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If you don’t know what this is. It is a page of Debora Pelfrey,s phone records.(The DC Madam) Ted Cruz private numbers are supposedly on it!

So now what Cruz?  Who are you going to blame now?

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cruz dc madamuntitled



Looks like Teddy has been a very naughty boy for a very long time.

“The question now becomes, how many times did Ted Cruz name and number appear in the DC Madam’s records?  With Ted Cruz playing the part of the devout Christian to woo Evangelical voters to his Presidential Campaign, his use of whores becomes particularly relevant to today’s election campaign.” Read full story here:

This is a developing story.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Meet The Cruz’s – A Man Has Needs”.  Wonder if this was some sort of “poison (PEN) number” he was using to bust the D.C. Madam? You know…give them a number and play along to bust them in the end?  After all, isn’t that what Ted’s all about?  Saying one thing in disguise in order to do another?  That is what he always says when he gets caught.  The question is, will it work this time?

Dianne Marshall

UPDATED 4-1-16




  1. This claim was originally posted April Fool’s Day, or maybe Cruz is trying to “Poison the Well” and discredit the issue ahead of the release of Deborah Jean’s records by her attorney.

    In my own copy of the records, given to me by Deborah Jean, I can confirm the page used in this article is genuine. HOWEVER, the column where Texas is indicated is where Deborah Jean was when she made the call! Note the hours long gaps when the state name changes, indicating flight times as Deborah Jean traveled. The number indicated is in Orlando Florida, not Texas. So either the author of the article misread the bill, or this is a set-up to embarrass the independent media.


    1. Ms. Can Not Wait says:

      Christian, right? SMH! Wait until her attorney cuts loose with the remaining records – two weeks and counting! Until then, try to do something useful with your life!


  2. Some of the calls do indeed come from Texas. But so what? The list includes calls from all over the country. Why should we believe that the calls came from Ted Cruz? Look at the image: We do not even have the actual Texas number; all we have are numbers in DC and Maryland that some unknown party in Texas had called.”

    So far, the “sex scandal” is a list of calls from somewhere in Texas that have no connection to Ted Cruz whatsoever. I know facts don’t matter to Cruz haters but in this case, they are pretty damn important.

    Don’t fall for liberal lies and please do the research before just believing everything you read on the internet.


    1. Cristina says:

      I do agree with you, these liberal are calling for impeaching, what about the 76 or so constitutional violations of obama’s executive orders? One of those alone would land any of us before a firing squad, what about impeaching that traitor, no talks of that! These are some of the biggest hypocrites and traitors our country has ever seen, no wonder we are in such a terrible state!


      1. Carol Robertson says:

        Cristina – Would you mind telling me specifically what those “76 or so constitutional violations” consist of? I must have missed those.


  3. ALong says:

    That list doesn’t say Ted Cruz any place and neither do the phone numbers. You guys are searching where there is nothing to be found.


  4. Delbert Cutsinger says:

    The truth is important to me so I did a simple number search on the app “Number Guru”. I found that Cruz’s name is not attached to any of these high lighted numbers. Try it your self if you want…


  5. Isirio abelon says:

    Ted Cruz is a whoremonger, Impostor, Cheater and a LIAR…. Who want a foreigner to be a commander in Chief?.
    Ted Cruz, please UNSEAL your Birth Record, tell the truth who you are.




      1. Exactly…where is the lawsuit Teddy? The reality is, even if all the women are not true, part of them have to be or he’d sue. As well, this insanity of having Carly Fiorina speak for him instead of his wife, is oh so very telling, is it not?


      2. Douglas says:

        Christian Zionist is right. If these are false allegations against Ted Cruz, why isn’t he suing??? And you would do it right away to put a stop to falsehoods that could damage somewhat his candidacy. I would sue right away, This is VERY suspicious!


    2. Jenelle Boxberger says:

      Isirio abelon — we already have a president who was not born in USA, he was born in Kenya. So what’s your point at this time of the game?

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      1. Carol Robertson says:

        I hate to confuse you with facts but he was born in Hawaii. Your problem is cognitive dissonance. Look it up.


    1. your right ==Cruz wife filed for a divorce in early 2005 for adultery but did not go threw with it but where theres smoke theres usually fire==why would she have filed if there was no problem? ma
      ny questions he will not answers and I for one do not care who he slept with after what Clinton did while in the WH ==thats his wifes problem==


  6. phil white says:

    I don’t think Debora Jean is dead. I think she was “disappeared” into a witness protection enclave.
    Does anyone have here current phone. number. woof! woof!

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    1. Mary Lou says:

      Ted wasn’t even in DC in 2001! He became a Senator in 2012! So why would he call her before he went to DC? This is so much garbage. Again, probably solicited from someone who is friends with Trump! No news here.


  7. Charley Blackwolf says:

    “Daddy” Cruz is beginning to look a lot like “Slick Willie” Clinton. Could be part of the anti-Trump campaign … elect Felito then expose and impeach, establishment political hacks get to continue their failed policies of the past 50 years at the expense of the People.


    1. You know what? Unless these are released, it’s a moot point to even continue discussing it…obviously the Cruzzer hasn’t sued Enquirer because part or all of the story is true, and Carly is standing up for him, not his wifey…so therein lies the reality and it was Rubio who set that truth free. Needless to say, we need to sit on this story until there’s more docs to prove everything and that lawyer of Palfrey’s lets it all loose.


      1. BJ33154, Oh right, if it’s really fiction then how did they out Rock Hudson, how did they get a Pulitzer for the John Edwards story? How did they expose Jesse Jackson? How about Tiger Woods? Mel Gibson? Rush Limbaugh?(remember the drugs), Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs? Right…nobody sues the National Enquirer because they know they’d lose when the Enquirer has the goods on you. Do your homework before you post something that is totally false.

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      2. They also publish a lot of bullshit and it’s not always possible to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Plus knowing that the Enquirer is blatantly pro-Trump makes me want to see a real newspaper printing this story before I give it any credence at all. It’s not like I have any love for Cruz or Trump. They are both total wackos in different ways


      3. I have to laugh at R2 D2….I mean bj3154…..These days the Enquirer is more honest than the mainstream news – including newspapers. Propaganda is free – and so many still believe if they read it in a newspaper or it is told by a news caster it is true. That is part of what is wrong here. PROPAGANDA ABOUNDS! It is best to listen to the ones who aren’t bought puppets and watch events as they take place …like a Trump Rally and or interview…then you see how the press lies and the newspapers print the lies. See how Ted lies and gets away with it. PROPAGANDA ABOUNDS. More truth in seeing and calling out the liars than with news printed. And this goes for false flags too! News is not news. Investigative reporting is dead except for with a few independents….who get called conspiracy theorists. Why? Because they report the facts.

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    1. Of course not everything they publish is true, but what I listed is true, and you’d have to provide proof they’re in the bag for Donald, because that is NOT A GIVEN. You are obviously on the side of slimy lying Cruz who wants a con-con, a North American Union,, Open borders, and common core in religious, private and home schools. Everyone I mentioned that Enquirer outed is true…so is Cruz, he’s filth.

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  8. Sidney carton says:

    I can’t stand Ted Cruz but really this is “supposedly” his private number. That can’t be that hard to verify. Publishing it without verifying it makes
    the author look worse than Cruz.


  9. I notice this is dated April 1… You know I love a good scandal, especially if takes down a shmutz like Ted Cruz, but this is innuendo, and while pubs like the Marshall Report are interesting, and sometimes break the news that leads to change, until this hits the mainstream media, and provides some context, it has little credibility… But it does give left wing conspiracy theorists a reason to get up in the morning, so it’s not all bad. You know, I’m not stupid, but why in the hell are those TX phone numbers highlighted? At this point we’re dealing with rumor… calm down – at this point the 4/1 date is as relevant as the story itself.

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  10. Wake up America. Trump is spot on about Ted Cruz. The man is a liar and he has a god complex. Americans need to ask themselves why the GOP will spend thousands and thousands to stop Trump, but they won’t spend a dime to hold Hillary Clinton accountable and we all know that she is as guilty as sin. Why is she above the law. Most likely, because Obama is up to his neck in guilt with her and if one goes down, so will the other.

    The real truth behind this smear campaign against Donald Trump is so obvious that is blinding. Can you not see, in this election, the warnings that got John Kennedy murdered? He warned us of the very thing that is taking place right now in our government. The New World Order is raising its head and it is showing no shame in using any means possible to achieve their goal.

    This may be our last chance at being a truly free people. Think about it and then act. Make your voice known. This is our country. It is not for sale and we should fight to keep them from stealing it. Recall the words of Patrick Henry, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” I choose liberty. What will you choose?

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  11. There are two incoming calls which would be Cruz since this is her record and she would be outgoing. Both those calls were a minute which could be less than since phone companies round minutes up. Not much can be arranged on a minute or less. Plus the outgoing numbers are all different with different area codes. This story sure doesn’t fly when you look at this logically is this is the only “evidence; there is.


  12. I was watching on YouTube a Ted Cruz rally, when he was in Erie, Pennsylvania the other day. His campaign strategy has changed. Much of what his changed message is, is now what Trump’s unchanged message is. Cruz changes his message just to get more people to vote for him. Trump is only interested in the greatness of America returning. Whaddya want? The real deal with Trump? Or some counterfeit crap from someone like Cruz, who’ll change back to where he was before Trump declared his candidacy? The only one that has what it takes is Trump. I must admit that Cruz sounded very good, but Trump has been saying the same thing all along. Cruz hasn’t.

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