Bad Days Ahead For Lying, Cheating Cruz!


“Ted Cruz should be in handcuffs for voter fraud” one headline reads…I might say, it’s about time states and the people open their eyes and call it what it is.  Voter Fraud!

Read full story here:

Meanwhile Trump hits 65 percent in New York – Meanwhile, Cruz is eating his words and reaping what he sowed by his holier than thou performance of bad mouthing New Yorkers.

The parasitic worm seems to be strong arming delegates, or so another headline read today.  That creepy crawly thing and his birther sealed records issue seems to be keeping him off of New Jersey’s ballot and got him attention as a suit made its’ way to the Supreme Court.  All in time for a brokered convention and a fresh face.  Just as Trump had predicted, sooner or later he will be challenged and his game will be over.  I’m wondering if it will come out just in time for Ohio’s fresh face picking?

So, Cruz bots….call me whatever names you choose.  It seems the internet is crawling with stories that are not to lying Ted’s advantage….lots of truth coming out.  Deniers will deny.  Truthers will continue to welcome facts and truth.

Dianne Marshall





10 thoughts on “Bad Days Ahead For Lying, Cheating Cruz!

  1. says:

    With the Republican Party disenfranchising the Colorado , North Dakota and now Indiana electorate (populous) by canceling the vote and the party deciding party delegates ( and I don’t want to hear from a party troll , Mark Levin is that you? , Rules are rules , Pffft. , like the movie with I believe Humphrey Bogart and the Mexican Bandito says , “Rules , Rules , We don’t need no Stinkin’ Rules”) I have to believe Trump and “We The People” should have some recourse for time , money and fraud that Prince Rebus and establishment have perpetuated on registered republican voters. I believe their Day of Reckoning is coming , Cruz and company can run , but will never be able to hide. Read TAR and FEATHERS , history WILL repeat itself. We let President Obama get away with SEALED RECORDS (and at least he had a birth certificate , forgery or not) , now I want to see Cruz’s Certificate. If he is going to steal this , I think a complete background history of this thief needs to be revealed.

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  2. Please study at also it is my hopes and prayers a President Trump will speed up the transition of returning America to the people and put the corporate Treasonous frauds-all of them- where they belong. It is coming with or without!!


  3. Diane – Thank you for keeping up with the creepy news about Cruz!

    What I find amazing, is that some his followers have apparently dug in their heels with Jim Jones Jonestown type-of dedication. Once they finally wake up (if ever) will they have the sense enough to support Trump and his message of “Making America Great Again?”

    Also, for those who have been trying to keep up with the Texan’s huge sex scandal, I’ve posted a reference page with multiple links. Access it, if you will:

    Ted Cruz Sex Scandal


  4. Bev Pepper says:

    Yesterday I tweeted that Cruzbots don’t think the 9th commandment applies to them! One tweeted back a very ugly, bullying even, tweet about me. I tweeted back to her that she doesn’t even know me but she doesn’t seem too keen on Commandment #9 either. Cannot believe the way these cruzbots act. Must think it’s ok since they’re following the “anointed king”.


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