California recall has enough signatures to make for the ballot, said state election officials on Monday! This will be the second recall election in state history. They walked through this with over 100,000 more signatures than needed to commence a recall!

Trump on California wildfires: Gov. Gavin Newsom responds to criticism,  threat to cut aide - The Washington Post
Newsome takes some hard criticism from President Trump on forest fires… Trump knew.
Rake America Great Again': Finns troll President Trump over forest raking  comment - ABC News

“The people of California have done what the politicians thought would be impossible,” said Orrin Heatlie, the retired county sheriff’s sergeant who launched the recall effort last year. “Our work is just beginning. Now the real campaign is about to commence.”

California governor to face recall election | Financial Times

Newsome responded by stating, ““I am not going to take this fight lying down.” In response to the fundraising appeal sent by Newsom shortly after Monday’s announcement about the signatures. “There is too much at stake, and I intend to win.”

Well we’ll just see about that…WE THE PEOPLE are not going to stop so he may as well, lay down now. His auntie can not save him nor can any of the other Dems who are out to lockdown, and RESET AMERICA! The tide has turned and the people have raised their voices and exercised their right to FIRE FALSE SERVANTs who have entered in like wolves to devour! GET HIM OUT is the will and the shout of the people! California recall has enough signatures to make ballot (

His recall will be the first of many to fall in the fall! Watch it set forth a wave of like action in other tyrannically led states, like a set of dominoes falling!


As we wrestle the choice between physical desires and spiritual needs we so often give into temptation for a small moment of intoxicating satisfaction only to find ourselves empty, suffering, guilty, depressed and alone. Our heart knows what we truly need. We need that lasting relationship with our one true love, that voice of reason that calls us back home to the place where we are desired to be. To be with the one who truly cares and will be there for us, comfort us and who died for us. He is our Light House, the Bright and Shining Morning Star, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are not alone, we never were and never will be.




  1. Laura Gray says:

    Diane, I have been reading your words for several months now, and wanted to thank you for your reasoned perspective, well written articles, and reverence for the Holy Trinity. May G-d protect and provide for you and yours.

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  2. Lory Smith says:

    CA needs to NOT rest on their laurels with just the recall – they need to choose ONE candidate to back to run against him – a divided vote will only result in him getting re-elected and viewing it as a mandate to continue on as usual!

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  3. Alegalcitizen Resident says:

    Next is to have enough names on petitions for Ducey and Hobbs to put their names on the ballot for recall, and completion of the forensic audit!!!

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    1. Henry Acres says:

      Don’t know who told you or where you read that, we can vote in person, problem is, most of the asshats out here are afraid of covid. Plus, at this time, the choices are slim at best.

      Not one of my favorite websites, but it has the latest skinny. Personally, Newsom ought to be tarred and feathered…and left out to rot..! He was pathetic as Mayor of Frisco, and even worse as Gov’nor.

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  4. etting29 says:

    Congratulations to all Californians who are working so hard to clean up the once Golden State! Ridding Sacramento of Newsom is essential to reviving your State.
    Lived their most of my life, & the changes I witnessed are staggering. I pray you hold fast.

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  5. Newsom should be toast, however, California is infiltrated with the Dominion CCP vote altering machines. Hopefully by the time the recall vote happens, the forensic audits will force all states to ban the machines.


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