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There is a crossroads and as we come near….we see we can choose to go to the left or the right.  Choose wisely for the Lord will stand with those that choose to follow him and fight with them as he did in the days of the kings.  All others will bite the bullet.

Which side are you gambling on?  I have no gamble at all…only truth and that side is with Donald John Trump!




  1. Ideas Time says:

    I am sure you all have noticed the PsyOp polls showing HC way ahead of Trump. I don’t know anyone supporting HC. We are being scammed by the MSM. Need our own polls and a way to check the real vote or they will steal it.

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    1. I think this is why some are holding back with donations for Trump. We don’t want a cent going to those criminals. I think that once they are truly defeaTED, and removed from the party, money will pour in for Trump. Trump and Trump alone! We don’t trust those dirty bastards!

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  2. I am most definitely in Trump’s corner and will be voting for him, without hesitation, without remorse, without regret, without repentance, and without apology. I won’t be holding my nose when I vote for him, either. This election, I won’t even have to choose between the so-called “lesser of two evils” Do you know just how refreshing that is? Do you? It’s the first time ever that I won’t be voting for someone that’s a lesser degree of evil, which is still evil. I’m still having a difficult time believing it. I won’t be looking this “gift horse” in the mouth.


  3. T says:

    9 out 10 on this blog pro trump. So is the case on nearly every blog on trump. Yet the media and political juggernauts can’t read, hear or see….Americans are in a very foul mood, the elite political class should be really looking over their shoulder.


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