Dominion demands that Sidney Powell retract 'baseless and false  allegations' about voting machines. - The New York Times

Mon, May 24 at 4:21 PM

Sidney Powell
Dear Patriots,

There is very much happening on several fronts and there could be significant stories we will be sending to you this week.

We wanted to start out this last week in May with this video of an interview that Sidney did with Rev. Kevin Jessip.
The show is called Contending For the Faith and airs on the Christian Television Network.

Rev. Jessip is the President of and

It is an uplifting 24 minute video that highlights Sidney’s strong faith which has enabled her to accomplish the seemingly impossible!

Please take some time to watch and pass this on to others in your network.

Sidney Powell and Team Kraken

Sidney Powell – Special Note to Our Supporters:

We believe one of the best ways that you can help in The Battle to Save America is to educate yourself on the facts … and then to:

SHARE those Facts with the people in your world. 

We ask you to pass along this information in email and the social media you participate in. Information is FREEDOM AND POWER!

Always remember: Wearing the Armor of God, including the Truth … YOU can make a difference every day! Sidney Powell

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  1. Little Charlie says:

    God bless all
    Ephesians 1:21-23 CJB
    far above every ruler, authority, power, dominion or any other name that can be named either in the ‘olam hazeh or in the ‘olam haba. Also, he has put all things under his feet and made him head over everything for the Messianic Community, which is his body, the full expression of him who fills all creation.

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  2. Tina says:

    The calling on Sidney’s life can be helped by donating to Defending the Republic. It’s something we can all do wether $5,$10,$25,$100, ECT. Every dime helps make America Greater for All of us!

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  3. Jill Brown says:

    Thank you Sydney Powell for you strong example! We have written a “Letter to the Editor” of our local newspaper asking “Why give this COVID vaccine to our children?” and speak against setting up a clinic at the local school to give kids vaccines. I am standing up for those who nurses and doctors and teachers who feel they cannot speak out or they will loose their jobs. What would Sydney do? We must all take a stand for the future of our children. God Bless you and your work!

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      1. Cookie Bruno says:

        Same with the Universities. If the parents would take the kids out for a year watch these mandates disappear. Hitting them in the wallet works every time. Takes a little sacrifice.

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      2. debjbalk says:

        Yes, Cookie!! Sacrifice now…rewards later! If sacrifices are not made now, the suffering, loss of rights, and control will only escalate. #FreedomTakesSacrifice

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  4. southern1952 says:

    hi everyone, in the first part of the opening up there, they talked about a show called “Contending for the faith” my pastor did a sermon by that same name, if the show is as good as the sermon, it’ll be good! yesterday’s sermon was about ufo”s and what the bible says about them.

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  5. Little Charlie says:

    Clinton broke silence. “I’m Hillary Clinton, you can’t do this to me,” she said, her voice a witch’s cackle.

    “It’s already done,” Donald J. Trump shouted up at her.

    “Ready.” Vice Adm. Hannink nodded at the execution detail.

    After a moment’s pause, he gave the “execute” order, the soldiers pressed their buttons, and the grate beneath Clinton’s feet swung open. Her legs and feet, still shackled at the ankles, twitched a moment or two, then stopped.


    1. debjbalk says:

      It plays like a horror flick!! And my head is buried, not wanting to watch!! ;+/ Never did enjoy horror movies, especially once filled with the Holy Spirit.

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      1. I have never liked them either. To this day I have never watched any of the Chuckys. Never watched anything…except children of the corn and that was back in the 80’s or whenever it came out and I was younger. I hate and always have hated movies with senseless gore. Also can’t stand to hear hard metal screeching with evil filled words they call heavy metal. It always went against the vibrations I hold. It pulls a person down and like a sonic boom tears down the positive vibrations in the body and mind. And yes we have both positive and negative vibrations…we are electric and magnetic and our mass, all mass is held together by electromagnetic forces. I used to think, because I did not know…that the cars bouncing up and down with their music blaring was some type of “jump thing” they installed in their vehicles. I found out…it was the low frequency music resonating vibrations from their powerful subwoofers that blasted and caused their vehicles to hop up and down. What do we think it is doing to our body and mind? Not good. I don’t see as much of the hopping cars these days…wonder what happened to the drivers enjoying all that? Mini sonic boom blasts. Harmless? NO.


  6. Anita says:

    I ordered a t-shirt from the Catholic pro-life organization Priests for Life. Some of you may recognize this anti abortion organization since Father Frank Pavone spoke many times at President Trump’s rallies and headed the Catholics for Trump ( but was forced to leave that position because of a PC Bishop). RSBN had him speaking before the rallies began and he headed prayers for President Trump with others especially after November 3rd and pointed out to many why you should vote for & support President Trump. Fr. Pavone took questions from leftist Catholics ( oxymoron) and delicate Catholics why they should support President Trump. On one of live shows he introduced a t-shirt made for President Trump. It says “Pray for President Trump “ with an eagle 🦅 in the front and on the back, Mathew 18:20. I decided to purchase it and now I’ve received it. Although, I’m in a blue state destroyed by marxistdems governor and mayor, I’m wearing it. The city is inundated with antifa and blm thugs but none of us should live in fear but carefully. The state includes a very large section that is Trump country red albeit blue from marxistdems laws and idiocy. Infanticide is “popular” & the law including teens without parental consent abortions.

    I ask that you pray for President Trump and Flotus Melania and pray for President Trump patriot supporters in blue states. We live in blue states but are red Trump patriot supporters that are harassed and in other instances physically assaulted. We don’t deserve the marxistdems thugs or unconstitutional laws and not everyone can move. I wanted to leave to Florida decades ago. Illegal aliens invading our country are here as part of the marxistdems destruction more so in blue states.

    Imagine if the apostles continued to live in fear; fortunately Jesus promised them that the Paraclete would come to make them strong and courageous Apostles to go forth and spread the Word. St. Paul the Apostle although repeatedly arrested for his constant preaching and warned to stop, he didn’t fear the Roman authorities ( a scary bunch of thugs). Luckily for us, the original Apostles & St. Paul the Apostle spread the Word of God and Resurrection of Christ the Redeemer of the world! St. Maria Magdalena was a brave woman who followed Christ all the way to Golgotha & stood before Him crucified. She was rewarded for her love 💗 for the Savior by being the first one to the see the Risen Lord before He was sanctified by the Father in Heaven.

    Talk & actions: directions for the silent majority. President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one shall come to the Father but through Me.

    Fight for the Truth: Jesus is the Redeemer
    President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president.

    Courage, knowledge, strength the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



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    1. debjbalk says:

      Courage, knowledge, and strength. Anita’s many gifts of the Holy Spirit.
      Blessings to you, dear sister!

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  7. debjbalk says:

    Sidney, if I had 5 minutes with you…. Hmmm!! Prayer for you! Praise to the Lord for his touch on you. And, promise to carry your torch of courage into the world. Just 5 minutes with you… yet eternity in heaven.. See ya sometime, super Spirit-filled Sidney!!

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