Cruz The King of Gaslighting and North American Union – If not him, CFR will find another.

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Tired of being told one thing and watching a series of what Ted calls actions and the fruit of ones works as another? I sure am. Most people know when they are being gaslighted, yet many don’t. Gaslighting is a term used to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Or getting them to believe they didn’t see or hear a thing.

Well, if you are tired of that as much as I am, here are some cold hard facts.

Conservative Senator Ted Cruz never once campaigned for a conservative challenger to an incumbent in the 2014 mid-term campaign races – nor did he ever discuss the absence of a federal budget now the republicans were in control of both the House and the Senate. He did however later snub and make snide remarks about Sarah Palin who campaigned for his election and without her support would never have been elected.

He publically condemns what he calls the DC Cartel, yet he is in bed with the lot of them. More on that later, just keep reading.

When asked about his wife Heidi’s involvement with the Council On Foreign Relations, Ted tells the same story over and over when questioned, that is, his wife Heidi had nothing to do with the CFR except (for five years) as a member she sought to bring to the table some conservative views. He is always quick to add, ‘Robert Bolton was also a member ‘ of course with conservative views? See video from 2012 it is identical as what he says today:

What he fails to tell anyone is that not only did Heidi serve five years on the CFR North American Union Task Force, she helped write the manual on how to merge America into a North American Union. He also never mentions that Heidi was also appointed by President Bush as the Director of the Western Hemisphere which includes Canada, America and Mexico.

Ted never tells anyone that Heidi was also the “SPECIAL ASSISTANT” to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick , when he was appointed by President Bush as Ambassador and United States Trade Representative in 2001. Zoellick was also former deputy secretary of state, president of the World Bank, and vice chairman of Goldman Sachs (2006-2007) of which Heidi is presently on leave from her position as managing director in Goldman Sachs’s Houston office (to help with her husbands campaign).    Zoellick helped bring China and Taiwan into the World Trade Organization, launched the Doha Round of trade talks at the WTO, and significantly increased the number of U.S. free trade agreements. As U.S. trade representative, Zoellick played a key role in the passage of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the U.S.-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, the Jordan Free Trade Agreement, and the restoration of fast track negotiating authority via the Trade Act of 2002. He was also a top U.S. negotiator during the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) negotiations that lead to the formation of the World Trade Organization (WTO.

Zoellick also served on the boards of such corporations as Alliance Capital, Jones Intercable, Said Holdings, Enron, and the Precursor Group.

What makes all of this very important is the fact that today Robert Zoellick is a senior advisor to Goldman Sachs International and is co-chair with Petraeus of the the CFR’s “North America: Time for a New Focus” report, a globalism blueprint they claim carries an “integration and sovereignty” approach that somehow meaningfully differs from the EU’s “shared sovereignty”. According to Robert Zoellick, North America can become a “new growth market” under integration, rife with exploitable opportunities through a “doubling down” of NAFTA-style policies that they expect 2016 presidential candidates to pursue.

Zoellick’s CFR Task Force is pushing that the North American Union must be a part of the 2016 presidential election for they are behind schedule. Robert B Zoellick , Chairman of the Goldman Sachs group and the man leading the charge for a New North America centered around ENERGY. By -By American Corn Growers in Iowa. There’s no place in the new NAU for your corn. Wake up America, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ to the government and the establishment’s ambitious goals are nothing more than, as they call us – ‘HUMAN CAPITAL’!

There is a reason Clinton isn’t attacking Ted Cruz. At least not yet.

From the Task Force their concept is not to restore “Made In America”, it is to grow a new brand . One called Made in North America”.

Zoellick and company are calling for Canada and Mexico to be included in the TTIP – as they already are with the Trans-Pacific Partnership – in the name of greater North American integration, and for U.S. leaders to focus on globalizing their home turf in the coming period after Obama.

Download and go to the bottom of the article and click on the PDF to read the full report from the Council on Foreign Relation’s.

“In sum, we recommend a new partnership for North America, a new

model for the world of integration and cooperation among sovereign

states. The foundation for U.S. foreign policy in years to come should

be “Made in North America.”

And so what the CFR and Zoellick are now initiating is that the next president of the United States must be one who will represent a North American Union viewpoint.

Below is the statement from (page 63) the PDF of the CFR North American Task Force insisting that the next president must be one to push the North American Union goals:

Organizing the U.S. Federal Government to Shape a North American Policy

To change the U.S. outlook toward its home continent, North America needs to receive continuous, not episodic, attention. The Task Force recommends designating a senior U.S. official as the North American “champion” who will press for consistent policies across agencies and topics. Given the power relations within the U.S. government,this person would need to be the vice president, secretary of state, secretary of the treasury, or perhaps the national security adviser. The individual’s interest in the role is more important than his or her bureaucratic base. The assignment would need to be backed by presidential support, including through the White House and National Security Council.

Various models have been used over the years to focus and integrate U.S. intergovernmental processes in dealing with priority relationships. The current administration looks to the vice president to lead a U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue. In the past, the secretary of state led a Binational Commission of cabinet officers working with Mexico. In other countries, the secretary of the treasury—or secretaries of state and treasury together—have led such efforts. Bureaucratic structures and formal meetings are less important than having a senior person who is interested and capable of driving U.S. policy toward long-term goals for North America.

The Task Force also recommends restructuring the U.S. federal government to develop a North American viewpoint and advance continental policies. The Task Force is well aware of the poor record of using governmental reorganizations to address strategic and policy problems. However, in this case, to counter the tendency to treat North America as an afterthought and to press diverse departments to work together to shape coherent policy, the Task Force believes new structures would reinforce a new continental approach.

First, the National Security Council’s Directorate for Western Hemisphere Affairs should be divided into two offices, one for North America and one for South America. A North American Directorate is necessary to facilitate coordination across an especially vast interagency community that deals with Mexico and Canada. Second, the Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs should be divided into two bureaus as well, with one responsible for North American policy. Given the interconnectedness and interdependence of Central America and the Caribbean with North America, many Task Force members would also assign these countries to the North American units. This allocation would encourage the devotion of more serious and regular attention to these small countries, which periodically have disproportionate effects on the United States because of geographic proximity. Other departments, for example the Department of Homeland Security, should consider complementary organizational steps to better address North America as a whole. The Task Force notes that the Department of Defense already established NORTHCOM as a Unified Combatant Command in 2002, with Southern Command responsible for the rest of the hemisphere.

The Task Force also encourages greater U.S. congressional engagement with the Mexican congress and Canadian parliament. Increased inter-parliamentary exchanges could contribute to the development of a regional agenda. The Task Force would also advise the Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs Committees to create subcommittees for North America.

So you see, the same CFR Task Force that Heidi worked on, is the same task force that now is promoting her and her husband Ted Cruz to be in the white house to continue the work they all began in 2000 under the Bush administration. Remember Ted Cruz was also a foreign policy advisor, along with Robert Zoellick to formulate the BUSH DOCTRINE and the failed foreign policy we are dealing with today. Cruz has surrounded his campaign with advisors from the CFR, and Bilderberg Group Members, and his big donors are from Big Oil, and Banking.

Like it or not, this is what is one of the biggest “GASLIGHTING” JOBS ever to smack America in the face.

Those on the council of foreign relations are insisting that the North American Union must be a part of the 2016 presidential election. They are behind schedule. The truth is Robert B. Zoellick , Chairman of the Goldman Sachs group and the man leading the charge for a New North America are centered around ENERGY. They estimate that when they achieve their future north American energy goals, their gas and energy corporations will reap an estimated half a trillion dollars annually by 2016.

So, say good by to the American Corn Growers in Iowa. There’s no place in the new NAU for your corn. Wake up America, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ to the government and the establishment’s ambitious goals are nothing more than, as they call us – ‘HUMAN CAPITAL’!

There is a reason Clinton isn’t attacking Ted Cruz. At least not yet.

Dianne Marshall


27 thoughts on “Cruz The King of Gaslighting and North American Union – If not him, CFR will find another.

  1. DEPORTEM says:

    It is amazing to me how Marshall will overlook 99% of the good in Ted Cruz, in order to make false accusations that 1% of his policies should disqualify everything else that the man stands for. This article is not about “Gaslighting”. It is really about Marshall blowing smoke, trying to discredit the most conservative Presidential candidate in the race. Pox on her as an “accuser” who demonizes like a witch trying to cast a spell. This is just another example of how she feeds her tin foil hat conspiracy fans with their daily dose of delusional serum, the female version of Jim Jones.


    1. I’m for the true American…DONALD JOHN TRUMP. HE WILL BE ELECTED. Hillary will be in jail. Cruz will be off to Canada or Cuba…or if he can show proof of consular report of birth abroad…he might be able to finish his senate term. I doubt he is re-electable.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lar says:

        Thanks Diane for the hidden information . I never did trust Cruz or Rubio . As they say an evil person will tell 9 truths and 1 lie. So the 1 lie will slip through unnoticed , gaslighting in its disguise .

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Adela, I don’t think you would be on this site if you didnt have some doubt in regards to Cruz. This is not the only site in which to research this info.


      1. Michael R Sly says:

        friends close, enemies closer

        & regarding being on this site if you didn’t have “doubt in regard to Cruz”………..posh, I have doubt with regard to EVERYONE, (self-included). I am here to educate myself on differing view points. Good commanders study their opponents as much as anyone else. Coming to conclusions based on static, wives tale generalities is utter foolishness.

        Deportem commented “would you prefer hillary”.

        I expound on that and ask any of you to produce the perfect candidate whom does not suffer from a plank in their own eye.


  2. Obviously you don’t understand what subsidies are for. Let’s just take away the subsidies from the dairy farmers next, or the orange growers, how about take away all farming and livestock subsidies and see how that affects your grocery bill? Let alone the food supply. Then let’s take away subsidies for the oil and gas exploration that Ted Cruz isn’t promoting!! He is only promoting renewable energy fuels.


    1. Deb says:

      Subsidies are the reason for the high cost to the consumer. Paying farmers not to grow increases prices. If we the people can’t understand this reality then we deserve our fate.


  3. Robert says:

    Indeed Ted’s connections are not congruent with the image he wants and certainly looks like the title of lyin ted fits. as to farm subsidies as a man of country and wilderness I see clearly that farm subsidies are like any other form of welfare; then the gov. has a halter on ya and controls some things you do to their own ends also seems to be a way to get the gov. to theiv from your neighbor for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These CRUZBOTS, CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS, but, they never do their HOMEWORK…they believe every word a candidate (who claims to be a ‘Christian’) says…which is something a Christian should no better…discernment & knowledge is crucial…w/o it, the people ‘perish’…the devil is a ‘deceiver’ which means, they will look at u, and bull crap u, to ur face…and be, Mr.RedTights, when your back is turned…But, I fear, many of the holdouts, are just too proud to see they were wrong about those two – Heidi & Ted…Wake Up…;)L.




  5. Michael R Sly says:

    Diane, thank you for the information, I am adding it to my collection for further research.

    One observation…………..being condemned simply by token of being a part of a particular group is NOT a tar-n-feathering offense in and of itself. Hard to get new laws passed if you are not a member of congress. My point…….there is always the possibility that the Cruz’s are in organization to try to effect change for the better.

    Your article seems to imply an overwhelming tone of “guilt (merely) by association”.

    I’m not buying it, but, again, thank you for the food for thought.


  6. Does anyone on here know that in order to have a NAU our constitution must be “compliant?” Heidi does want a NAU. So what to do about the constitution? Get up a band of Robin Hood’s , fund them, call it a “convention of states “ (nowhere in he constitution) made up out of thin air, lobby ignorant states legislators to APPLY for an ART V convention, get 34 states, then have a state delegate to the convention invoke PAR.2 Declaration of Independence (literate constitutionalists refer to tiny PAR 2 as the nuclear bomb to the constitution) and Viola, a runaway convention ending with a totally deleted and re written constitution—-just ripe for a NAU—like EU, where you have no natural rights, just revocable privileges!!! Any takers on here?


  7. […] 在这个过程中,上演了一出又一出的无间道戏码,深水大鳄一个个浮出水面。共和党的州长州务卿都算是小虾米了,川普跑去几次帮他们拉票的佐治亚州两位共和党参议员也是小鱼,被川普推上去的三位大法官,呵呵了,关键时刻不支持他,麦康奈尔跳出来后,那是越蹦越高,我本来以为副总统彭斯是最后一个,谁知今天有一篇文章揭露,泰德-科鲁兹参议员是正在往川普身边潜的另一条大鳄鱼?这消息,真的有些吓人好不好?更有人说蓬佩奥最后一天扔出定罪中共种族灭绝罪也只是为自己四年后竞选总统而收割川粉?难道说支持他的只剩下霍利参议员了?Oh,my God。真的有上帝吧?不带这么玩你的天选之人的吧? […]


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