Where is Hillary taking us and for who?  Well it sure isn’t where Trump is leading us.  Trump is for America and making her strong, safe, and great again! Take a bit of time to understand what we the people are fighting against.  How far deep we are sucked into it and what to expect UNLESS we stop the evil plans.

It is not make believe, nor is it a conspiracy.  It is a plan that has been laid out in the United Nations and pushed by the great merchants of the earth.  It has been prophesied and it is in full force.

This is not tin foil hat stupid stuff, this is your government establishment at work with your tax dollars, your food, your job, your very life.  To them you are a useless eater and disposable.  Think you will like this new way of existence?  Think again.

Watch all ten videos here:

Trump is the hope of America and the entire world citizen.  He is the key enemy of the great merchants of the earth who seek to implement their agenda 21 on the entire world.

donald-trump-50 copy

Trump is our only hope!




  1. Billy DuBose says:

    Important Note to those voting in November! Prejudice is projected by the media, on to anyone opposing Islam! The media is crucifying Trump and all of us Patriots! What a lie , the media insists on projecting on others, when it is Islam that has declared an intolerance for anyone not Muslim, and has sworn to kill all non’Muslims, and then Islam will reign supreme……………………………………………………………..and
    no matter what kind of American you are or I am, the most important thing about America is it’s, special provision of freedom , equality, and the ability to pursue your own idea of happiness. America is the light of freedom of the world. Now if you have learned anything about Islam, whether radicalized or not, the last thing Islam offers anyone, is freedom to pursue your own idea of happiness, or equality. Islam persecutes women, children, all non-Muslims, transgender, and homosexuals. Their own perverted faith is the only acceptable law! It is a faith of non-inclusiveness, no tolerance for individuality, and teaches hate and the superiority of the Muslim men. Forget for a moment about the radical sects……the faith itself, is everything America is not. Who in the world ever thought this faith could co-exist with another culture, without violence insuing, is a traitorous nut job! Radicalized simply means the elders have activated a certain percentage of their people to actively carry out the teachings of the whole of the Koran. There is no ,so called , radicalization! The truth is that what we are calling radicalized, is really merely activated military youth, and like our military officers, all Muslims can be called into service at any time. If you are Muslim, and are asked to perform a religious act of aggression, and refuse to do so, you will reap the wrath of the Muslim clergy. Obama has deliberately allowed the terrorists and Muslims to infiltrate America, just as the UNITED NATIONS has allowed the rest of the world to be infiltrated. What is happening now , is nothing less than a caliphate for the Islam world, but , for the non-Muslim world……well, plain and simple……we have been sold out by our globalist politicians, who have chosen feathering their own nest over protecting the citizenry they swore to protect. For many years the politically controlled Media, and our politicians have created a diversion while they stuffed their pockets….and this refugee mess ,along with political correctness, has been created as a diversion. Political correctness has been fed to the world, to keep the average citizen in line and not cause waves.7 Hillary is just more of Obama’s, pro-global policies, and she will increase American Islam presence by 500%. America will never recover, and what will gradually surface and rule is Sharia Law. It will be inevitable, without a Civil War……and the Liberals are doing everything they can to disarm Americans, so that retaliation is impossible. Trump may not be perfect, but he loves America and wants to help the American people regain control of our country……he is or last and only hope! Trump is the only one candidate that can and will preserve our American Freedom! This election decision is the most important one you will ever make, because as long as there is freedom, anything is possible in the future! Without Freedom , we all have lost and are doomed, by the rules of Islam!


  2. Shela says:

    Dianne, I don’t know how I found this e-site. I was reading my mail and I touched something and I looked down because I had looked away. So I looked down and there it was. I am praying it a fraud site. Some I search say fraud some say not fraud. I am totally confused. Would you have a look and reply to me? Site is
    Or maybe WellAware1


  3. Shela says:

    Does anyone know howTrump stands on agenda 21 when all the Trump stuff started I didn’t miss a thing. When everyone boycotted Megyn Kelly I did & still don’t watch her not interested in her opinion. I’m interested in Real News there’s none even alternative news is fake & bashing the candidates. I wish News talking heads would report what they went out and investigators found. Now there opinion of what they got over some AP wire that every News outlet got and put their on spin on it. I still try to weed threw the lies but had to get back to life also. So I don’t know how Trump feels about everything 💙🇺🇸❤️


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