2016 Elections A House of Cards!

Kevin Spacey and House of Cards has been an insight into the presidential elections of 2016.  Was it just a writers chance to call the scenes of episode 4?  Or was it our given light by those who give it to what to expect in 2016?

We are watching a House of Cards at it’s finest in our current election.  Episode 4 reveals that there is an open convention and how exactly someone who isn’t running for office, nor ever publicly expressed it openly, somehow smiles and in a so-called surprised manner accepts the love of all the delegates that are thrown their way to elect them.  Is this what and or why this program is telling us?  Are they preparing us to accept the most inconceivable and deceptive act ever?  It makes each one think and wonder.

House of Cards back room deals and media concept was meant to do what?  To display a both laughable and truthful updated view of politics?  I say it was a revealing of what politics has become. Especially after watching all that we are watching in the 2016 elections.

The real thing exposed is exactly what it portrays….and that is exactly where we are today.

So, we have had our Illuminated warning…our New World Order insight.  Once you realize that this movie is actually a map of how it works and what is to come….what are you going to do?

This is a real eye opener.  Will your eyes be opened?  Will they stay closed?  It is your call.

So….this is a good revelation of where we are folks.  Pure and simple. Isn’t it time to take a stand?

Dianne Marshall


12 thoughts on “2016 Elections A House of Cards!

  1. peppermintfarm says:

    We’re seeing this now because the people took a stand and went out in droves to vote for their choice rejecting the GOPe’s usual candidate. They don’t like it so now the bowels of what really goes on is in plain sight. We’ve all had our eyes open to this and blatantly as the establishment fights us. What to do about it I have no idea. We fought back and it looks like we’re going to lose. As Priebus says, “the party picks the nominee”, giving us notice that who we pick means nothing. Now I have no trust in our voting system any longer.

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  2. Michele Diamond says:

    The Marshall Report is amazing. A little over a week ago I found myself unable to walk away. It was daylight before I went to sleep. I believe Mr. Trump will prevail, he has integrity and his followers believe in him. The name callers lack character and integrity. It backfires in their face and makes his followers stronger. I see people leave the rallies with tears because for the first time in so many years they feel and know they matter.

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  3. I have a good friend (60-something) whose politics differ from mine. She’s a liberal. We never discuss politics in order to remain friends, but I do know that she believes in self-reliance and values like that. I know she lives her life that way.

    Anyway… I don’t have Netflix and I’ve never seen House of Cards. She mentioned the show in a recent email: “Have been binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix. I do not recommend. Now that I’ve started I have to keep watching, but it’s really quite a horror. Fantastic production and acting and writing and etc., but omg. If I watch more than two episodes in a row, it actually makes me queasy.”

    I didn’t ask why she felt that way — the no-politics thing — and don’t know what to make of it. Can anyone here guess what she meant?


  4. Bev Pepper says:

    Thank you, Dianne, for your great reporting & investigation. So much would go unnoticed if it weren’t for you & others looking for the truth! Just want to say to everyone that God is bigger than the crooked uniparty & prayer still works, so don’t give up!

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