This stands on its’ own merit. Most all remember how this man has been fake news slapped, lied about, and sabataged at every turn. He is still our president, and many have forgotten how hard he worked with integrity and stayed focused on getting things done for the people.

“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so. So many people have been hurt and we can’t let that go on.” In his address to the National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump slammed Sen. Mitt Romney, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and those who supported impeachment.

God Bless America and WE THE PEOPLE!



10 thoughts on “AND PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID….

  1. billyz95993liberty says:

    President Trump Is A Living Saint & Greatest Patriot This Country Has Ever Seen. He Has Born The Attacks And Hatred Of Many Vile And Wicked Evil People Who Are About To Be Put Away Once And For All. The Justice And Righteousness From God’s Throne ( Psalm 89:14) Is Not Something You Want To Challenge And Come Out Standing. ( LET THERE BE NO DOUBT WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS AND AMERICA WILL BE STRONGER & GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE ! President Trump 2-28-2021 At CPAC In Orlando )

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  2. Anita says:

    Dianne, I’m so glad you quoted President Trump in reference to the hateful, bogus and vicious impeachment commenced by the vile “I don’t hate anyone “ pelosi. Disgusting! I saw President Trump’s address at the National Prayer Breakfast and was so pleased to hear him say that! It was poignant and succinct. Two superior in holiness: romney claiming God guided his decision of President Trump being guilty & pelosi claiming she prays for President Trump. The extreme jealousy & envy that eats at romney because President Trump was elected & loved unlike him and pelosi’s uncontrollable profound hatred and resentment that an outsider was elected to a position with more power than her by virtue of the office of the presidency and loved for being the people’s president. Two vile people supremely consumed by ugliness. Not good. Claiming RELIGION to impress others of their superior holiness but consumed with contempt for a man who loves his country, God and his family. He gave up wealth, salary, peace and an enjoyable life to truly serve and WORK daily, yet the evil leftists resented his playing golf to relax or return to Mar a Lago for family gatherings. President Trump interfered with the cabal’s evil plans and the marxistdems & Rinos continuous power grab and enriching themselves at the expense of patriots.

    Yes Dianne: PRESIDENT TRUMP WON! President Trump is still the legitimate duly re-elected president of the USA 🇺🇸! He is still president.

    The racist, tyrannical usurper, thug thief China joe & cruel, cackling, condescending, corrupt kamala must be brought to justice for the crimes of sedition and treason. The marxistdems cabal are also criminals.

    President Trump must resume his leadership position and return promptly with Flotus Melania.

    President Trump NEVER CONCEDED!

    I await his vital return.



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  3. Anita says:

    Thank you debjbalk! God love ❤️ you my sister in Christ. Your words for me are so kind and sweet. Blessings!

    Dianne, thank you for including the video of President Trump’s inspiring words. We need a leader to lead by putting God first and defending the right to proclaim the teachings of Christ and for celebrating Christmas 🎄 with the beautiful nativity set (the crèche) that was absent 8 years with another fraud, anti Christian and anti American 🇺🇸 Marxist thug. Yes, say it: Merry Christmas 🎄!

    Definitely a loud Amen!

    God bless!


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  4. debjbalk says:

    Some day, we are all going to have a moment of reflection when this time in history is behind us. We will all have an opportunity to look back, search our hearts, and come to terms with how we have held our convictions through all of this. While all of us have those difficult moments of uncertainty, we will still be faced with answering one critical question…. “Did we stand with our president through thick and thin, through it all?” All of us are finding out how we truly handle conflict, struggles, challenges, controversy, and mostly…how we handle evil corruption….unfair, unwarranted, and unprovoked crimes against us.

    If we have been wavering like an unanchored boat on a stormy sea, may we start today with standing firm in our patriotic, faith-filled trust and convictions to support our president of the USA, Donald J. Trump. Make a commitment today to stand steady, stand strong, and stand firm with your president…no matter what lies, half truths, misinformation or disinformation comes our way! And…if you’ve already firmly held that commitment….Let’s join together and renew our convictions to never waver, not even until the last moment arrives when all of this is behind us and our president rises again. May God bless each one of you, may He bless President Trump, and may God bless our great country, America. ✝💕

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  5. Reblogged this on Talk Wisdom and commented:

    This speech by President Trump at the National Prayer breakfast has to be the best ever! I teared up the first time I heard it and teared up once again today upon hearing it again. What a great reminder that he articulates regarding the importance of faith in God and the recognition of Him throughout our history…our past, the present, and our future relies on God’s mercy and grace. Keep up the prayers, people! We need them more than ever!

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