Johns Hopkins Confirms: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth – is this legalized depopulation?

Now isn’t this special. Is this disinformation or real information. Discern, discern, discern. Nothing is as it appears should be our first response always. What do they have to gain by having people believe this new information? Will we now start some quarantines? Self imposed lockdowns…anger, frustration and even hate caused by our fear of those who took the vaccine? Good grief…here comes the witch hunt.

CDC Cuts COVID-19 Quarantine Time for Exposure to Others | EHS Today

I do not totally trust Johns Hopkins Hospital research and here is why… they receive funding from the great merchants of the earth and the World Health Organization. Now I am not saying they don’t help people and have great doctors, I am saying many of the people who fund various research projects have had alterior motives attached to their funding. Where many offer grants and funding to enrich the future of medical breakthroughs for good, there are those who fund the medical field to control WHAT THEY RESEARCH by giving RESEARCH GRANTS to RESEARCH what they want. They patent man made virus’s and all type of strange things. Institutions need the grant money so they do what they are asked to do. After all, it is all for the cause of helping humanity, right? It can often be a merry go round, controlled by great merchants. See this link: 2. Identifying Sources of Funding (

Coronavirus Quarantine and Eating Disorders: A Perfect Storm - Center For  Discovery

That being said… what if it is true? What if we are now going to be vaxed by those who took the vaccine whether we like it or not? Well this could be a camouflage for 5G or some frequency surges on society…and no one would know the difference as to whether it was or wasn’t from the vaccine? Especially if their fear mongering, mind control continues to keep people blind, deaf and dumb.

According to the article linked below,

“We are watching a genocidal transgenerational plan unfolding. Bill Gates is executing it on behalf of dead men and others who shared their goals.

This is diabolical. Satanic. Civilization in facing a hugely clear and present danger.”

I know…it’s hard to read, I can’t read it either…so here is the link…Self-spreading vaccines • Vaccine toxicity, laws, actions to take –
Do you trust Rockefeller Foundation? Do you?

So get ready…remember they were going to drag out the vaccine for five years that would have placed the vaccine roll out at 2025. Then they would have a new dilema…it would be called SPARS PANDEMIC!!!!!!!

Oh but this is only hypothetical…..says John Hopkins Research….well what else was hypothetical? Oh, yes…COVID-19 AND THE LOCKSTEP hypothetical scenario. Yea, right….! spars-pandemic-scenario-2.pdf (

At what point do these depopulation experts paid for by the Cabal, think people will wake up and SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING? They have certainly underestimated the power of the creation God made to have a HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH that counters all of their evil serums!

This gives all the appearance of a biological warfare attack on all of humanity!

So the spread a vax was hypothesized a long time ago and we are now exposing part II of the Virus that ate the world or something like that. But, in the end, God wins and the vax and all the little needles they have jabbed into God’s people will be a historic reminder of man’s evil. Similar to the historic rememberance of the crown of thorns they prodded into and pressed down on our Saviors head. The Lord has risen and in the end we win. In fact, the battle has already been won. EXPOSE THE LIES – SPREAD THE WORD AND LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD LOUDER THAN THEIR LIES!


60 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins Confirms: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth – is this legalized depopulation?

  1. I’ve read elsewhere, they do have a cure for cancer and there is something coming out called medbeds? Have you seen or heard anything about this? People are going to be really angry if this is true. I have to trust God about the ‘shedding’ vax stuff, we all have to go sometime, if this is how, so be it. Can’t live in fear.

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      1. copperheadcitysaloon says:

        But an alleged virsus is not spread airborne. The vector is animal fat. God did not get the memo from the CDC. It is blood in blood or flesh in flesh. That’s how it is and it has never been anything less since the beginning of creation.


    1. There may be a cure for cancer but it cant be used because the Rx companies and the govmt. have cut a deal a long time ago, just like sueing the Rx companies–it would reduce their income. Bottom line is ALWAYS money..

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    1. That is fear tactic propaganda. So everyone is fearful. Don’t even think the thought. Mind control. Through gaslighting. OOps that was not correct. I answered it differently below. Morgellans is real. I thought that was pertaining to vaccines. My bad. This was the program Biden was flapping about back when he said, “I guarantee ya, everybody will be chipped.” I’m glad he’s gone. Now when we get rid of the double show..I will be relieved.

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    2. I answered that question way to fast…I thought it was something else. Yes. Morgellans is real. Nano particles they have sprayed in the skys and we have breathed them in. I take Spirullina (blue/green algae)which is found at the health food store because it binds with minute particles even radiation to pull it out of the body. It is very real. The idea is to make us all chipped. Which is different than vaxed. I’ve been hyping on morgellons for some years now. I even put it in a screen play I wrote in 2014. Bad stuff. Trump stopped the spraying in 2019 on the fourth of July…but don’t know what this administration has done.

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    3. Lynn- the bot we are watching is either drugged up and gone mentally, a double, or a CGI generated bot….It may be they are using all three. And are now down to double and CGI generated. It is common sense that when you see a hand go through a microphone in a video that it is not Biden. It’s not him in my opinion. Elvis has left the building.


      1. Many people suffered from it. Experimental. There are ways to pull metals out from the body in different foot soak bathes. People do it regularly so they don’t get the nano buildup. We’ve been breathing these things for years now. But, fear will make you sick without anything else. The mind is powerful. With the Holy Spirit, the body has the power to heal itself, without it, the dark side, it will deplete itself. When God calls one home…your are called home. Meanwhile, in our flesh…we are always prone to physical illnesses. But, we don’t have to go along with it. Nestle, Pepsi, have been tainting our water supplies and buying the rights to them up world wide and selling it back to us. This needs to stop. These companies also fund depopulation projects. Look who sits on their boards of directors.

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  2. Dianne, I came across something that is quite concerning about almost 100% already being chipped through food, drinks, water and see very little about it. I wonder what will, or can, be done if we are already chipped. You can duck duck go search “nano domestic quell” for more on this. Such evil.

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  3. Anita says:

    So strange after the fact. Where was the medical 🏥 & science 🧬 community with data before injections? I have problems with the pharmaceutical companies: more honesty, transparency and less bloviating is imperative.

    The doctors & scientists that conducted themselves as responsible, honest professionals who explained & warned about vaccines and enumerated the alternative choices ( specific drugs combined with specific vitamins) were shut down, fired and also some lost their licenses. Atrocious!

    When President Trump told the People about certain drugs and vitamins to take that proved efficacious he was ridiculed and shut down (albeit he was right , the treatment was medically sound). Governors prohibited prescriptions fulfilled with drugs that would have saved lives combined with vitamins. Cuomo stands out !How vile!

    Science can be for good but it has its evil side ( which means money 💴 and lots of tax dollars 💵). Vivisectors in million dollar homes; ceos at pharmaceutical companies making billions at any cost. Billions of Innocent creatures suffer vivisection to provide cover that vaccines and drugs are safe; this saves them from being sued. FDA approval is not a tacit sign of safety since it makes no sense to extrapolate from other species to humans. We’re bipeds & not built like quadrupeds; for example my cat 🐈 can jump straight up to the top of refrigerator. Humans can’t do that. It’s also unethical and cruel. I’ve read copious amounts of evidence from many books and articles & I’ve written papers on the waste of money and innocent lives and how vivisection doesn’t really help humans. Billions help those involved.

    We need ethical scientists to benefit humans and doctors to do no harm and bring this all to fruition without harming God’s creatures who didn’t volunteer.

    Well, it seems one must always follow the money 💴.

    God bless


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    1. copperheadcitysaloon says:

      The way to avoid the sphere of the pharmaceutical industry is to avoid going to the doctor. The root meaning of pharmacy is witchcraft.

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      1. tonyb112 says:

        I see my Doc yearly for blood tests I want done. I might go more IF I get sick and need a prescription. I was ‘FIRED’ by 1 Doc because I refused to come in QUARTERLY! I told him I’m not interested in helping with his cash flow, obviously that was the wrong comment.

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      2. MeHH says:

        I haven’t been to a doctor in 30 years after reading about pharmakeia in the Bible. I rarely get sick, then only for a very short time. Take vitamins, try to eat healthy, pray for healing and wisdom, research how to be healthy—NO pharmaceuticals (poison)–trust God, no fear, nip stress in the bud. Good information on

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      3. Beth H says:

        Yes! Pharmakea (sp?) = sorcery. God gave us all we need for healing ourselves with whatever grows naturally. Look at and check out the information in all their books, including The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies. All your medicine is in your back yard or nearby. And if you are on meds for whatever reason, be sure to read the side effects of the drugs and find natural remedies online to counteract them.

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  4. Anita says:

    Please read Dianne’s comments. It’s all about fear, gaslighting and creating anger & mistrust among ourselves. Reread her comments 100 💯 % correct!

    Gaslighting: watch the film Gaslight 1944 with Ingrid Bergman one of my favorite actresses. It will demonstrate what gaslighting is ( & a good film). You’ll understand what Dianne repeats in her comments: “gaslighting”.

    St. Michael the Archangel protect & defend us from evil by the power of God in the Name of Jesus. Amen

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  5. Ann says:

    Diane, I came across a site and on it found-a Dr. who wasn’t going to be taking any patients that had “shot” which then lead me to another video by Dr. Shari Tenpenny & Dr. Larry Palevsky with 4 other female drs. discussing odd issues going on especially with females (miscarriages; infertility; strange bleeding in women already through menopause) after getting “the shots” as well as those that hadn’t got shot but been in contact with people that had!Also Dr. T is starting a weekly video forum to discuss Covid & effects of “shot” on people
    “Critical Thinking with Dr. T & Dr. P” every Thur night. Possibly this is something you would want to check out & let your readers know about! The main thing I got out of it is that people that got “shot” are now spreading virus to unvaccinated people & that’s why numbers are increasing! Dr. Larry was blunt, saying the vaccinated people will become “the lepers” the ones unvaccinated people should stay away from!

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    1. Charliepc says:

      Hi Ann,
      I was reading an article that was saying Pine needle tea is a natural antidote. Would need to check this out with a health food store and get the right pine needles, some are toxic so you can’t just go pick them.

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      1. Ann says:

        Dr. T did say antidote was chloroquine, zinc & vitamin D! Which is really what people should have been given at onset, per these doctors! The docs also said quercetin can be used to help.? Which I’ve been taking for past year along with zinc & Vitamin D.
        But we know Dr. Fauci & other evil people (bought & paid for by big pharma & WHO) didn’t want non-vaccine because they want control of mankind not help!
        Dr. T said she’s been giving scripts for chloroquine but only to Ohio residents as she can’t legally write prescriptions in other states.
        The video contained much info so people should view it!

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    2. agon7777 says:

      I stopped listening to Mike Adams on Natural News. He stokes fear that I believe is unfounded. He also sells survival foods, equipment, etc. He is in Texas and when they had the freeze, he was not prepared because he didn’t count on his diesel generator to freeze. I don’t totally dislike the guy because he has some truths but some of the stuff, I feel, is fear mongering. Thank you, Dianne, for addressing this. If you use discernment, this all makes perfect sense as to what they are doing! God bless us all. In the end, He wins.

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      1. Ann says:

        I didn’t come across Mike Adams, once I went to site, I saw video with Dr. Tenpenny & others & watched that & haven’t had time to go back to the site since.
        Thanks for the warning on Adams!

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  6. sojournerwt says:

    Not certain if this is helpful…or true? I do not spend a great deal of time online as I am called to other things for the time….

    If this is true….will our own Supreme Court accept cases for crimes against humanity? What I find interesting is that Robert Kennedy Jr is a part of this. He successfully won a case against the vaccinations for children??

    Thank you.

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  7. Bloomberg donated more than $1 BILLION to Johns Hopkins research and he is the same jerk that wants 100,000 contact tracers to monitor the population see if anyone coughs and then quarantine all their friends and other associates. Bloom and Bill are buddies – elites of a feather fly together.

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  8. irisheyes17 says:

    Jus watchd a vid from Tim Truth and he had a clip from a dude who bkd an appointment 2 get his ‘free’ vaccine…he shows himself walkin’ n2 a CVF and askin’ the woman if he cud c ‘his’ vaccine and then took it…

    She really gets upset and tells him 2 giv it bck, but he said I”m gonna hav this analyzed …he was wearin’ a mask when he walkd n but took it off walkin’ out, sayin’ “U can hav ur mask 2.”…hahaha…

    He told them he was goona hav it analyzed cuz this is poisonin’ ppll….

    They did not want him takin’ ‘his’ free vaccine out the dr and tried 2 stop him…they even tried 2 lock the dr but he made it out…

    He said they r callin’ the police on me, but I hav it , and It shows him pckin’ it n a cooler and overnightin’ it 2 a reputable lab….

    That was 5 hrs ago…and we’re abt 2 find out what’s n that poison jab that Gt8s wants 2 b kept secret…

    We’ll c how it reacts n the body and if it can b spread by the vaxd…it’s our right 2 know!!

    Btdubbs, he has tkn 2 so far…the J&J and Phizer…


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    1. agon7777 says:

      I saw that same video so keep us posted as to what he finds after analyzing the concoction. I also saw a video of a pharmacist open a sealed box of the J&J vaccines (there were like 8 in the box) and the top of it had the paper that normally gives you the precautions, etc. It was blank. Interesting if true and the only ones to know are the ones administering it.

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Wow…’they’ just don’t see this happening or even questioning the jab crap do they? Those jab pushers are gonna have to have some more training on how to handle people that might want to ‘see’ the injection syringe….

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      2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Okay….found it!

        I believe the ‘robber’s’ name is Rob..A gal is calling his name, trying to remain calm….haha…..Some comments:
        “I’m taking my vaccine…” lol
        {You can hear the gal say: it’s not a vaccine anyway….what the H. does that even mean?}
        “It’s not a vaccine anyway?” She is admitting having conscious awareness, she never informed him before he took his sample away for analysis … Is that the first to cry … “I was just doing my job”
        I have a friend who was doing the Vax shots, i asked her if she can bring empty vial home and she told me that they keep track of those vials. something is fishy about that.
        Well, I hope Rob doesn’t get in trouble…..I can’t tell my scientist son because this would upset him. Let us pray Rob finds answers for us.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        isolatedinsmalltown, I meant he made an appointment at CVS 4 his vax and when she took out the box which had the vial n it, he ask 2 c it….
        he then took the vial out of the box and walkd out with it…

        This is the 2nd × he has done that…he took a vial of J&J and a vial of the Phizer vax from another place…

        I’m shure CVS has his photo up everywhere, like a ‘wanted dead or alive poster’…mostly dead!!!…hahaha…

        We will now learn what’s n it that G8s has been desperately tryin’ 2 hide!!…like iterations of humanized mice, humanized plants, bat, snake, mercury, 4maldehyde, aluminum, hydrogel ( nanorobots)

        Some use the cell lines of abortd babies…

        THESE PPL R EVIL!!

        Luke 12:2 For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be made known.

        PRAISE YAH!!!

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      2. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Hi Irish – Any chance of a news article about this? I would love to follow this guy! When I was trying to explain it all to my sister, she thought taking a whole vial would end up being some sort of felony….I don’t know…..

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      3. irisheyes17 says:

        isolatedinsmalltown, Here’s the link 2 the vid:

        The vid is ‘TAKING’ THE VAX…man walks out of CVS pharmacy…

        The vid will b the 1st 1 up:

        I don’t think they can do anythin’ 2 him since this is the 2nd × he’s done that…and it was ‘his’…

        The vid is also on Tim Truth bitchute

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  9. Tim Kirk says:

    Follow the money, it seems the bulk is from one source. search for “a man of contagious influence” and it shows where John Hopkins gets its money from, along with WHO, Fauci, et. al. Scary. I tried to attach it to this but it won’t do it, the search term brings it up and a picture is worth a 1000 words. Best.

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  10. Isolatedinasmalltown I saw the same video, the guy grabbed a new vial of J&J vaccine out of the box and headed out the door. .I am going to check into the Pine tea as well because I need to visit my parents who both got the jab. It is suggested that it can strain the debris out of your body after exposure.

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  11. Robert G Boensch says:

    Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth – is this legalized depopulation?
    We are attacked everywhere

    Epigenetics – our bodies’ way to change the destiny written in our DNA | Moshe Szyf | TEDxBratislava
    •Oct 3, 2016
    In biology, epigenetics is the study of heritable phenotype changes that do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence. The Greek prefix epi- in epigenetics implies features that are “on top of” or “in addition to” the traditional genetic basis for inheritance.Wikipedia
    This one is a big sleeper and need to turn this around Quick!!!

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  12. Robert G Boensch says:

    This is their base
    This lady WAS on the Good Team!!!
    Lida Mattman at the Autoimmunity Research Foundation’s Chicago Conference
    •Oct 9, 2009
    This is a video of Lida Mattman’s presentation at the conference held in Chicago in 2005 by the Autoimmunity Research Foundation. This is Lida’s second to last presentation.
    Ticks as weapons? Congress seeks answers to possible Pentagon conspiracy


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  13. Robert G Boensch says:

    A Look Back
    When Nazis Lived On Long Island And Ran A Camp

    Inside America’s Only Foreign Animal Disease Laboratory: Plum Island

    And now for Stupidly on steroids
    Deadly disease lab coming to Kansas


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  14. Robert G Boensch says:

    The Common Chemicals
    That Are Making Men Infertile – The Disappearing Male – Science Documentary
    •Feb 23, 2021


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  15. david says:

    G-d incarnated on every civilization in his vast creation, into the form of the life he created for each. Some accepted him, while some did not. By the Drake equation, this milky way galaxy alone contains 100 million civilizations that have risen over the life of the earth, which is five billion years old. In the known universe, it is as a bubble, accounting for the curvature of space time. There is an estimated 466 quadrillion galaxies in our own bubble/universe, and there is an infinite number of universes, like that of a great ocean of bubbles as in a child’s bubble bath.

    How vast is thy creation Lord. In wisdom you have made them all. And so it is in the Torah, that we rest on the sabbath from Fri sundown to Sat sundown, and on the new moon as a day of repentence, as the sabbath was given for man’s benefit as a day of rest, and a day of delight to consider in your heart the things of G-d. Just as G-d rested from the work of creation, and he robed all things with beauty.

    What he does for one he does for all, being no respecter of person yet he takes no pleasure in the destruction into oblivion of non existence for those that he will not remember for lack of a relationship while alive on the face of the earth. G-d is outside of his creation in the 13th dimension where all that was IS, all that is IS, and all that ever will be, IS, as there is no time in heaven, where thought is reality in now time.
    It’s a creation of G-d that is the 4th dimension, until there be time no longer and then the white throne judgement, followed by the judgement of the saved, that receive their stripes on that day, for what they didn’t learn by his word while on the earth. Therefore let it be scriptural or let it be a lie. What’s missing, is revelation knowledge, and the books that most never study, that are only 66 of the entire 777 as the number of completion.


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