TRUMP gave us a taste of what working with God actually looks like! Now, we want more!!! Hallelujah!

Those words say it all so beautifully. And they are from a comment made on a post from a woman named Karen. Those ring out like the sounding of a Shofar to me, and it rings out like a clarion call across the nation and throughout the earth!

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President Trump moved quickly, precisely and with Godly direction to restore the power back to We The People. He positioned our nation in the forefront and negotiated peace, based on force which was opposite of the past history of this nation which was negotiating with force for an illussion of peace. Toppling of nations is force. Fueling and creating ongoing wars is force. Disinformation campaigns are another form of force. It is a force on our minds. Embedding what we will think, know, and force us to believe. No more free will, no more discernment, no more opinions for anything that goes against the funnelled disinformation is to be censored.

EMPR Recommended Reading, Author at Euromaidan PressEuromaidan Press | News  and views from Ukraine

It started with political correctness and got to the point where lawlessness abounds and what is right is wrong, what is lawful is now unlawful and what is lawlessness is now acceptable. We are waking up and it took President Trump to show us that oil is not scarce, coal is good, farmers are our great resource, people can live together and appreciate cultural differences, trade must be fair and benefit all nations, war must end, and it ends when a God fearing nation uses its military to stand off aggression….not to use it for aggression.


President Trump formed strong alliances and made history daily. The same history was shroudded with dark lies and fake news mocking his successes to the point that no one other than those who followed his every move knew even half of the historic events that transpired. From building an alliance with North Korea, to bringing the capitol of Israel back to Jerusalem…to having a treaty signed in the Middle East for peace and working together.

2020 election: Twitter and Facebook collide with First Amendment - The  Washington Post

He swiftly protected our foreign embassys by taking out the key wanted terrorist masterminds behind the raids, and not harming civilians, only to be yelled at by Pelosi et al and fake news for doing so. As though he just killed Ghandi. Well folks he killed the funded leader of the Obama Regime funded terrorist organizations! In so doing, he saved the middle east and NATO from going to war. Therein, lies the problem. The cabal was itching for another war. Trump thwarted their plans.

Articles Of Impeachment Updated To Read 'Orange Man Bad' | The Babylon Bee

So sick of “Orange man bad” and bad mouthing anyone who wants to look at going forward with world prosperity working together with fair and balanced trade as supporting the terrible ideals of the bad guy Trump. Who else is tired of hearing them say….deplorables are terrorists and so are patriots who cling to their guns and religion and the constitution.

Trump channels 'Les Deplorables,' says Hillary Clinton's Secret Service  detail should disarm - POLITICO

Gun confiscation, is the lawless ones goal. They will go to all lengths to achieve it. Chaz type violence in the streets “Ukraine on Fire” style and “Arab Spring” is all they, the lawless ones know in order to crush innocent people into compliance. Madeleine Albright said “Yes. It was worth it.”on 60 minutes when asked was the death of over 500,000 innocent Iraqi women and children worth it. Trump said NO. Both she and Kissinger were removed from the Pentagon Advisory Panel in November…after the election. Why would he do that if he was on their side? THE PURGE BEGINS! PRESIDENT TRUMP REMOVES KISSINGER, ALBRIGHT, AND MORE! – THE MARSHALL REPORT (

Trump Admin Removes Globalists and Warhawks from Defense Policy Board and Dopey Madeleine Albright (

And guess what folks…we haven’t heard a peep out of them ever since!!!!!! Discern it!!!

Resist their evil tactics and shout the truth! Truth always comes out in the end….no matter what, truth does prevail! Let Freedom Ring like a clarion call and sound the Shofar!

Once again….

TRUMP gave us a taste of what working with God actually looks like! Now, we want more!!! Hallelujah!


21 thoughts on “TRUMP gave us a taste of what working with God actually looks like! Now, we want more!!! Hallelujah!

      1. Polly says:

        You say we do nothing. What do you propose we do? Divided like we are. Every avenue that we do something is reduced to worthless because avenues have been shut down. WHAT DO WE DO??? I know wait for Sidney Powell to save us.

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      2. Corner Stone says:

        Patriots are Doing it for themselves.

        X22 Reports will show you many examples of how we must and how we can Drain Our Local Swamps.

        We the People Will Not. be Divided.

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    1. Hi Dianne,
      I was trying to find the JFK Jr. post, but thought I would just post this video link here. Have you seen this one before? It was very informative, for me, and the content about JFK Jr. being alive was eye opening!

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      1. C says:

        Juan O’Savin (JFKJr.) gave an interview on Beforeitsnews on ELIJAH AND THE PRIESTS OF BAAL. 1Kings 18:19.

        After I listen to him retell the scripture story , I realize what happened in scripture is what is happening today.

        “God sent fire down from heaven. The fire burned Elijah’s sacrifice. It burned the wood and the stones. It dried up all the water. The people saw the power of God. They knew the idols had no power. All the wicked priests of Baal were killed.
        1 Kings 18:38–40”

        The Whitehouse, Capital, Supreme Court, Washington Monument, Masonic Temple, Vatican ( Baal sacrifice occurred underneath in tunnels) will be destroyed and all the obelisk around the world will be destroyed as well.

        This is Biblical.


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  1. John832 says:

    In the Old Testament, before a battle even started, the Lord would say, “I have given the enemy into your hands.” As in, it’s a done deal. So the people of Israel marched in to those battles, knowing that the enemy was already defeated.

    I truly believe it’s the same today, and that we are in “such a time as this.” The truth keeps coming out, and the truth will conquer all of the corruption.

    “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

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  2. Polly says:

    I have a question concerning Trump and some serious unresolved horrendous problems. I believe that Biden and and most dems are not out to help the people who were born here and live here. Bit to do the Biding of beings who want to murder us.

    I think Trump was the best WE could do under a present 2 party system. But couldnt he stop the pollution of the skys? Why wasn’t that problem brought out in the open and addressed. Then i still wonder why they say positive thing about a poison the may kill the whole human race??? The excuse I heard as to why sounds like the dog ate my homework excuse.
    The last couple of items I want to address is our food is all DNAed up with roundup AND worse toxins. Another thing is I REALLY dont understand is this fracking thing that allows ground water to be poisoned. Where is Ralph Nader when you need him. Now there was a person next to God. Mayb e he was actually elected after all . . . Guess we’ll never know. I loved his agendas. !!!!

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  3. Anita says:

    Ugh, the photo of pelosi is revolting because she is. What pelosi spouts is utter nonsense, embellishments, vitriol for President Trump ( but not for muslim terrorists), exaggerations and propaganda. What an unlikeable female; how she could be voted Speaker is beyond me. Ugh, third in line; this is an indictment of the USA 🇺🇸. How corrupt & low can we go. I know a leftist who described her as “so intelligent”; being ruthless does not require intelligence or make you intelligent.
    President Trump put up with so much abuse and many traitors for over 5 years. Those in congress displayed downright evil behavior and rhetoric.

    Is the military really in control? I have to admit I have serious doubts. They took an oath to defend against foreign & domestic enemies. President Trump needs to return to his office yesterday. So much money 💴 and so many plans to steal the election to interrupt his presidency and install a plagiarist, criminal, racist, thief China joe thug ( and ka-mala is equally atrocious). It’s a combination of fear and hatred and a large dose of evil to plan all their machinations. Machiavelli would be proud. I want to believe that goodness always beats evil.

    God please send us St. Michael the Archangel to defend us against evil and win again!
    God bless

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  4. Polly says:

    Forgot to say that didnt the Trump uncle have information on Tesla and his clean inventions? Why frack when we can have God given Tesla inventions that Trump Family may know something about?? He was so busy defending himself that there was no time to make all the changes on my agenda. Trump probably could do much more then have others defend himself. We need to get control of out voting systems and then learn how to put politicians on report for not getting the job of healing our nation. No healing of nation no paycheck. As well as a tisk of loosing personal finances while we are saving our country.


  5. Polly says:

    I also got to sau that i resent people sayimg God is in charge. In charge of what? I hear in my head now look at what you have done ollie !!! Things look terrible!! God is in charge of terrible? Mean while babies are torchered to death on a hourly basis. I was driving across country near New Mexico Border. I looked South out of desperation of help children of torcher. I told myself that what if the most easterly lights housed these babies. And movie stars and whoever do the abuse/murder were currently hurting those children right near me. (Choking up here). I could only start to hate those lights!!!!

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  6. C says:

    People are not aware of what President Trump did in the four years he was in office. We are not aware of all the things he is doing now. ( The man gets very little sleep). People do not know about all the planning to take down the cabal years before he was “chosen” by the military to save our nation. Please do the research. The information is out there.
    This link on Beforeitsnews reveals a lot. “The Q Team’s Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z! – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News”

    Q posts were put in place to “wake up” the nation using coded messages – looking glass technology ( Nicola Tesla- Future proves Past) There are a lot of biblical messages in the Q posts. This is a war between good and evil.

    We as a people need to have faith and PRAY knowing that our Great God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will deliver us from this worldwide evil.

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  7. Polly says:

    Agreed prayer works. There was an article written by a atheist new emergency room doctor. He said he was going to find out about prayer. He got out excel. Made up a data list of all the people in the hospital who were prayed for and all the people in the hospital who were not. He put similar people and illnesses together to figure out if there was a coalition between people who were prayed for and their recovery times. He found out that all the people who were prayed for were healing much better and faster than those who were not prayed for. He had statistics they were significant. This young Doctor came to the conclusion that if ever he was in the hospital hed get on all the prayer lists he could find. Another thing is my gifted friend who has bern talking about the Cabal. He calls them Ciakar. He says that if people around the world would send loving prayers to these beings for 65 days straight they would be leaving. Lets do something like that!!!!

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