Israeli Report Finds Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Human Body!

Israeli real-world data on Pfizer vaccine shows high Covid protection |  Coronavirus | The Guardian

Israeli People Committee’s Report found horrible side effects from Pfizer Vaccine – affecting every system in the HUMAN BODY! A civilian body of leading Israeli health experts have published its April report on side effects that indicate damage to almost every system in the human body. The Pfizer vaccine had been linked to more deaths in Israel than to all the deaths in all of Europe from AstraZeneca. These findings were stated as being catastropic on every possible level.

 Pfizer vaccine’s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body

“We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination), 64% of those were men.” Stated the Israeli People Committee , “there has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people.” The report is long and detailed.

Israel, a global leader in COVID vaccinations, finds limits | WVNS

Click the link to read the full story and report:

Israeli People Committee’s Report Find Catastrophic Side Effects Of Pfizer Vaccine To Every System In Human Body | GreatGameIndia

Israel led in the vaccine rollout numbers and now they lead in number of deaths. Know one knows what the long term side affects will be and no one has much to say about the needless deaths except they have learned that lack of transparancy kills people.

Hello? Lay people could have told them that!

The frontline doctors and Dr. Tenpenny fought and are still fighting to warn the people about the deadly side affects of these vaccines. The CDC, WHO, Gates, Birx, and Fauci all knew about that too. They need to be held responsible for what they have done and are still doing!


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  1. irisheyes17 says:

    I’m amazed the Israeli’s wud line up 4 this xperimental kill jab voluntarily nevah ? what is n it or the long-term side effects…

    Y’all wud think the Jews n Israel wud b the most distrustful of an experimental vax with their history with Mengela and the Nazi xperimentations on them….like millions n US and arround the wrld…they r like sheep rushin’ 2 the slaughter…


    Mike Adams has a new vid on Brighteon and he’s fired up…abt the vax bein’ self-replic8in’ (ntentional)…2 spread 2 the unvaxd…and their plan 2 kill us all (ntentional)…if ovah 100 million idiots n the US hav already been jabbd they r well on their way…2 mass xtermination….

    Their priority seems 2 b jabbin’ the black and Hispanic 1st…bc the vax sterilizes (ntentional)…and pregnant women r havin’ miscarriages (ntentional)…

    Adams said that’s Gruesum’s plan n Cali cuz he has all the illegals all livin’ on welfare and his budjet was blown a long time ago…he’ll jus get rid of all the swine feedin’ at the trough (illegals and their kids) …by makin’ them take the kill jab 1st (he has his prorities)…and they know the vax is deadly…


    I certainly hope G8s and Fraudci hav been xecutd…but the fakes r still pushin’ the kill jab…so what’s the dif?!?!


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    1. Hang with us, R. Kula. Your concerns have been talked about here for weeks on end….Coming to an understanding about Trump and the vaccine is a process….it takes time, it takes several explanations, and it takes an openness to hearing truth. Most of us here have been talking about it for months, and some of us have shifted our thinking about him, while others may have not. Feel free to hang out some more with us, and I imagine you’ll begin to get some explanations that you’re searching for. Another option is to search back through Dianne’s articles, including the comment section where a lot of this discussion has taken place. Hang in there….answers come slow….but they do come.

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      1. Henry Acres says:

        And some of us are just plane hard-headed and stubborn in our daily walks. Let us all gather someday and shout HALLELUJAH..!!

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  3. What I don’t understand about the vaccines is:
    – Donald Trump was the one who pushed hard and fast for these vaccines. He also took the accolades for getting it done so fast, compared to past situations.
    – Donald Trump also took the vaccine…. as well as some of his family members. One would ask if all that you say is true, why then would he seemingly push the vaccine agenda?
    I voted for him twice – would again, but you have to look at that aspect! It doesn’t make sense.


      1. Strick27 says:

        Look closely at the pics of Ivanka getting the shot. There’s a bar code sitting on the desk in one of them , scan that bar code and see what you find. We are at war people let’s not forget that .

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  4. rawk5150 says:

    On Thu, May 6, 2021, 3:02 AM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Israeli People Committee’s Report found > horrible side effects from Pfizer Vaccine – affecting every system in the > HUMAN BODY! A civilian body of leading Israeli health experts have > published its April report on side effects that indicate damage to a” >

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    1. nieveslt says:

      Unnatural herd contamination good-natural herd immunity bad. The organic, non-GMO, liberal crowd is good with this? Well, they never claimed any core values. They just go with the tide and like the trash, the seaweed, and the dead and decaying, wind up washed up on the shoreline.

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        And if this is an attack on women and fertility, where is the Nat’l Org. of Women, the women libbers, and the -ussy-wearing pink hat females? Are the rich elitist females embracing the illegal kids as they did with the black babies adopted from Africa? (madonna, sandra bullock, etc) How does this involve surrogate-hood (women like sara jessica-parker) if future surrogates are full of an experimental injection that affects future humanity?

        Do the kids even know who their ‘adopted’ moms are? (like madonna’s kids).During this transition of disappearing ‘mom’s and dad’s’ like from hollowood, it’s time to talk to the kids of America and to the elite’s kids – the answers lie with them. It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday – ‘Do you know who or where your mom is?’ (the gates’ kids) – (I don’t know if anyone remembers back in the 70’s, around 10 at night, a flash on the ole tv screen: Parents…do you know where your child is?)….

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      2. Amal says:

        Your comment is spot on.

        They are all about ‘faux climate change’, saving the planet, the trees and everything in between.

        They want to live as natural as possible, yet will shame you for not accepting a KNOWN TOXIC VACCINE?!

        Liberals are a walking, talking contradiction; DAILY.

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      3. Liberals continue to teach me daily…. THAT I DO NOT WANT TO BE “ANYTHING” LIKE THEM. Everything they are….I want to ensure that I never mirror them…. They are the epitome of unethical, self-centeredness. No thank you!

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  5. Mark Campbell says:


    A small grammar change. “Know one knows” should be listed as No one knows.

    Keep up the good work.



  6. Henry Acres says:

    Personally, as harsh as it sounds, those giving the jab need to be held responsible (if we even get there), for not doing their homework, or even ignoring the truth, and shall I say, “Just Doing My Job”.

    BS in the first decree!! Freedom is NOT Free, nor is saying NO against the law. Common Sense, Fear, Paranoia, Ignorance, and the list is a mile long, stares us down everyday for over a year now, and peeps still don’t recognize it. Purely, we live in troubled times.

    From Steppenwolf…

    “The Ostrich”

    We’ll call you when you’re six years old
    And drag you to the factory
    To train your brain for eighteen years
    With promise of security
    But then you’re free
    And forty years you waste to chase the dollar sign
    So you may die in Florida
    At the pleasant age of sixty nine

    The water’s getting hard to drink
    We’ve mangled up the country side
    The air will choke you when you breathe
    We’re all committing suicide
    But it’s alright
    It’s progress folks keep pushin’ till your body rots
    Will strip the earth of all it’s green
    And then divide her into parking lots

    But there’s nothing you and I can do
    You and I are only two
    What’s right and wrong is hard to say
    Forget about it for today
    We’ll stick our heads into the sand
    Just pretend that all is grand
    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    You’re free to speak your mind my friend
    As long as you agree with me
    Don’t criticize the father land
    Or those who shape your destiny
    ‘Cause if you do
    You’ll lose your job your mind and all the friends you knew
    We’ll send out all our boys in blue
    They’ll find a way to silence you

    But there’s nothing you and I can do
    You and I are only two
    What’s right and wrong is hard to say
    Forget about it for today
    We’ll stick our heads into the sand
    Just pretend that all is grand
    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    Another song from this group, and on the same album is called “Monster”…which I will let you go and find…good lyrics btw, and

    Here’s a sample from Monster…

    America, where are you now?
    Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
    Don’t you know, we need you now
    We can’t fight alone against the monster

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  7. agon7777 says:

    I have to confess that all of this information about the vaccines is upsetting for me since I have family members who have been vaccinated. I can’t listen to Mike Adam’s any more because his outlook is so dire. I pray that Jeffrey Prather is right when awhile ago, he mentioned that perhaps there is an antidote.

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      1. We most all have family members who have fallen for that and took it. Pray they are safe and their bodies fight it off. Delusions have caused them to fall victims to the lies. It’s not a mark of the beast…it is a vax that is deadly. Serves no purpose for health at all. They were deceived. Information war casualties. Many will live past it. Because of that…they believe those who don’t take it are the stupid ones. Sad.

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      2. agon7777 says:

        And that’s what I am praying that my very healthy son will be able to fight it off. He works in the medical industry and therefore, is brainwashed by his peers. I tried my hardest to convince him otherwise. Unfortunately, my elderly parents who were convinced by a sibling may not fare so well.

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      3. The disinformation war is on and strong. People are yelling the mark of the beast based on false manmade doctrine presented by the same Cabal very subtley starting at the same time they removed the Books of Maccabbees from the King James Bible. That fulfilled many of the prophecies spoken of in Daniel that fit the narrative of left behind. Think of this pysop preplanned by Secret Societies of Satan as a big mystery series of books like a Harry Potter series or a Star Wars movie series…. and it started in the garden of Eden…and now we are at the point in the series where Babylon the Great is exposed, it has filled its cup so much with evil that it now overflows and it is falling, falling….we are opeining our eyes and coming out from her lest we share in her plagues. Continue reading and we are approaching the climax to the story on Babylon…the great…which started ions ago. Who by her sorceries were all the nations deceived. This is coming to the part where it falls and no one buys their merchandise anymore and the people who weep and wail are not God’s people…the scripture tells us it is the GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH THAT WEEP AND WAIL. At the end of the fall of Babylon…(spoiler alert) it says that what she (babylon the great) has planned for MY PEOPLE, give to her double…a double dose of crushing of what she had planned. Her plans go up in smoke…they are crushed and God’s people win the battle over Babylon the Great…and after that. at the end, God’s people rejoice for God hath avenged his people. And all nations who say thus saith the Lord or keep his commands receive blessings and those who don’t receive no blessings. So…this is where we are in the Good Book of the Lord. Forget the left behind junk….it is not written in this Good Biblical Book. Amen. After this…there will be the next sequel….we are in the days of Babylon Deep State falling.

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    1. irisheyes17 says:

      B4 Gen Thomas McInnerny discovered what the vax was dsignd 2 do and what was n it, he 2 took the jab…then he learnd how deadly it is and its not a vax…it’s genetic ngineerin’ (by sum really nsane dmonic ppl) and does not protect y’all from anythin’, but weakns ur immune system…

      He went 2 his own dr and he was put on a treatment 2 counter the spike proteins, (which cause bleedin’ and blood clots)…ivermectin and z-pck…apparently nuetralizes the deadly spike proteins and is perfectly safe….also HCQ and zinc r effectiv n abt 48 hrs …jus like Pres Trump told y’all….

      Gen McInnerney seems 2 b fine and he and Gen Mike Flynn r both shoutin’, DON’T TAKE THAT VAX!!!

      Many drs r now 4biddin’ vaxd ppl n2 their office bc of the transmission of that spike protein 2 the unvaxd…he does not want the vaxd around young pregnant women….others r sayin’ the vaxd need 2 b quarantined 2 protect the unvaxd, until they can figure out how the vaxd r emittin’ the deadly protein…

      A school n Fla will not hire any teachers who hav been jabbd knowin’ they r now a danger 2 children…

      2 bad idiots dint do sum homewrk on that killer jab b4 they walkd blindly n2 it cuz it doesn’t protect them from covid or anythin’!!!

      60% of those bein’ renfectd r the vaxd…it weakns ur immune system, which makes y’all more susceptable 2 every dsease, ncludin’ the common cold!!!

      Like I said, sheep 2 the slaughter…and Mike Adams, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Madej, Dr Merritt and sooo many frontline drs hav been warnin’ abt that vax from the bginnin’…

      Dr Tenpenny calls it a perfectly dsignd killin’ machine!!!.


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      1. Henry Acres says:

        I’m glad for General McInnerney, but now, what he needs to do, is make sure to order a stand down across the board to all his troops and stop them from being jabbed. Until then, he’s just another pawn telling stories for his own personal gain.


      2. irisheyes17 says:

        Dude!! Since we know Pres Trump is still n control and the military answer 2 him, mayb the military r gettin’ harmless saline solutions…and I don’ think Gen McInnerney has any authority 2 do anythin’ since he’s retired…idk…

        But Gen Mike Flynn does I think, and he 2 has been tellin’ every1 not 2 take that vax…I know that 40% of the military r refusin’ …sooo we’ll hav 2 c…

        I postd last wk that I hrd that Biden tried 2 get n2 the Pentagon, and was dnied entry…when Biden dmanded 2 know by whom, he was told on order of US Marine Commandant Gen David Berger….when Biden dmanded 2 speak 2 Joint Chiefs Milley, he was told Milley was no longer n command…

        Biden tried 2 barge n anyway and was told there were 100 armd military on the nside ready 2 shoot him if he tried…his SS told him he was on his own..

        I thought I wonder how long it will b b4 Hollyweird does sum CGI and green screens sum scene or a hologram showin’ him n the Pentagon…hahaha…

        We know the WH is mpty cuz Lin Wood jus went all the way thru it lookin’ 4 Joey…he cudn’t find ANY1 who was even n the WH…he even went outside and found NO1 outside either…then he went 2 the Oval Office and NO JOEY!!!

        Lin Wood postd those pics…

        We know the military is n control of the WH…and answer 2 Trump….there is jus no other plausible xplanation!!!

        KEEP THE FAITH!!

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      3. Luke 12:48
        “But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”
        A lot is on our shoulders because we are being given much (much knowledge & wisdom). But, those who are sleeping or walking through this blindly, well, this verse says it all…. “few blows.”

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    2. Theresa says:

      I was told that I had to have a bone marrow test.So I have a time set . Well the Dr’s office called me and said that I need to set up a time to get the JAB,and covid test. I called them back and them I wasn’t going to take the jab or the test,They said they would get back to me.. No way no how!!

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      1. agon7777 says:

        I will be praying for you Theresa. I am supposed to have a routine test this year but will postpone it since I don’t want to have to be tested.

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    1. Henry Acres says:

      Perhaps ALL the pushers of this crap should be held responsible, even it means doctors, lab employees and the works. Nothing like feeding poison and then saying, oops, excuse me I thought it was aspirin..

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      1. Henry Acres says:

        Irish…I don’t rely on Faith…I live day to day..and I stand on my opinion. More than anything else, I know what 90 day wonders are, been there done that.


      2. irisheyes17 says:

        Ok, dude!!…but do y’all bleve Pres Trump was chosen by YAH 4 such a time as this?!?!

        What wud hav happnd if Killary had 1 nstead?!?!

        Btdubbs, Gen McInnerney n an nterview on Steve Bannon’s War Room B4 the election (n2016) said the Obama crowd tried usin’ the Hammer and Scorecard (flips 3% of the vote midway from repub 2 dem)…n the election 2 help Killary, but sumthin’ went wrong!!


        It’s the same software they used n the election 2 help Biden…saw that n Detroit when 6000 votes 4 Trump were flipt 2 Biden…but Trump knew abt the Dominion machines and that Biden wud b Pres…he walkd away 2 xpose how they steal elections…

        And he caught them all!!

        Pres Trump is drainin’ the swamp all ovah the wrld, and he has much more left 2 do (will take 2 terms, mayb 3!)..2 bring all these devil worshippers, child killers, baby rapers, adrenachrome drinkers 2 justice…

        Julian Assange said, “By the time this is over, 98% of Washington will b goin’ 2 jail!”

        YAH chose Pres Trump 4 2 terms…and he will b back…if y’all bleve that then y’all hav a measure of faith (grain of mustard seed)…


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      3. Amen Irish eyes! In addition….where is the deep state gloating…I haven’t seen the gloating they always do as of yet? The gloat not for they have nothing to gloat about. Half of them are doubles now and the other half are scared half to death and tremble fearfully as they screech. Nothing will save them for their pack with Secret Cabal is no longer SECRET IT IS FRONT PAGE NEWS IN SPITE OF ALL THEIR CENSORING! Expose them for what they are…evil coup puppet monsters! With no strength except street armies to kill, steal and destroy…and who in the Bible does that represent? SATAN THE DEVIL AND DRAGON OF OLD! This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE!


  8. Beth H says:

    For those who like to use only natural healing, I found this on

    April 17, 2021 at 1:05 pm
    I was taught pokeberry by my grandmama’s community granny woman whose parents were taught by the local Cherokee. Poke was a big one. The berries have natural steroids in them that I was taught your liver could recognize and break down. This means poke, unlike artificial steroids, does not accumulate in the body. Everything you use steroids for (or Benadril) think poke. Joint pain is the most recognized ailment pokeberries are marvelous for. My ex had old-injury-related bursitis so severe the Dr. told him steroid shots were not going to work. He told me he would try anything. I picked berries and had him take three a day. In two days the pain dissolved. He took the berries for 3 weeks. In that time, the other old injuries in his elbow and knee also resolved. That was 15 yrs ago and they have not returned since. I used the berries for appetite for my mama who died of multiple myeloma. The Dr. said she would quit eating. Well, we used berries for appetite. I was taught that the liver would adjust to a set dose, so you need to vary it. We would start out on one berry a day, then increase by a berry a day up to 27 berries a day, then triturate back down one berry a day until we were back to zero. Then you wait 3 days to let the liver normalize, then start again. She ate until 3 days before she died, and had only a little pain the last month or so. My mama would make gallons of poke wine in buckets to give to people with arthritic dogs. I have letters from people thanking her for added years of pet life because they could walk again. One of the best things I have found for berries is poison ivy. If yu take a few berries before or right after exposure to ivy, you will not even break out. We used it also when my son had (suspected) co-v – id where his extremities swelled for no reason, including his face and throat. I recognized the allergy-type problem and gave him several berries a couple times a day. The swelling vanished within 48 hrs. He had also read up on using B1 (thiamin) and Vit. C and zinc, of course and baby aspirin. Well, he was taking the other stuff but it was the berries that got the swelling down. I have used the fresh root (low dose) for mastitis. Cook a pea-sized piece in a little coconut oil for several minutes, then use a drop or two at a time on the affected place a few times a day. You have to make it fresh every day because root loses potency by the hour. It’s awesome for pain! Recently, a friend had a painful, bony growth on her thumb knuckle that was quite large. She dug up fresh root and boiled a little in water each time and soaked her hand in the tea several times over a couple of weeks and the growth disappeared. I remember it being called “tumor root”. Any allergic reaction or arthritis responds well to poke berries, too, either dried or frozen. I never leave home without them. I was taught the seeds are poison because they contain atropine, which increases respiration rate. Steroids, of course, do the opposite. I have marveled often that the perfect package of the pokeberry contains both so the body can choose to extract atropine from the seed if it needs it, or just stick with the steroids, etc. if it doesn’t. The leaves make a good local poultice for topical pain, too.

    I have not tried pokeberries or weed, but I intend to find some.

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  9. Dawn C says:

    Anybody have a 1599 Geneva Bible? This was the Bible that the Pilgrims came over to the U.S. with. The footnotes are incredible.

    First the Scripture: Rev 6:2. “Therefore I beheld, and lo, there was a white horse, and he that sat on him, had a bow, and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering that he might overcome.

    3. And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come, and see.”

    First, the word “corona” is derived from the Latin word, “crown.” Keep that in mind while reading these footnotes:

    6:2 The first sign joined with declaration, is that God for the sins, and horrible rebellion of the world, will invade the same: and first of all as afar off, with his darts of pestilence most suddenly, mightily, and gloriously, bear down the same as judge, and triumph over it as conqueror.

    6:3 The second sign joined with words of declaration (after the express calling of S. John as before) is that God being provoked unto wrath by the obstinacy and hardheartedness of the world not repenting for the former plague, as setting upon the same hand, will kindle the fire of debate amongst men, and will destroy the inhabitants of this world, one by the sword of another.

    To summarize, in the footnotes, Corona is being called a plague delivered by injection for which man does not repent of. This provokes God to wrath and as a result will cause man to blame one another and fight one another.

    If you continue reading, it goes on to speak of massive inflation next – which we are seeing right now. If you continue reading, you will learn of what is to come. In the meantime, though, read “Psalm 91” It will bring comfort to those who are concerned about transmission.

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  10. As stated before, “Recombinant DNA” is a term for recombining something taken apart and put back together again. Then it’s tested for seven years. We are still in the first year of testing! Then, there is the term “herd immunity”! Are we a “herd” of animals or a “populace” of people? All we really need is an English Dictionary to understand what is happening! Or are we too dumb or too lazy to look up a few terms in the dictionary? Reading is knowledge! Knowledge is power! A Dictionary is my second book of choice. My first book is the Scripture of Truth! LOLGB+

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    1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

      Now hold the phone eze33…..about those dictionary’s….ha ha…..I have about 3 very old ones and it is amazing what words are in there….One time I remember the word: Mulatto (/mjuːˈlætoʊ/, /məˈlɑːtoʊ/) is a racial classification to refer to people of mixed black African and white European ancestry. Its use is considered dated and offensive.[8][9] A mulatta (Spanish: mulata) is a female mulatto


      They don’t make dictionary’s like they used to.

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Later, I will look up the meaning in the old book but can’t right now…I’m interested in what the original meaning is…


      2. The only English one I have is he F & W Standard English International from 1975. The other two are Strong’s Hebrew and Greek, also 1975. Looked up “mulatto”. See
        Numbers 12. Suppose that makes Moses’ sons Mulattotites as well as Levites. Ha! Funny thing dictionaries and their words. LOLGB+

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      3. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Okay – I found some words eze33.
        mulatto..1. a person one of whose parents is a Negro and the other a Caucasian, or white.
        popularly, any person with mixed Negro and Caucasian ancestry. adj. of the light-brown color of a mulatto’s skin.

        2. Moslem n. Ar. muslim, true believer…aslama, to resign oneself (to God). an adherent of Islam, or follower of Mohammed. adj. of Islam or the Moslems. Also Muslem, Muslim; cf. Mohammedian.

        My son and I have argued about Muslims. He says they all don’t hate infidels and many are good people (sure, if they got to escape Iran back in the 80’s and assimilated in America) ….I say, well, if they follow the quran, then they distrust infidels…(and believe in stoning women and praying 5x’s a day, hate dogs because dogs = females, hate the Western culture, wear head scarfs,and loathe pork )….I say: an Islamist is one who follows the quran and all the rules…..Sometimes they ‘change’ the quran…I say: That would be like changing our Bible….round and round we go…..All I know is they believe in FGM, they believe in taqiya (lying about anything if they believe to be persecuted), and I never find out if they are ‘followers’ of the quran. That is always my bottom-line question – if they follow the quran.

        I used to feel sorry for the women until….I learned the mothers-in-laws will gladly participate in their d.i.l.’s death if she looks at another man or suspicion of involvement with another man….that is more ‘over there’ but there are honor killings here in America…there are also ‘rape hours’ over there, as well as needing 3 men to testify if female claims rape. A brainwashed female is led to believe in being ‘clean’ or respectable with the FGM thing. There is a ‘cutting season’ for little girls that travel ‘over there’ in August before school starts (I always wondered why we couldn’t question female travelers in airports during August). And some day I will discuss what they do to boy babies but that’s another day!

        This Webster NEWWORLD dictionary of the American Language College Edition was first copyrighted in 1951.

        Any other words you would like me look up – just let me know.


  11. Henry Acres says:

    And, Irish,
    I’m i no way knockin’ your belief’s nor anyone else’s regarding President Trump and his return. Hopefully, it happens and regarding General McInnerney…I have a general distrust for 90 day wonders. I had my running’s in with them in the Navy, and National Guard, and it’s basically the reason my Dad retired from the Navy. You would have to do your childhood (16 years) as a beggerbrat, and serve your time for Uncle Sam to understand. Long story, so I won’t bore the audience. Other than that, all’s good on The Waterfront. Keep On Truckin’


    1. irisheyes17 says:

      Henry Acres, Dude!!…did y’all know n the Hebrew language there is NO word 4 coincidence…

      And did y’all know DELTA FORCE is guardin’ Pres Trump at Mara Lago…they were brought n under the pretense of Mara Lago bein’evacu8d bc of an outbreak of covid….then they came n under covah…hahaha….





  12. Anita says:

    R. Kula
    I, Debjbalk, Dianne & others have discussed the vaccines 💉 in reference to President Trump for multiple weeks. My position is that President Trump is not a medical doctor, virologist, scientist, nurse, chemist or pharmacist. President Trump did what he thought/believed was good for We the People. It’s up to the the science/medical community to be ethical in creating a vaccine to aid & do the least harm. Unfortunately, the cabal is vile and has its own unethical plans. I also oppose subjecting innocent creatures to vivisection. Billions of taxes are wasted on vivisection/ testing on cats 🐈, dogs 🐕, rodents, sheep etc. to claim drugs ( or makeup and other products) are safe and you can’t sue. I love ❤️ cats 🐈 (and other creatures such as rabbits 🐇) but I’m not a feline so extrapolation from vivisection of these lovely cats 🐈 is really stupid and irresponsible. I’ve written & read copious materials on vivisection and adamantly oppose it. These vaccines haven’t really been tested, thank God, on too many creatures but even if there’s a negative reaction it’s not definitive. In our species, men and women react differently to all drugs because we’re DIFFERENT, but don’t tell leftists that.
    So individuals & ethical scientists and medical doctors—-not jill——have to do their own research, share info and be guardians of that knowledge. That’s my version of explanation, Dianne has another interesting one & debjbalk is correct in guiding you to review previous blogs and comments.



    Bless you ladies, Dianne & debjbalk!

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  13. isolatedinsmalltown says:

    Reasons people succumbed to ‘injection’:
    1. Boss said “everyone will be forced to anyway”(regrets it).
    2.Husband said: “so I can go out in public”….

    Both reasons are lame ….. esp. when I warned them of the dangers….and rate of recovery is in our favor. Both complain endlessly about ailments.

    I am down to these worries/fears:
    1. If the voter ballet crisis does not rectify itself, we are screwed.
    2. If the spike proteins-transmissions are occurring, we are screwed.
    3. If the sex/human/trafficking keeps happening, we are screwed.
    4. If Trump/our military isn’t our leader(s), we are screwed.

    Now then, moving on to other crisis areas, we are having one in the small town where I live. I am close to 64 years old, and my boss thinks I am in my 20’s…It’s a big weekend, Mother’s Day Weekend, and many people are coming to town. I just found out last night our ‘big restaurant’ will not be having a Mother’s Day Brunch….this puts about 120 people to navigate to the small bar/restaurant I cook at on Sunday’s….#5 is a generational crisis we are having since no one wants to cook.

    I called my boss this morning and alerted her. I had to. I can’t cook for even half of the crowd in a short time alone. (never mind the micromanaging boss lady does and is easily panicked). Last year at this time, the one day Mother’s deserved was cancelled due to stupid c crap and now this year due to lack of workers. Don’t you all worry Father’s because women will cook for ya’s on your day.

    I do not have time to heal with my aches and pains….I do not get to see my kids (it’s been since March 2020 for older son, as well as the grandkids)….I do not have time to be angry, scared, depressed, or stressed. I also clean the local bank 3 times a week plus menu plan at home besides cooking, cleaning, laundry at home. The reason I point out ‘generational crisis’ is because I can’t believe how disrespectful the youth is anymore via cultural changes. And how lazy/unmotivated they are. All they care about is ‘fake college’ – not learning survival skills or how to ‘help out’ when their communities are in crisis.

    The general public is mean, demanding, and ungrateful. If you are taking your Mother out this weekend, or if you get the honor of going out with your kids, please take a moment to be grateful to the older people making sacrifices to serve you with a smile, having to work for you. I just thought of something – EMT’S and nurses are getting much glory. I think restaurant/bar workers deserve respect as well (esp. the older ones with a work ethic) – when an EMT puts someone on a gurney, at least they don’t have to hear the demands (this gurney is too hard, the ambulance ride is too bumpy)….but I do have compassion for nurses as they sometimes have too many patients but that’s why they get the big bucks – unlike cooks/waitresses/bartenders in a small town.

    I only have one request from my kids this weekend: a simple little card in the mail. It doesn’t even have to be a card…a piece of paper will do….a small appreciation for giving them life. They are aware of how important this gesture is to me…I don’t need flowers, presents, or breakfast in bed. Coming from a family of 12 siblings, we all competed with each other in small ways….it makes me very depressed. If I get a card, or a letter, or a piece of paper, I will happily work extra hard Sunday.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        Thank you Deb – well, the mailwoman came and no cards from either son….on the bright side: I got a beautiful ‘Mother’s Day peony’ flower that God gave to me from my garden, I got to entertain 4 dear friends this afternoon when they visited me, and I played a song by Jimmy Buffet “Come Monday” – (it will be alright)…I’m good! I hope they don’t call me tomorrow when I will be insanely busy at a little restaurant where I will be cooking due to our main restaurant in town closing for brunch…Please God help me to serve over 100 people and to have a cool head during it all! What will your day be like Deb?

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