So are the rest of American Patriots! The following words are from great patriots working NIGHT AND DAY to wake up “WE THE PEOPLE”!

A revolt is underway against the Obama-Mussolini-Biden hologram governing the country. Millions are mobilized to ensure election integrity, to take over the Republican Party, and to stop what is happening to an entire generation which is being brainwashed to believe that gender fluidity defines reality, that critical race theory correctly states our history, and that cops are the enemy. The ruling elite hope to neutralize us with false narratives and deception, pinning us down, forcing us to merely respond to the situtations they create.” 

Giant Biden hologram begins in-person campaigning

As I read this and more, I found the defining expression of “Obama-Mussolini-Biden hologram governing the country“, one that my last blog expressed. To me, nothing happens by coincidence, God always has a way of showing which door to open and I believe he said….now you’ve opened the door – walk inside and take a good, long look. What do you see?

Well, for me, I have been led through many doors and looked and my eyes saw many things. The Lord’s discernment did the rest. The following says it all and was from my book (which presently is no longer in print) Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America, written in 2008. At the time, there were very few people who could even imagine that America was headed in this direction, let alone believe we were already way into it. The Title told it all, and please read what I wrote in the introduction.


     If one were to do no further reading than that of the title and this introduction, it is this authors hope that these words alone would be a searing enough iron to create even the smallest flame of awareness.

     In the quest to form, shape and twist the opinions of men into groups of vigilantes for this cause or for that, the words and writings of  many sly foxes and wolves are a constant reminder that the use of pen and pad is more powerful a weapon  than any sword drawn or arrow shot.  In the hands of unconscionable and greedy men, who serve as the scribes for Satan, himself, their words well depict the epistles of demons.   


     Our founding fathers declared their independence and fought against the dictates found in the writings of such mad men; right down to crossing every “t” in the word tyranny, and dotting every “i” in the word injustice.  They made use of the pen as in the manner of prophets, praying that the Lord thy God guide each and every stroke of their quills.  They diligently wrote the constitution that would arm each citizen with certain unalienable rights and the liberty of conscience.  Together, through that conscience, they carefully founded America’s core beliefs based on Biblical principals and values.  In so doing, they insured to future generations true liberty and the divine protection of the all powerful two edged sword of the Lord.  But, should America forget her constitution, Biblical principals and values, they knew it would not take long and the door to tyranny would once again present itself.  Of this malady they cautioned others fiercely in their writings of truth.

     What then can be said of the blind, who welcome every word from sly foxes and wolves?  What can be said of those who with a little encouragement to its merit will hold false epistles as very dear documents of truth?  Is there one single word that can be said?  There is indeed a word that describes well those who study and refine the fundamental principals of these sly foxes and wolves.  The good Lord said it himself,  “woe”. 

      “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For you are like graves which are not seen, and the men who walk over them are not aware of them.”

Luke 11:44 NKJB

Dianne Marshall

U.S. Political Consultant Suggests Rallying Democrats With Giant,  Fortnite-Style Holographic Biden

As we walk over these graves, it is only when we look up and see the white washed Sepulchers, and then open them up and peer inside that we see the horrifying piles of dead mens bones. In our quest for truth, we can’t just see what is being presented to us on the outside. Especially in these days of high tech magic and sorcery. It is written in Revelations when talking of the great merchants of the earth, that …”by their sorceries were all the nations deceived.” Sorcery, witchcraft, magic, smoke and mirror deception. We are seeing it very vividly. Little by little the people are looking up and inside the white washed smoke screens and coming to the knowledge of the truth.

Is HE a HOLOGRAM - YouTube

Please read the book’s Preface, which is a bit long by design, in order that if someone had not read it all, they would have gotten the broader message.


     After a painful research and study on Karl Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844, I felt an elusive tugging at my sense of reason.  A sort of compelling influence on my own views of capitalism, and however truthful many of Marx insights may appear, the underlying motivation sent a chill up my spine.  It was especially interesting on his concept of money.  So well written of its’ actual creation and its’ causes and affects that I thought at one point, the devil himself had written it.

     If I can but take his many belabored pages and condense a report to a minimum opinion, I would have to elaborate as such:

     Whenever one takes the human element which has a God given soul and dares to reduce it down to statistics to define, classify, and number that soul into a group as a thing, a property, or a commodity of sorts, (as Marx has well accomplished), man is left with no master other than that of the ruler of this world.  Satan, himself.  And by this mean, Marx’s form of political economic wisdom was assuredly influenced and encouraged by the ominous demons of hell, themselves.

     For though appearing innocent, it imbeds sharp teeth into the readers mind, intellectually teasing with facts, statistics, and vain philosophies against sound justice and judgment.  A work most cleverly devised and designed to rant at and to torment, to destroy and to frustrate, to belittle and to chain.  To create strife between those that have and those that have not.  With no more compassion toward the common man, than that of a poorhouse overseer.

     It contains within it the seeds of revolution.  A revolution that gnaws at and chews away any common sense or that of fruitful direction.  It blinds the soul from seeing its maker, magnifying and glorifying the ignorance of vigilantes.

      It deceitfully declares that a change is needed, allowing for sly foxes and wolves to gather the souls ripe for the harvest of tyranny.

     In essence it corrupts man’s ability to reason for himself.  It entangles him in false views of injustice that fan away, flaming an anger that leads him as a sheep to the slaughter while erasing with false promises man’s last chance to true liberty.  All hope is kindled, yet, vanished under the carefully crafted mind controlling pretences of those, who will not only exploit man’s labor for a morsel of bread, but steal his soul as well.

Video: Bush, Clinton and Obama Rebuke Trump Era in Unity Message
This is your time': Obama congratulates Biden before his inauguration -  POLITICO

     It is the sort of intellectual philosophy that breeds contention.  For no form of government on this earth can guard against man’s weakness to temptation.  Nor can government  guard him from the desires of his own greed and lusts of the flesh.

      Therefore, I find the true culprit that Karl Marx and other Sly Foxes and Wolves is against is not capitalism at all.   The true evil doer is the man that lacks Godly Principals, morals and values.  It is the man that lacks the ability to hold a deep conviction to do what is right. The man that has failed to seek a personal relationship with his God.  These are the true failings that open the flood gates manifesting hell on earth.  The true failings that close the coffers to those who deserve greater wages and rewards for their hard labor.   The same coffers that might have been opened to help the poor, the elderly, the orphaned, the widowed and  the disabled.

     And the irony that bewails the life work of Karl Marx is this.  The very same capitalism he has so strategically and statistically condemned, is the very same capitalism that has allowed for American corporations and her private sector the ability to open their coffers freely, and generously give to those in need at home and abroad. 

     Oh, if Marx would have only known how to pursue the worthier things. Conquer greed and you conquer injustice.  Surrender to the will of God and God’s Kingdom on earth shall manifest.  For as the Lord said to the Pharisees,

“The kingdom Of God cometh not with observation; neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there!  For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Luke 17:20-21 NKJB

      Serve man and money, and you have Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Communism, socialism, Nazism, tyranny and dictatorship.  The people of the countries that follow these paths of government have never experienced utopia.  Those that hold the idealism of the equality of meagerness for all, while extolling opportunity on but a privileged few, have never reached beyond their lot; nor have they ever prospered in peace as a happy people.

     The vain glory of man and the praise of money are the core values that lead to the dark principalities and powers of the air that challenge man’s soul.  The values that send him  lusting and coveting his neighbors goods,  and shows him how to properly bite off the hand that feeds him.  The words of Marx and other Sly Foxes and Wolves, help to accomplish such things as these.

     The truth is that the same tyranny that brought the disgruntled Karl Marx to write his manuscript in 1844, is the same tyranny that the manuscript itself breeds.  i.e.  His inner cry to address social injustice is the same cry that creates it. 

Joe Biden - A Whole Corrupt Soul - VIVISXN | The bleeding-edge digital  dossier showcasing all things cool

     The irony is that the same years of Marx’s personal working experiences in Europe  that laid the groundwork for his manuscript are of the same historical back drop that led the founding fathers of America to break free of such tyranny, and liberate the colonies from its clutches.  The same social wrongs, the same statistics, the same enslavement of women, children, and men working in the mills.  the same unfairness in taxation, the same exploits of man’s labor, and the same price on his soul and other personal properties.  These are the same injustices our forefathers in the colonies experienced from its parent country, the once glorified Great Britain. 

     How fortunate and blessed we are today that our founding fathers in the colonies did not choose, as Karl Marx, to write a philosophy of intrigue designed to muster and frustrate the masses.  They rather chose to write a Declaration of Independence, a Bill of Rights, and a Constitution.  They stood together.  They relied on God to guide them; to be their source of strength;  to execute the right action; to enlist God given principals, morals and conscience into the documents that were to guide the new United Statehoods.  To define liberty of conscience in the same manner as that defined within Biblical principals.  That of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  For they knew from Biblical teaching that God sent his Son that we might have life and have it more abundantly, and that true liberty is the Spirit of the Lord, and the pursuit of happiness is the promise from God to a nation called by his name.

     Our founding fathers vision for America’s establishment, preservation and future growth was not only to be founded upon Biblical principals, but to be guided by these principals in all of its affairs.  This is what made America strong, these are her roots.  Destroy these roots and you destroy her entire foundation, her entire strength, her majesty, her sanctuary to those who have sought her safety when fleeing from injustice and tyranny of other lands.

     Destroy her Biblical roots and you are left with a desolate land, cold, naked, lonely, depressed and hungry.  No fairer, no different, than that of any other place on the globe.  Steal her foundation and she becomes a God forsaken desolation of despair.

     May we the people take a stand, to preserve and to protect, to honor and to cherish, to be as courageous as our founding fathers, to protect the inalienable rights of future generations.  And to have the courage to stand in this day and the next,  to serve her within her borders as our brave young soldiers have given their lives to preserve her abroad.  Do we have the courage?  Do we?  We must muster it now, or forever let the words and the writings of sly foxes and wolves lead us and our children into tyranny.  The FEMA buses are not that far away my friends.  I for one am not boarding.  Are you?   The End.


In this final phase of awakening and exposing all the evil we are being hit with everything the cabal has left to sling. We must discern all things for nothing is quite as it appears. This can not be said enough. Know that our great men and women in our military and on the private sector front lines are fighting for We The People day and night and they are relentless in their push for freedom and justice for all.

Hold the line and keep the faith. These days are an illussion of deception. The boogey man is being exposed as the ancient blood drinkers of Luciferian cult…and most of them are old, feeble, and now reverting back to their withered selves as their precious adrenochrome supply is being cut off.

When Don Trump Jr. said, “Enjoy the Show….he meant SHOW!”

Fear not! Stay with the Lord and be not deceived!



  1. Beth Hodge says:

    I tried clicking on the headline, the comment link, and the link on telegram, but all 3 give me the page not found message.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Our infinitely wise Heavenly Father knew what we would be up against. He did not leave us without help. He sent us angels, like Dianne, and many others to show us truth and to show us the way out of the flames. Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo, in the fiery furnace, were not alone either. There was a 4th person…God’s angel. God never leaves his children without help from above. Thank you, Father!! Your eyes are on us every second of every day.

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      1. Debjbalk, I can’t even tell you in words how obsessed I was with finding all the truth… it was a mission at a time when no one was listening, and even family members at times were…well let’s just say they were concerned about me. Smile.

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    1. Charliepc says:

      Indeed… someone maybe spilling the beans, Bill & Melinda Gates…Mmm.
      Just on the H&M royals, I did notice when DT was visiting Queen Elizabeth and they had their formal functions, drinks before dinner, mingling etc.. Harry kept well away from DT. You could openly see him avoiding him, I found it amusing at the time but it was plainly obvious his distancing himself.
      I do have hope…for William & Catherine as a family and hope I’m not missing something there.
      As for the Hollywood’s here in Australia… they are pretty much all in full view at a place called Byron Bay, near our Gold Coast on the East coast of Australia.
      Zack Efron just bought a big piece of land near his mates the Hemsworth’s.
      Great article again today, Thank you for blessing us with your wonderful writing,

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    2. debjbalk says:

      I hope Linda Gates is distancing herself because she has her eyes wide open now. I pray her heart is pricked by God to stand against the evil ways of her husband. Lord, may she redeem herself with you as she breaks away from monster Bill. Help her to be reconciled to you, oh Lord. Amen!!

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  2. This video popped up after listening to another….it triggered a thought with all the focus being on, as you said now Bill and Melinda divorce, the video on the Royals and Megan Markle snd the Prince…they have been on a distraction tour for several years now…it appears this is to focus on them and not on the Queen. Focus on Bill and not on COVID and Fauci? These main stream bla, blas are to keep you focused on paper clipped stories and not the real story. Prince Harry and the Markel….are doing the bidding of Britain…coming here to distract and dare the states. Acting like they should be royals here for this is part of their corporation???? No more. And no more useful idiots.- Prince Harry was wed, May 19, 2018. Trump’s first visit to the Queen was on July 13, 2018. We are told that is when he layed out how things were going to be. His second trip was on June 3, 2019. The little royals did not start their “I’m leaving the Queen” garbage until January 8th 2020 just prior to Covid lock downs. War? Running from something? Crazy stuff? Or part of the crazy stuff? Interesting.

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    1. Amal says:

      Great comment Diane.

      The Harry/ Markle fiasco is just that, a handy little distraction.

      Those that either follow, like and or admire Harry and his handy Markle are nearing 40 years of age, I’d guess.

      I don’t know if they are popular with the younger crowd.

      I think their ‘Usefulness’ expired; well before they even were ‘SET UP’ for their arranged marriage.

      Markle has corruption all over her; meaning their ‘Union’ is all a Political SHI^ SHOW FARCE.

      You know this when fake Hillary injected her admiration for Meghan prior to the wedding.

      Discussing how wonderful a human Meghan is.

      Look at the figures involved in the sham wedding.


      Amal and George Clooney

      Serena Williams along with

      a whole slew of Hollywood Puppets.

      It’s painfully obvious that they ware a POLITICAL DISTRACTION.

      Shiny objects if you will.


      Except both are totally tarnished.

      Apologies for the rant.

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  3. Terry says:

    Even the scribes/translators (the “grammateús” of the LXX) of the Bible are NOT infallible ===> Jeremiah 8:8. DO NOT PUT YOUR FULL TRUST IN THE TRANSLATORS! Remember you are reading the text through the theological biases of the translators themselves. And also everything MUST comform to what Jesus taught about God ===> 2 Cor. 10:5. ===> John 17:3, John 20:17.

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  4. Anita says:

    I’m sick of anything having to do with plagiarist, racist, thief China joe thug. He’s a fraud & thief who stole the presidential election. It was was claimed that the other fraud, anti American biracial hussein picked thief China joe for gravitas. Gravitas? What ludicrous reasoning! Plagiarist, Thief China joe thug is simply a bookend for the marxistdem biracial hussein thug, who fit well together as an anti American fraud duo!
    I remember when President Trump left the hospital after his bout with the China virus and he arrived at the White House where he walked deliberately with strength to the stairs and when he reached the top, turned around, tore off the mask and saluted the marines, a nasty female on CNN called him Mussolini. If President Trump was Mussolini CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the marxistdems corrupt media would have been dissolved along with the shoddy talking vacuous heads. Seriously, I was waiting for President Trump to be called Papa Mao or Idi Amin.

    This revolting charade needs to end. The two most incompetent, vacuous, racist, anti American buffoons unliked and not voted by the American public for high office are tyrannically destroying what’s left of our constitutional republic.

    The world’s NWO cabal laughs. World leaders can’t stop laughing ( maybe not so much Ireland and Japan with the way they were treated by the two punk thieves usurpers).

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  5. Anita says:

    Back at you! I feel the same. Especially valuable at this time with so much dubious happenings. Dianne has created a peaceful and knowledgeable place to be.
    God bless you!

    God bless all his good people!


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  6. caregiver02 says:

    am I wrong or does Obiden have the wrong hand over the side were his heart should be in that fae picture of him and gag gag I have not been able to watch tv since all of this came out and when I do see one of them the one with their name on the “lists” I say to myself he is dead ..it was so hard at first to think of some of my favorite actors being gone wondering who are we going to watch on tv movies now ..BUT..when I found out what they were doing I was sick to my soul ..no wonder the BIBLE says do not eat or drink blood or anything unclean ..most of these creatures have children so it blows my mind how low they have gone for the root of all evil and wanting the fountain of you another thing our LORD tells us not to be vain ..we can see so much now that we have awaken to the truth ..my heart breaks for all the suffering these creatures have caused those that have lost their lives and those who will have to remember the things they saw and endured ..the teens who were raped so they could have babies without birth certificates ..what these precious girls had to witness when her child was born and taken from her to satisfy blood thirsty creatures ..we know these precious souls go straight to the arms of the LORD but it is still hard to believe Sandra Bullock, anglina Jolie and so many others who adopted children would be so evil ..some people still do not believe children are taken as sex slaves or that their were so many in the tunnels under the White House and everywhere else in the World they say why didn’t Trump stop it people open your eyes this evil is World wide and one man even though he tries can not fight the enemy alone I am so ready for all of this to come out in the open ..GOD bless everyone and GOD bless America..WE THE PEOPLE!!

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  7. Ri-chard says:

    This is a long response felt compelled to do it again.

    Yes, the Founders decided to write a Declaration of Independence, a Bill of Rights, and a Constitution, but their is no enforcement by We the People. They relied on God to guide them; to be their source of strength; (yes, wonderful intention by a few white hats) to execute the right action; (lawful not legal action) to enlist God given principals, morals and conscience into the documents that were to guide the new United Statehoods. However, those Statehoods that were governed by the Scottish Masons. To define liberty of conscience in the same manner as that defined within Biblical principals. That of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For they knew from Biblical teaching that God sent his Son that we might have life and have it more abundantly, and that true liberty is the Spirit of the Lord, and the pursuit of happiness is the promise from God to a nation called by his name. and by their actions it seems their allegiances were to the King and their Masonic god. Therefore, the Colonist lost what they all agreed to as their Rule of Law form choice. Their choice was considered to be the final bases for all law in America or ever to be in America… “the colonies were so impressed with the idea of an overruling law of nature that the laws of God and so-called natural laws were regarded as the true laws, and all temporal legislation was considered to be binding only in so far as it was an expression of this natural law. The Colonist new that Parliament may, unquestionably, be controlled by natural or revealed law, proceeding from divine authority. Yet, the King and the King’s men (Masons) overruled this with their man-made Laws as their common law legal system of England and Wales, comprising mainly criminal law and civil law, each branch having its own courts and procedures. Yes, a legal system that create laws for creating new crimes for their profit. and added the the law of the Sea, Maritime, and Admiralty Laws.

    What are the differences between the Masons/Satanist, Illuminati, Marxist, Nazism, Communist, Socialist, Black and Gray Popes and the British Crown? Judging by the oaths they take and their doctrines it appears it’s just different methods of implementing servitude and their costumes.

    England was broke before after the war and the 1783 King’s Treaty allowed the following to take place. The Bank of England caused Washington and with the insistence of Hamilton, assisted by King George and the Tories to create the First Bank of the United States in 1791 for purposes of controlling the money for profit. Remember, to keep in mind this was the King’s business venture to save Great Brittan and the Crown. At this point the Masonic Founders foundations were in place so they can be built on for their self-serving needs with their British investors and Charter members. The collective of the 3 Percenters who physically won the war just lost their choice of Banking, Currency systems and Commerce rules, plus, all other freedoms they fought for due to submitting to the King’s 1783 Treaty.. Yep, Washington and Franklin as the lead Masons in power allowed this.

    However, that 1791 banking plan ran into a problem in 1846 when the Independent Treasury was created by the U.S. and the sovereign States to protect their own money. We the People we not even a brain fart for any considerations. President Lincoln then made us the enemy of the Government (State) by 12 Stat 319 in 1862 and congress continued to keep the status quo by the creation of the Reconstruction Acts in 1867. The Masons had their hand on everything, so don’t get the idea the Lincoln had clean hands, and was honorable. It was Abraham Lincoln’s intention to be a Freemason. He applied for membership in Tyrian Lodge, in Springfield, Illinois, shortly after his nomination for the presidency in 1860. However, he withdrew his petition because he didn’t want his motives for joining to be misconstrued as an attempt to garner favor in order to obtain votes. He advised the lodge that he would resubmit his application again when he returned from the presidency. It was a decision that gained him a great deal of respect from the members of Tyrian Lodge.

    As we know, he never had a chance to fulfill that promise to join Tyrian Lodge in Springfield–he was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth another Mason on April 14, 1865. I guess Lincoln never read the 33 degree oath.

    On the death of the president, Tyrian Lodge adopted a resolution that said “that the decision of President Lincoln to postpone his application for the honours of Freemasonry, lest his motives be misconstrued, is the highest degree honourable to his memory.”
    Tyrian Lodge still exists today, and those original documents are still around. Most Freemasons agree that Abraham Lincoln would have made a good Freemason, as he demonstrated throughout his life those principles and ideals that the fraternity holds in such high regards. So now you have that to consider.

    Are we beginning to understand what must take place for us to capture what is owed to us. The winners of the physical war should write our history. Yes/No?

    Then in 1868 the 14th amendment placed the people of both the North and South under the control of the military rule. The “other” banking system caused the demise of the Independent Treasury. To complete the Federal Reserve system, caused the demise of the independent Treasury. To complete the enemy status. Roosevelt finalized us as enemies of the bank in 48 Stat 1, March 9, 1933.

    The United States Bankruptcy of 1861 placed the country under Emergency War Powers (12 Stat 319), a situation which has never been repealed and continues to exist in Title 50 USC Sections 212, 213, 215, Appendix 16, 26 CFR Chapter 1 paragraph 303.1-6(a), and 31 CFR Chapter 5, paragraph 500.701 Penalties.

    To add insult to injury, the United States on October 6, 1917, passed the Trading with the Enemy Act (H.R. 4960, Public Law 91) — ostensibly in connection with World War I. This extraordinary act gave the President immense, unconstitutional authority (particularly over any private ownership of gold and silver), but included within the term, “enemy”, individuals “other than citizens of the United States.” The Emergency War Powers had been greatly extended, but thus far had not been directed against the people of the United States. This was not to be the end of the matter, however.

    Just when the citizens thought it was safe to go into the water again, The Amendatory Act of March 9, 1933 was passed, and which included the people of the United States under the definition of “enemy”. Essentially, “any person within the United States of any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof…”

    This reprehensible act was passed just after Franklin Roosevelt’s inauguration as President of the United states, and significantly at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe. Emergency War Powers in a time of peace may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but not in government (where such paradoxes are legion). BTW, Franklin Roosevelt was initiated October 10, 1911, passed November 14, 1911, and raised November 28, 1911, in Holland Lodge, No. 8, New York City. He was also an Honorary Grand Master of Georgia, and, in 1934, was made Honorary Grand Master of the Order of Demolay. As part of his funeral, or that he was buried dressed in Masonic apron.

    The Amendatory Act also made the President a monarch and/or king in everything but name (which might have been okay with Roosevelt). It gave the Secretary of the Treasury commensurate powers (with that office — no longer being a “United States Treasury” — but reporting directly to the creditors of the bankruptcy). Finally, the Amendatory Act placed the American people under commercial law (which has been formalized as the Uniform Commercial Code). The latter action effectively made all citizens “merchants”, entities whose records and affairs were totally subject to inspection and harsh penalties imposed for any violations of Mercantile Law. Thus the citizens were not only designated as the “enemy” (as in Pogo Possum’s statement: “We have met the Enemy, and they is us.”), they were also merchants and subject to invasive inspection of all their activities.

    The “Bank Holiday” of March 6, 1933 was part and parcel of the Emergency War Powers Act and the actions which followed and was primarily intended to prevent the continuing and increasing withdrawal of currency and gold from the banks. This, in effect, was the true national emergency of 1933 (but more an emergency for the bankers than the nation).

    Meanwhile, every President of the United States since Franklin Roosevelt has reaffirmed the “national emergency” and issued Executive Orders under 12 USC 95(a), continuing the US Bankruptcy and “reorganization”. [Will there be no end to the reorganization?] Today, things are continuing, with enemies being created everywhere — from Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein, from Enemy Combatants to you or your neighbor next door. It is not a comforting thought. But it is also true.

    It is the Congress that has enslaved the people of this country in order to placate the international bankers of the Federal Reserve System and those of the “300”, This is a little-known group of controlling people that operate above the law in this country and control the congress. The people were never in control of anything since day one 1787 and before. It is all smoke and mirrors for the purpose of deceiving you and plundering. The total object from the 1791 Act by Washington, to 1933 Act by Roosevelt was to totally control the money and the labor of the people. This encroachment on the people’s liberty took place over an extended period of time so as to not make it obvious that which would be otherwise intolerable. The Social Security number plays a small part in the overall scheme. Before the number existed, your lineage was considered the enemy under the 1867 Reconstruction Acts and you, being their heirs, are still the enemy today. To the informed reader this brief gives the “why and how” to the novice it gives “food for thought”. To both I ask the question “what is the remedy or recourse?” Do you throw up your hands, totally give up and continue submitting to our enemy, “the State” by licensure, remain in banking and all the attendant snares that entrap you, or do you finally “draw the line in the sand?” control of money was the very first step in your enslavement which has been nearly accomplished. Now, fingerprinting, compelled use of the enemy’s SS (Social Slave) number in everything you do, retina eyes scan, plastic credit cards, body microchips, mandatory vaccines, and national I.D. similar to old Germany and Russia for control of their people are on the horizon as a final step.

    Each reader of this has a talent, whether a leader or a follower, both must understand the task at hand. Individually we must make a difference and work with others of the same mindset, because if we do not, it will be the SOS different day.

    We have to fix, repair, and replace the Founder’s foundations before moving forward to our independence and this must be done with a large collective. Then we can implement the Republic form of government that is owed to us that never was. I’m not sure that god will help those that don’t help themselves.

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  8. Das Kapital, by Karl Marx, is about extrapolating capitalism [the capital] into communism. And as you mentioned: it’s like the devil himself wrote it. Which of the devils? because there are many.

    Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin: materialism. Capitalism relies on banks while communism on some illusory ideology of one-party tyranny. You can’t have communism without capitalism, because they evolve, or involve, in a satanic symbiosis. Where the original word ‘satana’ can be translated as ‘enemy’ –so what do those devils have to provide from their magic? enmity! And what an easier way to spread hatred, and enmity, than by scarcity. Here goes all the materialistic mentality: homo homini lupus, man is wolf to man, or the hunger games.

    From some higher heavens, scarcity looks like another illusion, another hall of mirrors, another false friend, deeply ingrained into the collective consciousness. From not so distant memories, less than a century ago, you could drive through the Kalahari and hit the tires on diamonds like random pebbles. Siberia is choke full of precious stones and gold never has been as rare as the propagandists of scarcity want us to believe.

    Did I mention Tesla? Sure, they laugh at free energy today, the same as they had laughed at free software, as in Linux, some twenty years ago. And who was the enemy of free software then: the pathetic presenter of the blue screen of death, Bill Gates, same old, same old. Today, no decent server would run Microsoft; well, they had to adopt Linux to run their Azure cloud services.

    Nothing is free under the sun, other than the human soul, who lives beyond the sun. Even with ‘free’ energy, one has to pay for maintenance and development. But you pay for the time of your peers, NOT for the software or energy in itself, which is free, as it should be. This the premise of fair play economics, of common sense, as opposed to being enslaved to banks and ideologies of scarcity and enmity.

    Ri-chard put the history of the US in a realistic perspective. The history of Europe went worse in so many ways. One aspect remains though: no capital, no ideology, no bank, no party and no system would help your soul out of this materialistic mess. The system is rigged, any system!

    And no man has gone up to Heaven except he who went down from Heaven: The Son of Man – he who is in Heaven. Yohn 3:13

    Liked by 4 people


    I witness, many whose faith has been exchanged with fear. A veil of darkness has cover them and they have lost sight of the Light.

    Let us remind these brothers and sisters of the Light of Jesus Christ. Though their vision be clouded, their memory of God’s Goodness is still with them.

    We command, in the name of Jesus, all negative narratives and lies of the evil one, are replace by Voice of the LORD and again the Light will shine forth, for “God has got this!”

    (John 1:5)

    Liked by 3 people

  10. debjbalk says:

    Amen, Joseph…a very important reminder to always stand alongside of our brothers & sisters of the faith. Like a soldier on the battle field, if another is wounded (or has been killed), he’ll put him on his back before moving forward. “No man left behind” on our battlefield. #TogethrStrongr4Christ

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  11. So exhausted with this movie. It feels like we do not have a government or a press and we don’t. It is wo weird for me at 76 yrs. oldk imagine how it feels for the younger generation. I hate to hear what it is doing to my son.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. inesnido says:

    Dianne, I’m going insane!!! I don’t seem to be receiving your post and I’m very upset with this. I went on your site on WordPress and it says I am following you, but I haven’t received all of your post. Do you have any idea what I could do to secure my following with you? I’ve gone on your page and I’ve followed, but I still have not received anything. I’m very upset with this. If you can give me any insight on how to rectify this problem I would be most receptive. Thank you.


      1. inesnido says:

        Its not in my spam folder and I checked my other ones. I found this reply because I went directly to WordPress. I am so upset about this.

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      2. Like I said in the email…I will email you posts as I make them until it gets fixed. Sent you a screen shot showing you were already added to the list to get email…it is some type of glitch. Thanks for your patience.


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