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Before there was a United States of America, and before there was a Great Britain, and way before there ever was a Vatican…there was the time of the days our Lord who walked the earth as the Son of Man to fulfill his destiny to save all humanity from the death of sin. In looking at it with a different lens…it appeared that the Kingdom of God indeed had and still has its’ own group of Founding Fathers. Those that stepped out to stand up for the Kingdom of God against the tyranny of the ruler of this world,  who is the devil, serpent, dragon, and Satan.  All fighting the good fight against the same spiritual wickedness that we continue to battle this very day. It is called Spiritual Warfare against principalities and powers in high places.  The Lord began his mission to save this world from darkness by selecting 12 who would be the foundation to go out into the world to spread the good news that he has risen; a set of founding fathers for the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Calls Twelve Apostles to Preach and Bless Others | Latter–day Saints  Channel

What was the criteria used by the Lord to choose these 12 disciples? None of them were highly educated – although they could all probably read and write. None of them belonged to a religious party like the Pharisees, so they didn’t have concrete ideas of what religious doctrine was ironclad to argue over. The Twelve were open to truth.  They didn’t follow the ceremonial cleansing, fasting or strict Sabbath observance. Several of them had been disciples of John the Baptist already looking for the Messiah to come.  It appeared that the Lord looked for those who were teachable, who sought the truth,  and had a belief that would grow.  Yet, they varied in personality and character.

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The High Priests, Pharisees, and Sadducees were all threatened by the truth and the way of Jesus and all of his followers. Why? Their eyes were now opened and their ears were hearing the truth!

James and John,  the sons of thunder  were boisterous and ready to avenge the Lord, Peter, the first to see Jesus as the son of God, later cut off the Roman Guards’ ear and then denied Jesus three times!  Doubting Thomas not only had to see the scars in Jesus’s hands before he believed it,  he had to put his own fingers through them; and Mary of Magdalene always faithful.

Peter, Andrew, James and John  were all partners in a fishing business.  Peter and John were unschooled, ordinary men, Acts 4:13. Matthew was a tax collector.

Simon, called Peter, the Zealot was all for Israel, and supported almost any action taken to stand against the Romans.  Remember he’s the one who picked up the knife and dared to slice off the ear of the guard. Today he would be called a patriotic freedom fighter – or terrorist.

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Philip was mostly hesitant and lacking confidence; Andrew was positive and enterprising.  And Judas, keeper of the money bag was secretive, out to make a buck, a bit devious and materialistic and you know the rest.

Jesus showed us all through his selection of disciples our humanness. If we are looking for perfection in everything then we shall never choose anyone for anything. It is through the gift of the Holy Spirit that all hearts change and each set of talents are utilized to its fullest potential for good.

Which one are you resembling in this battle we are in?  Did you ever wonder how the 12 were chosen? At a time when everyone was adhering to the rules of the oppressors who stole their nation?  The Jews were allowed to govern themselves by their Temple laws, but not allowed to be independent of Rome. Rome’s iron hand was upon them and their every move.

Temple and Antonia Fortress | City of troy, Ancient jerusalem, Temple mount

They had taken over Jerusalem as their own Roman governing headquarters, making Antonio fortress, where the high priests stayed, with its’ colonnade that connected to the Temple, the new grounds of Rome’s Government over them. Pontius Pilot and all the Roman guard turned Herod’s Antonia into a Roman fortress that headquartered Pilot and the entire Roman Guard right inside of the place where the priests of the Temple once stayed.

Think about it, Antonio Fortress, which was the Guard of the Temple and held the governing body of Jerusalem, was now surrounded by armed guard, day and night.

I pondered over the comparison of  the events and people of that time in history,  and what is taking place today.  The people with all their chatter both then and now, going about their daily lives trying to make sense of this strange new thing that had befallen them.

But, mostly looking at the people. How their feelings, reactions, and maneuvers in those times was so reflective in their human aspects of dealing with it all, the same as it is today.

Now, in looking at all of it, we see that Jesus the Messiah  loved them all the same. He saw their talents, their flaws, their potential and their hearts. When all the disciples told Thomas they had seen the Lord and he has risen, and the Lord appeared, He never said to Thomas, who doubted, anything like “Dang Thomas, if you don’t believe by now, you never will. Why don’t you just leave?” No, instead he held out his hands for Thomas to see.

Doubting Thomas; Are you half full or half empty? | practical insanity

John 20:25

“The other disciples therefore said unto him, We have seen the Lord. But he said unto them, Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

Then eight days later Jesus appeared out from nowhere, in the same room with them, and  WHAM- HE ADDRESSES THOMAS,  John 20:27-28, “Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.  And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God.

If Jesus Can Restore Peter, He Can Restore You — Charisma Magazine

The words, be not faithless, but believing…. Ponder these words. Remember the Word of God gives us the end of the story and the battle is already won. He who has eyes to see it will see… and whoever is being a doubting Thomas…the Lord shall be the one to judge the matter of that purpose. The Lord will be the one to guide each on how he will be and when and what they will come to see and most of all, God will be the judge of all things. Not us. For God’s ways are certainly not man’s ways.

It is interesting to see how all the different personalities were personally chosen by the Lord to come follow him and feed his sheep. 

So in these trials that have befallen on the world and this great nation, which disciple do you identify with? And what will you do with your calling?

Stay Strong!



  1. mkvaughn31 says:

    Love this post so much. Thank you for offering this perspective! I identify with Philip. I lack confidence and am often hesitant. To know that Jesus chose someone like that as one of His 12 is a comfort and an encouragement! The message I took from this post is that Jesus met each of the men, with their very different personalities, exactly where they were at. He could work with each of them. He was t looking for perfect, He was looking for open and willing. I do believe in my heart that that is me. That is all He is looking for in us! Open to Him and willing.


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  2. Anita says:

    The Perfect Holy sinless man-God was betrayed by the Sanhedrin, his apostles, except for John who walked with the Blessed Mother during Jesus carrying His Cross, His Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension ( and ultimately cared for Mary until her Assumption into Heaven), the jews answered pontius pilate & shouted “crucify him”. Jesus forgave the romans that had ridiculed, spat upon Him, and ultimately nailed Him to the Cross. He forgives us all and asks the Father to forgive & bless us everyday. His Sacrifice won us forgiveness and Heaven in the Name of Jesus. Magdalena, who was scorned and accused of being a terrible sinner worthy of stoning, was blessed with forgiveness and mercy from Jesus. She became his ardent follower and an example of courage as she walked with Jesus to Calgary. I have to admit I identify with all the apostles and with Magdalena. I’m weak and a sinner and I need the Holy Spirit for strength and God to forgive me in the Name of Jesus. I’m so imperfect.

    Jesus knows we’re imperfect but still loves us like He loved the imperfect but exceptional men He chose as His apostles and they all went on to prove that when Jesus returned to the Father and sent the Paraclete to bless them with courage and knowledge. They were imperfectly perfect. Judas is a lesson to us all that God forgives us in the Name of Jesus and to remember that & humbly ask for forgiveness.

    President Trump is imperfectly perfect to lead the USA 🇺🇸 as president. God, family, country.
    President Trump loves all three. God loves us even though we’re sinners so it behooves us to focus on President Trump’s accomplishments and not his mistakes. Jesus didn’t choose perfect apostles and their actions prove that ( cowardice from Peter and disbelief/doubt from Thomas for example). Yet all these men , including Paul who had persecuted Christians, spread the Teachings of Christ and died violent deaths because of it except for John who lived a long life ( and wrote so beautifully the gospel as did other apostles).

    President Trump spoke plainly to We the People his love of country and its people all in the Name of God. President Trump is a David against the Goliath cabal which is not an easy feat. This video where he speaks on July 4th is one of his best and most moving speeches where describes his patriotism and love of God.
    He’s hated, derided, lied about, laughed at, despised. Every marxistdem tried to destroy President Trump and antifa and blm tried to hurt him in DC in June.

    President Trump needs our prayers and support. We need his leadership. Flotus Melania needs our prayers and support. We need her to continue her work for children.



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  3. John832 says:

    Diane, God has encouraged so many of us through the words He has inspired you to print. My daily reading of His Word this year has shown me a much clearer view of the spiritual battle you often refer to. I recently decided to step away from belonging to a religious denomination, so that I can focus on a much larger Matthew 25 ministry (I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty, sick, in prison, etc.). Jesus told us in Matthew 25 to serve each other, one-on-one, person-to-person, and in doing so, we are serving Him. What a revelation for me in my updated walk with Christ, and much of that is because of the pictures God has inspired you to paint for the rest of us. You have shown that, because of the hope we have in the Lord, our faith truly becomes a rock solid substance and a foundation for moving ahead, as if Christ was right here by our sides.
    Keep up the great work Diane!

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  4. C says:

    When I think of Christ and his disciples, I wonder about Mary. Do you think it possible that Mary was Jesus’s wife? Could it be possible she was with child when Jesus was crucified. The reason I wonder this is because the book of Enoch says Noah was immaculately conceived. I’m thinking God changed Noah’s DNA so that the fallen angels would not be able to mate with humans creating Nephilim. Jesus was also immaculately conceived. Maybe through Christ bloodline mankind is able to receive the Holy Spirit. (The Holy Spirit was given to the disciples on Pentecost, I’m thinking very few people were given the spirit before Christ came to earth). Christ came to die for our sins and to enable mankind to receive the Holy Spirit. This is Gods plan for mankind.

    From what I understand, when the military cleaned out the Vatican, there were a lot of ancient text, possible lost books of the Bible and the contents from the “Library of Alexander” (rescued before they burned it down). It will be interesting what information and knowledge will be revealed.

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    1. You will be surprised. For now…simply reason it. What was the custom of the Temple and the Sahendrin to be abel to be called a Rabbi, Master, and above all things to be able to speak in the Temple? Then read the scriptures where the Pharisees and High Priests sought to find fault in Jesus to stop him from teaching and they could find none. Then look at the wedding customs of the day of Jesus and who did what? Then read about the book of John…and discover that it had no authors name on the writing until later by Irenaeus (c. 130 – c. 202 AD), identified this disciple with John the Apostle. Who else could have written it? But, start there…once you understand the laws to be a Rabbi, or Master…then read about the wedding in Capernaum. It will have an entirely new meaning.


      1. C says:

        I’ve been thinking about your response, There was a reason why Noah and Jesus were both immaculately conceived, Maybe God was establishing royal bloodlines. Jesus was by “trade” a carpenter. He did go to the temple to expose and correct the evil priests, but he taught his disciples and the masses outside the temple. He was God coming to earth to teach, heal and reveal The plan for mankind. The Bible is like Q posts, Coded meanings where “the future proves the past”. May the Lord keep you safe in the days ahead. WWG1WGT🇺🇸

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    2. I think that even the official/trimmed version of the Bible hints that Mary Magdalene is the wife of Yeshua.

      About her being with child, I wish to dare a reasoning, on a side note here. Why? Why on earth? What would be the purpose for God to procreate? As far as I know, Yeshua the Messiah is the Pinnacle of history, the Son of Man fulfills and completes and caps this civilization game. What happened from Adam to Him being a continuous struggle, a focused alertness, to keep the seed pure, the bloodline intact, for Mariam. And what happened after Him is what some call the ‘end times’ –long ending saga with lots of cast crew and special effects still scrolling on this boring screen.

      Remember, when God completes, then It Is Done. So why God willing to procreate?, repeating the nonsense of history? to where??

      On another note, God’s most known ‘feature’ to us is that of a Creator, not a pro-creator. He needs this not, as there is nothing that He needs actually. We unknowingly project our needs, another feature of ours, but that’s only projection in our minds, because God has no needs whatsoever.

      To cap it on a technical note, possibly a blasphemous one, a stare or a simple finger touch on the shoulder, or a hand caress on her arm, any of this non-invasive gestures, would be more than enough to bring Mary Magdalene, or any human being, up to a gazillion miles above the best climax biologically ever experienced.

      Dang, I said it, and then it dawned to the mind about the five ‘officially sanctioned’ senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch; what an orgasm would be? where do we place it? in which category? because it is clearly a sensation, a range of body-shaking sensations. Is it a sense? this sensation.

      Please excuse my bluntness, don’t want to offend, even when it sounds so scandalous. But this is also what Yasu Khrist was doing, about everywhere He went: creating a scandal or two.
      To put it in Latin: Imitatio Christi.

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  5. Ri-chard says:

    Indeed, God’s ways are certainly not man’s ways. God our creator gave us our contract, and a simple one for us to understand and honor. How are we doing as a collective?

    Yes it is interesting to see how all the different personalities were personally chosen by the Lord to come follow him and feed his sheep. I often wonder why no one seems to chose Mary to identify with.

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    1. Richard, I’ll tell you why I can’t identify with Mary….she is of such great righteousness and The name Mary of Magdalene is a title, not a first and last name as we’ve been told. She is of the tribe of Benjamin and the Magdalene of the tribe which is in line to be Queen of the tribe. The male of the tribe is the Magdal. Moses, blessed the 12 tribes of Israel. His blessing for the tribe of Benjamin is found in Deuteronomy 33:12. “Of Benjamin he said, ‘May the beloved of the Lord dwell in security by Him, Who shields him all the day. Magdalene in Hebrew meant Pillar. So Mary of Magdalene was the pillar of great importance and in line to be the Queen of the Tribe of Judah. Everyone at the time of Jesus knew this. It has been hidden from all of us on purpose. It was the duty of the tribe of Benjamin to keep track of the geneologies of all the tribes.

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        I am please to know you knew of Mary’s status – very pleased.
        I once asked my Jesuit mentor, of all the records that the church hides from us by their omitting of them in their bible and refuse to openly discuss what do they see as the most dangerous for us to know. He responded with. because we are not to know who we are, it would be the interpretations of the Gospel of Thomas. his example was, Jesus said, “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be awestruck. When they are awestruck, they will become amazed, and will reign over the All.”

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      2. Richard, the scripture states that all the libraries of the world could not contain the books of the teachings and things that Jesus did. Are we to believe that there were only four gospels and one of them written by Luke a doctor who scribed for Paul? Of what we have after all the burnings and killings of followers of the way… we have found them hidden in caves…precious writings. (Yet, it is believed and said that the Vatican has archives of the truths written in the days of all things.) And now we must decipher with discernment from what has been found in caves, which words are true and which words are false…if at first we can even understand them? The council of Nicaea was certain to get rid of any thing they deemed unfit for our eyes and ears. Yet, God hid scriptures in caves for this time. Will we ever force the Vatican to open its’ vaults for the world to read what they have hidden?

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      3. Ri-chard says:

        I find most people are lazy, they don’want to read and do the research. They want to be told by some seemingly expert.
        suppose we could get people to read UNAM SANCTAM Pope Boniface VIII Bull promulgated November 18, 1302 The Bull “Unam Sanctam”, in which Pope Boniface VIII asserted his rights against King Phillip the Fair of France, is a landmark in the history of the doctrine of Papal Primacy.
        would this help them understand the true powers/evils that be and that not one leader of any nation said this man is sick and crazy beyond belief. Silence is always acquesence to a ruler.
        will anyone research what was stolen from the Libary of Alexandria and who was it or just believe the narritive that it was all burned and move on.
        I fear little will happen to the demise of the holy Roman Empire, Vatican, Holy See, church of Rome if the people don’t seek the truth of their history. will they read the claims of the Pope’s so it is their knowledge and won’t say, Dianne or Richard said……………………………..

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      4. All fighting the good fight against the same spiritual wickedness that we continue to battle this very day. Send me a list of 12 Dukhobors for Life here in your colonial Through the Looking Glass?

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  6. Terry says:

    He went on to say, “This is why I told you that *****no one can come to me unless***** the Father has enabled them.” – John 6:65 =====> *****John 17:6*****

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  7. Anita says:

    I Find RealRawNews hard to believe. Clinton is a high profile marxistdem fully capable of defending herself & anyone who knows her would have reported her missing. I don’t believe she was hung & that President Trump, Rudy & Mike pompeo were present either. Lots of wishful thinking for many. 🇺🇸🌞

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    1. Anita, this message from miss Dianne actually helped my soul and compelled me to pray. I sometimes feel like Peter, drawing my sword for JESUS then denying him by not living to please him.
      As far as the tribunal for Hillary, it’s about the 4th time I’ve heard it in the last year.
      To me it’s as ridiculous now as the first time I heard it.
      I cant believe they say Trump witnessed the barbaric act of Hillary being hung.
      Again it’s just my discernment but ,come on man. Does anyone think real raw news is the only gig that is privy to classified military action, then print it without any other news source commenting on it.
      They dont even waste their time with it and Imo it makes us look bat $ h## crazy for taking their word for it .

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  8. Abraham Sarabia says:

    GOD Started This Whole thing on Earth With Mankind
    HE GOD Began With Authority and Power..Mankind Ruling and Having Dominion Under HIM..And This IS What God’s Gonna GET and HAVE.
    GOD is waiting On US too Fulfill His Role For US. Jesus The CHRIST mission and message Was NOT to Start a Religion and make Followers. HE Returned The Authority and Power Back to Mankind so That His Spiritual World of Light Would Take Over and Destroy The Works of Darkness!! NOT Sing Songs and Hear Sermons so that We Could FEEL GOOD!
    Wake Up People ALL of You Wanting and Seeking TRUTH..Real ANSWERS for the World thats In HELL right here right NOW!! Jesus The CHRIST Preached and Taught The Gospel of The Kingdom NOR Gospel of Grace, Gospel of Salvation, Gospel of Born again Etc. CHURCHIANITY ( Chritidom) IS a Lie From Satan..He Has Many Components of The Kingdom..Thats Why It’s SO Dangerous and Evil..Politically Correct per say.,.. Looks Good & Sounds Good..PURE SATANIC..God’s Word Totally and Truthfully Tells US He masks Himself as an Angel of Light and Should ANY other Gospel be Preached its of The DEMONIC REALM!!!! Galatians 1:8


    1. Abraham, I guess you read a different bible than me.I guess HIS bloodshed was in vain in your eyes.
      I guess , you believe HE lied about being the Son of GOD.
      Where did you get your teachings and beliefs from? What bible or book taught you?

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    2. Ri-chard says:

      Yes, no manmade religious inventions needed.
      No manmade laws, we have the 10 commandments that show us how to get along.
      Read and study the first written accounts of mankind that are forbidden by the big church editor before placing all your faith in their bible.
      The churches have morphed into lavish vulgar displays of the parishioners money since the days of being directed to only needing a natural stone alter to honor God..

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      1. Richard, in many times telling truth and memorizers of mans interpretations who correct me if I paraphrase a verse in a comment…by not repeating it exact (as though we can’t simply paraphrase anymore?) I once had it with their crapola…and stated that Jesus sure didn’t say, thou art, if thouest would, nor any of that English that existed not in his day……so what other words were boggled up? There was also no paragraphs, no chapter one two, etc…no verse 1,2 3. etc….so talk about taking things out of context….Man decided and decoded same as they do any ancient manuscript and man is failable. Yet, God shows us with his eyes what we must see and I love the books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees! And find all a blessing of truths.

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      2. Ri-chard says:

        It is so refreshing for me to work with the children in what once was called Bible Study, and now they call it their human origins study. The older group is help the younger ones doing read alongs of Gilgamesh/family, then Enoch and Jasher. One of the 12 year old’s said after reading most of Enoch, this is what they should make a movie of to get everyone’s attention. Another said wait till you read Yasher (not Jasher because the letter J wasn’t invented yet) it’s confirming of Enoch. another said the Catechism books have pretty pictures but are boring compared to Enoch and Yasher.. another said you will know for yourself why out Father in heaven had to send he son to us in human form. I just love the open and uncluttered minds of these kids.Yes they are our future and we need to protect their minds, sprit and bodies.

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      3. Honestly, I am not interested in such petty questions. We have a cemetery in Sergeev Passad with graves, where it is indicated that after the flood they were born. And now, all occult geometry is built on the destruction of the white man – as a species. A situation has been created when the people will rise up against the people. It’s everywhere in the air today.
        I repeat – Spiritual people in whom there is light and Spirit (the spark of God) – these are the Dukhobors. The rest of the conclusions are yours, they turn into comics.
        Anyone who pretends to be a marshal, generally a group or group of stupid Jews.
        Most of all, the world Jewry is surprising – which all his life puts a spoke in the wheels of all the goyim on earth. This is their ideology – Democracy. There is no place in hell for democracy.

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      4. How old are you and what kind of intelligence do you have with images? Asshole, what proof do you need, damn. I look at fucking skyscrapers and your tongue – how it sounds. You are all half robots. Robots don’t need proof.


      5. Dukhobors are a people of faith who refused to bow to other organized religions. They go by God, Holy Spirit, The Son of God and they need no building. The way it was intended after the Lord fulfilled the ultimate sacrifice and rent the veil in the Temple Holy of Holys from top to bottom. They stayed in the original way of the Lord. Martyred for not succumbing to all manner of tribulation for not conforming…same as the first followers of the way. But, from my little bit of information on them…no one knows for sure where they originated from…I had guessed them back to the teachings of the Essenes at the time of Jesus…for they lived apart from religion and the Sanhendrin man made laws. Whereas Essenes did not marry…I thought they were more like the Amish…in living their faith without the corruption of man made doctrine, etc. That was my hunch. Living their faith as close to how they believed as they could in a world out to kill, steal and destroy.


      6. raskat11, It seems to me that imagination could play mighty tricks on the mind….but they could be of the Tzar of Alexander I, decent. Perhaps they were victims of the same type of persecution as the followers of the way…only double…one for their faith, and one for their loyalty to Mother Russia, or even of being suspected of having the Alexander royal bloodline. They didn’t just pop out of no where with no history. Years after the Lord was crucified, the Caesars were still with edicts to kill any of the lineage of David. Domitian decreed in 81 a.d. in fact. So when Rothschild had a vendetta against the Tzar Alexander I of Russia for helping Lincoln in the civil war, it makes sense that around that time they assassinated Tzar Alexander II, and masacred loyals and royals, the Doukhobors were all running from something. And being tracked down like wanted criminals, in some cases. And since no one knows or will tell where they came from…it leaves it all up to guessing. But, others helped them survive. I believe my hunch is close. Those were a turbulent time period. Everyone was lording over everyone…you were either rich or poor or cast as a serf/slave. The other stuff just sounds like stuff. There is always a story. God bless them all.

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      7. It could have something to do with serfs and slavery/mistreatment. Reign of Catherine II, or the ottomon wars? French Revolution wars? I would say it could be a combination of any or all of these events. But, to continue to chase them out …that is just wickedness – the kind that stems from the cabal, and/or wicked ignorance. Now you have me very curious. My mother in law was Iroquois…but they called themselves black dutch, because there was and still is, a bounty on the head of every Iroquois placed on them by George Washington, because they fought with the British against the colonies. But, they didn’t speak of who they really were, same as many of them that escaped reservations. Sad, all of it for greed. And yet here we are… we didn’t do it…but we can’t deny it never happened.


      8. We didn’t have alexanders in principle. These are already Byzantine and Greek names. Further – I see you from all sides – you are well suspended – collectively. If I come to the continent of America – I will come to save Souls (to heal) – and others do not interest me, in principle, with David and Solomon. This is your story – I don’t need to impose it on me – because it will be worse for you even in Israel – did your holiday in Israel go so badly?
        Who do you want to mess with??????????????????????????????

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      9. If you study questions – what do they have there?
        You contact me.
        I know Vitaly Dronov – he worked as a mole in the zones – spilling the minds of the prisoners. If you want to go to battle with me, take all of Washington and the Vatican.

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  9. Gilbert North says:

    On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 3:53 PM THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” Before there was a United States of America, > and before there was a Great Britain, and way before there was ever was a > Vatican…there was the time of the days our Lord walked the earth as the Son > of Man to fulfill his destiny to save all humanity from” >

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  10. Send me a list of 12 Dukhobors for Life here in your colonial Through the Looking Glass? Очень даже интересно узнать – кто из вас является духовным воином или вояками?

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      1. Ri-chard says:

        However, Doukhobours concluded that clergy and formal rituals were unnecessary, believing in God’s presence in every human being. No icon, rituals, were needed, the bible wasn’t the know all I believe they had a narrow believe soley in God the Father Son and Holy Sprit.

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      2. What we have is God’s revised story…in man’s writing for the originals were never written in Literary Art Form with all the thees and thous. Can you imagine the Lord actually saying, in the KJ 1611 version, Matthew:15, “And Iesus answering, said vnto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becommeth vs to fulfill all righteousnesse. Then he suffered him.” Now I can see Shakespheare thus saying it thus so….But Jesus who spoke aramaic…not. So to understand what Jesus our Lord spoke to us we must understand the original language as well as the customs of the day. But anyone who tries to do so and shares with any beyond themselves gets scolded for being blasphemous. When in reality the true blasphemers are those who speak in Shakespheare and give man made memorized interpretations and deny any to search for truth!

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      3. Hum, wasn’t Shakespeare contemporary to the KJV writing? and wasn’t Shakespeare the ‘actor’ or the stage name for Francis Bacon? son of Queen Elizabeth and John Dee, the court astrologer and black magician with connections to the Draco reptilians. qed

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      4. Dukhobors are spiritual people – if you translate into our linguistics or a dialect as you like. I’m a spiritual person and what the fuck are you going to do to me physically.

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  11. mrsj67 says:

    Thank you so much for your blogs. I suppose Thomas is my kindred spirit and without you all I may have fallen by the wayside. Always thought provoking and uplifting.
    Cheers 🙂

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    1. If you read the Bible not in the style of a literary work, then you would remember the following words of the son of God: I came to you as a Jew, so that you would receive the Holy Spirit, that is, that the Jews would receive the Holy Spirit, for in Russia everything is always in okay.
      Most Americans, not Indians, since you buried them all alive, live in complete fornication with child molestation – it is already possible to destroy all of you in the bud.
      If the United States fails to change its ideological doctrine in return than the one that they now have as an instruction, based on the chimera loudly calling itself “Democracy”; it is highly doubtful that it will manage to remain a predominantly white country for a long time to come. It will soon become obvious that this colossus on feet of clay, after his fantastic ascent, had only the strength left to bring about his own fall. The combination of enormous material force with a complete absence of a real world outlook evokes in me the image of a child struck by elephantiasis.

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      1. I came to you as a Jew? How could that have been said if the word Jew and letter J hadn’t been invented by the Greeks yet? And what are you surprised – when Google translate and Google itself is a purely Semitic enclave. Am I a polyglot for you?

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      2. Well, did you understand that everyone who creates some kind of movement, movement, action and competition is controlled by the Jews? Or do you wake up the marshallу in your mouth further?

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      3. All the indigenous people of the earth were under attack by the Papus Bull and Dum Diversus supported by the greed of kings who sought to rule the world and own all of its resources, including man power. This was never the plans of God. These were of the ruler of this world who was cast out of the heaven and will one day be cast into nothingness. All humanity has been under seige in this spiritual warfare that is ancient and is coming to its end according to God’s plans.

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  12. trnathens says:

    Patterns exist for us to see. If we search. As we’re directed to do in the Bible.

    Discernment is the skill necessary to understand the patterns.

    Sometimes, there are patterns inside patterns. The better you get at discernment, the greater the challenges are presented.

    Faith is a muscle. It requires daily exercise to get stronger. When you actively engage in the practice of critical thought, whether through meditation or in whichever way fits your style, you get better at creating “reality”, instead of reacting to “reality”. Our sense cannot tell us what reality is. Only our thoughts. And our ability to filter thought through Faith in the knowledge and understanding of God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, then you take the time to be present, and think of a solution, think of a way to assimilate the new information, consistent with the structure you have already created for yourself, based on YOUR love and understanding of God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

    And most of creating, is rejecting. When you reject information as untrue, you ARE creating a space that is free from untruths.

    Just a couple of ideas….

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