Propaganda On Steroids With A Few Honest Videos Here!


Just where is the truth?

Love the questions this man is asking in the video above.

I guess since their were 50 killed and as many wounded they would need at least one ambulance right?  I mean we have videos of wounded in the hospital just not how they got there?

I guess this could be a good drill just in case it happens for real or again?

I guess this officer thinks this entire thing is funny or he didn’t know they were filming?

Gee…no blood in the streets, but a mass shoot out… ambulances, and lots of wounded a block away from the shooting carrying the wounded to the Pulse. That’s all for now….. this is not even a good B movie. This should make every American angry as  heck!!

Are you tired of the propaganda yet?

Dianne Marshall

3 thoughts on “Propaganda On Steroids With A Few Honest Videos Here!

  1. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Watch these videos and see if you still believe that 50 people died here, from what is shown, this is simply another government sponsored false flag to get people thinking we should ban guns.


  2. Ideas Time says:

    Anyone who knows how could look up the listed dead in the FL false flag in the social security death index and see if any of these people are listed as dead and when.


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