PRESIDENT TRUMP INTERVIEW GETS BANNED FROM FACEBOOK, so we put it here for you to see! President Trump talks about how he will be holding a rally soon, very soon! When Laura asks if there is hope that he will be running again in 2024 he said THERE IS HOPE, LOTS OF HOPE. We will see if we have to wait that long, something tells me we won’t.

Trump jabs social media sites and how boring Twitter and some sites have become without him. I have to say he is 100% correct on that one!

Trump predicted that during the summer we are going to see things we’ve never seen before.


The message from the social media platform stressed that “content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed. The guidance applies to all campaign accounts and pages, including Team Trump, other campaign messaging vehicles on our platforms and former surrogates.”

Does anyone still think we can vote this mess out? I have a feeling President Trump is about to start rattling a few cages, and not just those behind the scenes.

The Joe show is in the tank.



  1. Treasa says:

    Astounding that those FB etc. Communists are so full of hate for Pres.Trump. They must be afraid of him and what he can and will do. God Bless Pres. Trump, Mrs. Trump and all in his family who are loyal and help him.

    Tess. Australia.

    On Wed, 31 Mar 2021 at 22:04, THE MARSHALL REPORT wrote:

    > The Marshall Report posted: ” PRESIDENT TRUMP INTERVIEW GETS BANNED FROM > FACEBOOK, so we put it here for you to see! President Trump talks about how > he will be holding a rally soon, very soon! When Laura asks if there is > hope that he will be running again in 2024 he said THERE IS HO” >

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    1. Henry Acres says:

      It’s not just FB…it’s building hate among the masses who think of FB as their salvation. They are the one’s that dish on the public forum. Heck, drop the damn thing, and move on to another platform that does not push on the hate and civil unrest doctrine. It’s up to us as patrons, to end this “change culture” crap.

      I remember the kids who darted out in front of my wife and I at a crosswalk we were half-way through and one shouting at the other’s…”Don’t worry, they can’t hit you, IT’s ILLEGAL”…now that is what we are fighting against too!

      BTW, thanks Dianne for all you do, and write. Some of this gets to deep into religion for me, but I do read it daily. Keep on Keepin’ On.

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    1. Jean says:

      Dianne, I think you’re correct !!! Did you notice he didn’t respond to the 2024 question? He said, ‘There Is Hope!’ He’s been speaking out lately!
      “Rattle those cages, Sir”

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  2. debjbalk says:

    Crooks gotta do what crooks gotta do….makes perfect sense that the coup criminals work their tuches off to silence our side, especially our leader. They gotta!! I mean…who goes out and commits a heinous crime against millions of people and then let’s any number of those millions into their camp to shout it from the rooftops. Not gonna happen! And, for all our “eye opening” to the dark side… I wanna give ultimate praise & thanks to our Lord. His wisdom is our weapon, our power… And, His discernment given to us leads to peace and rest in the Father’s care. I’m so excited to be a witness to God’s greatest moves, those already done and those yet to come… Bring it on!! In Jesus name!!

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    1. Joseph Chilcote says:

      I view this man, Donald John Trump, as our present day Moses leading us from the bondage of the Satanic deep state cabal. May the steady hand of Jesus Christ always be on his shoulder.

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  3. Little Charlie says:

    I grew up in NY and read some of Trump’s books. When Donald Trump acts and looks like he is losing; he is about to actually win and win big. He never reveals any secrets to his enemies. Trump has many secret moves he is about to do. God is with him.

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  4. Makes me recall an earlier comment about jesters (fools) in the King’s court! No go Joe and babbling Pamala. DC has gone disturbingly cuckoo – DC. Ha! Ops, laughed so hard, sprayed my chocolate chip cookie out. Glad it wasn’t popcorn. Could have choked. Another Ha! Well good day. Gotta go prune last row of grape vines. Starting to bud out. LOLGB+

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  5. Tim says:

    I have never had a FB or Twitter account and never will! Why would anyone think its a good idea to post their personal info and photos on the WORLD WIDE WEB? Nothing good can come from it, I see all people under 35 (My own children included) that can not put their cell phone down!! They have been brainwashed with this CRAP!! its like a sickness!! PLUS they collect the data, track you, and spy on you THRU THE CELL PHONE!! ALL BY DESIGN!! Get off this garbage and live life to the fullest!! Don’t be enslaved by these disgusting Anti-American communists!!

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    1. sep1981 says:

      I agree. If we have to wait to 2024; we might as well move to another dimension in the Heavenly Realms. Joe Biden is destroying the earth and he only has been here with us for about 2 months.

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    1. betseyross says:

      I’d be willing to bet that as soon as he found out he could write out those indictments himself that there will be plenty more. It’s pretty clear that Tony Fauci is on that list, also. The Supreme Court proved to be irrelevant with only two that are worth anything. I would love to be wrong on this, but when you watch the way they act, you realize there is no hope for them.

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  6. If God could intervene when the hidden hand was trying to put Hillary in, by appointing and anointing President Trump, we ask, thanking God, knowing it is already done in Jesus’ Matchless, Powerful Name, that our Abba Father intervene AGAIN now that BaRAka’s third term of O’biden is a trojan horse to usher KaMAla into place, as they want her as a type of “ISis” of the egyptian god system, with the one-eye false HOrus having his third term to destroy America and resurrect the ungodly power of osirIS the phallic obelisk symbol of fallen man’s power for evil, over their bankrupt corporation USA that we are NOT beholding to under God’s Government on Jesus’ shoulders who has been given ALL power and authority in heaven and on earth under the Dominion of God our Father (not under their corrupt “dominion” voting system) until ALL God’s enemies are under his Son’s glorious nail scarred Feet! In Christ we are sovereign nationals of the republic of America under the Sovereign God, and “we the people” of God did not vote or elect the usurpers that are working for the luciferian agenda that is masked darkness pretending to be light; making mountains out of a molehills, like racism, to try and divide and conquer what God joined together in Christ. In Jesus’ Name we cast the “mountain” of racism into the depths of the sea to never come back. Their push for “black nobility” is an affront to the finished work of the Cross and our King of kings and Lord of lords that FREES every race that has been enslaved, every person held in bondage, frees every person who is oppressed, and restores all who come to Jesus back into the image and likeness of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Blood, Water, and Spirit when we are born again of God. In Christ there is no division, fear, or separation from God; Jesus the Messiah is for ALL people, tribes, tongues, and nations!
    Abba Father, we ask for a move of the Spirit that quakes and shakes everything that can be shaken, leaving only what is of Christ of God in America! “Righteousness exalts a nation” Proverbs 14:34. Father God, make America godly again! MAGA!

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  7. Populists like Trump supporters complain. People who change the world (for the worst) picket, tell advertisers to stop using a site or else, go on Facebook to barrage that outlet with complaints. Losers whine, even if they are right! Winners act, even if they are wrong.


    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      Some people don’t even know that they need to act!!! They are so out of touch with reality that they think Trump/Q is taking care of everything… Others are afraid to act. Trump acted – at least it seemed that way in the beginning and look how they made his life horrible! The facts are that they seem to control most of the media, education, corporations. Soros put in numerous attorney generals. Trump didn’t even get a good attorney general. The system is systemically messed up/corrupt; one can’t trust the judiciary, legislature, executive branches and bureaucracies…Who wants to stick their neck out??? That being said don’t complain about people complaining – at least we are still trying to exercise our freedom of speech.


    2. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      Call these Senators and respectfully tell them to vote against any effort to destroy or water down the filibuster rule:
      Joe Manchin – (202)-224-3954

      Kyrsten Sinema – (202) 224-4521

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  8. leavergirl says:

    Robert: call your senators? Are you serious? Last I called all my reps was when they were giving away the store to the banksters. So did millions of others. I wanted the financial system fixed instead. Did that prevent them from screwing us all so the banksters could throw lavish bonus parties, and continue the financial con games?

    I am getting to the point where anyone who advocates wasting their time with “talking to the senators” in all its permutations, is not a patriot but a saboteur.


    1. ROBERT PILCHMAN says:

      Mark Levin explained that these two Senators are being pressured to go against the filibuster rule and so we should counter that pressure by politely asking these Senators to please keep the filibuster rule. While I usually don’t waste my time contacting my Senators, it’s possible that in this case it may help and OUR SITUATION IS VERY DESPERATE. IF THE FILIBUSTER RULE IS REVERSED and horrible laws like corrupt elections are permanently enacted then it’s probably game over!!! SO DON’T be a “saboteur” …


  9. Reblogged this on Talk Wisdom and commented:
    Why am I not surprised to hear that awful Fakebook commie sucker- berg banned President Trump’s interview with Lara Trump? What is he, and the rest of the social media cowardly goons so afraid of?

    I’ll tell you. President Trump is coming back…BIG TIME and it will happen WAY before 2024!

    Thank you, President Trump, for all that you have done for our beloved nation and people! We appreciate you so much, and may God continue to bless and protect you and your family! Americans know a great leader when we see one – and you are certainly one of the best we’ve ever had, and will have again!

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  10. Anita says:

    So true we, the USA 🇺🇸, need President Trump now! Tired of this 2024 question; the usurper thief China joe and corrupt cackling kamala are destroying the USA 🇺🇸 quickly even though both are illegitimate and committed a treasonous coup.


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