Does anyone really believe that Beck and Levin would knowingly put their radio viewers in the trash for a candidate?  Heck no!  They are following establishment elite marching orders.  So, now you know they are all spineless. http://www.msfanpage.link/gop-establishment-money-funding-mark-levin-glenn-beck-erick-erickson-to-attack-trump/

It’s no secret the establishment elite are pushing that the next president must be one who will move the north American union ideals forward.  One of those is no borders. http://truthstreammedia.com/2014/10/06/cfr-2016-candidates-must-build-an-integrated-north-america/

Photo above, Left-the Cuban Flag….to the right Ted Cruz Campaign button with ….gee????  Looks like the Cuban flag!  Think Ted is all American?  Think again!

More will take place, so brace yourselves.  The establishment are losing and they are the ones going crazy.  Dealing with crazy is very intense and you can’t blink when crazy people who have nothing to lose go full blown psycho in public.  This is taking place and only going to get worse.

Dianne Marshall



  1. DrRollan says:

    D.C. Law Professor Victor Williams charges Ted Cruz fraudulently certified his constitutional eligibility for office to gain ballot access. Cruz must present proof to Sec. of State of NJ at 9 am 4/11/2016 that he became a Natural Born American Citizen in May 2014.


  2. tom says:

    When they BOTH say “never Trump” and that they will NEVER vote for Trump, even if he is the nominee, then these are the kind of “patriots” that America doesn’t need!!

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  3. Metod Zanoskar says:

    Now it is all coming together for me ! I’ve had this thought , that Why ? Has Beck been so anti- Trump ? Useing so many delinquent arguments against Trump for months . Beck had always been so Pro-Americana and Constitutionally Sacred. The jive had took a Dive …..!


  4. None of these wanabe “conservative” traitors are stupid men, which if that was the case I could somehow excuse their behavior, therefore it is clear they are all being paid off and I am not saying this because I support #Trump, I just resent the brainwashing of the masses.
    For them to hammer 24/7 how Cruz is a true “conservative” a “constitutionalist” an “outsider” an “insurgent” is beyond deceit, it is plainly TREASON to our Country. Allow me to elaborate:
    1) “Conservative” Anyone backing up and drafting an agenda such as the PTT the TPA involving the merging of three countries passed without the approval of Congress and the American people and resulting on the loss of the sovereignty of the United States of America, lacks Conservatism, and is clearly committing TREASON.
    2) “Constitutionalist” Anyone bypassing and totally IGNORING the Constitution for their own self-serving benefit, is clearly committing grave constitutional FRAUD, lacking CONSTITUTIONALISM
    3) “Outsider” Anyone having worked for over 20+ years within scope of the Federal Government and having held a political post via an election is clearly part of the establishment and is not by any means an OUTSIDER.
    4) “Insurgent” Anyone that adopts a failed argument where the outcome is known to be null and of no consequence merely to impress, to gain clout and to appear as the crusader for a cause is not an insurgent but merely a CON.

    We all know Cruz committed FRAUD during the Iowa contest, by spreading a rumor knowing with full certainty at least 20-30 minutes prior before voting commenced the alleged claim benefiting him was completely false
    We all know Cruz has had a hand on the drafting of the treaty for an American Union Project and that his wife had involvement with such as well.
    We all know Cruz is not eligible to hold the office of President of the United States and that his post to the Senate position was acquired committing fraud, as he knew his birth status and did not disclosed it.
    It is my humble opinion based on mere morality, ethics, integrity, values etc. that Cruz and any person condoling this type of behavior also lack these attributes as well and are furthermore TRAITORS to our NATION


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