Trump is surging and Americans are coming to hear him speak in droves!  Yesterday in Woodlands Texas, Trump packed in the crowds with record numbers!  All the while the propaganda news wrote sad reviews on how Trump was slipping in the polls.  The only polls Trump is not surging ahead in are the liar polls the establishment propaganda are putting together.

Trump is the man America and the world is cheering for!  VOTE TRUMP TO KEEP AMERICA STRONG AND MAKE HER GREAT AGAIN!

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  1. Lois Blackman says:

    I believe this man can make our country something to be proud of again! Some people dont like his boldness or his being outspoken and not politically correct but I believe him when he says he cant be bought and congress are all worried about their jobs and keeping things they took from people and changing land marks and shit and we wont have as many murders here in the US either because we need to clean up America and stand up for yourselves!!!! Trump 2016




    1. Molly Pitcher says:

      It’s not that they think we’re stupid, although that is part of their contempt for us so you’re right on that. What appears to be the true driving force is selfishness, arrogance, greed at a lust for power

      It’s all about tremendous fear that they will lose their perks and power and prestige and in order to be able to do so, to remain in power, to remain in control over our lives and manipulate every aspect of our lives the other infinite Lee expanding rules and regulations, they justify that only they know what’s best for us.
      The ruling class in Washington, both parties have nothing but contempt for the American people and their every action is based around their desire to stay in power and like both the fraud in the White House and the witch who should be in prison they have no conscience, thus they can lie, cheat, manipulate and steal our freedoms and they justify it all based on their blind arrogance that only they know what is best and like the “pigs”, who took over the farmers house in the book “animal farm”, when questioned by the rest of the farm animals as to why you have moved into the farmers house when you’re just one of us”, they replied “of course all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”.
      Today we find that, all those who live, work and rule out of Washington, all are part of the “District of Corruption”


  2. Denise Baker says:

    Just wanted all to know , Trump has more support than our news people are saying,,,,, He will be our next President…..and I cant wait… cant come to soon……


  3. emet gilah says:

    It sure is wonderful to know a courageous man like Donald J. Trump speaking for us Americans. When President Reagan left office, I longed so much for a President like him. Now we have a good man in Trump whose vision is just like every concerned American, “Make America Great Again.” Come November, my fellow Americans let’s put Donald J. Trump in the W.H.


  4. Wayne says:

    I’m a die hard #Trump supporter as is my wife..I’m hoping that he will soon start going in-depth about the policies he is about. If for no other reason but to shut people up who say he doesn’t know his on policies is why he doesn’t talk about them. I believe that it would help him big time…most people aren’t going to his website to see what’s there, they want him to tell them…


  5. Cicero Zometa says:

    The Obama Administration has funded and assisted in flooding the US with the most radical, violent, religious and ethnic extremists that our Nation has ever faced. He has appointed members of this radical group to Head the most sensitive positions in Government, including Homeland Security. While these groups kill Americans in the US and abroad, Obama attacks the rights of Americans to defend themselves. Our children are being indoctrinated by extremists to hate the US, embrace Islam, and reject Christianity. Enough is enough, it’s time to make America Great Again. Vote for Trump!


  6. I’m less concerned about the GOP dividers than the #Liberal commies with #Soros-Obama’s paid violent inciters #imported illegals, #BLM groups anti-American groups and others of the type #StopElectionFraud #StealElection #StopViolentProtest


  7. This is much more than a revolution. It’s also a huge rebellion against the establishment status quo that seeks the continued destruction of America. We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more. When I saw that several groups of the LGBT people suddenly flip from Hillary to Trump, I was suspicious at first, thinking that it was too good to be true, but it really is true. Those folks are seeing for themselves first hand that Trump really does have their best interest at heart, and they’re now beginning to come around and have pledged to support and vote for Trump. I was surprised, and many have told me that I shouldn’t be. Common sense eventually gets through to people. People are seeing that it’s not the supporters of Trump that are violent. It’s the opposition’s supporters, many of whom are paid to go to his rallies and try to incite violence and riots, some even committing acts of violence against Trump supporters. People want America to be great again, and it’s not just in America. Austria, Australia, England, Switzerland, Even people from Mexico that live there want to see Trump win. But our biggest international supporters are in Canada. They have already seen for themselves what Arab terrorists have done to our countrymen, and they sympathize, emphasize with us in their support of Trump as well. Their only regret is that they can’t vote for him, like we can. Justin Trudeau is not at all like his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Pierre Elliot Trudeau truly loved all native Canadians, and we Americans, too. He honored us, helped us on those rare occasions when we needed it, and spoke well of America, and Americans. Not so with Justin.


  8. He may be a little rough around the edges but I don’t care. His heart is in the right place. And his kids are great! Every other candidate just couldn’t cut the mustard. No staying power. Trump will win. And win big. Yay!

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  9. If they do threaten Trump’s life the American People will come against the government in such violence that they will wish that they had never stuck their nose in it. Americans have had all they can take and there is a revolt coming such has never been known. I know there is a revolution in the making and no matter how many police they have it won’t stop it. Americans won’t put up with it, we have had it. Each day there are added more to Trumps millions. The establishment, better be smart if they know whats good for them. You know the saying don’t pull on the tigers tail. I know they have prison camps, but those camps might be for them. That is what I mean by not pulling the tigers tail.

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  10. LInamia says:

    When are the Christians going to stand up and support Trump? Can’t you see that the Obama administration is trying to social engineer our country into a three headed Judaism/Christian/Muslim monster. It won’t work but the secular knuckle heads think it will because they have stopped believing in god and most of the 2k’rs have also become Luke warm in their religious belief’s. In this time of social media, change changes fast. We were founded on Christian values not Sharia laws. Yes there bumps along the way but we found our way and changed accordingly. Islam doesn’t change it’s built in the doctrine. Keep the Muslims out and keep our country on a Christian like path to god. Christians stand up and support trump or you will have to fight when you are out numbered by terrorists.

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  11. I hear so much on the news about the Republicans wanting to change Trump to do this or that or he can’t possibly win,
    They want to put someone else in.. To be Frank with them Shut up , if we had wanted someone of the same same we would have voted for them.

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  12. raidermac says:

    Those on the left have overplayed their hand. People are sick and tired of the “Big Lie”. The left-wing liberal press can’t keep the lie going. Donald Trump is going to beat that broom jockey like the proverbial rented mule. The revolution has begun! The left had a chance to lead and they dropped the ball, now, follow or get the hell out of the way!

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  13. Annabella Richardson says:

    Diane, Can you please starts a Petition I can share with my 30 plus membership groups on FB to rally them and fight the RINO in this Dump Trump campaign.
    Thanks You.

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  14. terry bement says:

    The polls lately show Trump going down, but don’t believe the polls, many people who will vote for trump do not want to tell anyone they are going to vote for Trump for fear of violence and verbal abuse. Look at the rioters did in California, beat up, spit on, clothes ripped off, hats burned, nose broken on one man. We Trump voters are not looking for violence, but when pushed, me MIGHT fight back, then the police would probably arrest the Trump supporter.

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  15. xerxes Aryan sarfaraz says:

    Washington D.C , Establishments and New World Order ,are Conceived by Nazis , Created by Fascists , Run by Marxists , Disguised as Democrats …….
    He is a Great American , that’s why this Real Iranian voting for Trump Revolution and standing by him all the way ..

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