Cult master Cruz’s. “I get to lie and cheat – free pass”, is about to expire. Or maybe it’s just going to be recalled?  Either way….he is at the end of his fraud days. The elite hate him, they only used him because he was willing to sell his soul from the onset.  They control him by using his lack of citizenship as a nice chain around his weasel neck. Cruz is Canadian….with Cuban heritage.  He is not American born at all.  You will all see this very soon.  The same ones that pushed him in your face, will be the same ones that shock and awe you with this fact.

If you’ve seen the video below….see it again.  Cruz is part of the establishment puppet masters and has become so self absorbed he now believes he is anointed or something….he seems to believe he can move the masses in a hypnotic cult like trance through Jedi like lies.  What he has done is expose the evil he has been put out in the race to do.  He will soon find that he has been used by the same establishment that has thrown millions in his super PACS.  They have used the cult leader….now what will he do when his lies are no longer needed?

That will be interesting to see how he handles that one.

Dianne Marshall




  1. Reblogged this on jmilamdeal and commented:
    Ted is actually what Donald calls him: “Lyin’ Ted”, and isn’t what he has pretended to be. When he becomes president we will eventually be in the North American Union and lose or Constitutional freedoms.


  2. Lying Ted is being found out finally! If he becomes president we will lose our Constitutional freedoms and become a part of the globalists dream, a North American Union! Tell everyone you know!


  3. Cindi says:

    I hope and pray this is the beginning of the end for lying Ted Cruz! I am so repulsed by this guy that when he’s on tv I have to mute him or change the channel! Only difference between a tyrant like Obama and Ted Cruz is the Bible in his hand!


  4. Will this really wake up Cruz supporters? The people backing him are evil, have $, and want secrecy, I never realized that so much was going on behind our backs. It’s very frightening. A group of people decide they will take over America, they do it in secret, they lie to the voters and make them believe that what they’re doing is best for the country . Then all of a sudden, the people wake up one day and their lives are not their own, someone is telling them what to do every minute. They no longer have any rights, and they can’t contest anything, they lose their freedom of speech ( as protestrs are doing already) They are puppets. They are of no use to the government, so they are left to live in poverty & cruelty. Some laugh, but it has happened many times in this world, it is happening today. When we let someone steal our votes and make rules that we don’t know about, or change the rules to suit their purposes, we are on the road to a dictatorship, or communism or something more horrible. It’s already happened while we were sleeping, wake up. The selection of our president and other officials has been taken from us as we can clearly see with this election, and some of you still won’t see it, What is it going to take for you to see, I’m guessing when it’s too late.


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