Censorship Will Not Win Over!

If we are to not disagree with the lies and stand by the truth are we to be banned from a social media?  Shamed? Censored?  Killed?  Locked up?  What the heck is wrong with the evil, soulless, hollow shelled whips that are lashing out at the people?  I ask you are these any you choose to follow?  Any you choose to applaud?  Any that you agree with?

My answer is strong and loud.  It is NO – IT IS NOT!

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It is time to stand up and look, see, listen and hear!  Lies are lies and only an idiot would not be able to tell the difference this day.  There is only one leader who hears, sees and shouts to all who are tired of the lies to come forth and stand with him.  That one is Donald John Trump.  I have stepped forth and I am standing….are you?




10 thoughts on “Censorship Will Not Win Over!

  1. Cindi says:

    I’m convinced the liberals and liberal media are becoming desperate Dianne! They see what’s on the horizon and there scared to death!! About time!!


  2. I agree, Dianne, they are terrified and should be. There is too much to be learned that should have been removed so long ago, but it hasn’t. America has to stand and deal with it now and what we have literally sickens me. Only Donald Trump has the will to actually help Americans pull out of the pain.


  3. Ideas Time says:

    Going to Trump rally today at 4:00 pm in Phoenix. The venue holds about 15 thousand they say. Looking forward to seeing how many people show up.

    Temps like 115 so it should be tough for the bused in paid protesters and the bikers for Trump will be there too to offer protection to the Trump supporters who can not defend themselves from paid thugs.


  4. Shela says:

    I can not believe what is going on! The ones in office now are insane (except Jeff Sessions) they act as though they own the jobs and those running must meet their approval. I don’t understand the American people letting them do this with no authority. Where are the women’s rights groups. I can’t believe there not standing up against Muslims coming here. Women are slaves to Muslims. What the devil does Paul Ryan think he’s doing. He 1/2 endorsed Trump. Crazy, when he thinks it benefits him he talks against him. Donald Trump is right he needs to shut up. What makes Paul Ryan the traitor think anybody cares what he thinks and says.
    I thought until this week that Obama was a puppet. Don’t think that now. He brags about how good he is killing people with drones, he has fired around 200 top Military officials, Bush fired 2. Now that we can see clearly look at how he’s destroying our Military. He’s trying to put fear In our hearts with all these False Flags. The Media is run by the Govt’ lies, lies, and more lies. Media tells us what the Govt’ wants us to know. They spin it the way Govt’ wants it to be.
    Look at the American people. We were voting Romney, McCain, Bush, Chaney, Clinton we got to quit voting in sycophants. We got to make changes. What was/is Newt doing? I pray he was not a globalist Trying to slip in. Haven’t heard much from him since he criticized Trump on TV. I’m voting for Donald J. Trump. I think we got to get a backbone b/c I don’t think the powers that be are going to let us elect our on president. Look at Obama he is no puppet. He fooled us a long time. Paul Ryan is he a puppet? Or has the Prophet of Revelation came on the world scene?
    Just a thought….
    When Donald Trump wins are those in power now going to quietly step down?


  5. Excuse me but now Oprah Winfrey is siding with That Traitor Hilary Clinton that took Hundred’s of Million$ of Dollar$ from Radical Islam Countries and Opened her Secure emails to every Muslim Country in the Middle East.. Our wide open Southern border by orders of that Black Muslim Mother Fucker in Our White House ordered Border Patrol not to stop anyone including the muslim’s crossing with the spanish… That came right from the head of the CIA on TV Last Night


    1. Jean says:

      Dittos to All of the comments! These RInos make me sick! Do they think we’re too stupid to see what they’re trying to do? They would rather Hillary in office because their ” play house” is getting messed up . Go Donald Trump! Make America Great and Safe again!


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