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If you don’t know what this is. It is a page of Debora Pelfrey,s phone records.(The DC Madam) Ted Cruz private numbers are supposedly on it!

So now what Cruz?  Who are you going to blame now?

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cruz dc madamuntitled



Looks like Teddy has been a very naughty boy for a very long time.

“The question now becomes, how many times did Ted Cruz name and number appear in the DC Madam’s records?  With Ted Cruz playing the part of the devout Christian to woo Evangelical voters to his Presidential Campaign, his use of whores becomes particularly relevant to today’s election campaign.” Read full story here:

This is a developing story.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Meet The Cruz’s – A Man Has Needs”.  Wonder if this was some sort of “poison (PEN) number” he was using to bust the D.C. Madam? You know…give them a number and play along to bust them in the end?  After all, isn’t that what Ted’s all about?  Saying one thing in disguise in order to do another?  That is what he always says when he gets caught.  The question is, will it work this time?

Dianne Marshall

UPDATED 4-1-16



  1. Stephanie S says:

    Given Cruz’s preference for cheese, just curious if whipped cheese/aerosol spray was sold back then? Ask the midget or Lollipop if there was cheese involved. I’m sure Ted used a fake name but cheese could be a giveaway.

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  2. DON SOUTH says:

    Why does it matter. It didn’t matter with Bill Clinton, did it? Wasn’t it said during Clinton, that what a guy does on his own time is his business only?

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      1. gary smith says:

        The gag order will be lifted on the case soon. It appears he likes to cheat on more than just elections (see Iowa, SC, and Hawaii). Cruz is completely beholden to exploiters like the Koch brothers, Goldman Sachs, Robert Mercer, etc. He is a free-trading, war-mongering, exploiter-funded puppet who won’t secure our southern border to stop the drug traffic/illegal immigration or anything else the exploiters don’t want him to.

        Cruz is the typical snake politician. It is a shame that people are so easily fooled into voting for all the slick-talking, two-faced lawyers in DC (Clinton, Obama, Cruz, etc.) selling out our country to the big exploiters.

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      1. J Wood says:

        Well that shouldn’t matter, has nothing to do with issue. Point is both were asked and both openly lied about it. Both are liars, scumbags. If Clinton had been a Repub media would have been demanding for the Repub’s resignation, not making excuses for them…

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    1. You go tell that to John edwards a gary heart thats enquirer busted too..both of them were running for president nomanation,,both story checkout to be true both of there political careers were ruined..If billy did his crap durning election he wouldnt been elected….

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    2. Pete says:

      It matters: Not just because Ted cheated, but because he denied it and then BLAMED Trump for fabricating lies against him. That makes it relative to this election. If someone uses their own wrong deeds (such as cheating on their wife) and spins to defame someone else (especially an opposing candidate), they are absolutely not qualified to lead this great nation. There is a pattern here of a very unethical man, like what he did to Ben Carson, only this is even worse.

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      1. Not only that, but this guy has the WORST campaign manager known…Jeff Roe. Roe has actually been so filthy with attacks against opponents that one of them committed suicide…and Cruz has no problem with this guy’s tactics. Not only did he screw over the Iowa caucus with what he said about Carson dropping out, and those flyers he left on peoples’ doors, but he also has lied over and over again about Trump, and even lied about Rubio dropping out in Hawaii, just like he did about Carson. Add to that the fact that now he’s trying to get Kasich off the Wis. ticket, shows you exactly what he is. He pretends to be a Bible believing Christian, but he’s a New Apostolic Reform Dominionist, like all the preachers who’ve endorsed him, Flip Benham, Kevin Swanson, Mike Bickel of IHOP (International House of Prayer) and believe me his father is no preacher. He’s never had a church, he got his divinity degree from Benny Hinn’s wife who had Purifying Ministries International…and Suzanne Hinn is a nutcase…there’s even a video of her on youtube talking about Holy Spirit enemas for heaven’s sake. These people are dangerous. Cruz is dangerous, Cruz is a liar, and Cruz really gives me the willies. I don’t want him anywhere near our White House..he’s nothing but another Obama in Republican drag with all his “sealed birth records.”

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      2. Seriously… Trumper, 2 seconds of Google would show you that the DC Madam died in 2008! This could explain Trump’s need for idiots to vote for him. You are embarrassing

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      3. Kevin A says:

        These calls are from a timeframe when he was single. How and with whom is this cheating? Stretch by the left to deflect from the liar and souless Hillary the Witch.

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      4. DC madam was arrested in 2006. Cruz was married in 2001. So there’s a five year overlap. I’m hoping its Cruz. His Dad comments on how God sent Ted to run our country and save us from the liberals. LOL. He’s got all the Evangelicals behind him. This would be a big shakeup.

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    3. It matters, because: #1 Ted is an evangelical (Clinton was not), supposedly with family values. It shows he is a hypocrite. #2 – Bill Clinton was still elected after the Jennifer Flowers story, and we got Monica Lewinsky – the man should not have been elected to President.

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    4. it matters because seems everyone judges rump and twists his owrds and meaning to assassinate his character and cruz comes across using character assassination like they mean something.. maybe using a hooker while married while courting the evangelical vote should be something they might want to know about. bill Clinton is a liberal. free open marriage sex is part of that culture

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      1. Steven says:

        WOW! Thank you for succinctly stating liberal policy toward morality straight from Satan fan(yes it is in the preface of his book) Saul Alinsky ‘”Rules For Radicals”.
        We can espouse NO morality because the only morality is power. Use the other persons moral claims against them!
        See, liberal’s claim no morality so they can justify all sorts of evil. Lying, stealing, killing, raping, destroying people’s lives, betraying country because their only “morality” is power.
        So if I’m a dem everything is ok because I have no morals. Hypocrisy is a son, but everything is ok as long as you don’t stand for ANYTHING but evil- baby murder, filth, lying, betraying country, ALL dem stronghold stuff is ok.
        I got it.


    5. Jay Tonya says:

      if it doesn’t matter to you then that would say a lot about you, how about your wife? what would she think if it were you.


  3. It appears a lot of ppl are thinking Cruz had to live in DC at the time of the phone calls. Looking back through all the phone records for her shows that she was very well travelled, so those calls could have came from Cruz when he lived in Texas. There are some interesting phone listings on the records for calls to/from Houston (Cruz home town) during August of 2005 but I have found no way to verify phone numbers, even if we could, those numbers were probably very well cloaked and changed hands numerous times since then. Cruz being a politician probably travelled back and forth from Houston to D.C. numerous times.


  4. Gary says:

    The difference between Bill Clinton and Ted Cruz is that Cruz feels totally comfortable with people referring to him as “chosen”, “annointed”, and the “fullfilment of the Mormon prophecy of the White Horse”.

    For all of his postulating about Donald Trump, it is Ted Cruz who has a “god complex”.

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    1. tikvah(hope) says:

      And…It says 321 area code for Orlando.Orl. is 407…321 is on the SPACE Coast…”321-Blast off!”/Brevard County,NOT ORLANDO.


  5. Renaye says:

    That men in power exploit that power or exchange it even, for sexual favors, is a disingenuous “critique” of that power and says more about media’s role in focusing on distracting headlines. If there were a greater willingness to get at the moral dillemma of prostitution, greater acknowlegement of its use as a tool to control the economically dispossed, namely, women of color, poor women and the gender ambiguous, and would be more assertively addressed in state and global policies and war rules.


      1. You missed something, sweetheart… the DC Madam died in 2008! Only a trumpkin would run with this crap. Sorry but the only morality bankrupt candidate is emperor trumptard

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  6. Kim says:

    This is Trumps people trying
    To put Cruz down, Its a bunch
    Of lies, is that Cruzs number?
    Who called it to see? Could of been from anyone, all this back and forth is ridiculous, get on with whats important!
    Hasnt trump cheated on his exs? Noone is perfect, period

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  7. Tim Rogen says:

    Where is the proof here? TX highlighted means that it was Ted Cruz making the call? Come on. We need numbers that are confirmed to be his and until we see that this smells.

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      1. It’s so very sad that no matter how many times you holler” the madam died in 08″ it still dosent erase the paper trail of crudez getting his pipes cleaned.The fact remains that when someone gets buried,there still evidence of their presence left behind.The gag order will mean nothing if the lawyer that represented ” the madam” does what he has threatened.Be afraid, be very afraid.


  8. Kay says:

    I called the numbers on the record and none seemed to belong to Cruz. How do we know any of those numbers were ever tied to him?


  9. Dan says:

    I guess everyone is missing the keyword “supposedly”.

    No evidence whatsoever those were his numbers.

    But hey, if it’s printed, you already don’t like the guy, then why miss an opportunity to convict without proof.


  10. Mia says:

    The phone log you posted is indisputably photoshopped. Many glaring graphical errors proving this was done by an amateur.

    Semi colons, italics, wrong font size and type, graphical merge errors and even a call time completely out of sequence. And it’s amusing to see the “Invoice Date” at the top. Cruz was a newlywed at that time…married only a few months and worked for the FTC and DOJ.


  11. You give a Stump Photoshop and you can bet your bottom dollar they will search relentlessly till they find someone intelligent enough to use it. The Marshall Report, The National Enquirer, and Sean Hannity…can’t you Trump supporters find anything other than tabloid trash?


  12. John S says:

    Apparently… reading phone records are hard.

    She was in Texas on 9/16, and *SHE* made 5 calls to 4 different numbers outside of Texas (including a Quality Inn and a Courtyard By Marriott.

    This is your evidence that his number is in her phone records? One time she went to Texas for a day and made a few calls to some hotels? Is this supposedly your proof?

    Alternatively… are you suggesting that the only time anybody goes to Texas, ever, is to find Ted Cruz a hooker?


  13. LH says:

    This looks faked. Look at the invoice date. It’s not even a date–and even if it was, it’s certainly not a date in September, when the calls were made.

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  14. LH says:

    Now that I look at it again, it’s definitely fake or tampered with. The phone numbers aren’t even in the same font. It’s not even a good fake. And I’m one who would like it to be real. April Fools, huh?


    1. I agree and I’m also a non-supporter of Cruz.. This is an obvious fake that any 3rd grader could recognize. Is this an April fools joke or free advertising for Ted Cruz? Is Cruz playing the “victim” card again? No intelligent person would use this as evidence, so what is this lawyer really up to? Fake documents do not help Trump. Cruz might be trying to pull off a strategy that another “Ted” used in the 60’s with his anti-Catholic flyers. (ironically they were distributed to the people in Wisconsin to get the sympathy vote).


  15. Dale Wiseman says:

    I don’t like Cruz, however this phone list is not correct as it is ATT. The real Madam’s phone list is from Verizon and the Attorney has not released the numbers yet. This is a bogus phone list.


  16. Question… what date is “120/01”? I am guessing the month of the invoice is October (which is “10”) because the calls are listed in September (which is “9”). And the year is not listed, but the day is most likely the first of the month… though days aren’t written as “01”, as indicated by how the month is listed as “9” and not “09”. That leaves the “01” to be the year.

    Most phone companies spell out the month, though there have been a few that used all digit dates. And the news article shows Spring as the phone carrier. Several differing fonts are used, unlike a real bill, area codes don’t match cities. And MSNBC (known for making up,stories, editing video and audio to fake stories, and leave out evidence that shows their stories are false) is “reporting” the “story”.

    So many reasons to doubt this article.


  17. Charles Ulysses Feney says:

    LA Texas junior senator named Cruz

    Saw that he was today’s headline news

    Someone got a look

    At D.C. madame’s book

    Where he enjoyed extramarital screws!


  18. To MY Knowledge “Trusty” Ted has done Nothing of ANY Consequence to help Texans!…Now all os=f a sudden he has become an Evangelical….Who Just MAY be a LIENT of the DC MADAM!


  19. Thomas Amlie says:

    C’mon, people, at least you could PRETEND to have a brain. That’s a copy of the person’s (“DC Madam’s”?) cell phone bill. She apparently traveled a bit. If you had a cell phone years ago, you’d remember what your bill looked like, with notations of where you were calling from. She made calls FROM FL, TX, and NM. These aren’t calls “to” Ted Cruz. JFC, are you people really THAT stupid?


  20. dainks says:

    What??? Cruz’s number is *supposedly* on it? Let’s see it! Where’s the number? This smells like a load of crap at this point.


  21. Josie says:

    So let’s get this right, the left had no problem and want to forget all of the escapades that Bill Clinton was involved in while in our Oval Office but have a problem with Cruz potentially having had relations with a call girl. Now just exactly what’s the difference – one can use and abuse women for free in our WH and other other pays for it. Seems pretty much the same to me.


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