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Morning Joe, Mika and guests laughed at phony Cruz for his college theatrical debate style that his body never grew out of…or was it his body never grew in to?  (I’m not sure, I was too busy laughing). Humorous and true descriptions of Ted’s Shakespeare poses, long irritating pauses and over all annoying acting won him an unauthentic and painful rating from the Morning Joe crew and guests.  Mika stated, “On a performance level – he’s just painful”.

Whew – finally someone in the media is pointing out the dang obvious fake style and obnoxious pauses that have made it unbearable for me to listen to or watch. See video below.

Cruz made outlandish policy against how to treat Muslim citizens – pretty much he will treat Muslim neighborhoods like gang areas and a few more stupid things.  The NYPD’s Commissioner William Bratton was very clear that Cruz was not knowledgeable of what American citizenship means, nor did he know that over 1,000 police officers were Muslims wearing a uniform to protect citizens.  In short Bratton scolded and shamed Cruz stating that this is the reason Cruz will never be president of the United States.

Former. NSA & CIA Director Mike Hayden, and GOP’s Morning Joe Scarborough also expressed their outrage at the recent Cruz remarks and his bigoted ideals.   See video below.

Dianne Marshall


  1. Richard Phillips says:

    Diane Marshall, I love your column and read them every time you write one. I applaud your honesty and your factual and truthfulness of your articles. And I enjoy be a Trump supporter with you in Trump Dat. Not to mention your truth and honest writing. Did I say that before oh, I did say that already. Well keep up the good work. When Donald J Trump on June 16th 2015 announced he was running for President of the United States of America I knew he was the only one I was voting for. I have followed him since the 80’s. Well let’s keep supporting Mr. Trump and win this Presidency. Let’s do this!!!!!!


  2. Cindi says:

    You are just awesome Dianne! Thank you for your truthful commentary on this deceitful Cruz! I can only hope and pray people will pay attention and realize this man is a sociopath and cares only for power and dominance. Scary thought to have creepy Ted Cruz at the helm..


  3. I just invented a new word. Newbicide. Newbicide is what newbies do near the end of the round, when one of the two characters life bars are dwindling or the timer is about to go. It’s basically a “hail mary” maneuver so obvious it’ll never work as long as your opponent doesn’t sneeze at the same time you attempt it.

    These f-ing newbicidal (Bleep) on XBL are so f-ing pathetic it makes my brain hurt. The most obvious easy to punish bullshit comes flying towards me from full screen and thanks to the f-ing delay on our wonderful internet at the moment, I get hit and lose the f-ing match.

    God damn these f-ing newbie (bleep bleep bleep). I really don’t want to play this game online any more. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything new. Occasionally against the very good players I am. It seems the good players aren’t too fond of newbicide. Even with the lag they tend to keep the game as solid and smart as possible.

    F-ing newb f-ers.


  4. Does anyone really care if Trump is conservative or not? I mean after what we have in the white house now, does it really matter? Second, people complained Obama always needed a prompter for his disgusting speeches,,now they complain Trump speaks from his mind without a prompter, which tells me it’s from his heart. Trump is the only candidate that proves to me he loves America and care’s for the American people in it. The other candidates show me they are only out for themselves. Cruz is a fake, where as Trump is true to his word. What is the other candidates sacrificing? Trump will be leaving a beautiful elegant life. Spending less time with his beautiful family.Trump could easily tell everyone to go to hell, and go back to his private life and enjoy, but he loves America so much that he is willing to sacrifice everything.Not to mention all the money he is spending of his own, and doesn’t owe anyone like the other candidate do. He could be spending that money on his family and himself, proves he is not selfish.The other candidates will be too busy owing favors back to lobbyist, they won’t have time to keep their promises to the people. Trump will have more time taking care of “WE THE PEOPLE”! All the bashing Trump is getting, is only because our establishment, our government will no longer be lining their pockets with our(middle class working people) money. Trump will be cleaning up, and sweeping out all the corruption. Isn’t that’s what we want? Isn’t that is what we been saying and hoping for all along for years. Well now we have a one time opportunity, a once in a life time chance to have our way. Don’t screw it up. Vote for Donald Trump. He will never make you regret it. I have all the faith in Trump, that I never had in a life time for any other candidate before. Trump all the way to the White House. You want to get back at our corrupt politicians???? Vote for Trump! Piss off Washington for once and for all. LAST CHANCE!


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