It’s been gaslighting on steroids with fact checkers trying to save the BIO-warfare killers from facing justice. But it is too late! THEY ARE ALL BUSTED!

Trump tells Republican supporters to get vaccinated - BBC News
Trump has repeatedly stated that it would have taken five years to get a vaccine, and he saved us from having to wait for five years, three years at the least. He said, it could have only been done by me. Think about those words long and hard.

 Whereas, the statement below is taken from their own typed out play book, The Rockefeller plan to introduce martial law and a police state.

Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state”

They never tried to hide it until “we” found out. Now they actually believe they can censor and fact check the world population into submission.

Trump keeps saying he gets credit for the Warp Speed Making of the Vaccine. Is Trump telling us he disrupted the evil plans? Is he saying that by making it so quickly…he cut off their five year plan? Is that why he keeps telling us that it usually takes five years? Is this why he keeps repeating that IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN FIVE YEARS WITHOUT HIM? Is he telling us he knew of their evil plan and he is taking it apart? Is he trying to tell us they planned to keep us locked down for five years until 2025? Just like they wrote in their play book? And right out of the World Bank’s Strategic Preparedness and Response plans below in a screen shot that shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until the end of March 2025!

I wrote about Rockefeller’s Lockstep a year ago…since then…the lockstep link doesn’t work like it did last year. Many people downloaded a hard copy. I personally printed one out. Others didn’t even look at it. They called it bull because fact checkers said so. Well, this is your wake up call. It was real, they already did it and they are continueing it. In their plans they explain how they will do their RESET. Fact checkers tell you this was an idea, an exercise to prepare, not a plan. So, what do you think? Was this just a coincidence? Or was this planned? Do you believe Zuck and Twit fact checkers? What are they so afraid of you finding out?

Rothschilds patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017. It is not disputable, since the information comes from official patent registries in the Netherlands and US. So while what is true is false and false is true, fact checkers have made it clear that what is recorded, and what you see with your own eyes is false. There was no patent on COVID 19 in those years. The evidence shouts so loud, no one can hear the liar fact checkers any more.

 President Trump always draws attention to a subject by saying something people think he should have never said about it. Then people are drawn to it, chop at it, and in the end, HE ALWAYS COMES OUT WINNING. He lets the people figure out what he was saying…by having the media explode some farce with it. Think about it…the topic is back on COVID with a FURY! The main focus at the HEALTH AND FREEDOM RALLY in Tulsa was the COVID SCAM! OUR FUTURE FREEDOMS ALL EVOLVED AROUND THE TOPIC OF COVID MANDATES AND LOCKDOWNS AND OUR RIGHTS! They even tied the stolen election into COVID! They said NO VACCINES AND TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT!

Trump holds self-congratulatory vaccine 'summit,' dismisses concerns over  virus spread - ABC News
Remember when President Trump signed an executive order aimed at ensuring the U.S. government obtained enough COVID-19 vaccine doses to inoculate Americans who chose to get vaccinated before sharing any of the supply with other countries or international entities. The news called it A SELF-CONGRATULATORY ORDER. Now isn’t that an odd thing to call a vaccine to save all the people? Or was the vaccine availability thwarting their efforts in Lockstep?

It is all pointing to FEAR BASED bio warfare, that is what they were calling it at the conference. The real danger was the vaccines. They all said it in one way or another. Trump left closing down up to the states as the constitution requires. He suggested to shut down for two weeks, he NEVER MANDATED IT. South Dakota never closed. There was no mask or 6 ft. distancing requirements. That all came later by Governors following lockstep. (We all know what happened we are all still in it.)

Back To How They LIED TO YOU…

The data below was discovered by someone on September 5, 2020, who posted it on social media. The next day it was shown all over the world. On September 6 the WITS suddenly changed the original designation ‘COVID-19’ into the vague ‘Medical Test Kits’.

This is not allowed in trade, because you always have to be specific. There are many types of test kits for different diseases.

The fact that they removed the specification ‘COVID-19’, after this data became known worldwide, proves that they don’t want anyone to know about it. They however forgot to delete one detail: the product code for these ‘Medical Test Kits’ is 300215 which means: ‘COVID-19 Test Kits’.

Covid19 Product Code

Their cover up came too late: this critical information was uncovered and is being revealed by millions worldwide. You can download a PDF that shows the original data of this website. Or view photo of WITS PAGE here. They were ready for Hillary and they got Trump. They had this planned and were met with many bumps in the road.

Two years before the outbreak of COVID-19 the USA, the EU, China and nations around the world started exporting millions of diagnostic test instruments for… COVID-19, a disease that supposedly didn’t even exist back then.

From the article: Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order | (

The COVID-19 ‘Project’ Is Planned Until 2025

The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until… end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for another FIVE YEARS. (2C)

Covid Program 2025 1


Rockefeller Document 2010

Rockefeller Foundation Operation Lockstep: ‘Under the Guise of a Pandemic, We Will Create a Prison State’ (


Anthony Fauci quote - coronavirus prediction


Bill Gates about coronavirus in 2018
Covid19 Product Code
Rothschild Patent Covid 19
Covid 19 Test Kits Export Worldwide
This guy just won the best T-Shirt Contest!

It’s time to call them all out! Their false PLAGUE narrative has been officially busted!

Operation Warp Speed - Wikipedia
Meanwhile, can anyone analyze this emblem and see what the message hidden in it means? Five stars? Cube? Lots of things??




  1. Steven says:

    Yes Mam that’s it exactly. I explained that same thing, (but you articulated it much better) than I did in previous posts.
    I’m all in. God, Trump & the patriots are in complete control. 100%
    They the (DS) can’t stop what’s coming.
    I’ve never felt better about the future than I do right now. I’m enjoying the hell out this right now. Best Movie ever.

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    1. Corner Stone says:

      “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

      Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

      Official King James Bible Online

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    2. Wow Dianne! One of the most important blog posts ever!

      We Patriots all suspected that the cabal is out to get us, and also people all throughout the world. We now we see clearly what their evil and nefarious playbook is, and has been for decades!

      That first video is very scary to know, but very informative for us to realize what President Trump, the military, and our people are up against in this huge battle! I need to go back and read more and see the other videos. Thank you, Dianne for your great research! I pray that millions more will wake up and understand what needs to be done, and what will be done by those who are fighting against these awful devilish people who want to destroy us.
      I thank God every day for His mercy on us and we shall keep the faith to get through this terrible time with the Lord’s help through fervent prayer! Thank God for our true Commander in chief – Donald J. Trump, our brave military for victory, and the joy that America and the world will experience when this hard work is done and we bask in victory!

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  2. irisheyes17 says:

    Steven, Dude!!…best b careful sayin’ y’all r njoyin’ the hell out of this, lest fireflamestove come after y’all like he does me!!!

    I hav been sayin’ it’s a blast watchin’ this very strange movie…and he hits me…he’s doesn’t seem 2 understand we’re watchin the tkdwn of the cabal…by the gr8st Pres evah…and it’s a trip…

    My only prob watchin’ this is WHERE THE HELL IS THE MILITARY?!?!

    On the 1 hand I’m watchin’ the systematic dstruction of the cabal…and the other I’m watchin’ the country bein’ flooded by uneduc8d 3rd wrldrs, dirt poor, who can’t tk care of themselves or their kids……who Biden is rushin’ 2 giv citizensip (new dim vtrs)….

    I bleve buried n Biden’s fake nfrastructure bill is amnesty 4 millions of illegals…end of the country…we will b another 3rd wrld s**t hole country as Pres Trump calls them…

    I read a report last wk that said Biden was blockt from nterin’ the Pentagon…Biden dmanded 2 know by whom (my grammar, Biden isn’t that articulate!)…he was told by order of US Marine Commandant, Gen. David Berger…

    Biden dmanded 2 speak with Joint Chiefs Milly (Biden supportr) and was told Milly was no longer n command…when Biden tried 2 barge n, he was told there were 100 armed military dudes nside ready 2 shoot him if he tried…his SS told him he was on his own…

    I wonder how long it will b b4 Hollyweird will CGI sum scene with Biden n the Pentagon…hahaha…

    Also I do not know what that symbol 4 warpspeed is, 5 stars, cube?!?!

    I got nothin’!!


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    1. Irish eyes…I’m just now trying to decipher it. Any ideas…the cube thing…that has to be key. with the virus in it…but I have to dig…but…use imagination….and no wrong answers at this time. Maybe the cube is GITMO and the virus are all the bad guys. LOL.

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      1. MeHH says:

        I had watched a video showing the symbolism in the cube–and it wasn’t good, this interpretation anyway. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who did the decode, but I’ll try to find it again. The trick was to remove the corona virus symbol and look at the three rectangular shapes coming out, kind of like a swastika. It’s some ancient symbol. I should have taken notes…..

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      2. MeHH says:

        Found the video, done by Enterthestars. It was live streamed, and now I don’t see it on their You Tube channel. They were relating the warp speed symbol to Olaf II the Black and the Three Legs of Mann. You can find it on Wikipedia.

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    2. I found this….interesting. I’m digesting it….now I found a you tuber who was not reading it all correctly. Because remember…Satan mocks God in all things. And new age and Holy Spirit has a fine line that separates…and new age is a mocking of our opening up to the Lord. so…he is not getting it correct. But this is a base for information
      I found the Antahkarana, the cube thing, is an Energy Enhancement that works through an infinity of Chakras between man and God – The sacred connection between man and God. New age fallen angels took the connection and made it – the one God with 10,000 names through an Antahkarana column of energy between earth and heaven, man and pagan Gods. The Antahkarana is an unrestricted, free passage, column of energy Twixt Heaven and Earth. Now New age has taken this and corrupted it. But in the days of Enoch…it was the Holy Spirit connection of man and God and coming the connection (as we have if we use it) between the light of God versus the darkness of the world. Now, I never heard of Antahkarana, but In my line of work I was fully familiar that our bodies are electric, and magnetic, and we have chachra centers, energy centers and when we have energy blockages we have health issues. Massage, and lymphatic massage helps clean up stagnated waste and blockages when our we are out of balance from stress, illness etc. Our bodies are unique in self healing and we are taught to not go there. This is why we are so dumbed down. Now…remember everything good can and is also used for evil. Just like the baal worship of Nimrod and Semiramis and their reincarnated son Tammuz, in the Bible is a mocking of God the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are given the Holy Spirit to live in us and it is our divine light….where the Antahkarana represents the divine light….even Josephus the Jewish historian refers to it as the Enochian light of the Sun. The Sun God provided for all living to live…all life cells need sun in order to multiply and divide. That is science, biology and a fact. (This can go deep and take a book but it is all Biblical) It has been confused with new age from the new age movement and throughout history for using it for other religious practices. Like in Hindu and meditation of Budhu and Monks, Tibetians, etc. Jesus taught of using the eye to see. Singular…the pineal gland…which is our third eye. This regulates the light we receive through our eyes and it secretes hormones like sorotonin that makes us happy. The third eye is also a way to connect with God and envision – see things. Remote viewing and intuition…a knowing is through the pineal gland…basic instincts. It connects to our nervous system. Behind our third eye (pineal gland) is our pituatary/hypothalamus gland. Smell triggers memory. This is where our emotions of love, rage, anger, fear are. Our sense of smell is the only sense that goes directly to the brain…this is how aromatherapy works on our senses as well as going directly into the blood stream to affect both mentally and physically. When we smell it goes directly to the brain and the pituatary gland is the part of the brain that tells us to be happy, sad, scared, etc. Our emotions. So…the third eye is a chachra center also…and very important and not evil. To say it is evil is like saying your nose is evil cut it off. We have been taught so wrong about how our true bodies work and how to connect to our spirit self. We are just now seeing the reason why the devil does not want us to know how to use our powers that God gave us to call on him and override the evil. We all have it if we accept it and then use it. Grow it. It’s late…so much on this…hard to explain in short a topic that is so vast. Start here.

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    3. Hey Irisheyes,
      I’m getting better at reading your shorthand. 😂. Well said and I like your input.
      Wasn’t there a science fiction movie (maybe Star Trek?) with a tumbling cube in space that needed to be (maybe?) destroyed. Or was it blocking the way?
      I’m glad to hear confirmation that biden isn’t allowed into the Pentagon!
      I saw a video recently of Juan O’Savin admitting we have a “dual-presidency” right now, but Trump has the upper hand in it all -thank the Lord!

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      1. Loved 🥰 Christopher Reeve in the Superman movies and was sad about his passing way too soon. Enjoyed that clip!

        But I was thinking of The Corbomite Manuever in the original Star Trek TV show. Here’s a link to the plot explanation:

        Briefly, the cube was just a buoy and ultimately, the alien shown on the screen of the Enterprise was fake and scary; whereas the real alien had the appearance of a hyper intellectual child. When Kirk and crew beam over to the alien ship to meet, the commander explains that he was merely testing the Enterprise and its crew to discover their true intentions.

        Related in some way to the cube in question within this post? I don’t know but maybe someone can see similarities?

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  3. Tim Mobley says:

    I forward a lot of your stuff to people for some cause or another I can’t the phone won’t let me or email won’t allow it do you think it’s about time to start the law suit

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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  4. ellemy says:

    Antahkarana Reiki/New Age/ Kabbalah symbol is used on the warp speed logo. Also looks like the nazi symbol. Think about the term Warpspeed…..time travel or inter dimensional to the new cosmic consciousness one world religion sans Jesus Christ. This is sorcery and witchcraft being perpetrated on humanity. Trump the Chosen One by the Cabal. Still don’t believe it?

    2Co 6:14  Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 
    2Co 6:15  And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 
    2Co 6:16  And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 
    2Co 6:17  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, 
    2Co 6:18  And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. 

    Run for your life


      1. ellemy says:

        The true single eye is Christ, the anointing within, not a symbol to meditate on which is clearly what the corrupt Antahkarana symbol is used for in their cosmic cross. Again it is an idolatrous form of worship using a corrupt symbol. God tells us His WORD is a light unto our path and to meditate on HIS Word. How could this be twisted to be a good thing at all? Sadly, it seems you will go to any extreme to defend anything Trump does. You are now straying into a metaphysical definition of the bible which still keeps self as central (its own god and healer). That is exactly what Reiki, new age/theosophy teach using kundalini chakra openings to connect with the “divine points of light within”. This is not the Lord God our Father they are connecting with. It is the luciferian false light, false christ. This is also part of the strong delusion that is overtaking the Church and what they are believing is the Holy Spirit but is not. This is so serious. The deception is very, very strong if our heart mind is not single towards Christ. This symbol has nothing to do with Christ, crucified as our ONLY MEDIATOR via the Holy spirit and the sword of the logos which is the truthful discerner of the motives and intents of our hearts. The soul of the body is in the blood Man’s soul is corrupted through sin and that is the reason why God sent His son as our atonement upon the altar.
        Lev 17:10, 11  I will set my face against that soul that eateth blood – for the Life (נפש nephesh, soul) of the flesh is in the Blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar, to make an atonement for your souls (נפשתיכם naphshotheychem, your Lives): for it is the blood (because it is the Life, נפש nephesh) that maketh an atonement for the soul (בנפש bannephesh, for the life.

        There are many wonderful studies in the scriptures that delve into how our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and spiritually what our utimate and reasonable purpose for them is. As Christ’s inheritance, we are “the land” that He has redeemed. All the laws of land ownership can be found in the Torah. Essentially we are microcosms of the macrocosm which is Christ all in all. For this reason, Paul tell us to

        2Co 13:5  Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 


        Rom 12:1  I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 
        Rom 12:2  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 

        The message in the video by Carter Conlon is very powerful truth for what is ailing the Church and the Lord’s call to return to Him/

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        Ummmm, quick ?…If Pres Trump were a membr of the cabal or even the antichrist as sum hav positd…why has the cabal tried 2 kill him ovah 60×’s?!?!

        Seems sum ppl hav 4gotten the cabal almost killd him when he was on AirFrce1 with a missile launchd from a CIA sub…when he was ovah Whitby Island and it was shot dwn…

        I know Pres Trump and Q like 2 taunt the cabal…watch Pres Trump when he puts his fingers 2gether and brings his hands dwn n frontof him (I nevah saw anythin’)..ppl said it looks like a symbol of devil worshippers…(I dint even know what that was)..the nevah Trumper’s went crazy sayin’ he’s makin’ the sign of the illuminati…


        I nevah saw it as that, but that Pres Trump was prob sendin’ a signal 2 the cabal..mockin’ their own symbolism….it was more like I know who u r and I know what u do and I’m comin’ after u…

        That’s the way I see the emblem 4 the Warp Speed…Trump and I’m shure Q was nvolved n developin’ that as a sign 2 the cabal…Trump took their own r own symbolism and turned it on them!!!

        I’m shure the cabal lost it upon seein’ that!!

        SO SIMPLE…

        OCCAMS Y’ALL!!!

        I also remember Pres Trump givn a speech (don’t know what now) ,but he reached under the podium 2 get a glass of water and he was shakin’ and holdin’ it with both hands and acted like he was havin’ a hard time holdin’ said glass…hahaha…

        CLASSIC TRUMP!!!

        I knew he again was sendin’ a message 2 the cabal…but the FAKE NEWS went nsane, specifically CNN…

        It had sumthin’ 2 do with water and fear….the cabal I’m shure got that!!

        They brought on all kind of quacks diagnosin’ Trump’ as havin’ a neurological dsease and bla, bla, bla…hahaha..

        Y’all seem 2 know alot abt chakras and antahkarana crap…I don’t, but I watchd the dudes vid tryin’ 2 xplain that cube and I jus c it as turnin’ their own symbols on them…

        SOOO PRES TRUMP!!!

        Trump usin’ their own symbolism…luv it!!!

        If the devil is tryin’ 2 take out Pres Trump and we know thaf’s been since he was elected…how can he fight against himself?!?!

        They told YASHUA he did everythin’ by the devil and YASHUA said, If the devil casts out the devil , how can his kingdom stand?

        Remember when all the witches (yes, Dorothy, there r still witches and ur not n Kansas anymore!) stormed the street after Trump bcame Pres…they were burnin’ papers, castin’ spells, bangin’ drums, screamin’ at the sky…

        U know the ush…

        They were angry the ‘Queen of Darkness’ Killary, high priestess n the church of satan, lost…and Killary was prob n her coven cojurin’ up sum new spells 4 Trump…witches bleve n them don’t y’all know?!?!

        Havn’t y’all seen how all the devil worshippin’ Hollyweird hav been consumed with TDS…pay attention 2 Bill Maher, DiNero Jim Carey, Madonna, Cher, Ellen (her old set lookd like Epstein’s blue and white striped Egyptian temple on pedo island)…where btdubss Epstein and his guests practiced human sacrifice…

        R y’all not seein’ this?!?!

        Prob Gt8s bestie Marina Abromavich the self-professed witch and bestie of Killary helpd Gt8s concoct the kill jab n her spirit cookin’ lab…

        Q has always said their symbolism will b their dwnfall!!!

        OH, NOW I C!!!

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      3. I was referring to the energy used by the body and our equipment like the pineal gland. It is a magnetic field source. Our bodies are energy. Laying on the hands to heal or pray for others is a transference of energy… do we call those people who do this pagan? Doe we go on a witch hunt? Grab hold of yourself and think for yourself…read and understand for yourself. We are energy and light beings in the flesh…am I saying we are new age beam me up Scottie here? NO. I am saying…there is always the imposter using God and his WORD and his gifts to us – the Holy Spirit an evil hit job….so we do not use what God gave us for our Armor….Evil uses prayer to conjure evil spirits. Evil uses the oposite of the Holy Spirit which is the evil spirit to come and do their bidding. Evil takes what God intended for good and uses it for bad. The emblem… warpspeed good well be a talisman for evil…by those who do such things… or it could mean something innocent. But, to take the emblem and go on a witch hunt with it as though Pres. Trump sat there conjuring evil concepts and put them in a badge to stir evil and calling him an anti-christ is a witch hunt and there is no good in that. Especially when the Bible tells us this, “1 John 4:3
        King James Version
        3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
        So, we have lived with evil goddesses on our money, in our harbor, in our corporate white house, all of our capitols, and courts and in our architecture. In our films, tv, advertising, marketing, clothing, on and on… so we are coming out of her, but as we do… don’t go back to New Salem. And it has always been this way. Don’t go back to mob mentality and witch hunts. Trump is just a man. He is not an anti christ and God forgive those that go in that direction for they are lost.

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      4. ellemy says:

        Dianne, who is on a witch hunt? May the Holy Spirit reveal truth. That is what any child of God should be after, painful or not. Nobody is saying crucify Donald Trump but be discerning. The visible church too often has been used as a political tool of the enemy when our focus should be on the real spiritual kingdom. God is in control of all thngs. So where is our faith, really? Instead we are instructed to pray for ALL men everywhere, especially those who have rule over us in this world so they might be saved and come to the true knowledge of God.. That would include the ones who we disagree with. Our role in this world is to be ambassadors of reconciliation. The bible calls rebellion witchcraft and sorcery is pharmakia. This symbol has NOTHING to do with the gifts of the spirit, the laying on of hands or impartation of the Holy (set apart spirit). IT is evil. Apart from Christ we can do nothing. Trump is a very proud man and extremely proud of his vaccine to the point he has said we should call it Trumpcine. All I ask then is what do you mean by come out “her”. I take it to mean the harlot church that has mixed itself with the world, because true saints of God know that friendship with the world (Including it’s politics) is to be an enemy of God.

        I am not your enemy, Diane. Just one that is sounding an alarm in Zion. May our desire be to know the truth without any partiality, the unvarnished truth of Jesus Christ.

        1Ti 2:1  I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 
        1Ti 2:2  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. 
        1Ti 2:3  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; 
        1Ti 2:4  Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 
        1Ti 2:5  For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; 
        1Ti 2:6  Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. 
        1Ti 2:7  Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, (I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;) a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and verity. 
        1Ti 2:8  I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 


    1. Ellemy, thank you for what you posted here, I’m so grateful – gutted but never-the-less, grateful. I have a lot of research to do and the probabilities of your post are mind-blowing. Carter Conlan is indeed a powerful and very good preacher. I was very fortunate to hear him preach some time ago in New York.


      1. ellemy says:

        Amen, sometimes. I hear a trumpet sounding for the bride of Christ to come out of her and return to her Beloved, to return to her first love. It is for the glory of God that we should boast in anything except the cross of Christ alone and the power of his blood to save. I too, was awakened by the Lord to this deception some years ago but He is our peace in the midst of this wicked and adulteress generation! We are told that the whole world lies in the “wicked one”. This is the valley of the shadow of death we are walking through, in a very spiritual sense. Christ has called us out of the world and its kingdom of darkness into HIS marvelous light. We don’t possess light in and of ourselves which New Age teaches, we are bearers of another, the Light of Christ who is the light of the world. When we know the real we will smell a counterfeit right away.


    2. Ellemy, it was you who said quote, “Sadly, it seems you will go to any extreme to defend anything Trump does. You are now straying into a metaphysical definition of the bible which still keeps self as central (its own god and healer). That is exactly what Reiki, new age/theosophy teach using kundalini chakra openings to connect with the “divine points of light within”. Unquote. You also before that stated, “This is sorcery and witchcraft being perpetrated on humanity. Trump the Chosen One by the Cabal. Still don’t believe it?” I was asking what people thought the badge meant. Should we not first find WHO MADE IT, WHO DESIGNED IT? You went right into warpspeed condemning Trump as Cabal with no evidence but a badge that you interpreted as a new age evil thing, (which it very well could be as we see the symbolism is their downfall) and went on a Reiki rant which would put a host of massage therapists in the cateory of witches (which they are not), and then nose dived into me defending anything Trump does, which I have many times questioned some things. Vaccines being one. The difference between you and I is, that I will look into the matter and see all sides, you have come forward putting charges at me without evidence other than your own perception, and placed Trump as a cabal member out to do the bidding of the cabal with Warp Speed. You are the one that jumped the shark on this. Not me. In so doing, in your eagerness to put Trump as a cabal member and me as his defender…you not only slapped me upside the head, you were not of the Lord in this deed. You were as someone shouting to create mob action….throwing a mental stone rather than a literal rock. It was of your doing. Sad. Very sad.

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      1. ellemy says:

        That is your perception, Diane, but not the intent or motive of my heart. I do believe that Trump is part of the matrix and was used as a Trojan horse to bring in the NWO. I have shared this on here before. These people are very cunning and deceptive and have been orchestrating their narrative for a very long time. I have been researching these things for a very long time as well, as I’ve shared with you in the past and that is my first rule, to hear out all sides of a matter. That is all I am saying from the perspective of what the Lord has shown me when I was getting caught up in the Trump thing. If you use Reiki, I had no knowledge, only God knows these things. All I am saying is we must hear Him…..and follow Christ.


      2. I don’t use Reiki. I know many who do. And people get relief from muscle pain with it. I know acupuncturists too. I have had it and I was shocked that it worked immediately. A client came in one day and my shoulder was out from an accident…just sore could not raise it. My client went to the car and came back and did acupuncture on me. I didn’t want to fool with it, and said oh no….and she insisted so I did not thinking it would do much. It was better immediately. That is when I learned from her about referred pain and the problem wasn’t in my shoulder at all, it was in my neck…causing my shoulder to hurt. Due to nerves and how they radiate to protect or guard the injured area. So, and she was a Jewish Acupunturist, not Asian. Not that it makes any difference, but just to clarify she was not into new age. She was also a chiropracter and married to a Hospitalist physician. So it was not new age ya ya. Meanwhile, back to warpspeed, indeed the symbols are some sort of mixed bag. But it was not designed by Trump. Trump was in a corner trying to fight WHO, BIG PHARMA, CDC, get therapeutics released and fighting the cabal at every corner. I watched it all. They accused him of prescribing drinking bleach….it was awful to watch him fight for us all by himself. That is my perception on the matter.

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      3. ellemy says:

        Well, I guess this will be the last post, I agree, God works in miraculous ways in healing our bodies i have seen him work miraculous healing in my husband’s life from stage 3 cancer through following his dietary plans and herbal remedies. He also healed me supernaturally from an autoimmune disorder that was attacking my liver and from a condition of scoliosis. I had him wake me up one night and tell me it was cellular and another time he spoke brain gap function synapses which led me into another whole study on our nervous system and it is His spirit that is quickening our mortal bodies. The new age takes it to another level apart from Christ and I have seen many lives shipwrecked by tampering with the kundalini awakening. The lesson I have learned through all of this is to sit at Jesus feet and wait upon Him and that our bodies are not our own. To trust in His goodness, consider the lilies and to submit to His authority knowing it is He that restores all things. Always.

        I also know what you are saying about Trump, I saw it all go down too. I was angry too, then God woke me up to what was going on and what I have tried to express here in the comments on your blog. Thank you for that opportunity! I honestly don;t remember how I was led here. I’m not one who normally speaks out or goes on blogs. God wants our eye to be single toward him. He wants us to be at peace in Him, but He will bring the sword into our lives to cut away all that is not of Him. Sometimes that sword will bring division until he brings all our parts together in Him. I will leave that up to God. My words may be bold, but it is for passion of truth and love of Christ’s body. Not condemnation. Maybe I should have chosen better words, for that I apologize if I have offended you, personally, but spoke as the spirit led. My heart is for you and not against you. Many times God has had to smack me up side the head to wake me up. I prefer the gentle nudges and motion of the spirit moving but he loves us all so and has proven it by the cross of His son. Our battle is spiritual and not flesh. We have all been ensnared by deceptions and strongholds. This is what God is exposing and freeing us from. Thank you for letting me to have posted here, Diane. Blessings and Amen.

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      4. pry from my Coldeadhands says:

        Ms. Dianne read with interest your mention of the pineal gland…read recently that fluoride toxicity can lead to the calcification of said pineal gland. Why have so many municipalities been so intent on adulterating precious water supplies with a chemical which likely has exacerbated an epidemic of thyroid disease and may also be adversely impacting brain functions all in the name of questionable dental benefits absence of which is easily offset by hygiene & diet… Rockefellers anyone?….

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      5. Dianne,

        You have made many good points re: the arguments posted by Ellemy.

        Many of the Trump supporters I know don’t like everything about him, but perceive him as trying to save this country FROM the cabal. If he was on the wrong side, wouldn’t he be working with buy-den right now instead of opposing everything he is doing?

        God doesn’t use perfect people – because there are none! And, why would Trump have been surrounded by many Christians in the Oval Office praying with him?

        Imperfect as he is, this man has stood up for We The People and puts America first – something that the cabal would NEVER do. There’s much more that could be said, but I’ll end it there.

        Sleep well, Dianne. 🙏🏻

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      1. ellemy says:

        I just watched the video again and didn’t see any mention of Trump as the antichrist. What am I missing? He did say we have been fooled as the Lord has also revealed to him that Trump practices kabbalah. I agree with him as the Lord has also shown me this and that is what I am warning. I didn’t say Trump designed the logo, but you have to admit he is very proud of Warpspeed and the vaccine. The video actually talks about the divine code in our body and this is what the enemy is wanting to destroy. The Lord has also spoken to me about this on several occasions and that is a whole ‘nuther revelation. We shall see. Stay close to Jesus.



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  6. Diana, my thoughts on the Warp Speed logo are these for what they are worth: 5 stars speak to me of the 5 sided pentagon and the stars also on the Military uniforms of Generals. A cube is a 6 equally sided thing in height, length and breadth – dame anyway you look at it. The Apostle Paul used the cube dimensions to speak of the love of Christ. Revelation 21:10-17 describes the New Jerusalem as a perfect cube, so maybe President Trump in this logo is purveying that he can be trusted in his leadership in what he is doing re the virus (also in the logo) and that will lead through to completion of his take down of the cabal using the Military generals. It can be trusted anyway you look at it! Just a thought to play with!

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    1. Sometimesshazzah says – Some have no understanding of the true history of the Temple and the body and healing. The oldest book of medicine, and the ancient healing methods used by Enoch was all based on the magnetic fields of the body. Moxybustion. Burning of herbs over energy points in the body to create warmth to get us back into balance for healing. Today, Physical therapy uses magnetic field therapy to stimulate the same areas that ancient techniques stimulated with, using devices to create warmth over areas to get the blood flowing and it works because our blood is loaded with magnetism from lodestone. Our blood is magnetic. It flows throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to every cell. When this is out of balance we have disease. Incense and fragrant oils were used on the alter and the savor of the fat of the animal sacrifices offered up to God. Prior to the Lord’s sacrifice. We are at a time of no understanding among a lot of Christians for they were not taught the truth. They were told what they were to memorize and they did as they were told, believing they were doing right. But, many were and still are blind to what they were memorizing. We are watching in this a reinactment of Moses in the mountains talking with God and the people growing weary blaming Moses and accusing him of being evil intent and building a calf (going back to the old teachings they grew up with) and condemning Moses (which is a witch hunt). Accusing him of all manner of evil. It angered God deeply. So as we learn, let us look at all the sides of a thing…and look to the meanings….and not take what we are learning and use it as a witch hunt. Woes are here and more are coming. I don’t like symbolism….but, I am not worshiping the badge of Warpspeed, nor taking the vaccine. As far as Ellemy and the new accusation that I am defending Trump as she calls him evil, yes. I am not a part of the witch hunt Ellemy is so self righteously in God’s glory leading. For it is not of God at all. The warning of Warpspeed is being done by Trump… and if not for him Warpspeeding their evil vaccine, and closing our borders off from their shipments, they would have killed the millions they had planned to kill…it is time for people to look at the entire picture and not a few choice pieces that those who are on their own self destructive witch hunts wave at us.

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      1. ellemy says:

        Diane, may the spirit of truth lead you into all righteousness. Our righteousness is not our own. You are the one who asked what the meaning of the logo was and held up posting my first comment on the symbol until you could research it and post your evaluation first. The matrix and controllers of this world do use symbols and signs to communicate and cast spells among each other. They do this as an externalization of their hierarchy. The world truly is their stage and at the present, their movie. You, yourself have called these out, many times, like super bowl half times, are you on a witch hunt when you do this as you have accused me of? But when exposing some of Trumps symbology, it is like poking a bear. So now, because I speak the truth, I am become your enemy? In Christ there is no partiality, He is not a respecter of persons but a revealer of truth. Did God raise up Trump? I believe so. For judgment and exposure. He raises and sets up all kings of the earth for His prurposes. Do we rebel against God in that? Do we question God’s authority or submit? Can we at least be open to what God might be saying and not so blinded by our patriotism.? God called me out on this, as I started to get drawn away into Trumpism, so I am not speaking from a place of self knowledge but what the Lord has shown me and where He has led me.

        This is the last I will post on your blog. May the truth of Christ all things. Let God be the judge of our hearts .


      2. Not so fast. It was 4.30 am or so(where I live) and I was on my way to bed. Look at the time of my post. And yes the post was for all to look at and decode if there was any decoding. I did not say you were my enemy…I said you jumped the shark in your accusations at me…and at President Trump. A human error. It appears you can boldly say things but not boldly own what you have said when it boldly comes back to you. No apology for offending just more rationalization. As I said, I am against all of the big pharma, and the vaccines. Warp speed was a team of big pharma and I am sure the badge symbol was made by them. I am sure, it has bad omens with it. However, because I look at all things…and as I have said, I have my own list of questions. Had you not thrown my President under the bus as a cabal member and followed up with I support the cabal member no matter what he does…we would not be having this conversation. I fully understood and watched videos of the interpretations of the badge prior to posting the article and found the christian based one to be fear based and throwing good in with the bad. I included the information to Irish Eyes at 3:49 AM…..I ALREADY SAW IT. And knew where the errors in the video lay. So, when you popped up with your Trump is Cabal….I was too tired to do anything…I was not having to STOP AND GO RESEARCH. So don’t flatter yourself with assumptions. Let us look at this with a clean slate and discover the hidden agenda without attacking. When you list me, label me, or accuse me…do expect a defense on my behalf from me. Thank you.

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    2. Sounds like the correct explanation to me – sometimesshazzah!

      And – all that you have written, Dianne!

      I have learned that some people will not heed what is written in opposition to what they may perceive -incorrectly – as “the truth” of a matter.

      When this situation all plays out – then we will know what has been believed in truth, or if it has been believed in error.

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  8. Having just read the piece by Ellemy AFTER posting this I’m having to rethink what I wrote. Is it possible that President Trump then could be the antichrist? That he will again come back to power to oust the pathetic Biden and everyone will welcome him and the ones who have not been vacced will be incarcerated. It’s awful to think of the trickery involved and the planning to “play” the world at the game of the stolen election. My word satan is very clever! SO forget my post – I have to rethink everything.

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    1. Charliepc says:

      I read that the Antichrist was Nero.. He was a wicked and cruel ruler.
      The black cube is in several places I’ve noticed. New York 9-11 site has a cube. In the Vatican I thought I saw one decorated but that memory is vague as I have scanned so much information of recent times.

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      1. There is NOT one antichrist…the Bible does not say that at all. There are all who deny Christ are anti christ and in 1st John it states there is a spirit of anti christ. John says even now there are many anti-christs among us. The Anti-Christ as one person is garble. Man made interpretation by Darby which led us to left behind. All not scriputurally sound. 2nd Thessalonians speaks of the lawless one…and that abounds.
        1 John 4:3 King James Version
        3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

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    2. Emily says:

      Satan has used the words from the scriptures to plan it’s own narrative and teachings have crept into the church with this false belief of a world Antichrist as one man. So that is what the visible corporate church has been teaching since Darby and Schofield bibles came out, but it was not so from the beginning. There are also mistranslated words that could lead one to that view if not careful to look at what the apostle John calls antichrist. It is those who deny that Jesus has not come in the flesh and deny the father and the son. Some commentators have said this is because the gnostic Essenes had crept in and tried to subvert the gospel. The Essenes believe that the material creation is evil and created by a demiurge. They deny the physical body of Christ. So it has been created in the mind of many Christians to fear the mark of the beast and the Antichrist as something coming in the world in future. That is the end game narrative the Cabal is followhewing. They are going ahead with their plan which is part of the strong delusion. It may well be that they are going to resurrect Trump because of the huge world wide adoration he receives. We shall see. In the meantime, stay close to Jesus and do not fear, but be wise. Blessings.

      The Lord brought me to this writing when he was teaching me about the spirit of antichrist. May it be a blessing to you as well. Jesus will unteach us from the world and from religion that we have been brainwashed by. when we seek out truth.


      1. Emily, Thank you for that very gentle and kind post. I long ago dealt with the matter of “spirit of antichrist/antichrist as one man” and was settled in my understanding that there is no one man antichrist. However from time to time the verses in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12 pop up from others who hold fast to a one-man antichrist idea, and there are many of them as you know. Those verses I must say are hard to explain and I would welcome yours here. I am of the mind and understanding that there is no one man antichrist as there have been many over the centuries but what do those verses mean? Has the real meaning in translation been perverted? There has to be a truthful and logical explanation.

        I am saddened to see the way Ellemy has been written-down as being self righteous and the impression given of someone out to separate. I do not see that at all. His/her comments are thoughtful and come from, as I see it, a place of earnest desire to know what is truth as we all should have. I certainly do desire that. I AM THE ONE who posited the question (and it was by no means my belief) that maybe in light of that posted video, President Trump maybe the antichrist. Subsequently poor Ellemy is now blamed, as I am too, as a President Trump hater and basher!!! Not nice at all. I do not say P Trump is the antichrist and never have for all you readers of this column, and I have not seen Ellemy saying it either. I have only read his/her postings in this thread so cannot speak for any other writings but as a disclaimer has been put here by him/her I take that as Ellemy’s opinion and I am prepared to believe it. I think President did a great job as President and was as distressed as most Americans (I am not an American) when the election was so obviously stolen by liars and cheats so I am no Trump basher by ANY MEANS.

        I have been happy and thankful to read all Diane’s research results and be a follower of her column and am happy to read other fellow christians comments. Iron sharpens iron and we need to hear from one another not bash one another. PLEASE read carefully what a writer actually writes before coming to conclusions because sometimes they are wrong conclusions. I see Diane admitted she made a comment at 3:45am or thereabouts, and tired (presumably though she didn’t actually say that!) to Ellemy’s posting, and reading between the lines she thought maybe it was a hasty comment – could well have been, but the lesson is – think on it. I’ve had the luxury of 8 hours sleep on it since I made my comments and having read now Emily’s posting I am much heartened that God is still in control and that brethren should dwell together in peace and harmony cos sure as hell Satan doesn’t want them to!!!
        Let’s learn from each other instead of pulling each other down and BE brothers and sisters in Christ.
        God bless all you readers, be strong cos the devil is prowling around like a lion to devour us all so we need to be watching each other’s backs!

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    3. ellemy says:

      Sometimes….thankyou. When I went to post my comment only one other person had posted but my comment was held up by moderator for about an hour. Then when it finally posted I saw that Irish and Dianne had posted in the meantime. As far as the verses from 2 Thessalonians, I would happy to share what the Lord has reveled to me. This is definitely the one that stumps most of us. I posted the link from John Salmon that was written in the 1600’s so if you can get through the archaic english and to the spirit of what he is saying, its’ quite a revelation It goes along with the understanding revealed by Paul ” 2Co_5:16  Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.” Instead of taking up more space on Diane’s blog, please feel free to email me at so we can correspond.


    4. Beth H says:

      I have wondered the same thing at times, hoping that we are not being deceived because I really believe that Trump has done some amazing things for us, but he is SO clever. And I looked up the meaning of the name Donald= “world ruler”! There are so many connections to the description of the anti-christ. But I pray for him and his family for protection and that he will be returned to the presidency, so I have to wonder if I’m wrong to do that. God knows our hearts and I also pray that He will take down the monuments to Satan–the buildings in DC, which are just evil in their design. Praying mostly for Jesus to return SOON!

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  9. Henry Acres says:

    I found this…

    And, while watching found Antahkarana, so I searched it by web, and by images, and did an random search and found this…
    which brought me back to the conference where everyone was saying the stage was setup to look like a swastika…which I wish I had, so I could look at them both more clearly.

    I’m not a game player, but puzzles are fun. Hope someone can clarify…and btw, I might try to make that guy up in the original post’s t-shirt. Have fun everyone, enjoy the day.

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  10. Henry Acres says:

    Could be that as we all know, Trump did win the election, and is working in the background giving Biden the order of the day, so that he can stay on the bright side of millions who have been deceived in all this trickery. I have always wondered myself about why he was pushing the vaccine(s)…which take many years not days or months to develop, and then more to be approved by the FDA, which to this day, as far as I have been able to find, has not been done. JMHO

    Afterall, Trump, as we all know, does not like to lose, so he is really building a ship of wonder isn’t he. I hope for all mankind’s sake, I am wrong, and would gladly eat a whole crow. Time will be the wiser.

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  11. C says:

    After seeing all the evil symbolism contained in the Warp Speed symbol, could this be another way that President Trump is revealing the cabals evil agenda? Remember Trump knew the cabals plan to rig the election, he knew the cabal would use the pandemic to introduce the new world order and the financial reset. Remember the cabal has planned this for many years. Clinton was suppose to win in 16 but that didn’t happen. When Trump won the election, the Patriots plan was initiated. Trump used the four years he was in office to put in place everything necessary to reveal the cabal and to take it down. Now we are watching the truth revealed to the entire world and that was part of the Patriots plan. ( One thing I noticed about President Trump is that he likes to keep his enemies close.)
    I’m thinking when the stolen election information and the planned bio warfare pandemic details are revealed, then Vice President John F Kennedy Jr. will shock the world and reveal the truth to those who are still “asleep” . “The Best Is Yet To Come”. 🇺🇸

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    1. You’re on to something here. Although he did not devise it, the military did (I’m sure) or elected a team to do it. Same as the Kraken cyber logos and badges. Recall how Pelosi railed against Trump that he goads us and goads us. He’s always goading she said. This could be a big goad, an in your face I know what you are doing.

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    2. MeHH says:

      Didn’t it seem that Operation Warp Speed was already waiting in the wings before Trump had anything to say or do about it? Fauci seemed to know all about it. Also the coronavirus graphic was created in advance of the whole “pandemic”. They were handing out coronavirus keepsakes at Event 201. By the way, Moncef Slaoui stepped down from Operation Warp Speed during the transition to the “Biden Administration”, kind of like a whole bunch of others of that ilk who have stepped down, including General Milley.

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  12. Z says:

    I have to say in my opinion you guys may be getting a bit carried away with the symbolism of the warp speed logo. I’m not saying that there isn’t some meaning to it, there very well may be. But I seriously don’t think Trump had anything to do with its design. I would venture to say the design was done by a graphical artist with the input from group of people assigned to the task. The President does not have time to sit and ponder what a logo looks like or even waste the mental energy on it starting with doodles on scratch paper.
    Trump is not the anti-Christ. If he were he wouldn’t have allowed the election to be stolen in the first place. Trump is merely a flawed human being just like you and I. He knows more about what’s going on behind the scenes in Washington than you and I, but not even he knows everything that is corrupt. I sincerely hope and have a bit of faith that Trump is working with powerful but Patriotic people in the government to take down the DS – Cabal. I think the near future will reveal a lot of things that will be quite shocking to the world. I’m a little weary of anyone who prophesies the future as fact. No man knows what the future holds because they are only human. The only future I put my unrelenting faith in is God and that I believe in my heart the Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again. It is for this that I know in the end everything will be glorious because God is in control.
    There is a lot of talk about our God given rights and those who want to deny us those rights. They too have the same God given rights and one of the most abused rights God gave mankind is Free Will. Some choose their free will to try to control the world and that is ultimately Our battle on a daily basis.

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    1. Z-says Thank you for your sound reasoning. One badge request to find the meaning and wow….witch hunt and off with their heads. Without any proof. See how easy it is to begin a witch hunt of division….how can anyone with reason… turn physical therapy into new age witch craft and the working of the body into evil witchcraft. Well, some have taken it past the patch into all manner of skewed uneducated guesses that now include energy balancing in the body as witchcraft. We went right back to New Salem. Where herbs for healing meant you were a witch. And all the witches of Endor wrapped up in a Trump package. The devil is laughing at those who are now leading their own little psyops. Yet, the same believe the statue of liberty is freedom for all. Oh my head hurts. Now we are hunting for an antichrist figure that the Bible is clear of the true definition. Not false interpretations of it made by Darby and those who created it. It is not in our Bible that one man is going to die and raise from the dead and 7 years of tribulation. Tribulation began when the Lord died and rose from the dead and it continued to this very day. Tell those first followers of the way that were tortured, skinned alive and torn apart in the Circus Maximus about great tribulation at the end of some age of time wrapped up into 7 floating years. It is man made doctrine and no truth in it. Jesus said the world will hate you for it hated me. He said pick up your cross and follow me. 1 John 4:3
      King James Version
      3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

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      1. Charliepc says:

        I love to read what others have to think on your blog.
        It will never…ever change my love of Gods way- for they are far superior to my human thoughts which I struggle with & need his intervention when dealing with many of life’s encounters.
        Thank you Diane for enlightening me on The book ‘Left behind’ which I read probably 30 years ago. Just goes to show how subtle the forces of darkness can be…in planting misinformation in ones mind.
        I have learnt over the years as a safe guard… look at the fruit of a person, is it good fruit of rotten? Therein lies my answer and helps me to navigate murky ways-we are walking .
        When I heard people talk about Donald Trump with such venomous hatred, what I heard was what was in their heart. This was an eye opener into the souls of people & I was shocked by what I saw.

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      2. Charliepc – “When I heard people talk about Donald Trump with such venomous hatred, what I heard was what was in their heart. This was an eye opener into the souls of people & I was shocked by what I saw.” Where was it that this happened? It’s shocking that people can be like this about anyone let alone their President. Even the pathetic Joe Biden deserves some respect after all the sacrifice of Jesus is sufficient for his salvation too as it is for anyone on this earth. There are a lot of people who have no inbuilt idea of respect and yes, venemous hatred like that shows the heart. It is very sad to read that you have heard venomous hatred. I hope never to hear anything like that and I am glad not to see/”hear” that so far on this website.

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      3. Charlie, amen…read the scriptures for yourself and let no man interpret for you. Let the Holy Spirit guide your reading. I always asked, why would the most perverse lukewarm, politically correct generation believe that they would be wisked up into heaven like the prophet Elijah to avoid any tribulation when all the apostles and followers of the way suffered and all followers throughout history up to this day are still tortured and killed for their faith. We have been blessed by God’s hand of protection and as the days of Noah were eating, drinking and giving in marriage and knew not until the flood came and took them away…..therein lies the truth.

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      4. Beth H says:

        So you think the books of Daniel and Revelation are lies? I use KJV and my Bible clearly says that the tribulation period will be a “week” and the Great Tribulation will be the last half of the week of 7 years, or 3 1/2 years, followed by Christ returning to reign for 1000 years and casting Satan and the unbelievers into the lake of fire. It does not say anything about chakras or to connect with God through some light fixture or whatever all that verbiage was about. It is a dangerous thing to get involved with occult practices that have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof, or suppose power where none exists. That is equivalent to the Masons using their aprons to empower themselves or other religions putting their faith in statues or anything that takes away from the only true and living God. Revelation 22:18-19 gives clear warning about adding to or taking away from the prophecies of the book, which was inspired by the Holy Ghost.


      5. Beth H. Can you prove this about the seven years, at the last half of it the great tribulation? Please show me scripturally. Thanks. ( I don’t need to know about the light socket stuff, that isn’t happening and I don’t think anyone said it was, except those who said it to support their religious view point ). Thanks.


    1. Charliepc says:

      To answer your question, When was it that this happened?
      Just before your 2020 election. Some people in other parts of the world …were in free discussions of what was happening and discuss is what we all did.

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      1. Oh, not being an American I wasn’t privy to a lot of that in your media, where I live he got a lot of flack which was horrible and uncalled for. I knew the “left” hated him but I felt he deserved a chance and was delighted when he was elected and have been impressed by his work in setting America in its feet again. It is shameful how he is now being blasted and castigated by people instead of looking at the good things he has done.
        However, this thread has become a President Trump promo and I don’t think the original post had that intention at all! It was MEANT to be about the con-virus and it got off track. Well it needs to get back on track again.

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  13. TimfromME says:

    NOW is the time for all Americans to wake up to this dumpster fire!! Wake up and push back and don’t stop!! These people do not get to control you!! They don’t get to ignore our Constitution!! WE ARE THE MAJORITY!! So get informed the masks are a joke the lock downs are a freaking joke is the virus easier to catch after 11 pm? Most of this makes no sense what so ever trying to force people to take a vaccine (THAT ISNT A VACCINE)for a virus with a 99.7 % recovery rate!! LYING about HCQ!! These 2 facts should tell people everything they need to know!!! At the very least ITS A SCAM! DO NOT TRUST THEM! Do not watch their propaganda networks! And all Americans should be calling your states Congressmen often spread the word to friends and family FLOOD THEIR PHONE LINES!! there is a lot we can each do and do peaceably and legally to stop this COUP ALL AMERICANS PUSH BACK AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS before their gone forever

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  14. Henry Acres says:

    Operation Warp Speed Logo is a mask covering the Health and Human Services Logo. Coronavirus in a Red, Blue, Gold Saturn Cube, the colors of the Phoenix Bird aka Quetzalcoatl. The symbol is also called the Rainbow Bridge “Antahkerana” Warp refers to Space-Time, the Space Force Logo is identical to the Star Trek Logo for this reason. Covid 19 is a Jesuit managed program by NAIAD Chief Anthony Fauci (Sickle) under Warp Speed Czar Morrocan born British GSK Vaccine Chief Moncef Slaoui, rehearsed Oct 18, 2019 in Event 201, all financed by the Gates Foundation. The Vaccine designed by BioNTech Turkish-Muslims in Germany was previously stockpiled before testing or approval by the US Army under Portuguese Gen Gustave Perna awaiting “D-Day” to “Execute” a forced vaccination of 300M Americans using Palantir (Lord of the Rings Crystal Ball used by Sauron) written software called Tiberius (Roman Emperor at the Crucifixion of Jesus) used by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel. “Palintir watches everything we do and predicts what we will do next in order to stop it” Sounds a lot like Minority Report eh?

    Under the Domestic Terrorist Prevention Act of 2021, Anti-Vaxxers are to be labeled “Domestic Terrorists”

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  15. bevanik says:

    I am going to add some humor here….”Warp Speed Mr. Scott”, said Captain James Tiberius Kirk to Scotty. Every time they were facing the enemy or on an important mission, warp speed was used on the Enterprise. So we have Warp Speed and Space Force thanks to President Trump who speaks in subliminal metaphors. Thank you all for the symbolism research. Keep on keepin’ on Diane!!

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  17. 1iccon says:

    Spot on Diane, spot on. It looks like the Lord is leaving no stone unturned to reveal the dark planning and diabolical minds of the PLANDEMIC. Alex Jones from Inforwars did a program on 04.23.21 analyzing the SPARS 2025-2028 document that preceded Event 201, all about Psy-Op/Scenarios of epidemics in USA. SPARS 2025-2028 was completed in 2017! See full document here:
    On the symbolism of the Warp Speed logo, the cube could mean stability and rationality brought into the operation by the military. Same with the 5 star. Interestingly 5-star general level is only achieved in times of war.

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    1. Jan Wagner says:

      Hi Diane. I love your blog, faithful reader here. I don’t want to publish this, but I wasn’t sure how else to get the information to you. Keep up the great work! Jan

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  18. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Isiah 45….”I am the LORD, that there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, through thou hast not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

    To even think of the plans and ways of man, is but a drop in the bucket of God’s plan on our lives as long as we are on the Pathway of Righteous and not even step onto the wide path of death and hell (WOE! WOE!). And the ONLY strait way is the Word. The Light. The Peace. All other’s FALL away!

    As far as our President, the real one, Trump he alone is just another man (as others today) with words used as weapons to serve for God’s purpose in this time of day!

    When we TRY to make man our savior, it’s as if we are fighting against God….remember He creates darkness. He creates evil. This is all His doing to show those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the mystery of iniquity being fulfilled…. “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”
    ” And I heard a LOUD voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him (accuser) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
    Enjoy the ride and keep your eyes peeled through the window of Heaven for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and all His fullness will be SEEN!!
    Reread Matthew 6 with new ears and new eyes and SEE what His plan is for you and me!

    “Surely I come quickly.”

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  19. Anita says:

    Really? President Trump is the anti Christ? It’s really disheartening to read this written by some people and also accusing Dianne of overly defending President Trump. I, for one, am happy Dianne is but it’s worrisome that some of you have turned against the kindest and most honest president of our time, definitely over a century. President Trump the only president, or Republican to call out the corrupt media by referring to it as Fake News and now patriots call it that as well. The description of anti Christ can be applied to Hillary, pelosi, schumer, biden, kamala, , becerra, psaki, kaine, antifa, blm, Ryan, ronna, hunter, jill, all the marxistdems party, marxistdems media, romney, flake, sasse, both cheneys, conway, soros, hussein, la raza.
    President Trump is the kindest most generous president in over a century just as he was as a businessman. He’s honest and he’s allowed to be a little proud of his accomplishments but he’s also displayed humility. President Trump defended Catholics in particular and Christians in general and made a point of discussing persecution of Christians worldwide including in the USA 🇺🇸. He’s Not ashamed to speak of God and Jesus Christ ( yes, he’s flawed and sinful like everyone of us).
    We’re told ad nauseam by pelosi and biden how Catholic they are but they support abortions up to birth and no medical intervention for babies that survive & have no qualms about suing the Little Sisters of the Poor. ( all of Catholic marxistdems in congress vote for the extreme abortions) The guy in the Vatican jorge/francis also holds the dubious title of Pope for the Catholic Church. As a Catholic, this guy does not fit that role at all and his adherence to Catholic catechismal teachings is dubious at best. As a Catholic I can say this. He was also shameless in telling President Trump to step down and open American borders. Catholic schools are closed and closing and religious leaders hurting children and he has nothing to say. Anti Christ?

    President Trump is the most pro life president!

    Has President Trump made mistakes, yes. Rino traitors surrounded him, yes. His own party complicit in vile machinations, yes. President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president and there is no way he wanted to lose, he worked too hard in rallies to even think this. The question is where were the gutless republicans when marc elias ( another anti Christ) and his vile cabal of lawyers were changing election rules to commit fraud, treason and sedition? President Trump was deserted by the republicans.

    I’m with you Dianne in your defense of President Trump and accept he’s made mistakes. President Trump is not a scientist, pharmacist, medical doctor or nurse. He never mandated or dictated the vaccine for anyone. I believe he was trying to block the NWO cabal from even more evil machinations.

    Tyrants enforce mandates: both illegitimate hussein &biden, also fdr.

    We need God to bless us and the Holy Spirit to enlighten us in the Name of Jesus. JMJ


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    1. Anita, thank you. People can slide into self righteous bla bla so easily. Same as the Pharisees. It is written it will be as this… it always repeats itself in the name of ‘RELIGION’, I will call it that for it is not spiritual in nature. It is intellectual as in theology and turning the Word into scholarly debate and sliding in man made interpretations deemed orthodox. This is what gives Christians a distaste in the non believers mouth. Ghandi said, “I like your Jesus, but i don’t like your Christians because they don’t act like Jesus.” A person can read music but fail to compose the notes into an orchestrated song. Yet the unlearned artist can compose beautiful orchestration and not be able to read one note. And what is the legible note but the way that those of literary music can play. For without memorizing the notes of the composed music of the one who could not read the orchestrated notes….they could play NOTHING AT ALL. That is how I see the matter when those of great learning….hit me over the head with their great memorizing. Be it any subject…and especially Biblical interpretations defined by theological committees. Smile. WE HAVE ALL BEEN GIVEN THE SAME HOLY SPIRIT…what we do with it as believers is what becomes unequal in heavenly rewards. Recall the parable of the talents.

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    2. Hi Anita, “… but it’s worrisome that some of you have turned against the kindest and most honest president of our time, definitely over a century.” I’m replying to this post. I know you wrote this before I replied to someone further back on this thread but I just want to clarify a point. I am the one who wrote in reply to a post from Ellemy very early in this thread positing the question of P. Trump possibly being the A Christ. No one else to my knowledge did. You need to read my posts to see the logic. I do not believe in a personal antichrist either.
      Just want to tell you if I am the one you are referring to as “some of you” then please know – I have not turned against him NOR did I say I had in my post – just posited the question that’s all. That’s all. If I was not intended in your comment then all is well, all is well and all manner of things are well.

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    3. Beth H says:

      It’s not that we altogether totally believe that he is absolutely the antichrist ( no more adverbs needed), it’s just that we have to be wary of hero-worship. I voted for Trump both times and would do it again, but keep in mind things like “be wise as serpents but gentle as doves” or “walk softly and carry a big stick”, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, “trust, but verify”. Our real hope can’t be in a mere human, but only in Jesus.


  20. Pollycraigs says:

    Just got back to San Diego. Trump policies were overridden by Biden. Trump jad said we help the countries do what needed to keep people from needing to come here. Biden undid those executive orders. Guess you were right we are having peaceful presidency. Because when people become homeless they loose their voice as well.

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  21. Hi Anita, “… but it’s worrisome that some of you have turned against the kindest and most honest president of our time, definitely over a century.” I’m replying to this post. I know you wrote this before I replied to someone further back on this thread but I just want to clarify a point. I am the one who wrote in reply to a post from Ellemy very early in this thread positing the question of P. Trump possibly being the A Christ. No one else to my knowledge did. You need to read my posts to see the logic. I do not believe in a personal antichrist either.
    Just want to tell you if I am the one you are referring to as “some of you” then please know – I have not turned against him NOR did I say I had in my post – just posited the question that’s all. That’s all. If I was not intended in your comment then all is well, all is well and all manner of things are well.

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  22. Thought I’d seen it all but read this. Fancy being charged as a criminal for advising your patients to take Vitamin D and Zinc. (I’d be careful of zinc supps as Zinc can bind up other vitamins) BUT Vit D!!! What on earth is the earth coming to. It is unbelievable, except that these days IT IS.

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  23. southern1952 says:

    it’s about my bedtime, but ima say this, i will never be convinced Trump is evil or part of the destruction of this country, one more thing…i am a big believer of God speaking to people, and maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t think it’s an every day occurrence, i believe His spirit can guide you, ya’ll don’t need to clobber me over the head, i just gave my opinion…as for you Dianne, please keep up the good work. i greatly appreciate it!

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  24. Victoria Werneth says:

    God Almighty He rules the Universe! He loves America! He loves Our President Donald J Trump! I see the Five Stars on the Emblem are the Five branches of Our Great Military are going to destroy and annihilate this Planned Plandemic! By WARP SPEED

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