the audience’s attention span.

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  20. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    The world that a few powerful people ‘own’ – how will this division of land/money work Diane once the dominoes start to fall? Could this be something like Jesara/Nesara? If they are really ‘gone’, who would get the 130 billion? (sure, give some to the kids – if they are innocent!) If a lot of money is tied up in the suez deal, what is to happen to all the land that gates acquired (and for that matter $oro$’s land too)? I like the idea that farmers could get their land back, as long as they stopped with the hmo’s/pesticides. Our land is so shot though…I have read about 35% hydro-peroxide could stimulate/nourish the earth (Guardian of Eden sells it – my friend used it for her small pool instead of the horrible chems in pools and it did wonders for the skin). Just my thoughts.

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  21. Did anyone else notice the appearance of the new pope Francis in 3-13 that looked very different than his appearance before he took the office on 3-13-13? the date indicated to me some sort of sorcery and his appearance change: younger, stronger, quite different, that it was was glaringly apparent to me something had changed. Could any of this be adrenochrome? or some sort of ritual induced change in those who are bought and paid for by the luciferian cabal? a demonic spirit? as the drastic change of appearance of Beyonce before her super bowl appearance and while she was performing at half time, going from Bey to sasha fierce, with obvious male muscularity and facial changes, etc., and her attempt to keep all the pictures that showed the demon manifesting from the internet…

    Liked by 3 people

      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Cynthia, Ivanka is gettin’ MAJOR SHADE thrown at her on soc media 4 takin’ the jab…ppl r not happy…and I think she took the J&J…

        Not shure why she dd that!!

        l know Ivanka and Jarrod were the more lib of the Trump fam!

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      2. Grace….grace….grace…. I just want all of us believers, who have had grace lavished on us, to lavish it equally on others, people like Ivanka. Thank you for trying to explain how Ivanka may have reasoned getting the jab, IrishEyes! You’re spreading God’s grace!

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  22. Cynthia says:

    I love your site and the wealth of information. I started following Q back at the end of 2017 and believe that many of the evil people have been dealt with, so that is a script. My confusion is mostly about the jab. I understand the intent, but if the white hats have any control, wouldn’t they stop it? Are people really dying, or is that part of the false narrative? Are people really getting saline shots? Why would Trump and the patriotic team work so hard to save children and the world, only to allow mass genocide before returning? I really appreciate your insights into this subject.


  23. Polly says:

    Center for Food Safety’s FOIA program is committed to upholding the principles embodied in FOIA, such as maintaining an open and transparent government.
    Originally published by Center for Food Safety.
    The post NIH Hit With Lawsuit for Failing to Produce Documents Related to Controversial Gain-of-Function Research appeared first on Children’s Health Defense.
    Original Article: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/nih-hit-with-lawsuit-controversial-gain-of-function-research/

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  24. Dianna Solmes says:

    I love your reports! Thank you very much for doing what you do. You are brilliant. However, I have one small (perhaps) disagreement. You said, as do many others, that “no one touches what belongs to God!” Yet, the DS, Cabal, Satanists, whatever you want to call them, have been doing just that for centuries (millennia actually). Just think of all the victims of child trafficking and abuse. Every one of them belongs to God! Perhaps if you and others said “no one touches what belongs to God without suffering eventually and greatly, would be more realistic?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Bible is full of stories where those that touched what belongs to God has a very bad end. Gideon is one such story. Moses leading the people out of Egypt is another. That does not mean that people are not persecuted or enslaved…it means that when they are it is God that avenges and his wrath is mighty. And no one can steal what belongs to God from his hands. God owns the soul of those who love him and accept his Son as their savior. Those victims of child trafficking the Bible tells us it is worst for those that do that THEY HAD NEVER BEEN BORN. The wrath will come on every one who did such evil…this life is fleeting. Eternity is unmeasured…their torment will be unspeakable for their evils. They are dead people walking.

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    2. ALSO, Dianna, they touched, and touched, because God’s church of those called out, slept, and slept….they were not watchmen…they had no oil in their lamps. If they had watched when the master of the house was away, they would not have allowed the house to be entered into. We have no one to blame but ourselves….and those who came before us who were tricked by secret society lies …we are waking up and seeing and taking back what is ours with God at the helm…for by returning to him, no one can withstand what is coming. These are his children, as we are…and we are returning and God is watching…he is in you! How many knew it? Many, most all. How many lived like they knew it? few….

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