Trump is exposing all he can expose the rest is up to “We The People”.  The establishment is angry at the American people for waking up. The United Nations is being exposed for their real goals and ambitions which are global and far from nation building!

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One of the projects that have been hidden from us in plain sight is the Wildland’s Project for sustainable development agenda 21.  Hillary  and Bill’s Foundation have been on board and wielding it in lock step!  Not only the Wildland’s but the entire agenda of one world everything.  Please read the following from a PDF of the United Nations General Assembly UN Enviornmental Programme (UNEP)  and their sinister plans.

In December 1972, UN Resolution 2997, which created the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), was adopted by the UN General Assembly. It is the catalyst for the whole movement to reorganize society under the guise of “saving the environment.” This group has remapped the whole world into bioregions, and is responsible for virtually all of the environmental policy changes that have occurred globally in the last two decades.

AGENDA  042214agenda21

Their five-step action plan [“The Reorganization of Society, ” eco-logic Magazine (Publ. By Environmental Conservation Organization, Hollow Rock, TN), September/October 1995, p. 4] as presented in UNEP documents is to:
1. Redraw land maps to differentiate biological characteristics rather than political jurisdiction.
2. Regroup human populations into self-sustaining settlements that minimize impact on biodiversity.
3. Educate humans in the “gaia ethic,” which holds that Gaia is the creator of all life and all life is a part of the creator. (New World Order Religion).
4. Create a new system of governance based on local decision-making within the framework of international agreements.
5. Reduce the use of natural resources by (a) reducing population; (b) reducing consumption; and (c) shifting to “appropriate” technology.

What simpler, more effective method could there be for ultimate, absolute control of human populations than the methods that are being advanced under the banner of “environmental and biodiversity protection”? Read the list above once more. Notice who will be in control. Note that humans will be “regrouped” (relocated) in accordance with a master plan. Human populations must be “self-sustaining,” which virtually guarantees a vastly diminished standard of living, especially for western civilizations. In conjunction with that, note the emphasis on “shifting to appropriate (i.e., radically downgraded) technology.”

Notice the emphasis on the “gaia ethic” (nature worship) as the supreme “ethic” (i.e., world religion). Notice the reallocation of the powers of governance: “local decision making within the framework of international agreements.” This would effectively bypass Congress and chop the behemoth of public opposition into small, manageable pieces. Note the emphasison reduced population. Readers familiar with the radical agenda of the Cairo Conference on Population last year will remember the forcible thrust of the abortion rights agenda as a “population control” measure.

The program underway to undermine the concept of private property rights, especially in the western portion of the U.S., is ample evidence that the socialist planners behind this global agenda are implementing their program now. If unopposed, their efforts will, in time, establish by precedent the authority of prevailing governments to control the whole spectrum of human activity: reproductive rights, property rights, lifestyle, consumption, and even the level of technology permitted. It is a ghastly picture, but the evidence is mounting steadily to support the reality of what lies ahead if the global planners have their way. The primary reason that such dramatic progress toward UNEP objectives has been made in recent years is the fact that very few people have recognized that the common denominator in the whole movement is an arm of the United Nations!  Read more here:

agenda 1383508_658915530815107_36665058_n

Trump is the only hope of thwarting this evil that is being shoved down our throats, and has been in motion for decades!




  1. Kenneth Wilkinson says:

    If you value your autonomy and freedom then we need to get rid of the UN! Otherwise you will be just a serf in serfdom to the rich and powerful . International corporations included.


  2. RichardS1963 says:

    There is only one reason that we are not already there. The fact that America exists and the wisdom of its founders. They assured that our natural right to life and the ability to defend our lives would be among our birthrights. They cannot overcome 60 – 70 million armed Americans who would resist with a fury that this world has never seen.


  3. I can’t imagine why we would entertain the thought of leaving an organization that so many do not trust. It would seem to me that this would be the exact time to insist that we remain a part of that organization/institution so that we could continue to assert our influence on the agenda. Were we a part of the development of the current agenda? It is my impression that our nation has consistently had considerable power and influence on both the UN agenda and UN actions. In addition, I believe that efforts to create suspicion and paranoia of the Gaia philosophy are unfounded. I suggest that you find other sources of information about Gaia.


    1. Ena Maas-vanderPluijm says:

      Never felt any sympathy for the u.n., never! What is it other then a police institution and the soldiers they deliver to the front, didn’t behave like like a army should : keep yr hands to herself etc Since Dag Hammerskjeld was killed in plane accident I always wondered why.


  4. spaman says:

    Daniel – The UN has lost it’s way, for a number of reasons, and now causes more misery than it allegedly helps, from abuse of women and children to treaties giving priority to immigrants over the local population – but let’s also not forget their greatest crime against humanity, manipulation and perversion of facts relating to alleged climate change.
    If that were not enough to want to leave the UN then perhaps the unhealthy notion that the UN is run primarily against an Arab agenda will convince.
    While the UK may have some influence in the UN, using the argument that you have to be in it to change it has been proved to be a totally false idea, given Britain’s membership of the EU, and our failure to improve on the dogma that runs the EU.


  5. Angela Ward says:

    21 is already here what are you talking about! My grandson was kidnapped my mother has a owner and we don’t know who he is. My family was Not taken by CPS or DHS but they have their own issues. Title 4 founding off tax payers back to traffic children all around USA .. holding grown adults against their will to collect money from government founding.. while at the same Time destroying the family unit to keep us fight between each other behind lies.. while oir children are the ones paying the price. People are being used as test . I wish people would wake up.. it will get worse before it get better. Before I woke up I called the UN bc somebody said they could help bring my family home. Then I woke up fully to what’s going on after our phonecall. Lady tells me the people of the state are taking out children for sex and nothing we can do about it.. we have to make the news and our voices heard.. it’s pass time to protect the children for a better tomorrow..what comes will come bit know light always overcomes the dark

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  6. Bruce Benefiel says:

    This is exactly the kind of thinking that keeps us from progressing. Do you know how hard it is to get countries to work together? Why so much fear and nationalism still? Jesus surely never taught this kind of behavior. We’re moving forward as a planetary civilization and at some point we all need to recognize how important that really is, not spew the fear-based bullshit about who is trying to control us or the idea of a one world religion (wicca is the term for Gaia-worship, btw). We certainly don’t get our sustenance from anywhere else. The dumbing down of America sure has worked, though. Thoughtful caring folks don’t waste their time getting caught up by such nonsense. I’ve venture to say that with all the concerns and fears, there’s not one suggestion as to how to learn how to get along and share a planet, its resources and find a sustainable path to our future. If you’re going to point fingers, have some solutions to back it up, otherwise you just create noise and further distract us all.

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    1. spaman says:

      Look at what the UN is and how corrupt it is – how it fails to address the real problems while imposing itself upon us – A world run by the UN is one where innovation and progress would stop because they want to send us back to the dark ages… They are not interested in world peace, but they do want to stop us growing as a species.

      There is nothing wrong with nation states, but there is everything wrong with oppressive dictatorships that deny democracy and impose their own image of the future upon us.

      It is not inevitable that nation states cannot live together in peace – they can, but the major failing point is socialist dogma.

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  7. Guy says:

    Mob rules, democracy/Socialism/Communism. If the masses are ignorant. then the result of mass agreements is stupid. People make decisions on emotions and fear. And because the masses are pretty much unstudied and no sense of the laws and physics and history they inevitably make stupid choices that do not coincide with the test of time or logic or truth. There is no reasoning in agreeing to take sides with stupid mass hysterical and emotionally driven voting in unison simply because the “masses” agree.

    How many of you have actually expressed your wishes to the Government? And how many actually got a valid answer? See, their agenda is NOT the peoples.

    I, for one, do not agree to be re-presented by “representative government” that actually doesn’t present my wishes. I will do that my self.

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  9. The UN so sucks. the psycho puppet of the psycho cabal. This is two years later from the time of the article. The DS, the cabal is so coming down. God bless President Trump and the white hats in our military. Bless we the people for waking up. Love to us all.
    WWG1WGA ❤


  10. David Newhouse says:

    If we don’t make the evils illegal that have been made legal, we will experience more of the widespread of them to more people being of them. On the other hand, if we do make them illegal and enforce arrest and punishment upon those of them, the evils will decrease depending on the severity of punishment and enforcing it. Pin point what’s not of God and make it illegal as quickly as you can and look to 2 PETER chapter 2 for the severity of some.


  11. says:

    Your President is the only person that can help the only person that has ever been elected as United States President that can’t be bought or bullied he is his own man .


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