Check Out The Facts – 9 Parking Places For 200 to 300 People?

The press is going crazy with their false reporting.  It’s time to stop their insanity before it affects our own.

Let’s look at the size of the Pulse Club and see that they only have 9 parking places and are supposed to have 300 people bulging inside with room to dance, breathe and move.

orlando pulse copy

Then let’s look at the size of the building and ask ourselves how many were really at the Pulse inside?

orlan dopulse copy

Now let’s look at the other reporting…like the film footage of wounded outside the MRI building, next to the Dunkin Donuts which is across the street from the Pulse.

orlando purse copy


orlandopu lse copy

And let’s not forget all the eye witnesses and the doctors who are world famous that no one knows? Or the eye witness story of his slosh through the patio. Getting into his car and going into the 7 eleven next door and his life and death experience?

Does anyone else’s head hurt yet?

So let’s keep listening to the propaganda until what?  Who do they believe they are fooling?  Or should we just play along and keep exposing them all?  Sadly a lot of people really believe all the lies being told by crisis actor liars and gun control fanatics.

My new question is this…who were the police shooting at?  Was there a gunman or was it the people who were really in the club?  Not the crisis actors.  The real people!

Dianne Marshall

It pays to know what has been done.

Click to access obamas-martial-law-executive-order.pdf

46 thoughts on “Check Out The Facts – 9 Parking Places For 200 to 300 People?

      1. john holmes says:

        it is the one here just go to todays google earth and look for your self 2000 s orange ave orlando fl
        28°31’09.87″ N 81°22’35.92″ W


    1. I google earthed it and it was a good four blocks. Where were the ambulances? They should have been there real fast. Also…did you see the film footage from RT where the carried wounded with red shoes got dropped down as soon as they thought the footage was done and they laughed and all stretched. Even the wounded in the red shoes? Hello? They were at about almost to Dunkin Donuts???????

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  1. wackyfiasco says:

    Yes, because the City of Orlando is willing to mobilize a vanguard of police and SWAT, just to wag the dog. Nothing else more important was going on, so why not… Are you for real?

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  2. Ideas Time says:

    If you know the square footage of the building and the public area for customers you can calculate the room capacity as permitted by the fire marshal. The plans should be available at the city building department.

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    1. It used to be a pizza joint called “Lorenzo’s” before it was the Pulse Club. This entire fiasco is a gun grab and divide and conquer tactic that is totally backfiring on all who have implemented it. Our CIA and infiltrated government have every right to do such things as it was documented legal to do under the Reagan Administration in REX 84. The government can implement manufactured events in live theater and even declare martial law during a real or MANUFACURED event. This is manufactured. It is deadly serious thing we are looking at. As we are controlled by mad men and women.


  3. The true American Party is rising….all has been smoke and mirrors for decades! The biggest terror lies inside the White House dictated by old men and women with evil plans to build their little order of the world. It is falling and falling fast right in front of their evil eyes.


  4. Terry Silliman says:

    ****Posted from a Facebook user on the CNN page. I’d put the name but it was in Arabic and I could not type it on here as my keys cannot make these squiggly lines****

    OK now I am sure this was a staged event . Please watch this video . Along with all the other facts..

    1) No ambulances , no first aid responders ,Only cops.
    2) casting call for Crisis actors on Craigs list the day before .
    3) The lack of any camera phone evidence ,I mean really , they are in a gay club you know someone is shooting video. All evidence is Twitter and Facebook accounts .Also the Injured passing by the camera is staged ,when was the last time anyone carried injured people back to the Shooting site?
    4) On the FOX news live shot we see the man with a leg injury wearing red shoes being carried , there Just happens to be a camera in the right position behind the fence between two buildings.
    Also the same live footage from FOX shows the man in Red shoes that was being carried with the shot to the leg being let down to walk and he even pushes the man who was carrying him as he does a little dance . (They thought they were out of the camera shot.
    5) why were they not able to identify the bodies in the bar well after the shooter was “Supposedly” killed ? Also every interview sounds so scripted , don’t you think if you went thru that situation you would be more able to Describe the details without pausing and looking away from the camera?
    6) Where was the Coroner , not one time do we see a coroner being interviewed and giving names like they usually do in situations like this. Not in any and I mean any footage do we see a coroner in any picture or footage . Nor do we see stretchers with any bodies being carried out . And before you say “Well they just thought it would be to shocking ” let me remind you of this , a black teen being shot 16 times played all over the media for an entire news cycle (week).
    7) The father of the “Killer” has made several trips to the State department, the “Killer” worked for a security firm that Obama told to hire Muslims exclusively.
    8) Why would the Bar owner Tweet and tell everyone to run out and “STAY AWAY” from the Club? Oh and that was during the shooting by the way . But yet no footage of the shooting can be pulled up except for 1 where if you read all the text on the screen looks like a long and drawn out conversation during a shooting . Really who would type all of that while ALL hell is breaking lose around you ?
    8) This is a major “Coincidence” this was on the heels of the Katie Couric ,”Under the Gun ” scandal from ABC , yes a Clinton network and Leftist agenda pusher.
    9) We have Obama ,not showing any sympathy at all about the event . He instantly turns to gun control. Does not even call the Governor of Florida Rick Scott for 3 days. Also the State Senator of Florida Democrat Athenia Joyner without a blink in a press interview does not show any remorse to the” victims ” bit get in front of the cameras and calls for Gun control. Not that she cares about those who vote for her as shown on the press conference.
    10) Final point til new info is found out , with the obvious lack of Ambulances in ever camera shot of while it was happening til the days after the “SHOOTING” how is it these patients were transported to the Hospital ? Well the same footage we seen at the Hospital we see Stretchers and people on those stretchers latched down like they should. Also why was the Lady who Cried not crying and reading cue cards ? Why was she doing an interview if she her son was shot ? Why would she not be in the hospital waiting room awaiting to either see her son in the recovery room or God forbid the Mourge? Why was the man holding the door shut ,even why he said in the interview ” I hope none of them were trying to get out ,that would haunt me forever” , it was a shooting DUH they were trying to exit ,why is he not being arrested for being an involved involved the “Deaths” ? He also in the video decribes his friend being shot at close range and the Bullet sticking out of his body by at least 3 inches , but what he don’t know is that the Full Metal Jacket and bullet ( Projectile) total together for the .300 caliber the bullet shot thru the (((SIG SAUER MCX))) is a length of 1.78 inches Yes thats the entire length of the casing and bullet like you would pull out the box.The 7.62 ( The bullet for the AK-47) is a whopping 2.2 inches long. The AR-15 Rounds length is 2.125 inches .The only round that could be 3 inches out of your body and still be be solidly stuck in your body is the .50 caliber bullet unfired ,but if fired this would totally obliterate what ever it hits at close range . NONE OF THIS ADDS UP .
    This was a Staged event by Obama where he Killed innocent people to Grab our guns..

    Either that or this was some Key stone cops television show on display.

    Oh and if I end up shot ,killed ,or just dead in general it is not of my own doing ,I love my life to much to take it .

    Watch the video.

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  5. Michael. Morrison says:

    And what about the injured it was reported that 50 dead 53 injured some gravely no one else died. No reports daily from hospital no updates on condition of people shot

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  6. wackyfiasco says:

    I live in Orlando, and I can attest that it is highly common for offsite parking to exist for many clubs, as several are converted buildings that did not have that parking demand upon construction. The building is capacious enough: Feel free to come on down after it reopens and take a tour while having a cocktail. You can experience the parking and occupancy dynamics in real time, then. Please, come visit.

    Also, when people flee, they tend to disperse in all directions (because the first blind-instinct reaction is OUT and AWAY) before getting their bearings and some then realizing they went in the opposite direction from the hospital, which is only a few blocks away from the club. I lived near that area, once.

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  7. D says:

    There are websites that list a person’s SSN, address, and name after they are reported deceased. Check them out, I’d be interested to see what they say.. or don’t say.

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  8. Ms. Marshall — Might I suggest you do a search for ‘CrisisCast’. They are a firm from the UK that specializes in supplying ‘Crisis Actors’ and setting up real crisis scenarios (fake blood, wounds, film making, the works). Once you get on their site, scroll down to see their “Clients”. Low & behold, G4S is one of their major clients.

    Reminder here, G4S(formerly Wackenhut) is the DHS(Dept. Homeland Security) Contractor that hired Omar Mateen to work for them.

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010

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  9. First of all, every venue around there has hardly any parking. There are parking garages and parking areas all around town and you walk to where you’re going. I guess if you don’t live here, you wouldn’t know that. Second of all, Fuck you! My whole community is shattered. I have friends who lost loved ones and can’t sleep at night. I have friends who if they didn’t leave right before, might be dead. How dare you devalue the loss of innocent life?!?! Get a fucking life!


    1. I don’t think you understand what is taking place at all. Especially when we have pages of back stories on those shot, with videos, photos and not a word about the 53 injured. Then we have actors who have been hired by agencies for Homeland Security to carry out live theater staged events. Do people get killed in these? Yes. The way we are told? No. Do people get fooled? Yes. Is it time to stop this type of insanity? Yes.


  10. Tejasmed says:

    There has been enough time lapsed now to check all the morgue reports for entries. There is enough time to check to see exactly how many funerals have been held. There is enough time to check all the emergency room logs in the area. Do so now…and I will bet they will not add up to what has been reported. Also, go into You Tube and check False Flag Orlando. The video reports are gaining in number each day…Started at just 10 …now way higher in count.


  11. Shannon says:

    You all are insane. I live here and it is very, very real. We walked around giving out cold water to law enforcement last Sunday and there were still blood stains and medical kit supplies in the streets. Does it make you feel good, playing “real” detectives, to make this nonsense up? Find a better hobby and stop exploiting this tragedy with your inane babbling. Better yet, come for a visit and see for yourselves.


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