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Yes you read that correctly.  The GOP has come right out and stated that the front runner is not going to be their candidate even if he gets all the electoral votes they demand their front runner must have.  Why?  Because the frontrunner, or so they say, must have the momentum to beat Hillary.  Meanwhile, the only man running, which also happens to be the front runner, is the only one Hillary has cowered away from and will continue to do so.  Trump will beat her hands down (unless more voter machines are rigged).

It’s obvious that the puppet masters rule, for Trump is leading the people across the nation so extremely that the puppet masters have told their puppets to just come out and tell the Trump supporters that even if he gets all the electoral votes needed…he still isn’t going to be their candidate.  They have rigged a once in a lifetime….in your face….gambit of – “We will let our puppets pick the next president in front of you even though the one we may pick has never ran in this race that Trump just won!!


So, ain’t that a big fat yank of ______ to swallow?   I say Trump run third party and Bernie too! Shake it up all the way and let America’s voice be heard!!

It is time to push out the Repubs like the Repubs pushed out the Whig Party!!!!

Dianne Marshall



  1. Cindi says:

    I can’t help but despise the Republican Party! I was a republican for 40 years and switched to independent after the gop pushed Romney down our throats! I had to switch back to republican just to vote for Trump in the primary here in Florida! These money hungry, pompous assed Washington elites don’t care one iota for the good and honest and hard working middle class people in this country who are hurting like never before!! As long as they have their cushy lifestyles they’ll step on the ‘little people!’ Unbelievable! Maybe Madeleine Albright is right.. There’s a special place in hell for gop establishment!

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  2. Ideas Time says:

    I just switched back from independent to Republican and became a delegate for Trump. We need an honest voting system or nothing will change without a real response they will understand and never forget.

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  3. “umpire43” apparently tweeted “@realDonaldTrump I hope you are aware of this. I was 5 feet from Priebus when he said” Use the diebold program in NY to keep Trump under 50%” —

    This Tweet was posted in CTH as a comment; in response Sundance commented ( ) “Anyone caught pushing a tweet from DJ Lewis again will be perma-banned from CTH.” and “The guy is a complete fraud, liar and con-man. Every single word mentioned is false.”

    However, as I previously discussed, Sundance pulled down my posts which he apparently classified as a “conspiracy” theory ( ) and (in ) Sundance stated (in RED BOLD LETTERS) “Congratulations Team Cruz on the overall victory with 48% of popular vote.”.

    (BTW: Apparently, the last time I checked there is still a snapshot saved in Google of the CTH prior to the censorship that captured much of my postings ( )).

    Although I don’t know, how credible the creator of the tweet is, I’m becoming suspect about Sundance. I will say this, that someone is willing to tweet a direct testimony is cause for concern. Moreover, as I substantiated in my “conspiracy” theory, there appears to be considerable support for my position regarding a rigged primary election. (BTW: According to my recollection Sundance had previously pulled down comments and alluded to legal activity (Cease and Desist letters) … ( ) and even stated something to effect of the other side winning. Indeed, yet again Sundance has threatened ( ) “Everyone must begin paying attention to what is being put in these comment sections. Or the comment sections will have to be removed.” )). In general, it’s cause for concern the apparent pattern of the establishment taking control of what used to be non-establishment.

    BTW: The “umpire43” tweet is apparently newsworthy enough to be in .

    Who is responsible for any rigged primary elections – the federal government, state government, the creator/programmer of the machine (such as Microsoft), or the RNC? I also inquired if the primary would be rigged then why would the general election be different. However, if the voting machines that are used are programmed or have their settings set by different entities then perhaps this would not ipso facto be the case. SO THERE COULD BE SOME HOPE IF TRUMP WOULD RUN THIRD PARTY. 🙂 I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK. ONLY TRUMP 2016 !!! Any Icelander pots and pans?

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    1. doubledenvy says:

      I saw when your post got moderated. IMO CTH moderators steer the narrative so as not where the deep dark secrets go. Sundance starts you down the path , then pulls you back ,so it (whatever s Sundance) is can claim plausible denial. I have gone there for a long time, mostly lurking, a lot of new people there, I don’t see any of old timers from 6 years ago. Before this election it was just the regulars, not so much now. Se La Vie.

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      1. DDenvy,
        I used to post regularly at CTH. After what must have seemed to be a “overzealous” (no profanity or vitriol) pro-Trump comment, (along with contact information and email to a pro-Trump regional director at Heritage Foundation) to his (?) email address, it became apparent I was no longer welcome there.CTH is slowly, steadily, attaining pox news status with me.IOW, I observe their “actions” (lurking ?) without participating. Sad. They were how I learned about this site.

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  4. Post Election Exhibit D Part II – “Bill Mitchell” “Discussion of the Wisconsin Results and the strange ability of Ted Cruz to beat the RCP Average when he wins” “Published on Apr 6, 2016”:

    Post Election Exhibit D Part III –

    Between approximately 1:09:00 and 1:10:02 of “The Alex Jones Channel” “Full Show – Ted Cruz: The Trojan Horse Candidate – 04/06/2016” ( ) Roger Stone mentioned about looking “at a very interesting quick study comparing the polling results with the actual results as reported by the State of Wisconsin on a finite district by district basis. It is LITERALLY SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for there to be this broad a swing between the polling results and the final results. Now the Walker machine has always been adept at vote stealing. Richard Charnin, a respected mathematician – by the way a man of the left but someone I respect for candor – has done yeoman work on a monograph showing how the Walker machine has stolen votes in past gubernatorial races and in a past recall. So I suspect funny business in Wisconsin.”

    NOTE: Post Election Exhibit D Part I is accessible at and the other prior Post Election Exhibits are accessible at

    May G-d please bless and protect Donald Trump.

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    1. doubledenvy says:

      Couple Ted Cruz and his Ly’in SR Cruz’s story. 100$ in his under where? They both need to come clean. Some one ask if Sr’s records are sealed. It is all a lie people. Look them up, it is not all sealed. Ask your self , what is a candidate hiding that their records are sealed. Ineligibility because foreign born. If the media has gall to ask Trump about income tax , why doesn’t Trump say I will release when unseals his records. Time to win. Trump2016

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  5. great idea……both Trump and Bernie run as independents……NOT SURE what will happen to America if they f things up….like putting Mitt against Hillary or Bernie…..I just can’t see that… about crime in your face….yeah!

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  6. “This is how we stop the RNC from stealing the nomination from Donald Trump in Cleveland” –

    In addition, approximately 1:15:00 until approximately 1:19:35 of (“The Alex Jones Channel” “Full Show – Ted Cruz: The Trojan Horse Candidate – 04/06/2016”)

    Post Election Exhibit E :

    From approximately 0:20 until approximately 2:30 of “Still Report #771 – Voter Fraud Must be Stopped” –

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  7. Patrick says:

    It certainly appears as if the Republican Party is willing to commit suicide. If they pull a stunt at the convention that causes Trump the nomination I will leave the party forever and fight them tooth and nail at every opportunity from that point on.

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  8. doubledenvy says:

    I have to say , As I walked my dog yesterday and listening to Laura Ingram while she interviewed Tucker Carlson ( whom I know and don’t necessarily agree with) said a very succinct premis, that the GOP must think this through , especially Prince Rebus and his donor class elites. You don’t hear mic heads usually reference history but to hear him equate that the Romanov family did not listen to its constitutes hence Bloody October , that the peasants/ people at the least want to think out everything in a so called legitimate election that at the minimum there vote counts , the GOP risk annihilation. Same on the left with what Sanders represents. Societies want pragmatic reasoned moderation in order to survive freely. Lies Corruption your vote being a charade will lead to chaos. If my vote doesn’t count , why follow the law, why pay taxes , a very slippery slope GOP, hope you think it through , because we are at tipping point , and what Tucker Carlson said which astounded me was the difference between Romanov and the GOP was the Russian peasants did not have 65 million registered gun owners , most with vet experience and currently registered GOP Trump voters. I have not meant one Cruz supporter at my gun range, that phony Ly’in Cruz would be given a Bronx welcome right here in the middle flyover country where I live. Cruz go back to Canada and have your dad explain his shady CIA Oswald connection. I am tired of all the liars. Limbaugh Levin phony media, all frauds. Trump2016

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      1. Bullright,
        Perhaps they ARE thinking things through? It’s obvious that the Democrats won’t resist (with any sort of REAL force, anyway)! What better way to create civil unrest and turbocharge the march to agenda 21, than provoke armed insurrection? It’s not like the gope isn’t “nudging” us even harder than our present government, is it? to quote some recent associates of mine… “Not on OUR watch!!”

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    1. Roger Stone is claiming that the (mainstream) media is falsely accusing him of encouraging violence … – makes me wonder what does the media really think? Funny, how they don’t seem to be bothered by protesters TRESPASSING on Trump events but are discouraging LEGAL peaceful protest in Cleveland by Trump Supporters.

      “Pat Buchanan: Violent Revolution if Trump Denied Nomination!” —

      BTW: The Second Amendment is also being threatened. So the establishment is against freedom of speech (and the Christian religion) and the Second Amendment, but is OK with rigging elections, screwing our economy (with the horrific trade situation, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the Uptick Rule, etc.), exploiting illegal immigration, shafting our military and veterans, disrespecting Social Security, …

      Follow the money???
      “GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump” ( ) ; Also:

      At least we still have Michael Savage and Dianne Marshall ( ).

      Sarah Palin ( ) linked to (Note: Interesting post by Ann Coulter but I dislike her opening statement “Congratulations to Ted Cruz for winning his fourth primary!”) By the way, what is Trump doing about rigged voting machines? The Trump Campaign apparently did mention about “the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump” — .

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      1. doubledenvy says:

        Like Dianne so eloquently educated us in regards to her article “Pots and Pan Revolution” , I can assure all that our “Harley Tailpipes will be sounding the Trump Battle Cry” in Cleveland come July. BIKERS FOR TRUMP 2016.

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      2. doubledenvy says:

        That same discussion regarding the second Amendment came up at the local gun store , and all used the Conneticut AR Registration as an example citing that approximately less than 25% were stupid enough to fall for registering and to attempt such enforcement would end up like an “Exploding Cigar” for Feds. Everyone is vigilant , but totally unafraid of gun confiscation. At least that is the way local gun owners locally felt.

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  9. Nora Bernabe says:


    Ezekiel 3:17 – Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the WORD MY MOUTH, and give them warning from ME.

    Isaiah 62:6 – I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, [which] shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence…

    For the LORD will VINDICATE us- HIS people and have compassion on us-HIS servants, “For the LORD our GOD is the ONE who goes with us to fight for us against our enemies to give us VICTORY.


  10. jazzpast says:

    Establishment GOP doesn’t differentiate themselves from the Democrat party any more! In simple terms SAME SHIT DIFFERENT PILES! Our vote means nothing why even waste time voting when they steal the elections away from the people anyway?


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