MADONNA MYSTERY WOMAN… so many last year on Twitter were pushing Madonna videos in her lockdown and they were all believing it was her. Today, many are still asking about things in her videos, still trying to understand whether she was on house arrest or COVID lock down. At that time, I commented that was not Madonna. The response was so loud in defending it was her. I let it alone. I had no time for it and they enjoyed their blindness. Today is a different day. We have now, at least here, seen how and what they are doing. So one good blogger than many have now come to understand her “speak”, for lack of another word to describe it, as only one with Irish eyes can see…or heavenly eyes…..this is for that person and others who have been mezmerized by the deception in the past.

Now, God has blessed me with grandsons that are identical twins. So I have had that training of how to tell them apart when they are not together. Which deals with body language as well mannerisms and notable facial differences. Which believe me…it is tricky at times. So the best way to see the differences is when you have them side by side. Here goes for all your Irish eyes to discern.


More about Improv: Take One

Madonna communicated with her fans via twitter. How nice to have her share encouragement through the lockdowns. We even saw her come aparts….when she just had to sing in her hairbrush.

And we all knew it was her…because her Twitter account had the little blue check. And Twitter always fact checks and never gives a blue check unless it is authorized. But by who? We saw her dance and self-party.

And other things….

But, forgive me for not believing…for I just wondered who this was…nice look -“somewhat” a-like. But, not Madonna. Oh how could I say such things…be gone Dianne…let us enjoy what she is sharing with us during her tiring lockdown meltdown. And so…I did. But, when the eyes of the Irish asked questions … a picture says a thousand words.

THIS IS MADONNA… photo from 2012 Superbowl halftime.

Madonna sings in microphone, her entire mouth movement is so different than hair brush look alike singer.



Fake Madonna on the left, real Madonna on the right. It was so obvious to me…but not to her fans?

Madonna photo in Spain…. no adrenochrome? Or fake photo? Look at her left arm (which is on the right)? Looks photo shopped? Was this another fake? Or real and photo shopped? What are they telling us? What are they wanting us to know? And who are they who are doing this? Black hats or White hats?

Look at the plane. What have we learned about CGI? Obvious photoshop…but for affect…Some Madonna and some NOT Madonna.

To me this is part of creating Illussions and mind control. It’s Show and Tell time. Tell a lie over and over again and people will believe it. Show a lie over and over again and people will not only believe it, they will accept it and participate in the virtual mind control world.

What’s up is down, and what is down is up. A mix of fake plus real equals mind confusion…and eventually acceptance. If you don’t show your mind the TRUTH!!!!!! It is mind washing, gaslighting, mind control….not real. But eventually accepted as real.

Expose the lie and the magic disappears. Who is the one they don’t want at their magic show? The one who says…it’s a trick, an imposter, an illussion. No one wants anyone to spoil their magic show. The spell will be broken. And Snow White will wake up and lead the seven dwarfs. Hi ho, hi ho…it’s off to work we go. Disney is for children!

Fairy tale lives jumping off the screen into the 3D world…”These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

When the stars of the fallen were seduced in the garden of Hollywood, and told they would live forever in fame and fortune…they did not understand, nor were they told it would be through virtual reality and high tech advancements. They truly believed it would be, for it must certainly be, as it was promised to be, and that was to live happily forever after.

Imagine the horror when they discovered the lie?


Agent 23 on Twitter: "The 'Corona' typewriter on Madonna's 2019 album. A  verification directive to our Illuminati cells and operatives in the field  -- go to your stations and prepare. The Great
GUN VIOLENCE – ANTI GUN PUSH….NOT MADONNA – BUT USING MADONNA TO PUSH OUT GUN GRAB. WHERE IS MADONNA? Alas, the show must go on. This is a warning people…your WAKE UP CALL! They plan to bring mayhem to the streets. This is what the white hats are trying to avoid and intercept. Could it be, “TEMPERATURES HOT FOR SUMMER, STRANGE JULY, STRANGE JULY.”? Kim Clement
Isaiah 26:20
Berkeley Type-In draws tickled typewriter fans, and teases new documentary
“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.” This is your warning video…. Now where is Madonna? What happened to her and when? What did the California Typewriter warning mean? Flames, revolution Mills valley, Denver, or just the film? What does the film tell us?


And you know why your participation is boots on the ground, over the seas and in the air! We are fighting a propaganda war and everything is digital!!!! ONLY THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE – GOD WINS! OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE IT. AMEN!

Remember Michael Jackson’s death...before his performance? Well the show must go on…and so it did in Hologram. And now we have doubles and virtual C.G.I. MONEY – MONEY – FOLLOW THE MONEY….IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! And to think they say you can’t take it with you? But they have found a way to take you with it! IRISH EYES SHALL SEE!


Whether the Q was of the White Hats or the Black Hats…what came of it was a group of patriots who joined the digital army. There are good Q armies and bad Q armies…same as anything. Choose your Q sources wisely.

Be strong… learn the magic, and use discernment. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on me.



      1. R. Castle says:

        Marie, do you know where I might find some (any) type of confirmation regarding execution of Biden, Harris, etc.? How are you sure of this?

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      2. Marie, about the smaller font size when typing your comment…. I suppose that is how WordPress has set up their bloggers’ website. I’m guessing that they have followed a specific template and it’s used throughout their bloggers. Sometimes places like WordPress will welcome suggestions from their users, so you might want to drop them an email and make your issue known….just a thought. Here’s their website:


      3. rachel goodkind says:

        GUANTANAMO. My guess is, THOUSANDS from around the world. Including the
        vatican, royal family, highest of the high cabal members, hollywierds, business blood
        drinkers, poiliticians, child rapists, and child trafficers..Charlie Ward provided much of this information several times. The EVIL one’s has been purged from this planet. Now what is left
        is simply just the bad one’s, and the rest of us. The truth will be revealed to those who
        are asleep. What most people will be angry about is what was done to children, to use
        them as cash cows and make money off their bodies and blood. Understand that most
        politicians have been involved in either child rape or similar crimes, no matter how clean
        they may appear to be. Often those guilty go after the criminals. In God we trust, peace.

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  1. The secret socities always tell us what they are doing and laugh at the useless eaters so they call us. I’ve also heard they call us Vulgars. They used to call us empty vessels. They change up every so often. Evil they are. They use their form of parables for those who have eyes to see and laugh when people think it is just a movie. But God is not mocked and he is watching and what they planned to do to His people will come back on their own heads double. It is written.

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  2. msidaho says:

    thank you Dianne. I really rely on my daily dose of your information. my vision is poor, so your explanation of digital manipulation is gratefully absorbed. IMHO your research is unequalled

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    1. Thank you. I know I am missing the soap opera headlines of the day at the moment…but this is a soap opera and a show. I felt the need to show others how to see it so they can do it and in so learning NEVER BE LOST IN THE SCRAMBLES OF PROPAGANDA. To see on their own and not fall for lies. Like feed them a fish or teach them how to fish.

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  3. moonpye20 says:

    That one picture of Madonna with daughter Lourdes must of been years ago! That girl is 24 years old that’s her when she was much younger, before Trump was president.


    1. Yes. Good catch. And she is older than the people who are portrayed as her now. But, she had a blue check on her twitter making her the real Madonna. But it was not her in the videos that were being shared last year, nor in recent interviews. The question is…where is she?

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  4. moonpye20 says:

    No, I meant Lourdes Madonna ‘s daughter is 24, in that picture with her mother she’s much younger. Way before Trump was president so if Madonna is suffering from lack of adrenochrome, doesn’t make sense because daughter is very young there PRE Trump. So how could Trump have affected her appetite for blood way back then?? Know what I mean? Lol sorry, I don’t know how else to explain it

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    1. Amal says:

      I know what you are referring to.

      Lordes was much younger, so the picture looks to be disinformation. (It’s easy to claim Madonna is having withdrawals but the picture is not recent)

      *side note Madonna has had a lot of filler and various cosmetic procedures done, she doesn’t look natural, and add no makeup; voila; they say she is not able to get her Adrenochrome.

      There is a lot out there, with some truths, tied with outright lies.

      Kind of like the lengthy story detailing Hillary’s hanging, when in fact probably only a very select few, know her where abouts.

      So they take things that are true and tie false stories to them and then claim Patriots are liars and frauds.

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      1. As I pointed out the photo shopped arm that skinny starving photo has been photo shopped. It was not a real depiction of her. But put out to support the adrenochrome push…which is meant to have enough people to believe the fake photo so they can say all adrenochrome is fake. That is how they do their propaganda war.

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      2. Amal says:

        Agreed Diane with your comment.

        My explanation was not well presented.

        I have no idea who is involved with Adrenochrome and who isn’t.

        Those that are given ‘fame’ and ‘fortune’ by the elite?

        I definitely have woken up, and while I wish it were sooner, am glad I’m not one that is still asleep and fully unaware.

        There probably is very little that would shock me, given the evil we know is happening.

        Either way, this post on Madonna is excellent, hopefully makes more people aware of the ‘facade’

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  5. southern1952 says:

    i looked up the word “adrenochrome”, it says that all the claims about stars drinking tortured children’s blood is total hogwash and it came from the far right…js

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    1. When I watched that video of (supposedly) “Madonna” in the bathtub, I wondered if she had surgery all over her body because she looked so young. This explains it. It wasn’t her!

      What struck me most was when (the actress playing her) said something like, ‘this (virus/shutdown) makes us all equal.’ Really? Who in their right mind would say something like that?

      Also, Tom Cruise was videotaped screaming and cursing at the crew of his latest film because they weren’t moving fast enough or doing what he wanted. He ended up stating that fellow actors are “losing their homes.” Yeah right… millionaires losing their million dollar homes? Oh poor babies! 🙄🤨😱

      These hollyweird types are so selfish, cruel to others, hate filled, mean, full of themselves harpies it’s insane that anyone would think these “actors” careers are important anymore. Cruise is such a LOSER in my book. Belongs to a cult “religion,” divorced twice, angry and selfish…who would ever want to be around or associated with someone like that? And that satanist movie Eyes Wide Shut shows his acceptance of demonic roles in film. Ugh… 🤮

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        C, I saw that vid of the disappearin’ pope a cpl of wks ago on andweknow…he seems 2 hav vanishd when he turnd around and kinda lookd black…then POOF!!!…hahaha….

        They really think we’re stoopid!!!

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      1. southern1952 says:

        hi Dianne, i had to go before i completed my post…because when you think about it, you have eva langora, bashing Trump, madonna, johnny zep etc all talking trash about him, so, they spit out so much hatred you had to wonder what was their real reason. so i believe what is being said about the adrenochrome

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      2. Amal says:


        Adrenochorome is real.

        When questioning something, look to see if the left are melting down, with their attempts to ‘debunk’ a truth as lie.

        Anything the left claims, you know is the opposite.

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      1. isolatedinsmalltown says:

        I didn’t mean to dbl post – what I am trying to say now is her eyebrows are so weird….sometimes her eyebrows go straight back and other times they are wide and long….creepy….can you change your eyebrow course?

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      2. southern1952 says:

        there was plenty about it when i looked it up, it explained how it comes to be, the more i read, the more i was convinced of the truth, they are using it. my opinion

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      3. D Mangels says:

        Understand that google is run by a platform called “adrenal”. And the “chrome” (which I don’t use) is googles tribute to satanism. They are part of the satanic cult, somdont believe anything from google


    2. agon7777 says:

      If you google Jim Caviezel and adrenochrome, you find right wing conspiracy. He appeared via video at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa on April 17th and mentioned adrenochrome because he just made a movie called “The Sound of Freedom ” about child trafficking. Lin also mentioned adrenochrome at the conference. It’s so horrific that it makes it hard to believe. BTW, I don’t Google but use Duck Duck Go.

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      1. southern1952 says:

        i was just sitting there with my phone and decided to look it up, there was several comments on different sites. i do believe it’s true, don’t think i’m crazy, but i went on Trump’s 45th office site and asked him about it, i got an email saying they were going over my message. don’t know how true that is.

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      2. agon7777 says:

        Keep us posted on what you learn. I trust Lin Wood and others who have come forth about adrenochrome. You don’t want to believe it and I think that’s why it’s been happening right under our noses.

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  6. irisheyes17 says:

    Sooo, that wasn’t Madonna n lckdwn?!?!…she was gone B4 the lckwn (who is it?!?!) …I saw her vids she was puttin’ out when she was n lckdwn..sbe lookd dif but I jus thought she had a facelift…

    She was complainin’ abt not bein’ able 2 find anymore roses n Cali as she sat n a bath filld with rose pedals…I thought at the time that was code 4 sumthin’…

    I think that pic of Madonna lookin’ gaunt and sickly was an old 1…cuz I hrd she was n the UK…idk…who knows where she really is?!?!

    What’s up with Hank’s and all the typewritrs?!?!

    Sum1 xplain 2 me puhleeze…

    I thought that they were all under house arrest, but they r all bck!!!

    I watchd a vid of that dude who playd Hannibal Lecturn, (I 4got his name) when he was n lckdwn and he was head bangin’ 2 sum heavy metal music…lookd like he was demon possessd 2 me…I cudn’t even watch all of it…bad vibes!!!

    I, 2 thought the lckdwn was a way 2 prevent them from xcapin’ and they were under house arrest, but mayb not cuz they all returned…or a facsimile thereof…


    Dementia Joe is still fumblin’ and bumblin’ and mumblin’, fallin’ upstairs and wanderin’ off and Jill has 2 lead him bck…like she has a puppy on a leash…

    And he’s turnin’ this country n2 a 3rd wrld shit hole as Pres said….and why do we hav 2 take n all those ppl who can’t support themselves?!?!

    I don’t even want 2 hear abt Trump runnin’ again n 2024 cuz at the r8 Dementia Joe (or whoevah he is) is dstroyin’ this country, there won’t b a country left!!

    I read an article that said CNN reportrs r harassin’ auditors n Arizona…and dems n Mich r tryin’ 2 block Jovan Pulitzer from doin’ an audit …so the ppl r raisin’ the money 2 pay 4 an audit themselves…


    Is there gonna b an nformation bkckout when all this voter fraud starts 2 b revealed?!!!


    As y’all say D…MY HEAD HURTS!!!

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    1. Did you see that the typewriter was Madonna’s new album cover and the names of the songs are very different. The person singing them was a double. Not Madonna.Where’s Madonna? In one of the videos the family photo of last thanksgiving was the double…Madonna is no longer with us.

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      1. irisheyes17 says:

        Yeah, that was cool, thnx D!!

        Especially leittin’ me know Madonna is no longer with us (hope so)…I don’t even like her so I dint even know she had an album releasd by a dbl…who cares?!?!

        Now if y’all will tell me Johnny Dep, Jim Carey, Cher, Robert DiNero, and who was that woman who shattrd her leg n Africa ?!?! and Rosie Odonnell r gone 2 y’all will make my day…hahaha…

        Y’ALL ROCK D!!!

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      2. irisheyes17 says:

        Oh, and also, Lady goo goo, Marina Abromavich, the Podesta bros, Huma, Barack and Big Mike, Bill Maher, the pope, Legend and Tiegen, Heidi Klume and Britney Spears were also on pedo island….soooo many I hope hav been xtermin8d…

        Not 2 4get half of the sports and music industry and most of the House of Winsor (ncludin’ the Queen herself)…..that was a trip when Pres Trump went 2 England and the viewin’ of the Royal Guard next 2 the Queen and steppd right n front of her…

        He was showin’ her who really was n charge and it wasn’t her!!


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  7. lmmoonlight says:

    The new one looks about half the age of the original and doesn’t have the stringy arms. This show is courtesy of the white hats and I believe is meant to show us those who have been brought to justice.

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      1. Amal says:

        Britney Spear’s IG is filled with fans still inquiring where she is.

        There has not been a valid picture of Britney in a very long time.

        Her former assistant Felicia uses a lot of references to the truth coming out.

        So much is being said without actually saying it.

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  8. Anita says:

    You’re right on target with photos of hunter; certainly in his interviews he looks REALLY different. I had a hard time believing that was the same guy in other interviews and photos. Plagiarist, racist, criminal, thief China joe thug never looks the same. When I first took an interest in comparing photos it felt creepy to me especially different eye 👁 colors. Plagiarist, racist, criminal, thief China joe thug has blue eyes but now appear so dark almost black, makes no sense.
    I never really followed Madonna that much, more familiar with her pop music 🎶 but felt she wasn’t living up to a better side of herself; too much hollywierd and fluff and not enough substance.
    I’ve noticed, though, that in one photo she’ll look young and in another ragged. Strange, it doesn’t make sense. Glad you brought this up, I don’t feel alone in observing this.
    Meghan McCain, on the hideous the view, outdid her ugliness today against President Trump, his supporters & in committing sacrilege. Meghan called President Trump the “Cheeto Jesus”. I was disgusted with hearing this clip on Gateway Pundit today. President Trump lives rent free in her head along with his MAGA patriot supporters. Then she used the Name of Jesus in a sacrilegious manner that is repulsive. Meghan wants to remain consequential as ever so she resorts to vile comments; it’s not enough that the other characters are so vile and vacuous about MAGA conservatives and President Trump. They’re over the top in hateful comments with anyone not in their leftist marxistdems ideology sphere although they like & welcome Rinos to their sickening show (Christie, pence daughter). Don Jr. & Judge Jeanine Pirro were treated with contempt and ridicule because they both defended President Trump on the view; whoops threw Pirro off the show.

    Marxistdems can’t hide or control their disdain for MAGA conservatives patriots Christians. Oh well ……………

    God bless


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    1. They are gaslighting us…and trying to make us conditioned to believing things we see with dumb logic to control us. Say it and show it enough and they truly think we will believe the lies…because so many already do. “and images in a cell phone are even harder to detect. Most do not use big computer screens unless they are in a line of work that requires it. There is a segment that is cell phone only.

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  9. Anita says:

    irisheyes17: I agree, Madonna super hateful and violent towards President Trump:” I thought a lot about blowing up the White House”.

    southern1952: yes Madonna was vocal at DC that she “thought a lot about blowing up the White House”, Johnny dep asking “when was the last time an actor assassinated a president “ and Eva Longoria talking anti Trump trash. All three should have been questioned, arrested and incarcerated for committing treason along with a lot of other hollywierd and Twitter fools who wanted President Trump decapitated, murdered, assassinated, “take one for the team”. People were getting fired, doxed, threatened for minor criticisms of the biracial fraud anti Christian, anti American Kenyan marxist hussein or other obamaos.

    Marxistdems Leftists claim to be so compassionate. Yes, we hear their sincere compassionate words all the time; their sweet actions are even more admirable. Blah blah



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  10. Jesus had the answers to all of this. In the Book of John, he talked about LOVE and how we can tell who belongs to Jesus and who doesn’t. All of these people we are talking about….where is their love….what fruit are they showing….who are they associated with? Jesus said he is the Vine and we are the branches. If we love him, our lives will show it. I was thinking about how President Trump tries to live up to the messages in God’s Word….Jesus said that any man who would lay down his life for another, is of God. YES, Jesus laid down his life for us…. And, President Trump has put his life on the line for us for many years as our president….Evil men have tried to kill him. Also, Jesus said that love will motivate us to sacrifice all for another…. Hasn’t Trump done exactly that. I can see how much Trump loves us, loves his country, and has willingly sacrificed it all for us. He already had fame and fortune, so he certainly didn’t serve as president for any financial gain or fame. No, I believe he did it because he loves God, he loves his country, and he loves us, We the People. Now, compare his story to the stories of these Holly Weird people. They are bizarre, self-serving, egotistical, inhumane people. I will not call them stars or celebrities because nothing in me will elevate them to a level of respect or status. My stars and celebrities are people who love others, who will sacrifice for others, and who will even give their life for others….People like President Trump.

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  11. Dianne, about your blog here…. I adored the song Irish Eyes….it set the tone and the words were very endearing. We all need Irish Eyes to see with all of our being….our hearts, our minds, our intellects, and our eyes! God will help us to see the truth…. Thank you for teaching us to see the crazy lies being rubbed in our faces… It’s extremely blatant….more than I ever could have imagined. IRISH EYES….are Wide Open!!!

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  12. Anita says:

    Hi debjbalk:
    I’ve said that numerous times about President Trump: from a nice life to President of the United States 🇺🇸. He was hated, ridiculed, his character assassinated, many assassination attempts, mocked, suffered bogus investigations, calumny, disrespect, impeachments, and his/our stolen election. President Trump had his re-election at 4:00 🕓 am November 4th stolen and hence over 80 million patriots disenfranchised. He lost over a billion dollars 💵 and left behind a wonderful life with his family in order to serve the country and her citizens that he loves. The fraud marxistdem hussein destroyed the USA 🇺🇸 in so many ways and President Trump could not bear that. Service!
    These marxistdems, Rinos, never trumpers, corrupt marxistdems media, and the two treasonous, seditious thieves usurpers are all so tiresome. The seditious treasonous thieves that usurped high offices they neither were elected to or won need to be arrested and fitted for orange jumpsuits for gitmo. I can’t understand how this farce can go on. Amerizuela.

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    1. Anita, YOU were the one who inspired me to write that…I’ve heard you say it many times, and it’s gotten deep into my heart. Thank you, Sister! It’s important that we never forget what Trump has done.. and what God has done through him.


  13. Lostit says:

    Stupid me got on my son’s Facebook…..never again…..but anyways, I have never seen such a divide and fowlness of ppl regarding demcrusts and Republicans (scratch that)…Patriots. It’s like 2 different species. The hatred amongst the comments is the coming of something big in the future…….

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    1. Lostit, this is a good reminder…a reminder how special this place is where people try hard to treat each other with respect….unlike… FB. Thanks for reminding us how blessed we are in this space.

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    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:


    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

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    1. ROBERT, I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time how much I enjoy and appreciate your posts. You pull from a variety of sources and the time you spend researching these are appreciated. Thank you very much!

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      1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

        Thank You. BTW: The reason why I posted so many links to Trump’s communications is because we need to know our allies / adversaries.

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  15. All of you are secret muddies, mysterious, all of you consider yourself to be gods and even presidents of the World. Here I read your nonsense – only time to waste my own. We have a steel gray eye color, the rest are of their origin. Race is an abbreviation word – do not touch your dirty thoughts.

    P/S/ We have the same frostbitten Pugacheva looks very good – Probably the adrenachron eats with spoons like the Madonna.


  16. C says:

    Check out the hologram of the Pope YouTube video posted today on Beforeitsnews “ Truth Seeker – Pope disappears on Live TV, Is there a Pope Hologram? And Why?
    Thursday, May 6, 2021 8:02

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