Cruz Married To His Cousin? It’s okay though because in his state it’s legal?

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This just gets weirder and weirder…..Ted Cruz is married to his third cousin and his state apparently said that was legal?  Oh my head hurts.  What happened to his narrative that he met Heidi while working on the Bush campaign?  Did he know she was his third cousin then?

Oh……just send him back to Canada!

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It makes you wonder what else is okay in creepy Ted’s little world?  Nasty man!!

He could be married to his pet turtle for all I care.  It’s just getting sickening and beyond absurd to listen to this whine bag and his self appointed ideals of what is right for him and wrong for others.  Excuse me while I go and barf.

Dianne Marshall


99 thoughts on “Cruz Married To His Cousin? It’s okay though because in his state it’s legal?

  1. Joseph Ardito says:

    Donald Trump or Revolution 2016!

    The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz who recently renounce his Canadian citizenship on June 14, 2014 is being funded by the establishment, George Soros and the socialist Marxist media owned by democrats .

    John Kasich a hardcore democrat being sponsored by George Soros running as a republican undermines the GOP and the establishment as a two headed snake.

    The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich are without a doubt the Trojan horses of our corrupted government elections process to deny the people the right to “free elections” paving the way for a Clinton or Bush candidate.

    Protecting the status quo of the career corrupted politicians looting our country’s fortune that believe they own the United States and its people!

    If the Canadian candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich really cared about America , morale values, the constitution they wouldn’t rely on voter fraud or the corrupted sponsors seeking to destroy America.

    The Canadian candidate Ted Cruz is all for the New World Order; sealed his personal records like Obama; voted against auditing the federal reserve in where 43 trillion dollars is missing; extended unlimited powers to Obama the fraud; voted for doubling the HB1 visas removing jobs from United States citizens; perpetrating voter fraud on a massive scale in Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin and other states; sponsored by foreign countries to undermine our importing and exporting trade; being sponsored by the establishment and George Soros he once claimed to be the cartel of corruption in Washington; continues to manipulate and distort his natural born citizenship as Ted Cruz has recently on July 14th, 2014 finally renounce his Canadian citizenship!

    It’s been the Bush and Clinton family for “20” (twenty) years prior to Obama the traitor fraud.

    The Bush and Clinton families have with intent and premeditation manipulated and distorted the voting ballots so they can choose a presidential candidate of their choosing !

    The Bush and Clinton family have enslaved the American people through the socialist Marxist coup d’e tat of the United States that has in essence blatantly violated our laws, borders, constitution, free elections and sovereignty to insure that they retain power.

    If the Canadian candidate Ted Cruz and John Kasich really cared about America , morale values, the constitution they wouldn’t rely on voter fraud , they wouldn’t sustain the socialist Marxist coup d’e tat now in place in America.

    It’s been the Bush and Clinton family for “20” (twenty) years prior to Obama the traitor fraud.

    The Bush and Clinton family actually believe they own America and have the right to select our president violating the people’s right to elect America’s president.

    The Bush and Clinton families have with intent and premeditation manipulated and distorted the voting ballots so they can choose a presidential candidate of their choosing to sustain power because they believe they own America and its people and have a right to select violating the people’s right to elect.

    The Bush and Clinton family have enslaved the American people by and through massive immigration , voter fraud and foreign countries that have lined their pockets. We the people continue to be deceived by the socialist Marxist coup d’e tat of the United States that has in essence blatantly violated our laws, borders, constitution, free elections and sovereignty to insure that the Bush and Clinton family retain power.

    Joseph Christian Henry Ardito

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    1. Hank H says:

      The Bushes and Clintons and their puppet masters have been looting and destroying America for the past 30 years. Obama is another Soros and elites puppet too. Dig deeper and you will see the Bush klan, also connected to the Rockefellers, tried to get rid of Reagan.

      Who did they use? Their close friends the Hinckleys. Old man Hickley worked for FDR and also ran the Mormon Church for many years. They are also very close to Romney and the Romneys are at the top of the Mormon Church. Much of this Midwest, moutain states and wester states steal is Romney with the Bushes. Cruz is a Bush puppet. The Go-PEE and RNC are pure evil.


    1. From Ted’s own mouth in May of 2015. One of those things you can’t make up nor retract. No onion here. – He said, “I just want to be clear on one thing: my wife is not my first cousin, she is my third cousin by alliance, which is completely different and legal in most states” he told reporters, visibly flustered by the latest accusations.

      “I used those specific words as an example that gay marriage is a state decision, not a Federal one” he admitted.

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      1. politijim says:

        Both links you provide only quote the fake news site. To meet (good) journalistic standards you would need the actual audio, transcript from the radio station (verified) or legitimate 3rd party news organizations who could verify it’s existence (much as we have in the Cruz adultery video.) The Enquirier – even with a Pulitizer is hard for most people to accept, but the worldnetdailynews site has ZERO credibility. . therefore even MORE documented proof is necessary for people to believe this is true. You and I BOTH hate unsubstantiated claims about Trump from GOPe/Cruz forces. Let’s not be hypocrites here.

        Dianne, I know your heart is in the right place but unfortunately you lose some potential ppl you could influence by running with this as fact. I politely urge you as someone who has the same goals to correct the story source or, better yet, find the actual audio from a credible source.


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      2. thebigguy128 says:

        From his own mouth? YOU heard him say this? BS. The radio station it supposedly came from is in Monticello,KY and it’s frequency is NOT 89.5 FM. Quit spreading LIES.

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      3. These people are paid to come here Diane and leave these ignorant replies. My thoughts are, this should be big news. He’s just weird and he’s not eligible to be president!


      1. jazzpast says:

        Dianne Marshall, You keep telling the truth to as many people as you can! Those Cruz-bots hate and despise us but worry not what men can do to you, for God is with you. He will never forsake you. I tremble for Ted Cruz, George Soros and his New World Order cohorts when I consider the awesome judgement of a vengeful God. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. And that Dianne, is Truth. It is power and it is our destiny

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    1. jazzpast says:

      This Godless bunch would have no problem with marriage to their own Mother makes me sick yuk, yuk, puke, puke! No morality, standards or values to them they are Godless heathens! Same bunch that supported that Godless Mormon Cult Leader RINO Romney !


      1. jwdavis1957 says:

        Abraham was married to his own sister, chief. Marrying a 3rd cousin is a big fat ZERO in terms of “news”. Its like reporting that someone owns a cat, or drives a car, or has running water in their home and trying to make a “story” out of it. Ignorant little gossip-mongers will breathlessly repeat the sordid details of this story to their equally ignorant friends.

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    2. Janice Dillarad says:

      Lots of people marry 3rd cousins. My grandparents were 3rd cousins. Of course, back then, in the late 1800’s, people didn’t meet a lot of people who were not distant cousins. 1st and 2nd cousins are the ones who can have handicapped children. 3rd cousins are no big deal!!!!! I can’t stand Cruz but this is a non-issue and does not lend itself to your more stellar blog posts. Diane, you truly write some fabulous posts but this is not a big deal in the overall scheme of things wrong with the Cruz bunch.

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  2. Ideas Time says:

    From Prof. James Fetzer reported the following results for Wisconsin from 54 thousand people who already voted as follows:

    District 1 – Trump 66% Cruz 35%

    District 2 Trump 66% Cruz 34%

    District 3 Trump 67% Cruz 34%

    District 4 Trump 58% Cruz 42%

    District 5 Trump 58% Cruz 43%

    District 6 Trump 61% Cruz 39%

    District 7 Trump 69% Cruz 32%

    District 8 Trump 65% Cruz 35%

    Bottom line Trump got ripped of by Cruz and the establishment. People should be going to jail over this. The people of Wisconsin should demand a real election and not let anyone use rigged machines for counting.

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    1. Hank H says:

      Wisconsin was totally stolen. Romney-Bush theft squad for Cruz-Bush.

      Trump pulls tens of thousands of people and Cruz pulls 100 and Kasich maybe 50. Romney pulled the same garbage on Santorum in 2012. The Go-PEE and RNC did the same thing to Ron Paul.


  3. I remember those words coming from Ted Cruz’s mouth so it is not media garbage. Ted Cruz is sick and so is Heidi Cruz to marry a family member. Were they both that hard up or you scratch my back cuz and I will scratch yours……

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  4. jazzpast says:

    Dianne Marshall, Cruz-Bots don’t want to hear truth because they trust and believe in Ted’s lies and lying words. They have no values, standards or morality about them.. Ted Cruz has no morality to him either I’ll never vote or support this Godless man! Heidi Cruz, RINO Romney, Glenn Beck everyone surrounding Ted Cruz is Pro-Amnesty, Open Border supporters! Ted’s just another professional politician that will flood our country with Islamic Muslim refugees and turn it into a Muslim hellhole!

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  5. jazzpast says:

    If establishment GOP or Ted Cruz steal this nomination from Donald Trump I’ll vote for Hillary Clinton and the Dems so they can finish it


  6. I try to avoid Mark Levin’s show (distance myself from falsehood) but I was curious what his response would be to the Roger Stone article ( ). So I listened to like the first six minutes. He argued that he didn’t do anything wrong, referred to the article as sleaze, blamed Trump for Roger Stone’s article, and said that as a result he has become NeverTrump.

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    1. Hank H says:

      Levin’s girlfriend son works for Cruz. That weird Amanda Carpenter who worked for Cruz and then left because she may have been having an affair? She works for Levin on his web site. These people are so sleazy. Levin, Beck and Erickson are getting payola from the Cruz campaign. I wonder if Rush and his brother are. I dropped them all a while ago including Rush. Big GO-PEE phony.


  7. New York Values-taking your oath of office seriously!! Don’t let a little thing like your oath of office get in your way Ted!:

    Rafael Edward Cruz was a Canadian Citizen when he took this Senate Oath –

    “In 2012, Ted Cruz was elected as the 34th U.S. Senator from Texas”

    Letter acknowledging that he renounced his Canadian Citizenship–note date-

    “This is to certify that the person named above has formally renounced Canadian citizenshp and pursuant to the Citizenship Act will cease to be a citizen on” May 14, 2014,

    Oath of office:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign (THE JOKE WRITES ITSELF) and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion (he did not know?— smartest Harvard Lawyer-Ha! or worse didn’t care that he was a Canadian) ; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

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  8. Sick discussing lowlife hey cruz you’re nothing but a in breeder why don’t you go back to Canada where you come from. American people don’t want you here all you do is lie and steal votes illegally you’re a piece of shit

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  9. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    Hunter S.Thompson said a long time ago
    “When the goin’ gets weird, the weird go pro”
    Now the internet is a’buzzin’
    ‘Cause Cruz is wed to his cousin
    “Incest is best”, Ted proposed to Heidi Ho!


  10. Ben says:

    This is crazy misleading. 3rd cousin… They don’t even share the same Great Grandprents. When it’s that far back, there is basically no real world relation. Everyone is genealogically related. You can try and pull up as much dirt in Cuz as you can, but there is nothing real there. He’s an amazing man, husband, father, and politician. And more morally straight than anyone trying to ruin him, which will be in vain. Also, he is naturally born so yes he can be president. You would know that if you knew anything about law and the constitution.

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    1. First, a cousin is a cousin. It doesn’t matter if they are not related by blood. They are still related! Second, he is NOT a natural born citizen. If you looked at the Constitution and the voting laws/rules in Canada at the time of his birth. You would know what the rest of us know. Honest people don’t have their records and the records of their parent(s) sealed!

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  11. C.R.Love says:

    The Great-Great Grand-daughter – of Ted’s Great-Great Aunt/Uncle is not even someone he likely knew. So, it is highly believable as the meeting is described, that Ted met Heidi working on the Bush campaign.


  12. Okay, all name calling aside. I’d like to point out two things. 1. Does anyone even know whom their 3rd cousins are? This would be your parents cousins child’s cousin. 2. The phrase ‘through alliance’ is kind of important. It was not uncommon in the past for two (non-related) families to join together through an alliance to create one. This is often how families got hyphenated or meshed last names. But it was also not uncommon for the “new family” to take on the last name of which ever family had the oldest living patriarch. Families created these alliances to strengthen their position in communities and businesses.


  13. LORD HAVE MERCY! I can’t believe some people on the site that published the article are clarifying #LyinTed comments! A cousin is a cousin! It doesn’t matter if it’s through marriage! Their kids are siblings and cousins! He knowingly married a relative!

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  14. Just stubbled across this by accident, but can’t believe the whoha over someone marrying their 3rd cousin. We’re talking about a common ancestor which was born well before anyone had heard of the American Civil War. I don’t know a single 3rd cousin, much less all of them. I’m willing to bet that 99% of America doesn’t know all their 3rd cousins. So most married Americans can’t say for sure whether they did or did not marry a 3rd cousin. Most American’s can’t even name all of their great-great-grandparents. And that ancestor would only be responsible for about 6.25% of your genetic makeup. If this is the worst thing you could honestly say about any candidate for US President, then they would most likely be the best Presidential candidate in US history. Every major candidate in the race has far more important flaws to talk about than possibly marrying their 3rd cousin.


  15. Tim says:

    I’m not defending him, but, by law third cousins are what are referred to as kissing cousins. This means, that while still technically family they are far enough removed from each other’s bloodline to have a relationship.


  16. OMG! Do people not even know how 3rd cousins are related? They share a common great-great-grandparent. That is 5 generations to a common ancestor! Most people have well over 1,000 3rd cousins, 10,000 4th cousins, 100,000 5th cousins, and a million 6th cousins! By the time you reach 8th cousin you are related to half the people in the US. 8th cousins share a common great-great-great-great-great-grandparent (that is 10 generations to a common ancestor). At what point do you say people are no longer related to each other and is is ok to get married?


  17. court lewarren says:

    As usual I’m going to be the only voice to point out that there is a movement among mexican hispanics to physically and politically take control of the southwestern united states. The movement is called ‘la reconquista de Atzlan’, and they seek to put a hispanic person in office. Look it up. Cruz is their mild mannered leader, white washed to be acceptable to voting white America.


    1. I take it you don’t read well. Cruz is married to his third cousin, which is perfectly legal in Texas. Trump is making this into an issue and you are riding the wave of misinformation.


  18. EDDY PERRY says:



  19. Do people even know what words mean?

    A “third cousin by alliance” means something, and it shouldn’t shock anyone that a married couple might be related that way. First of all, a “first cousin by alliance” is someone who is your cousin as a result of marriage. So, let’s say your dad has a brother named Andy. The brother’s wife Betty has a sister Carol. And, Carol has a daughter Dianne. That person – Dianne – is not your blood relative. She’s not your cousin. But, she is your cousin by alliance. (She is your cousin’s cousin.)

    So, when it’s a THIRD cousin by alliance, that means Ted’s great-great-grandparent was the brother or sister-in-law or Heidi’s great-great-grandparent.


  20. Lisa says:

    These Cruzbots say 3rd cousin isn’t a big deal, but in my family, I’m close with my aunts and uncles kids (1st cousin) as well as their kids (2nd cousin) who, I am close with and who visit quite often. So 3rd cousin is disgusting. It’s inbreeding. How these Cruzbots can say it’s no big deal here, I s probably the same reason why they vote for Rafael err Ted to begin with.

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    1. Did you read a word of what I wrote? Ted and Heidi are not related by blood in any way. They are related “by alliance.” That’s a fancy way of saying they are STEP cousins. Or step THIRD cousins to be more accurate.

      My mom is married to her BROTHER by alliance. She married my step-dad 35 years ago. He is not related to her in any way. Then, 10 years ago, my mom’s sister married my step-dad’s brother. There is nothing icky about it. Two sisters from one family married two brothers from another family.

      For Ted and Heidi Cruz, it’s the same, but even more remote.

      Every single person who has responded to this thread knows several people who are married to a “third cousin by alliance.” I had to make some assumptions to run the numbers. But, if you assume the average family has four children, the average city is 20,000 people, everyone marries a person of the opposite sex within 10 years of their own age, and that two-thirds of people marry someone with at least one other relative in the same town… about 37% of the population is married to a third cousin by alliance.

      So, stop going out of your way to get knicker-twisty about this. You’re probably married to your own cousin by alliance and don’t know it.


  21. Oh BROTHER….the mere fact that it is legal, means nothing, except that there is no legal penalty….these laws were put in place well before we discovered DNA and knew to sequence the gnome….today, if we performed a genetic analysis, we could see if there were a pairing of recessive genes….this is a science matter, not a moral one at the third cousin level…but it sure sounds creepy anyway


  22. CC says:

    Well, I grew up in Appalachia and contrary to popular belief this is not the norm.
    Cousins are cousins, and you bet, they are at the family reunion.
    Distasteful at best. Ummmm…gross.


    1. Gregory says:

      CC, Don’t you have any kissing cousin up there in Appalachia? Yea messing with a cousin that’s just kind of yuk, yuk, puke, puke! Can’t even trust Lyin’ Ted with his cousin just what America needs in the White House another Bill Clinton type turning WH into a whore house


  23. The source that you used is known to make up news stories. If you look at their about us page you will see that. I looked for other sources to back up the article and they all link back to the worldnewsdailyreport. So there is no other source which means the story is not true. We are on the same side. I just don’t want anyone to dismiss all your other valuable information because of this story. Please consider pulling it.


    1. Gregory says:

      Ted Cruz is in the DC Madam’s little Black book too! Sounds like the nasty, sneaky little creep loves a lot of women no wonder Heidi Cruz was so depressed she tried to kill herself Lyin’ Ted is just not the likable sort I guess!


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