5 thoughts on “Desperate Liar – Glenn Beck Sends Followers Fake Trump Tweet – Trying To Prop Up Failing Ted Cruz…

  1. Why am I not surprised? When Beck moved everything to Texas, something happened to him. Those of us who loved his Fox TV show (for free) would have to pay to watch his TV show down there, and I don’t think he got as many subscribers as he had hoped. I’m guessing he suffered financially. People have speculated he’s been hitting the bottle again; it’s obvious he’s turned to food. Whatever…he’s not a happy man. On the contrary, he seems like a bitter and jealous man who is sinking to unscrupulous depths. But he still has something of a loyal following, especially with Evangelicals, which is why Cruz has hitched his wagon to Beck. And Cruz is politician who’s got Big Money Donors backing him. I don’t trust politicians with BMDs pulling their strings. Beck’n’Cruz; what a slimy pair.


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