Remember, it’s always been about the children! Child and human trafficking is real! The ones who partake in this are the ones who usurped our government and the ones behind the COVID plandemic, and the ones who desire to rule the world and depopulate humanity. This is an evil force it is not of any God. This is the enemy we are fighting. Know this, it has been doing evil from the days in the Garden of Eden, and before that in the Heavens. It will not stop because we vote in new people…. it will not stop because we know they do it. It will stop when we see it, expose it, and pray to God to stop it with all of our heart and soul. When the people in the world but not of the world all stand up and cry out for it to stop!

As long as there are people who deny kids in containers being shipped and body harvesting as non existing… it will continue to thrive and those people will struggle with their own God on the matter one day. Not me. Each one has their own cross to bear in the battle and many have carried theirs to the point of death for knowing and telling too much. Others for simply knowing and might talk. It is evil beyond comprehension to do to a child what has been done and still taking place. Human Trafficking Statistics: Global & State-by-State Data [REPORT] (

See the source image

President Trump permanently funded Child and Human Trafficking projects before he left the White House. He has been working on ending this from day one!

See the source image

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 24.9 million people are trafficked around the world. Of those, about 2.5 million are within the United States.

Youth are often the target of traffickers. The average age of a minor who is trafficked is 11-13 years old, the DOJ reports.

And these are just the statistics. Real numbers may be much higher.


Maps and Statistics - Human Trafficking
U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline Statistics | Polaris
Child and Sex trafficking hot spots in the USA.




  1. hocuspocus13 says:


    Alex Jones has a “banned” video out

    Kids being smuggled out of Texas in the back of a car through Catholic Charities

    $1200 atm card per person

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:


    Protect Democracy Project Group sent threatening letter to AZ Auditors to get them not to audit 2020 election

    Group connected to Obama Soros China & Biden DOJ

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    1. debjbalk says:

      Rip up the letter and move on. Focus your energy on completing the audit, AZ Auditors. Don’t give an ounce of your power away by even acknowledging their pathetic, arrogant threats. Be the heroes of the day!! We’re praying for you!!!

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    1. I was just telling someone…reports range all over the place, the highest one I found was 70 million a year. I put out a lower one….the lowest one I found was 20 million…so I shot low knowing I would get people saying even the lowest number was a lark. People just have no idea how much this is taking place in the usa let alone world wide… thanks.


  3. iaincats says:

    The hatred meted out to trump by the media has been completely irrational. And demonic. So one does have to consider why? It was noted Epstein and others were exposed under his watch. Is that the real reason for the hatred?

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    1. He has exposed their entire world network and they are taking it down, one container at a time. They have chopped up the trafficking ring a lot during the last four years – other nations have been in league with ending it. India and Saudi Arabia I know for sure have been helping. Putin has been against these smugglers ever since he took office he has been busting as many as he can. There are many nations helping.

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      1. Cookie Bruno says:

        Just a few reasons why Putin is hated. He believes in a sovereign Russia, he’s against human trafficking and pedophilia, and he’s religious. Thats enough to be hated by the Soros’s and Obama’s of the Elite’s…

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  4. bluecat57 says:

    Not to downplay the severity, but I’d seriously question the numbers.

    I did a little research into “how many ‘missing’ children are reported missing/recovered in America”?

    You would expect the “numbers” to be “accurate” in America, but they aren’t. They, like virtually all statistics, are IMO ‘farts out the @$$” of whoever is reporting them.

    Have you noticed that Amber Alerts are no longer a daily thing? That’s because in the case of most missing children they know within a very short time who took the child. And they are recovered rather quickly. Sure, not “trafficking”, but makes you wonder if they are really SOLVING the trafficking problem or just making us FEEL something about it.

    And why does it take MONTHS for the news to ask us for help with missing older children? By the time they ask us “Have you seen this person 3 months ago?”, I can barely remember if I was even in my own home 3 months ago. I would accept that many of these are being trafficked if still alive.

    And have you ever heard DAILY reports of the “missing” being found? I forget the percentage, but I’m sure it was upwards of 80%, if not 90%, of the “missing” are found within a fairly short time. Why doesn’t their finding make headlines? Because there is no such thing as “good news”.

    Perspective isn’t news. And these numbers have to be SCARY big to get our attention. But I really doubt that the numbers are even close to being accurate.

    Trafficking is a problem. Maybe a better way to keep the public informed would be for media outlets to report the SUCCESSES that are occurring on a regular basis. The US Marshals and FBI issue press releases, so it shouldn’t be too hard for media outlets (like yours) to report on the successes. I really wouldn’t believe many of the “independent” “journalist” reports or MSM outlets, or even most of the government agencies on the border. Certainly not any NGO. All those reports about stuff along the border are “sensational exceptions” to what is actually going on there.

    And don’t get me started on Congressional “fact-finding” trips. Stay in DC and mutually ….bate there.

    Hmm. Maybe I can find the name of that organization started by former special forces members that assist local law enforcement with their efforts. It sounded like they were actually DOING good.

    I’d even wonder about local reports. I saw part of a presentation on local trafficking and it looked like current laws offered no way to stop it. Weird.


    1. Those are world wide numbers. I saw many articles…some with the stats as high as 70 million. Some low in as 20 million…I stayed low in the claim. It is a serious issue… South Carolina, Florida, Arizona and Texas have big numbers. This article states: “It is however not known how many of the world’s estimated 70 million human trafficking victims, and 1.2 million children, are also migrants. Child and adolescent migrants are highly vulnerable to trafficking. While an estimated 31 million children are migrants globally, legal routes of migration are typically closed to children. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable when travelling alone or having been separated from their families.” One only needs to google and find the numbers. It is huge and a 150 billion dollar business. These kids coming in caravans are part of human smuggling. The dems like to call them immigrants. Just where do all the millions of kids go each year? Numbers of missing are accumulative…so over the last ten years how many? Look at India…millions get taken and they are fighting hard to end it but no one talks of it at all. It’s all made up. Phooey! It’s real.

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      1. bluecat57 says:

        I’m just cautioning on the numbers with as widespread as it is, it is amazingly invisible. Why?
        You would think that at least once in my 50 plus years I would have seen something. Or that one of my hundreds of acquaintances would gave related seeing it.


      2. I remember 50 years ago they put missing children on milk cartons. There certainly wasn’t a shortage of small children on the pictures then. I can’t imagine how bad it is now.

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    2. You can’t get correct numbers when the ones who exploit children are infiltrated in all government agencies and government agencies are part of the trafficking. CPS is big time guilty of trafficking using foster care programs to do it! Kids across the border are nothing more than fresh cargo for trafficking.

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      1. bluecat57 says:

        So, why does nobody SOLVE the problem?
        Dang, now I have to go find fake numbers to compare. It seemed like Trump gave the go-ahead to crackdown and the whole Epstein level stuff.
        I don’t have answer. I’m just tired of nothing ever being solved.


      2. Amal says:


        If nothing was being solved ie done; you can best bet you would not see the insane rioting, fires, DEW (direct energy weapons), amongst many other crimes the DS has unleashed.

        The above are classic examples of the Deep State meltdowns ie temper tantrums.

        Just because you don’t see or read about the progress President Trump is doing, does not mean things aren’t happening.

        Things are blowing up all over the world; literally and figuratively.


        PRAISE GOD!

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      3. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Years ago, Health Impact used to monitor how many children were being taken. I remember sending those reports to a friend – weekly – who didn’t believe it. I bet those articles are scrubbed now….like a lot of my files from early 2009 – 2016. She finally asked me to stop sending. There is also a bunch of information I have about when a baby is born with a ‘brittle bone’ rarity and how the hospital would accuse the parents of abuse. My loved one did not believe that at all and blamed the parents. It was a tough time and now we don’t discuss those things. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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      4. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Okay I found a few articles but sorry, they have scrubbed them. All I have is headlines and dates so here goes:

        America #1 in Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia – CPS and Foster Care are the Pipelines
        August 5, 2018 5:45 pm

        Children Taken by Arizona CPS for 2.5 Years Return Home with Horrible Accounts of Abuse in Foster Care
        June 29, 2018 1:34 pm

        Since the website was started in 2014 as part of the Health Impact News network, we have had more parents from Arizona contact us regarding medical kidnappings than any other state in the U.S. Arizona has the highest percentage of children taken away from their families and put into foster care of any other U.S. state.

        Arizona Child Traffick Racketeering via CPS and Doctors on Trial Before U.S. Supreme Court

        2015-12-11 17:13:27-05

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    3. saraymon says:

      Also I heard months ago that Gislaine maxwells sister was so called running the amberAlerts. And may be why we don’t have them anymore?


      1. Cookie Bruno says:

        Don’t be fooled by Mark Meadows, he was one of the first that wanted President Trump to concede. We better start recognizing the enemies masquerading as Republicans.

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  5. southern1952 says:

    ya’ll, i love the Lord, and to question Him sounds sinful…I know the world is the devils playground, but i so wish that God wouls just rapture those poor little children right out from under the evil traffickers, who would they tell? my heart bleeds for those innocent children, the pure hell they go threw…i will say it, why does God allow it? i know i’m wrong for even saying it, i’m sorry, but the ones that can stop it needs to speed it up. if any of the children were to make it out alive, their life is in ruins. please forgive me Lord…

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    1. debjbalk says:

      God feels your pain, Southern. He loves you so much.. He loves every child, and those suffering little ones. He doesn’t mind when we ask tough questions, like you are… He’s our Abba Father. About the children and wondering why He allows it… Well, He loves us so much that He gave us free will… In our free will, there are those who are choosing to sin against children. Yes, He could stop it. But, that would mean He forces His will on ours… And, He wants us to choose obedience, to choose to love Him, and not be forced to obey or forced to love Him. Some way, some how, in God’s infinite wisdom, He will provide a way for these babies… that’s what I’m praying for & believing… And, I stand with you in faith. I understand how much it hurts you…me too. God bless you, Southern, for your heart of compassion for the children.

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      1. southern1952 says:

        thank you deb, my thoughts on the children is they haven’t a clue what is probably in store for them, i believe the devilcrats only want the adults, and they don’t care about the children, so they will probably get sold into God only knows what kind of hell. i know God gave us free will, and i thank him, those kids i’m sure know nothing about God and faith. i just say Dear God in Heaven, please help those little children. i know the ones in charge will answer to God for what they have done to them already…i’m just going to keep praying for them..Bless their little hearts..please

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      2. debjbalk says:

        I’ll never understand the hate in a person’s heart that could treat a child as disposable. It’s beyond disgusting. I’ll be joining you in pleading God’s rescue for these precious ones, Southern. Please God, help them quickly. (:+(

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  6. Charliepc says:

    I’m quite Awake now…feel angry … really angry that these children have been stood on and crushed when needing a hand up by the most powerful and privileged of people that ever lived.

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  7. saraymon says:

    Let’s not loose the OUTRAGE of what’s happening to these children! I plead with God every day to take them home to Him. Lord Jesus Come Quickly


  8. ellemy says:

    Then there’s this genocide of babies also and they call it “eugenics” or organ/stem cell harvesting in some circles::A nation that supports this is not far from destruction.

    I worked with a children’s orphanage in Ecuador years ago and even at that time, we had blind children whose parents had cut out their eyes to sell them on the black market for $$ so they could eat. There are also parents who sell or pimp their own children into sexual slavery and trafficking. It is more common than we know among the poor. God will avenge these little ones.

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  9. End rape, human trafficking one and for all. Wrong doing requires consequences.
    FIRST RE-CRIMINALIZE PORNOGRAPHY. It is the main precursor to sex crimes.
    SECOND: Biblically, child stealers are to be put to death. Bring back the DEATH PENALTY
    THIRD: While, and until, the DEATH PENALTY (for criminals-they murder enough innocents) is being brought back, PHYSICALLY CASTRATE all males who are involved in any way with this terrible crime against humanity. Giving up or trading one’s natural sexuality can no longer be considered cruel or unusual punishment when taxpayers are forced to pay for sex change operations on criminals, and other perverted ideas like shared bathrooms and men in women’s sports etc. Even the money makers in this trafficking should be castrated. Too much testosterone is a cause for much violence and mis-use of power. Consequences have to start somewhere. Go after power central…
    People scream DIS ARM people of their guns; then LIKEWISE let’s finally hear the scream: DIS ARM THE RAPISTS !!
    In China, men used to choose to become eunuchs in order to become statesmen.
    Are you listening, Clinton and Cuomo; Spitzer and Weiner et al ad nauseum…
    Properly disarmed rapists could be out of jail and working to support their families. Those who have chosen it, have said, “ it took the ‘monkey off their back’.” It is a fact that animals are docilized with neutering. Testosterone affects the brain. Dr. Pol, the re-known veterinarian has said many times, take their balls, give them back their brain. When men act worse than animals, treat them like the animals they are. If mercy is granted to the unrepentant (shown by actions not mere words) then they learn nothing and go on with their crimes. Consequences must begin somewhere – if right now you don’t want to believe in God ordained capital punishment then end rape and sex trafficking- take their balls.

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      I agree mlaclair…when I used to bartend, I had to avoid saying certain everyday words like: “Can you help me open this jar ….it’s too hard” and I should have said: “I can’t untwist this lid, please help”….I always had to think about what I was saying….and thanks to ‘the office’ tv show, I got/get so tired of ‘and that’s what she said’……A wise old psychic once told me that in order for my husband to get an elk, he has to think like an elk. Sometimes I try to ‘think’ like a man and it’s a very dark place…not all men of course, but from their perspective, I can see how they revolve around a sexual world. I live in a small town and just recently a female got a ‘boob job’….really….in the year 2021 women are still doing that? She ain’t helpin’ the cause!

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    1. debjbalk says:

      The month of APRIL is designated as Child Prevention & Awareness month. The color purple is set aside for ribbons and little children’s toy hand-held windmills are often displayed in communities to signal the number of abused children in that county. If you’ve ever seen the display, it’ll stop you in your tracks. #SaveTheChildren

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  10. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    This Topic Has Really Not Gotten Much Attention At All In Media Circles! I Wonder Why? There Are Way Too Many Elites Involved In It That Is Probably Why! Hollywood, Political Leaders, Wealthy Executives, Big Business Owners, Etc.! The Truth Needs To Be Brought Out NOW! This MUST BE STOPPED!!


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