LIN WOOD DECLARES WHAT WE KNOW IS TRUE – DONALD TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT! The left has tried so hard to stop the Health and Freedom Conference 20-21 with no avail. The conference has been a huge inspiration and rally to take back our lives and stop the insane mandates by a crazy out of control, cabal ran CDC and World Health Organization. They are weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. They have been found guilty of lies, guilty of inhumane acts against humanity. Actually much of it is downright crimes! Crimes the people are not going to shut up about. The voice of the people is ringing out with the sounding of Shofars, accompanied with strong Praise and Worship To God!

It is a picture of polar opposites. God’s people gather to shout the truth against the propaganda, lies and deception, while at the same time the cabal’s street thugs riot, burn, and destroy whatever they can, while Sebastian Gorka has an interview with President Trump on the future of the GOP, COVID mandates, international optics on Biden’s lack of leadership and his mess on the border!

Meanwhile, the ANTIFA spring love fest of destruction for the cabal… is interrupted at gunpoint. Coordinated unrest tonight in: Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Washington DC Joe Biden’s peaceful protesters are at it again.

And then there is the mess on the border. Biden’s regime is trying hard to create chaos and the only ones fighting are his cabal paid thugs. God loving patriots and Christians are busy holding Health and Freedom Conferences, and Praise and Worship Rallys….the Lord is filling his people with strength, faith and discernment. The people of God are praising and rebuking the evil in the Lord’s name. This is not what the cabal or their paid thugs expected. The streets in America were supposed to be filled with crazy faith based radicals for Jesus….well now… they have lost this battle and so now…ANTIFA is at war with BLM. Or so it appears.

They are now eating their own.

Stay Strong…this to shall pass and when it does…there will be a NEW THING, A GOD THING!




  1. Lostit says:

    I believe we need to get off our arses and make a stand. We need a leader and organization. Just 1% of the population is all we need to make a stand on this corrupt, dog sqwatting, delirious, pedophiled administration.

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    1. Robert G Boensch says:

      Lostit and TimfromME and everybody listen up please

      Do you want to fall into His enemy’s hands
      Our forefathers gave us the legal remedy to resolve this peacefully
      Trump has followed the rule of Law every step along the way
      We will be failing President Trump and his Team and our self’s to take action out side of the law
      Look at the other post I put up today and all of my posts
      Is there Truth in them
      Did I show A way
      You Stated this
      If the US Military does not act before the end of April I believe patriots will !!
      Americans have had enough of our rights and history being destroyed!!
      Were we Taught our Rights our God given rights
      You and All of Us Have more Rights than any one in Government
      The power is in us and only us
      Start researching and Defend Your rights!

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      1. Lostit says:

        RGB what use would writing and calling do? Once it gets so far up the latter it is tossed aside 4 they are all corrupt. Like pizzing in the wind. You have to much faith in a government order that no longer exists and hasn’t for many many years.

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      2. Corner Stone says:

        Yes that is exactly what our enemy wants.

        Documents Released in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Show DOJ Knew Years Ago that Epstein Abused Girls “As Young as 12 But Younger the Better” But Did Nothing

        Recently Opened Houston Shelter for 500 Teen Migrant Girls Abruptly Closed and Evacuated After Volunteer Dies Amid Literal Warehousing of Children

        Gateway Pundit

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  2. TimfromME says:

    If the US Military does not act before the end of April I believe patriots will !! This nonsense has gone on long enough!! The brown shirts rioting in our streets are funded organized terrorists they should be labeled as such and treated like any other terrorists!! Americans have had enough of our rights and history being destroyed!! You have groups out hunting down white people TELL ME WHO ARE THE REAL RACISTS IN AMERICA?

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    1. Mark, he won the election. The election was stolen, it was a coup and our gov. has been overthrown. This is treason. Now, the people are dealing with a situation we never have had to deal with before. Watch and see how it unfolds for it HAS BEEN outwardly wadded up and tossed aside….but the real issue of treason remains the same. STOLEN ELECTION AND 80% OF AMERICANS AREN’T GOING TO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

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    2. debjbalk says:

      Mark….someone steals your car….they occupy it for a time….IS IT STILL YOUR CAR??????? Trump is still our president….We, the people voted him into office….Communists stole our election….they are occupying the office for a time….BUT….He’s still our president. Now do you get where we are coming from? We’re all equally frustrated, and I hear you!!! We are in this together and need each other….or….we’ll never make it through…. God help us!!!

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  3. Z says:

    I believe the final presentation was in fact the most important of them all. The pastors message on recruiting for the Black Robe Regimen is key to winning the war. The Church was silenced when they agreed to Not preach politically based sermons in exchange for tax breaks. Churches drop their 501C status and spread God’s word and how God’s word and the teachings of the Bible apply to current events and how politicians are doing the devil’s work.

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  4. People still put hope in a document, although it was one conceived with inspiration by Divine Providence. A door was opened to the freedom of expression, association and speech and the wings of a great eagle planted The Way and the freedom to come out of Babylonian confusion. Yet pride in the traditions of man became a brick wall that few dare scale, yet the hand of the Lord is stretched out still. Now, we are in the mist of the prophet Isaiah’s warning in chapter 24. Verse 2 list many opposites, yet we could add to the list based on other prophecies such as brother against brother. (Ezekiel 38:21) What else can be added to the Is. 24:2 list? Right against left, conservative against liberal, black against white, this against that and that against the other. What is the cause? Isaiah 24:5! It’s all in the law of physics that states: for every action there must be a reaction. This applies to more than physics! For every choice there is a consequence, for every purpose there is a reason and for every reason there is a cause. Then there is the reciprocal of the law: for every reaction there must be an action. The document and the hope therein should be the Word of God, for only the King of Kings is going to bring about the great reset and GREAT shall it be.

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  5. Erika says:

    Richard Citizen Journalist was showing that on Friday night the MSM and Twitter were showing large “protests” (i.e. riots) were happening all over DC. He went all over town & it was empty. No riots, no crowds, no cars… nothing! Unbelievable! I think you can only find him on Telegram

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  6. Anita says:

    President Trump is the legitimate duly re-elected president and Flotus Melania is the only legitimate First Lady.

    Patriotic nationalism America 🇺🇸 First President Trump and beautiful 😻, classy, charming and compassionate Flotus Melania truly represent the will of the people in the USA 🇺🇸 and worldwide.

    Period. Amen!

    God bless us with strength and courage , in the Name of Jesus!


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  7. Dean Easton says:

    Based on the videos that Richard Citizen Journalist posted real time there were NOT BLM riots in DC on 4/16/21. Not sure who’s creating the movie, but someone is lying!


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