The Question of the Day: Monday, November 23, 2020 | WEAR

President Trump is the elected president of We The People. Like it or not, he is the man Americans chose to lead their nation. The election was stolen and the man seated in D.C. is not the man who won the election, he is the man that willfully went along with the coup to overthrow the United States Government. This is sedition and treason.

Those who say to get over it and accept it are way off base.  That is definitely a statement of siding with those who plotted the evil act and I say to them, the next time a thief enters your home and you expect the police to catch the thieves – don’t bother calling them. Just get over it and accept it. And don’t call your insurance company for they will not reimburse you without a police report. Just accept it and get over it.  After all lawlessness is tolerated in a den of thieves. This is what has taken place, our insurance companies – the court systems – did not insure our elections because they did not allow a police report to be given! So now it is in the hands of the military.

To those who love to say things like, “Trump is not a God”…like that is the mantra of all who voted for him. I say this, “Where are you coming from and what the hell are you thinking?”  The issue here is bigger than Trump, it is an issue of destroying the Constitutional Process of How We Elect Our President and other governing officials.  We The People have the right to choose who will preside over our nation and the majority have chosen that person to be Donald J. Trump. We all watched in real time how it was stolen and Patriots will not forget that.

Accusing those who voted for Trump of placing him up there as a God of sorts is another form of bull propaganda to get people to back into a corner with that entire political propaganda gas lighting statement! That verbal attack is to get people to back off their support and shouts that he is our president for what good Christian would dare put a man up high, elevating him to the rank of a God? Especially when the first commandment tells us specifically not to do just that!

What is appalling is to hear this same gas lighting comment come from those who are Christians and voted for Trump.  God does not approve of theft nor bearing false witness, and as far as anyone with eyes can see, an election theft is not blessed, nor ordained with a Holy anointing. It is now up to America to take a stand and call out the thieves!

Are you man or woman enough to do that?  The price to be paid isn’t easy.  Just look what they did to each one who has taken a stand! But, they are still standing and it is high time all WHO LOVE THIS NATION, GOD, OUR GUNS AND RELIGION TO STAND UP WITH THESE BRAVE WARRIORS OF TRUTH!

I remember hearing all the millions who said, “We got your back President Trump!” What happened to that?  The question is, who has turned back and who is willing to stand and guard that back?

 Are you a good guard for the back of your fellow warrior, or would your idea of guarding their back scare the pants off your fellow  Marine in combat?  It appears that for many, watching the silent war take place without bombs going off over their heads means nothing is taking place. What we all should be doing is thanking God that our military is taking strategic maneuvers to avoid such explosions while they diligently dismantle the cabal.

Standing firm on truth is the least We The People can do. Praying for strength and protection for our President , Military, and those taking a public stand is the most important thing we can do! Denying he won is the worst thing you can do. Take a look at Georgia… it’s time to boycott that list of great merchants President Trump gave us!

Stand Strong America!  The good people in the world are standing with you!  This is the biggest thing We The People have ever been called to do! 



    1. Robert G Boensch says:

      He never Left Us
      Part 2

      This was A set up
      It was not suppose to last this long
      But God delivered More than we suspected
      the size of the cabal and more exposing themselves
      made this kind of fun
      So just be patient
      OUR GOD and His ANGELS are in CHARGE


      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us+
        Part 3

        WE need to step up and be ANGELS FOR GODS PEOPLE NOW
        He as given us the right to pick up swords and
        Slice through their Vail of Darkness
        and let the light of truth come in



      2. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 4
        He was So So clear
        The CABAL and MSM had to run a military size operation
        Of Smoke most people could not see through it
        Praise President Trump
        For being so transparent To Us that Believe


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      3. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 5
        Is it better to catch a rat with old cheese
        and try them in the public court
        or let the people watch the Rats relish them self’s on fresh cheese
        It had to be this way
        Put the rats in power under Trump
        Watch them in action In today’s World
        Have all fresh Evidence they have testified against them self’s On camera
        Turn Gitmo In to the newest Trump Resort run by the Navy
        Military Court Marshall ready to serve non military combatants
        Politicians Civilians ETC
        No outside legal help need Military Does all In House
        Judge -Tribunal -Prosecutor- Defense Jurors
        all provided by Government

        Watch The Show
        To The

        The Spa is Ready


      4. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 6
        Free air Travel is included

        And you won’t believe the service and accommodations provide
        adios amigo


      5. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 7
        The United States of America
        is made up of three branches of government
        and Judicial
        The Bar is the fourth pillar of British Government
        and has no legal standing under our constitution
        This is another part of the war we are in
        We were fooled into this happening
        This is why there was no standing in law in the court filings
        Under the insurrection Act


        Scroll down to post below

        AMERICAN WARRIOR says:
        Dianne This is for you,
        Patriot Streetfighter 6:
        4.7.21 Patriot Streetfighter 6 POWERFUL Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters

        Dianne And all of these readers
        After watching this video you will understand what I have been Hinting at in all of my posts


      6. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 8
        Watch the video POWERFUL Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters

        I’ve be operating under cover from the age of 6 or 7 years old
        been engaged my whole life in this world wide action against us Remembering Everything.
        It’s Bigger than The US Leaders and Military Knows
        Just Me and My Friend Up Stairs
        The State of Michigan and This country (and World Leaders Business Governments and Churches)
        Has been Going against GOD! Big Time Forever
        And This Includes The Churches again i say this !!
        We Must Look past the religious writings and the Preachers in front of us!!
        And go Directly To GOD
        Repeat—- (And go Directly To GOD and Talk to Him)
        Be one with Him It’s were the truth is
        Look at Acts 1 -18 in the bible
        With the payment he received for his wickedness,
        Judas bought a field; there he fell headlong, his body burst open and all his intestines spilled out.
        Everyone in Jerusalem heard about this, so they called that field in their language Akeldama
        That is the field of Blood ( the potters Field )
        Question was it full of clay Pits and in the dark Judas fell into one that broken clay pots were dispose in . Did this happened 38 minutes after they left the garden
        How did he received the 30 silver pieces
        Was Judas the first whistle blower “did he die to warn us from the Romans Plan!
        Is the story written in Matthew total Mind Control
        (the hold on all of us to be controlled by the Romans) MK ultra Roman style!!
        Is the conflicting Stories so that we wage war with each other over our interpretation
        of what is in these writings.
        We as God’s People need to Cherish what we have in common
        and respect our differences and seek and live in peace
        In 2014 I took a stand and went public to show a little of my life
        There’s has only Been one political party in control of this country
        until Donald John Trump stepped in.
        A Declared Solder For Gods People and all His works on this Planet

        Robert Gregory Boensch
        My first Post Here
        The Marshall Report
        Dated 03-08-2021


      7. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 8
        And look at my story
        This is where we are at
        My story is not Mine alone
        Its a story of what is being repeated every day around the world
        I’m telling it for every one who has been a victim of this cabal
        So how as Gods people we lost track of who we are as Gods people
        and we turned to Worshiping Money Material things Status to be above some one else
        to make a sport of doing damage to the defenseless among us

        It is so bad today the Military is the only way



      8. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 9
        The God Test
        I know I was created by God
        and I am a child of God
        And God truly desires me to be a reflection of Him
        I stated many times
        Are we not chosen to be a God
        A God
        not for some one else to worship or adore ETC
        We recognize the Evil around us
        we see it everyday we have names for it and_________
        If we walk every day as A God
        The EVIL one can never recruit us to do his ______
        Our guard is always active
        We see the evil ones tricks and don’t fall for them
        If all of us would be A God we surly wouldn’t be where we are at now



      9. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 9
        Who is He
        As for the subject of Jesus
        I speak only about My God
        I pray Walk and Talk with Him
        He teases me challenges me and rewards me
        And I can Truly address Him as My Friend Up Stairs

        He doesn’t mind



      10. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 7.1
        We are in charge of Defending our VOTE
        this has to be done in the legislative branch by us
        not hired lawyers
        That is why there is no standing in law in which relief can be granted
        for the case on election fraud
        It has to be done in the legislative branch
        This would be before the situation we have before us
        The corruption in congress Has ruled for so long they would not ever
        take this up
        that leads us to were we are
        On January 6 2021 before the election results were voted on
        the insurrection act was Proclaimed
        No election for the President of United States Of America was duly Sworn in
        in Washington Dc For the Fifty States Guam and the Virgin Islands

        President Trump is very clear to follow the rule of Law

        See If I’m Right?



      11. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 7.1
        We are in charge of Defending our VOTE
        this has to be done in the legislative branch by us
        not hired lawyers
        That is why there is no standing in law in which relief can be granted
        WE must keep on Hammering on our Drums
        We are in charge of Defending our VOTE
        this has to be done in the legislative branch by us

        School is in session
        Review where we came from



      12. Robert G Boensch says:

        He never Left Us
        Part 7.2
        We are in charge of Defending our VOTE
        this has to be done in the legislative branch by us
        not hired lawyers
        this has to be done in OUR State legislative branch by us
        In our States Legislative Branch
        It’s where Justice will be Served
        You Impeach the State Election in the House
        And have a Trial in the Senate

        This is the Job that we should be working together on
        This would be a Great lesson of our young in collage


        Every thing I post is my point of view
        I may be wrong
        Please Work together and find the TRUTH


    1. Z says:

      Here is a link to the pdf. Everyone should be aware of this. It was completed in 2017. And it is basically the script they are following for Convid19 Pandemic. Even the names are similar. It was all planned in advance folks.
      #1 – Great Financial Reset
      #2 – Depopulation of Earth
      #3 – Bonus Destroy Trumps Economy

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      1. Adam Artis says:

        So a government agency that is tasked with predicting and responding to pandemics was working to predict and respond to pandemics? Shocking.

        Why would this information be public if this was proof of something? Why would they not simply take it down?

        Why do you think the hundreds of countries around the world are playing along with this to embarrass Trump? The scope of the conspiracy you are claiming disproves itself.


  1. Wake up!America !Trump is our President and will be the 19 th President and serve for 8 yrs !People need to wake up and do research! It’s right in front of everyone s eye! Biden and the swamp are dead! If u LOOK open ur eyes u will see all actors and actresses acting !all fake news !

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    1. adamartis says:

      So who other than Biden are actors? All his staff? The entire secret service? All of congress? The entire news media including right wing sites?

      That’s a lot of actors doing a great job then. Do the oscars have awards for this type of thing, or is it more of a Daytime Emmy thing?

      Not trusting MSM is understandable,, but why put your unquestioning faith in stories like this?


  2. Anita says:

    Dianne: how perfectly stated. I have never stopped declaring President Trump being the legitimate duly re-elected president. Period!
    The fraud, liar, plagiarist, pervert thief China joe thug is a seditious usurper. Nothing good, just, legal or decent can materialize from theft especially a serious , great theft performed in real time before our Christian eyes.
    The fools that accuse Trump supporters of making him a god are deceitful and connivers. It was they that made hussein a god ( of evil).

    Never forget that American patriots spoke on November 3rd and by 10:30 🕥 , despite all of the cheating, President Trump had been duly re-elected president. But on November 4th the thieves worked overtime to cheat ( and also during real time on November 3rd) to pull a Venezuela gig.

    This needs to be rectified immediately because the office of the president has been forcefully vacated by marxistdems and Rinos to commit sedition.

    President Trump needs to return to his rightful position office immediately with Flotus Melania by his side.

    God bless President Trump
    God bless Flotus Melania
    God bless us all
    God bless all innocent creatures


    Hi deb! 💕

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  3. Christians all over the globe 🌎 are persecuted for their faith!! America has been a haven for those desiring freedom of religion and many Christian Americans sponsor so many missionaries all over the world! I think this is why God has blessed America! But now politically “woke” Christians are destroying churches!! We are suppose to be light in the world! OUR government is fascist and Anti-Christ / OUR media are fascist communists! We are being silenced for our faith in Jesus. A true follower of Christ will Suffer Persecution in some form! America is becoming increasingly wicked! They are so rebellious against God that they even deny biology and want us to celebrate deviant behavior! This Antichrist spirit is becoming more hostile towards Christianity and conservatism like never before!! We just have to sit tight. Keep the faith!! God is in control!! We must be FAITHFUL AND ENDURE TILL THE END! HIS WORD is true!! And we should NOT fear man, but Fear God who is our haven of rest!! Trump tries to be optimistic, but he will never run in 2024!! America is GONE! the communists, stole the election, and the deep state traitors will NEVER be held accountable. It going to be interesting!! I hope Trump will just enjoy his life, and stop running for President! The media, fascists, Rothchilds, globalist, will never stop! Trump is a great man, and America doesn’t deserve him! We deserve Biden and Kamala!!

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    1. Some says:

      I’ve never been one to speak out in these forums, and I’m well aware that your intent could be intended to be positive but….

      “We must be FAITHFUL AND ENDURE TILL THE END! HIS WORD is true!! And we should NOT fear man, but Fear God”

      This quote is so true! How can we have these truths along with the rest of HIS word and yet in the same breath speak fear and impatience? I understand both implications of fear and impatience, in fact one of my most memorable quotes in the past, ( prior to understanding the true ignorance of what I thought was “whitty” at the time) was ” I’m the most patient man on the planet, as long as everything is going my way” and also spoke to my pears about not allowing fear to rule their lives, when in hindsight I see now that putting all of my trust in Him, God, my Father in heaven, through Christ Jesus His Son, I’m now capable of resting in Him. This is just a season of time. Please be patient and know His will is going to be done. It will be perfect and we can rest in that while we fight the good fight!

      Some Love

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  4. moonpye20 says:

    Now this is almost humorous. Most of you did exactly that with your precious Billy Graham! I came on here and took a huge risk in sharing a story of a woman who was raped by oral Robert’s and her friend was raped by Graham! And what was I told?? Oh where is your proof lady?! He’s anointed by God he could NEVER do something like that! Ever hears of Fiona barnet?? If not go to her website and read her personal story how she was put in a crate on a C.I.A cargo plane flown from Australia to Disneyland land and raped by Graham and Richard Nixon! You dumb asses will believe other famous names implicated in such evil, but when Graham name is mentioned he’s exalted like a God of sorts WHY?? BECAUSE YOU HAVE PUT YOUR FAITH IN A MAN AND HIS CORPORATION. I dare you all to read her website and listen to her story candy girl on YouTube.


    1. Its bullshit, people make up crap all the time for money and attention. I checked into her the last time you came here to peddle the bs.You believe what you want, I don’t understand why you would believe her. Do you believe everything you hear or are you just selective when it comes to destroying people of faith?

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      1. moonpye20 says:

        Do you believe everything YOU hear about the deepstate pedophiles that are implicated in the same shit? Your very foolish calling these women liars all because you worship a man.


    2. irisheyes17 says:

      moonpye20, did y’all consider that she was very likely, MKultred…very effectiv tool the cabal uses on its victims…thru torture…they mplant memories n ur brain that did not happen…and many of those who hav suffered severe sexual abuse develop multiple personalities…

      The CIA is masters of MKultra …that’s where we get the false flag shootin’s at the time they need them…those who hav undergone MKultra say they r programmed 2 react 2 a certain song, or a phrase….sum who were MKultrad were programmed 2 react 2 a certain Disney character or cartoon…

      Very much like hypnosis…y’all need 2 understand how mind control can b used 2 convince y’all of an event that NEVAH HAPPND!!!

      I hav hrd abt Fiona Barnet and don’t know abt her…but she sounds like 1 of those victims 2 me…sum1 wantd 2 dstroy Billy Graham and Oral Roberts…so they mplanted images n her brain that she truly bleves…

      Mostly what triggers them now is….ANYTHIN’ PRES TRUMP SAYS!!!…hahahaha…

      Research MKultra and hypnosis!!!

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      1. moonpye20 says:

        Your a typical doubting asshole. It’s really sad that people go thru horrible evil shot like this and there’s always someone such as yourself that doubts and accuses the victim of being mind controlled. If it’s your favorite “ministry star” then it couldn’t be possible they are Satanists.


      2. irisheyes17 says:

        moonpye20, I’m jus givn y’all facts abt how mind control wrks..and y’all don’t like facts…

        I told y’all 2 research MKulra…

        IT’S A ‘THING!’

        Seems like since y’all xploded on me… I’m right ovah the target!!…hahahaha…

        And yeah, there r many ministers out there that r wolves n sheeps clothin’…and they will fall!!

        Like those so-called evangelicals who voted 4 Dementia joe….those r not Christians…fooled them selves!!!

        Many that r devil worshippers…like the fake pres Dementia joe, and half of Congress…

        I watchd a vid of Sen Schumer after a speech on the flloor of the senate walk bck 2 his empty chair and argue with sum1 who wasn’t there and made a motion like 2 say “GET OUTA MY CHAIR!”…

        It was totes bizarre!!

        I hrd that many n Hollyweird and Congress hav made pacts with the devil 4 success and fortune…I bleve Jim Carey is 1 who has admitted it…and Lady Goo Goo…

        Goog Marina Abromavich… self-admitted witch…bestie of Killary…and the a4mentioned celebs…..hahahaha…

        Like I said, I don’t know abt Barnet, I havnt walked n her shoes…but I know how mind control wrks and she sounds like she has been a victim…

        GET A GRIP!!!

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  5. dlavalle64 says:

    Exactly. We’ll said article .Trump is our true president .I pray all those involved in the stealing of this election do pay a price for their lies and deceptions .America is no longer a free country when we are forced to accept a president who is not elected by the people.

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  6. Philip Rusch says:

    The evidence is circumstantial but it’s good circumstantial evidence, a lot more than just a Bigfoot track. That being said, in the battle against the invisible enemy, we’re asked to accept a lot of things at face value by people we don’t know. For instance, a rumor going around is a nuclear warhead was found on the Evergreen container ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. I’m being asked to accept that as truth and a lot of other stuff as truth like JFK Jr. staging his own death without proper or collaborating authority. That’s what the main issue is.


  7. Lucy says:

    I have got your back President Trump. I am going to fill out the form that is in Arizona and everyone else should do the same. Go to Arizona takes

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  8. irisheyes17 says:

    1 of those speakrs is the Health Ranger Mike Adams…I jus watched a vid on Brighteon, where he dtails what y’all need 2 do 2 save ur life if y’all were stupid enough 2 take the vax…

    Gen McInerney also took 1 shot b4 he found out what is n it and went 2 his dr who placed him on a countr treatment of ivernectin and z-pack (whatevah that is)…I think it’s zinc…

    I saw the vid on His Glory with Gen McInerney and Gen Mike Flynn who both r sayin’ DO NOT GET THAT VAX!!

    Mike said, y’all might feel fine now, but if u don’t die immediately, which many r…it will prob b n the fall when millions all ovah the wrld start dyin’ from blood clots, cancer, and other dseases…but those deaths will jus b called coincidental…

    Miie xplais what hapoens n ur body when 4hat toxic goo hits it…and if they can’t kill y’all with the1st shot, they’ll dmand a 2nd or third…


    The vid is:


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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        CHRISTINEWJC, If y’all read it , I told u Gen McInerney also was duped n2 that vax…but when he realized what was n it…aluminum, mercury, 4maldehyde, human fetal tissue, animal fetal tissue…he went 2 his dr. and was put on a treatment 2 countr the poisons…ivermectin and z-pack…also HCQ, which Pres Trump told y’all from the bginin’ has been used 65 yrs 2 treat malaria sucessfully…

        Gen McInerney has regular ckups and is doin’ fine..l bleve McInerney is 80’s…


        Sorry I postd that under the wrong article!!…apparently I cant multitask…hahaha..

        Just remember the bible says, No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.

        This vax is a bioweapon!!!

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Christine, they have YOU interceding for them in intercessory prayer…Psalm 91. I’ll be joining you too for my fam… Love casts out all fear. Amen!

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  9. I live in an atmosphere of loved ones who refuse to even look at (or think there was) election fraud! They think that if it’s not on their choices of social media or on the fake news, then it didn’t happen! Many refuse to view the evidence (especially refusing to view Mike Lindell’s movies) of election fraud proof.

    Oh well.

    I just stick with my friends and a cousin who are following the evidence and thus understand how and why this ongoing military operation is taking so much time.

    I once told someone that I’m 99.9% sure that the election was stolen. In the .01% chance that I’m wrong, then I would admit it!

    I really wonder what they will do or say when the evidence is finally presented and the results of the military operations are all revealed?

    All of this waiting on our part, and military operations on their part, is exposing so much more criminality and horrors of the deep state cabal than it would have if the fraud was exposed too soon. People refusing to look at the evidence now will eventually be absolutely shocked by it all!

    There is more at stake than just the 2020 election. The criminality has been going on for decades! The successful endgame will determine how future elections will go and whether we will again have security, fairness and integrity in them. The fate of our nation has been at risk for decades – and all of those who continue to stay asleep thinking that all is well are in for a huge awakening!

    I continue to keep our hard working military, President Trump & his family, all of those helping in this effort; as well as our people of this country (even those who scoff at me), the world nations affected by the cabal, and America’s future in my daily prayers.

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  10. irisheyes17 says:

    OOOP!!! MY BAD!!…I jus posted this on wrong article…shud hav been on Health Conference…

    It still all good nfo….next time I’ll get it right…shudn’t multitask…hahaha…

    Watch the vid anyway!!

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        There’s another vid jus released a few days agp abt the real purpose 4 the covid vax …str8 from Gts himself…it’s 4 depopulation..

        This is very well documented and researchd nfo with all the evidence 2 show what the vax was cre8d 4…. it attacks the brain…

        It’s Alex Jones and his team who r soundin’ the alarm on the vax…and the real reason 4 the covid hysteria…it was very well planned and xecuted…with the help of Big Tech social media, FAKE NEWS, the medical community. Gt8s, Fraudci, the CDC….all liers!!!

        The real #’s of deaths from the vax r bein’ covered up and ppl r told the deaths r jus coincidental…

        The vid:


        Jones has all the relativ docs 2 back up what they r tellin’ u…y’all hav bought lies!!

        God himself says, My people perish for lack of understanding.


  11. hbowschultzgmailcom says:

    On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 2:29 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” ADDRESSING THE GAS LIGHTING ACCUSATIONS – > “BIDEN IS YOUR PRESIDENT GET OVER IT” AND “TRUMP SUPPORTERS ACT LIKE TRUMP > IS THEIR GOD “… President Trump is the elected president of We The People. > Like it or not, he is the man Americans chose to lead t” >

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  12. southern1952 says:

    I have not read this post in full, i have just heard that the evil dems are about to push through the with diminishing the filibuster without having to have a vote, because of a loophole, all of a sudden, there is a loophole??? i say bulls–t..there won’t be any fair elections if they get by with it.

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  13. inesnido says:

    I don’t drink much soda to start with, but the times I do, it will not be a coke or any coke product. I’ve never been a fan of baseball-the game (too slow for me), but now I’m really not a fan. Sports in general are all probably going to end (sorry if that offends anyone). People aren’t getting on their knees and praying anymore. Our children are being taught to change their sex rather than being taught the pledge of allegiance and how to pray the Our Father. Gays now have their own day to celebrate while all white people are being told they are all too white. Really?! Like someone can really do anything about what race or color they were born as. And of course that includes white privelige. I don’t know about you, but everything I have acquired in my life, I’ve worked pretty dam hard for. Nothing was just given to me.

    So, ya, things are going to dramatically change and things are not going to be normal for a VERY LONG TIME!!

    Pray and support the men and women who are in the battle over saving our country and our world. God bless Donald J. Trump and all his family.

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  14. Kathleen Ambrose says:

    We all need to keep in mind that in any election we are choosing a government figurehead, not a Messiah. We have one of those and our first allegiance must be to Him always. I want to be all in with this stuff, but there is a part of me that always is on guard about what is really happening behind the scenes. It seems we’ve been lied to so many times that I’m not sure who I trust these days to really give me a straight answer or to do what is “best”. Stay close to the Lord, know his word, don’t trust anyone or anything blindly and when man’s law comes in conflict with God’s law we have to act as a team.

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  15. zekesparkman says:

    I went and changed my checking today from jp morgan chase to a local credit union. The teller was telling me that she had seen so many come through changing from wells fargo, but mainly chase. One older lady had a story that was unbelievable to her to hear, but she now knows something is for sure up. The exodus is definitely underway. Let the great merchant weeping begin! I kept wishing for a list of ALL corporations involved to better position. These dummies did it for us as some sort of self righteous act of solidarity. I still got verizon and a hp laptop to sort. Also wikileaks listed all members of Bohemian Grove guest list from 2008 if you want to see the walking dead.

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    1. zekesparkman says:

      For example, Ive worked in defense, oil and big tech and these wicked people were stealing my wage. A few times I remember looking at my bank account and thinking this balance doesn’t seem right, but would think how possibly could it be wrong. Well, according to the Book of Enoch that is exactly what they were doing and like he said, no matter what you do or how you humble yourself these people will not relent in destroying you. They are incredibly insane. So my neighbor told me recently that Peterbilt was hiring. Good shift, nice hr salary. Sounds enjoyable building semi trucks, but wait just a minute cause they will not fool me again. Sure enough, Peterbilt is owned by Paccar. The owner of Paccar is Mark Piggot, a member of the “illegally organized” grove. Whatever I do I will make sure that a Christian is the owner of the establishment, but isn’t it strange that in America there is a eerie shortage of super successful Christian entrepreneurs. We’ve got Pillow Mike and Overstock CEO. Fishy for sure.

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      1. They buy them out. Good businesses become affliliates. Start ups unknowingly get shark investors who build them up and sell off to investors who then form a board and own them. These skunks learned in the days of Teddy Roosevelt when he stopped the monopolies that the way to get around owning everything…was to INVEST IN EVERYTHING, sit on the board, control the shares and let the entrepreneur do the grunt work. They invest, control and monopolize legally! That is the giant we need to bring down…Trump knows the only way to do it is to stop buying their stuff…stop banking in their banks….their schemes fold. It’s time to stop handing them our money, our pride, our lives, our children, and our service.

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    2. debjbalk says:

      You inspire me, Zekes…. and, you too, Dianne. I’ve got a lot of changes to make regarding personal finances, household purchases, etc. Thanks for this share.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. prayerwarrior1950 says:

    Onward Christian soldiers marching off to war{digital war}.we will win. The libtards are starting to panic ! Perkins Coi is starting to threaten those who seek to expose the election steal in Arizona. Perkins Coi must be destroyed . With the high praises of God in our mouth and a two edged sword in our hands we will strike down those who seek to destroy this land. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Youtube strikes again!!…jus took dwn the vid of Scot McKay and the bishop…which I had seen b4 it was posted here, anyway…hahaha…


        What I fnd so very fascin8in’ abt the nfo he givs (bsides everythin’ else!) is that the Q movement started n 1850 by 25 Northern gens …and Ulysees S.Grant tried 2 dstroy them with the bckin’ of the Rothchild’s money…..

        THAT’S A WOW!!

        Then there was sum other thin’….what was it?!?!…oh, yeah, I remember…Blow Joe Biden was xecuted 2 yrs ago?!?!…hahahaha…

        ROCK ON BISHOP!!!


  17. Andrea Sorrell says:


    On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 12:22 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” ADDRESSING THE GAS LIGHTING ACCUSATIONS – > “BIDEN IS YOUR PRESIDENT GET OVER IT” AND “TRUMP SUPPORTERS ACT LIKE TRUMP > IS THEIR GOD “… President Trump is the elected president of We The People. > Like it or not, he is the man Americans chose to lead t” >

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