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All news channels are shouting lies about Trump and his poll numbers dropping.  At a time when Trump is surging in all directions – the liar news continues to bear false witness!

All the distractions of manufactured events in order to rush things through Congress and the Senate that destroy America from within.  Meanwhile idiot Kasich is smiling about allowing protest groups into the GOP convention center.  It is time for Americans and those who love her to hold their own convention elsewhere!  This entire fiasco is like watching a sci fi movie!  Complete with sacrifices all along the way and idiot puppets controlled by evil puppet masters.

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We have all held the line, now it is time to lift Trump up on our shoulders and carry him to the White House or where ever we the people decide to have our President reside!!




      1. KT says:

        This doesn’t prove anything Robert. These are totals derived from the media outlets where they’re originally being manipulated. So while this link provides accurate data, it’s coming from manipulated sources.


    1. I knew it, the media is just in on dumbing down and keeping people ignorant! At times they seem so obvious that they are Fos! Between killary or Trump , this should be a no Brainer!!!


    2. Jack B says:

      The Clinton political machine is a ruthless power hungry entity it will create bogus polls, anti trump news to attempt to defeate Donald Trump so don’t believe the anti Trump hype it’s our duty to vote and take our country back from the abyss.


  1. Cindi says:

    I couldn’t agree more Dianne!! When I heard Fox News claim Donald Trump is ‘slumping’ in the polls I knew they were spinning and lying again!! I couldn’t change the channel fast enough!! We the people will have the last laugh when Trump wins the general election in November by a landslide! Can’t wait to see their sour faces when they have to report that!! 🙂

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        Rob …. Gore LOST Bush WON … Facts is Facts … there was a President Bush … Never a President Gore.


  2. Ideas Time says:

    The best thing we can do now is to expose the fraud in the election system. They who count the votes will decide who they want to win and the establishment wants HC so the crime spree can continue unabated.

    We need a system and fast that produces a receipt or carbon copy of the vote by each person and the receipt is given to a third party counter outside the voting stations who can do an independent count and compare the results for accuracy.

    The secret voting system is what allows these people to stay in power and leave people shaking their heads every time the establishment gets their guy or gal in office again or another tax increased passed.

    We know there was massive fraud in the primary so why do we think they will not do in the general. The answer is they will if we let them.

    This has to stop now or they will get HC. I would like to see people line up for who they are voting for so we can how long the lines are.

    My guess is that they will also cancel all exit polling because they know they can not get HC in if the people see how many people support Trump.

    Full venues everywhere and Trump will Crush HC in the debates.


  3. Teresa says:

    Channel 4 full of it they said yesterday that there were thousands protester outside gilley’s not true inside I was there. Around 4,500 there were so many officers the media said a few hundred well they can’t count that right either , we walk by protester there Boone say a word to us I had on my trump hat and signs


  4. We can all focus on our local communities to hold rallies, share information, answer questions and promote Donald Trump. Our first rally/march was last week. As a small business owner I also own the building which right now has one open space that just may be used for a small Trump office. I have to do some more home work first. As for the media..most people know that they are only going to push and promote the liberal side regardless. It will be up to us to bring new voters on board as well as encouraging others to vote for a better and brighter future for our country!! We son’t need more years of Obama!!!!



    I am American Latino and I stand with Trump 100% Is our time! Time to put America first!!! New Yorker for America New Yorker for Trump!!!!

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  6. I even see it here in Tel Aviv .. Israelis love Trump. Before American tourists would call him an idiot when they saw my Trump buttons more and more now, on the beaches and in cafes American tourists, kids, would give me a high 5 when they see my Trump stuff … Trump is surging.

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  7. Jon Ciotti says:

    The mainstream media, pundit and the Trump haters know that Donald Trump has birthed a NEW HOPE in the American people. Hope were there was once hopelessness and they are working overtime to discourage us so we loose hope. Without HOPE people perish and there is and has been hope that was not there before, pride for America were it was once lost, but now its been found and found in the person named Donald J Trump. Dianne, please continue to spread the good news. Some of us who are home bound and do not get out, all we have is the television news and the internet. I stopped watching the TV news a long time ago so my only life line to the world is through my computer. Thank you again for your post.


  8. Ideas Time says:

    Simple commercial. 15 seconds would do it. Show ten side by side rallies. with Trump crowds and one with Crooked Hillary crowds. Game over as a picture is worth a thousand words.

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  9. Sorry this is Obama’s and the Democrats idea to flood this nation with Muslim’s to turn America into a Muslim nation! And they are doing it to STACK VOTER REGISTRATION TOO! Typical Democratic shit bag mother fuckers, to hell with America and it’s citizens ANYTHING TO STAY IN CONTROL AND POWER including importing Terrorists! It’s time to ARREST Obama and other top democrats and put them on trial for TREASON!

    The Obama administration is on track to issue over 1 million green cards to migrants from Muslim-majority countries including terror hot spots like: Pakistan, Yemen and Syria.


  10. I am very pleased to see this post! I have been very pissed off watching the media. Doing all they can to bring Trump, down! It is discouraging! I agree with all the post on this! Let’s push and back this Marshall, report to make sure Trump, people see it! and everyone who does what a comment on F.B., page to make sure people see it! And make sure to point out what station you watch or catch telling lies about Trump! Point out this Marshall, report as being for Trump and the people and the TRUTH!


  11. It does feel like the momentum is slowing a bit. Not much about his rallies on the news. ? I loved seeing the force and fury of the angry Patriot. Is he talking a break or are they hiding them because they saw it was bringing more on board the train?

    Btw, THANKFULLY, I’m seeing some of my #never friends soften.


  12. Leslie Landauer says:

    Rally today at 4:00 pm MST in Phoenix at Veteran’s Memorial Fair Grounds. Biker groups from all over Arizona have come to protect the Trump supporters!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing! If the protesters chain themselves to their cars like they did at the Fountain Hills rally, they will fry like an egg in this heat! Trump has HUGE momentum in Arizona! The only reason he wouldn’t get to the White House is if the current administration, and those that support it, undermine then entire election, or just stop all together. They are petrified he will uncover all the evil they have been doing to our nation and the American people. Trump 2016 – No New World Order for The United States of America!!!!!


  13. Jack B says:

    Bogus polls, anti Trump news and a liberal media that is controlled by the Clinton machine. It’s obvious that the establishment will do whatever to stop Trump. Is that who we want in the WH. “They’ve taken our land but they will never take our FREEDOM!”


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