Funny isn’t it how Cruz and Rubio have so much in common.

Both have Cuban Fathers, both have ineligibility issues, both new in the senate, both miss important votes, both lie about why they voted for and or against bills, both have same donors, both have same foreign policy advisors, both have Goldman Sachs pushing them, both benefit from voter fraud committed by both Rubio and Cruz camps. Both mysteriously surged in polls, both really want a borderless America…after all they are pushing establishment goals for North American Union and both deny they do at the same time.

Let’s face it the establishment, the media, the pundits, and their donors know that both shouldn’t be running at all because neither one are natural born citizens. But, then again, that is exactly why they want them.  They need a puppet to push their North American Union Goals that need sped up.  That is what they decided at the last Council on Foreign Relations meeting in 2015…remember?

Organizing the U.S. Federal Government to Shape a North American Policy

“To change the U.S. outlook toward its home continent, North America needs to receive continuous, not episodic, attention. The Task Force recommends designating a senior U.S. official as the North American “champion” who will press for consistent policies across agencies and topics. Given the power relations within the U.S. government,this person would need to be the vice president, secretary of state, secretary of the treasury, or perhaps the national security adviser. The individual’s interest in the role is more important than his or her bureaucratic base. The assignment would need to be backed by presidential support, including through the White House and National Security Council.”

So….there it is in a nut shell.  It is the people verses the establishment just like Trump supporters have been saying all along.

Dianne Marshall



  1. Chris says:

    Go to this source for complete low down on how they plan a Rubio Nominee Nate Silver on Twitter and his links to strategies the GOP has scripted so far it’s on point.

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  2. Natalie Heflin says:

    IS anyone looking beyond Cruz voter intimidation, stealing votes to maybe a bigger picture, From the minute Trump entered the race the media , the GOP have tried to shut him down. Now we have Cruz stealing votes from Dr. Carson, If you read from the beginning all of the tweets and the time line of each you see the real picture. They jumped on an opportunity to take Trump Down. Trump had surged in the polls , Cruz was 5 points behind and Rubio was around 17%. So if they tell Carson supporters that he is dropping out of the race and to vote for Cruz and if just 4 people changed their vote in each precinct then that is around 6000 votes do you think all went to Cruz. Rubio got some of them. hence his surge in votes., The media the next day took the stance Trump lost Rubio won. Cruz I hope will be a non issue going forward. Why because Rubio is the only hope that the Republicans have of beating Trump. And Rand Paul quit!!!! whats up with that, whats up is his 8,481 vote that the GOP hope to push to vote for Rubio bring Rubio closer to being a viable candidate and I am sure some of Cruz’s voters will jump ship and go with Rubio, So is all of this a more underhanded plot by the take Trump out, they could not beat him in the media like they have previous candidate to get their candidate elected so they had to get a little more sneaky. I was glad to see Trump in a town hall meeting he needs more of these as well as his huge venues.. Just ready to help take my country back and do all I can to help Trump. Keep it Real..

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  3. Hi Dianne.. I just discovered your site – what refreshing awareness and honesty! Might it also be that the republican candidates with support in the single digits are having their coffers replenished by those planing a brokered convention to undermine Donald Trump? Otherwise isn’t it absurd that they’re all still hanging in there? THANKS.

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  4. BlueSky says:

    My 34 year old latino son has an uncanny resembles to Rubio all the way down to the big ears and parted hair! Now when I look at my son , I don’t know whether to love him or to hate him. To unlock the door so he can come in or to lock it to keep him out. I am not sure if should let him kiss me or ring his neck. I suppose he is a keeper , hoping he doesn’t stick me in an old peoples home as I advance, or will he?


    1. LOL. Rubio is a very handsome man. So your son is fine. It is his willingness to be a puppet for whatever his personal gain reasons are that are a problem. He was raised in a Cuban family influenced by the tragedy of oppression his parents experienced. And was born here 5 years before his Cuban parents became citizens. That is not natural born. Nor does it meet the requirements of having an American parent(s) that lived here 14 years etc. That is what it is. Not judging that, his love he says he has for America is not being questioned here. What I question is his ability to govern America with eyes that are wise. He has shown poor responsibility in serving in the Senate missing the most votes and Cruz missing the second highest numbers of votes, and Reid comes in at number 3. His lack of knowledge in the problems our failed foreign policy has created is scary. Just as bad as Cruz wanting to somehow precision carpet bomb? No fly zones are an act of war when you impose them on sovereign nations…so both Cruz and Rubio would be in violation of the Geneva convention – if anyone did anything about it?? I am sure Putin would this time…therefore both of them would usher us into WWIII. They share the same foreign policy advisors, some of the same donors such as Goldman Sachs, and are both willing puppets of the establishment. Although Cruz denies it. Rubio remains silent. The danger of either one of these in office makes me shiver…the establishment could care less that either one of them would even be able to manage a chain of Popeye’s without problems…let alone the office of president. Why? Because all they need is a puppet to do what they say and they will do the rest. That is why I am voting for Trump. But love your son and be thankful that he is not selling his soul to the highest bidder and teach him the right way to go. But, I do understand for my son in law looked just like Bill Clinton when he was younger.


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