There has been a powerful shift in the atmosphere, there is a movement that has taken hold of those called by God’s name – a strong presence of the Holy Spirit is surging throughout the body of Christ! In unison, as though the sound of the shofar awoke a great people to run like they have never run before, pressing forth with a mighty voice shouting, “Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven!”

One by one people sense it, they know it, they feel it and they are empowered by it for greater is he who is in them than he who is in the world!

God’s people are winning over the dark principalities who are of lessor powers. They are exposing the evil and declaring God’s Kingdom to come.

God’s annointed have had enough of the fear driven lies – enough of the forced mandates – enough with the toxic vax – enough of the tyranny! The Cabal’s RESET SHALL NOT STAND! The Shofar has sounded and the people have awakened with the Lord at the helm shouting NO YOU CANNOT HAVE MY CHILDREN, No you cannot have my mind, no you cannot destroy my family, no more lies, no more needless wars, no more poisoned food, no more making us sick then profiting off our illness, no more enslavement on our God given rights!

Pressing Toward the Goal – Devoted To You

Young and old from sea to shining sea and across the world are standing in the name of the Lord calling on the Holy Spirit to take down the giants that have been trodding them down with hate, lies, and deceit since the Adam in the Garden! Enough of this – the remnant are opening their eyes to all the lies, all the deceit, all of the evil, the wars, the strife, the greed, toxic food, tainted water, poisoned air, and pseudo science – enough of this tryanny! They shout- we are awake and armed with the power of the Holy Spirit – in Jesus name we rebuke your evil! It is time to expose every lie and every deceiver!

Together, we are running and carrying those who fall along the way…pressing forth into the Kingdom like a stampede of great buffalo! Like a dam bursting there is a flood of awakening- together PRESSING INTO THE KINGDOM of God! A movement that has begun from the east to the west, from the north to the south! Dr. Kynan Bridges has felt the very same pulling, tugging, and pressing! Spiritual Warfare is raging and the children of God are Pressing into the Kingdom of God!

Press into the kingdom!

The ANNOINTED are getting stronger, and you cannot silence them! They are getting stronger, their discernment is getting more refined, they are walking in greater authority. God’s anointed are pressing into the kingdom – they are declaring the Kingdom of God and rebuking the net cast over them -enough of the wickedness they are shouting to God for praise, for direction, for strength to stand and God has put his people in motion and called for a great pressing forth…the kingdom is coming and we are waxing strong in the Lord.





  1. Gavin Swanepoel says:

    Hi Dianne

    One of the most powerful prophets that I have seen and heard of in this modern generation has to be Kim Clement, and over the past few years listening to his prophecies and how accurate his prophecies have been regarding President Trump is phenomenal. It’s really interesting to see how many times you use him in your messages, which I must say is great
    . To be honest with you there aren’t many prophets that have been as accurate as he has been with Trump, America, Israel and many other countries with prophecies that still need to be fulfilled.
    Being a South African myself I’m very proud to see what an impact he has made all over the world.
    but then again I also have to say that I’m very disappointed seeing what another fellow South African, Elon Musk is doing and how dangerous he is becoming.
    Elon is tampering with technology that is moving us closer and closer to mark of the beast, which I must say I am very disturbed by, it would be interesting to have your thoughts on what I have mentioned.

    Thank you and kind regards


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    1. EJ says:

      Yes, G. Swanepoel, Dianne is a powerful teacher for us. I am thankful for her, that way she brings all this information together. . . . I share your concern re Elon Musk; he is a major one helping to kill all life with his satellites that beam down killer 5G 60 GHz electromagnetic radiation on us all the world over. He needs to stop now. So we pray in the Name of Messiah that Father rids our sky of Musk’s and other’s evil.

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  2. John832 says:

    Dianne, thank you for that great encouragement for boldness. It brought me back to the time when Elisha, the prophet of God, was going to be captured by an army that was attacking Israel. They came by night, and Elisha’s attendant looked out and saw that they were surrounded by the enemy …

    … “Now when the attendant of the man of God had risen early and gone out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was circling the city. And his servant said to him, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?” So he answered, “DO NOT FEAR, FOR THOSE WHO ARE WITH US ARE MORE THAN THOSE WHO ARE WITH THEM.”

    Then Elisha prayed and said, “O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the Lord opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; AND BEHOLD, THE MOUNTAIN WAS FULL OF HORSES AND CHARIOTS OF FIRE ALL AROUND ELISHA.”

    God took care of the enemy, and the enemy never came back, because of the FAITH of those who believed in God. So the story had a happy ending …

    … “And the marauding bands of Arameans did not come again into the land of Israel.”
    2 Kings 6:15-17, 23

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    Though “many are called, few are chosen.” The world is shifting. The remnant is pressing for TRUTH; pressing for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Answer ELOHEINU’S call!

    Reject satan and all evilness; let his lies, fall upon deaf ears. Reaffirm your faith, trust and love for ELOHEINU. Know, He will not forsake His people nor abandon His Covenant with those who truly believe.

    “God has got this!” Worry not, His Truth shall cast out the wicked, so only the Chosen remain.

    (Matthew 22:14)

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  4. Jean says:

    Dianne. Again, thank you for another edifying message! May YAHUAH bless you and keep you, May HE make HIS Face shine upon you and show favor to you and give you peace!

    Joseph Leblanc, I pray the same for you Brother! You always have a beautiful and inspirational message! Thank you!

    John832.. same to
    you also, your comments bless me! Amen! Thank you!
    Keep pressing on!

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  5. EJ says:

    Yes, Dianne, we Believers are Pressing into the Kingdom of Our Father–and trying to bring others along. Down on our knees, kneeling in prayer, we ask in the Name of Messiah for the full Armor of Father to keep us upright, standing. We have The Holy Spirit in us; thereby we ourselves have Power unmatchable by any one or thing. Thank you so kindly for your powerful message and teaching. Heavenly Father Bless you and Guide you to keep bringing the Word to us all.

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  6. Little Charlie says:

    2nd Harvest is coming but Jesus states that the kingdom has deeper and more profound values than those of Caesar, of any nation-state, or of any political project. The Kingdom of God cannot be confused with the kingdoms of this world. Jesus had profound respect for his own Jewish culture and the land of Israel. But God’s purposes are not limited to one ethnicity or one land.

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  7. trnathens says:

    If one believes this is a battle between good and evil; it is.

    If one believes that without the United States, the world is lost; it is.

    If one believes that THEY are trying to control the world; they are.

    If one believes THEY want to eliminate the free expression of religion if they “win”; they do, but they won’t win 🙂

    Then one most likely believes that we are somewhere inside the chapter of Revelation.

    Others may think we’re close, but not quite there.

    I’m going to suggest expanding your…horizon, in terms of…space

    Biblically speaking.

    What would God’s Angels look like today? How would they travel? Would they look EXACTLY like us? Look at the variety of life on our planet, is it unreasonable to assume that other of God’s creatures may look…different?

    And because God created the universe and all in it, then ALL are children of God, as are We.

    And if OUR operating directions were to Love God above all, and to Love our neighbor as ourselves, then isn’t it reasonable to assume that is THEIR operating directive as well?

    But what would they look like?

    Let’s go to the source. The WORD of God. The Bible.

    King James version.

    This is NOT a distraction from anything. It is REAL. God is real. The BIBLE…is real.

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    1. etting29 says:

      I am so grateful for this truly courageous man of God, Fr. Altman..
      I had removed the hierarchy of the Church & clerics who have failed to fight for Christ & His flock before hearing his sermon . On hearing him, I felt my view, validated. Commenting on their support for a false president who extols abortion at all stages of pregnancy, who brags about being Catholic, brought the wrath of his fellow hypocrites down on me. God works in unpredictable ways, for when FB ejected me with incredible false statements, I found The Marshall Report.
      Fr. Altman expressed so eloquently this situation. I believe in the basic tenets of the Church, but infallibility, with almost no exceptions, is not realistic historically, but especially in my lifetime. These defenders of corruption are trying to deliver us into Evil.
      We will all face Judgment. What we are born won’t be the yardstick, but we did with our lives most likely will be.
      Thank you for posting Fr. Altman’s sermon.

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      1. Errant Preachers – False Doctrine – No such thing as Hell – Serving MAMMON

        Enemy is desperate – Terrorist Attack – similar to 9/11 – Thwarted – AA + Corporations – Cabal is fighting back.

        Demonic Attacks on Truth-tellers and Prophets – PRAY on the Armor of God Daily – PRAY for each other.

        PRESS into the FIGHT – PRESS FORWARD – PRESS into the KINGDOM!!!

        God will not be mocked – their plans will backfire on them – GOD WINS!!!

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  8. Anita says:

    inesnido: wonderful homily from a Grace-filled Catholic priest. As a Catholic, I appreciate the descriptive infallible belief of Catholicism he so aptly explained of a sinless Blessed Mother celebrated as the Immaculate Conception . Too many Catholics don’t know nor understand what the Immaculate Conception is/means. Too many non-Catholics ridicule it even though not knowing what IC is & why Catholics celebrate this on December 8th. My mother almost named me Concepcion. All Protestant sects don’t understand our honoring and our love ♥️ for the Blessed Mother, Mary, the Holy mother of Jesus. There are those Protestant sects that ridicule Catholic love and respect for Mary. My response: we celebrate Mother’s Day to demonstrate love and respect for our respective mothers, why is it ridiculous to show love and respect for the mother of God, Jesus. Without Mary there is no Jesus; she said yes to God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
    Catholics worldwide need brave and holy clergy as well as nuns and brothers to enforce & practice the teachings of Christ Jesus. If Jorge/Francis preaches anti Catholic teachings or makes statements against the Catholic catechism , he should be ignored or called out, preferably called out & criticized for his misinformation and lacking of knowledge of Holy Scripture. Instead, a Catholic pastor calls the police to remove a pregnant mom of a young child from the church during Mass after Holy Communion and then be prohibited from attending that church. Catholic Bishops congratulating racist, abortionist, plagiarist, thief China joe thug for stealing the election & supporting abortion up to birth and not giving a baby medical care should baby survive is terrible. This is NOT leadership. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are courage and strength.

    What Catholics forget is that they are the Church so even if so many Catholic clergy are in disarray the Faith will stay strong and continue. The marxistdems corrupt media only focuses on the weak Catholic clergy and not the good, brave ones. But that is all part of the plan: destroy the Word of God and the Teachings of Christ. The NY Slimes is virulently anti Catholic; it’s also maniacally anti President Trump & his MAGA patriot supporters. No surprise there but the writers there & throughout the corrupt marxistdems media, madly in love with the fraud hussein and his marxist anti American policies also forced the other hussein on Americans as being “beautiful” with important words of racism, rage, & victimhood Americans must heed.

    The persecution of Christians is worldwide both in muslim majority nations as well western countries. Many more Christians are persecuted and slaughtered in muslim countries but western nations are taking away Christian rights to practice their Faith. The marxistdems already have removed God from their platform. As much as I respect Rudy Giuliani, he shouldn’t be so surprised or angry by how muslims have attacked jews in the USA, muslims have always attacked Christians and other non-Christians. 1400 years of dhimmitude and beheadings.

    The silent majority needs to stop being silent, complacent and inanimate.

    God bless!


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