It has been difficult to get a good coverage of the live event due to the cabal and main stream media going nuts and banning footage left and right. The event itself has had its’ share of outside sources trying to shut it down. This is a war between good versus evil and banning the truth from ears that hear. God is winning and angels are intervening to bring the spirit of ONE NATION UNDER GOD and THE LIES OF THE COVID AND STOLEN ELECTION BEING EXPOSED WITH TRUTH!!! Please enjoy and cherish the footage as the evil ones are trying to take it down. It shall stand!!!

Fast forward into the event….around 9 minutes in.

His Glory TV | His Glory

Click on link above and it will take you to the live feed for the day.

COVID-19 in Oklahoma...'s tweet - "Hate to but have to ask again... What  could cause Oklahoma's COVID numbers to rise again? Image from The 2021  Health and Freedom Conference " - Trendsmap
Health & Freedom Conference April 16-17 (Updated)

The Bible tells us where two are gathered in my name there will I be in the midst of them…imagine millions!!! Your viewer participation creates a very strong witness and one that is unmatched by any power on this earth!

Stay Strong!



      1. Robert G Boensch says:

        Free means Free
        Lawyers take and oath to protect the State I said this Before
        Go back and Read This post

        Free and Independent States can not be part of –the united States — isn’t this a captured group?
        Can only be a part of these united States of America?Free and Independent?
        as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War,
        conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.
        And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.
        President TRUMP Said on his first day at work is is giving the power back to the people
        I don’t think he meant to the Sheep
        He implemented many executive orders
        the district of Columbia is a foreign country
        we can legally reclaim this land and take out its power over us
        Its past time to invade and seize the land and power and return it back to the people peacefully from this foreign country
        We do this in our State Legislative Branch by us to peacefully assemble
        This does not mean to show up on the capital steps with signs and ETC.
        It meant to petition in writing you demands and submit it to the State house
        they will investigate it and if warranted the will the send it to the State senate
        And it will get voted on
        If we make a clean argument on this we will get our Freedom and country back
        People Expand on what I’m am Saying on all of these posts
        Please I Mean PLEASE call me out if I state something that’s not true

        as Free and Independent States
        why are we swallowing this _________ today !!!
        from washington No caps get it –no honor in that land

        The power is in the people
        Asking some one else -delegating this to a lawyer or a states man is practicing a false religion
        worshiping a false god

        Are we govern by our peers a person with equal status, class, or age: a jury of his peers
        Or do we look at the people in government as our gods or friends and we allow them to make judgements
        on our behalf with out ever questioning them
        Stop this train of thoughts and
        Bring this forward and our problems will dissipate like the morning dew on your own lawn

        Can I Quit posting Here now
        are you tired of hearing me playing on my drums
        do you believe any of this is true


  1. Dr. Andrew Wakefield said that the Nazis never claimed that they were your friends; or Stalin. Well, not exactly accurate. Soviet propaganda portrayed Stalin as the ‘hero of world peace’ and the young public ‘adored’ him as daddy-Stalin. Brainwashing was real for the survivors, children denouncing parents as ‘enemies of the state’ –just like Yeshua has warned.

    To Hitler now, dialing back a century (almost), where was the pop culture? Nowhere! Because Hitler was the first pop star, the first rock icon. Before Hitler there were princes and princesses and kings and queens and all that Disney castle syrup.
    With drums and fanfare, Hitler introduces heavy metal to the unsuspecting masses. Women worshiping der Fuehrer, dreaming of having children with him –what a convenient mass hysteria to implement the Lebensborn program, couple of decades before Elvis becoming a rock star.

    Idolatry is not contained just to distant biblical times, nor slavery. First they enslave our minds with a collective hysteria, fear or euphoria, anything that works to attain their goals. Then they dispose of the fandom, ruthlessly. The millennials that didn’t listen to common sense are up for a big surprise. Good that their idols are no longer in control.
    Because we’re living in biblical times, again.

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